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rickarooski 10 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 23, 2015 8:27 PM Member since: May 18, 2006
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  • So yesterdays ridiculous AH plunge to 71+ got me thinking. Is QRVO in that bad shape by itself to get killed like that or did it go down with the ship. So I got 100 shares in the AH at 72.50 just for fun. Sold this morning at 77.15, just before the rhythmic drop.

    So, with SWKS beating and giving good guidance, QRVO was available in the AH for 76.50. I didn't do it as that's not my luck to pull it off twice. Still have my core position which may see some price appreciation over the next few days. But with this market ..........

    My focus is that, despite China and AAPL and yada yada, the synergies of TQNT and QRVO have still not been fully appreciated. And with QCOM being in disfavor, it looks like QRVO and SWKS are the leaders in the area. I'm looking for a beat, then, SELL ON THE NEWS in the days that follow. (Unless management comes up with a dividend.)

    BTW. Any of you yahoodies hold Amazon after the close? If so, Good For YOU!

    Carry on.

  • Even though there's not a large short interest in LUV, someone had the wrong side of the trade AND the clout to gracefully get out.

    It's called a "not held order" and it allows the exchanges to filter in, at their discretion, small parts of huge orders throughout the day. That way the owner of the shares doesn't have to dump millions of shares at one time and #$%$ the market. Also, these shares don't show up on the L2 board as trades so we never get to see the "actual size" of the Bid/Ask. (BTW L2 is essentially worthless anymore. Especially as it pertain to LUV. How can one explain only 300 to 1000 shares available on either side of a price point ALL DAY LONG and have 15 Million shares traded)

    No, this is so very wrong. But our elected officials won't touch this issue as big money makes huge profits, and, swindles the market, through the ability to place not-held orders. We won't even talk about dark pools as that another topic all together.

    So blame programmed shenenigans for todays' action. If ever I saw a manipulated day, it was TODAY!!!

  • Are you kidding me!!! Who is Buckingham Research and why have they not given an opinion forEVER. Look at the upgrade/downgrade tab in Yahoo for LUV and show me where this obscure and NEVER_BEEN_HEARD_OF firm can obliverate the market!!

    Here's the skinny. Others have alluded to it and it's factual. Airlines have had stellar results and have guided forward with mucho-gusto. That's the good news. The bad news (in retrospect) was that they announced HUGE buyback intents. Now enter Buckingham Research. We need some sort of catalyst to #$%$ the market and make the shares more "affordable" for the buyback!!!! No one has to worry about Buckingham Research as they'll fade into the sunset after the damage has been done.

    It all seems so legit. The "added" (AKA manufactured) supporting of competitive pricing and increased available seats only give the illusion of credibility to the Buckingham call. Really!!??

    Todays' action in the airline sector is the poster child for the collusion and shenanigans that ARE the stock market. I just didn't expect this from what has been a squeeky clean image of LUV. This is an outrage! A living and breathing, pre planned sector flash crash.

  • An excellent Q all things considered. And there's the problem, all things aren't considered!! Take the AP article that preceded entry into the board. The state that RCI MISSED!! That's all. No reason for the miss, just the emphasis on the miss. The fact that this was attributed to a 1 time hit didn't matter, they simply wanted to emphasize the miss. Wonder why they wouldn't be objective??

    Then there's dog bark. I haven't read a positive word put to print from this clown. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. She's always negative and mostly wrong. Hey Bark, try to mix it up a bit, you'll get a little more credibility that way. Your posts are the easiest to read as they're always ignored. BTW. Of course there was a loss this Q. They weren't going to hide the results of the lawsuit. They simply put the results to print, as they should. It's a 1 time event. Nothing but positives going forward. Even the pole tax is being addressed, along with every other T & A club in the jurisdiction!!!

    I wish that Robust was broken out as THAT was what I was interested in. Monster just got killed recently!! I'm thinking that Robust will make a dent in the energy drink sector as it pertains to "add-in mixer" only, not at the retail store. They did address the topic in the CC and will report Robust as a separate item in coming Q's.

    I like the franchise idea. That's something that management is working on. The buy-backs averaged in the low 10's. That's a great price!! They're getting the financing under control. Closing some high interest rate items. They're having a hard time getting funding from a single entity. Heck, I've got a million to lend at 8%. Any takers?

    In summary. RCI is doing pretty well. The problem is getting enough outside and institutional interest that can stay in the stock for more than a few days. And, that hold enough of the float that the 1 or 2 bozos that move this stock will get put out to pasture!!!

    It'll be interesting to see what happens Tuesday.

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    Yellen's fat mouth

    by sk_wilson May 7, 2015 6:57 AM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 7, 2015 9:18 AM Flag

    She's not immune from payola (politically speaking). The powers that be didn't get their "sell in May" last year so the stage is set for it this year. Her "nudge" is politically based as you're correct, she's not that stupid. Sooooooo many are asking for a correction.

    Then comes the hard call to make. Is the call for a correction a head fake and the market heads back up?? You have to more weight on that angle versus a follow through with a correction. It's been 2.5 years into a contrarian market. It's got nothing to do with an efficient market.

    On a side, did you notice who QRVO bottomed just above the last low of $66? (66.03). This market is getting easier to predict as the low float at any price point allows for the gamers to swing the price to meet their options price points. And this will happen to QRVO (AGAIN). I wouldn't be surprised to see the price back to the high 60's by mid next week. BECAUSE, the option clowns are pricing their puts accordingly.

    Carry on.

  • How rude! If you had listened to my post of 2 days ago you have made BANK!!
    I'm offended. lol.

    Carry on.

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    QRVO. What's been going on, in a nut shell

    by rickarooski May 4, 2015 4:54 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 6, 2015 4:11 PM Flag

    Worthy of a bump?
    I'm thinking YES!

    Carry on!

  • Looks like my $72 "minimum" was just that!
    BTW. My call for "just after reporting" was what?

    These are the observation you can make in the market if you get into a stocks' "skin".
    Sleep tite and Carry on!

  • But as of noon, this wasn't one of them. Who knew that the market would start a blood bath today? Across the board carnage.
    I can't retract yesterdays' post so I'll man up and take the well deserved hits. (at least as of noon today)

    Carry on

  • Good day all. I haven't been writing much as there's already enough contributer (note the singular) to this board.

    I case you haven't noticed, there's a cadence to the broader market over the last 9 months. (Yes, it's been going on that long) This iteration of market shenanigans is all about the options. I've mentioned this in a past post and wanted to make sure that my observation was legit. Also, I wanted to make some money off my findings before writing anything on a free board.

    There's a market phenom called "volutility". Some wuold see it as a random event. I, on the otherhand see the word to be shenanigans and market gaming under the guise of volutility. Have you noticed the HUGE swings in price, both ways, are at the dollar mark or .50 mark. Hmmmmm. Options usually are indexed that what??

    So. IMHO, and as witness for the last lotta months, the options market is a much better way to game the market. The outlay isn't as much, the risk is less, and since the Level 2 indicator shows that there's VERY FEW "available" shares at any price point, the scammers can move the price to the options level desired, at will. And FTR, this isn't a QRVO thing, it's across the market.

    With that said, QRVO will be at $72 (minimum) into the close tomorrow. Earnings should take QRVO to $76 but Thursday as the synergies of the blended companies haven't been appreciated yet. (This will be the first Q of blended reporting) The cost savings of TQNT'RFMD will far out weight any lull in sales for the next 2 Q's.

    Carry on.

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