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  • redtr4 by redtr4 Oct 3, 2015 12:28 PM Flag

    Supposed to be announced the first week of November. Haven't read nor heard anything that suggests they won't be good. But FB's earning shave been good or better than good for a while, and each time the pps goes down before heading back up again.

    No matter what is reported, at least one pundit will nitpick some stat and opine negatively. Will be interesting to hear guidance. I know we spent a lot of money on development last quarter, so I'm not expecting numbers that are through the roof. A good quarter on par or close to being on par with the previous quarter will satisfy me. The question is, will it satisfy folks like Cramer and the other talking heads?

  • Predicted a few weeks back that thise who still believed in TWTR's biz model would get a chance to buy shares for less than $20. TWTR isn't going to nose dive below that figure just yet. There are still some hopefuls touting, "Jack is Back!".

    However, I'm wondering what Jack can do now that he hasn't or couldn't do over the previous few years.
    TWTR is a nice messaging gizmo for teens, Hollywood and sports all-stars. To gain much needed users and profits, they need to be more than that. The problem is trying to expand upon what they have, but there really doesn't seem to be an obvious avenue they can attack.

    Thus, I think the pps will drift downward, albeit slowly, over the final quarter. And please, no more GOOG rumors. GOOG has enough cheese in their piggy bank to start their own TWTR or buy a TWTR look alike for much less money.

  • Judging from the pps today, Jackie D's appointment as new CEO hasn't electrified the investment community.
    Not saying Jack is a bad choice, after all, he's the founding father. However, a high-profile FB, GOOG or Apple person might have instilled more confidence. With Jack, the fear is probably same-old-same-old based.

    Whoever ends up leading TWTR after Jack's reign, the problems that dropped this puppy from $70 to $25 better have been solved or else two or three years down the road, the new guy will be facing the same set of problems Jack has on his plate now.

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    Almost hit $3 today, and then back to even?

    by redtr4 Sep 28, 2015 6:50 PM
    redtr4 redtr4 Sep 29, 2015 4:22 PM Flag

    KKR did not get involved to file Chapter 7. They're a patient lot. Maybe too patient for some of us, but sooner or later they'll make their play and make some serious bucks for all involved.

    Leadership is key, and KKR employs some pretty smart cookies. Leadership is why I increased my stake in FB today, as well.

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    Almost hit $3 today, and then back to even?

    by redtr4 Sep 28, 2015 6:50 PM
    redtr4 redtr4 Sep 29, 2015 10:17 AM Flag

    Not lying. Unlike you it seems, I can only go by what I see. Whatever, it appears something is in the works. Volume and recent pricing suggests that.

  • redtr4 redtr4 Sep 29, 2015 10:14 AM Flag

    Zuck has a reason for everything he does. There's something here. Exactly what, I'm not sure. But it seems the goals of Zuck and the foreign leaders are the same. Zuck wants everyone to have access to the internet. I believe India and china's leaders want the same thing, even if much of what they want people to know can self-serving.

    Still, having billions of new people being able to access the internet is a good thing for all concerned. Knowledge is a powerful tool that, in the right hands, can lead to prosperity for those who previously haven't enjoyed the opportunity to aspire to it.

  • I don't think Zuck met with those two leaders just to advance world peace. I'm sure Zuck, as would we all,would like to see world peace in our lifetimes. Since Zuck's goal is to see that the entire world gets internet access, and a whole lot of the entire worls lives in India and China, I wonder if those two nations might strike a deal with Zuck for FB to be the sole supplier, or at minimum, make FB's road to access more easy?

    Zuck is a visionary in more ways than one, so I don't think those two private meetings coming on the heels of Zuck addressing the United Nations, won't one day (Sooner than later IMHO.) permeate FB's bottom line.

    A year from now, anyone buying FB for less than $90 is going to be very happy. Don't let the recent choppiness in the Market sway your long-term objectives. If you can't buy more FB, then Hold.

  • Given what happened in the market today, breaking even ain't so bad. Still, I was really getting excited when we neared $3. Was hoping today would be the day for some kind of announcement or definitive news.
    Guess I'll continue to do what I've been doing for almost six years. Sit back and wait some more. Yawn!

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    Friday's USA Today pans Twitter's prospects!!!!!!

    by redtr4 Sep 25, 2015 12:48 PM
    redtr4 redtr4 Sep 25, 2015 2:35 PM Flag

    Twitter is the epitome of a rudderless ship.

  • In today's USA Today *Money section), Twitter was roundly pummeled by the author and a few big house stock gurus. In general, estimates for future growth in both earnings and users have been compromised and reduced.

    Though no specific price on the downside was cited, the overall inference was that Twitter has big time struggles ahead of it and buying at these levels would not be prudent. Not good.

  • RNN has been wallowing at sub $1.00 pricing for a long time. What intelligent insight can anyone offer that would suggest we longs are in for a good payday in the future? And how far away is that "future"?

    JMHO, but RNN is a very frustrating stock to follow. Aside from those mandatory K reports and presentations at various forums, there rarely is any significant news one can sink his teeth into.

  • Nice to be up .27 as I write, but more importantly, I like the volume. Doubt the spike is just retail investors. Increased volume like this usually means somebody knows something. Not supposed to happen, but info leaks more often than not.

    Been waiting a long time for a payoff. Hope this time it comes about. We've been abused, teased and slapped in the face too many times in the past. It's about time the good guys ( you and me) finally catch a break.

  • Other manufacturers, and not just of automobiles, have found out afterwards that there was a flaw with their products. People can accept someone making a mistake, even when the mistake causes tragic results.

    What people do not accept is intentional deception and lying. No one likes being lied to. And the really bad part about being caught in a lie is that it's unlikely those same people will believe you in the future.

    Remember, it's not the sin that gets people angry, it's lying about it. Ask Pete Rose, Lance Armstrong, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemons et al.

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    TWTR is a sound company

    by clt8276 Sep 24, 2015 10:46 AM
    redtr4 redtr4 Sep 24, 2015 12:34 PM Flag

    Yes, TWTR is a sound company, only the "sound" you are hearing is kerplop!

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    Personnel departures at TWITTER

    by carlicon Sep 24, 2015 9:40 AM
    redtr4 redtr4 Sep 24, 2015 10:09 AM Flag

    As is the case with any company, and Google and Facebook are two very good examples, it's all about leadership. TWTR, as we know, currently has no leadership.

  • redtr4 redtr4 Sep 24, 2015 10:07 AM Flag

    Hope that magic eight ball is cleaned and polished. All us longs could sure use some good news.

  • Will be looking to buy TWTR for the long term if it drops below $20 and into the teens. Could very well happen. Other than the ill-founded Google buy-out rumor, there has been scant little for TWTR to crow about.

    Once an up and coming darling on Wall Street, TWTR has continually disappointed investors to the point where it's almost despised. That will happen when people lose a lot of money. TWTR has a target on its back now. Lots of folks would like to see it tank.

  • redtr4 redtr4 Sep 24, 2015 7:34 AM Flag

    Jack Ma may not need the money, but a lot of BABA employees are gonna cash in their home run before it turns into a single. Could get bloody over the next month or so. Still say long term believers should sell now at $59. You'll assuredly get an opportunity to buy back in at a lower number. Maybe even as low as $40-$45.

  • This is getting ridiculous. 19 cents! GE, just turn out the lights, lock the doors and put us out of our misery. Ain't enough Tums or Rolaids in the world to settle the stomachs you upset. Only saving grace GE is that you so royally screwed DRYS' shareholders that there isn't much more pain for you to inflict on us.

  • redtr4 redtr4 Sep 24, 2015 7:25 AM Flag

    They count the number of people who use Instagram. What difference does it make where they come from? True, folks use both, but a user (set of eyes) is what's important to advertisers. Do you think GM cares if the same guy owns a Buick and a Chevrolet? Bottom line is Buick and Chevrolet both have a customer.

    You TWTR folks sure do grasp at straws trying to explain your stock's woeful performance: $70+ down tp $26+. Absolutely dreadful. Might be about time you guys drag out that old Google buyout rumor.

    Sentiment: Sell

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