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  • residentalert residentalert Jul 26, 2015 6:22 PM Flag


    I am leaving NOTHING out!
    "Yes they have a penalty box but they can't control any company shutting down and starting a new company."
    --EXACTLY!! Angie's list ENABLES the oldest scam in the book., THAT is what I TOLD THEM. They said, "our customer review process will weed these companies out". How NAIVE and irresponsible!! The scammers will grow and multiply. Also, I begged angie's list to have a criminal background check WAY before they began doing so. Still, they only require ONE person in the company to pass the background check!! You are in favor of this??? You are in favor of chastising the good and honest, so that the unscrupulous can lead you around blindfolded?? Really?

    I am honest and no longer wanted to be associated with Angie's List because they are NOT concerned with the customers, only the bottom line.
    Somehow they padded the quarterly earnings prior to this most recent, but they have a terrible business model.
    If and when the best service providers advertise on Angie's list, most do not have to continue, once they become established (unless in sales). So, who is next up to advertise on angies list? ...maybe second tier service providers, but they establish a customer base... So, who is next? ...I can tell you that this scenario reveals that they are certainly NOT the best. Angies list's business model is catered to "the rest", NOT "the best"... And "the rest" have less integrity. Angies list is heading toward a total shell of a company who only promotes SCAM artists.
    If my company reviews were still on Angies list, you would be able to read "toned down" comments just like this...but angies list doesn't want you to read this.
    You can call me a liar, but I know that make you a gullible and naive person, who is unwilling to believe the truth, because I AM telling the truth. I was HIGHLY rated and was removed completely, which violates angies list mission statement and business practice!!

  • residentalert residentalert Jul 26, 2015 6:05 PM Flag

    Angie's violated this policy by removing all my reviews and taking me off their site completely. The following states that in the event that they do remove "the company and its reviews remain". LIES!! I know now that they removed me completely because, I replied to all my reviews with the truth about Angie's list--no lies, no rhetoric, just the truth. Search for my company and you would find "There are no reviews on this company", but I had over 60. Angie's list could not argue that what I said was true, so they removed it completely. HOW IRONIC!!...and hypocritical! Angie's list is based on the "review" process, but they cheat, and remove all reviews, from a small company who stood up to them.... A company that had great reviews, a dozen or so "page of happiness" reviews, nominated for dozens of "honor role" slots in publication, yearly "super service award" winner...

    Removing a company from the List
    Updated 12/03/2013 01:39 PM

    "Does Angie's List delete companies from the List?"

    "Angie's List rarely deletes companies or consumer reviews from the List. We do, on occasion, remove companies from search results. The company and its reviews remain on Angie's List. Our members will only be able to view the company's information if they search specifically by name or phone number. We post a notification on the company's profile explaining why the company was excluded from search results.

    We established these policies concerning exclusion because we want to provide our members with as much information as possible on local businesses - even those which may prefer not to have that information shared. If we were to delete listings simply because companies' asked, Angie's List would lose credibility and become a less useful tool for our members.

    If you would like your business excluded from members' search results, please email our Business Center with the reason why. We will consider the request and take action we deem appropriate for the good of our members.

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    Piper views Receptos buyout as good for Arena

    by sharonconk Jul 15, 2015 7:17 AM
    residentalert residentalert Jul 15, 2015 8:23 AM Flag

    More to this, from january 2014, "In other words, Celgene is interested in what Arena has, Celgene is interested in strengthening relationships with the region in China that is affiliated with Suzhou/Arna, ARNA has additional drugs that border Celgenes area of interest, Celgene and Receptos, a SD-based biotech that is very similar to ARNA were rumored to be in talks but a lot of time has passed, AF(MF) is keeping his mouth shut on ARNA, why?.... Is Celgene interested in ARNA? ...even if it is via Suzhou? Only a fool (pun intended) would think that Celgene would look at Receptos and not consider Arena...."

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  • residentalert residentalert Jul 3, 2015 6:13 AM Flag

    100% fact, not partial. Does their policy say "a provider will be removed forfor not paying"? ....or maybe they have a policy about a provider being honest? I did respond to members who gave me a glowing review, over the last 4-6 months, with information on why I was leaving Angie's list, which was posted for all to see. Could that violate their policy? Being open and honest is a violation? Maybe? The point you are missing is that I was the BEST and they took me off for a reason that benefits THEM and does NOT fulfill their mission statement to put "the best providers in touch with the best customers". I was never in a dispute with a customer, and my marketing contract ended because "I" did not renew, not because Angie's list didn't try to get me back! The made desperate attempts with calls saying "end of quarter" opportunity won't last...

  • residentalert residentalert Jun 17, 2015 10:08 PM Flag

    If you want to know, we'll have to discuss somewhere other than here. I don't want Angie's list cronies attacking me, my business, or cybersmearing me online. Angie's list has used their $$ to bully contractors who have stood up to them...

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  • residentalert residentalert Jun 17, 2015 10:06 PM Flag

    What I say is absolutely true. I hope it is being tracked and brings down Angie's list completely. I'd love the opportunity to tell my story to every news media that will listen!

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  • residentalert residentalert Jun 15, 2015 9:05 AM Flag

    -A company on Angieslist does NOT have to be a legitimate company, that is registered and pays taxes etc., it is up to Angieslist customers to read all the company details, not Angieslist. So, when you receive the list of top rated companies on AL, do not ASSUME that they are legitimate!
    -Only one person in any company needs to pass a background check. Only ONE! ....and it does not have to be the owner.

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  • You see, by taking my company COMPLETELY off Angieslist for NOT paying, it is the same as "paying to be on Angieslist". If you don't pay, you cannot be listed!
    I was the highest rated business in my area, in mult. categories. I decided NOT to renew and NOW am nowhere to be found on AL. I know why. Too many AL members were searching AL for my company. AL's algorithms picked this up and removed me completely, so they could generate more revenue for current contractors.
    THIS VIOLATES Angieslist's MISSION statement! provide the best members with the best contractors.
    I won all the awards for Super Service etc., now AL members CANNOT find the best and have to settle for the rest.
    I know and understand that my company would NOT be featured BUT AL is NOT supposed to remove me completely.
    I've spoken to an attorney handling an upcoming Class action against AL, but I might not be accepted in the lawsuit because it is for "members" not necessarily for "contractors".
    Any lawyers out there want to contact me? I'm receptive to discussing the matter!
    (FYI, Angieslist has a horrible business model. Once successful, why would a company continue to pay Angieslist for marketing? Only the WORST businesses who cannot generate a loyal customer base, word of mouth, and therefore growth, will continue to pay "high" prices to Angielist for marketing. Successful companies will reduce spending on marketing with AL, or stop completely. I had many other issues with AL, including how they "throw their members to the wolves". I told them of reputable companies preying on Angieslist members, and they said that their customer based reviews will weed them out. I said but ONLY after someone gets ripped off. There are WAY too many KNOWN scam artists allowed on Angieslist. Companies who are NOT legitimate, and will rip someone off, be put in the "penalty box" (LOL) and come back with another company (with a different name) and do it all over again!)

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