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ricky44 61 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 22, 1998 2:06 PM Member since: Dec 18, 1997
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    Lets all chant together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by ricky44 Jun 19, 1998 3:58 PM
    ricky44 ricky44 Jun 22, 1998 2:06 PM Flag

    Dipshit!!!!!!!!! Try and do some thinking on your
    own. There you go again, stealing someone elses ideas.
    You must really love Lucent. Please don't sue me for
    leaving a message, but maybe I should sue you for
    stealing my patent on that hilarious message. I tried your
    chant, but I people around me got really upset. Lets try
    my original one..................

    SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUCENT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Lucent Sucks!!!!!!! Lucent
    Sucks!!!!!!!!! Lucent Sucks!!!!!! Lucent Sucks!!!!! Lucent
    Sucks!!! Lucent Sucks!!!!!
    Lucent Sucks!!!

    I can't
    hear you. Just stop whatever you're doing and chant
    along with me....LUCENT SUCKS!!!! LUCENT SUCKS!!!

    Just think, if we can't beat
    Cisco, try and sue them. We should give up and sell all
    shares and change our name to lubricant. Maybe then we
    could oil up some other company and sue them for some
    ridiculous lawsuit. Give up LUCENT and buy

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    Good risk

    by bopbop98 Jun 17, 1998 12:17 PM
    ricky44 ricky44 Jun 19, 1998 3:47 PM Flag

    I've been with Lidak through what I'd like to say
    the thick and thin, but I've never seen any thick,
    just a thin stock price. My question should I buy more
    now. Please just don't say yes of course. My question
    is if it receives FDA approval, what do you think
    the stock price will jump to. Will it get the press
    that Pfizer got with Viagra? How will Lidak be able to
    get the news out and what is your opinion on the
    stock price. I would love any comments from all
    (ecspecially Rat, Rocky, Luis and Chairman) I believe we'll
    get approval late in 1998 but if we don't is this
    stock going under. All answers would be greatly
    appreciated. Only a junior in college and I have enough safe
    blue chip stocks. I'd love to have a sure fire money
    maker in my hands.

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    does this mean Buffett might sell KO?

    by D_U_G Jun 19, 1998 12:33 PM
    ricky44 ricky44 Jun 19, 1998 3:40 PM Flag

    Once he sells, it will be to late for us to sell.
    The stock will already drop about 25%. I love hearing
    from you and your reasons why you support KO so much.
    It's nice to hear an intellectual on a stock chat
    room. I agree that KO is here forever and can't go down
    in the long run. Why not just everyone put about
    $3000 into KO and see what it does then. I did that 2
    years ago and have to be happy. I'm only a junior in
    college but plan on using that money for my kids college
    fund. I wish others had the money and thinking that we
    longs did. KO has to be the safest way to invest your
    money for the next 20 years. Sure it'll go down, but in
    20 years, I'll hate to sell a stock worth over

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    by lepto7 Jun 11, 1998 9:26 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 Jun 19, 1998 3:35 PM Flag

    You play the stockmarket your way and we'll play
    it our way. There's room for everyone. I personally
    don't think you'll make much money in the long run, but
    maybe your mobile home needs some flood insurance so
    try and cash in quickly. Summer will be great for
    pepsi. With El Nino hitting and having hot summers,
    Pepsi will quench my thirsts and with the economy in
    full swing, I'm sure many parties will arise this
    summer. That means more drinks and Frito Lays for
    everyone. Pepsi is moving horizontal for some time now but
    it's up and almost testing its high again. Lets see
    how earnings come out and if they meet them I'll bet
    you my shares we see new highs by August. Lets say
    $46-$48 by August 15. Lets hear your price then

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    Looks good for now........

    by ricky44 May 11, 1998 11:41 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 Jun 19, 1998 11:34 AM Flag

    I guess that stands for your wifes waist size.
    Sucks to be you. Don't worry about me, I'm doing fine
    with paying for my next semester in college. Lets see
    now, how much does a semester cost when you have a
    full scholarship..... I'm probably too stupid to know,
    but I haven't paid a dime yet. Let's see, even if I
    did have to pay, I think my job at IBM would
    substantially pay for my years in college. And for the rest of
    my portfolio, I'm doing just fine. Took a little hit
    on Intel, but overall I'm still making 21% this year
    alone. Manpower is still making money for me this year.
    Bought in at $27 and today is at $30. That's 11% this
    year already. I'd have to bet you've lost your money
    on this stock or you wouldn't be so bitter. Nobody
    could have predicted this earnings blow, but I sure
    wish I could. Try taking it out on somebody else who
    is worried in the short run. I'll sell this dog soon
    and buy more Dell. Lets see, I bought $8,000 worth of
    Dell 3 years ago and it is now worth over $50,000. It
    sure is nice not having to worry about college and
    putting my future first. If you need any tips, just let
    me know. It looks we both got bombed on this one.
    One more shot at ya... I only bought this stock,
    because I worked for them and got a 15% discount, it
    looks like you actually bought it because you thought
    it would be a great money maker. Looks like you got
    burnt jackass!!!!!!!

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    Looks good for now........

    by ricky44 May 11, 1998 11:41 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 Jun 17, 1998 11:00 AM Flag

    I agree they are gonna miss their numbers but
    falling $10 dollars was way overexaggerated. They will
    climb back up by end of summer and will post good third
    quarter numbers. I'll bet my long against your short. Why
    short now? The stock is up over $1.25 today and can't
    go any farther down. Good luck, I wish I saw this
    coming. What a way to come back from vacation.

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    The Mary Kay of Herpes 2

    by orca144 Jun 9, 1998 12:03 PM
    ricky44 ricky44 Jun 9, 1998 3:30 PM Flag

    Wouldn't you load up on the stock if you heard
    that Lidak should get approval sometime in July of
    1998. We are on our way, I almost passed out when I
    heard it, but someone actually mentioned our beloved
    company. I've never heard anyone talk about it and now
    that CNBC mentioned that we should get FDA approval in
    July, many investors should come rolling in. Watch for
    tomorrow to be a break out day with at least 300,000 in
    volume and a 10% increase in price.

  • Did anyone else just hear on CNBC that they
    mentioned Lidak expects to hear they will get FDA approval
    around July and can start manufacturing Lidakol? That
    means only 3 to 4 more weeks!!! How come this isn't
    huge news!!!!!!!!!!! This stock is on its way now. I
    was just ready to sell.

  • I think I know why this stock doesn't move much
    anymore. The investors don't talk about it much and it
    gets no PR. I doubt there is anyone out there, but if
    there is it would be nice to know that you care about
    the company you partially own as an investor. Maybe
    if you would spark some interest, MAN would move
    vertically sometime soon. Summer usually is the season to
    push Manpower up.

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    HOT IPO!!!!! -- Cable Modem master

    by Gold_fish_88 May 22, 1998 2:08 PM
    ricky44 ricky44 May 26, 1998 11:09 AM Flag

    Butt Pirate to me. Don't give this guy the time
    of day. He probably just can't find any other men
    with swords to swing his way (if ya know what I mean).
    Stay clear from this clown and you'll be glad.b

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    by leewee_98 May 21, 1998 11:47 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 May 21, 1998 12:07 PM Flag

    I just think everyone sitting and waiting for FDA
    approval. My question is how long do you have to wait.
    Please don't just give me a season, month or a huge
    explanation. Lets all just make it simple and reasonable. If
    you have the time, and feel like it, just reply to
    RICKY44 and tell me when you think they will get approval
    and a short reason why. Thanks in advance, I'm sure
    all the small investors like myself would greatly
    appreciate it and it may go well for the stock and give us
    some hope (since this board is the only way for Lidak
    to get talked about).

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    Looks good for now........

    by ricky44 May 11, 1998 11:41 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 May 21, 1998 11:28 AM Flag

    Why are you in on Manpower? Is it really a big
    company. I know it is the largest temporary agency in the
    world, but wouldn't you rather buy MSFT, PG, DELL, KO or
    some other blue chips like those? Why would you take
    the chance in this company. I'm not saying it hasn't
    returned a good % for me, but I don't believe it is a blue
    chip stock that returns 25-30% annually like the
    others. I just have too much of my portfolio in this
    company and want to sell some off. Who knows, at least no
    one is sueing them for becoming a monopoly!!!!!!!

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    Looks good for now........

    by ricky44 May 11, 1998 11:41 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 May 20, 1998 12:08 PM Flag

    It's nice to see that someone else posts on this
    board. This is the one stock that I get nervous about
    because it could tank at any moment but it hasn't yet.
    It'll do well in the summer as long a major DOW
    correction doesn't occur. If it does, MAN could get killed
    and quick. I'm not too worried because you win some
    and lose some and so far I haven't lost. (Just give
    me time, I know it'll happen.) Continue to post when
    info pops up in your head and keep me happy. Thanks
    for posting, I thought I was deserted out here.

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    Looks good for now........

    by ricky44 May 11, 1998 11:41 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 May 19, 1998 2:48 PM Flag

    I see your point about not being risky if I need
    the money. To be honest, I don't need the money and I
    already have a car now. I just wanted a new one and since
    I've made such great money on the stock market, I
    thought I might take some profit and run. I'm only 19 and
    have invested in 9 stocks and made almost $10,000. My
    dream is to have $100,000 after I graduate college and
    I'm almost half the way their. Who'd have thought I
    could pay for my first house in cash!!!!!!!!! I'm not
    sure why this stock is moving today. Anybody know??? I
    told you it does well in the summer so lets see if I'm

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    Looks good for now........

    by ricky44 May 11, 1998 11:41 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 May 12, 1998 12:58 PM Flag

    I worked for Manpower and bought all 200 shares
    at $27 so I'm making a 60% profit right now. Sorry
    if you got burnt but I think it'll come up in
    summer. You check the numbers, I've worked here and know
    the numbers!!!!

  • They hit $0.26 on their earnings. That sounds
    pretty good to me. With the stock around $44 it may hit
    $50 in the summer with all the college kids looking
    for work. This stock seems to take off in the summer.
    It hit over $50 last summer so lets keep on fingers
    crossed. I'd love to see some chatting on this message
    board but I guess you people have other things to do.
    Does anybody out there have an opinion on when to sell
    or what they expect in the future. I am 19 years old
    and have 200 shares. I want to hold it for the 18
    months to not get penalized on my taxes and buy a car.
    When should I sell? Thanks in advance.

  • but does anyone know what they came in at? If there is anyone out there who knows please let me know. It seems no one cares about this stock because no one ever posts anything.

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    Why I like Manpower

    by MikeyBoy1955 Apr 12, 1998 2:34 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 Apr 15, 1998 11:40 AM Flag

    they provided me with all the necessary training I needed for

    free. I worked at IBM through manpower and they are a great

    company, the largest temp agency in the world and are expanding

    over seas every year. They have no where to go but up. They

    also give you stock options to buy their stock at a 15% discount

    so I really cleaned up on the price. Bought in a t $27 and just

    hope I see $50 sometime this year. I just wish the word got out

    more about this company so the stock would get the recognition

    it deserves and we see the price go up.

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    Why I like Manpower

    by MikeyBoy1955 Apr 12, 1998 2:34 AM
    ricky44 ricky44 Apr 14, 1998 11:15 AM Flag

    I was thinking of selling MAN. Just

    because of the turmoil overseas, but maybe

    I'll hold onto and see what happens this

    summer. It hit 50$ last summer so maybe

    it will again. I'd sure love to see it go

    up and stay up. It's been stuck at 40-$42

    for a while now. Anybody know about

    earnings coming up. All I keep reading

    about is how many new jobs are out there

    for people and Manpower will find them

    these jobs.

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