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  • Nokia must retain a huge reserve as it transition . More importantly there must be compelling vision given for its upcoming business.

    They do not need to give back the money to attract investors. Once the company gives a great vision, with the huge funds, the stock will surge and more new investment will follow.

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 30, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    Thanks my friends for all your comments.

    I think you should read this as well.

    Microsoft chief crows on Twitter as iPad Office soars

    It is obvious Microsoft would rather celebrate how ipad and office became great partners than discuss what impact it would have on newly Nokia devices whose installed office is one of the rare product differentiation that made it special.

  • Nokia is now injecting a revolution of sort in the mid range smartphone. It is now gaining serious traction .
    Seeking Alpha has a very good article you should seriously read entitled.

    Nokia: Yes To QWERTY Nokia X And Lumia Phones

    I may wish to even add that Nokia should include a line of waterproof and shock proof smartphone like Sony, not just in the high end, but mid range as well like Xperia V.

    The author touch on something else important . I feel that since Msft is no longer focusing on the phone business. It may well end up like MOT of Google. A strong hint is their choice of CEO, notice that not only do they not talk about being in the gadget making business any more, they are actually flaming their own range of gadget by introducing Office for ipad, What do you think is the new CEO position is for this Ballmer acquisition ?

    Alas, this news of Nokia X selling 10m sets pre sale came after the confirmation of acquisition. Otherwise Nokia stock would have easily sky rocket to $15 right now. We pre sold more Nokia X, yes that is pre sold, in one singular country more than Lumia in the entire 5 continents in a full quarter. Nokia X grew to a stunning success under Elop leadership, I hope in some ways he will be back in Nokia , as the CEO, again.

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 27, 2014 2:23 PM Flag

    OKOKOK ! good long friends, that is enough .

    By the way , I am a great admirer of Elop and I think I speak for many longs here who became rich as the result of his leadership and that of Nokia board during those very difficult years that destroyed HTC and Bbry, Nokia is now an investment grade company due, in no small part to Elop and the Nokia board 's leadership. . I want to emphasise that no one, myself included, saw that the world needed a poor performing Android who just had lots of apps, and virus hooked onto it , maybe leached would be a better word.

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 3:08 PM Flag

    Oh dear , I think many took offence at the 250m figure when I forgot to put the p.a. behind .

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 2:31 PM Flag

    You are absolutely right that we were all wrong, my friend.

    Still we are a little bit sad they are giving up devices as that meant we have lost it forever just we we have found the new dawn. Sign

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 1:08 PM Flag

    I fully agree with you, my good friend clcellve, that Nokia still has lots of value inside . My point of Nokia X was just that , on hindsight, we could have done something different. I had followed this Nokia story with everyone here for so long one could remember and the sudden Nokia X success was an eye opening event (if I may use that word). Users want something they could really use . That sentence sound so simple and yet, in the midst of fighting, Nokia lost that focus. Glad though we had something left to tide us over comfortably, and I am talking about our patents here .

    By the way congratulations to your investment in Microsoft., you certainly invested at the right time, wish I had done the same. I must say I was a little surprise on Msft choice for the CEO, my thoughts were perhaps half way through Microsoft changed its mind on becoming a devices company after they re-evaluated the market preference, which I do believe is also indicated in Nokia latest X sales.

    I wish you all the best in your investment in Intel as well. I am wondering what is your take on AMD ? AMD has fought Intel and lost but recently they seem to change their business plan to ride on the success of X box and Playstation. Do you think they have a chance by stopping their business plans based on competing with Intel from Jerry Sanders years and instead on a new business plans based on co-operating with Msft and Sony ?

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 12:50 PM Flag

    Nokia has never produced a great smartphone, it produced a great hardware and outsourced the other part, the outsourced entity came up short.

  • A great smartphone consist of a both a great hardware and a great software platform.

    Lumia is a great hardware but WP has one very serious thing missing, lack of apps. (I now come to fully appreciate what the , if I remember correctly, what Nokia senior executives publicly lamented about Msft coming up short in doing their part for the WP platform) .We tried to make the consumers world think apps is not that important, just as the hydrogen cars makers tried to make me think hydrogen cars is better than the dirty gas based platform. As a maker, I want to believe people will buy my ideas, but as a consumer, I will only buy what I believe in at the end of the day, can best serve its purpose.

    Nokia has never produced a great smartphone , it produced a great hardware.

  • Reply to

    Good news on Nokia X phone

    by gooseg52 Mar 26, 2014 9:29 AM
    risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 12:33 PM Flag

    It seems finally, at long last, Nokia saw in its very final days, a very serious winner that does not need any hype. Unfortunately my friend, we would only get to enjoy the profits from Nokia X as long as devices remained in Nokia, which is now measured in weeks.

    As jef pointed out, at least we can see the surge in usage of Here.

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 12:26 PM Flag

    I do now seriously agree with you earth my friend even if my opinion does not come in from the line of someone setting us up. My opinion is more of why did we not even try one singular Android in the first place for Nokia. I must admit that in the past that to push so hard blindly, something that , correct me if I am wrong, then CEO Elop himself admitted was a very very difficult task.

    I mean, when one had to spend one whole year just to get Instagram on board, or worse have to pay or beg developers to develop apps for a platform, it just simply meant the platform was not ready at all.

    Which in a way reminded me of how some try to promote the goodness of hydrogen cars once upon a time. People were talking about how clean the energy, how smooth the drive , etc, etc. , There were even some hydrogen pumps installed and some countries even tries to lower their taxes get to get people get hook on it. Guess what, the pumps are gone, the taxes rebates are gone, and my, those who bought it, which was very few to begin with and right now left hanging. People are still sticking onto their ever dirty gas operated automobile,

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 12:12 PM Flag

    I am glad you put that statement my friend. I frankly I hope your are right.

    Because the information I am getting right now is not something that will make me, nor you, nor any longs that will be living through the sale (or loss would now be a better word) of Nokia devices division, smile. Nokia X has sold so dramatically that is has changed every single idea of what Nokia is able to sell for smartphone. It seems that we are so used to selling number 100k or 1m that it has entrenched into our mind. Hey I am talking about Asha numbers as well.

    I now come to think the most stupid thing Nokia ever did was to sell anything and everything but a singular Android, the world standard that everyone wants simply because it has all the essential apps that makes the smartphone smart.

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 9:58 AM Flag

    Ah my friend, what it meant was the devices division transfer.

    But I think you would agree China pre sales alone are higher than the entire Lumia sales per any quarter in the history of Lumia.

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 9:56 AM Flag

    Nah, I am just joking , of course it cannot be undone, but it is depressing !!

  • This is totally unfair.

    We took an entire history of 25 years to build up the devices and we are now giving to Microsoft for a song just as when Nokia X is really taking off. Msft will buy a business for a mere $7b that will generate probably $15b annually.

    I believe had Nokia went Android for 1020 and 1520, Nokia stock would have been well over $20 or even $30 or even staged a complete turnaround right now.

  • I think we Nokia longs are going to get a heart attack ! Nokia X is taking the international sales by storm. 10m pre sales in China alone. Remember that is pre sales and that is China alone !

    Oh dear !!

  • Ladies and gentleman, please read the following good article from SA and cry !!

    Nokia X's 10 Million Pre-Orders Means Nokia Doesn't Need Microsoft

    I hope India cause another delay of 3 months , and when pre orders for Nokia X international reaches 100m, and profit for the 3 months till June for Nokia reaches sky high on that single Nokia X alone.

    Nokia shareholders will cry , no wail, when they handle the entire devices to Msft for a paltry tiny bitty some on money.

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 26, 2014 3:14 AM Flag

    That is an excellent analysis, my good friend. I do not mean to imply anything sinister and I think Elop did a great job cutting off the old Nokia's fat. Nokia board will obviously want only the best for Nokia. What I was saying is just, alas, had we only tried something different maybe the world today is dominated by a Nokia Android given the increasingly poor iterations of Samsung flagships. Did you see the review of the latest S5, people are not that warm to it at all, it is just another Samsung. It was a great missed opportunity missed, but probably it is also right to say that we needed MSFT 250m payout then to mitigate the horrific cash burn.

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 25, 2014 4:24 AM Flag

    So very true, my good friend Sydney.

    I do not know about you but each and every sales figure coming out for Nokia X is making me, forgive the pun, depressed. These are figures for China alone and for hardly well designed Nokia X

  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Mar 25, 2014 3:58 AM Flag

    My good friend, Smith, NokianX pre sales is so widely reported. That is China alone mind you.

    Sign. On the hindsight, the problem was so simple, Nokia stood on a non standard system. How could we have expected to carry itself to success. To add injury to insult, they niw show us how Andoid would have brought MSFT owned Nokia spectacular success.

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