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  • IS congress rated in single digits yet they should be happy with any thing above 15%. ........... ANY ONE ask TRUMP who he will mass bomb first... HE loves war even with NUKS...... O YES ,,,, I can fly over international air space and rape and feel like a big man punishing little girls for not having money.... Then next week rent the biggest yacht made for a trip where American laws cant tough me and do it all over.... MAYBE have a couple feuds in-between and PROVE I am smarter about ISIS then trained , capable, devoted, generals who have spent their whole life studying and advising world leaders. I might even get the players, agreements and situation right this time as I am better not following policy, constitutions, and prior experiences ... History will show some of the great minds and greatest atrocities' did not follow a stinking plan, guidelines, treaties, or prepared thought out responses and stuff that gets in the way of greatness.

  • rchites rchites 16 minutes ago Flag

    but he saved the world .... GO figure? We could have used another 10 trillion dollar war and world depression ..... YOU GOP GOPIZZANTS are funny... Maybe it took a Hawaii born leader to stick it up your white angrier mad brainhole.

  • rchites rchites 20 minutes ago Flag

    WHY only 4 in 8 years? That is very low according to statistics and world crisis situation with ISIS.... SHE did a very great JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the information of it being ten times higher under BUSH.... THE GOP cant read , understand or even frame people right. They are about as low as their congress do nothing POS that didn't fund OBAMA and Hillary initiatives. MAYBE they can make more filthy lies up and question in MOVIES that don't go to the the core of the world hate ELETIST, Pampered, swindling , racist idiots like TRUMP and BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, now we might understand the hate after the BUSH administration. Then and now in foreign policy has changed and we have had very few attacks ......... TALK about the domestic budget difference and recession vs slow gradual growth. TALK about getting most admired person 13 years .... TALK ABOUT THOUSANDS dying over lies and EVERY DEATH from now on out goes to IRAQ and BUSH failed lies and administration od world endorsed hate. MAYBE he didn't spend enough.... MAYBE a 6 trillion dollar war cost was worth a recession with out no benefit.

  • rchites rchites 29 minutes ago Flag

    TRUMP is such a loser victim for sure. OUT of money and playing the misunderstood, David and Goliath card. he is such a whinny wimp. He must address 30 years of being an elitist egotist racist self centered swindler who has lost all of daddies money many times. He has been a menus in many gambling cities and ran out of most leaving investors broke. . HILLARY has served the country in many different capacities and been a world coalition champion. The democrats know and love her as she was voted most admired women in the world like 13 times. SHE did not whine about marriage problems and leave Bill she MANNED UP AND SERVED one of the most demanding jobs in the world. ONLY the haters and uneducated TEA bags don't understand what she has done at this point. They can frame her and create scandals but they are always disproved in the end. How many commercials show the TRUMP sex slave plain or friendships with STERN and his tapes. BEING a rogue sexist fascist pig hiring over seas people instead of supporting his own country has not his the TV yet. Hillary has only started to hit him. He was TYRANT to condo/ renters driving them out and taking advantage of the rental situation and , lottery in NY. The Court records are plentiful for adds 24/7 showing swindles, criminal ties, mobs, illegal gains, unfair/illegal condo advertising, hiring overseas workers is a TRUMP trademark. Even the charges with the underage girls have not his the TV of arrest on the yacht.

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    Trump is Broke

    by 21 hours ago
    rchites rchites 51 minutes ago Flag

    IF he is ((so))) rich why does he not return fire on any of Hillarie's commercials. I think he is getting very cheap now and not wasting his own money as no one is backing him with cash, Why are the rich not throwing money his way. ((( They want Hillary and stability ,not rogue, dangerous solutions. WHY is TRUMP in bed with PUTIN? IF PUTIN has them he is a blackmailing , enemy of our country around the world and ((trying))) to influence our election, TRUMP has many dirty ties to Russia and the Russian mob. ((court documents))) . IF RUSSIA had the EMAILS they would have released some . IF THEY have them why has it taken 4 years for them to release them? Are they black mailing the USA with GOVERNMENT SERVER HACKS? ARE they getting the information before our servers? FROM carrier network/towers?? ?? Have they hacked all Government servers? We know of many... IS this even news as we know many GOVERNMENT servers have been hacked. PUTIN IS working with and against us around the world. Most the time we are backing different MUSLIMS. The Orlando terrorist were Russian Muslin terrorist . Is Russia a terrorist state? RUSSIA has many Muslims. RUSSIA is a lot bigger target and has more terrorism attacks. FOX news intellectual value is about grade school.

  • rchites rchites 1 hour 9 minutes ago Flag

    Those guys don't have a brain between them. ITS like a high school debate team all agreeing and trying to justify their person bias kissing the hands that feed them. NO integrity at all on that channel showing one side of the view day after day back slapping each others simplistic hate and blame. It make me sic to watch the SAFE (GOP) positions they take with out any though of delivering the whole story. ITS like rail roading the TEA Party agenda down America throat with out even questioning (why)? They are working their self's up the conservative ladder and more money.

  • rchites rchites 1 hour 19 minutes ago Flag

    They are bought and paid for trash. Canada SENATE gave Obama a standing Ovation chanting 4 more years. That's the way it is around the world. The rest of the world understand Hillary and Obama. Slow good gains this last 8 years have been a great historical win, NO scandals and did what he set out to do with the economy and world. THE GOP forget what damage their administrations did to the world and economy. OBAMA righted the ship. We need Hillary real bad right now. FOX news is like listening to Christian talk TEA Party radio. VERY HAYEFUL and very simple.

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    Trump is Broke

    by 21 hours ago

    Even if Trump can't not be Trump, the damage of being Trump could at least be off-set by pouring money into advertising in key swing states and field work. But at this moment, the Clinton campaign (and pro-Clinton superPACs) is rolling out a barrage of targeted swing state advertising focused on solidifying and embedding the highly negative image Trump has built for himself over the last year and especially the last eight weeks. That advertising is going entirely unanswered by the Trump campaign. Trump's been reduced to making emergency appeals to raise $100,000. And running ads like this which a reporter covering the campaign got in her Instagram feed.

  • a drop in the bucket BUSH killed out of lies and criminal deception. Obama did no wrong idiot and slow learner.

  • your knees have bruises?

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    Benghazi report released and

    by truecourse3 21 hours ago

    The worst congress in history and lowest level of politics in history cant frame one of the most loved presidential families next to Kennedys. OBAMA leaves a hero being one of the most challenged president by the ugliest congress ever to be assembled.

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    NEW POLE two hours ago.

    by rchites 20 hours ago

    New Washington Post/ABC and Reuters polls published over the weekend found Trump trailing Clinton by double digits, while an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that the real-estate magnate trailed Clinton by 5 points, down from 3 points in May.

  • Hillary Clinton is crushing Donald Trump in almost all of the states needed to swing the presidential election in November.

    A new Ballotpedia poll of swing-state voters released Tuesday found Clinton leading Trump by significant margins in numerous key battleground states.

    According to Tuesday's poll, Clinton leads Trump 51% to 37% in Florida, 45% to 41% in Iowa, 48% to 38% in North Carolina, and 45% to 38% in Virginia.
    I am pizzed it is not more. I am upset with people to thing mankind has fallen to these levels of political evil. The fact TRUMP is even in this race after his history is deplorable.

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    SURPIZE idiot GOPtards

    by rchites 20 hours ago

    I'm not.

  • many ambassadors have given their lives and served in the highest degree of serving mankind and friends. Many diplomats have fallen and Bush holds the record. NEVER BEFORE has the lowest dirties group on record distorted the truth more and used an tragic event for their political means. Lowest level of humanity and congress.

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    Your govt in action

    by crankf41 20 hours ago

    """ upsetting the Libyans with our military grab""???? ARE you the world biggest liar or do you understand military war.... there is a huge difference in crowds, terrorist or mobs doing wrong and a countries military... ARE you an complete moron? You are talking mass destruction of a civilian community for revenge. THIS is why it was handled the way it was and ((no wrong doing) and our hands were tide. Those attacking and entering entering the compound were entering US soil...granted.... The neighborhood was civilians.. .. Invading their country and leveling an area safe enough to land several helicopters would be an act of war... . THAT would mean leveling the whole area and softening the neighborhood. they were waiting with ground to air missiles they finally used on the compound. IT was a trap and the military knew it. saying we left them behind is adding more misery to the fallen soldiers/agents family and very sic.

  • TRUMP has stole ,swindled and blown these idiots money for years. he just writes his person debt off on them in shares, bonds and campaign gifts. They think he is smart as they support the frauds.

  • any one beside white ,angry, mad, silly, TRUMPEZE crazy liars believe TRUMP will win? The votes just don't add up to his win.

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    Your govt in action

    by crankf41 20 hours ago

    your a confused simple person of little stature and knowledge. The rescue team was from Tripoli and stalled at the air port and was delayed by Libya politics. THE CIA SPIES and hired gun men were not supposed to be in the country. AS we know now the actions were found to show no wrong doing. ITS a tragic situation used by sic GOPtards with a destructive agenda to use any dirty low down trick in the world to show their low nature.

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