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rickarooski 47 posts  |  Last Activity: May 28, 2014 3:32 PM Member since: May 18, 2006
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  • As is usual for my posts, there has to be a basis for the writings. This will not be an exception.

    We're now into week 4 of the manipulation of SGEN (Independent of the broader bio-tech market BTW. This game stand substantially on it's own)

    If you looked 4 weeks ago at the DTC (days to cover), this relatively low-float equity would have been covered in 5 days. We're now 18 trading days into this game, BB's have supposedly bought (cough, choke) an additional allotment of the shares of SGEN. Yet, the pilferage continues. Why? Because this plummet is orchestrated BIG TIME. The few days where there's an "up" is the days where they reload on the short side. Rinse and repeat. And this can go on forever until the BB's give the "all clear".

    It's easy to say that this is a biotech melt-down. And to some degree that's accurate. But to a MUCH higher degree it's coordinated and pre-planned. The proce movement and the daily action speaks volumes (pun) for what's going on here. Certainly NO ONE is going to suggest that the BB's weren't ready for a plunge from $54 to $32. Come now. Your blessed and exalted BB's are much smarter and conniving than that.

    Days to cover is meaningless when the key player keeps reloading.

  • rickarooski rickarooski May 13, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    Pretty obvious as to the goings on here on the SGEN board. NO commentary. NO intelligent rebuttals (but has there EVER been). Just red thumbs.

    My observation sees the following on this board:
    If you want the straight poop on SGEN, look for the posts that have the most red thumbs. AVOID the green thumbs ones as they're nothing more than sheep piling on.

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    Warning. Things aren't what they seem!!!!

    by rickarooski May 12, 2014 2:52 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 13, 2014 4:28 PM Flag

    The BB's have this game under wraps. They allow for an up when then they want it and permit the collapse when it benefits them. My call was spot on. Not because I'm some guru de stocks. It's because the shenanigans are so transparent that even the blind can see. The REASON for my initial post was to help those see. I don't want anyone to lose their hard earned money on some game that's stacked against the retailer. So if I can offer guidance, I do so. And there in lies the rub. Some value my input. Some are fearful of it. Others are critical of it as they have dubious intentions. (And THAT is what makes a market)

  • Keep trying little girl. Can't hold $11 eh???
    Testimony once again that you haven't a clue about equities in general and RICK specifically.
    Keep consulting that coin. Sooner or later it'll come up with the right answer. in fact, that 25 cent piece might have a better yield than you making calls on your own.

    What amazes me is that you keep being wrong, are unaffected by coming off so ignorant, and continue placing your feet in your mouth. Heck, you've got the 4th battalion worth of piggies in that pie hole of yours and you still come back for more.

    For the intelligent readers, RICK was a given to stay above $11 into the close on MODEST VOLUME. But here's where it gets dicey. As the market is controlled vs efficient, tomorrow is a #$%$ shoot. If I was a betting man (vs a sissy girl like blueetta) I'd say that the opening will be slightly down and then head back up on roughly 85K for the day. Close at 11.41 (+/- .02). The reasoning (see little blue, at least a rational thought) is that RICK can now be seen as a contender. I see continued slow accumulation vs "all-in-a-day" which DIDN'T happen today.

    We'll see 12 before we see $8. Take THAT one to the bank sissy-blue-issy.
    BTW. The venom goes away when:
    1. you get one call right that has a basis to it. (you're typical guessing needs support to qualify)
    2. your posts become factual based and objective.

  • If the BB just "bought" a large position in SGEN wouldn't they swish the WAY OVER SHORTED condition that SGEN has been in for over 2 WEEKS???!!!!

    Stop being stupid and blinded and arrogant. The BB's are here to make bank. They could care less about clinical trials EVEN THOUGH they have a seat(s) on the Board. So tell me, can there be a better example of self-serving interests than their involvement? This is insider trading at the worst, and anti-SGEN at the best.

    If the BB were pro-SGEN they would have put an end to this plunge a few weeks ago. They have the clout and the knowledge. But Noooooooooooo. They hung he share holders out to dry while they make margin money. The added "long" shares should have been added ammo to start the short squeeze. Yet, they let the blood bath continue.

    I'm VERY open to intelligent replies.

  • rickarooski by rickarooski May 13, 2014 12:15 PM Flag

    You waffle on both sides of RICK at any given moment. Kinda hard to be wrong OR RIGHT when you essentially have no position. You remind me of a little girl. (no offense to little girls BTW). You have this need to be right. But 99% of the time your (cough, choke) contributions are wrong.

    Can't hold $11??? Do you know anything about the market?? See you at the close you silly little girl.

  • I'm not one to rub things in but some of you deserve it. I'd suggest you listen to the value of by posts instead of trying to sway any reader into falling off a cliff.

    The fact is that SGEN is played BIG TIME (not news) but the "play" is more obvious. And THAT'S what retail needs, the ability to read the tea leaves. So how many suckers bit on a Form filed by you're "friends" the BB?
    This was a "know Brainer" as the set up has been played over and over. Add to that the HTB condition on your trading screen and Helen Keller was screaming DON'T DO IT!!!

    Go ahead, try to short SGEN. It'll close your order faster than you placed it. Why???? Because your BB friends hold the majority of this equity and are renting the shares out for margin interest. LEARN from this. Too much effort is placed in down-thumb-voting my posts and not enough reading the content. Go ahead, tell me you weren't warned. AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave you the rationale behind it vs flipping a coin.

    I'm NOT anti-SGEN just anti-GAMES. Your money is too hard to come by so why hand it over in a crapshoot?

  • rickarooski rickarooski May 12, 2014 4:40 PM Flag

    Appreciate the fact that a coin only has 2 sides.

  • rickarooski rickarooski May 12, 2014 4:39 PM Flag

    You flip a coin and place value on that studious call. (Could equally have been tails BTW)

    So let's say you got 1 right. Does that off-set 2 years of being wrong?!!!!??!!!! Me thinks not.

    Result. You're a loser, still and always.
    Do us all a favor. On your infamous trip to NYC perhaps you could stop in the Bronx? Get out of your car about 2AM and shout an ethnic slur. The slur will be inappropriate but the beating you'll suffer would be warranted. A gift for the RICK board so-to-say.

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    Warning. Things aren't what they seem!!!!

    by rickarooski May 12, 2014 2:52 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 12, 2014 4:30 PM Flag

    Oh heck no.
    My position isn't needed (nor cared about) on this board.
    Simply stating to those that would suggest that it's "ALL-IN" time, to add a voice of reason to that concept. And trust me, a VOR is sorely needed here. (Too many pumpers-at-all-costs) I simply post the obvious to those that don't see the obvious. Days end tomorrow will expose the hand that was played at 9:55AM today.

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    Results are in. RICK did WELL!! But ........

    by rickarooski May 12, 2014 4:10 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 12, 2014 4:25 PM Flag

    RICK working towards a REIT. I couldn't crack the code as to whether this was for the IL Club O or for the company as a whole. I believe it's a company-wide REIT but the CC should clarify that.

    Hey Blue (faced by virtue of embarrasement) You're awfully quiet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.
    Maybe you've bought that ticket to NYC after all. Did I understand from your silly reply to me that you were going to get "your questions" answered??? Yep, I'm positive that the conference coordinator will stop the session for you!! OMG. Now THAT was funny!

  • .... finally they used the POWER WORD!!!
    Management is now looking at a dividend!!!! Clueless as to whether this will happen but, to my knowledge, this is the first I've read regarding a public release of intent.

    If anything would get RICK stock price moving, it would be fulfillment of a dividend!!!
    Stay tuned.

  • rickarooski rickarooski May 12, 2014 3:38 PM Flag

    You're NOT going to NY for any Q. CC. Not now, not ever. You're the epitome of print is cheap!!
    Pretty simple to type words on a free screen isn't it?
    The value added by your posts is equivalent to added grains of sand on a beach, They add nothing.
    Hot air and your posts carry equal weight. But nice try. Someone might believe that you'd fly to NY for a CC on a company that you'd bashed every way but Sunday for the last eons. Jurk!

  • Both of which are self correcting. I'll discuss both in a second.

    First, the deal breaker is if RICK made ZERO attempt to collect some sort of dollars towards the inevitable, that the TX legislation sees opportunity for revenue. Another "sin tax" if you would. Unfortunately the concept of "No taxation without representation" has LONG since ben forgotten. Maybe they need to throw all their bras into a TX harbor in protest?? I'm hoping that RICK has been pro-active. Perhaps a patron in TX can add color here??

    Now for self correcting actions.
    1. RICK did, in fact, collect some sort of dollars at the door in preparation for the "inevitable". This is problematic though as you can't collect dollars which are deemed "TAX", when there is no such tax!!!!! I'm hoping that this management team is astute enough to plan accordingly.

    2. The American public, although stupid to a high degree, can handle an increase when it's PUBLICIZED!!!
    No one in this country was happy when the Fed or State increased the gas taxes. They paid more at the pump and got on with life. And so goes TX. All that's needed is a publicity campaign that fully exposes what any new costs at the door are about. As long at the patron knows that the fee isn't a profit margin for RICK but rather a fulfillment to a TX tax mandate, all will be fine.

    That's my 2 cents.
    Carry on.

  • The BB notice of intentions certainly got the price to move at the opening. But, notice the gradual and methodical decline. (On LOW volume).
    Pukes are pukes and news isn't always going to take the stock in the "obvious" direction. With that, there's a 70% chance that this is yet another head fake, a reloading of short positions to take SGEN down again. There's NO REASON for a momentary spike in the price other than to "set-up" the retailer (and other silly small institutional sorts)

    Understand this. With my call of it being a 70% chance of shenenigans, there's a 30% chance that a base has been formed. And as the BB haven't called me for my opinion I have to go with the majority odds. This won't be the first head fake ever made my "news releases" nor will it be the last. The important thing is to not be blind-sided to what appears to be a reversal. THIS is how pukes make oodles.

    Good luck and C.O.

  • ... the bozo's of this site can't try to hide or mask intelligent posts through "star-power". Now you can simply place a vote in the thumb up / down area. (Like I really care about THAT!) And beside you silly critics, you don't even read my posts. You simply see that the author is me and immediately hit the down option. I'm thinking that's because you can't read!!!!????

    For those that are kind and objective on this board, that last statement doesn't apply.
    Carry on.

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    The thrashing of SGEN is comical, isn't it!

    by rickarooski May 2, 2014 1:00 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 2, 2014 4:36 PM Flag

    I did and you're extremely quiet about the effort. And!!!! Not very appreciative, again.

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    The thrashing of SGEN is comical, isn't it!

    by rickarooski May 2, 2014 1:00 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 2, 2014 4:35 PM Flag

    You're pretty close. As a short position as to be associated with an entity that holds the shares long, our BB friends are more than happy to "loan" (pretty healthy margin interest) the shares out. So yes, they play both sides in addition to and options that they might be playing. When you hold this much of the float you can MAKE the shares meet the options money-price.

    We're not done yet. The HTB notice is still very prominent on the trading page. (Which means it's almost impossible for retailers to acquire short shares) But the institutions have a wealth of resources to re-stock the short coffers. Which is why the DTC hasn't COVERED!!!!!!!!!

    The reiteration of today for a $52 price was the sign that we're getting close to the end. That BS was to trap a few more suckers into going long. The honey jar is almost empty. It's those last few drops that the clowns are waiting for.

    Still no evidence that Adcentris works against solid tumors. The lymph prolific activity is established.
    (Anyone can chime in if there's evidence to the contrary. OPERATIVE word = evidence)

    Looks like low 30's is a point to look at for an minor entry. The bad news is that when the bottom is reached it won't sit and wait there!!!!!!!!

    Carry on.

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    The thrashing of SGEN is comical, isn't it!

    by rickarooski May 2, 2014 1:00 PM
    rickarooski rickarooski May 2, 2014 2:17 PM Flag

    RedNot. I tried to cut/paste the link but it appears you'll have to look for yourself.
    Today, Cantor Fitzgerald "Upped" their estimate for SGEN from $24 to $28. Sentiment = SELL!
    Don't shoot the messenger as I'm just trying to help. It's in the news section of my Schwab news.

    The $52 reiteration of today was a setup for an even lower price going forward. (At least for the remainder of today, notwithstanding the last 15 minutes of the day when all the games get played out. The noon-time reiteration was with the price about 35.20. It's gone lower ever since. An ABSOLUTE and POSITIVE manipulation of the market through pseudo-news.

    The VERY SAME THING happened before the plunge! Upped estimates, then, plummet!!!!!!!
    You'd think that people would have picked up on that contrarian play in the current market. ESPECIALLY this equity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So funny what's going on. Two analysts came out today one in the 20's and the other in the 50's.

    The last time SGEN got a recommendation it was for a price in the 60's. Two days later the plummet began. SO WATCH OUT for this "reiteration in the low 50's as it's a set up most likely for another plunge to the high 20's.

    All the while the BB's are getting killed. Right? WRONG. These losers has full knowledge of the pending demise of the shares and they reversed their positions in LARGE ORDER prior to the $60 forcast. (If they were not the instigators!!!!!!)

    Finally and MOST important is the trading concept of HTB (hard to borrow) and DTC (days to cover). My trading screen has had SGEN in a HTB status for 2 weeks now. Now how can that be??? The DTC was roughly 6 and that was with the average daily volume of weeks ago. So how come the HTB status won't go away after such a large plummet? (rhetorical) It's because on those few days of "up" in the last 2 weeks our gamer-friends took that opportunity to reload their short positions. Rinse and repeat.

    The BB's are an evil and greedy group. It's not nothing to do with patient care or saving lives. It's all about the money. And THAT'S why I despise these pukes!!!!

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