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    People missing the big picture

    by oraclebemine3 9 hours ago

    you haven't seen nothing yet. GE is building a Brazil plant using IBIO technology. GE is also making affordable little labs for everyone. The infrastructure is being built- China 3, Japan and Europe. If all you have is something like a few shares offered in August you are at your end of the rode. The lies were disproved.

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    back up to $1.82 in AH

    by dg41510 45 minutes ago
    rchites rchites 41 minutes ago Flag

    TIMES are a changing................. new technologies are going to shake up some drug vaccines and major pills from big pharma _____ GATES WINS GATES WINS !!!!!!!!!!!! the press will be all over it............

  • The big pharma want to continue making vaccines the expensive way and pass the cost to you !!!! Times have now changed..... The door for Plantibodies has been opened. NOVEMBER 10 they get the proposals...........This unique plant-based platform offers a number of significant advantages over other systems:

    Ability to synthesize complex proteins at which other systems have failed
    Simplicity, scalability and flexibility
    Reduced capital investment
    Lower operating costs
    Surge capacity
    Rapid production times – gene sequence to factory-scale protein harvest
    Eliminates the need of bioreactors
    Low risk of contamination by animal pathogens
    out with the old equipment AMGEN spent hundreds of millions on

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    UP .09 in after-hours

    by here_fishy42 1 hour 5 minutes ago
    rchites rchites 53 minutes ago Flag

    Up big tomorrow the chart today shows a double bottom that might hold. After the last run up about the same amount of shares traded before the next flag pole up. The shorts lies have all been addressed. They have been proven to be very ridiculous and unfounded. .

  • rchites rchites 57 minutes ago Flag

    MID SUMMER they bought 10 million in stock. Its nothing to the market cap or position of the company right now. we all know the market cap and shares out right now and for the last few months. ITS a short trick to try to scare people. They have been pulling peoples chain the last three days with this silliness. What surprises me people fall for their lies and #$%$.

  • rchites rchites 1 hour 4 minutes ago Flag

    They bought stock in August 20 million or so. We traded over 20 million today. That has been priced in for a couple months. They are just jerks. the company has a bright future with many diseases. If you look at the volume up and down days the buys and sells equal out. Shorts are running on borrowed time now. We are only up 180% for the month. This is very under priced again for the new developments. Its a jerk case about the 20 million shares.

  • rchites rchites 2 hours 15 minutes ago Flag

    nobody saw press and he is pulling your chain. If the company has stock it went at 3 and 4 dollars and it did the company well. It will be five in November . It could go much higher.

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    Reality Check...

    by lylearonson 3 hours ago
    rchites rchites 2 hours 27 minutes ago Flag

    NOVEMBER 10 the proposals have to be in.............................. IBIO flies................

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    TheStreet misquided

    by porcupineonweed 9 hours ago

    After NOV 10 the truth comes out and the government gets their PLANT EBOLA

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    People missing the big picture

    by oraclebemine3 9 hours ago

    if you weren't braindead you will see them in first phase testing.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    People missing the big picture

    by oraclebemine3 9 hours ago

    The pipeline looks great if people would just look at the web site. You are 100% right. Unreal. It is the big picture and it don't include THESTREET shorts.

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    by rchites 11 hours ago

    11) Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. Our research efforts are geared entirely to people’s needs: health, security, communication, energy and the environment. As a result, the work undertaken by our researchers and developers has a significant impact on people’s lives. We are creative. We shape technology. We design products. We improve methods and techniques. We open up new vistas. In short, we forge the future. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft had 22,093 employees. Fraunhofer is regarded as one of the most attractive employers in Germany. 12) Collaborating with Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) - it is considered one of the world's main public Health research institutions. 13) Kanematsu Chemicals Corporation and iBio expect to bring the benefits of the unique enabling features of the iBioLaunch platform to the most innovative companies and important biologic products in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry 14) Epidemics and pandemics have been with this planet for eons and they haven't been getting better. In fact, the viruses and bacteria mutate much faster than ever before. That is why IBIO's technology is essential in trying to keep up with demands NO MATTER WHAT GERM causes an epidemic. 15) Their technology has found a way to produce many vaccines and therapeutic cures much faster, cheaper, in greater quantity and purer. Infrastructures growing in Japan, Europe, China ,Brazil and the us 16) They have streamlined this process so well that they can produce vaccines, etc. in a month or so, which is way faster than the former animal/bio-reactor process. 17) ZMapp knows the future and has stated they are the future. IBIO's iBioLaunch and BioModulator are trying and keep up with the extreme demands. Panted technology makes perfectly folded proteins of choice for biopharmaceuticals, is a lot quicker, cheaper and better than the other technologies. 18) the next MEGA-PHARMA, and platform to change to Plantibodies 19) Kanematsu-Japan, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation-brazil, Fraunhofer is Europe, China building 3 IBIO plants , GE KUBIO MODs can be worldwide in 14 to 18 months . 20) plants are no longer genetically modified but simply “infiltrated”—submerged in solution—with a modified plant virus that reprograms them to make the desired pharmaceutical protein. Once infiltrated, leaves begin producing drugs in just hours. Within days, they’re harvested, ground up, and filtered, and the medicine is purified. Disruptive and big pharma

  • 1. Brazil is building a IBIO plant for manufacturing bio therapeutics and vaccines. Mainly IBIO's Yellow Fever vaccine that will be sold in 70 countries. Brazil’s Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz . The royalty-bearing license granted by iBio covers the nations of Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. 2. China building 3 IBIO plants for manufacturing bio therapeutics and vaccines.
    3. head of GE healthcare says for the next 10 to 20 years bio therapeutics and vaccines will be made on IBIO's platform.
    4. IBIO HPV vaccine patented in China.
    5. Huge pipeline. (Malaria, Hookworm, HPV, H1n1, H5n1, H7n9, Fibrosis on and on).
    • Monoclonal antibodies
    • Interferons & cytokines
    • Enzymes for replacement therapy
    • Plasma-derived proteins
    • Growth factors
    • Protease inhibitors
    • Clotting factors
    • Vaccines

    6. GE Healthcare has KUBIO plant design that makes it affordable for most countries to have their own ability to make medicine through IBIO's platform. KUBioTM, an innovative off-the-shelf, modular factory designed to save manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals both time and money. KUBio’s pre-made modules 7. The Texas lab has been specifically requested to submit a proposal for the manufacture of zmapp. The experimental zmapp drug was used to treat Kent Brantly an American aid doctor and a Spanish nurse Teresa Romero. Dr. Brett Giroir expects the proposals to be ready by the 10th of November. Bill and Melinda Gates, GlaxoSmithKline, DARPA backers.
    8. DARPA said in their 2014 budget that they have found a new process that allows them to deal with pandemics. "What used to take years and decades now takes days and weeks though plant production". 9) Wayne P. Fitzmaurice, Ph.D., iBio's vice president of intellectual property. "Vaccines produced by our iBioModulator™ platform have been shown to have preventive and therapeutic effects in preclinical studies, and they address a great global need for effective and less costly HPV vaccines." 10) Patented platform- patent allowance complements iBio's Australian version of the patent (serial no. 2007215082) that was issued in October of 2012. It also broadens the protection of iBio's greater patent family, particularly U.S. Patents 8,173,408 and 8,591,909, Canadian Patent 2,526,720, and European Patent 1,664,322, all of which cover compositions and uses of the company's iBioModulator vaccine platform. iBio's IP portfolio now includes a total of 12 U.S. and 18 international patents, with 13 U.S. and 36 international patent applications. iBio Spokesperson Says Any Lab that Wants to Make ZMapp Vaccine Using Plant-Based Technology Would Have to License it from iBio; Caliber has License from iBio

  • that from a stinky...........chimp............. god bless as you will be saved from EBOLA....... 100% cure in primate testing

  • for getting the facts out personal thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GODD BAMBIT roll out the red/white/blue and do something for some body else as GATES is. HE could have acquired the whole mess and made another billion. ITS more then personnel, this goes to the core, Nation Defense and humanity. ITS knowing you personal helped for GATES, ,FACEBOOK humanitarian (Zuchenberg). Adam get your #$%^&*( out of your #$%$ with THE STREET.

  • GATES wants cheap drugs and he is going to get them. The legit , real world press should jump on this and ADAM. The battle involves national defense, right s of underprivileged, Old pharma techniques, disrupting new technology, He is trying to organize a short to make his money and destroy chances of our industry to do great good. SLIME

  • They don't need to come in and blatantly lie like yesterday. They were to stupid to do a simple seach on Robert Erwin and ZMapp. The idiots stated IBIO had nothing to do with EBOLA, ZMapp or technology in caliber science.

  • That cant be right the slipper slime bucket of the short under wear world don't think there will be profits in margins of 99% after the company spent a hundred million producing the revolutionary, game changing technology. ADAM wants big pharma to keep passing the cost to customers and the stock holders. this press is what IBIO needs to wake people up and bury the idiot.

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