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  • have fun, enjoy and be safe.

    ..and peace to all

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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly 23 hours ago Flag

    glmcom, was Forfivo XL bringing-in 1.1M a month in sales
    in 2012?

    They launched 45O in Oct 2012, it's been on the market 2 years
    2 weeks. Revenue growth starting to get exciting actually right

    Everything starting to get exciting right now with this company.

    You don't know how to read the bottoms. You've demonstrated
    that here on a few occasions and likewise over at ETRM and IPCI

    Be a man.

    Tip your hat on occasion and lighten up on Horst, -he's going
    to end up being a big hero to me and my fam!

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  • The Chief Financial Officer Paul Simmons joins Horst Zerbe
    (listed as Interim CEO btw) on the "Business Update and
    Discussion" Wednesday morning Dec 3rd

    One Hour Presentation.

    How exciting.

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  • Impressive pipeline when seen in graphs.
    Lots of great information.

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  • .....for the lucky buyers who recently bought shares
    at .385 and below prices the percentage gains rise even
    higher, obviously.

    I venture to say that this 1/2 day trading session Friday
    closing out the month will improve the above statistics
    nicely. Never know though.

    Then we get to look forward to the conference Dec 3rd.

    The conference news should be positive according to
    available information, audio and print, directly from the

    Do we get our "exclusivity payment" from Edgemont?
    ....I don't know.

    How does this Wochardt settlement effect Edgemont?
    ...I don't know.

    Is Wockhardt indeed signing a licensing agreement for
    the rights to produce generic 45O from 2018 to 2027?
    ....I don't know.

    If so, will Wockhardt cut us a up-front payment? How much?
    ....I don't know.

    Did Forfivo XL November sales exceed October's record numbers?
    ...I don't know.

    Will we see news of a RIZAPORT(R) manufacturing/distribution
    deal in the next week or two?
    ...I don't know.

    Will we receive a couple, few milestone payments prior to eoy?
    ...I don't know.

    Could this current 4th quarter surprise us with profitability?
    ...I don't.

    What I do know is as a large retail and private shareholder
    I couldn't be more excited and enthused about my investment here,
    short term, mid term, long term. Big wealth creator starting now.

    And I'm real happy with Horst well as the entire crew.

    IntelGenx will be a Pharma Tech growth story success.

    as usual, only my opinion.

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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Nov 26, 2014 12:04 PM Flag

    oh I know Brother!!

    I know.

    Way to hang tight with your conviction.

    I became wealthy playing my convictions due
    to the fact that I usually correctly assess the
    true value of my intended subjects assets.

    And I'm confident I'm going to do it again here.


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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Nov 26, 2014 11:55 AM Flag

    I expect nothing less this time around (rallies) regarding
    share price performance.

    In fact, I believe we are embarking on a fifteen to
    eighteen month journey similar to ACAD's a couple
    years back.

    Here's to wealth creation!


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  • 45O is going to propel us to cash flow positive and
    company profitability real soon.


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  • ~fORgeT tODayS nEwS aND sEt yOUr
    buY oRDErs aT .355 AnD waIT pAtINtLy
    fOr A fILL


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  • Reply to

    based on premkt

    by noochie44 Nov 26, 2014 8:50 AM
    realstatsonly realstatsonly Nov 26, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    idiot, up until 28 hours ago you didn't know IntelGenx
    had a depression drug on the market.

    You've always been an idiot son.

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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Nov 26, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    read item 2 again people.

    Plain English, easy to follow and understand. Don't
    over think it.

    .....the authorized (by us) generic and sublicense agreement
    (note the words sublicense agreement, and then understand
    what a license agreement means, i.e payee/payer for rights).

    Simple and plain.

    It's a license agreement.

    Wockhardt has made an agreement to license our drug and
    produce and sell a generic version in the US starting in 2018.
    Intelgenx has patent protection until 2027 which leads me to
    believe Wochardt will pay us license fees and/or royalties
    for the rights to produce our drug for 9 years until 2027 at
    which time Forfivo XL goes off patent.

    this is significant news people


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  • I wager it is a lucrative contract for IntelGenx

    The right to produce a generic of our drug and pay
    us to do so for 9 years up until 2027

    That's how I see it

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  • ~associate those stock movements with corresponding
    news events that ignited those +220% and +128% rally's.
    Now consider that we may have just turned a 3rd party
    generic threat challenging us in court into a +1 billion a
    year in sales partner for outside the US generic 45O

    Wockhardt could be our second largest partner next to
    PAR if indeed they did strike a license deal.

    Wochardt did aprox. 1/2 billion in sales last year
    outside the US. They did over a billion in sales
    when including the US.

    Edgemont gave us 1 million for US rights. What will
    Wockhardt give us for everywhere else?

    -also and again, seems Patrick may well be correct in the
    assumption that Edgemont will be giving us that exclusivity
    payment if all this speculation pans-out w/ Wockhardt.

    Profitable quarter (4Q14) in the making?

    Just my opinion and wild speculations late at night

    Great luck all longs

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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Nov 25, 2014 8:32 PM Flag

    This is important and truth and necessary,


    I have absolutely no knowledge of any news and
    or pending news items or events and I have made
    absolutely no contact with management and/or any
    of it's employees nor anyone who could be considered
    3rd party and or persons who could possess
    inside company information.

    Everything I have posted, recent posts and/or older
    posts and/or any of my public postings are and have
    always been *My Personal Opinions and Speculations

    As always, do your due diligence before making any

    Great Luck!

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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Nov 25, 2014 8:18 PM Flag

    little grey cloud, ~congrats to buyers at recent
    fire sale prices is what I am referring to primarily,
    though a full-blanket congrats is deservent to all
    longs who held their positions in the long oversold

    The drought is over for IGXT, we are looking at
    bountiful harvests from here on out my little brave


    Sentiment: Strong Buy


    Everyone please read item #4 from the lawsuit.

    My speculations from when the lawsuit was first announced
    last year was "Wockhardt knows the value of this once-a-day
    Welburtrin product and wants to generic our product", ...or
    something similar to that if memory serves, and memory
    serves pretty well.

    I sold $40k of my bluechips last Friday and I planned to add
    another hundred thousand shares this short holiday week as
    we all anticipated low volume and 40 cent shares. Not to be

    My posts from the last few weeks or so do indeed to be on the mark,
    Wockhardt wants to sell Forfivo XL and it appears they will.

    Congratulations long investors and timely speculators.


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  • Reply to

    Trading Currently Halted

    by amrnlongbull Nov 25, 2014 9:56 AM
    realstatsonly realstatsonly Nov 25, 2014 10:05 AM Flag

    terribly interesting

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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Nov 25, 2014 9:55 AM Flag

    it is a lottery ticket.

    A winning lottery ticket.

    A life changer.


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  • realstatsonly realstatsonly Nov 25, 2014 9:51 AM Flag

    now, personally I believe there will be several
    buyout attempts made on this company very
    soon after we turn profitable. Why do I think that?
    Primarily because it appears 45O is going to be
    the revenue and cash cow Horst had hoped for.
    This fact will shine a humongous light on the
    other 11 drugs in the pipeline which will be that
    much more advanced in there approval process
    by the end of 2015 plus the new VersaFilm
    applications have blockbuster potential.

    All of our technology is patent protected. Wochardt
    challenged these patents and apparently have thrown
    in the towel on fighting them (our patents). This fact
    bodes tremendously well for all our proprietary

    $4.50 doable this time next year? Absolutely.

    When we are at $4.50 a share do I see buyout offers
    in the $6, $7 and $8 dollar range? Absolutely.

    If Horst don't sell and our pipelined products succeed
    to even 1/2 there potential, I can see $10 to $15 a share
    2, 3 or 4 years from down the road.

    I read your posts, great job. and Great luck to you!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • If Edgemont desires to hold the exclusivity rights in the US
    then they will indeed be paying us a $1m exclusivity payment
    soon as mentioned by the poster named Patrick.

    Patrick also mentioned that 45O is not approved in Europe which
    leads me to speculate Wockhardt would like to apply for approval
    with the MMA to market our drug outside the US, paying and
    handling the application process.

    just speculating

    Forfivo XL will be a success it appears.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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