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  • Local news story last night said Wrightville Beach police have been using body cameras and are very happy with the results. They say once they tell people they are being video they calm down immediately. Also said that the number of complaints filed against people has dropped from 11 to 1. They like their cameras. Google it.

  • razor28461 by razor28461 Sep 9, 2014 6:55 AM Flag

    The Ray Rice video is getting a lot of attention and it shows that when people see a violent act they no longer have pity for the person committing the violence. If people could see what cops are up against on the street they would not accept riots over how the cops react. It is time for police cameras to show their side of the story. We need to STOP cuddling the crooks. America should be sick of criminals literally getting away with murder.

  • I was talking to two of my friends yesterday that are in their mid 60's and have never had a colonoscopy. Both of them didn't like the idea of doing the prep so they have refused to get checked. I would be willing to bet that there are a few million other folks that feel the same as my friends and that the market for potential customers is much much higher. I would also bet that when doctors understand the process they will be more willing to recommend the test to patients that maybe couldn't afford it in the past. No use telling a person they need a colonoscopy if you know they can't afford one.

  • razor28461 by razor28461 Aug 12, 2014 8:09 AM Flag

    Medicare will require that those eligible use Cologuard for colon cancer screening. They will not pay $2,500 when they can pay $507. That's a biggy. However, I believe that once people understand that they will no longer be required to fast, spend hours drinking awful tasting liquids, taking laxatives and getting up early to go to the hospital for hours, they will love Cologuard. Another very big advantage is that people will no longer be required to miss a day's pay. I would also suggest that employers will encourage people to use Cologuard to help keep their insurance cost as low as possible. This is a BIG DEAL. Shareholders will be well rewarded.

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    Spain Imports American Ebola Drug from America

    by razor28461 Aug 11, 2014 5:52 AM
    razor28461 razor28461 Aug 11, 2014 5:57 AM Flag

    A Health Ministry statement Monday said the ZMapp drug, made by Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. of San Diego, was obtained in Geneva this weekend and brought to Madrid to treat Miguel Pajares.

  • Just saw on the crawl that Spain imported an Ebola drugs from America to treat a priest. Didn't say which company provided the drug.

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    End of my rope.

    by keep_investlng Aug 6, 2014 9:43 AM
    razor28461 razor28461 Aug 6, 2014 9:55 AM Flag

    It's not looking at porn. The Federal Government employees have all those website tied up. Must be something else.

  • razor28461 razor28461 Jul 20, 2014 8:14 AM Flag

    As a shareholder in several companies I expect management to do all they can to reduce their expenses and increase the returns to shareholders. I don't blame any company for trying to avoid a 35% tax. As an American, I want our government to tax us to provide for the security of our country. I don't want them taxing us to redistribute the wealth of those that have work hard to the people that are mentally and physically able to provide for themselves. I do expect all levels of government to look after the mentally ill. I do not expect the government to provide health insurance for people that had rather spend their money for things other than insurance. I don't expect the government to try an subsidize people that make poor choices or those that refuse to work.

    So, I have no problems with corporations that legally avoid taxes. I admit that our tax system needs to be reformed and that could be easily done if we chose to do so. My opinion is that we should drastically reduce the size of Federal government and return needed government control to the states. We don't need federal agencies telling us what to teach in schools, which streets should be paved and when, what health insurance we should buy, what light bulb we should use, or how big our toilets should be.

    Let the states decide how much they need to tax corporations within their borders and each state should collect enough taxes to provide funding for whatever our Federal governments need to protect our country.

    I don't believe this will happen in my lifetime but it will happen at some point in the future. Americans will rise up at some point and they will regain control of the government. I hope it is done in a peaceful manner via succession.

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    by elk_1l Jul 10, 2014 4:46 PM
    razor28461 razor28461 Jul 11, 2014 10:05 AM Flag

    So ALL the military leaders just sit around waiting to see what was going to happen? It's hard for me to believe that not one person on that night considered scrambling some aid and moving them to a location closer to Benghazi in case they were needed. They all knew that Americans were in danger and that a fire fight was taking place but they all just thought that there was no need to try and help them because they would be dead by the time we got there. If that is true we need bring every American military personnel home today. If we can't protect our people overseas we need to bring them home. I guess the Marines need to stop saying that they will never leave a fellow Marines on the battle field. Those same officers that testified should be asked why not a one of them didn't put planes in the air in hopes of rescuing there fellow soldiers. They could have turned the planes around if they arrived to late to help. The point that they NEVER sent a rescue team tells me loud and clear that SOMEONE told them not to send in rescue personnel. I don't believe you will every convince an ex-military person otherwise.

  • razor28461 by razor28461 Jul 11, 2014 8:56 AM Flag

    Based on the many questions and opinions it looks like the drug has some benefits and work for almost three years. In my opinion this means that we need this drug approved now and that studies should continue to determine the most effective dosage should be based on the growth of the children taking the drug. It's my belief that all drugs should be based on a person's weight not on age. It doesn't make sense to me that a 100 pound woman should be dosed with the same amount of a drug that a 300 pound man would get. These kids need help now and should have access to the drug now. Doesn't make any sense to just let them suffer until the FDA is completely satisfied the drug will work the same for everyone that takes it. I would not make that statement for a drug that has safety issues but so far I haven't seen any discussion of safety issues.

  • razor28461 razor28461 Jul 8, 2014 6:33 PM Flag

    I have written my Senators and Congressman asking them to not fund Obama's mistake. He created the problem and he needs to figure out how to pay for it. He has a pen and a phone and he can act without congress so let him have at it.

  • razor28461 by razor28461 Jul 3, 2014 8:38 AM Flag

    We no longer need FDA approval to make drugs available for people. All you have to do is to get your State representatives and the Governor of you State to approve drugs you need. Stop waiting years conducting multiple trials to get a drug approved. You think I am crazy? Just look what the States are doing with Marijuana. They have bypassed the FDA all together. The president is allowing this and we now have precedence to skip the FDA

  • razor28461 by razor28461 Jul 3, 2014 7:34 AM Flag

    We no longer need FDA approval to make drugs available for people. All you have to do is to get your State representatives and the Governor of you State to approve drugs you need. Stop waiting years conducting multiple trials to get a drug approved. You think I am crazy? Just look what the States are doing with Marijuana. They have bypassed the FDA all together. The president is allowing this and we now have precedence to skip the FDA.

  • razor28461 by razor28461 Jun 24, 2014 3:56 PM Flag

    Any chance this stock was driven down today by the Street so their short friends could cover or is this stock really dead meat?

  • razor28461 by razor28461 Jun 20, 2014 9:03 AM Flag

    I am not getting the share price on this stock. VVUS and ARNA can't even sell pills to help people lose weight but Zafgen expects people to get shots to lose weight.

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