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rjfand4 648 posts  |  Last Activity: May 6, 2005 2:19 PM Member since: Mar 15, 2003
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    Revised Growth

    by lestatheinvesta May 2, 2005 11:11 AM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 May 6, 2005 2:19 PM Flag

    I' ve been checking MDU out as best I can and even if it's figured into the current share price ( hardly a safe assumption) the news of hedging losses being absorbed isn't very soothing.( Refer to 10Q, 3-05)Not looking to stir things up, just looking.

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    long term view

    by barry555 Apr 29, 2005 12:45 PM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Apr 29, 2005 1:46 PM Flag

    >Imagine if you had bought coke when it went public in 1900 and never sold,you would be rich beyond your wildest dreams.<You would also probably be dead by now, but that's beside the point. Your recent investing points add a nice flavor during NYB sour period. It is sometimes tough not to click out of such a volatile market.

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    How Will NYB Make Any Money?

    by StuyvesantGrad1970 Feb 16, 2005 4:19 AM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Feb 16, 2005 1:03 PM Flag

    That's the $64,000. question. My outlook is that anyone sticking with NYB now is betting/hoping they make enough to pay the divvy until the spread hopefully starts to widen. Thanks for the links.

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    FWIW...Frederick Leuffer

    by tallpall Feb 9, 2005 2:22 PM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Feb 9, 2005 2:56 PM Flag

    Kudlow even ignores his guests if they're saying something he doesn't want to hear.

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    by fisherick Feb 9, 2005 1:15 PM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Feb 9, 2005 2:29 PM Flag

    Whenever the pps drops for no apparent reason as it seems to do at least once a year and for an extended period I remind myself of how few trades it takes to make it happen . I picture little old ladies moving this issue and sit tight.It definitely can keep you guessing. How about fitting nicely into GE nuclear portfolio. Just kidding but who knows?

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    by fisherick Feb 9, 2005 1:15 PM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Feb 9, 2005 1:38 PM Flag

    This thing doesn't need a reason to shoot up or down,but it sure makes me feel better when it's the former.

  • On such a bleak day this old article seems worth a read. If your new, you can get a look at the much reviled leader and if your hoping for a takeover you'll find some ammo buried here. To better days ahead...,0,5374630.story

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    good buyout price now for citigroup

    by gooferb Feb 4, 2005 12:56 PM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Feb 4, 2005 1:53 PM Flag

    Anybody that follows banks care to comment on hostile takeovers in the industry? I asked this earlier as I would sure sell this cheaper than Joe and his crew.

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    up $2.18

    by internetsoldier Feb 3, 2005 2:53 AM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Feb 3, 2005 11:09 AM Flag

    Camp Casey for me. Jorge, Joe said in last conference call that they would not be buying any shares back but we can take all the optimism offered.

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    by A Yahoo! User May 10, 2005 4:31 AM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Feb 1, 2005 2:29 PM Flag

    XOM: better liquidity,dividends and helps keep the pulse steadier when you get older,and no rule against owning both.

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    by CASUALJ7 Jan 31, 2005 1:18 PM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Jan 31, 2005 5:47 PM Flag

    If they don't continue to make enough to pay the divvy we(longs) are all screwed and they are too.

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    by CASUALJ7 Jan 31, 2005 1:18 PM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Jan 31, 2005 5:43 PM Flag

    1. New York Community Bancorp, Inc. Falls as Merger Talk Fades-Reuters
    July 02, 2004
    Reuters reported that New York Community Bancorp, Inc. shares fell as much as 8.2% on July 2 after the Company said it might prefer to remain independent rather than keep looking for a buyer. The Company also said it will take a $95 million second-quarter charge, or 35 cents per share, from its sale of $5 billion of securities following a bad bet on interest rates. Citigroup, Independence Community Bank Corp. and Sovereign Bancorp Inc. showed interest in buying the Company, but weren't willing to pay enough, people familiar with the talks have said.
    New York Community Bancorp, Inc. Issues FY 2004, 2005 EPS Guidance Below Analysts' Estimates; Q2 '04 Outlook In-Line With Expectations
    July 01, 2004
    New York Community Bancorp, Inc. announced that it has sold $5 billion of available-for-sale securities with an average yield of 4.62% and an expected weighted average life of six years in the current rate environment. The sale resulted in a one-time after-tax charge of approximately $95 million, or $0.35 per diluted share, which will result in the Company recording second quarter 2004 diluted GAAP earnings per share in the range of $0.15 to $0.16. The Company currently expects full year 2004 diluted GAAP earnings per share in the range of $1.42 to $1.47. Excluding the impact of the one-time charge in the second quarter, full year 2004 diluted core earnings per share are expected to range from $1.77 to $1.82, including second quarter diluted earnings per share in the range of $0.50 to $0.51. Reflecting the full-year impact of the reduction in interest-earning assets during the recent quarter, the Company expects full year 2005 diluted earnings per share in the range of $1.65 to $1.70. The Company added that although near-term earnings will be reduced, the deleveraging of the balance sheet will enhance the Company's capital position. According to Reuters Estimates, analysts on average were expecting the Company to report full year 2004 earnings per diluted share of $1.95, including second quarter 2004 earnings per diluted share of $0.50, and full year 2005 earnings per diluted share of $2.08.
    Citigroup in talks to buy New York Community Bancorp, Inc.-

  • rjfand4 by rjfand4 Jan 31, 2005 10:27 AM Flag

    Do I have this right: The street figures VZ now has to do a deal with MCI or(Sprint?) and we're currently pricing that in. David Faber(CNBC) said VZ didn't talk about their dividend at last CC and took that to mean they didn't want to talk about what they were going to do with their cash. Disclosure: I'm long and trying to decide if I want more if it gets to $34ish.

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    Deleted Message

    by yahoo May 13, 2005 4:17 AM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Jan 29, 2005 2:14 PM Flag

    That's along the lines of what I was thinking . I can't imagine institutional money can be ignored quite as easily as us little folk. Of course all this jerking around in the trading could be orchestated to accentuate the damaged goods point. Question for anyone: Seems like about two weeks ago when we moved over $20. could have been big boys selling shares short to buy back maybe last couple days. Not much in the way of truly positive or negative information has really had much to do with recent PPS movement IMO. Too cynical?

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    Joe's Gotta Go

    by havnholdout Jan 28, 2005 3:42 PM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Jan 28, 2005 5:06 PM Flag

    You're right, it is relentless. As an earlier poster said,it continually presents lower buying opportunities. There have been many posts/calls for Joe to go, as this blood bath has been going on awhile. To my knowledge Joe has yet to acknowledge that a colossal screwup has been made. Annual shareholder meeting might provide some fireworks.

  • eom

  • rjfand4 by rjfand4 Jan 28, 2005 12:38 PM Flag

    do unfriendly takeovers? I'd sell this a lot cheaper than Joe would,I suspect.

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    by fixedireturns Jan 26, 2005 9:01 AM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Jan 27, 2005 7:55 PM Flag

    I just don't trust how orderly the selloff has been.I also have been watching and waiting to get back in but since they don't yet know what caused the fire and can't give rebuild estmates I'll wait .

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    by fixedireturns Jan 26, 2005 9:01 AM
    rjfand4 rjfand4 Jan 27, 2005 3:46 PM Flag

    Peter, Charts don't tell me much,but I can appreciate that they can help you and others come to trading/investment decisions. I was lucky enough to find SU when it was around $18. and to find berrybob residing on the board at that time. He convinced me( without knowing) of the long term strength there. I got out (too early) around $27 when their royalty issues surfaced. My read(without a chart) is it 's going to $28ish or lower. Do you restrict yourself to short term trading or in SU case are you thinking longer term. I'm afraid I'm only competent enough as an investor to lurk and appreciate this board,so I offer this morsel as something to read before you scratch that itch. PS. I'm not sure they're commies,but my brother and sister in law reside in Cambridge. Regards

  • rjfand4 by rjfand4 Jan 27, 2005 2:05 PM Flag

    I've been willing to sit on this for the divvy and the hopes for better times ahead but maybe I should take the higher yield while I'm waiting. The market doesn't seem to see much difference between the players. Any thoughts appreciated.