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    Iraq War: 190,000 lives, $2.2 trillion

    by weghox403 Jan 22, 2016 10:35 AM
    rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 23, 2016 11:19 AM Flag

    We need to recognize that the political ideology of Islam is a dangerous threat to our constitution and freedoms as it insinuates itself more and more into our county. It seeks to replace our constitution with sharia law, the most backward and repressive law on the face of the planet. And to do this its followers are authorized to lie, to intimidate by threat, and to commit terrorist acts.

    Let me give you a quote from one of the Muslim Brotherhood that was introduced into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial in which the Muslim Brotherhood was an unindicted co conspirator, and which resulted in
    conviction of the Holy Land Foundation of funneling money obtained as charitable donations to muslim terrorists.

    "4. Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother In North America:
    The process of settlement is a 'Civilization Jihadist Process.' with all the word means. The Ikhwan ( the muslim brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions..."

    It is time to stop treating the subversive political ideology of Islam as a religion, and to regard it as the mixture of political ideology with religion that it is, and to deny it the protection and status we would give to a religion that was only a religion. And the best way to do that would be by constitutional amendment to state that Islam is not a religion within the meaning of the U S constitution and laws and that sharia law is not to be recognized or enforced in the U. S.

    This would be great step forward in the liberation of muslims from their despotic rulers, and the freeing of muslim women all over the world from Islam's grievous oppression. It would be a wonderful example for Europe.

  • Once again the republican establishment guys, like Bob Dole, show that with them it is party and deal making before country. Of course we knew the socialist democrats put their party and themselves ahead of the country. They have been doing that for over fifty years now.

    Hopefully all those conservative republicans who actually believe in freedom and reducing the size and impact of government, and the control of the washington cartel, will give the nomination to Cruz. Otherwise America will just be betrayed again by deal making guys looking out for number 1.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 21, 2016 6:02 PM Flag

    rjm: It is not Reagan's fault that Obama is either a fool or a traitor. That is all Obama's doings. And it is not Reagan's fault that Hillary in all likelihood had committed CxxRssIxxMssIxxNxxAxxL violations of national security laws. Nor can you blame Reagan for the fact that Obama and Hillary destabilized the middle east and brought about the rise of ISIS and the deaths of thousands of people killed by those devout muslims who fight for ISIS as they attempt to make Islam the dominant ideology in the world.

    As to the question of whether Obama is a fool or a traitor, my guess is traitor. He cannot plead ignorance of the true nature of Islam, the "religion" of war. And he is even now intentionally importing islamic terrorists into America. He knows full well that it is substantially certain that some of the muslim refugees he is bringing in will be terrorists, and legally when one knows a certain result is substantially certain to occur from his actions, he is held to have intended that result, whether he
    actively desired it or not.

    He also knows full well that Islam is a subversive political ideology mixed with religion, that seeks to replace the U S constitution with sharia law.

  • freedom of information act. The Clinton Presidential Library says it will release the info to the public after April.

    This looks to me to be the kind of thing some group close to the Clinton Weasels would do. Let Trump masquerade as a conservative until he gets the Republican nomination. Then expose his true liberal beliefs and as reflected in his dealings with the Clinton Weasels, so that the conservatives realize they have been betrayed once again, and stay home from the polls.

  • skill on the part of the annex security team that saved the lives of most of the Americans under attack in Benghazi. They were stopped from going to the rescue at first by orders that they not go. Then later they left in spite of orders not to go. They had to fight their way to the Embassy. Then they had to return to the annex to defend it. Truly men of character and courage.

    And what a contrast to the SxxCxxUxxMxxBxxAxxG behavior of Obama and Hilary who betrayed them and the other Americans there and caused the death of the Ambassador and then lied about a video being responsible.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 21, 2016 11:27 AM Flag

    close, Moveon. Actually it is the word here in capitals SxxCcUmmM,dBxxAddG. It is a great movie. Hope you see it. And hope it plays on TV every night in the week before voting for President begins next November.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 21, 2016 7:36 AM Flag

    SxCxUxxMxBxAxG is the word in capitals.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 20, 2016 2:30 PM Flag

    Apparently yahoo thinks the term #$%$ is politically incorrect.

  • dedication and skill the annex security team displayed as they saved the lives of most of our people.
    And what a contrast to the #$%$ behaviour of Obama and Hillary who betrayed them .

  • The add has some great military music, and some funny lyrics, and though I prefer Cruz to Trump, I do like the add.

    And , more importantly, the add asks the question that everyone is asking as they watch Obama help our enemy Iran with money and the go ahead to become a nuclear weapons power.

    What is it about the socialist democrats they makes them want so much to help American's enemies at the expense of America. From the socialists who stole the A bomb secrets for Russia to those who prevented Reagan from creating a misille defense system to Obama and Kerry, who are making sure Iran is nuclearly armed and dangerous and that syrian muslim terrorist are imported into the US. it seems the socialistdemocrats just have to find a way to hurt America.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 20, 2016 9:58 AM Flag

    Freedom is a great value, reality, and is the core reason why America has been such a marvel of invention and economic progress to the world, and why so many people, living under the poverty which socialism and corrupt command control governments makes vote with their feet to come here.

  • It is a great add. Music is very stirring lyrics right on point. but I still prefer Cruz.

    But Trump has asked the question that all the country is asking, except for the socialist democrats, who do not care.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 18, 2016 8:45 AM Flag

    Islam means "surrender", and a muslim is "one who has surrendered". Islam's fundamental doctrine, as taught and lived by Mohammed, calls for it to dominate the world, by killing all those who do not "surrender" or to make them slaves or second class citizens. Our misguided press calls the islamic terrorist killers "radicals" but they are just doing what Mohammed and those who control Islam tell them is their duty as good muslims.

    Islam is a combination of political ideology and religion whose fundamental teachings call for it to make sharia law the supreme law everywhere, destroying our constitutional rights and government in the process.
    It is time to treat islam as the subversive political ideology that it is, and to cease giving it the status and protection we give to religion. And it is time to stop importing muslims into the US.

    Sharia law is against free speech, freedom of artistic expression, freedom of religion, due process of law and equal protection of the laws. It authorizes muslims to lie to non muslims for the purpose of advancing Islam. It makes muslims first class citizens and all non muslims second or third class citizens. Everyone in America should read the works concerning Islam of Bill Warner, Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, Robert Spencer, F W Burleigh, the Center for Security Policy and inform themselves of the true nature and purpose of Islam.

    We need a constitutional amendment that says that since Islam is a subversive political ideology mixed with religion, it shall not be regarded as or considered to be a religion within the meaning of the constitution and laws of the U S or of any state, and that sharia law shall not be recognized or enforced .

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 16, 2016 1:48 PM Flag

    weg: Islam , core basic islam, is at war with the entire world. But unfortunately the entire world is not at war with core basic islam. It is still trying to appease Islam. Europe is allowing the invaders to enter, and Obama is in the process of importing thousands of is lam ic invaders whose religion tells them to destroy our constitution and replace it with sharia law .

    Hopefully we can elect someone like Cruz who will actually stand up for America and our constitutional freedoms.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 16, 2016 11:44 AM Flag

    Fundamental basic Is la m teaches that God loves only mu sl im, who are to dominate the world by killing all others who will not convert to islam, or making them slaves or second class citizens. It teaches that a mu sl lm who leaves isl am is to be killed. And anyone who insults is la m or Moh ammed is to be killed.

    So the 27,623 deadly isl am ic terrorist attacks since 911 should not be a surprise to anyone. Nor should the current invasion of Europe by syrian mus lims , and the soon to come invasion of the U S thanks to Obama, surprise anyone.

    But most people are very ignorant of the true teachings of I s lam , since the M us lim Broth er hoo d and its front organizations, like C A I R, have spread so many lies and disinformation about it.

    How many know, for example, that the devout mu sl im who prays 5 times a day begins each prayer with the first verse of the Q u r an, in which he prays to not be like those who have gone astray (the christians) or those who have incurred God's wrath ( the JxxexxwxxS) ?

    How many know that , as Ayatollah Khomeini said, Islam allows a man to satisfy his sexual lust with a child of any age?

    How many know islam teaches that it is a basic duty to make sharia the supreme law of the land, thus subverting the constitution and government of the US?
    O b ama knows these things, as does Kerry. But how many others know?

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 15, 2016 12:52 PM Flag

    Yes, the law is all that matters, and there is no question about the law being that Cruz is a natural born citizen, which simply means a citizen at birth. It is in the constitution to protect against the kind of thing that was done to us with the election of Obama.

    If the people you talked to were actually lawyers, then they must be Hillary type lawyers. There is a much stronger case for Obama not being a natural born citizen, But you did not see Larry Tribe file a lawsuit about that.

    Cruz is my first choice. He not only talks the talk, he has walked the walk.
    Trump I could vote for, but although he talks the talk, I have serious doubts as to whether he will walk the walk.

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    our friends in Iran

    by donquixote2035 Jan 14, 2016 1:20 PM
    rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 15, 2016 8:26 AM Flag

    Islam, core basic Islam, has some very bad beliefs, and Iran applies those beliefs, and has laws to enforce them.

    One of those bad beliefs is that the one God loves only muslims and wants them to wage jihad against all others until they are forced to become muslims, or are killed, or enslaved, or made second class citizens.
    So Iran supports islamic terrorism.

    Another of those bad beliefs is that any muslim who leaves Islam is to be killed. So Iran kills muslims there who convert to another religion.

    Another of those bad beliefs is that anyone who insults Mohammed or Islam should be killed. So Iran issued a death sentence without on Salman Rushdie.

    The Islamists have done a good job of lying to the American public about what basic Islam teaches, so much of our public does not know. And our press calls the killers "radical" But so far as basic Islam is concerned, they are just devout muslims doing what they have been taught.

    Islam is basically a mixture of political ideology with religion that seeks to subvert our constitution and government and replace them with sharia law and a tyrannical islamic theocracy. Religious freedom was never intended to be used to advance subversive political ideology.

    We need an amendment to the constitution that states that Islam is not considered a religion within the meaning of the constitution and laws of the U S and any state, and that sharia law will not be recognized or enforced .

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    Just For The Record

    by blackmarango Jan 14, 2016 3:05 PM
    rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 14, 2016 6:39 PM Flag

    No telling, because Obama's word is worthless. Nothing that he says can be taken as true just because he says it.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 14, 2016 2:26 PM Flag

    Cruz is , of course, a natural born citizen of the U S. Obama is probably not, but that did not stop the socialist democrats from electing him. The SCt was too politically cowardly to answer the questions about Obama.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jan 14, 2016 12:49 PM Flag

    fred, you view reminds me of that of the people who hid their eyes when the NxxAxxZxxIxxS were exterminating the j e w s. First they come for one person and later for another, but finally they come for you.

    The devout muslim followers of the teachings and example of Mohammed are busy killing around the world, most notably at the moment in the middle east. But they are invading Europe and if Obama has his way, will invade the US. The hundreds of thousands they are killed overseas are just a beginning.

    We can recognize the danger in this ideology of domination, war and intolerance, and stop muslims from immigrating to this country now. Or we can wait until they are well on their way to having 27,618 islamic terrorist attacks here in the U S. My view is it is better to prevent these than to mourn our dead and wounded after they occur.

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