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  • Are you kidding me!!! Who is Buckingham Research and why have they not given an opinion forEVER. Look at the upgrade/downgrade tab in Yahoo for LUV and show me where this obscure and NEVER_BEEN_HEARD_OF firm can obliverate the market!!

    Here's the skinny. Others have alluded to it and it's factual. Airlines have had stellar results and have guided forward with mucho-gusto. That's the good news. The bad news (in retrospect) was that they announced HUGE buyback intents. Now enter Buckingham Research. We need some sort of catalyst to #$%$ the market and make the shares more "affordable" for the buyback!!!! No one has to worry about Buckingham Research as they'll fade into the sunset after the damage has been done.

    It all seems so legit. The "added" (AKA manufactured) supporting of competitive pricing and increased available seats only give the illusion of credibility to the Buckingham call. Really!!??

    Todays' action in the airline sector is the poster child for the collusion and shenanigans that ARE the stock market. I just didn't expect this from what has been a squeeky clean image of LUV. This is an outrage! A living and breathing, pre planned sector flash crash.

  • An excellent Q all things considered. And there's the problem, all things aren't considered!! Take the AP article that preceded entry into the board. The state that RCI MISSED!! That's all. No reason for the miss, just the emphasis on the miss. The fact that this was attributed to a 1 time hit didn't matter, they simply wanted to emphasize the miss. Wonder why they wouldn't be objective??

    Then there's dog bark. I haven't read a positive word put to print from this clown. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. She's always negative and mostly wrong. Hey Bark, try to mix it up a bit, you'll get a little more credibility that way. Your posts are the easiest to read as they're always ignored. BTW. Of course there was a loss this Q. They weren't going to hide the results of the lawsuit. They simply put the results to print, as they should. It's a 1 time event. Nothing but positives going forward. Even the pole tax is being addressed, along with every other T & A club in the jurisdiction!!!

    I wish that Robust was broken out as THAT was what I was interested in. Monster just got killed recently!! I'm thinking that Robust will make a dent in the energy drink sector as it pertains to "add-in mixer" only, not at the retail store. They did address the topic in the CC and will report Robust as a separate item in coming Q's.

    I like the franchise idea. That's something that management is working on. The buy-backs averaged in the low 10's. That's a great price!! They're getting the financing under control. Closing some high interest rate items. They're having a hard time getting funding from a single entity. Heck, I've got a million to lend at 8%. Any takers?

    In summary. RCI is doing pretty well. The problem is getting enough outside and institutional interest that can stay in the stock for more than a few days. And, that hold enough of the float that the 1 or 2 bozos that move this stock will get put out to pasture!!!

    It'll be interesting to see what happens Tuesday.

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    Yellen's fat mouth

    by sk_wilson May 7, 2015 6:57 AM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 7, 2015 9:18 AM Flag

    She's not immune from payola (politically speaking). The powers that be didn't get their "sell in May" last year so the stage is set for it this year. Her "nudge" is politically based as you're correct, she's not that stupid. Sooooooo many are asking for a correction.

    Then comes the hard call to make. Is the call for a correction a head fake and the market heads back up?? You have to more weight on that angle versus a follow through with a correction. It's been 2.5 years into a contrarian market. It's got nothing to do with an efficient market.

    On a side, did you notice who QRVO bottomed just above the last low of $66? (66.03). This market is getting easier to predict as the low float at any price point allows for the gamers to swing the price to meet their options price points. And this will happen to QRVO (AGAIN). I wouldn't be surprised to see the price back to the high 60's by mid next week. BECAUSE, the option clowns are pricing their puts accordingly.

    Carry on.

  • How rude! If you had listened to my post of 2 days ago you have made BANK!!
    I'm offended. lol.

    Carry on.

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    QRVO. What's been going on, in a nut shell

    by rickarooski May 4, 2015 4:54 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 6, 2015 4:11 PM Flag

    Worthy of a bump?
    I'm thinking YES!

    Carry on!

  • Looks like my $72 "minimum" was just that!
    BTW. My call for "just after reporting" was what?

    These are the observation you can make in the market if you get into a stocks' "skin".
    Sleep tite and Carry on!

  • But as of noon, this wasn't one of them. Who knew that the market would start a blood bath today? Across the board carnage.
    I can't retract yesterdays' post so I'll man up and take the well deserved hits. (at least as of noon today)

    Carry on

  • Good day all. I haven't been writing much as there's already enough contributer (note the singular) to this board.

    I case you haven't noticed, there's a cadence to the broader market over the last 9 months. (Yes, it's been going on that long) This iteration of market shenanigans is all about the options. I've mentioned this in a past post and wanted to make sure that my observation was legit. Also, I wanted to make some money off my findings before writing anything on a free board.

    There's a market phenom called "volutility". Some wuold see it as a random event. I, on the otherhand see the word to be shenanigans and market gaming under the guise of volutility. Have you noticed the HUGE swings in price, both ways, are at the dollar mark or .50 mark. Hmmmmm. Options usually are indexed that what??

    So. IMHO, and as witness for the last lotta months, the options market is a much better way to game the market. The outlay isn't as much, the risk is less, and since the Level 2 indicator shows that there's VERY FEW "available" shares at any price point, the scammers can move the price to the options level desired, at will. And FTR, this isn't a QRVO thing, it's across the market.

    With that said, QRVO will be at $72 (minimum) into the close tomorrow. Earnings should take QRVO to $76 but Thursday as the synergies of the blended companies haven't been appreciated yet. (This will be the first Q of blended reporting) The cost savings of TQNT'RFMD will far out weight any lull in sales for the next 2 Q's.

    Carry on.

  • For those that are puzzled about the last 5 weeks of AA stock performance here's an explanation.

    It's all about the new takeover. The agreement of the purchase was "stock only" and that was when the price was over $16. Well, there's a legal group that's looking into the sale and they're not happy. The share price has plummeted in the period JUST BERORE (that's hugely important) and for the 5 weeks that followed, up to today. But that's just the lead-in to the reason. Look at the price stagnation points on the way down. The price hic-up'd at each .50 interval from 16 to the current 13ish. Did you notice how AA had a hard time at the $13 mark?

    In case you haven't realized what I'm suggesting, It's all about the OPTIONS!!!!! Someone had inside info on the takeover and situated themselves with options at each .50 strike price on the way down!!! The question remains, is $13 the end of the game or is $12.50 the next target? But know this!!!! It's the daily game with the share price that get's these institutional snakes their ultimate goal. That is, cash in on the options game!!! Risk is less, outlay is much less, reward is much better!!! In a low short world that AA is in, there is no other logical explanation. Monday's close will speak volumes (literally). The options game may be over and the stock price may be allowed to climb.

    Know this!!! AA is in the commodity sector which isn't doing that well right now, either real or manufactured. But as poor as that sector is, AA doesn't belong at $13!!!!!!! This is another gaming of the share price, goes on all the time. It's just that AA is being played BIG TME!

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    If mgmt wants the stock to be taken seriously

    by jjnscbusin Mar 19, 2015 3:34 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski Mar 20, 2015 5:15 PM Flag

    Pipeline for WHAT?????
    In the last 5 years the price of RICK has gone nowhere. With the exception of gamers who channel the stock near Q-reportings, the price is STILL 10.50 esque.

    So a pipeline is USELESS. In those 5 years the company has built/bought RCI is the only public company in this business. They have entered into breastarunts where there is established competition in TX. There's nothing to stop the competition from shorting, or, channeling the stock price. And RCI management is too ignorant to realize that this is a definite possibility.

    So NO!!!!! No new financing of a "pipeline". I DO agree with the dividend as I've been arguing for that over a few years now!!! And a recurring one, just a one time special one that'll show the investing public that RCI is a worthwhile investment instead of a money pit.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Feb 25, 2015 7:18 PM Flag

    Bumped because DBR pushes good info out of view while her wisdumb floats to the top. There autta be a law!
    But see my last entry. It might be good reading.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Feb 24, 2015 5:48 PM Flag

    Look at the last paragraph!!!
    The call was for $69.25 by this Friday. Looks like the pukes did it all in 2 days. The options of last week were the play. Note going forward that there's already a healthy interest in the $70 and $75 calls. Given that AVGO reports soon should be either a further up, or, a sell on the news opportunity for the tech sector.

    I'll follow this post up with further guidance when it's prudent to do so.
    In the mean time, do you readers realize how much money you should have made by now after 5 years of my .......... (fill in the appropriate word. lol) In any case, a $4 heads up in 2 trading days should verify a high degree of credibility. DBR and SVS, not so much!)

    Carry on.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Feb 20, 2015 4:20 PM Flag

    Opps!!!! My apology. In 5 years I don't recall a gender mentioned. Whereas DBR and Mustang are genderless, I was unaware of yours. No harm intended. Please know that that error has been permanently corrected.


  • In case you didn't know (and there's a lot of readers that don't) today was option expirations day.

    And because most of you are clueless, you didn't realize the strike prices were separated by $5.00
    Think that isn't important? Well look at the peak price in the opening seconds of Tuesday. Yep, $70.00 (BTW, it held $70.00 for micro-seconds. Just long enough for Bruggie to sell his freebies at the highest price in a 3 week period. BTW2, QRVO's price was at $70 for a total of 3 minutes in a 3 week period. How'd he do that????) But I do digress, back to the point.

    Yep, $70 was a strike price. Tuesday started the plummet downward. Notice that today, options day, that QRVO had dropped below, and, had a REALLY HARD time getting above $65, Yep, the next strike price.

    Isn't it coincidental that the share price would jump up to a strike price, then, immediately plummet to the next strike price, 5 dollars away!!!!!!!!! To SK's point, this is NOT an example of an efficient market. Seems it behooves the institutions to fk with the stock price as there's more money to be made in the options game.

    So whereas the options game has ended for this month, the pukes can allow the price to ascend towards the "natural" price, in my estimation 69.25 by next Friday. (Not withstanding an overall market or tech sector melt down.) Note: SWKS was exempt from the shenanigans today and rose along with the SOX. QRVO was in the grasp of gamers. (STILL)

    Monrio is spot on. The Leopard still has RFMD spots. Only the ticker has changed.
    Carry on.

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    by monrio1 Feb 20, 2015 10:21 AM
    rickarooski rickarooski Feb 20, 2015 1:11 PM Flag

    I fully agree.
    This has NOTHING to do with the company and it's performance/projections. And as with RFMD, it never did.

    Monrio. Look at SWKS and SOX as an overlay on a 1 month chart. Confirmation that QRVO (AKA RFMD) has a following of it's own. (AKA snakes and pizzants)

  • First, make sure in your reply to this to reference just how neurotic I am. That'll validate that the reply is originating from your sorry self.

    As for SK's observation, she's spot on!!! Unfortunately, she doesn't support the observation other than view-only observation.

    So I'm going to shed some light on SV's viewing. If you have the smarts (questionable) and technical capabilities to open a 2 month chart. Open QRVO. Superimpose SWKS on that chart. (Note the divergence)
    And because my discussion doesn't pull much weight with a QRVO-to-SWKS comparison, do the following! On that same chart throw up the SOX. With the 3 items on the same screen even YOU can see that QRVO is a HUGE outlier to overall sector.

    Now, try to come up with an intelligent reply. Your feeble reputation of having ANY knowledge of the market is on the line.

  • rickarooski rickarooski Feb 19, 2015 7:06 PM Flag

    This first common sense statement (observation) you've EVER made on this board. And that's only because you're visual assessment is accurate, which is supported by the charts. (and the daily actions of the trading)

    SEC investigation? Oh HECK YES!!!!!!! Helen Keller can see this one!!

  • SWA and the other airlines were given a windfall profit this last year as oil prices (jet fuel) headed south remarkably. LUV's price rose in proportion to the drop in oil. DO NOT expect the same proportions to happen on the way down (as oil prices --might--rise).

    Today is the 19th of Feb and the chart shows a POSTER CHILD PATTERN for a market move. (Can't offer a free board what actually happened unless you want to cut me a check)

    So if a cadence was established on the way down, say, 1 to 1, raise to drop, LUV to jet fuel --- then expect a 1.2 to 1 drop to raise, LUV to jet fuel.

    The problem is that SWA has budgeted for this year (AND 2016) for jet fuel at MUCH HIGHER process than where is it now, or, even with oil in the low 70's. They'll still do MUCH BETTER than budgeted!!! The problem will be when the Q's come out which compare Q to Q. So if the bottom line isn't as good this next Q versus last because of increasing jet fuel prices, the stock will suffer. Even though the facts are that the Company is doing MUCH BETTER than they had projected!!!!

    LUV needs to get this kind of news out NOW!!!!!!!! So that an English to English interpretation can be made in the following Q's

  • ........ should be gauged from $roughly $64.00 (RFMD equivalent $16.00)

    PLEASE tell me that some clowns out there ARE NOT seeing RFMD from $5 to the current price!! That would be less than stupid.

    Even more stupid would be those that are seeing QRVO as, RFMD $16 to the current price, a 4 fold increase in actual gain. man there's a mix of nuts out there.

    Carry on.

  • We are all aware of the superpowers that S. Rudy has. She has sold more free shares at the PEAK price than anyone earthbound. And it happened again!!!! The pre 2-17-15 price hadn't seen $70 for a while. On the 13th, when the almost $4 price escalation occurred, the closing price ended at almost $70 TO THE PENNY!!! On the 17th of Feb, (the 16th was a holiday) the ONLYTIME that QRVO was at $70 was at the very opening. There's been a $5 PLUNGE since those opening seconds of the 17th.

    A Form 4 was allowed to be viewed following a SALE of free shares by the Bruggie. (Facilitated, manufactured, coordinated, cooked-up, conspired) by the Wizard Rudy. And you guessed correctly. In the opening seconds of Feb 17th, Ms Rudy sold, on behalf of Bruggie, his allotment of shares at $70!!!!!!!!!!Within a 3 week period, QRVO was only at $70 for a TOTAL of 2 minutes!!!!!!! Tell me how this Rudy clown got to sell at that PEAK? The stock has plummeted ever since!

    Please note. When TQNT and RFMD had millions of shares and the posted available share size was plentiful at any price point, the sales of free options n the market didn't effect the price. Now, when these management clowns sell their shares into a MUCH LOWER posted float, the price DOES MOVE because of their shenanigans. Look at Level 2 any more (and yes, it's usefulness has vanished over the last 4 years) but really!!!!! Tell me that of 10 exchanges out there that only 3 have size for QRVO. And of that size, only 300 TOTAL shares are available at the ask or bid. Yet 1.1 shares get traded!!!

    Now the good news. If you think the games associated with QRVO are bad, go to LUV. They have Knee-jerk trading down to a science. A .10-.14 plummet happens in eye-blink. And it happens enough throughout the day to keep day-trading at bay. (That's if you're smart. If you're stupid, you'll try to play along!)

    Carry on.

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