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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly 19 hours ago Flag


    you must be about the craziest message board
    junky I've ever come across. Seriously brother,
    you are touched!!

    I like when you describe utter life failure when your
    pdag20 character recite one of your sad manifesto's
    of humanity and how you've been reduced to an
    insect basically living on a Calcutta type income,
    -you must be like 74 with the Tennessee Williams,
    Arthur Miller dramatic style of yours.

    You need to create another aliases moniker and
    call her "Blanche DuBois", silly old fruitcake!

    ETRM, ......hehehehe

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  • aliases.

    glucom/biotia/pdag20 all share the same keyboard at home.

    glucom, you do realize this prospectus was first published
    on Dec. 16th, 2013 ?

    3 individual gags from one sad fruitcake.

    ETRM, .......hehehehe

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  • Reply to

    Zerbe Ingrid and Zerbe Horst G

    by bunch_ocash 23 hours ago
    realstatsonly realstatsonly 20 hours ago Flag

    They have about another 9,345,000. (9.3M) they can
    flood the market with at any moment!


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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly 20 hours ago Flag

    Many of us investors remember the above when they first did the
    offering back on December 16, 2013......

    .5646 is the exercise price.

    The Lichtenstein group as well as Patrick Tully and all other
    buyers that participated in the above public offering hold the
    warrant rights to purchase an equal amount of shares to which
    they bought back in Dec. 2013.

    They can exercise the warrants, pay IntelGenx' brokers the
    +56 cents a share, and then do with them what they want,
    ..... sell 'em, hold 'em, trade 'em

    The company obviously gains the 4M cash to add to there
    coffers if all warrants get exercised.

    Most have not been exercised as of yet.

    This is my understanding.

    Patrick, I'm I correct?

    I've always been a investor, primarily, with the knowledge
    that there is actually 72 million shares fully diluted including
    the +9M that the Zerbe's hold.

    Most of us read this sec offering perspective a couple years ago.

    But good info for newbies to read, so good post.


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  • RIZAPORT will be marketed for nausea and motion sickness
    also perhaps? Both of these indications were noted in the Fox piece.

    I believe being first-to-market with both the migraine film as well
    as the Cialis film strips will grab a boat load of media buzz and
    attention. Horst is just getting warmed-up.

    Generic pills face extreme competition. Hundreds of manufacturers
    in dozens of countries worldwide.

    Only a handful of pharmaceutical oral film developers exist in the world.
    Of those that do exist, none of them have the extensive and comprehensive
    development pipeline that IntelGenx has.

    European approval of RIZAPORT this year will be a major boost
    for company visibility.

    Announcing a commercialization deal for RIZAPORT will be just
    one of many "wildcards" that do not reside on our scheduled list
    of pending catalysts.

    Just my opinion

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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Apr 17, 2015 6:11 PM Flag


    I believe we are worth 1.50 "now". That is a 122% premium
    as to where we are today. So you can see how far off base
    I am.

    I would add another 50 cents when the migraine gets approved
    and we have a commercialization partner.

    I would add another $1.00 when PAR's suboxone gets approved,
    so I'm looking for $3.00 minimum in 2+ years.

    A buyout late 17 or 18 would be between 4.50 and 6 I would hope.

    But right now we are pegged at .66 cents.

    The public relations department should be courting dozens and
    dozens of micro-cap and small cap institutional managers in a
    major way now that we are turning profitable.

    But I am just a private share holder and subject to the mercy
    of the otc like the rest of you.

    btw: I've never shorted a stock in my life.

    Great luck to you ~

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  • You can not "talk a stock up". Period.

    You can scare the hell out of a lot of novice and retail traders
    and investors into selling any stock. But you can't talk a stock

    This stock is extremely manipulated because of the extreme
    thin trade and lack of liquidity. A 1000 share sell can drive the
    price down 6%, lol

    All that will eventually change. But for right now, everybody
    who does know about this stock and company and story and
    pending profitability have currently priced this stock at .68 cents.

    My rhetoric has zero effect. Zero.

    True story ~

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  • How stupid is this man I ask myself?

    "I am GLUCOM!! ...and I am also biotia because realstatsonly teased me!"

    "sometimes I post under noochie, but that's only when I rotate from pdag,
    because sometimes I need to offer up alternate personalities". "You'll notice
    I have a gag for each aliases. Sometimes I'm purposely dense and obtuse,
    and sometimes I'm vulgar and attacking, but all of my aliases hold Horst
    accountable for my fiasco in ETRM!!"


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  • ~ "when the company starts to perform", .......lmao

    Meanwhile, he'll issue a minimum half dozen posts from a half
    dozen aliases on a daily basis on this thread.

    Also, some of posts are like small books, kudos to you guys
    who actually read them cover to cover, ...hehehe

    What a routine.....

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  • ~ now he says IGXT is dead in the water till 2017 or 2018 and
    will return to invest when the company starts showing us other
    revenue streams (several years from now),.......

    ,,,,and he explained this w/ about 3000 words within a half dozen
    posts today alone!


    Horst and Ingrid will be about 80 million wealthier surprisingly
    soon and this fruitcake will still be hawking ETRM and maintaining
    a half dozen aliases on 2 yahoo threads quoting outdated AICPA
    regulations from 1978.....

    Horst founded and developed IntelGenx into a profitable state of the art
    biotech company which is growing exponentially.

    glucom has CFO experience on his retired and forgotten resume'

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  • ~ that it was back in 2010.

    And I agree 1000%

    Very few micro-cap pharmaceutical biotech companies ever
    achieve what IntelGenx has now done, -become a cash-flow positive,
    profitable, radically growing stand-alone state-of-the-art pharmaceutical
    specialty company on the threshold of wall street discovery and in my
    opinion, great success.

    I'm tremendously happy to be a share holder, and quite happy where
    we now are, here in 2015 ~

    Great place to be.


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  • as well as VetaFilm all in various stages of development, pre-clinical to
    timing of pivotal study (ED). That's 7 additional projects which IntelGenx
    has in it's portfolio to negotiate new deals/agreements/partnerships and
    sales from in the immediate near term.

    We are breaking-even "now" and are turning profitable "now" due to
    the fruit of our first debuted drug Forfivo XL(TM) and our deal w/ Edgemont.

    Now we have 14 more drugs moving forward, some extremely quickly
    (PAR's 2 new VersaFilm projects) and a couple waiting on FDA and MMA
    approvals present tense.

    Horst, Ingrid, Nadine, Paul, Alexandre and now John have been and will
    obviously continue to be very busy and productive professionals. On
    our behalf.

    I am extremely happy to support them as a shareholder.

    Great Luck Moving Forward All ~

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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Apr 12, 2015 7:59 PM Flag


    1. You are a horrible equity trader, you've displayed this again and again.

    2. You are a terrible hypocrite and maintain many aliases on these threads.

    3. You have no idea the power and intellect of the Edgemont management
    and bod's. (you lack the iq to understand so very much).

    4. You're AICPA nonsense has not proved correct "once". ....lmao


    -you truly have no idea what you are talking about 50% of
    time. You carry just enough of the information be make you extremely
    dangerous to near term, mid term as well as long term investors.
    You're open and emotional bashing of the Zerbe's and Edgemont
    is as plain and harsh as your brokerage account is ravaged.

    Again, intellectually speaking, you sir are not worthy to even address
    this class and groupof people you mock. I'm certain this is a common
    theme in your real life.

    etrm, ....rotflmao!!

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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Apr 12, 2015 7:15 PM Flag


    Have they sold 1 unit yet?

  • ~ new analyst, price target?

    Horst has been on Bloomberg and now Fox Business News, maybe
    we will see him on CNBC soon?

    Fun stuff.

    We might get real lucky and actually catch a little "media buzz" with
    our novel drug delivery system. Imagine that......

    I could stand a IGXT feeding frenzy whipped up by a media blitz hype fest,
    -how' bout you guys!!??


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Zerbe criticized harshly by many for choosing Edgemont, the
    deal Horst negotiated w/ Edgemont, and Edgemont themselves
    for being low rent, etc, etc, etc, etc, by the likes of the multi-aliased
    glucom/biotia/noochie, ed.drossman/pdag, etc, etc,

    Now we turn profitable.

    Now we receive multiple million and multi million dollar milestones of all
    various kinds.

    Now we lease and build-out 17,000 sq.ft. state of the art Front Office HQ &
    Administration, R&D Laboratory, Batch Lab and VersaFilm Commercial
    Manufacturing facilities with "cash-on-hand".

    Now Canada not only sponsors one of our projects, Canada backs BOM
    loans to IntelGenx to complete the new facility with the finest state of the
    art film processing equipment.

    Now IntelGenx has cash flow to expand the already fat pipeline with new
    drug development projects like Schizophrenia and Parkinsons, etc.

    I use the word "Now" above because it represents "present tense", as in,
    -things that are happening "now", all due to Horst selecting Edgemont and
    the deal that Horst negotiated with Edgemont.

    Thank you Horst and Team and congratulations on your Forfivo XL program ~

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • and company burn will rise to 30M per year due to commercialization,

    1. How many units have been sold to date?

    2. What is your timeline to reach this goal (3k sales/breakeven)?


  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Apr 11, 2015 12:12 AM Flag

    ~ igxtnow,

    You have complimented and thanked myself, Patrick and several
    others for our contributions to this thread many times, and all appreciated,
    -but I would like to thank you for your contributions to this message board
    as well.

    You have a great insight, patience and you say it like it is with the facts,
    and as well your speculations are researched, informed and educated
    speculations, not emotional and biased diatribe or conjecture so common.

    Great posts' brother!

    ...and wealth to you ~

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • CEO not only incompetent, but he's a LIER!!!

    Can't wait to trumpet the good news this morning?
    You guys were pretty excited to miss-read the filings
    and show your true colors, again, -for about the 100th
    time each.

    glucom, the CFO who fancies himself a AICPA amortization
    specialist, can't comprehend what he reads, ....hehehe

    noochie44, another renter who's never seen 72,000 dollars
    in his life, yet he professes his long suffering position here and
    admiration for Zerbe at every turn, ...

    ...these two people are despicable really.

    glucom accusing me of operating multiple aliases while he
    maintains probably 4 or 5 here alone, -what a hypocritical
    piece of "you know what"....

    Great Job Horst on Fox Business news!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Apr 8, 2015 4:13 PM Flag

    Be well also my friend!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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