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    A quick move up is coming soon !

    by yanshengc 15 hours ago

    its looking good.

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    attention fitx shareholders

    by nkamouni1 16 hours ago

    Catalyst 1) acquired HEMP - grows, processes and sells its hemp directly to the consumer and for industrial processing. In addition, it is instrumental in hemp home building and building materials, hemp spirits and food, and hemp pharmaceutical and dietary supplements. 2) Business climate change- loans/financing 3) Game changing growing methods 4) Fastest growth Industry 5) huge profits and margins 6) New sciences and hybrids 7) PARTNERED RIGHT- (FITX) CEO-Chaaban realized that Growlife was the experts in the sale and infrastructure of Cannabis grow facilities and was also in the capital raising field through its GIFT program. A collaborative partnership was entered into with Growlife(PHOT) , created OGI with CANX and CEN, and CEN Biotech Inc. Two pioneers in the field of Medical cannabis had joined forces.(RXNB license patents for 4lbs-plant MJ) opportunity in new legalized products-PHOT & VAPE partnered as well as FSPM. 8) penny stock huge gains-trend 9) risk/reward history 10) ground floor before the IPO 11) unprecedented opportunity12) new legislation caught MM by surprise 13) technical’s 14) 80% margins 15) little supply huge demand for products 16) first step advantage 17)states embrace tax structure around pot -historical law changes and embrace the trend 18) Medical field adaptations 19) low cost medical needs 20) historical law changes and embrace the trend((( niche))) 21) established health drinks, establish performance 22) real company at the bottom 23) life changer for those in pain 24) treat significant diseases 25) new strains with or without the high 26) raw or processed 27) creating developments across the industries ((jobs)))) medical- science—minerals ---Hybrids --LED lighting --- containers ---consumption options--- Hypnotics ---28) whole industry of needs 29) support from president support of the Mayor (Ontario)& (Provincial Minister of Trade ) 29)supply demand model proves uptrend 30) changing developments state by state 31) great leadership team 32) great products 33) great business plan 33) expanding 34) proven successes 35) offers a broad spectrum of capsules, tablets, powders and up to 50 different strains 36) multiple distribution contracts 37) ingestion methods beyond smoking are helping to drive prosperity/interest 38) distribution to Australian market with over 500 stores and in the New Zealand 300 stores 39) This new gold rush sometimes is referred to as a "green rush," 40) cannabis market is exploding 40) best facility
    41) GrowLife and CEN Biotech Announce Collaboration on the World's Largest and Most Advanced Legal Cannabis Production Facility -the wall street journal
    42) SHORTS are FUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    GO GO DOUBLE 0.10

    by mannf47 16 hours ago

    This could do a lot better in the coming months. Bill has been great with keeping us informed .

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    by rchites Apr 18, 2014 9:48 AM
    rchites rchites Apr 22, 2014 9:50 PM Flag

    By Marc Caputo

    from the Harold.. 1/2 would make it legal for personal recreation in Florida. Medical use is a winner in November..... I saw two different polls.

    If a medical marijuana initiative makes Florida’s ballot next year, it could pass with an astonishing 82 percent of the vote, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday that finds voters also favor outright legalization as well.

    Support for the proposed constitutional amendment is strong among voters of every political stripe, age and income level, with independents lending the most support: 88 percent, the poll shows.

    The overall 82-16 percent support for medical marijuana is the biggest to date. The previous high-point for Florida approval was about 70 percent in a poll taken earlier this year by the medical-marijuana advocacy group, People United for Medical Marijuana.

    the last poll, commissioned by St. Pete Polls in August, put Florida’s support for medical marijuana at 73.5%. A previous poll by People United for Medical Marijuana found support at 70%. It seems the more Florida hears about medical marijuana, the more they support it. A new University of North Florida poll shows that 74 percent of Floridians intend to vote to legalize medicinal pot in November. That's down from 82 percent in a poll from November, but again, unless there's some dramatic shift, all signs continue to point to this thing passing.

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    Stop trying so hard bashers

    by penystokmilionair Apr 22, 2014 8:49 PM
    rchites rchites Apr 22, 2014 9:04 PM Flag

    They know time is running out for them............ Its only a matter of time before these companies start posting huge numbers. It will only take ONE company to hit big and the WHOLE industry doubles in a day. WILL it be CANN ,CANV ,MDBX or a dozen others????? Its going to happen as Colorado is a huge start. Washington and NJ growers with 20 legalized Medical states have huge demand. TICK TICK TICK bashers and shorts.

  • rchites rchites Apr 22, 2014 8:58 PM Flag

    Bhang Chocolate Company Inc., the Mentor portfolio leader, is excited and proud to announce that their Arizona Licensee has been given the go ahead to begin production and sales of Bhang Edibles. Products will be available at Harvest of Tempe this weekend and throughout AZ the following week moving forward.

    “It’s exciting for everyone here each time our brand becomes available to the patients of a new state.

    IBD journalist-----

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    Getting Cheap Shares

    by blockbuster1016 Apr 21, 2014 1:45 PM
    rchites rchites Apr 22, 2014 8:48 PM Flag

    The Vapor group is a winner. Strong buy as next week we should see another run. The stock had a nice bounce back off Mondays lows. ONE the road again as Willie Nelson would say.

  • every time it hit .051 today a million shares traded. Somebody is loading very heavy there. This minimizes the risk and provides upside for the interested. I may load again tomorrow as I feel like Joe Stanford and his WildWood weed song - just smiling saying you all come back now -sitten on the sack of seeds. This stock is a winner.

  • Volume got heavy as the stock fell today and started to bounce back up. I think it was a bottom It looked good to see the buying and support at 2.8.......... I may be buying more tomorrow.

  • as Willie Nelson would say....... A 35% gain since Mondays low. That is good and we are off to ne highs.

  • rchites by rchites Apr 22, 2014 8:15 PM Flag

    THE shorts will say the same old stuff as the stock goes to 75 cents and up 25 cents since Monday. Up 35% in a week and they were to silly to buy or take notice. Next week I bet we hit a buck and they will be calling it a temporary price appreciation before hitting a quarter. TRTC is one of the best MJ stocks on the market. They make money with vegetables till the laws change and its coming. Time is running out for them and they are desperate. I feel like JIM STAFFORD. ... singing the song ----'The Wildwood Flower' Now 'The Wildwood Flower' is wild and Im smiling here Sittin' there on that sack of seeds. SEE YA ALL next year shorts at a 5 bucks

  • rchites by rchites Apr 22, 2014 8:04 PM Flag

    A Catalyst is coming with the official grand opening of its Anaheim California store on May 15th and 2nd Anaheim Location . The Vertical Hydrogarden store soft opened this month with some 30,000 product offerings on shelves around the store. The Anaheim store is the second location with continued Company expansion plan to reach 50 stores openings. 2) Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) specialist BP Gardens, Inc. to develop an aquaponics pilot project on a 4.5-acre property located at 7701 Knott Ave. in Buena Park, Calif. And BPG has another property in Lincoln….. A)))))) BP GARDENS -The Buena Park property - . The property, formerly John's Wholesale Nursery, the projections is to have 25 fully operational and producing greenhouses under its control. On the property there currently exist 6 fully functional greenhouses WITH 30,000 square feet of existing greenhouse facilities. In addition, an abundance of open area on the site is available for an additional 18,000 square feet of greenhouse structures for research and development (R&D) and future community activities.; ****B )))))) **BP Gardens –Lincoln property is a joint venture between Greengro Technologies and John Taylor/ Lincoln Hills Organics, * 6 greenhouses set on 45,000 square feet of property 3) Greengro's product line of vertical and traditional cultivation, hydroponics, FLUX lighting, and environmental systems which allows the company to address clients of any size and budget. The company's new products include a consumer priced entry model of GreenGro's patented vertical cultivation wall commercial and home units, an energy efficient light dispersion hood, a vertical light accessory, a table stand kit, a trimmer, and GreenGro's own brand of eco-friendly organic growing soil. *4) *The BP Gardens venture is an ambitious CEA greenhouse growing, marketing and distribution project designed to serve Southern California regional communities&"THE Gardens will be Orange County's premier CEA facility." Its other source of revenues comes from its 51-percent ownership in BP Gardens which builds greenhouses and is located on 4 1/2 acres in Buena Park, Calif. ***5) **IN Arizona - announces its client has obtained the long awaited approval from regulatory officials in Arizona for a significant marijuana cultivation project. This zoning approval paves the way for final design implementation of contracts as well as maintenance agreements. 6) They also own a 49 percent of The Waters Wheel, Hollywood, Calif. "Our team of industry professionals are fully equipped with the expertise and resources necessary to execute similar agreements across the country, with near-term opportunities in Colorado, Washington and Illinois, as the laws of the states are implemented."
    7) Greengro's acquisition announcement of Vertical Hydrogarden gained in house expertise and equipment lines essential to pursue large opportunities. 8) *** vaporizer device---- Greensticks initial product launch will feature the benefits for the refined extras of CBD & acquired intellectual property 9) Progress Report
    Vertical Hydrogarden Inc Roseville were finalizing 100% Acquisition
    April 1st
    Opening a 2nd Location in Anaheim April 1st
    Bringing in steady revenues for grnh and its shareholders start of 2nd q
    Arizona is signed for an estimated 400 k sale waiting for the owner to finish the tenant improvements so the customer can take delivery of the property. Then we can begin !! Go Modular !!
    Buena Park location is on hold because of Southern California Edison
    needs to approve project to proceed Meeting set on March 26th
    Lincoln hills is waiting on or around April 1st to get 1st greenhouse and get
    it installed to start aquaponics project expect revenues coming 3Q
    Getgreensticks has launched its herbal line and plans to get its CBD line
    to the market around April 1st plus license agreement for licensed dispensaries
    thru the us and Canada expected revenues 2nd q

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    Fitx Longs

    by fitxstrong Apr 22, 2014 10:57 AM
    rchites rchites Apr 22, 2014 5:12 PM Flag

    I doubled down at that point. I sold half my winnings and bought it back. I am up big also........ I am in big also

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Building Photo Update

    by fitxstrong Apr 22, 2014 11:11 AM
    rchites rchites Apr 22, 2014 5:06 PM Flag

    Bill has been one of the most revealing CEOs I have come across. I would bet he is up to some thing good with his MJ dream team he has established.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    TO bad shorty

    by rchites Apr 18, 2014 11:45 AM
    rchites rchites Apr 21, 2014 10:30 PM Flag

    Company products will be including one day in four different formulations after the clinical trials have been completed. Those formulations include; Phytofare™ Catechin Complex, a water-soluble powder, Ph2™ Topical Catechin Complex, a topical cream that has Phytofare™ nano-entrapped in Pheroid™, Ph2™ Oral Catechin Complex, a gel tab version of Phytofare™ nano-entrapped in Pheroid™, suitable for oral consumption, and Ph2™ Liquid Catechin Complex, an oral version of Phytofare™ nano-entrapped in Pheroid™ in a liquid suspension, suitable for mixing into beverages and liquid medications. 5) Targeted industries for the Company's products include food and beverage, cosmeceutical, wellness, nutraceutical, anti-aging, and pharmaceutical. These results could lead Plandaí's distribution partners to use Phytofare, Catechin Complex in wide range of cosmetic products from moisturizers to shampoos to hand and face creams among many others. The more products these distributors can put Phytofare, Catechin Complex into, the more products Plandaí can deliver to partners. 6) Pheroid, technology into simple non scientific terms. It takes our Phytofare® extracts and encapsulates them in a nano transporter. This allows our already bioavailable extracts to better reach their target area. Super digestion. 7) Do more with less- OUR technology is important because most extracts are limited and never reach their desired target -absorption is everything to medicines April with a brand new state of the art production facility that is due to be fully operational sometime this month. Plandaí recently finished the all-important Stage 2 on the Senteeko Tea Estate in South Africa. It's this section of the factory that CEO Roger Duffield says "the magic of Phytofare" takes place. .8) Led by former Piper Jaffrey analyst and mutual fund manager Rob Goldman, Goldman Small Cap Research he is on top of the industry seeing it growing ,creating and revolutionizing the old mindset and field. First, we're reviewing the various strains of cannabis and selecting one that we feel will have the best chemical profile for what we want to accomplish with the extract.
    We're also working in Washington to ensure that we have live plant matter available for testing later in the year. Finally, we are engineering a CRS hydrodynamic processing and extraction system and constructing a laboratory in Washington that will make the initial extract for testing."
    9) GAME CHANGER in the fastest growing industries First step Plandaí's unique extraction process that uses live plant material grown on the tea estate and a combination of temperature and a unique wave of acoustic energy to release the living phytonutrients, rearranging the polyenes into a bio-compatible form.
    Plandaí's CEO said of this process, "The magic of Phytofare involves unzipping the molecule to release the valuable phytonutrients, which we have now done for the first time on an industrial scale."

  • Its going much higher

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    by brryhargreaves Apr 21, 2014 11:59 AM
    rchites rchites Apr 21, 2014 1:27 PM Flag

    People should understand they mightlicence the extraction and absorption technology out. This is a good play down here.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Bashers are getting left behind again as the got left out day trading. This trend has started up again by the Friday results. The bashers will be covering and going long MONDAY. ITS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!

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    great article

    by maxeileen Apr 20, 2014 7:59 AM
    rchites rchites Apr 20, 2014 9:41 PM Flag

    I feel as a business decision it would be wise and profitable to. Check the margins for an answer. They have stated they will want to grow with the industry. FLORIDA news is out and the early poll said 82% want to legalize Medical . they go to the polls NOVEMBER. TRTC has an acreage ready to go in Florida! CCCcccccChing!

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    great article

    by maxeileen Apr 20, 2014 7:59 AM
    rchites rchites Apr 20, 2014 9:34 PM Flag

    Here are Gupta's reasons for his change of stance:
    1.Marijuana laws are not based on science. Gupta wrote: "Not because of sound science, but because of its absence, marijuana was classified as a schedule 1 substance" at the urging of Assistant Secretary of Health, Roger Egeberg in 1970.
    2.Gupta notes that marijuana doesn't have a "high potential for abuse" and it doesn't lead people to use other drugs. "We now know that while estimates vary, marijuana leads to dependence in around 9 to 10% of its adult users." Cocaine, classified as a (less addictive) schedule 2 substance, hooks 20% of those who use it. Around 25% of heroin users and 30% of tobacco users become addicted.
    3.In some medical cases, marijuana is "the only thing that works." Gupta met with one woman in Colorado who used marijuana to cut the number of seizures she had from 300-per-week to two or three per month.
    4.It's safer than a lot of prescription drugs: Someone dies from a prescription drug overdose every 19 minutes in the United States, but Gupta could not find a single person who died from a marijuana overdose.
    5.Other doctors believe in it: Seventy-six percent of physicians surveyed would prescribe marijuana to ease the pain of women suffering from breast cancer.
    6.While quitting marijuana can produce some withdrawal symptoms, like insomnia, anxiety and nausea, it is still nowhere near as bad at drugs like heroin or cocaine, or even booze. "I have seen the withdrawal from alcohol, and it can be life threatening," Gupta said. Not so with marijuana.
    7.Medicinal plants (including marijuana specifically) aren't a new idea: The medical and scientific communities have been studying #$%$ since the 19th Century, and marijuana was actually used to treat neuropathic pain until 1943.
    8.Only 6% of research on marijuana published in the last year analyzed benefits. The other 93% are designed primarily to investigate harm. "That imbalance paints a highly distorted picture," Gupta said.
    9.The system is biased against research into #$%$'s benefits. First, you have to get the marijuana for your study from one government-approved farm, and you have to get approval from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which is tasked with studying and preventing drug abuse, not the medical benefits of drugs.

    In general, Gupta says he listened a bit too closely to #$%$ opponents and skeptics, and he "didn't look hard enough, until now. I didn't look far enough. I didn't review papers from smaller labs in other countries doing some remarkable research, and I was too dismissive of the loud chorus of legitimate patients whose symptoms improved on cannabis."

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