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rchites 1565 posts  |  Last Activity: 13 hours ago Member since: Apr 12, 2004
  • ZMAPP is a cure. With no vaccines it means many sic people for a couple years. With out a vaccine it run ramped. They must get a handle before it mutates.

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    by mundhla 19 hours ago

    8 plus as the mother of all oil squeezes is starting. institutions own 108%. They will buy more if not the whole company right here.

  • Thats101% in safe hands that will not sell low.... They understand the game and play it well. Only greedy self centered shorts who over stayer their position here will be running. Monday could be the mother of all squeezes here. Institutions understand that the industry will shut down and in 6 months they will see this double. We are talking about a safe double here and shorts will be frying like little chicken wing bufflo wild wings floppen and sizzling

  • your right a major corection.... its going back up from a decade low. The cycle is up as nobody makes money from 50 dollar oil. They lose money and will lose more making more. That will send a shock wave through the system and reserves will dry up and send the price back up. Its called a cycle.

  • WOW,Mr.Wizard......Every over sold sector goes through a bounce back to a more normal range, You must be new to investing. This is nothing more then a cycle. Most longs here are ready to hld for quite a while for the turn as I feel I am close enough to the bottom. The five day chart is confermation. Your a sad pathetic loser that needs to folow the sector and charts better, All the smart ones are here long and laughinging.

  • cant read charts or understand momentum. They will try or do any thing to bring it down. Its simple, cover. the whole industry id on fire and oil will not stay down at this manipulated low. It only your success at bringing it down that is now going to kill you. We have the stuoid ones on the board here that have been left behind by the smart ones that covered,,,,,,, How about it you c students!!!!!! Ready for a lesson Monday?

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    Holding ANY OIL over the weekend is VERY RISKY

    by taffy123414 Dec 19, 2014 7:19 AM
    rchites rchites Dec 19, 2014 4:53 PM Flag

    These short know oil is going up from these extreme lows. They are idiots for not covering. These lows will not last and this is a long term buy for oil and transportation. How many idiots reshrted from yesterday's lack luster day. They are trapped now. Longs see this as a great big double. Yes .. Maybe a 3banger...... Keep holding shorts....10 is coming

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    Ebola premium is not in price.

    by topekajones55 Dec 19, 2014 12:11 PM
    rchites rchites Dec 19, 2014 2:11 PM Flag

    Read the press about the special status Robert is trying to get to push it through the phases. Yes FDA aproval is a must.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Ebola premium is not in price.

    by topekajones55 Dec 19, 2014 12:11 PM
    rchites rchites Dec 19, 2014 2:05 PM Flag

    Intermune was bought by ROche for 8billion and its drug don't work very well. Ibio is working on 4 lung disease drugs. You are right on with your statements. a IPF drug is worth billions. The platform can lead to many drugs and help other drug makers come to market faster and cheaper. The market potential is huge.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    by rsparkskalama Dec 18, 2014 8:57 PM
    rchites rchites Dec 18, 2014 9:12 PM Flag

    The idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) therapy market across the US and EU will surpass $1 billion by 2017, and pharma companies could stand to benefit handsomely if they can add to the limited knowledge of the disease,

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    by rchites Dec 18, 2014 8:09 PM
    rchites rchites Dec 18, 2014 8:17 PM Flag

    The company has performed the related preclinical work using Department of Defense funding to provide a vaccine candidate for an anthrax/plague combination vaccine that requires only one dose. NOW there is a Presidents emergency fund designed for Tobacco and plant serums and ZMAPP is a lead contender. We can expand production of domestic manufacturers of Ebola monoclonal using tobacco and animal antibodies. . This was in the BARDA director’s testimony. We are setting on the edge of a movement in PMP following the EBOLA outbreak.

  • ****************************** LARGEST holders are ASPIRE and Eastern Capital
    Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund, Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Fidelity Spartan Extended Market Index Fund Vanguard Invt. Fds. ICVC - US Equity Index
    KCG Americas LLC
    Northern Trust Investments, Inc.
    G. W. Henssler & Associates Ltd.
    Millennium Management LLC
    SSgA Funds Management, Inc.
    Thompson, Davis & Co.
    UBS Financial Services, Inc.

    Vanguard Group Inc.
    991,217 $609 09/30/2014
    IBIO 991,217 $609 09/30/2014
    Geode Capital Management LLC
    342,667 $210 09/30/2014
    IBIO 342,667 $210 09/30/2014
    KCG Holdings Inc.
    97,702 $60 09/30/2014
    IBIO 97,702 $60 09/30/2014
    Northern Trust Corp
    38,976 $24 09/30/2014
    IBIO 38,976 $24 09/30/2014
    GW Henssler & Associates Ltd.
    17,500 $11 09/30/2014
    IBIO 17,500 $11 09/30/2014
    State Street Corp
    13,400 $8 09/30/2014
    IBIO 13,400 $8 09/30/2014
    Thompson Davis & CO. Inc.
    5,000 $3 09/30/2014
    IBIO 5,000 $3 09/30/2014
    UBS AG
    2,500 $2

  • Is this a contract? fibrosis. On January 14, 2014 (the “Effective Date”), the Company entered into an exclusive worldwide License Agreement (“LA”) with the University of Pittsburgh (“UP”) covering all of the U.S. and foreign patents and patent applications and related intellectual property owned by UP pertinent to the use of endostatin peptides for the treatment of fibrosis. IBIO BRAZIL BIOFARMACÊUTICA LTDA. Additionally the Company has a 99% interest in a subsidiary organized in Brazil, iBIO DO BRASIL BIOFARMACÊUTICA LTDA. (“iBio Brazil”), to manage and expand the Company’s business activities in Brazil. The activities of iBio Brazil are intended to include coordination and expansion of the Company’s existing relationship with FioCruz (part of the Ministry of Health of Brazil) beyond the current Yellow Fever Vaccine program and development of biosimilar products with private sector participants for the Brazilian market. iBio Brazil commenced operations during the first quarter of the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015. The other subsidiaries have not conducted any activity through September 30, 2014. iBioDefense Biologics LLC (“iBioDefense”), a Delaware limited liability company formed in July 2013 to explore development and commercialization of defense-specific applications of the Company’s proprietary technology, and iBio Peptide Therapeutics LLC, a

  • rchites by rchites Dec 18, 2014 8:06 PM Flag

    Third Party Investments in Ibiolaunch: Vaccine Applications
    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Sabin Vaccine Institute
    • $33.3 million for Ibiolaunch platform applications
    • Avian Influenza Vaccine - $ 11.4 million
    • Malaria Vaccine - $ 13.3 million
    • Sleeping Sickness Vaccine - $ 8.2 million
    • Hookworm Vaccine - $ 0.4 million
    United States Government-grants from the Department of Defense are highly likely for the continued advancement and validation of the Ibiolaunch platform to protect the citizens and members of the Armed Forces
    • $37.4 million for Ibiolaunch platform applications
    • Accelerated Manufacturing Program - $ 14.8 million
    • Influenza Vaccine - $ 4.4 million
    • Plague-Anthrax Combination Vaccine - $ 18.2 million
    • Development of Chemical Reagents - $1.5 million WHY IBIOLaunch- IT IS versatile, PROVEN and TESTED. The Ibiolaunch platform in terms of cost, speed, scalability, and surge capacity, this platform is valuable to the government in its ability to counter an epidemic or pandemic as well as a bio-terrorism threat. Look at the beginnings with Greenvax, GCON, TEXAS A&M Caliber and Kentucky. A Governments function is the protection of its citizens, and leveraging the Ibiolaunch platform can result in both increased preparation and responsiveness in this regard. THUS we have BARDA, DOD and the Health Departments Task orders. Using the fully contained and completely automated process, a target could be produced on an aircraft carrier or at the site of an epidemic/pandemic outbreak or bio-terrorism attack. With GE and the IBIO platform countries can move PODS and small facilities to where they are needed.

  • I think you are theStreets mascot---- Cramer's new drag animal. CHIMPOMatc- is just a loser that wants to be a Gorilla. He lies for his own entertainment as he grew up In Ebola filled lands that made him have a fever of 106 degrees and lost his mind.

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    by hotness307 Dec 18, 2014 1:53 PM
    rchites rchites Dec 18, 2014 7:57 PM Flag

    IBIO Target Markets

    Based on scientific data produced by FhCMB, it believes that its platform technology is well-suited for application to both vaccines and therapeutic proteins.
    • Vaccine Market. The company believes its opportunities to establish commercial collaborations in vaccine markets will arise in two categories: a) Companies interested in tradition vaccine products well established in clinical practice; and b) Governments around the world increasingly committed to achieving autonomy in manufacturing vaccines to protect their citizens from natural outbreaks or deliberate infection. It believe the company's platform, due to its product flexibility and projected advantages in cost and time of implementation over traditional processes, will be an attractive option for both commercial and government collaborators. The first disease category in which the company has focused on demonstrating the applicability of its technology for vaccines is influenza.
    • Influenza Market. The company believes that it can achieve commercial success through establishing commercial collaborations for the use of the company's iBioLaunch platform technology in the development of vaccines for prevention of influenza infections and to the establishment of validated technology for rapid response to the outbreak of new strains of influenza. IBIO believes that market demand for influenza vaccines and therapeutics is growing quickly, driven by the pandemic threat of H1N1 swine-like influenza and the continuing threat of a potential pandemic outbreak of avian influenza. Vaccine sales in the seven major markets (US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan) are expected to more than double to $5 billion by 2016. These estimates are based on a market analysis conducted by Datamonitor. Datamonitor also states that current manufacturing capacity, even prior to the H1N1 outbreak, is not sufficient to provide enough flu vaccine even for high-risk populations. Consequently, one of the most important challenges facing the industry is the development of novel, faster manufacturing methods that offer higher yields.
    • The company believes that, with further clinical testing and development, the iBioLaunch platform, its proprietary technology platform described in the following paragraphs, will be able to address such a critical need. The company has demonstrated the efficiencies of this technology at a laboratory level by producing candidate influenza vaccines in weeks versus the months required for commercially-used chicken egg methods. The yields iBio Inc. have obtained in these laboratory experiments are high enough to be competitive with other methods if it can achieve the same yields and the same time efficiencies on a commercial scale. The company, however, has not yet tested iBio's technology at the scale that will be required for commercial use, nor at a scale sufficient to conclude what its commercial cost of goods will be.

    • Biodefense Vaccine Market. In collaboration with FhCMB and future commercial partners, iBio Inc. expect to participate in the introduction of important new prevention and treatment products as potential countermeasures against bioterrorism threats and for use in the developing world. The company does not currently have any commercial partners.
    • Markets for Therapeutic Proteins. IBio's technology is broadly applicable to the production of proteins ranging in size and complexity from monoclonal antibodies to smaller proteins such as interferons, growth factors, and enzymes. The potential market for application of its platform to therapeutic proteins is large and can be divided into two types of opportunities: a) Proteins for treatment of orphan diseases; and b) Proteins for bio-similar (bio-generic) products.
    • Treatment of Orphan Diseases. The worldwide market for orphan disease therapy is over $80 billion and approximately half of that is addressed through biologic rather than chemical drugs. Well-known products in this category include human enzymes for treatment of lysosomal storage diseases and products for treatment of less-common types of cancer. The incentives for companies to invest in new treatments for smaller patient populations are substantial, both due to tax incentives and also due to the profit margins that are typically seen for these products. To date, the FDA has granted more than 2,000 orphan designations to products in various stages of development. IBIO expects to attract commercial interest in iBio's platform for manufacturing certain orphan biologic drugs from companies that have not yet committed to the more expensive traditional bioreactor alternatives.
    • Bio-similar Products. The potential market for bio-similar products is large and growing according to industry analysts. Worldwide sales of the eight highest selling patent-protected products is approximately $26 billion, and as the patents on these and other products are expiring, interest in competing with generic or bio-similar versions of these well-established clinical products is growing. Due to the efficiency of its platform, it believe iBio Inc. will be able to establish commercial collaborations to participate in this growing market segment.

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    by hotness307 Dec 18, 2014 1:53 PM
    rchites rchites Dec 18, 2014 7:56 PM Flag

    • IBIO Therapies in Development The company's short-term focus is to demonstrate the commercial value of its platform technology. A milestone in this process was the scheduling the start of a Phase 1 human clinical trial during late 2010 which will demonstrate the applicability of iBio's platform technology to vaccines for influenza. In addition, in collaboration with FhCMB, it is also developing product candidates for the biodefense market and for infectious diseases important in the developing world such as human papilloma virus. Seasonal and H1N1 Influenza Vaccines. The company believes the company's technology is applicable to target vaccines directed against seasonal influenza virus strains. Its vaccine candidates have shown significant promise in preclinical efficacy studies in ferrets (the preferred animal model for testing influenza products). • Pandemic Avian Influenza Vaccine. Through FhCMB and their funding from the Gates Foundation, iBio Inc. are developing vaccine candidates targeting highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) viruses based upon the iBioLaunch(tm) platform. • Biodefense Products. The company has commercial rights to an oral anthrax booster vaccine candidate developed by FhCMB in collaboration with the Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC).

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    WHY !!!!! it will rock

    by rchites Dec 18, 2014 7:47 PM
    rchites rchites Dec 18, 2014 7:48 PM Flag

    22) Monoclonal antibodies have been generated and approved to treat cancer… cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, macular degeneration, heart diseases, transplant rejection, multiple clerosis, viral infections, see monoclonal antibody therapy ((( huge markets
    23) Risk/reward tell you to buy
    • 24) Infrastructure building news /contracts Brazil , china, Europe, Japan USA labs, GE around the world with the platform 25) ) FUTURE PROOFING _ Introduction With monoclonal antibody products now the dominant component of the biopharmaceutical market and continued interest in this exciting class of products driving overall sales of biopharmaceutical products in the future … 26) Dawn of a new BIOTECH world 27) All roads go through IBIO for production of plant Antibodies in the USA for scale- they don’t have the whole picture/patents/scale like IBIO 28) Still the best option - IBIO comes to market faster, cheaper, and given to Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol despite other drugs given to the WHO for other diseases and low chance of successes 29) Epidemics and pandemics have been with this planet for eons and they haven't been getting better. COLLINS/MILKIN on CNBC say its not going away 30)World increasing its budget 31) US in the lead role 32 1/10 the cost of big pharma and basher lies have been proven false and they cant keep it down with lies 33) WORLD HOPE and DEMAND and good Samaritans 34) Waking world to our strengths Monoclonal antibodies
    • Interferons & cytokines
    • Enzymes for replacement therapy
    • Plasma-derived proteins
    • Growth factors
    • Protease inhibitors
    • Clotting factors
    • Vaccines
    35) advantages over other systems:
    • Ability to synthesize complex proteins at which other systems have failed
    • Simplicity, scalability and flexibility
    • Reduced capital investment
    • Lower operating costs
    • Surge capacity
    • Rapid production times – gene sequence to factory-scale protein harvest
    • Eliminates the need of bioreactors
    • Low risk of contamination by animal pathogens

  • Catalyst 1) Robert Erwin was right –counter suit 2) Offering average 1.3 a share 8 million cash 3) Fundamentals and financials OK- well-run company 4) Gates , Barda, Backed by the US government=great partners 5) They own the IP and technology-patented –disruptive technology- demand 6) Weigh the market cap with the huge market potential and science 7) Platform is a winner $$$$$$ The iBioLaunch platform has been used to produce 8) Understanding the good managers , direction, corporate path 9) Future short term , medium , long range look good 10) Macro events, world panic and daily news 11) Bashers are all entertainment value with no real story or threat 12 Big Pharma wakes up and buys IBIO 13) Barda news 14) PIPELINE –yellow fever, produce vaccine-quality antigens for H7N7, H5N1, H3N1, H1N1 and multiple strains of influenza B,Malaria, Anthrax 15) Platform is a winner and needed for Plantibody production in the USA- Plantform, ICON , GSK, Amgen may license 16 $$$$$ MARKETS very big - According to BCC Research, the global influenza market will grow at 8% CAGR from $4 billion in 2013 to nearly $6 billion in 2018. 17) common sense buying on speculation, research ,DD, science, past, future potential- all good
    18) contracts and the product and research is done and in the press with ZMAPP- BETTER product- Based on published scientific data, the superior homogeneity of antibody glysolylation (the addition of sugars to proteins) 19) NOVICIs' grammr news with ZMAPP as MAPP talked to them NY TIMES 20) Technical bounce with more Ebola cases 21) Time is on longs side because of the PREARANGED defense system- FOR THIS SITUATION_ DISEASE including EBOLA - The GreenVax plant, G-Con ,Caliber and the three CIADMs notified by Barda

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    by hotness307 Dec 18, 2014 1:53 PM
    rchites rchites Dec 18, 2014 7:37 PM Flag

    *********Down the road****** Because of desperation in pandemics, that lack treatment or vaccines, governments are forced to extreme measures including trying compassionate use of PMPs which fast tracks them through trials by necessity.****Once used the door is now opened and the world understands the importance… Institutions and Funds have to see the future. ***** It will either be in the short term or the long term, since it is currently the only publicly traded pure play into PMPs.*** Transgenic expression (ICON)(MAPP,zmapp) VS. Transient gene expression (IBIO patented) is the science in debate. IBIO has most abilities to ramp for the government. ZMAPP and others will see the future and potential with IBIO… ****Of equal importance to the platform technology for antibody production is the urgent need to increase the expression yield of one or more of the antibody components of the ZMapp cocktail, and iBio has exclusive rights to technology proven uniquely effective by Novici Biotech LLC in significantly increasing protein expression yield without altering the structural or functional properties of the protein. This technology is directly and rapidly applicable to increasing the yield of ZMapp antibodies. At the Fraunhofer Center for Molecular Biotechnology in Delaware, (licensed IBIO platform) racks of N. benthamiana plants can be programmed to produce a wide variety of vaccines. The next time an epidemic hits, PMP production could create 2.5 million units of vaccine in just one week Plant-produced vaccines have been developed for cholera, toxic Escherichia coli, hepatitis B, Norwalk virus, and HPV. More are on the way. There is even ongoing research into edible vaccines. This would allow patients to simply consume a food to create immunity. Beyond ZMapp for treating Ebola, other plant-made mAbs are moving toward clinical trials. Mapp Biopharmaceutical continues work on plant-produced mAb therapies for Marburg virus (a cousin of Ebola) and for respiratory syncytial virus. A microbicidal cocktail of mAbs against HIV and herpes is also close to advancing to phase 1 clinical trial. Monoclonal antibodies have been generated and approved to treat cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disease, macular degeneration transplant rejections, multiple sclerosis, and viral infections. The technology, patents, and licensing rights between IBIO/Gates with Malaria and IBIO/ Darpa with Anthrax vaccines IBIO/ Fraunhofer USA CMB and the platform have all been stepping stones for the future of defensive vaccines and therapies. Robert retained all rights though the many partnerships and contracts. Its business model of developing its disruptive technology that can be licensed to big pharmaceutical companies through its patents gives iBio the potential itself for a much higher intrinsic valuation.

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