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  • The single institution (or well financed few retailers) have started the game on the way up. I only wish there was someone on this board with balls and money.

    The play is to bring up the shares on relatively low volume into the PM. During that time a short volume is accumulated and is covered into the close. NOTE: Only about 20% of the trades are on the open market as the "not held orders" are killing the natural progression upward. Someone with balls, and a desire to make a LOT of money, needs to BUY into the late AM and shake the #$%$ out of those with the short positions. These few pukes are controlling the price and are being allowed to cover their short play uncontended as the volume of buys doesn't FORCE them to buy in at a price which is NOT OF THEIR choosing. Left uncontended, they cover at their leisure and to their gain. A late AM volume with shake their world and force a short squeeze. It'll also put the fear of God into them that this equity can bite them at any moment. (That's what a market is, right?) Currently it's not a market but a "very few" personal toy.

    Let's change the game people!!!!

    BTW. I listened to the CC and was surprised to hear that LA was sold. (2 others closed!) I'm thinking that was a good thing as Eric hopefully has his finger on the pulse of the industry (certain stores).

    Robust might actually pan out to be a good thing. Certainly RCI will buy their own product so there will be a consumer. And to see that they're NOT looking at retail consumers is comforting as that market already has too much competition. But to get into liquor distributor and have that business into commercial usage is actually "ground-breaking". But there needs to be some kind of promotion done. Word of mouth won't work. And I hope that, unlike Bombshells, where RCI management is "winging it" and "cutting their teeth" on a new sector, that there's actually a tried-and-true game plan going forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rickarooski rickarooski Dec 18, 2014 4:27 PM Flag

    I gave some pretty timely and accurate financial aide. That was my Christmas present to the board.
    But, as this is a silly message board, sometimes the diamonds get lost in the BS.
    Hope someone took my advice.

    Carry on.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Dec 18, 2014 4:22 PM Flag

    Credibility has been established. Remember this for posts down the road.
    I hope some of you got in when this was initially posted.
    Carry on.

  • If you're familiar with investing and have an in depth understanding of more than than buy and sell you'll know what is going on with AA. Look at the % gain for the year! Whereas institutions are substantially holding for the long term, there's also a year-end profit lock in for final Q reporting. Those sales have to bring the price down. And there's a picture-of-peace associated with the selling. MOST of you are seeing a precipitous drop. AA is NOT experiencing that. What IS HAPPENING is that institutions are submitting "Not Held" orders for the MM's to fill. As the MM's can't dump 40M shares on the market at once, they have to work the order(s) in throughout the day in a way to maximize the customers profit, and, NOT #$%$ the market. When to see the last 1.5 weeks of price action you'll recognize what's transpiring.

    That was the good news, AA is not falling off the face of the earth. Now for the bad news. Where the bottom of this gradual profit taking ends is the question. Looking at the chart, it looks like support is at xxxxxxx. (sorry, this is a message board). But a chill pill is needed. Want to be a smart investor? Average in over the next 2 weeks. The selling will be done and you won't be sorry for trying to time the action. AA is already down over 6% in just 3 trading days. The downside risk is much lower at the low 16 point. If you can manage to accumulate into the high 15's, you'll have a happy 2015 as AA will see $20 during the next year.

    Hope this helps.

  • Look at a 6 month chart and read the tea leaves!!!!

    As ATML is a controlled equity that runs in a channel, it's time for the gamers to retreat the direction. (As if we didn't know what the pukes are going to do!!) The funny part is that they'll start the down under stealth conditions. On a day where the broader market is flat-to-down .5%! This stock can't hold an increase from mid 6 to the current level without a gammed retreat.

    Go ahead. Someone explain to me, with all the fervor in the tech sector, and, the product mix of this company, that the price should retreat NOW! I'm impressed that the 6 month chart-goal has been achieved and it's not time to game it backward!!

  • For some reason my reply didn't stick to the thread. (gotta love Yahoo censors)

    See if you get the point here.

    I must be a moron as I haven't a clue what you've added. As for Johnny-come-lately. I called Sprint personally and read them the riot act on their advertising angle within the first 2 weeks of the start of the campaign. (Perhaps others have called as they ship-canned the campaign.) I'm also on record of other posts which have tried to enlighten the viewing public of the subliminal replacement of the white male in this current 2014 society.

    To you I say take the blinders off and see the tidal wave of mis-information. Not ALL relationships are bi-racial. Not all white males are idiots or gay, buffoons or incompetent, or in need of a toddler or adolescent to show them how to do something.

    Llook at the Christmas advertising campaign for Wal-Mart this year. What should we take home from ANOTHER black male/white female presentation. Are there no black females out there to partner with their black male counterparts!

  • The unions for the fast food industry wants $15/hr for their employees that work at the airports. I want TO BE FAIR and NOT political or self serving.

    To do this would be to set up a "class system" for (substantially) unskilled labor at the airport, and the other class off site, in which the VAST majority of the employees in fast food work.

    First, when last I left off, pay was commensurate with education and service provided. Not "because we can"!

    Second. Do we want a 2 tier payment system. How long before the "off-site" employees want the same pay? And how much later will a Happy Meal be $6.00? Fast food is ALREADY overpriced as what you get for the dollar is measly. (A "meal" which is a small fry, a small drink and a small burger is already $5!!!!

    Third. An HUGE number of airline and airport employees already get a huge break on the cost of food at these sites. The green card is a uniform and the cost is anywhere from 20% off, to FREE!!!!! So how can the airline union employees back this nonsense as it doesn't effect those that would vote (or support) in ANY WAY!!! I'm a firm believer that the cost of airport food (and drinks) are already OVERPRICED. Tell me that the employees would get a 20% increase in pay and the price of a burger wouldn't budge????

    PLEASE don't support this movement as it makes NO SENSE from a lot of angles and only serves to up the ante for unskilled labor. Want $15/hr???? Go get some additional schooling or a trade. Not ask the patrons of the airlines to "stick em up"!!!!

  • rickarooski rickarooski Dec 4, 2014 4:35 PM Flag

    .... or sooner!

  • rickarooski rickarooski Dec 3, 2014 5:21 PM Flag

    BTW. My grammar isn't as bad as it appears. I'm typing on this small laptop and the curser randomly flys around the screen. I won't go back and fine tune the entire submission.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Dec 3, 2014 5:18 PM Flag

    I wanted to bump this as it's appropriate to continue the dialogue. Forthcoming is either Kudos (they hit 16) or the woodshed beating for getting it wrong.

    A follow up is in order. Re: the short position. As of 2 weeks ago RFMD was held at 19.6% short. That's a HUGE volume which needs to be covered. Perhaps that explains the price movement, in additional to the broader tech sector. Keep in mind that short reporting as a delayed number and could have changed dramatically since 2 weeks ago.

    The original post was done on Nov 3rd when RFMD was just at $13. That's $2 (15%) in a month.

    Unless there's an institution that knows something, I can't see anyone holding short, the initiation of a new merger. They'd have to know that the merger would fail going in, or, "sell on the news", which can't be excluded from the conversation.

    Stay tuned as this is going to get interesting. Remember LONG ago when TQNT and SKWS were at the same price? Even if Qorvo closes half the current gap, that's serious money.

    Carry on.

  • You racially biased clowns! Great job of jumping on the bandwagon. Removal of all white male roles in commercials. Even Helen Keller can see the movement towards suppressing the influence of the white male. (Oh, unless he's gay or an imbecile, then it's OK for those roles on TV.

    I hope you bozo's go under. You could have easily played it down the middle. You chose the path of self destruction (I hope) I'll NEVER use your service. Next time don't hire Al Sharpton as your creative advertising representative.

  • Looks like things are moving forward. The BLOB has been extracted from the Robust web site as the spokesperson. (Spokesblob). He's been replaced with a bunch of pictures of average looking ladies. (Sorry ladies, just keeping it real) Not sure what (or who) the "face of Robust" will be but I pray that it's creative.

    I'm thinking that scantily clothed ladies has been touched on already. How about a celeb? One that's liked, no shady background (Bill Cosby is out of consideration), has a sports background, and crosses all racial lines. Perhaps Charles Barkley?? (He's still a blob, but at least he's naturally colored. And the star is about his career and his celebrity, not on his face. LOL) And the spokesperson should be paid on commission. They get a % of sales instead of selling the company's soul in endorsements. (I'm available BTW)

    The stock activity has been peculiar over the last 2 weeks. Can't help (won't help) anyone here as it's anyone's guess where this goes after the Q report. I do hope that management comes across as knowledgeable, confident, and under full control of the numbers, AND, where this company will be heading. (After all, not so long ago we were just T & A clubs (of WAY TOO MANY names to have a national connection. Unless that's not important, or, a legal protection to singly isolate each shop)

    So Eric, how about hitting it out-of-the-park. And don't forget the HIGH likelihood of a special unannounced dividend.

  • This is the latest idea to calm the savage citizen. Be careful what you ask for.
    What if the results of those efforts confirm the shenanigans and mis-behavior of those that are crying about police actions. What if an overwhelming number of videos suggest that these hoodlums ARE at fault???

    I'm wondering if there's preparedness for the likely conclusion that the officers ARE mostly acting responsibly. They'll no longer be the "gang" to incite an issue as the facts will stand out clearly.

    Don't mandate wearing of body cameras if you're not prepared to see the truth (on both sides of the camera). Talk about racial disharmony!!!!!!! What if the Brown-esque citizens are captured on film as the cause??? Then what?

  • Be careful what you ask for.
    What if the results of those efforts confirm the shenanigans and mis-behavior of those that are crying about police actions. What if an overwhelming number of videos suggest that these hoodlums ARE at fault???

    Don't mandate wearing of body cameras if you're not prepared to see the truth (on both sides of the camera). Talk about racial disharmony!!!!!!! What if the Brown-esque citizens are captured on film as the cause??? Then what?

    I'm jus say'n.

  • At least every other year at Thanksgiving time the unions and the airline companies go head-to-head about come contractual issue. Thanksgiving is one of (if not THE) most heavily traveled day for the airlines and the unions take an opportunistic approach in strong-arming management. Like clockwork this happens.

    If you watch the stock as closely as I do (minute by minute) you get to see the game played out in the market as well as the unions overtly fill the news waves in a pressure attempt, and, they F with the stock price in a covert effort. And both are going on at this time.

    Therefore, if you are a long term investor of LUV I would NOT panic here as the negotiations will move forward, mud will be slung, the stock price will reflect the GAMES and then recover very quickly based on the fundamentals.

    However, if you're trading LUV this is a wet-dream situation that doesn't get offered every day. The unions, who have stock involvement either directly or indirectly will wipsaw the price with huge swings which will allow for a feeding frenzy as a trader. (I'm sure you know the risks and the rewards of getting involved!!!)

    In short, "this too shall pass" and when a settlement is reached or the arbitration judgment is handed down, the stock will head north once again as the company fundies will return as the primary focus.

    FOR SWA MANAGEMENT. In every contract you agree to going forward a clause HAS TO BE PLACED that negotiations CAN NEVER HAPPEN in the weeks surrounding the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays'. This wording HAS to be introduced into ALL contracts going forward less we repeat this bi-annual silliness again and again.

    Carry on

  • OK so LUV is the last one with no bag fees. For the short term this is NOT an issue as it'll give a competitive edge. And let's be clear here! SWA DOES charge a bag fee. It's embedded in their discount (cough, choke) fees. In case you haven't noticed SWA's fees are frequently higher than the competition. I'd say 80% of the time. It's to the degree that when considering option on my last 8 flight segments to SWA destination cities, I chose a competitor. And that's including the bag fee. So don't sweat the revenue aspect as LUV is maxed out on what they charge for a flight. If they ADD the bag fee they will take themselves out of the total market.

    Being last to enter has an advantage. Also, the fee doesn't have to be $25, right. Even a smaller fee would present a competitive edge. The other legacy carriers would have to come DOWN in fees to match SWA. A win-win scenario.

    Trust me, LUV management has looked at this topic "every which way but Sunday". (And east coast saying) They know that adding a bag fee makes a flight TOO expensive as they're NOT a "discount" carrier. What the flying public hasn't caught on to yet is that SWA is discount ONLY to the degree of not charging extra fees. THAT is their niche! The bag fee is included in the price of the ticket and EVERYONE knows this!

  • A barrage of RCI stuff hit me yesterday. Perhaps you saw some of it.
    First, the Destination Channel on DirecTv has a 1 hour show on Bosom Restaurants. The featured Tilted Kilt mostly, Bikinis substantially, and Bombshells a little bit. A pretty interesting show for those that have an investment in RCI.

    The take home message is that Bikinis is a prime time business. That Tilted Kilt is running on all cylinders. And that Bombshells is an "alsoran" that's worth a few minutes in the 1 hour show but that's all. I know RCI didn't get to edit the show for total content. Nor do I know the intent of the directors and producers. But if I were to gauge the weight of each business it would sound like this.
    Tilted Kilt = A+
    Bikinis = A
    Bombshells = D+
    I hope they show this again.

    Now for the 2nd observation of RCI-esque companies.
    After viewing the above show, I was compelled to see what patrons are saying about Bombshells. MUCH to my dismay I was able to find a pretty health resource. If you google Bombshells Restaurant you'll get a few hits. Of them are some Yelp reviews from customers. OMG!!!!!! The take home message was (CLEARLY) that Bombshells has the best uniforms BUT THAT'S ALL. The wait staff is rude. The food is OK. The diversity of beer is non-existent (THAT'S the highlight of the other 2 competitors) And the worst one yet. Both Bombshells are turning away customers!!!!!!!!!!! They're only showing Dallas Cowboys games and WILL NOT put on another game when asked. HEY STUPID RCI. Sunday is only 1 day in the week. If you pizz off customers by not playing other games (even on smaller screen) they won't come back ANY OTHER TIME!

    FYI RCI. For every person you pizz off, they will (on average) share that with 22 others. And you want to turn away customers who want to watch a different game???? Clean up your act RCI. What kind of nut-jobs are managing these shops??

  • But to be clear, it needs to hold through 10.40 on Thursday on good volume ( 60K).
    And it wasn't rocket science but rather realization that the machine wasn't broken, but, someone put water in the gas tank. Easily fixed as there was no "root" problem.

    Look at this another way. Say the news tomorrow is that RCI settled for $2M total or, the case was thrown out.
    DO you think that RICK would be up $3 the next day? Heck no!!! On 150K shares the stock would settle at $11.50ish. This isn't that difficult to understand or anticipate. It IS HOWEVER hard to stomach as an "investment" shouldn't act as a personal toy which trades in a channel.

    Bring on the dividend guys!!!!
    BTW. The timing of the dividend no longer has a punitive effect near $10.00ish. If RCI released a dividend 3 weeks ago when there was a healthy short interest, the short holder would have to PAY the dividend. But now that the short interest has been substantially covered, the instigators of this never-ending channeling will actually see a benefit in a dividend.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Nov 18, 2014 6:26 PM Flag

    Your not alone hottie. It's a Yahoo issue. Been happening across multiple boards.

  • FYI.
    I noticed a "HTB" condition on my trading screen earlier today. As the MORNING progressed I was wondering just who was suicidal. Then came mid day where the slow and methodical down-trend confirmed that perhaps the pukes aren't that stupid after all. The price trend and the volume characteristics both show that there should be caution and NOT euphoria going forward in the short term. Couple that with a new round of Ms Rudy magic in the last 2 days and there you go, caution.

    Kudos Ms Rudy (again, again, again) you managed to acquire options for Bruggy at under 7 and were able to sell those 60K shares at 13.4+. The rough math shows a $450K profit for a man who's not involved in his own stock actions.

    Here's the million dollar question:
    Does the Magician Rudy keep her employment in the combined Qorvo?????? Here's an offer. If they let you go could you please handle my portfolio????????????????????????????

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