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  • What kind of crazy world are we living in? Tha African countries can't feed thier own so instead of addressing baby production, we send more food and medicines after the facts.

    This country is the laziest, fatest, most rotund, sedintary slobs the present world has known. So wee address this through banning soda in the schools and placing notices of the fat and sodium content in fast food. Yea, like that'll work. Isn't the latest trend to offer All-You-Can-Eat fries at certain sit-down diners? That, which is offered when you buy a burger. Where's the irony there?? lol. Any salt in THAT order?

    No, this country needs to have parents (2 of them!!!!!!) that'll put healthy food items on the dinner table. THAT'S where the education and eating habits will be born. But parents in todays' USA are too lazy to say no to their kids because .................... well, you fill the reason they can't parent their children.

    CMG is immune from this regulation as EVERY ONE of the fast food joints load up the salt. (for taste). They all should off their products free of salt and have the buyer "season-to-taste". Hmmmm, what a novel idea.

  • Someone is going to pay you to eat a tainted food product. You'll get $50K for your efforts. You'll get sick. Will have evidence in your body. You'll get over it and be $50K for the better. Hmmmm. How's THAT for a conspiracy theory. Hells-Bells. If terrorists can find volunteers to blow themselves up for free, then why wouldn't a few opportunistic nutjobs take a small hit for $50K. Stranger things have happened. I wouldn't put it past invividuals in the market to instigate this action. The stock market isn't made up of honest US citizens, right. There IS a criminal component to the market and there's a possibility that someone got paid handily on Friday. Food for thought. (and finances?)

  • rickarooski rickarooski Nov 23, 2015 5:01 PM Flag

    Perhaps you need to read my post again. But this time with a clear mind and without a reference to days-on-past.

    If you're going to give your spin on the present state of racial divide the US then perhaps this might be your post.

    I'm a white male who used to be the backbone of this country. I graduated from HS like the majority of my ethnicity, had a long history of working hard has my parent(s) instilled those traits in me (I had a mother and father other than a sperm and egg depository) I was a provider for my family as welfare and food stamps were degrading to my values. I attended church and held dear to the fact that there was a higher power than myself. I had high civic pride as my neighborhood, town, state and country stood for something and took a stance on most things "American". I was soft spoken and had my work ethics, moral standards. and community involvement speak for me. I wasn't angered and put-out as most are now if you speak the truth. Objective interpretation of slackers, lazies, flunkies, losers, and oportunistics was just that. Now those same sorts say they're being "dissed". SSTB if that's the case. OWN IT.

    No, I'm seeing a forced elevation of ethnical roles here at the expese of other ethnicites. THAT'S the take home message of my post. I'm not suggesting a white supremecy, far from it. But I am outraged that the media and large corporation, by vitrue of TV commercials, are messing with the races minds. And THAT is the stuff that racial divide stems from.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Nov 21, 2015 2:02 PM Flag

    No one handles food like we would at home. Fast food tries very hard to get it right but they're limited to the care and interests of the employees. That, which is a dying art in the 2015 workplace.

    Add also those that patron these establishments. They come with bugs and rodents in their pockets to inject these items into the foodstuff for their personal gain. Let's add that as a headline for the media to expound upon.

    Work ethics of individual employees can take down a corporation. Investment snakes know this and will take opportunity with it.

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    My burrito last night tasted like feces

    by loluvr2 Nov 21, 2015 1:43 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski Nov 21, 2015 1:57 PM Flag

    It was probably home made. I'd suggest better hand hygiene. Complain to your kitchen staff.
    BTW. Do you really think that posting #$%$ like this on a message board is funny?? Do something different for a change, try adding intelligent value to the board. The poo-poo based stuff is old!

  • I year ago I posted the observation of the role (or lack of) the white male on TV advertising. I hope that lit a fire under some as the issue has gone epidemic now.

    Closely observe 80% of the commercials out there now. The are no white males in the ads, and, if there is, they are buffoons, idiots, ignorant, or nerds. Couples are now significantly shown as a white female and black male. This, which should have the black female up-in-arms by now. Even the children shown on TV ads are mixed race to exploit the issue even further. Black children of white females and black males are now prevalent in TV commercials. Is that what a typical family is comprised of in America?

    The intention is to elevate the status of black males. (After all, black lives matter) But who did the research that ethnical elevation was achieved by ethnical degradation??? This is an outrage and is representative of the control and power the airwaves have on the trends in this country. This trend is unsavory and il-advised. It WILL backfire on the advertisers and their clients. I'm taking names and numbers and will report the collect offenders to this board.

    This is not racist based. (Black females and male/female latinos take notice as you've been outlawed as well.)
    You can come up with your own conclusions. But at a minimum, TAKE NOTICE to what the media is doing subliminally to this country. I suggest a boycott of any company who approves advertising that purposely omits (or portrays as bozo) any ethnicity. If you think I'm seeing things I invite you to watch the commercials. Let me know if my observations are inaccurate. But PLEASE, don't take a we don't care attitude. That's what's got this country in a mess in the first place.

    Carry on.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Nov 21, 2015 1:26 PM Flag

    Don't be so niave. This is not a single shop, hand washing issue. Not even close. No, this is a conspiracy to make huge money on an equity whose price has seen to be overinflated for many years. This is the best way some snakes could come up with to make-bank in the short term. I hope they get caught with the ship on their hands. The very same ship they put into the food at the manufacturing level.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Nov 21, 2015 1:23 PM Flag

    So you would suggest that 1 or 2 employees at a single shop caused a 6 state outbreak? I'll need for you to think a little harder about how "focused" outbreaks have historically occurred. No "outbreak" EVER has been caused by handwashing. That's a focal/local issue and NOT a multi-state issue. No, you have to be a lot more objective (do you hold shares short or were you fired from a CMG job?)

    Something smacks of foul play here. I'm sure CMG management and the FDA will get to the bottom of this.

  • The entire fast food sector has taken a recent hit. Let that be the backdrop of my post.

    It strikes me strange that CMG would get hit by a health scare that's food based TWICE, separated by 2 weeks. It wouldn't be unheard of that this was a planted e-coli by someone on the inside. The first release to upend the stock but knowing that the stock would rebound. The second plant was 2 weeks later which allowed institutional shorts to load up prior to the second episode. Stranger things have happened and CMG has been ripe for the pickens for over 3 years now.

    I STRONGLY suggest that CMG look into the processing chain and find the individual(s) responsible for these events. This is NOT food preparation based, although the market will always act initially as if it is. This is a lot more devious than that. I hope ample energy and effort is placed into finding the masterminds behind this plot.

    You can't have an outbreak like this and have it caused from the processing. Remember the Tylenol issue?? The market immediately blamed the manufacturer for the botched batch only to find out that someone opened a bottle, messed with the contents, then resealed the bottle. I see a similar theme here.

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    It doesn't look good for QRVO & SWKS

    by rickarooski Nov 11, 2015 4:39 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski Nov 12, 2015 5:22 PM Flag

    No need to argue with ignorance. (Raise your hand por favor)
    I'm not sure what I didn't say in my post. Or maybe I said something worthy of trading against if you bothered to read it, and, crack the meaning. If you interpreted my post to suggest a DOWN MOVE, then, you're $1.23/share for the better. (The reason for my post). But some Bozo's (I'll assume your hand is still raised) find pleaseure in contrary statements and try to discredit a pretty credible source. (My hand is raised as the -$1.23 can attest)

    I can't recall the last time you added value to the board by way of itelligent and proactive suggestions.
    I have a wealth of them as the Hx of this board can attest.

    It takes all kinds dear Bozo.
    Carry on.

  • The writing is on the wall and after reading this you've been forewarned.
    All the planets are aligned (a DBR-esque technique for qauging the market).

    The huge jump in QRVO after earnings was enough for the pukes to load up a short position on a large volume day. (SWKS as well albeit not the 20%+ jump that QRVO had)

    Now comes in the days that follow, the analys (yahoo audit doesn't like the A-word) come out with some jubberish about the AAPL supply chain issue. This after both SWKS and QRVO mentioned that things were fine. Truly a call out their Aa (the other Aa word yahoo doesn't like)

    Other supporting evidence to the game is that a large number of options were cashed in from a number of SWKS players. The QRVO clowns haven't shown their filing as of today but RUN if you see them tomorrow.

    And as it's a "good-ole-boy" network with insiders sharing with A's (both apply here), the price HAS TO COME DOWN as the repurchase needs to occur at a much lower price. Therefore, the AAPL news, the sale of options, the huge jump in a day (reporting) and the China-syndrome, all lead to an obvious short tern direction. You decide which way.

    Carry on.

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    One more dollar down, and, ...

    by rickarooski Oct 21, 2015 6:44 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski Oct 23, 2015 5:39 PM Flag

    How sad. I only got four (4) thumbs down. Looks like my posts are becoming better appreciated!

    As for the log-in-names and the aliases, I'm just me, that's all, no one else. Just because not everyone gets a hard-on for this equity doesn't mean that it originates from the same person, right? There actually could be a few persons out there that aren't enamored with the product mix (sorry, I mean product), and, that products limited application (and acceptance).

    It's a free country and each is intitled to their opinion. Besides, just how positive were the comments supposed to be when the price dropped from $52 to $37 in 5 weeks. I for one, am looking for honest and fact-based commentary. Too many unicorn-based fantacy stories get put on this board. Grow up silly little people.

  • For those of you who've followed this circus over the years, you'll know that Suz Rudy is the wizzard of share-price picking, and, the exit of thousands of shares by insiders. You'll also know that she executes a methodical sale of options for our managers on-or-about the 5th of each month. Please take note.

    If you want to know how QRVO will do on earnings, watch the insider transactions going into earnings. Without exception THAT is your tell for piling in or exiting. (The problem being that the filing can happen 3 days after it's execution) Good luck all.

    Carry on.

  • Support will be reached. Another $4 lower and I'm back in.
    BTW, why would SGEN do a clinical trial MINUS it's own product? Be careful what you ask for. lawyers would suggest that one nevers asks a question that one doesn't already know the answer to. Does SGEN suggest through this trial that Adcentris is THE component of the therapy?

    Remember the ole Baker boys? Well it's been over 5 years since their methodical in and out, long then short. Wonder when the final exit plan will be executed? (And there IS and exit plan!!) The only saving grace to an exit beneficial to Bakers, is, that a backroom buyout of SGEN is done. There's got to be some outlier out there that no one has heard of that will (mysteriously), find millions of dollars for a buyout. Who else would be interested in a one-hit-wonder.

    FTR. It's been over 5 years now and SGEN's wonder drug still has no application for solid tumors. (Although I'm sure someone's going to throw multiple phase 1 trials at me showing efficiacy in obscure and infrequently occuring cancers.

    But it's not the product one provides, it's the gaming of the market that adds value.

    On the side, did CMG finally suffer a death blow today or is it just another gaming of a $750 stock on sale for under 6? Stay tuned on that one.

    Carry on.

  • As the merger provided for a 4:1 split, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the reverse math. At $12 currently, that price is the average of the blended RFMD and TQNT. That means, at a minimum, that there's been ZERO synergies in cost savings and ZERO impact on the OEM's choices of RF-ish widgets et al.

    A 50% decline from the high seems a bit much. You'd have to think that at a price in the 80's that that level was unrealistic, yet, reiterated through and analysis rag just yesterday.

    I wish I could do the math on how many free options were cashed in at the above-75 range by our management. Hmmmmmm, could THAT have ben to MO for the merger? Jus say'n.

    Carry on.

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