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    by mariefartaroma 2 hours 18 minutes ago
    rchites rchites 31 minutes ago Flag

    Maria is top of the chart .............. I watched her from the beginning with Mark and Joe. TWO of the best! I haven't seen her after she got her 30 in. To bad. What video............................

  • the sector is on fire again. Many MJ stocks were up 20%

  • "National acceptance for medical cannabis programs has created significant opportunities for companies that offer ancillary products and services," said Peterson. "We have grown faster than we have anticipated and as other states relax their laws we anticipate the best to be ahead of us." GrowOp Tech not only offers the lowest priced hydroponic equipment on the market but also some of the most innovative. The company manufactures products such as nutrients specially formulated for growing cannabis and electronic digital controllers, essentially the high tech brains of indoor cultivation facilities.

  • CNBC cutting edge reporting!!! welcome to Colorado---- POT RUSH ! New prospectors Harry Smith CNBC documentary MJ in America......... new frontier. Industry is exploding. 1/2 Colorado pot is bought by outsiders, non residents. Colorado green rush is real. Candy bars- 500lbs a month candy bars. Strawberries and Hash oil, Kitchen like you have never seen. Edibles are taking off..40% of pot sold goes into food. ... New age technology ,science and kick butt potency. Investors are taking notes and looking for an entry. Investor networks are starting... BY 2018 MJ industry will be 18 billion. 40% Americans have tried pot....POT is becoming a polite social trend. .. **the changing face of pot users-social, educated and every day perceptions are changing…going mainstream. The Denver Post has a MJ editor. Cooking with MJ is the new fad…crossing the threshold of accessibility…. Colorados new attitude or dangerous social experiment is making money….. Numbers are real and opening many eyes of eager investers throughing money at the sector. "Colorado Pot Rush" a balanced Harry Smith CNBC documentary was very interesting.

  • Take a look at the income quarterly income statements. Lemons and TEA have bad margins and would explain the old PPS. This does not take in account the technology and science developed with the new crop. The new crop opened the eyes of many people as they applied MJ margins and returns to game changing targeting and absorption methods. The licensing and royalties could explode. We are buying this for the extraction and processing technologies with the up and coming cosmetics. They are focused on the production of proprietary botanical extracts for the nutriceutical and pharmaceutical industries. It is developing two extracts, including Phytofare Catechin Complex derived from green tea harvested in the Senteeko Tea Estate in Mpumalanga, South Africa; and Phytofare Limonoid Glycoside Complex extracted from lemons, which are sourced from plantations in South Africa. The same technologies developed can be used on ((other herbs))( MJ) The company also produces and sells timber and agricultural products from its farm and tea estate holdings in South Africa. In addition, it intends to use its plantation leases to focus on the farming of whole fruits, vegetables, and live plant material. There is a great emphasis on the new crop (MJ) as the laws develop and possible wave. Bashers could argue the income statement and quarter by quarter returns are all that matter but this will be 5 bucks before they wake up.

  • Shorts are going to get a good break MONDAY to run like #$%^&*90-.....This could be a . 10 banger as the industry is going ballistic. Search the technology in absorption, extraction and targeted uses.... I am willing to wager a small portion of my portfolio into the reality that the marijuana industry is going to be a multibillion-dollar market within five years. WITH worldly operation- they have a global presence with offices in London, England and Nelspruit in the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa. THEY own END TO END of the products!!! Plandaí Biotechnology controls every aspect of the process, from growing the raw materials on its farms in South Africa, to producing its patented Phytofare™ extracts in-house, allowing the Company to guarantee the continuity of supply as well as quality control throughout the entire process. Targeted industries for the Company's products include beverage, cosmeceutical, wellness, nutraceutical, anti-aging, and pharmaceutical. This enables us to react more efficiently to any worldwide market changes as well as to any customer requirements. Plandaí¬ Biotechnology is the culmination of over ten years of research in the field of plant extracts. Its principle holdings consist of land, farms and infrastructure, totaling more than 8500 acres, in the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa. The factory is complete with the final pieces of equipment being installed and then commissioned companies in Europe, Africa and North America

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    by rchites 22 hours ago

    MONDAY could be D day for shorts 11) This BIG social, legal trend and interest developments has brought DEMAND OVER SUPPLY bringing POWER For investors. HERE and now one must act to grasp the Little risk with the little PPS and huge upside. Dr. Gupta and a majority of Americans in general agree with Plandaí's CEO Roger Duffield who said, "The medicinal opportunities associated with phyto-cannabinoids are simply too great to ignore." Once in a while you see, come upon , an unprecedented opportunity not seen for a decade or two. We are at a Paradigm switch of behaviors and medical understandings. Make no mistake about it attitudes are shifting in favor of marijuana in this country, and recent interest is likely due to CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta's "Weed" documentaries that are educating Targeted industries for the Company's products include beverage, Cosmeceuticals, wellness, Nutraceuticals, anti-aging, and pharmaceutical. 75 percent of Americans say they feel the legal sale and use of marijuana is inevitable whether they support it or not. While support for marijuana grows, Plandaí and its extracts could go a long way toward changing the minds of the drug's opponents.
    In the survey, 54 percent of respondents favored legalizing the use of marijuana which is a dramatic change from just 4 years ago
    The Climate for huge gains, enormous interest and demand for a little known extraction and processing system-A limited supply of stocks and very strong demand creates a big challenge for investors in the sector.

  • Only the longs here know what I mean. They have did their DD and know the company, technology and leaders. They has positioned itself at the head of the class in the MJane industry. * days down and now we go back up. CNN to FOX Business to ABC News. Dope Magazine even suggested Shively might be the "Bill Gates of Cannabis." Plandaí has its principle holdings which consist of land, farms and infrastructure, and total more than 8500 acres, in the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa. THE DOORS are opening with new grow methods , science—extraction- absorption, concentrated cannabis oil in the treatment of cancer and other illnesses, licensing agreement with Diego Pellicer, Inc. that will allow the company to use the Diego Pellicer name for its Phytofare™ cannabis extract in medical and pharmaceutical marijuana applications. Plandaí will produce the new Diego Pellicer Gold extracts in both capsules and cannabis oil (for vapor use) in Pheroid and non-Pheroid versions to appeal to the broadest range of medicinal consumers. They are developing two extracts, including Phytofare Catechin Complex derived from green tea harvested in the Senteeko Tea Estate in Mpumalanga, South Africa; and Phytofare Limonoid Glycoside Complex extracted from lemons, which are sourced from plantations in South Africa. First and foremost, the results delivered in this human trial using Plandaí's Phytofare™ Catechin Complex show "proof of concept," and for investors, that proof should turn out to be no small thing when it comes to the future success of this company. (Validity). 4) TRIALS - real and happening

  • The industry from HEALTH to recreational must be controlled. The hospice and medical needs are real as the down side abuse. The adult use in recreation must be controlled as many are week in my opinion. The spectrum on uses is wide as the opinions. I would hate to see a lot of stoned people and in my industry it is deadly. I have witnessed a loved one with cancer . Equally, deadly and disgusting disease and out come. I have never seen as much pain and inhuman treatment. I am the last person who wants to work with the impaired by abuse. ABUSE is a whole different matter to many. I have paid for pain medication for loved ones. I have carried a loved one to sick to move. Thank god we can argue this.

  • big companies are at a disadvantage here with out solid laws. The first step can be a winner for small companies. DEMAND and the market is there. MARGINS

  • I'LL be the one claiming the 10 banger. The scam is the people trying to talk a penny stock down............... cant win if you don't play........... Its remarkable all these people who don't invest spending this much time here. BUY BUY BUY as must be a winner for them to get paid to bash.

  • The first product to carry the America Green logo will be a specially designed atomizer made by Vapor Group, Inc. (OTCQB: SPLI) It, along with other proprietary products, will be for sale in the ZaZZZ machine. 21) ) unprecedented opportunity22) new legislation caught MM by surprise 23) Technical’s look great and going up 24) HUGE margins and reporting soon 25) little supply huge demand for products 26) first step advantage 27)states embrace tax structure around pot -historical law changes and embrace the trend 28) Medical field adaptations 29) low cost medical needs 30) historical law changes and embrace the trend((( niche))) 31) "Working with The Vapor Group was an easy choice. Their smooth product lines and their popularity among consumers as a top-shelf product dictated our decision to sign on to their product line. 32) real company at the bottom 33) life changer for those in pain 34) ) trend is up 35)supply demand model proves uptrend 36) changing developments state by state 37) great leadership team 38) great products 39) great business plan 40) expanding 41) MJ market is exploding

  • U GOT IT!!!!!!!!! (((SCIENCE/technology meets DEMAND))) and I make $$$$$its that easy$$$$$ Law changes brings about revolutionary dispensing machines. And a ground floor opportunity . SMALL choices=penny stocks =can bring == huge gains – this opportunity and these choices are restricted and happen almost entirely to "penny stocks". despite the lack of DD or interest of CODY the lazy investor. This BIG social, legal trend and interest developments has brought DEMAND OVER SUPPLY bringing POWER For investors. The need for easy (legal) dispensing. HERE and now one must act to grasp the Little risk with the little PPS and huge upside. Dr. Gupta and a majority of Americans in general agree with "The medicinal opportunities are simply too great to ignore." Once in a while you see, come upon , an unprecedented opportunity not seen for a decade or two. We are at a Paradigm switch of behaviors and medical understandings. Make no mistake about it attitudes are shifting in favor of marijuana in this country, and recent interest is likely due to CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta's "Weed" documentaries

  • The sector was on fire as the shorts got hurt. The smart ones will fold as the gains are coming back fast. The new growth industry for the year 2014 is back on track. MONDAY could be huge. The market has all weekend to look at 20% gains all over the sector. THE DD will be done by Monday and this will do well. Sorry shorts the bulls know the turn has happened .

  • rchites by rchites Apr 18, 2014 9:41 AM Flag

    Now the sector is off to the races again. The industry is full of greedy burning shorts . THURSDAY the gloves came off and the bulls did a LOT OF DAMAGE TO SHORTS.THIS A SECOUND SHOT at these stocks. Huge 20% gains were through out the sector. ITS coming back quick. SOME will fail in the new industry and others will be 10 and 20 bangers.

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    CODY WILLARD.......too funny

    by tpstrong21 Apr 17, 2014 3:20 PM
    rchites rchites Apr 18, 2014 9:10 AM Flag

    don't collect those ten bangers with out a pristine balance sheet...... 4 quarter growth pattern and 5 star analyst rating...... Most of these are start ups and carry speculation risk. MOST have little earnings. Most are building their infrastructure and acquiring the business interest/assets they need. Most will fail and a few will be like AMAZON , MSFT, GOOG, and lead the sector. BIG business(companies) will not take the risk (as CODY) at this stage and this translates into money for the savy and brave. These arte not for every investor.

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    by john.wander63 Apr 10, 2014 8:53 AM
    rchites rchites Apr 17, 2014 8:49 PM Flag

    Want more buy more............ I doubled my shares............... This is doubling next week and back up to 18 cents. This was a sector scare and money making dip. BUY BUY BUY.

  • • Represented the winners of the world-renowned 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup and 2013 Michigan #$%$ Conference "Green Cup" contests for Highest (hemp) CBD Concentrate.
    • Began implementing an integrated social media/PR/news media campaign that includes local media and national/international media exposure.
    • In addition to working with MJNA and CannaVest, HempMedsPX anticipates offering mainstream marketing, sales, customer service, and logistics for the cannabis industry in the very near future.
    CanChew Biotechnologies
    • Sales of CanChew gum for Q3 were $33,887, up from $9,801 in Q2.
    • MedChewRX, a cannabis-based THC/CBD pharmaceutical drug, is still scheduled to move forward with its clinical trials in 2014. Clinical trials are typically a two-to-five-year process, and the Company appreciates shareholders' understanding of the timeframe involved to bring a pharmaceutical product to market.
    PhytoSPHERE Systems
    • PhytoSPHERE received its $10 million quarterly payment from CannaVest. $200,000 of which was paid in cash, and the balance ($9,800,000) was paid in stock as per its contractual obligations. Hemp Deposit Distribution Corp. (HDDC) has deferred their 20% payment to support expansion to enhance their investment.
    Red Dice Holdings
    • Red Dice Holdings reported total income for Q3 of $321,671, up from $156,378 in Q2.
    • The Company continues to evaluate its existing partnership with RDH, and is currently in negotiations to resolve any underlying issues. The Company anticipates a resolution in Q4.

  • SAN DIEGO, April 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- #$%$ Inc. (OTC Pink:MJNA) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary company, HempMeds(TM), is participating as a sponsor of the HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado April 19-20.HempMeds(TM) proudly markets the world's most innovative cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil products and is representing an entry for "Highest CBD Concentrate" (from hemp) at the US Cannabis Cup. Broadcasting live from the HempMeds(TM) booth is the world-renowned Robert Scott Bell Show that will air on Natural News Radio Sunday, April 20th. This is an historic event that celebrates the State of Colorado being the first state in the U.S. to legalize both recreational and medical cannabis. #$%$ Inc. (OTC: MJNA) is 0ne of the most heavily traded #$%$ stock on the OTC even though the company continues to struggle with DTC issues. MJNA can’t be bought and sold with a lot of online brokers, which certainly restricts the audience. #$%$ Inc. (“MJNA”) is the first publicly held company vested in the #$%$ and industrial hemp markets. The company comprises a diversified portfolio of products, services, technology and businesses solely focused on the cannabis and hemp industries.
    These products range from patented and proprietary based cannabinoid products, to seed and stalk or isolated high value extracts specifically manufactured and formulated for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries.
    The Company’s services are extensive and varied, ranging from medical clinic management to the capitalization and development of existing industry business and product leaders. Services include development of cannabinoid based health and wellness products, and the development of medical grade compounds. MJNA provides over 85 proprietary and patented cannabinoid “delivery methods” that are more “socially and medically acceptable” than typical industry methods. Finally, MJNA services include the licensing of its proprietary testing, genetics, labeling, and packaging, tracking, and production and standardization methods for the medicinal herb industry.
    #$%$ Inc.’s patented and proprietary technologies include the only pharmaceutical grade vertical Bio-Technology Company specializing in the standardization, production and extraction of phyto-cannabinoids. MJNA’s PhytoSPHERE Systems and their advanced plant growth technologies save significantly on resources necessary for production of medical grade cannabis. In addition to providing a medical grade end product, extracts and compounds, PhytoSPHERE Systems also includes pre-and-post production tracking, gemplasm references, packaging and processing to ensure consistency and genetic purity.
    Our Portfolio

    • CanChew Gum
    • Canchew Biotechnologies
    • Canipa Holdings
    • KannaLife Sciences
    • HempMeds PX
    • Phytosphere
    • Red Dice Holdings
    • Wellness Managed Services

    #$%$ Inc. continues to expand its ever growing portfolio of innovative businesses. Our newest partnership with Kannalife Sciences lends a perfect fit for the #$%$ Inc., family of companies. In addition to Kannalife's years in the development of standardization in packaging cannabis based products the company was recently awarded an Exclusive License Agreement With National Institutes of Health – Office of Technology Transfer (“NIH-OTT”) for the Commercialization of U.S. Patent 6,630,507, “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” (the “’507 Patent”). ***************** BOTTOM LINE****************** MJNA buys raw material - marijuana - where it is legal, extracts the CBD, which may help cure cancer, and ships it nationally, as CBD is perfectly legal to send through the mail. If you check their site, you are assured that they do not do anything that could violate even federal law. Seems like they've found an angle.

    They had a superb fourth quarter, have just had it audited, and have applied to move from pink slip status to regular over-the-counter status. Their costs are far less than their prices, and I think they have quite a bit of margin to support continuing growth.

    They support ongoing CBD focus groups in a number of pharmacies. They support ongoing research into CBD as a healing agent. If there is fraud anywhere, it would most likely be found in CBD's possibly romanticized reputation for healing. Google CBD Cancer to see what's happening there. It seems real to me.

    Who ran the company last may be less important than how the company now makes its money and how its playing field will develop. MJNA's product could be carried by Walgreens. Every bit of good news on the weed front will certainly attract investors, and MJNA's bridge connecting a very local supply to a national, even global market makes them about the best angle being played. They won't need to wait for other states to legalize.
    #$%$ Inc. and the exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company for CannaVest Corp. and #$%$ Inc. – is actively expanding global sales based on CannaVest Corp. (OTC:CANV)'s subsidiary, PhytoSPHERE Systems' 1,500% increase in production capability for industrial hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) oil. PhytoSPHERE's San Diego laboratory houses specialized equipment for high pressure processing of the world's most abundant source of industrial hemp-based CBD oil.

    • (OTC Pink:MJNA) is pleased to inform shareholders and the general public that HempMedsPX(TM)--a corporate portfolio company of #$%$, Inc. and the exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company for CannaVest Corp. and #$%$, Inc.-- has signed an agreement to exclusively supply the world's first industrial cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil-based anti-aging Cannabis Beauty DEFINED(TM) product line to a home-based business organization. An additional product line from HempMedsPX(TM), HempV P(TM), will be a non-exclusive offering by the home-based business organization. The contract is for a term of no less than two years. The details of contractual agreement remain confidential at this time.
    • Charles Vest, VP of Communications for HempMedsPX(TM), states, "We are very excited about the revenue possibilities this opportunity represents. The first purchase order from the home-based business organization will be $1,072,251 in products that will ship before the end of the first quarter."
    • The home-based business industry is currently a $30 billion dollar a year industry, according to Direct Selling Association. More than 15 million people were involved in a home-based business in 2013.
    • Vest continues, "Combining the industrial hemp CBD-based anti-aging Cannabis Beauty DEFINED(TM) line with another unique hemp CBD-rich vapor product, HempV P(TM), this new home-based business organization will give their entrepreneurs an opportunity to capitalize on the exciting and massive cannabis industry."
    • The public will have an opportunity to preview Cannabis Beauty DEFINED(TM) at the San Diego Union-Tribune (U-T)'s Successful Living Expo on Saturday, February 1, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m. The expo is open to the public and admission is free. Industrial hemp and anti-aging industry leaders will present "What's the buzz about CBD?"' from 11:15 a.m. -- 12:00 p.m. in the Town & Country ballroom at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center at 500 Hotel Circle N. San Diego, CA 92108.
    • In addition to previewing Cannabis Beauty DEFINED(TM), the full line of products that HempMedsPX(TM) represents will showcase at the U-T Successful Living Expo, including:
    • -- HempV P(TM), a CBD-rich hemp oil vapor product.

    • -- Cibdex(TM) CBD-rich hemp oil drops and vegan capsules.

    • -- Cibaderm(TM) CBD-rich hemp oil infused body wash, shampoo, conditioner
    • and lotions.

    • -- Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) (TM) natural CBD-rich hemp oil dietary
    • supplement.

    • -- CanChew(TM) hemp CBD mint gum.
    • HempMedsPX(TM) is engaged in an ongoing awareness campaign to educate the general public that the CBD-rich industrial hemp oil products that the company represents:
    • -- are available for people of all ages

    • -- are available for animals

    • -- can be purchased directly in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries

  • rchites by rchites Apr 17, 2014 8:29 PM Flag

    The smart shorts should have covered. The company makes money and is real. This is a good pull back and time to load again for the next round and run ..........

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