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rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood 144 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 28, 2014 7:29 PM Member since: Nov 26, 2013
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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Apr 28, 2014 7:29 PM Flag

    Once we were up to 25.77 I had to take a dump. Nothing came out though no matter how hard I pushed. Thought I was going to burst a blood vessel. Finally, 30 minutes later pushed it out. Came back to see us up only a penny. Shouldn't have stopped praying to God but hard when on the toilet struggling just to poop. Now I know before I start praying so hard next time, take a laxative first. Didn't know it would make me constipated. Will take a laxative tomorrow after Church and begin the process again. Sit back and watch LGF soar, and wait till after the close to go to the toilet. Sorry guys.

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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Apr 28, 2014 3:26 PM Flag

    Is the Catholic way, and as we are witnessing. Who're us today, God has forgiven all of Lionsgate's sins. Up, up and away!!!!

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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Apr 28, 2014 3:12 PM Flag

    Praying to God makes LGF go up, up and up. All investors, please pray every morning, noon and night to God to continue sending LGF shares higher. For it is God who will be our savior and make us all rich with this stock. Today was a prime example of how praying to God for LGF to go up WORKS! Now I will pray that today is our turn around day and that we will only go up from here. It is all up to God now my friends.

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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Apr 28, 2014 3:02 PM Flag

    You are right that investing with margin is a bad idea, but I am a gambler and if I had more buying power I'd be loading up here. Unfortunately if this drops below 25 I will start getting margin calls.

    However, since my heavy praying and confessing all of Lionsgate's sins to Father the stock has been going up. So I am right and you are wrong, you negative short fool!

    The only thing you were ever right about is when you said investors should sell when it was in the 36's. But we are long term investors, not traders.

    And as you can see my constant praying to God today is working. He is forgiving Lionsgate's sins and sending us higher and higher by the minute. So who's laughing now?

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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Apr 28, 2014 2:21 PM Flag

    Since my last post we are steadily moving higher. We must all continue praying.

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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Apr 28, 2014 1:55 PM Flag

    Just after my last post we have begun rocketing off lows! God is helping us. Everyone keep praying we keep moving higher. Today is a highly important day technically. Hopefully the insiders will keep the stock propped up higher. We NEED a strong close today. Technicals are teetering on breaking down and we CANNOT let thtat happen!!!! Come insiders, keep this propped up today. Please!!!!

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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Apr 28, 2014 1:47 PM Flag

    I never thought of it that way but I'm terrified that everything you say, well, it actually makes sense when my people did the numbers. Let's hope Lionsgate gets their act together. Maybe they need to have some of their film executives go to film school or learn about film.

    I put everything I have into this and kept averaging down to the point I have no more money left to buy. I believed everything Michael Burns said on CNBC in his numerous appearances.

    I am now on heavy margin and hope this stabilizes here and holds up. My millionaire investment club warned me not to buy this much higher and I didn't listen. I am scared because they also feel a sudden plunge is around the corner. If it does go to 17 as thy predict, I will be wiped out.

    Why does Lionsgate seem so much more concerned with their stock than making good movies that appeal to a broader demographic? If I see Michael Burns on CNBC one more time I may puke. Do they even know what makes a good film? I'm beginning to worry they don't. Summit and Jennifer Lawrence saved them but now my investment group is telling me that Lionsgate will soon cannibalize Summit and make both companies worthless. I have not gone by one day without enormous stress that I, going to lose it all and I'm beginning to lose all faith and trust in the executives there. But what do they care about us, they seem more concerned with the own multi-millions they make. It seems more about that and other strange things going on.

    I am a very large and highly concerned investor. Praying one of these dead cat bounces will turn I to a rocket ship higher. I pray at Church now every day and see Father. He is praying for me too, and for all of us investors. My doctor has also increased my medication to help calm my nerves.

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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 31, 2014 4:23 AM Flag

    It's no wonder we are under a short attack. These naked shorts are exposing Lionsgate lame brain fragmented and disorganized trying to chase the latest fads rather than blazing a trail of their own. They are so focused on trying to analyze how to make money from trends rather than getting back to basics of making good movies for all. Once they show they are doing that and setting a new standard, the short attack will stop and real profits will build. Don't show the world that Carl Ichan was right about them. Brace yourself for mid teens if this nonsense keeps up. WAkE UP LIONSGATE!!! People are people!!!!! Don't portray yourself as a racist production company!!!!!!

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    Lionsgate Exec moves to Pantelion partnership

    by wanna_million Mar 30, 2014 2:49 PM
    rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 31, 2014 4:17 AM Flag

    This is starting to become a joke. What's next, is Lionsgate going to open offices in Mexico? They're acting like the Eric Cartman of South Park. Do they not realize that people are people and simply want to see good movies with good stories? Here they go again trying to capitalize on a specific demographic they think will bring them profits. Te days of making black films for black filmgoers, Latin films for Latin filmgoers, Asian films for Asian film makers are over!!! This is starting to all become like one big joke. Trying oh so hard to capitalize on greed of what they think will work. Just make good movies with justifiable budgets to make money for the long term. I am getting SO fed up with this nonsense. Between their out of whack business strategy it's no wonder we're under a short attack. To this day, ALL races love ANY GOOD MOVIE. This makes Liomsgate seems racist and desperate and will be yet another strategy that backfires. Of they keep up this nonsense we will be in the teens VERY soon and I will be broke. What is happening to the film industry???? And Lionsgate should be setting an example as a leader, not making a joke of themselves because that's what they're starting to do with nonsense deals like this.

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    I am fed up!!!

    by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 26, 2014 5:23 PM
    rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 30, 2014 8:00 AM Flag

    In conclusion Lionsgate needs to think of rather than sectors of audiences will like this and some sectors will like that etc. Make movies that will appeal to the broad demographics. That's when Lionsgate will truly turn the corner and head toward 100 pps and beyond. Until they do that, the shorts will continue this attack on their lame philosophy and strategy down the the teens and then back to 10 and maybe that's what it will take for Lionsgate to realize, uh, gee, we need to do what rinseandrepeat says, but as of now they seem to think they know it all. Wasn't it Palto or Socrates who said those who know all are those who realize they know nothing. Lionsgate is on some kind of greedy power trip and they need to humble themselves and open their minds. They THINK they know what the audience wants. Let the audiences be the judge. Not them. Keep it simple.

    After thinking about this entire strategy and philosophy, and being down millions, it all became so clear. We will continue to plunge until Lionsgate WAKES UP and takes the approach I've discussed. Expect teens and heading back toward single digits until they prove they GET IT, because as of now, THEY DON'T!

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    I am fed up!!!

    by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 26, 2014 5:23 PM
    rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 30, 2014 7:54 AM Flag

    I am SO SICK of hearing this word FRANCHISE! Do you not understand that this will be the death knell of Lionsgate if they keep thinking along these terms. It's all I've been reading about from posters and Lionsgate talk about Franchises, franchises, franchises. Sorry, but there will be no franchise when they try to force one. They want a franchise? They will get one when they least expect it and focus on simply making a movie that appeals to a broad demographic. The franchise they so desperately want will come to fruition when they appeal to a broader demographic then these current so called wannabe franchise desperadoes are attempting to accomplish.

    Think about it and do the math. What population of the demographics across the globe saw Catching Fire to give it the numbers it had? A TINY, and I mean TINY percentage of the population. Great, it made Lionsgate some profits. But you want something like is going to appeal to a much broader and diversified demographic to really see the big numbers. They are branching out it into all these Latin markets, this market, that market. Make a film that a broad demographic wants to see, regardless of the genre. They're focus is becoming skewed and they need to broaden their horizons. THEN you will see movies bring in even much bigger profits than Catching Fire, which wasn't even a good movie and the amount they spent promoting the thing isn't going to pay off in the long run and the Divergent will cannibalize MockingJay films which are stinkers anyway and Divergent will actually outpace the Hunger Games series in the long run.

    My bottom line point here is stop with the whole franchise, franchise, franchise. Just make good movies with modest budgets and before they know they're going to have an Academy Award film in addition to much bigger profits than what the gross to net Hunger Games series will end up being for example. That was an anomaly and will balance out to ultimate break even down the road. Divergent will prevail.

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    this thing will hit 17 bucks by May........

    by whartonmba99 Mar 28, 2014 3:08 PM
    rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 29, 2014 3:42 AM Flag

    It os possible, only if Lionsgate doesn't show they are blazing a trail of thinker own and becoming a leader in how they organize and structure their company. A division perhaps for various genres. Be a leader to the others. Show them how it is to be done. They need to think like Steve Jobs. become the Apple, so to speak of all the other studios and film companies. They need to re-define. Market is telling them they are tired of this business model and if it continues, will fail.

    So until we see this change, he's, teens are possible. Of they delay in making this change we could go as low as 10. If so I will then put everything I have into this. Prepare for the worst, expect the best long term. They will figure it out I am sure.

  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 29, 2014 3:29 AM Flag

    After the large run up this is a normal pullback when you put it all in perspective. DIvergent made on half the budget of Catching Fire is holding strong and steady and word of mouth growing. Over time this will profit more than Hunger Games series. Mark it.

    Additionally, I expect more diversified films for various target audience sectors throughout the global population that will bring in large profits going forward across cross platforms. Remember, 31 Flavors was created and succeeded for a reason. We DO NOT want to become clouded in the fog and lose site of becoming 1 Flavor. Brand. No. I expect we will see more diversified content for all audience goers moving forward. Sectors of population want different genres, film styles, types, etc.

    The franchise division should become a different department so they don't lose clear scope and vision of the big picture. Once this is organized I expect the company to get back on track moving toward the 100 pps in due time. I think the unwarranted short and hedge fund attack is ultimately based on Lionsgate being made a joke of because the perception of them trying oh so hard to create these franchise movies.

    I would like to see them reorganize into a more organized structure. Until they do so, I fear the stock could head into the teens, but once they show the street they are on the right track and not trying so desperately with these novel to movies narrow sighted approach, then the stock should regain it's solid upward momentum. Until they do that, I would not be surprised at all to see a continued decline. Possibly as low as 17 and worse case scenario, 10, if they don't show they are seriously diversifying and not alienating the sectors of the population that don't want to see these teen movies. Remember, 31 Flavors!

    I will be buying up or down regardless. Remember, this is long term investing. But in the long term we will all be dead, so Lionsgate needs to move! Don't alienate the rest of audiences, please!

  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 26, 2014 5:23 PM Flag

    The stock is tanking because relentless, seedy shorts are selling naked. This drop makes no sense and is unwarranted.

    Another problem I see is that the whole franchise thing is out of control. Star Wars for example was not planned to become a lifelong franchise. It started off as a simple movie made for 11 million dollars. Trying to force a franchise will continuously backfire.

    Lionsgate needs to get back to basics. Make good, quality solid films on modest budgets with appropriate advertising but not overkill personally, I think they are too focused on this whole trying to create a franchise, buying up novels and thinking that is the answer. Books don't necessarily translate to successful films. There is a reason there are novels and screenplays. Novels aren't always, nor often meant to be made into movies.

    I am sick over this plunge and it is, in my opinion, all because of some kind of unwarranted short attack. I don't like this. Lionsgate needs to sit back and rethink their movie making strategy. Simply get back to basics. This is a no win situation, churning money back into these so called wannabe franchises will backfire. Twilight had the intriguing and sexy wow factor for the youth. Hunger Games was hyped so much people didn't have a choice but have to see wha all the hoopla was about. Without Jennifer Lawrence those films would have failed and I believe now with Divergent, this whole let's appeal to what we think the youth want to see is wearing out. We need to start showing big profits. Bottom line! The shorts will eventually have to cover and is am praying Lionsgate reorganizes their philosophy of making good movies that are DIVERSIFIED in their audience appeal.

  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 21, 2014 11:08 AM Flag

    What are these idiots? Movie analysts now? Idiotic film critics. All these so called idiotic critics, analysts etc have NO CLUE what Divergent will do and just how enormous this movie and franchise will be come. We needed a franchise with legs. This will be it. Catching Fire will have been nothing but a short loved fad compared to what this is going to do going forward. People will look back on catching fire and realize what bad filmmaking really is. Divergent is the real deal. I am adding to my already substantial position on every drop. At the rat I'm going, I'm going to buy up the entire float.

  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 21, 2014 5:22 AM Flag

    Nothing better than when a sleeper film with nothing but bad reviews shocks the world. LGF overhyped Catching Fire and it worked, dumbing down a large portion of our youth. This film however is for the intelligent one's, not the dumb ones who think Catching Fire is something great. They just get all turned on by Jennifer Lawrence. She's a Woman's woman and man's Woman. What else can you say about that stink pot. This will show what real filmmaking is all about and the audience will show us the

    100 million (plus) dollar surprise. THIS WILL BE LIONSGATE REAL FRANCHISE GOING FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 21, 2014 5:13 AM Flag

    The stupid critics / wannabe filmmakers, lowly, depressed little floozies with nothing better to do than try and trash a company, probably we're all paid off by Carl Ichan, to trash Divergent will all look like a bunch of idiots this weekend when Divergent shockingly breaks records and people say, Ahhhhhh, now THIS is a good movie, and realize what a horrendous film Catching Fire was saved ONLY by Jennifer Lawrence. DIVERGENT on the other hand, is solid, it's real film making and it's storytelling at its finest. Again, unlike Catching Fire. People will be even more disappointed with the final two installments directed by this hack Francis Lawrence. However, NOW we have a REAL FRANCHISE ON OUR HANDS BABBBBY!!!!! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

    And now that we've shaken out all the weekends, we shall begin our trek back to 100. In my most humble of opinions of course :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! All those losers who #$%$ on Divergent and shorted this stock are gonna PAY! And the weak hands who sold, well, I feel awfully sorry for them. Awfully sorry. I truly do. It's quite sad. They didn't listen to me and believe in DIVERGENT!

  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 18, 2014 12:20 PM Flag

    #$%$! Word from my brother on the floor is that today is a "dead cat bounce" . I told to shove it where the sun don't shine because as we used to say back in the old days from classic Scarface, "Say hello to my little friend." ....... i.e...


    So that is exactly what I told my brother to tell all those idiots on the floor that this is a dead cat bounce before we head to the teens. Tell them, no, say hello to my little friend....


  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 18, 2014 9:07 AM Flag

    I don't buy the critics bashing of Divergent. I've seen it and I love it. Why do they think they are somehow the epitome of the universe and global population of 7 billion? Yes, let us turn to the God's known as the movie critic. Just so you all know, these losers also have worked as story analysts and story readers for major studios who have given the kibosh on scripts that needed up becoming huge films. Why you ask? How did they become huge films after the so called expert story reader / analyst gave it a no go for the studio or producer they are working for? Ummm, because they are stupid? Don't have a clue nor are connected with what the global population wants to see? Yet somehow they are given this false hope of trust as being like the Yoda of knowing all about scripts and film. The same goes with movie critics, they are somehow given some special power. Why? Because they know film? WRONG! The audience will prove that the critics are idiots and Divergent will set a new standard in how studios decide to make films, not from a story analyst or development executive AND this will forever change the way audiences listen to or trust movie critics.

  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood by rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 18, 2014 7:26 AM Flag

    I'm sick of these so called movie experts who call themselves movie reviewers, critics etc. Divergent's success and box office numbers will show what fools and idiots these critics are. The audience is all that matters. Not what these lowlife movie critics think. They are lowly paid frustrated wannabe film makers which there is really no need for. In the old days of movies, the audiences were the final judge. That's how it should have always stayed, but this job was created as if there is some group of people more intelligent than the world's population.

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