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Andatee China Marine Fuel Services Corporation Message Board

recordguy2000 29 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 14, 2014 1:28 PM Member since: Apr 4, 2007
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  • Hi ELON: I am recordguy2000. I use to give numb nu*ts "the business" on the CAMD board for the same display you witness by him here. This numb nu*ts with the 36 aliases is quite "a load". The CAMD board went away and my little b*** ch was so upset he decided to follow me here where I have an investment....Can you imagine that? He stalked me here and ruined this board for many hard working investors......This is how this total im be cil wastes his time......You see he didn't think his plan thru very well either because now he gets "the business" on this ELON board by my own alias misterfasidious. You see I portray this clown and just repeat all the doosh bag things he says and g-d knows their are thousands of them (and thanks for all your encouraging e-mails and posts)..........Whenever this id iot uses his alias love2snifas I know I have touched a nerve...............Again !!!! hahahaha

  • A Utah woman is accused of giving birth to 7 babies and killing them all in a ten year period. The babies were found stored in cardboard boxes.....................................Why oh why couldn't this be the mother of the id iot who has destroyed this message board with his 36 aliases

  • Man oh man. Looks to me like he is trying to use all his 36 aliases on this board in just one day. What could have set him off? He's spinning out of control. Each day he seems worse. I guess those shrink appointments aren't having the effect we had all hoped for....... This dufus is a ticking time bomb................Lets just pray that if ever Oscar Pristorius ever gets released ,this "more on" finds his way into his bathroom

  • Billabong products are a joke. There is higher quality products made by the likes of many manufacturers right here in the United States. Practically no one in North America cares about what they make. I have seen but "a few" of their shorts being worn and they are hideous

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • recordguy2000 by recordguy2000 Apr 1, 2014 1:54 PM Flag

    48 cents ah I knew it.................I saved a bunch of money by dumping this turd..............ok now its time for a little conch soup and fried grouper down at Tads Fish pole. That's on the beach in Tampa. Their fish is to die for

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    Hey mickmac thank you for the kind words.

    by recordguy1999 Apr 1, 2014 1:27 PM
    recordguy2000 recordguy2000 Apr 1, 2014 1:43 PM Flag

    Hey Micmac: Misterfastidious is a genius. He was able to roll all the pathetic personalities of this butt wipe (with 36 aliases) into one. It was easy for him because the doosh said so many id iot tic things. What f*ool would dedicate his life to create 36 aliases and create havoc on a message board he had no financial position in. What kind of a sick*o is this? No one can figure out what makes this im be cile tic..............I have no doubt he sees a shrink about this. But let me tell you I don't think Sigmund Freud could diagnosis this psychopath. Glad you are enjoying the work of misterfastidious he sure nailed it !!

  • This type of swimwear is a dime dozen. Billabong is nothing but a wannaee of an apparel company. They are a midget standing amongst giants......Do yourselves a favor and get out of this one as fast as you can.....Trust me and thank me later.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • I wonder whats wrong with the little doosh bag? Looks like he has lost it. Its not even 1pm and already he's with recordguy1999, sandoegodude, liberaleloninvestor, epsteinbn, elondooshbag...................I know the power I have when I decided to teach someone a lesson but I had no idea I was this good...........get a life dumbo...........get to the mental health center at once. call them and tell them its an emergency

  • I understand you are upset. You were reprimanded and got quite an admonishing by many posters on the CAMD board many years ago for exactly the same pathetic behavior you exhibit here. I also understand that it must be rough on you to finally see yourself as the doosh you really are. I mean you take the cake.....But don't you feel professional help would be a wise choice at this stage of the game?. Or is ruining a stock message board that you have absolutely nothing to do with investment wise the better choice? If you would like a list of good mental health clinics in Tampa just google them. But seriously pal, you need to get yourself a life. Posting all day long on this message board because you are still quite obviously shaken and troubled is not a good idea. You certainly exhibit all the characteristics of one who might "go postal".

  • I don't know for a guy supposedly paddle boarding into the Gulf all day he seems unusually upset.............You know I was reading that the average life expectancy of a male in Florida is 76 years old. One can only hope he is now 75 and his birthday is tomorrow

  • Phil feels the way all the ELON posters do. They hope you rot in h ** / LL. How dare you ruin this board for the ELON investors. What kind of a low life demented clo*wn are you?.................Get a life sto opid.

  • hehehehe....that was always going to be the end result of a good recordguy2000 good swift kick in the pants............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All in one day? On a message board you have no position in?

    Get a life sto opid

    PS. I am the original recordguy2000 who has taught him his lesson for 11 years. I'm really good at it.

  • back on the CAMD board this imbe cile use to try to to imply he was in Kuala Lampur.......Maybe and I stress maybe there is a one in a million chance he was on this plane that got lost in Malaysia.............ok so 227 other poor souls had to lose their lives also...................but it was worth it...........keep your fingers crossed. maybe our ELON board can return to normal

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    Hmmm ..stock moved up ..

    by kenny2b2 Mar 5, 2014 4:18 PM
    recordguy2000 recordguy2000 Mar 5, 2014 4:36 PM Flag

    Why would someone post for YEARS with no positions?. Whats up with all these neurotic personalities (mrbeeks, recordguy1999, casey, eshlong, sandie, savethetrees, and 28 more)?.................This is a question only a true psychiatrist can answer......But I will tell you why. If you read this mo rons posts he somehow has this superiority complex. Its kind of funny because the reality is he is one giant buffoon. I called him on the carpet 11 years ago on the CAMD board when everyone was already fed up with his nonsense. I have such an incredible power (when I want to ) of getting under someone's skin and I did it to this horrible creep............And much to my astonishment I have had him be consumed by me. He follows ME to other message boards that have nothing to do with him...... Think about it. 11 years all day long. ........The fact of the matter is I struck a nerve with this #$%$ W ^h ole. He saw the truth about himself and he hates himself.........This is fact. How pathetic huh?..............But you see even when he reads this post it fuels him more......I kinda find that funny that I have that power...............lets just hope he gets hit by a car or gets attacked and killed by others he undoubtably rubs the wrong way.....

  • Im sure you have noticed he doesn't post much during the day anymore.....Just as I expected. That was going to be the outcome of me giving him a good swift kick in the pants day after day........It still amazes me. Here you have a total dork that spent 11 years of his life creating 34 aliases. 5 of thoseyears on this message board of which he had zero long or short position.......But the real reality was I was good at getting under his skin on the CAMD board that he was compelled to follow me here....And what did it get him?......More spanking and more of a reminder of what a true doosh bag loser he really is.....And this was all done by his own words.....What a dufus.....hehehe

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    Just picked up 20,000 JBII at 26 cents

    by recordguy2000 Feb 21, 2014 12:23 PM
    recordguy2000 recordguy2000 Feb 24, 2014 10:37 AM Flag

    Up 10% this morning.....As I have said before, you can thank me later

  • Well whatya know. Our resident dufus (recordguy1999, sandiegodude, meeeks, etc) has taken it in the backside yet once again. Billabong takes a hit. As if the rest of us didn't see that one coming.....Awe shucks, poor little pecker head has egg on the face yet once again...............hahahaha.....I love beating him up !!!

  • You can thank me later for this tip JBI Inc

  • Thankfully.....It was just a matter of time........This complete more on who has ruined this board has slit his wrists......He has finally met his maker..............GO BILLABONG !!!!

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