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  • Yup, he loses to the s&p and beats the s&p depending on the time frames you look at. I don't know if divies are taken into account in your figures Igg. He's paid some whoppers in the past 10 years, though none in the past several. You like playing the excitement of index funds, Igg? If not, we're going for peers here, not index vs managed fund.

    Yup, he screwed up in several ways since 2007. Not believing the banks were liable for the mbs losses, believing his materials stocks were going to the moon, believing the feds would've bailed lehman as they did merrill and perhaps avoiding the mess or at least the worst part of it, and the one you mention, not shorting though he had the capability. Still, you cherry picked your time frame and with this type manager you just can't do that and think you can predict the future. He is unpredictable, and that's been written of many times right here on this board.

  • What's he done in relation to his peers for the past let's say 2 years? You cherry pick your time frame, i'll cherry pick mine. You don't like 2 years then let's try since inception. Don't forget to plug back in all the divvies he's paid. Don't have to worry about 2 years for divvies though, but since inception...

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    by denny_kehoe Aug 11, 2014 11:05 AM

    "I think bowhunter has a point."

    Yeah, at the end of its rear. If it was human it'd be the top of its head, but a thang has what little it has acting in place of a brain behind it.

    "there is a shortage of solar cellsl"

    Doesn't look moribund to me.

    No one wants to comment on the cgm funds today? Well, i will. Another couple of nice moves, one for rx, even better for fx. Those of us who have it, let's enjoy it. While we can. Can't say heebner's not exciting. One way or the other.

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    by scb38156405 Aug 19, 2014 7:27 AM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 19, 2014 11:03 AM Flag

    "Forward 10.56 for 2015"

    And if it comes true it will prove the bulls right. Me, i did try yesterday to dump put of those september 7 puts i'd bought but couldn't get a buyer. So, just another example for me of why i hate to buy options. Lost money, though at the mtg lows for this cycle they were a very decent winner. Funny how things change from one day to the next. When we were in the 7 & teens i could've sworn we were going sub-7 very soon, with a lot of time left for those options to give me a good time premium, and look at where we are now.

    Well, my own long holding sure appreciates the run up, and my grandkids are now back in the black with theirs. Two weeks from now? Who the heck knows. I don't even know 2 days from now. Or two hours.

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    The death of Solar Energy

    by wild4thegirl Aug 18, 2014 11:53 AM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 19, 2014 10:52 AM Flag

    "A lot of money coming into the U.S. from investors and banks selling their gold and silver and buying U.S. stocks,..."

    Speaking of which:

    "Forget the naysayers! This bull market has another 15 years left in it. At least that’s what Brian Belski, chief market strategist at BMO Capital Markets, says while admitting “the believability of this market is very low.”"

    Belski argues, “North america will drive growth going forward for the next five years at least.” He suggests that will give emerging markets in Europe the time they need to straighten out their issues."

    Didn't watch the video nor read the whole thing, but i imagine he's going for the secular vs the cyclical/ A 20 year run for a secular would not be unusual, and the pace this current one's setting argues for such a long term. No wild excesses to be taken apart. I remember when greenspan commented on the slow pace, i think it average about 2 - 2 1/2% growth at the time back in the '90's, and commented that augured well for a bull market that would last longer than would otherwise be the case.

    Of course there are some who probably are not selling their gold. I think we've still got one here. Or has it sold?

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    The death of Solar Energy

    by wild4thegirl Aug 18, 2014 11:53 AM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 18, 2014 7:59 PM Flag

    Don't know who started this thread, Igg, but whomever it was probably wrote samuel clemens obituary. The first time he died. A way off base thread title if ever i saw one. No idea what's in most of the thread posts but any post actually prognosticating the death of solar during any length of future we can actually envision is a fool's sight of the future.

    I believe it's solar which has the fastest % reduction of energy production cost of any of the familiar energy sources, though i'm going out on a limb writing that and won't be held to to it. Y'all can do your own research if you wish to disprove that statement. I do know solar has had a high % of cost reduction over the past few years, pretty sure i posted on this before, and not too long ago. Almost definitely sometime after the beginning of this year. That rate of continuing cost reduction was not projected to drop, at least not significantly, anytime in the foreseeable future.

    Nice up day for both fx and rx. So far have held onto my rx though i had contemplated selling. I am still dumbfounded by the direction of interest rates but did catch something yesterday on one cause of US treasuries' yield going down. Th US 10 year yields more than double the german 10 yr. A lot of money was said to be flowing out of the german and into the American, accounting for the drop in American yield. Pretty sure it was on bloomberg i saw that, i think yesterday.

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    Typical Bigot Ron

    by hateliberalsbiteme Aug 15, 2014 2:46 PM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 17, 2014 9:57 PM Flag

    "So now you know why a guy robbed a store and only took cigars."

    Educated me, thanks for that. I was wondering. Seemed like a stupid thing to take unless he was a big cigar smoker and couldn't afford to buy 'em. I wonder why the guy with him put some back on the counter after this guy went to the trouble to take them. Maybe he, the friend, didn't want to get involved in a theft. If it's that, that would make anything he said about what occurred after worth a 2nd look to me. "Goes to credibility, your honor."

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    Typical Bigot Ron

    by hateliberalsbiteme Aug 15, 2014 2:46 PM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 17, 2014 9:52 PM Flag


    Yeah, that was it, thanks.

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    Typical Bigot Ron

    by hateliberalsbiteme Aug 15, 2014 2:46 PM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 17, 2014 5:30 PM Flag

    "...Bow, you must belong to the same skin head group as does..."

    It does. I forget the handle it used up to several years ago. Wait, wasn't it lancefart or something like that?

    "...(until evicted via warfare from Spain during the time of Queen Isabella."

    Thanks for correcting my misconception of history. It's what happens when i pay too much attention to hollywood and accept their version of the actual facts and combine that with my own faulty memory of what falsehoods they put out, leading to a compounding of the distortions. El cid. It must be 50 years since i saw that movie. We were supposed to go to a rangers game at the old garden that night but wound up with obstructed view tickets. So we sold the tickets, for a nice little profit, and instead went to see the movie in some theater on broadway.

    I see the thread theme which can only be about the michael brown incident. Gotta say i believe the crowds are probably wrong on this one, imo. Guy apparently was involved in that robbery, so whatever started the conflict between him and the police leans to causing a justified police action for me. Obviously with no further information of what actually happened. I tend to dismiss his apparent partner in crime's statement of what happened, whether it be patently false or a false interpretation (like mine with the history of spain).

    Anyway, point's to the obvious need to equip all police with personal cameras. Also should equip all vehicles, police and private alike, with cameras. Would certainly go a long way toward defining who's at fault in an accident between/among vehicles and cut down the insurance companies apportioning of blame and surcharging multiple drivers instead of the one actually causing the accident. For the record though, i am against red light photos. Eliminates giving us a sporting chance.

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    The doof's back in the news

    by rivvir Aug 12, 2014 4:19 PM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 12, 2014 10:34 PM Flag

    "...since we posted about hpi it has gone up nearly every day."

    Yeah, i notice, Challenge. I'm still looking for interest rates to go up though, and when they do my target just might get hit, and faster than you'd think. I'll be patient with this one. It's a nice return now but if what i think is gonna happen does happen, the thing will lose every penny in dividends it paid out for the past year or more. Too much risk involved for me vs the reward it's paying now.

    "There was a similar story about this in late July."

    I took a look myself after your post Igg, and couldn't find any reputable sources, just a bunch of possibly crackpot sites with names i'd never heard of before.. Apparently this was the story from back in july you noted, i hadn't seen it before. A friend of mine had emailed me a link and i just opened it and read the story. Didn't even see where it originated and i deleted the email soon after. For all i know it is a false story that's made the rounds. I tried urban legends using sarah palin chinese food but it couldn't find a match to those key words.

    I did run across the czech story and it shows it to be false, put out by the daily currant (as opposed to current, currant being a fruit) which it says notes itself it's a spoof site. Could well be this chinese food thing was just a spoof as well.

  • "Sarah Palin: ‘Eat Less Chinese Food’ to Reduce Trade Deficit

    In an interview on Fox News this morning, the former Alaska governor claimed that our growing trade deficit with China has become a national security risk and outlined her strategy for reversing the trend.

    “We need to quit eating so much darn Chinese food,” she told Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy. “Don’t Americans realize that the Chinese are taking too much of our money already?

    “It's hard to find American-made televisions. But can’t we go without Chinese take-out? There are so many good, old-fashioned American choices out there. Ever heard of pizza?”

    ...Doocy, ... attempted to alert Palin to her mistake.

    “Sarah, you know I love you,” he remarked, “but Chinese restaurants are part of the local economy. The food doesn’t actually come from China.”

    “Steve, that’s ridiculous,” Palin replied. “Why is it called Chinese food if it doesn’t come from China?”"

    I guess we'll be increasing our purchases from italy now. The tea party dummies, and the alaskan dummies, will now be buying a lot of pizza. And i guess other italian foods.

  • rivvir rivvir Aug 10, 2014 6:23 PM Flag

    "There is no comparison to ISIS and Americans of the past century."

    You really believe that? If so, do a little research and look for the photos of the burnings and hangings, sn any other atrocity you might find displayed . Then imagine yourself being hogtied and tossed into the fire while still alive. You really think something who could do that to a human being is any better than your isis mad dogs? I don't deny the country's good points, i'm just noting we had our own factions of rabies infected animals. Not everyone in iraq is isis, not every American has a mad dog lurking in his/her family tree, or is a himself/herself a mad dog today.

    "Gas was $1.80 gallon because we were in a worldwide depression with a drop of 10% GDP."

    Shhh, you might bust their bubble, though i don't think any rational explanations get through if those explain the true situation and don't support a thang's musings. Thangs can only hear what they want to hear and can see only what they want to see. Truth has no bearing for them.

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    miss me yet?

    by the_hawk_remembers_him Aug 10, 2014 9:12 AM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 10, 2014 12:52 PM Flag

    "well you must feel like the invasion of iraq was worth it."

    Absolutely not. Not for what it cost us and what we got, and are now getting, in return. We're certainly no better off than before in terms of who is in power in iraq, we've lost lives that shouldn't have been lost, we've lost taxpayer money that were uselessly spent. Not only couldn't we have it both ways, we wound up not getting it either way. But many of us knew that going in. We knew there was no winning that war, and we said it.

    If you haven't learned from how many centuries of history by now the people over there will never give in, you never will. You don't dictate to them who will wind up in power in their area, they will dictate themselves. The russians learned that, we didn't learn from the russians. We also didn't learn that from the french when they were in viet nam. For some reason we just can't learn this lesson, know whom you are fighting and know what you can and can't win.

    A couple of good things did happen to us economically because of the war, though. We created jobs, both in military positions, replacement jobs for the reservists that were called up and had to leave their civilian jobs, and jobs for military contractors. So little bushie helped the employment picture in that fashion. Of course, obama lost jobs by ending our involvement, stupid him. The other good thing is our military contractors made a lot of money off the war, and that ultimately helped the stock market indexes during that period. Cheney wasn't stupid, just ruthless. And underneath, probably as evil as saddam.

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    miss me yet?

    by the_hawk_remembers_him Aug 10, 2014 9:12 AM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 10, 2014 10:23 AM Flag

    Read some of it. Part is true, no doubt, the part about him being the devil on earth, but the ledger balances out when you weigh one directly against the other, times with hussein vs without hussein. No better, no worse. Pure evil is pure evil, whether it be isis or saddam. Just like adolph vs stalin. In truth, there's no place for any of this type in this world, not if we want to ever live in true peace. And remember, saddam did permit alqaeda to operate in his territory as he didn't want to go into another conflict. Though he was not allied with them or behind them as a certain little bushie claimed.

    So, who knows what saddam would truly have done about isis if they didn't encroach on saddam's own sphere. They could have easily gone after targets that saddam wouldn't care about. If he was still around. It's not as if the area didn't have its moments of turmoil even with saddam around. I wonder if isis would have arisen if alqaeda didn't lose influence in the area.

    In fact, there was war with a neighbor somewhere in there, wasn't there? One in which we supported saddam. And another semi-war in there somewhere, one in which we ourselves were involved. Something about saddam invading a different neighbor in order to take control of more oil. Heck, he even imaginarily stirred up things enough to where another semi-war cropped up over him, and it wasn't even true. So, stability with saddam? I don't think so.

  • rivvir rivvir Aug 10, 2014 3:18 AM Flag

    Read beria in wiki. I thought beria himself had succeeded stalin and then got putsched but you're right, mostly, that it was apparently kruschev. But immediately after stalin's death " His (beria) close ally Malenkov was the new Prime Minister and initially the most powerful man in the post-Stalin leadership." Then came kruschev's move and he became the true successor.

    Good logic is one thing. Bigotry is another. My brand of logic tells me i should not tolerate a bigot. If isis has a 15th century mindset what does that say about those "Americans" of as short a time ago as last century who committed equivalent atrocities, and the current day thangs who think along the same lines? Atrocities based on race and religion. Igg, either face up to the question, and the truth, or just abandon dealing in this area altogether as trying to be all things to all people does you a disservice.

  • rivvir rivvir Aug 9, 2014 8:36 PM Flag

    "Management comes out only once a month with stats and the quarter report..."

    That's kind of ridiculous. How many public companies come out at least once a month with relevant stats? Mtg's coming out each month is 3x more frequent than most. You want them to come out every week, every day, every hour, every minute or every second?

  • rivvir rivvir Aug 9, 2014 6:18 PM Flag

    "This group (ISIS) beheads people for the slightest differences. I doubt Juan or rivvir or anyone else on this site really wants similar results, like YOUR or MY HEAD on a pike."

    Well, you're 1/2 right Igg, though close to being all wrong. Unless you see skin color as being more than a slight difference, in our country it's been thangs such as dear guano who, for nothing more than skin color and a thrill, have hung and burned people in the past, and would continue to do so if we allowed them. Don't the thang's messages tell you that? Might not be beheading but the actions are just as bestial, and so were/are the individuals involved.

    Same goes for religion. The same thangs, here in America, have acted bestially over religion, just as isis does over there. So, i myself would have no compunction about placing the thang's head on a pike as i believe in doing unto others as they do, unto you or some other innocent. Or would if they had the shot. No, i don't want your head on a pike, even though we have our differences. I can get along with your type, i imagine you can live with my type without calling for my blood.

    I can't abide those others and the sooner we are totally rid of them, permanently, one way or another, the sooner and better this country will be able to work toward actually fulfilling the ideals upon which it was founded. Mad dogs have to be eliminated for a society to fulfill its potential. Yes, i believe in the death penalty, with the safeguard that absolute proof be provided. And i mean absolute. Because both the crime was absolute, no going back for eternity, therefore the punishment should be as absolute, with no going back for eternity. Execute the wrong person and society is as guilty as is the perpetrator of the original crime.

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    Well now,

    by rivvir Aug 9, 2014 10:40 AM
    rivvir rivvir Aug 9, 2014 11:34 AM Flag

    "Concisely articulated."

    Well, i don't think i've ever been accused of that before, but, thanks anyway. I normally write to the lowest common denominator, thus i have to explain everything. This time i wrote for the non-thangs, the people who can truly think for themselves, so i could keep it shorter. Even explaining everything couldn't get through to the thangs, so why bother.

  • rivvir by rivvir Aug 9, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    I see the thang gang (a little play off a paul muni movie theme, a movie i've seen a few times in my life and one which is as fresh as ever each time i see it) has taken over the board this morning. So, i'll give them a little something to think about, since one thread title is for thinkers only. Surprises me a thang would go that route though, since they can't really think. They are simply like plants which turn toward the sun without a brain guiding them, only the thangs turn toward darkness. Tropism in perverse format.

    Who was well on its way to killing off America? A triumvirate of 3 evil doers. The chinese, walmart, many other employers ex-walmart. The chinese offer cheap, poor quality products. Walmart offers low prices, These have killed off many American businesses. Yes, walmart has killed off many American businesses. Walmart pays its people low wages. Many American businesses pay their people low wages. Both factions do so while their owners/managements get paid handsomely and constantly increase their own pay lavishly. The worker cannot afford more than the cheap walmart product or the cheap, poor quality chinese product.

    Thus walmart and the chinese hail themselves as America's saviors, providing the American worker with products it can afford. They ignore the fact that the American worker can only afford their products because walmart and the chinese pay their people little and destroy American jobs which paid decently. The owners and managements of many American companies fall into the same vicious cycle; pay poor (except yourself), sell cheaper, and sell yourself as the savior of America.

    And you thought it was unions that were destroying America. The only thing that unions destroyed, through their own greed and misuse of power, was themselves.

  • rivvir rivvir Aug 9, 2014 12:12 AM Flag

    Wildthang, caught a snip of this before the ignore took hold and just had to take a look to make sure my eyes hadn't deceived me. They hadn't. Are you really that stupid? Comparing turkey to russia is bad enough, but to forget what really got Americans rolling on this was a certain incident which affected many Americans, right in the psyche. Like perhaps a non-aligned passenger jet, which many Americans themselves use to get around in the world, getting blown out of the sky by a russian supplied missile to a russian backed separatist group which has abandoned its country in favor of another. Just maybe you think? If you're capable of rational thought, which i pretty much doubt.

    As for ukraine once being part of russia, it was also once part of poland, also once part of lithuania before the lithuanians transferred title to poland, also once part of the autro-hungarian empire. Turks and germans, as well as some others, are also highly involved in the history of ukraine. It all depends on what year you want to designate as to what part of what country's sphere of influence ukraine fell into. I have forebears from ukraine and they considered themselves polish, for that's what country ruled the territory during the time they were there.

    In fact, i was watching paul muni movies on tcm just the other day and looked him up in wiki. If you check you'll see where in the section on his early life he was born in what today is ukraine but in the year of his birth it was part of the austro-hungarian empire and between the two world wars it was part of poland. So to simply say ukraine was once part of russia is to dismiss its true history. Alaska was also once part of russia. Should we give it back if the citizens of alaska wish to secede? Or return texas to mexico? Louisiana to france? Etc, etc, etc. Maybe give the entire US back to the native Americans.

    You're proving that what AView writes about you is true. Wise up.

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