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  • Nicole Rupersburg of Prosper Magazine wrote a nice article on Rockwell and it's CEO Rob Chioini on April 3, 2015. Title: "Rockwell Medical's Innovative drug Triferic will impact iron deficiency around the word".

    Some very interesting quotes from Rob Chioini:

    1) "This drug will go global and we are in negotiations with several companies to manufacture and market it worldwide," Chioini says.

    2) Rockwell is already conducting studies with total parenteral nutrition patients and is also looking at the cancer market, as cancer patients exhibit the same functional iron deficiency as dialysis patients.

    3) "We want to make Rockwell one of the biggest biotech companies in the world."

    Please re-read his first comment. Rob is very careful when he speaks. No hype, just facts. He made a similar statement 19 months ago during a conference call. This tells me that negotiations are well under way with companies that have the ability to not only manufacture Triferic efficiently but to market it worldwide at the same time.

    Longs it will not be long. An announcement like this will leave the shorts in the dust!!

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    Something is cooking

    by ogletree.daniel Apr 16, 2015 1:19 PM
    renalman55 renalman55 Apr 19, 2015 10:56 PM Flag

    I agree -- stay tuned

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  • renalman55 renalman55 Apr 8, 2015 10:16 AM Flag

    I agree.

    A 45 billion dollar company like Baxter is not going to settle for the Citrapure contract and leave Triferic on the table for another competitor. Triferic is a monumental positive addition to the dialysis industry. Now that Triferic is FDA approved, Baxter already has it's foot in the door. I am sure Triferic has been and is presently being discussed and negotiated for by Rockwell with Baxter.
    There has probably already been a hand shake that if approved Triferic is Baxters if the price is right.

    I would think other companies are certainly very interested in Triferic and Rockwell as well.

    This will be very interesting.

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    Oh by the way Mr. Jones.....

    by renalman55 Mar 18, 2015 7:44 PM
    renalman55 renalman55 Mar 31, 2015 9:05 PM Flag

    Triferic is safe and effective -- this is a fact! FDA approved and they love it.

    Most iron products are toxic with various and serious side effects including death. Now let's see which one would you like to be on?? Just read the label.

    I think Baxter knows what is going on. They have not become a 45 billion dollar company bad mouthing the competition. They are in the trenches and know what is best for the patient going forward. They love Rockwell, Triferic, Citracrial and Citrapure 9 (which they are presently marketing).

    AMAG is $54.66 per share down over $1.50 reportedly due to required label designation of serious warnings about their product Feraheme (ferumoxytol). So here we have a company with a product that I know of which has issues and it is valued at 54.66. RMTI sits at 10.93. So what is wrong with this picture?

    Eventually Rockwell will not be manipulated with the many positive announcements coming in the pipeline. Then we will see a pps that is in line for a safe and effective iron maintenance product that is water soluble. Not to mention the many other possible applications for Triferic.

    Why in the world would anyone in their right mind short RMTI? They must like playing "Russian Roulette". Maybe they are just that stupid??

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  • renalman55 renalman55 Mar 27, 2015 10:31 AM Flag

    Rockwell and its management team take Triferic through the entire FDA approval process -- 13 years and over 150 million dollars spent. A tremendous accomplishment!

    Triferic will be in demand with many options for use and Baxter is anxious to be a part of it.

    Now we have short posters creating doubt by saying that Rockwell cannot get the product to market -- REALLY!! This is their final straw before the clock strikes 12!!!

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  • even though Triferic was proven to be safe and effective throughout the trials. Yes, the FDA did approve Triferic with flying colors and no labels limitations. Despite dialysis patients who have been on Triferic during the studies, having never felt better and want to continue with it.

    As your physician, I have decided to keep you on a toxic Iron IV product that will continue to make you feel like #$%$. We may risk a few toxic side effects. But let's just wait and see how Triferic works on these other patients who are begging for it. Makes a lot of sense to me. After all you are on it and I am not!!

    This is how the Dark Side is reasoning on this board!! LOL LOL How ridiculous!!

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  • Baxter is handling sales and marketing for Rockwell's core concentrate. Growth plans include a new $10M west coast facility to serve over 800 new dialysis clinics or 13% market share upside.

    This May, Baxter is splitting in two with renal keeping the Baxter name. Latest presentation Highlights:

    2014 sales $10.7 billion
    Renal $4.2B
    Integrated pharmacy solutions $2.5B
    Fluid Systems $2.1B
    Surgical Care $1.4B
    Serves 100 countries, 60% of sales outside US & 25% emerging markets

    2017 Addressable market: $50 billion

    Nutritional therapies: $3.5 billion

    Rockwell is a partner with Baxter -- 10 years and possibly more if they don't buy us out.

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  • invest some of that 89.5 million and purchase 1-2 million shares of it's own company. This would set the shorts scrambling -- a real squeeze!! The pps would take off. Investor confidence would soar. Rockwell would demonstrate complete confidence in the future.

    I have said this before. My broker and I think it would be a positive for all longs and the company. If they need more cash then sell a few shares. In my opinion after this next quarter they will not need the cash.

    It is just to bad that this manipulation is allowed. How much more evidence does the SEC need?? We went up to 16.91 three years ago when RMTI became a part of the Russell 2000. We should be much higher than that now. AMAG which is a one horse pony went up to 70.00 per share when approved. They have one drug with some issues and no core business. They still sit at 40.00+. Go figure????

    Yes, the price has gone up recently but not the way it should have. There are manipulators keeping it down.
    Very sad that this is allowed. No matter what the news the pps suffers.

    Stay strong longs -- good news is coming.

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    Baxter Buying RMTI. Part two

    by annieg007 Feb 27, 2015 7:21 AM
    renalman55 renalman55 Feb 27, 2015 8:40 AM Flag

    I agree 100%!

    Posters seem to dismiss the partnership with Baxter as if it is no big deal. Pardon me!! Baxter is a giant and their eye is on the prize -- Triferic. Citrapure and Calcitrial are just icing on the cake.

    All of your posts are spot on. Thanks.

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  • renalman55 by renalman55 Feb 23, 2015 8:55 AM Flag

    We have so much to look forward to with Rockwell and Triferic, Calcitrial and Citrapure. It really irks me as I read, previously sensible, longs respond to obvious short posters who's only mission is to degrade this company and its products. Please quit responding, it does not matter!!

    We just had Triferic approved. This makes me feel great and so relaxed. The only safe and effective, water soluable, iron rplacement drug in the world. Everything else is toxic with warning labels. Pretty tough to want anything else but a safe and effective drug.

    We are partners with Baxter!! A 45 billion dollar company must like Rockwell and its products. They have in roads and partners all over the world. Including China!!

    Licensing to be announced soon. This will be huge.

    No debt and 85 million in the bank.

    The FDA loves Rockwell because it has three safe and effective products that can be bundled!!

    Triferic has and will rock the dialysis community. As a dialysis patient I would want safe and effective vs toxic with side effects!!

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    Triferic Efficacy

    by investorpa Feb 14, 2015 11:36 AM
    renalman55 renalman55 Feb 15, 2015 8:45 AM Flag

    AMEN!!! and AMEN!!!!

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  • renalman55 by renalman55 Feb 3, 2015 2:12 PM Flag

    Consensus outlook based on the five analysts covering Rockwell, including Bank of America/Merrill Lynch which initiated coverage last week.

    Both high margin drugs Calcitriol and Triferic are scheduled to commercially launch 1st half this year.

    2014 $ 53M sales, EPS ($.46)

    2015 $ 99M sales +87%, EPS $.38 +183%

    2016 $225M sales +127%, EPS $1.65 +343%

    2017 $323M sales +44%, EPS +70%

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  • renalman55 by renalman55 Feb 3, 2015 2:10 PM Flag

    Merrill Lynch biotech analyst Steve Byrne, CFA initiated coverage on Rockwell Medical (RMTI $10.55) last week with a BUY rating.

    Analyst covers 23 biotech and specialty pharma companies with only 9 having the esteemed BUY ratings:

    Incyte Corp $12.5B market cap
    Karyppharm Therapeutics $856M
    Macrogenics $847M
    Esperion Therapeutics $755M
    Orexigen Therapeutics $624M
    Theravance Bippharma $$554M
    Rockwell Medical $527M
    Vital Therapies $445M
    Repro Therapeutics $199M

    Rockwell made Merrill Lynch's revered BUY list, based on expected business performance, quality of earnings and valuation.

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    a_gasparyan - honest question for you

    by ducttapesolder Feb 2, 2015 3:41 PM
    renalman55 renalman55 Feb 3, 2015 8:31 AM Flag

    Actually it was a total of 52 million that Baxter paid. Get your facts straight!

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  • 2015-2018:

    Summer Street Highlights:

    Calcitriol launch 1Q15

    Triferic launch 2Q15

    "we continue to see launches of Triferic and Calcitriol in 2015 as significant catalysts for RMTI, taking the company from negative to positive EPS almost immediately (in Q215)."

    "We expect...initial adoption for Triferic will likely be slow..."

    2015 4% $ 34.5M sales
    2016 16% $151M + 337%
    2017 23% $238M + 58%
    2018 25% $272M + 15%

    "Is a BAX acquisition the end game for RMTI?"

    "While the initial investment and commercialization deal with BAX is nice in itself, we believe that ultimately this could be a "toehold" by BAX. We believe this could potentially expand to include recently approved Triferic, possibly soon-to-be-launched Calcitriol, and ultimately an outright acquisition of RMTI."

    "2015 looking to be RMTI's breakout year."
    "...anticipate RMTI could start doubling its top line each year for the next three years."

    2014E $52M
    2015E $92M + 77%
    2016E $215M +133%
    2017E $308M + 43%
    2018E $348M + 13%

    Forecast earnings:
    2014E ($0.45)
    2015E $.35 +169%
    2016E $1.40 +300%
    2017E $1.95 +39%
    2018E $2.25 +15%

    Approx. 90% CAGR to 2018

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  • Triferic:

    1st ever FDA approved iron drug for maintenance therapy
    1st ever iron drug safely delivered by dialysate
    Typically takes 12 yrs/$750 million for new drug clinical development & approval.
    Rockwell did it in 10. Spent only $150 million and was successful the 1st time trying.
    Assumed 100% of clinical risk and won. Still own 100% world-wide rights.
    No therapeutic equivalents
    Patent protected in US to 2029
    Dialysis patients use iron and need iron to live. Wall St calls this recurring, predictable revenue.
    Providers incented by Medicare reimbursement to buy Triferic to significantly save health care costs.
    Top 10 providers control 86% of dialysis patients.
    Rockwell # 2. 30% US market share. Baxter's 200+ sales reps are now selling in and outside US
    DaVita: 20-yr Rockwell customer. National sales agreement to 2017. 171,000 patients/2,152 US clinics.
    Last year, DaVita spent approx. $108 million on Vitamin D and and $216 million on iron.

    Hallum thinks:
    "...the company has been building inventory of Triferic and should be shipping product in the May/June timeframe."
    "...Triferic revenues could eventually be $200-400 million annually, substantially undervaluing the stock at current levels."
    " ...could allow dialysis clinics to achieve up to $2,800-$3,100 of additional annual profitability per patient by lowering the use of high-cost ESA (a $3 billion class of drugs in the U.S.....)"
    Triferic "...equates to a cost savings of 4-5 hours of nurse time per year (about $150-200) for dialysis clinics."
    "We expect the company to begin commercialization of Calcitriol in the first quarter of 2015."
    FY 14E ($0.45)
    FY 15E $0.42 + 276%. PE 25
    FY 16E $1.57 +60% PE 6.6
    Price target $16 "On a longer term basis, if RMTI reaches $200+ million of revenues (with Triferic and Calcitriol), applying peer valuations could produce a $47 stock price (see details on page 3)."

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    FUNDAMRNTALS always win -----

    by renalman55 Jan 27, 2015 11:23 AM
    renalman55 renalman55 Jan 27, 2015 11:28 AM Flag

    It is no different in sports or business -- fundamentals will always carry you to the next level!!

    What is not to like about RMTI and Triferic??!!

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  • this is only the beginning. Please pay attention all of you Short Losers!!!

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  • Looking back at the days events some thoughts.

    We received FDA Approval for the immediate use of Triferic! A huge company goal finally met after 14 years of hard work and 160 million dollars spent. A huge milestone for any company.

    Over 9 million shares of Rockwell were traded. The company now has the attention of the market and this attention will continue to grow. The shorts look at this as a victory, I do not. Obviously there were many buyers who know the Rockwell story. If the manipulators were successful the pps would have dropped more than 9 cents.

    This isn't a one day deal for longs. This is a process. Now that FDA approval is in the "rear view mirror" Rockwell can focus its efforts on the marketing and sales of Citricrial and Triferic. Rockwell has this1st quarter of 2015 as a target date. Lately, Rockwell has been right on point with its dates.

    Fundamentals of any company always win in the long run. As I understand, Baxter has ramped up sales of Citrapure nationally and internationally. They have basically taken over the Citrapure business as a partner with Rockwell. Baxter is well connected in the dialysis industry. This will only give Rockwell more exposure for Citrapure and also Citricrial and Triferic. The bottom line will continue to grow.

    As I stated in an earlier post we can anticipate licensing deals in the near future.

    Institutions will now look at Rockwell as a big player in the dialysis market place.

    Sure I was disappointed in the manipulation that took place today. So, we cannot control the market. Its all about the fundamentals and they will win out in the end. 85 million in the bank and no debt gives the company some real business options.

    I have said it several times before -- Triferic is Safe and Effective. If I were a patient or a physician or a family member which drug do you want to be treated with? The toxic Iron IV drugs that have not improved for 50 years OR the Safe and Effective - Triferic. Patients are raving about it.

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  • Interestingly we have all of these short bashers on this board and not one of them can really define what they don't like about Triferic and Rockwell. There are just a bunch of general statements that just say Rockwell is a lousy company and Triferic will not be used. Please tell me why?? Morons!!

    In the near future we will probably learn a lot now that Triferic is FDA approved -- this is now a FACT. The FDA must have felt very positive about Triferic and that it will fill a huge void in the dialysis field.

    Many things will happen in the near term:

    * National and World wide licensing agreements. Rockwell has the patents and they are good until 2029.

    * One of Rob's strengths is his ability to sell products and do it well. In the near future Calcitrial and Trferic will be marketed and available. He has been and is presently busy working on this.

    *Rockwell has a 5 year Citrapure agreement with Davita. I look for Davita and others to jump on board with Calcitrial and Triferic.

    * A few companies control most of the dialysis business. Rockwell is respected. Look for Triferic to leave Iron IV as drugs of the past.

    * ML and other big players will soon put out a buy rating now that we have FDA approval of Triferic.

    * There will be a ESA reduction once Triferic is used as was demonstrated in the Cruise studies. At a 10% reduction in ESA's you are looking at a savings of 200 million per year. At a 30% reduction you are looking at a 600 million savings on ESA use. Cruise Studies indicated a 37% reduction. This comes free of charge for companies that use Triferic.

    * Patients want and like Triferic. It is Safe and Effective.

    * Look for the Rockwell staff to be making key presentations as they are this week. An effort to get the positive word out.

    Hang in there longs. Do not let all of this mindless chatter affect your decision making.


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