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    Sympathy move AH

    by lighbuffet 18 hours ago

    FB is the more established company in terms of its core business. And let's not forget, FB has rocking revenue and earnings. Twitter still loses money. I think the market over reacted to Twitter's user boost. They still have to find a ay to turn users into dollars. Besides, Twitter is really for kids. And who spends a lot of money advertising to that demographic? They buy fast food, music and clothes. Pretty limited scope.
    You think General Motors, United Healthcare, Bank of America and the like are going so advertise to teenagers? No worries. I'd rather see FB make its slow and steady climb towards $100. Long term, FB is by far the smarter investment in social media. Going forward, FB and Google are going to dominate mobile advertising even more so than they do today.

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    $70 and beyond

    by thestocking99 Jul 23, 2014 9:39 AM
    redtr4 redtr4 Jul 23, 2014 9:46 AM Flag

    EPS are expected to be .32, up from .19 for the same period last year. That's better than a 70% increase. FB should hit the number and maybe even beat it by a penny or two. But so long as they are close, all is good. Oh, the street may overreact if they come in at .30 or .31, but that happens all the time. With the Dow and NASDAQ in record territory, there is no shortage of Nervous Nellies.

    Frankly, I expect the market to continue on firm footing until November elections. This election day is an important one for the incumbents and the want voters in a good frame of mind when they go to the polls.

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    PE Ratio Headed Down. 52-Week Low Headed Up.

    by redtr4 Jul 22, 2014 8:27 AM
    redtr4 redtr4 Jul 22, 2014 10:00 AM Flag

    louie b.: No reason why that scenario shouldn't play out as written. Plus, mobile advertising is in its infancy. It's like what the PC was in the early nineties. Once people decide it's needed, there's an explosion in sales.

    FB and Google are going to be the big recipients of mobile advertising dollars, an amount that is increasing even as I write.

  • As earnings continue their upward trend, the lofty PE Ratio FB currently has will be heading in the right direction (Down). Heck, if all FB does is earn $2 per share over the next 12 months, that's a 35 PE at current pricing. A growth stock like FB ought to continue to command a multiple of 50 to 60, and that's being conservative.

    Equally important, over the next thirty days, that 52-week low that has been in the $20s seemingly forever, will begin to climb into the $40s. The narrower the margin between the 52-week low and the 52-week high, the cheaper the stock looks to would-be investors as they view the stock as being less volatile.

    Unless the NASDAQ and DOW take a big tumble, I see FB continuing its rise towards $100 per share. Aside from some pharma discovering the cure for cancers or all that ails us, FB has the most compelling story of any stock. Zuckerburg is building a colossus of a company that is going to draw impressive revenue streams from varied sources.

    Back in early May, I posted that I though FB would rise, albeit in baby steps as opposed to one giant leap forward. Thus far, I've been on the mark with that as FB has rallied from $56 to almost $70 in that time.
    Slow, but steady, works for me.

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    how likely will Facebook miss earnings?

    by rages2xx Jul 20, 2014 10:47 PM
    redtr4 redtr4 Jul 21, 2014 6:33 AM Flag

    The Whisper numbers for both revenue and eps are exceptional, and Whisper numbers are more often right than wrong. Don't ask me who is doing the" whispering", because I haven't a clue. But somehow the Wall Street insiders and hedge fund guys always seem to know what's going to happen before the guy on the street knows. It's probably a big part of the reason why recent pps targets have be raised across the board. Some as high as $96.

    But the bottom line is Zuckerburg and his stable of brainiacs are assembling a goose that is going to lay lots of golden eggs for years and years. In some areas of their business, FB hasn't even scratched the surface of revenue potential.

    So, if you are long FB, you should be sleeping very well at night for the foreseeable future. Sure, there may be a few bumps along the road due to swings in the Dow that affect all stocks, but they will just be temporary.
    I truly believe FB will be selling for $200 sometime in the next few years. And if revenue and users continue to grow, maybe a lot sooner than later.

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    FB a worthless stock

    by leworld707 Jul 17, 2014 11:13 AM
    redtr4 redtr4 Jul 17, 2014 11:30 AM Flag

    Well, first they enable people to easily connect with one another. When people cease to want to communicate, then FB will go kaput. But people have always communicated with one another since the beginning of time. That basic need isn't ever going to go away.

    Don't even know why morons like leworld707 even bother to post. It's not like anyone with an IQ over 40 is going to heed his advice, call their broker and sell.

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  • About a year ago, FB passed Yahoo in ad sales to take over second place. But Yahoo is a weaker third place team than FB was when it was in third place. When FB was third, its ad revenue was climbing. Yahoo's is declining.

    Fact is, both FB and Google took ad dollars away from Yahoo. And FB is making headway into Google's market share, as well.

    Yahoo's earnings probably caused the decline in social media yesterday. However, good to se that FB is green in PMT.

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    The Plan Is Working!!

    by redtr4 Jul 15, 2014 7:46 AM
    redtr4 redtr4 Jul 15, 2014 4:30 PM Flag

    BTW, institutional ownership of FB is high. Doubt any will be selling before earnings, And if they come is as expected, they surely will add to their positions. FB will be the lone profitable survivor among social media stocks. I know I would want to own earning-less Twitter right now.

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    by scohen62 Jul 14, 2014 8:03 PM
    redtr4 redtr4 Jul 15, 2014 9:49 AM Flag

    If any of you folks truly own 3 million shares, take your $200+ million and see the world. Hell, buy the world!

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    The Plan Is Working!!

    by redtr4 Jul 15, 2014 7:46 AM
    redtr4 redtr4 Jul 15, 2014 8:54 AM Flag

    kbox: Sure hope you are right about that $120-$130 pps. Might allow an old coot like me to stay retired!

  • Often criticized- the hangover from the botched IPO still lingers in the minds of some- the Zuckster does indeed know what he's doing. He has turned FB into a cash cow and the milk is still coming in buckets that get bigger each quarter.

    No one knows, at least no one is supposed to know, the exact earnings FB will report next week. However, Wall Street has had this "Whisper Number" thing going on for about ten years, anf far more often than not, said number is right on the mark or darn close to it.

    Lately, target prices are being raised because the Whisper Number is much better than the previous quarter, which by the way, set a record for both earnings and revenue.

    So whatever the Street thinks about Zuckerburg's purchases, they appear to agree on one thing. FB is making a ton of money and, if target prices are a good barometer for judging future growth, they will continue to make big bucks over the next few years.

    Predicting a PPS is often a fool's errand, but I feel pretty good about where the PPS will be by year's end. Probably north of $80, and perhaps as high as $90. Sure, the PE Ratio is high, but as the earnings topple previous earnings, FB will grow into that PE Ratio. At the very least, FB can command a steady 5o times earning valuation for a long long time.

  • redtr4 redtr4 Jun 30, 2014 7:23 AM Flag

    Just another lame attempt by naysayers to stir the pot. Let's face it, there are people who missed out buying FB when it was in the mid-50s. Now they try to put out a story in hopes of driving the pps down.

    bigrob is right. We post a lot of stuff on FB and can't always control how others interpret it or what info is gleaned by marketers. Me? I don't sweat the small stuff.

  • far. Earlier thins spring, I posted that folks will be scratching their heads in a few months wondering why they didn't buy FB when it fell below $60. So far, so good.

    Also posted that May and June would be choppy and that an ascent to $70 or beyond would come in baby steps rather than one huge leap. Check. FB has been moving up gradually from the low 60s to the high 60s.

    Finally, I posted that FB is assembling a platform that will be so ubiquitous, that almost everyone with access will be drawn to it, if for no other reason than, that's where everyone else is. Before TV and the internet, the town square was the gathering place for folks to mingle with one another, exchange ideas and catch up on all the news. FB is the techie version of the town square.

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  • I don't profess to know where APP is gonna be a year or more from now, but at this ridiculous low price (.61), it's a screaming buy. Should get back over $1.50 by summer's end, if not sooner.

    Good company with good products. Stores are in great Main St. locations, too. The crazy CEO is gone, and it's gonna take several quarters before we see the benefit of that. Long-term, I see APP surviving and doing well. Folks really like their s=merchandise and they aren't going to stop shopping there because the ex-CEO was a sleeze.

    At .61, way more upside than downside IMHO. Good luck to all APP longs.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Lynch on Barron's 6/20

    by bareft5 Jun 20, 2014 10:04 PM
    redtr4 redtr4 Jun 23, 2014 7:27 AM Flag

    There will always be folks looking for our entertainment dollar. Everything from pinball machines to a super box at an NFL game.

    The author makes a lot of good points, but his "entertainment" angle, posed as a threat, is way off base.
    FB may indeed entertain its users, but first and foremost, FB is a communications company that reaps huge amounts of advertising.

    Even if FB were totally boring, which it is not, people will always want to communicate with one another. there are only so many ways to do that, and right now, the internet and mobile (specifically) lead the way.

    FB will be in trouble when folks lose their fascination with the internet sometime around the year 2525!

    Great long-term hold. Got a few writers doing their Chicken Little act today, but we're building a nice base in and around $64.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    by cashbar1 Jun 20, 2014 5:51 AM
    redtr4 redtr4 Jun 22, 2014 6:55 AM Flag

    cash: I have felt this way for quite a while, that FB will make a gradual path upwards to $75 sometime over the summer months. Sure, like most longs, I'd like to see FB zoom to $100, a price btw I think it will reach some day, but I'm very satisfied with how the stock has been performing of late. Each new baseline you point out gives me confidence that we have a solid investment that is building for the future.

    Also, watch that 52-week low figure. In about six weeks (August) it'll be in the 40s. The higher that number goes the less expensive FB looks at current pricing. Fact is, FB never should have sold for under $30. A lot of panic selling due to the botched IPO, which was more Wall Street's fault than FB's IMHO.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • redtr4 redtr4 Jun 20, 2014 6:51 AM Flag

    A company will survive or die based on its products. "Cool"is a difficult thing to maintain, especially within the demographic of sub-30-year-olds whose definition of cool can change on a dime.

    However, AA has a strong reputation for supplying not only trendy apparel, but quality apparel, so indeed a comeback is very possible IMHO.

    Also, I think a lot of the problems with the pps have to do with the antics of the outed CEO. He hasn't exactly brought a stream of good press to the party.

    The financials are not healthy right now, and if the pps is to recover, it's gonna take a year or more just to get back to $2.00 if there are no further snags and/or lawsuits.

    Finally, I believe "Made in America" still breeds patriotic enthusiasm. Don;t knwio about the rest of you, but I am sickened each time I see or hear about 10-year-olds working 50 hours a week for peanuts in what amount to slave huts. I'll rate AA a buy at this level (.68). If it sinks further, then bankruptcy is probably an option, in which case, best to get out at whatever price you can. I view .40 as the critical baseline for that.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • ....... FB finishes the week at $65 or above. We've had a nice slow climb from about $56 to where we are now.

    And don't forget, come August, that 52-week low is going to be in the $40s and not the low $20s.

    Sure, I'd like to see FB zoom to a $100, but for now, I'll take a steady advance, albeit in baby steps, to $75 by mid-summer.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • redtr4 redtr4 Jun 17, 2014 8:24 AM Flag

    I expect June to be choppy, just like May. However, do like that we've stayed above $60 and seem to be forming a nice base in the $63/$64 area.

    Also, watch that 52-week low. It's gonna start to climb, and that will make FB's pps look more enticing.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • redtr4 redtr4 Jun 16, 2014 10:24 AM Flag

    You, too. Hope FB goes to $100.

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