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  • For those who are getting nervous about the pps being above .15 cents, think again. Tomorrow's data will be even better than today's and the media is going to start making positive comments about LymPro, introducing it to the masses for the first time. Over the next few days people are going to want to buy into AMBS before LymPro commercializes. AMBS hasn't even begun. .40 cents is a conservative estimate about where we will be by November 1st this year. Some think we could be well over $1.00. Don't get nervous down here at these levels. .15 or .16 cents is nothing compared to where we are soon going. Hang on to your shares and don't let flippers pry them from your hands. You guarantee you you will be sorry if you sell in the coming days or weeks.

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Aug 29, 2014 12:24 PM Flag

    The constant recent talk in the PRs about up listing real soon means we already have the LymPro partnership and it's a done deal. Perhaps the final numbers on how much up front cash we get has been negotiated into a range, the exact amount within that range determined by the results of our "bridge test," the better the data, the more cash we get. But that could be happening as we speak. It's not impossible that the data could be released on Tues right before the CC so Gerald can make sure everyone understands the data and it's significance. (Not all of us are science oriented) The reason AMBS may have been slow to release the data is because they've been trying to get the percentages as high as possible, because it could mean an extra 10 or 20 or 30 million dollars! I think we're real, real close now.

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Jul 24, 2014 2:45 PM Flag

    Not a "short squeeze," but a race for the remaining shares in AMBS' float. We have no idea how much remains, so this is pure speculation. But if you look at what happened to Elite Pharma after LPC did a similar financing deal with them, they had a massive spike upwards. The same has happened to other companies LPC has done similar deals with. If the LymPro data announced and high lighted at the Conference gets significant media attention there could be a tidal wave of new buyers wanting to get a piece of AMBS before LymPro is commercialized later this year. Law of Supply and Demand takes over from there!! If you have a limited supply of something (AMBS available shares) and a much much larger demand for those shares, the price goes up. Even when the pps goes to .25 to .30 cents after the LymPro PR there will speculation about how much higher it can go once Revenue Guidance is given....and the LymPro partnership is announced at the end of August. I don't think the spike up to .25 to .30 cents after the Conference is coming down much. There will be too much demand to get in before these other two major catalysts are announced in August. I say we go above well above .40 cents by early September. Then, MANF takes over. Retinitis will get Break Through Fast Track Orphan designation from the FDA. Maybe Wolframs, too! Then, when we're trading above .60 cents Gerald announces a stock buy back to engineer the pps higher still. We get to .80 cents, do a 1:5 RS and up list by November. Then after we up list to the NASDAQ, Gerald has JP Morgan, Fidelity, Bank of America, and other institutional investors waiting in line to take positions right after the up list so we maintain our price. Then LymPro commercially launches and Gerald is on CNN, GMA, 60 Minutes, and every other media outlet available to let the world know they can get tested for AD....NOW! Then, we get a Retinitis Partnership in Q1 2015....and a Wolframs/Diabetes Partnership! The catalysts are lined up for months!!

  • Some people are freaking out about the RS & extra authorized shares. They complain that Gerald will go through the first billion shares and will soon blow through the next billion, to our detriment. Unless you bought shares at .19 cents 18 months ago and never averaged down....then you're pretty stupid. Most people who have been in the stock for 1 or 2 years have a cost basis in the .5 to .7 cent range. That means you have about doubled your investment! So that's not too bad! Plus, during the last year we have had 2 scientists validate that MANF stops the progression of diabetes! That's pretty good. And, we now have Lympro ready for a partner next month and commercialization in 4 months. Pretty good. We've added Retintitis and will be filing for an Orphan Designation soon, and we'll start Eltoprazine Clinical Trials by November. So we have done pretty well in the last 12 to 18 months and have added a lot more experts to our team positioning us to up list in 3 or 4 months and really take off. So, I think Gerald has done OK with building the company! We're a lot better off than we were 18 months ago. The dilution has been well spend if you ask me. AMBS practically stole LymPro so I trust how they'll spend their money in buying other assets to increase shareholder value. It takes money to make money. We have enough wisdom on our team to use those authorized shares wisely! The people complaining ought to sell out their position 100% as Zarc did, only stop coming back and blabbing on the mb like morons! Be gone if you don't like it. We don't care if you stay or go. Zooguy, Zarc, scappy, the Professor, sammyvaugh, bananaboy, and all the other clowns that have been guys are making fools of yourself! Have you read what you've turned the mb into? I'm going to get rich with AMBS with integrity. You flippers are going to get rich on AMBS by raping naive nubies. You really are #$%$!! I'm glad I'm not you. LOL!!

  • The truth is, Gerald and AMBS aren't the real ones presenting LymPro to the Alzheimer's audience in Copenhagen, BD is!! They are the ones with the massive credibility that all AD experts worldwide respect. With all due respect, the AD experts don't care what Gerald says, they care what BD says!! BD has taken the time to carefully VADLIDATE LymPro is is willing to put their STAMP OF APPROVAL on what Gerald says in Copenhagen. That is what is about to happen: the AD experts are going to be told for the first time what BD thinks about LymPro's ability to detect Alzheimers. Once they all see that BD says LymPro is vastly more accurate than the current test being used....there will be an EARTHQUAKE in Copenhagen that will forever change the Alzheimer Testing landscape! Why would any Pharma doing AD clinical trials go with a more invasive, more expensive, and less accurate test to screen their clinical patients? They wouldn't!! There will be a stampede to LymPro. We don't have a precise richter scale to measure this type of GROUNDBREAKING EARTHQUAKE, but Gerald will soon give us some Revenue Guidance based on a model AMBS has been putting together in recent months from responses they've gathered from Pharmas doing AD clinical testing. I love it! This isn't going to be a "jolt" earthquake, it will be a slow quake that builds and builds in intensity, peaking during Gerald's media blitz in the Fall. Who knows where this will take us?

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Jul 23, 2014 1:44 PM Flag

    The pps soared up to .175 cents last Tuesday in expectation of the newest LymPro data. I don't believe we will see the pps go lower from here on out. We will gradually move toward that .17 cent range until the PR is released. I don't know if there will be a PR on the morning of the 31st, or the 30th, or the 1st? But once the PR comes out the pps will move well above .20 cents in my opinion. Maybe it will touch .25 cents or even .30 cents. Immediately upon release of the break through LymPro data expectations will turn to Gerald's promised Revenue Guidance in mid August. If he were to say we'll have 40 million in revenue in 2015, if you multiply that times 10 it equals 400 million. Divide that by our outstanding 800 million shares and you have .50 cents. So I believe the pps will start drifting upward from the .25 cent range after the Conference. Then at the end of August I expect a Partnership announcement with sizable up front money. That will certainly take us higher still. My conservative estimate of where we'll be by mid September is .35 cents. My high estimate is over .60 cents. And this is without any MANF news. If we get Break Through Fast Track Orphan status for Retinitis....we will go up even further. If Gerald takes some of the up front money from the Lympro partner and does a stock buy back to raise the pps so we can do a smaller Reverse Split....the pps will move higher still. If the media starts turning the spot light on AMBS in any meaningful way and we experience a "feeding frenzie" for the remaining shares in the float....we will go higher still. I am beginning to think we will be above $1.00 before any RS or up list. Now is a good time to buy. No down side from here. IMHO.

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Aug 3, 2014 10:17 AM Flag

    If you're just body's definitely possible to catch a wave and ride it if you know what you're doing. But you can't get the same ride and experience as someone with a boogie board and fins! The results presented on Thursday were like body surfing without a boogie board or fins. The 80% number they got represented an awesome ride!! But when the full test is completed they will be measuring the ride having a boogie board and fins and it will end up being in the 93 to 96% range. The Steiller tests done back in the day that got 90 & 95% numbers?...those were boogie boarding numbers! Their body surfing numbers were only in the 80% range. On Thursday everyone got bummed out because they thought the 80% number presented was from boogie boarding. It wasn't. It was only the body surfing measurement. Let's wait for the full testing to be completed and not misread what was presented! The scientists in the know are thinking this version 2 LymPro technique will end up providing the best ride yet in the mid 90s. Dudes...surfs up and it's a great day at the beach!! Don't let the bashers crash our party. They're jealous and want what shares we have cheaper.

  • riskreturn168 riskreturn168 Jul 2, 2014 2:34 PM Flag

    Gerald told me in Santa Monica that the number of MANF indications we currently are talking about represents a very, very small percentage of all the indications they expect MANF will have in the future. As soon as we get some extra money from partnerships on LymPro, Retinitis, & Wolframs, I imagine we'll start licensing several more indications in the coming months.

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Jun 26, 2014 11:17 AM Flag

    I don't bash AMBS, but I do keep score. I have talked with Gerald face to face as much as anyone here and follow his comments in blogs and CCs pretty closely. I am a long. I am "all in." I don't trade AMBS at all. I have had to sell some shares to pay for some expenses we've had and to supplement my income. I am paid mostly by commission and since January I really have not worked much. Fuller and bankerboy keep referring to a post I deleted where I talked about selling some of my shares. That is true, I did delete that post. But it wasn't because I didn't want people to know I'd sold some shares, but because August pointed out my math was wrong on something I had posted. So I did another post with correct math, but omitting the part where I said I had to sell some shares. Fuller has mentioned this "deleted post" multiple times and bankerman has attempted to make an issue of our family's loss in January for whatever basher mode reasons they have. But for those out there that are genuine longs, I thought I'd try to set the record straight. I do voice my opinions when I believe Gerald is falling behind on things he has promised. That's just who I am. I am not a pumper. I am objective. I happen to believe in the long run AMBS is going to make me rich, but my eyes are wide open, I realize the risks and returns this stock affords, and I try to keep score as objectively as I can. I am not flipping or changing my tune. I am always just a lovable son of a (witch?). I'm not afraid to attack others on the mb that I think are just bashing for selfish reasons, and I'm not afraid to be attacked in return. I've done all this before. Hope this clears the air for some who are confused. However, it is true, sometimes I do get bored and post stupid things. Sue me.

  • Here are the catalysts I expect will happen between now and October 1st that will take us to at least .20 cents, if not much, much higher.

    1) LymPro "Bridge Data" with spec & sens numbers above 90%
    2) LymPro Revenue Guidance given during CC on Sept. 2nd
    3) LymPro Partnership Announcement mid Sept. (so 3 month validation complete by mid Dec.)
    4) MANF/Retinitis Functionality Data Released; Orphan Paperwork submit to FDA
    5) MANF/Wolframs Data from Dr. Urano Released
    6) Shareholder Meeting on Sept. 22nd; Announce Diagnostic Spin Off Plans, Other News

    These are the catalysts and milestones I personally expect to happen soon which will take our pps above .20 cents by October 1st. There are probably more catalysts which I don't even know about that could be released around the time of the Shareholder Meeting.

    AMBS has laid down the gauntlet regarding LymPro Commercialization and Up listing this year. To fulfill those two promises a series of news catalysts will soon be announced. If we are not above .20 cents by October 1st, I will stop posting on Yahoo! That's a promise!

  • I think today's was the Junior Varisty Poster. Tomorrow will feature the Varsity Poster, with the new and improved LymPro Version 2 data. That should be real nice!! This will be a slow steady awakening for the Alzheimer's community. Day by day the reality of our data and it significance will slowly sink in as it changes the AD diagnostic landscape forever! GLTA.

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Jul 28, 2014 4:34 PM Flag

    We AMBS longs have been through a lot! But we're there now. GLTA.

  • We got a massive sell off this morning for no real good reason and yet, we're making our way back to where we began. Nice! We are ready to rip past .20 cents and soar somewhere between .25 and .30 cents tomorrow.

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Jul 29, 2014 6:46 PM Flag

    When you tell your friends and family that you bought into AMBS for .10 cents and it is trading at .40 cents in early September, all of them will tell you you are a fool for not selling and capturing your quadrupling your investment. Everyone has different circumstances so people have to do what they have to do. But be careful of following conventional wisdom too blindly. AMBS is not just any company. If you sell at .40 cents in September you may feel sick next summer when it is trading at $1.60. A year later it could be trading over $3. Be careful not to sell prematurely! And, avoid selling shares before holding them at least one year. Before one year you pay ordinary income tax rates. After a year you pay capital gains taxes, which is much less.Whatever you do, don't sell before we up list in November.

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Jul 2, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    AMBS' Business Model for MANF is to look for promising indications that can receive orphan designation, reducing the time and money needed to obtain final FDA approval. This makes the indication desirable for partnerships. As of today, RP seems to be ahead of Wolframs in getting orphan designation, but possibly not by much. Both RP and Wolframs have data coming out in prominent Journals this month. RP is likely to obtain orphan designation by this fall, and possibly wolframs too. Dr. Urana said this week that they are in talks with a Big Pharma regarding a partnership. That is AMBS' goal for both of these indications: a partnership this year with up front cash and milestone payments for future progress. Perhaps we get one partnership before up listing and the other partnership soon after up listing? These are nice catalysts for the stock price, in addition to the huge impact LymPro is going to have on our price in the coming weeks and months. Gerald was also seeking orphan status for Eltoprazine as well. Once Eltoprazine's trial gets firmed up I expect some grant from MJFF to help with funding. Gerald also indicated we would be hearing about more MANF indications, adding to the pipeline.

  • riskreturn168 riskreturn168 Jul 28, 2014 2:59 AM Flag

    I doubt they would bring Dr. Arendt, who basically discovered LymPro, to speak for 30 minutes at the Conference unless the data were special. Anything above 90% is special. Gerald has brought on many highly respected diagnostic experts who wouldn't have left their high paying jobs unless LymPro were the real deal. I'm not worried about LymPro at all. Don't sell too quickly, the fireworks are just beginning. This stock is a keeper.

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    I miss the days

    by fyreball27 Aug 6, 2014 3:05 PM
    riskreturn168 riskreturn168 Aug 6, 2014 3:30 PM Flag

    fyreball: The purpose of the basher trolls is to distract and discourage longs like yourself. Whenever you invest in a stock like AMBS, where there is great upward potential and downward risk, you will find trolls like these on the mb. Try this, instead of allowing them do bother you, view them as a sign that the stock you own could possibly explode upwards! They wouldn't be here unless that was a real possibility. If you notice, there really isn't a "short interest" to speak of in this stock. There may be some shorting intra day, but I don't believe there is a significant percentage of shares that are short long term. That tells you something. All the bashers are here because they want your shares cheaper, so they can enrich their hedge fund bosses when the stock goes up Take fkerryfuller for example, he is probably some guy in his thirties living with his parents and getting paid a small salary with incentive bonuses from a hedge fund. Don't let these trolls get to you! Hold on to your shares.

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Jun 27, 2014 10:59 AM Flag

    We are expecting Retinitis functionality data. We also have been told by Gerald that Diabetes data would be coming soon. (A couple months ago) We also are awaiting Dr. Urano's Wolframs publication to be coming out in a respected Journal soon. It will be interesting to see what impact MANF data has on our pps. If the market believe good data suggests a MANF indication partnership is near as a result of the data, then the pps will move up. Dr. Urano seems to be suggesting the he and AMBS have been looking for a Big Pharma to partner with on Wolframs. Gerald told me last month that if the Wolframs data is strong enough, it would become our lead MANF indication. As a backdrop to all the MANF data is Copenhagen and the LymPro data. That data will most likely be music to our ears and will make the pps go up since it is expected that a LymPro partnership will happen not long afterward and revenues will begin as well.

  • riskreturn168 by riskreturn168 Jul 3, 2014 1:25 PM Flag

    Here is an example of a post Joboggi got deleted by the Administration there because he said it was "Off Topic." "Jembers: I was stuck in INSY for a few years and it went no where. It always had promise and that's why I stayed, but it was frustrating. It too was pre-clinical with it's major drug. But once it started earning revenue, the stock shot up from $8 to over $80 in about 8 months. THE MARKET LOVES REVENUE!! Don't forget that.
    In AMBS' case, we have no revenue. Thus, we are not trading very well. BUT....LymPro's revenue will start in another 6 months. That by itself still would not move our pps in the near term. BUT....there are two things that will happen in the next 2 months that will move our stock: 1) REVENUE GUIDANCE, forecasting the revenue in a way the market can digest, and 2) A BIG PHARMA PARTNER! If the partner pays us 50 to 100 million dollars, they are putting their money where Gerald's mouth is, giving his revenue guidance massive credibility! So by September 1st we will definitely move higher. I'd say somewhere in the .20 to .30 cent range. To go higher will depend on the release of concrete MANF data for RP and Wolframs, and their orphan designations by the FDA. We might even get a partnership or two from MANF by the end of the year. Maybe one before we up list and one right after? Also, as we approach Eltoprazine's trial, a grant to help fund it will also give us a boost.
    So it is hard to say where we'll be by November 1st when I predict is the approx. time we'll up list. I would say the lowest would be .30 cents and the highest over $1.00. Also, don't forget LPC and their associates are going to be buying up the remainder of the float so that when our big catalysts hit and the volume peaks, we'll experience a kind of "squeeze" spiking the pps upward.
    I am also confident Gerald has a few institutions like JP Morgan, Fidelity, etc to start taking up large positions after the up list to keep the pps up.
    Don't get discouraged by all the clown

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    Becton Dickenson Being Presented in Copenhagen

    by riskreturn168 Jul 11, 2014 10:25 AM
    riskreturn168 riskreturn168 Jul 11, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    chris: They are the ones who performed the tests for us. I am speaking metaphorically. It is as if BD were doing the presenting. Gerald will be standing up there, but he will be conveying what BD says about LymPro. This is as good as if BD themselves were doing the presenting. BD's stamp of approval is on Gerald's numbers!!#$%$$$

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