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ray.parcell 31 posts  |  Last Activity: May 14, 2014 10:47 AM Member since: Feb 28, 2010
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  • Someone is holding it down for accumulating, this is heading up like it or not. Too undervalued and huge amount of potential. Buy when manipulators are buying.

  • I happened to be going through some companies lately who were beaten down and I found that PPHM which has a pipeline and revenues which could prove to be a blockbuster some day. My question up front relates to anyone who bought in PPHM and sold today are just pure ignorant fools. This company is lucky to have a base which generates revenues. Over 99 % of Bios' don't have revenues. I presume that either some type of manipulative tactic by short traders to even take this down excessively. It was why I bought in today , I bought several small block which was totaled to 70K. I love stock like these. For anyone who sold they shares today, they should never come back in, let others take their shares. I truly believed that it was manipulated down to a sell. The company may be self sufficient Biotech with a blockbuster drug which would one day prove itself worth of becoming a strong Biotech.

  • ray.parcell by ray.parcell May 8, 2013 3:32 PM Flag

    Sold off most and still holds some, may get into Exel until this diluting is done. I am not ready for this to drop anymore. I have always wondered what would happen when the time come for more cash, as it stands now, there is no other recourse other than diluting. Hate to even admit it, I thought that they should have done a much deeper fundraising the last time around. Now , we are trapped, either ride it down again which i refused. I will take my chances with exel for the while until diluting is done. If we had any partnership , it would have happned already.

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    Merk may play ONTY on other Trials.

    by bullaman Jan 7, 2013 10:45 AM
    ray.parcell ray.parcell Jan 9, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    Just as I thought you said. I have also noticed that Merk still has ongoing partnership with Onty therefore not giving up on any of its Trials. I remembered a certain company Trials werent as expected with EXEL. Guess what? BMY returned EXEL'S Compound back to EXEL and now EXEL is developing the same failed Compaound and its turning heads. The Compound was XL184 which BMY took to trials, now EXEL is conducting 12 Trials with this same failed Compound, they got one approvals already and will have Prostate in coming months approved. ONTY is not dead and have much more life in it as many would think.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • Too overvalued based on fundamentals. Market cap is extremely high for no drugs.

  • This makes for an interesting target. Too cheap with a Lifesaving product. What else can I say? This could a T.O. anytime.

  • It might be a squeeze back to .20's. Expect to hear some good news soon. Tripple play bottom today.

  • ray.parcell ray.parcell Dec 14, 2011 10:04 PM Flag

    Note: No deaths occured throught trials. Many other trials have had deaths.

  • Anyone who wants to doubt this must read NCI Breast Cancer drugs. AE37 has the highest survival rate amongst any other compound on the markets. BMY charges $120K for Breast Cancer treatment with survival for only 6.5 months.

    I would suspect that PFE have already got this message since PFE Scientist already works for Antigen. AE37 meets FDA fastrack process which are for "Unmet Medical Needs". This one could very well get fastracked, but it may get snatched up before FDA does.

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    Bashers, Doubters and Naysayers are in Denial

    by ethangoetz Dec 14, 2011 8:32 PM
    ray.parcell ray.parcell Dec 14, 2011 9:37 PM Flag

    I have owned this stock a few years back. Recently I realized after reading about Companies developing Vaccines that AE37 has been in trials for over 6 years and is about to move on to its last phase. With this news , I could not help but buy this stock back after analyzing the many other compounds which have failed to make it at end of phase II. When I saw these latest results of AE37, it compelled me to buy back in last week. This Company will be Worldwide on Bloomberg next week. I could not believe that an OTC stock will make headlines on Bloomberg.

    I have no doubt now that AE37 will be purchased or partnered quickly. This compound will be the cash winner.

  • ray.parcell ray.parcell Jun 24, 2011 8:42 PM Flag

    I would suggest that HEB, CVM, DNDN, GNBT, CTIC and get together and file a major lawsuit against this criminal.

    Adam has hurt too many investors over and over again and is still allowed to do it . Someone of many of these Companies needs to put this guy away for good.

  • Todays blog and another blow to Generex make Adam more liable towards Generex than before, After looking through many Articles written by Adam shows intent to damage this Company by him posting false and mis-leading articles against Generex.

    It doesn't take a Scientist to see Adam's, intent and motives

    There is no Judge and Jusy in this World who can ignore Motives , intent and possible criminal liability towards the and Adam Feurestein.

    I am sure that Generex will be more motivated now to call this case up since Adam have willfully damaged this Company from .70 cents down to .14 cents. Everything is on record and this may turn out to be on hellava win for Generex. Free speech is ok, but criminal intent to continiously bash a company when they have litigation towards him makes this Criminal.

    I wouldn't be surprised to hear Generex asking a Judge to ban Feurestein from commenting on Generex before they go to court, and bring this case to matter quickly before he damages this Company further.

    Remember this , everyone meets their maker some day, and for some reason, Adam will play with someone who is a nut and probably get wiped out , either both he and his family. You just don't play with peoples investment and get away with it. Especially with writing false statement . I do hope it happens sooner than later.

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    GS/JPM + bankster caused all the trouble

    by bigcity1969 Jun 1, 2011 2:43 PM
    ray.parcell ray.parcell Jun 1, 2011 2:53 PM Flag

    Your are correct, but you missed out Morgan Stanley who is a Major player. I am aware of another recession, depression , inflation and deflation. It must happen to kill those culprits. Just imagine that Consumers are strapped now at high food, gasoline, raw materials, just imagine what would happen if Commodities keeps going up to where Goldman.

    I prefer to see banks go bust with a recession than many more people starve and the middle class dissappears.

    It sucks, but they caused it. Payback is a mf.

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    Take money out of Banks and Commodities.

    by stoktekh Jun 1, 2011 12:17 PM
    ray.parcell ray.parcell Jun 1, 2011 2:38 PM Flag

    Don't forget to take money out of Banks and Commodities. The writing is as clear as ever. Stay long and get skinned alive. Brutal markets for Banks and Commodities.

  • Looks like when she breaks out below $100.00 then you would run like a wild boar. Keep it up technically all because Goldman says so. Looks like a death trap readying to happen.

  • It doesn't look good for EIA reports comparing this year to last few years. Many people didn't travel and many stayed home. Lot less travellers showed that People are worn out spending and its time to save.

  • Sure looks like Oil has bottomed. I wondered why is this low today. I see oil going to $300.00 a barrel by July 4th. Guys better get in on some oil.

  • This wasn't unexpected, it was expected that Consumers will be burnt out. Only the Oil speculators and traders refused to believe it. As all data indicated that USA is spinning into a deeper recession and depression, Oil traders and Speculators have increased their holdings only to put a tighter squeeze on the fragile economic recovery.

    What is most drfinite to come is that Oil prices will steadily decline either by the Economy falling into a cliff, banks gets taken off Commodity trades, and that Oil will be badly beaten down by big traders who will not allow oil to destroy US recovery ever again.

    Data has been pitiful, yet these morons who live on greed keeps on squeezing the poor.

    Lets see who wins, either US Recovery never happened, oil falls to its lows of 2008-2009 and speculators gets rounded up to jail. The Government will ensure that Oil Speculators pay the price. CFTC is awar and will publish its weekly adding many more crooks to the list.

  • ray.parcell by ray.parcell Jan 13, 2011 2:57 PM Flag

    It might be very good news for shareholders who own SPEX.

  • ray.parcell by ray.parcell Dec 9, 2010 11:24 AM Flag

    If you are short and playin SPEX, are you willing to continue after todays meeting? If you are short SPEX, are you williing to bet against SPEX going to pass five bucks in 2011? If you don't own this stock, will you buy more? I am already an owner and will own many more shares today, tomorrow and next year.

    What will you do if you get run over being SHORT today and going into 2011?

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