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  • Nearly one in four Wisconsin employers plans to increase staffing in the last three months of 2014, up significantly from the share that planned to add jobs a year ago, a newly released survey by Milwaukee's ManpowerGroup shows.

    At the same time, fewer employers intend to decrease staffing, yielding an even stronger year-over-year hiring picture, the survey indicates

  • MADISON, WI. SEPT. 16, 2014 – DuPont Nutrition & Health (DuPont), a leader in specialty ingredients for food and dietary supplements, is expanding its manufacturing facility in Madison.

    The first phase of the expansion includes a new milling, blending and packaging line for live bacteria cultures; and the second phase will increase the fermentation capacity for cultures, which are used in yogurts, cheeses and probiotics, among other products.

    The company’s facility, located on Agriculture Drive on Madison’s southeast side, currently employs more than 200 people. It has added over 20 jobs in the past 12 months and expects to add at least 12 more with the new capacity. The first part of the project is complete and the second phase is expected to be finished by mid-2015.

    The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has authorized up to $140,000 in state tax credits over the next three years for the company. The actual amount of credits received will be contingent upon the number of jobs created and the amount of capital invested by the company during that time.

    “WEDC is pleased to be able to assist a global company like DuPont with its expansion in Madison,” said Reed Hall, secretary and CEO of WEDC, the state’s lead economic development organization. “The expansion will enable DuPont to install new equipment that will help position the company for future growth.”

    “We produce cultures and probiotics that are used by our customers to make cheese, yogurt and dietary supplements. Our ingredients protect the quality of the food and provide healthy and nutritious foods for consumers,” explained Eric Hohol, site manager for the DuPont Madison facility. “This expansion is indicative of our company’s growth in the food space, as well as the collaborative partnership we have with the state of Wisconsin.”

    DuPont Nutrition & Health addresses the world’s challenges in food by offering a wide range of sustainable, bio-based ingredients and advanced molecular diagnos

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    Reason for Price Drop

    by batahworks Sep 18, 2014 3:28 PM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 19, 2014 9:06 PM Flag

    The reason is probably lower prices for WTI which is most likely associated with 2 main things. 1st the stronger dollar so all commodities have been coming down when priced in dollars. 2nd is supply in storage probably resulting from refinery change over from Summer to Winter products. Many refineries are also down for maintenance in conjunction with the switch over so supplies build up even more. The flow of oil and increase in drilling does not stop due to refinery issues.

    The other independent E&P's are also down in the last 4 days, but not as much as the companies concetyrating in the Bakken. However, many of the others started to roll over a bout a month ago and over one month all these companies are down 4 - 5 %. So companies like WLL & CLR just caught up on the down side to APC, DVN, APA. Obviously there are probably exceptions but then there are always companies with either really good or bad news that fall out of the norm.

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    by genem7169 Sep 18, 2014 9:47 AM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 18, 2014 1:04 PM Flag

    Commodity prices have either gone down or stablized, including metals, agricultural and energy. Lower inputs mean that companies can raise some wages without jacking up prices of finished products and thus people can buy more items. As volumes go up more people are hired and more goods are purchased. It is the reverse of what has been happening since 2000. In addition, because of cheap natural gas and natural gas liquids a lot more is manufactured in the US. This already happening. There will be more products to transport. Bottom line $200 is not a crazy number and over 5 years may be too conservative.

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    Today's Stock Action

    by chuckpalot Sep 17, 2014 4:23 PM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 18, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    I listened to the first half. especially the DNKN store roll outs in CA, TX, & Manhattan, NY. Strategy looks sound. Traders jump on snippets of news. I am a long term investor and have been very successful over 40+ years. When this stock sold off awhile back I bought some because of the up coming expansion plans. My wife and I also love the coffee. I think we keep them in business with our coffee purchases. And of course our grandchildren like the donuts.

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    by dakota_bartell Sep 12, 2014 11:14 AM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 18, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    I do not see anything to make me believe that ABT will soar. Since last Oct 8th it close d around $33 per share and is now up just short of $11 or 29.7% and for the most part has experienced higher highs and higher lows. So I would say tecnically higher but not soaring, rather a controlled rise. It is also trading at 18X next years earnings with a growth rate of about 10% per year over the 2013 - 2015 period. We are starting to reach the limits of multiple expansion. What we need is for the company to continue to beat the average analyst's quarterly estimates and the company to increase earnings expectations due to higher sales and margin expansion.

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    by genem7169 Sep 18, 2014 9:47 AM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 18, 2014 10:02 AM Flag

    I listened to the Webcast from the 9/3/14 conference they presented at. Train speeds and yard duration are improving but still a problem that started last Winter and exasperated by lack of crews. The later problem due to huge increase in traffic and it takes awhile to get crews trained. However, the ship is getting righted and crews are coming on and productivity improving. Also, another big farm crop, fracking sand movement high and increasing oil shipments. According to rail operations the economy is really picking up. This is why the stock has been taking off. Personally, I think we are in the early innings of a vast economic pick-up.

    Do not expect a stock split. The CEO said there is no economic benefit and they have bought back 25% of the outstanding shares and not going to up the float with a split. The 9/3 call is on the the companies website under investor relations. CSX has similar things to say. There is competition but they are both taking traffic from trucks and increased economic activity.

  • rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 17, 2014 8:40 PM Flag

    Part III
    "This new partnership with Spectra Energy will benefit our customers, drive costs down and help take a substantial step toward solving the looming energy crisis in New England," said May. "Last winter, the New England electric market reached a critical point, as lack of access to natural gas capacity cost customers dearly. New England wholesale electricity costs were nearly double compared to the previous year, largely due to pipeline constraints. These challenges will remain the same for the next several years, and our customers will feel the effects, if we do not act. We recognize that a portfolio of investments will be needed to address this challenge and we intend to deliver a reliable solution to customers with this project."

    Historically, New England's pipeline capacity has been built for average daily usage while relying on supplemental facilities for high demand times. Spectra Energy and Northeast Utilities will partner with interconnecting pipeline and regional storage facilities to enhance grid reliability at peak demand times and augment existing pipeline facilities within existing right of ways.

    Spectra Energy and Northeast Utilities' collaborative proposal includes:

    Scalable expansion of existing pipeline infrastructure, which is attached to approximately 60 percent of ISO-NE's natural gas generation capacity
    Partnering with existing regional storage assets to provide firm services to electric power plants with guaranteed natural gas supplies on peak days and to enable rapid response to sudden changes in power output
    An environmentally-responsible approach that will minimize impact by using existing asset footprints
    Additional Algonquin and Maritimes delivery points for local distribution companies (LDCs) to access diverse, low-cost natural gas resources where necessary


  • rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 17, 2014 8:37 PM Flag

    Part II
    Access Northeast, originally outlined by Spectra Energy in a June 27, 2014, letter to the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE), is estimated to cost roughly $3 billion and has an anticipated in-service date of November 2018. Spectra Energy and NU will be equal partners in the project, with the option of additional investors joining in the future. The two companies will work with electric and gas industry representatives, including ISO-NE and NESCOE, to establish the levels of firm natural gas supply required to ensure both generation reliability and LDC demand growth.

    Tom May, NU chairman, president and chief executive officer, said the project will address a critical energy supply challenge in New England. Over the past 15 years, natural gas-fired generation has grown from serving 15 percent of New England's annual electric requirements to serving approximately half. At the same time, tens of thousands of New England homes and businesses have converted to natural gas heating, while pipeline capacity into the region has not grown. In the bitterly cold first quarter of 2014, gas demand for heating customers rose significantly, leaving much less gas available for electric generation. Older coal and oil plants filled in the gap, forcing prices to skyrocket and at a cost to the environment. The addition of this project into the region will enable new, efficient gas generation, which emits up to 50 percent less carbon than older oil and coal plants, to operate much more frequently during cold winter weather.


  • HOUSTON, BOSTON and HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectra Energy Corp (SE), Spectra Energy Partners (SEP) and Northeast Utilities (NU) today announced details of the Access Northeast project, designed to reliably meet growing demand for natural gas in New England while providing environmental and economic benefits to the region. This project will help deliver increased, guaranteed daily supplies of natural gas to consumers, as well as enhanced service on peak days for strategic natural gas-fueled electric generation plants, to address New England's reliability concerns and reduce costs paid by the region's electric and gas consumers.

    The gas pipeline expansion project will enhance the Algonquin and Maritimes pipeline systems, using existing routes to minimize effects on communities, landowners and the environment. The project will be scalable to meet growing needs by expanding access to clean, abundant and affordable natural gas, and will be capable of reliably delivering in excess of one billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to serve the region's most efficient power plants and meet increasing demand from heating customers.

    "Spectra Energy is excited to offer this unique solution with Northeast Utilities, one that calls for collaboration and cooperation with key New England natural gas providers in order to customize a scalable project around existing assets," said Greg Ebel, Spectra Energy's chairman, chief executive officer and president. "We've had a very positive response from natural gas asset holders as the region comes together for a solution. This is another step in our commitment to improving power system reliability, reducing electric costs to make the region more economically competitive, and protecting New England's quality of life by minimizing environmental and community impacts."


  • By Anthony DiPaola Aug 24, 2014 11:12 AM ET

    Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY) is in talks to sell a $3 billion stake in a gas field to Abu Dhabi-owned Mubadala Development Co., Petroleum Intelligence Weekly reported, without saying where it got the information.

    The companies are discussing the sale of as much as 30 percent of the $10 billion Shah natural gas project in the United Arab Emirates, the newsletter reported. Two officials at Mubadala’s media department didn’t immediately respond to voice messages seeking comment. Melissa Schoeb, a spokeswoman for Occidental, declined to comment when contacted by e-mail.

    Oxy, as the U.S. oil producer is known, is working with state-run Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. to develop the Shah field, with production to begin at the end of the year. The U.A.E. is tapping the reserve of sour gas, fuel with a high content of deadly sulfur dioxide, to meet domestic demand for the hydrocarbon used to run power plants and feed chemical facilities.

    Oxy, based in Houston, is trying to sell some Middle East assets individually after failing earlier this year to cut 40 percent of its operations in the region, people familiar with the situation said last month.

    A transaction on the Shah project could be completed by the end of this year, with Oxy retaining part of its 40 percent stake and continuing to operate the field, PIW reported. Adnoc would retain its 60 percent holding in the project in a deal that would mark Mubadala’s first domestic investment in oil or gas production, PIW said.

    Oxy is also seeking to sell part of its stake in Dolphin Energy Ltd., a venture that operates a pipeline transporting gas from Qatar to the U.A.E. and Oman, PIW said. Mubadala owns 51 percent of the Dolphin gas pipeline project, with Total SA (FP) and Oxy each holding 24.5 percent.

    The U.S. company may also reduce its stake in an Omani oilfield project, PIW said.

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    Charts State

    by juan_ton_amigo Sep 17, 2014 10:02 AM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 17, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    Point and figure chart shows the back of the downward slope has been broken. WE need a few more positive days to confirm an up trend.

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    Currently 840k shares traded

    by lee122oneill Sep 16, 2014 12:35 PM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 16, 2014 2:24 PM Flag

    At 2:15 PM over 1 million shares or 5X average daily volume.

  • rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 16, 2014 1:15 PM Flag

    Or could it be the Phase 2 trial info in the news last week. This stock has done little recently so the news may take awhile to catch up to many investors.

  • rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 16, 2014 1:10 PM Flag

    How's that trade working out???

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    by bullseyecatnip May 28, 2014 6:29 AM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 16, 2014 11:44 AM Flag

    Sept. 3rd Cowen & Co. 7th Annual Global transportation and Aerospace/Defense Conference. CEO said they have bought back 25% of the stock and they are not going to split the stock and throw a bunch of shares out there. Especially since the split has no economic impact.

  • Dennis Gartman was on CNBC fast money today and thinks oil has bottomed but that Brent will soon trade under WTI. This was the case about two years ago.

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    Technical Indicator

    by probablybeenthere Sep 15, 2014 4:57 PM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 15, 2014 5:58 PM Flag

    Golden Cross. But it is not significant unless the move is followed on. Too many times in stocks they go back and forth and never break out. Last time this happened the stock was about 50 cents in mid-2012. It then did break out and ran to overt $2.00 a solid 4 bagger. Since then the stock has been trading on fundamentals or lack there of. We can't go up on hype forever. There seems to be some progress in the business on the horizon.

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    Challenges in the Paradox basin?

    by jrchalley Sep 15, 2014 3:32 PM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 15, 2014 5:50 PM Flag

    Solution!! Sell the E&P company. Utilities have gotten rid of their production companies except for this turkey. Take the money and buy adjacent utilities. E&P eats capital. This company is all over the place. They need to concentrate into utility and pipeline businesses.

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    BGS & peers......week in reveiw Sept 12

    by jackmaster20 Sep 14, 2014 12:50 PM
    rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 15, 2014 3:56 PM Flag

    Really like the Ortega products, especially the flat bottom soft taco shells.

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