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    PLUNGED 37.46% in 2 days!

    by edblue1003 4 hours ago

    Line never had a "dividend."

  • "Doubling down tomorrow or Monday"
    by goskiing99 • 18 hours ago
    "May as well; if by some miracle it does survive it would give me a shot at break even. It's only $$"

    I guess it's safe to say you haven't pulled the trigger yet? When you do, (wink wink) are you going to start telling us how rosy Linn's future look's?

  • David Kelly, chief global strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, said this week "that a $29 billion decline in oil exploration and mining activity in the U.S. cut economic growth by 0.7 percent in the second quarter, a sizable chunk for an economy that grew 2.3 percent."

  • The Donald filed for bankruptcy? (4 times since 1991)

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    they do not have 10 billion in debt

    by giustino23 8 hours ago

    I agree, I can live without that .10 for awhile and watch that debt roll off. When oil eventually starts to head back to historically normal range Line will be a combination growth and distributor of cash. That's why I'm adding here, another 1000 at $4.05 today. Just don't tell me wife")

  • Now why did you have to wake up the old man and bring him into to this?

  • I did not Blame Bush. I only posted factual information about the GDP and economy during and after his Presidency. I didn't make up the fact that GW was in office during the previous weakest expansion era and coincidentally preceded the current one. It's up to you and everyone else to connect the dots and place blame. Don't forget you opened this can of worms not me.

  • I bet The Donald could build a few casinos on some of that land and make billions:)

  • I keep forgetting that in your world of wacko, myths are facts and facts are myths. Now tell me that story again about that guy who built that big boat and took 2 of every animal on the planet for a 40 day cruise.

  • My post regarding apples, (thankfully I do own APPL) :) was just pointing out the ENTIRE sector was getting mauled not just Line. Obviously Exxon is MUCH larger in valuation but not that long ago Exxon was number one in the world and now is second behind Apple. In fact Apple has completely lapped Exxon and is more than twice as valuable. I never meant to suggest they were equal only that ALL oil related energy companies have been decimated. This is Exxon's worst quarterly profit in 13 years. So maybe you need to get a grip on your keyboard and hit that sell button if you have no faith in Lines future. $4.00 is better than ZERO, right. I won't be getting my drink on until happy :) hour starts at 5pm EST. BTW my comment about your decision to buy or hold was a response to your comment about line being down 90% YTD compared to Exxon's 20%. Doesn't that indicate poor decision making on your part the past year?

  • Length of Recessions

    The 10 previous postwar recessions ranged in length from 6 months to 16 months, averaging about 10 1/2 months. The 2007-09 recession was the longest recession in the postwar period, at 18 months.

    Depth of Recessions

    The severity of a recession is determined in part by its length; perhaps even more important is the magnitude of the decline in economic activity. The 2007-09 recession was the deepest recession in the postwar period; at their lowest points employment fell by 6.3 percent and output fell by 5.1 percent.

    Since the recession ended in June 2009, the economy has advanced at a 2.2% annual pace through the end of last year. That’s more than a half-percentage point worse than the next-weakest expansion of the past 70 years, the one from 2001 through 2007. Now what President was in office between 2001 through 2007? Coincidental?

  • I didn't realize management wouldn't allow you to sell your shares within the last year. SP isn't always right and doesn't always indicate the future value of a company. Obviously things are looking pretty bleak right now but the choice to buy or sell is still on you. You made a sarcastic post earlier that Line could fall to $O.OO so if you truly believe it wouldn't it be prudent to sell right now? I personally am not happy but I see an opportunity and have been adding in small increments and will continue to do so until I reach my double down point. A year or 2 from now I will either be very happy or very drunk but I know this is my decision and not Linn's managements. Maybe you could use a few cold ones yourself.

  • Two of the largest oil companies in the universe reported and the results are in. Exxon profit DOWN 51% and Chevron profit DOWN 90%, that's NINETY PERCENT. Everyone needs to compare apples to apples here and stop making Linn and their management appear to be the only ones caught up in this mess.

  • rjmcbear rjmcbear 10 hours ago Flag

    It's not just Linn that needs a rebound and it's not just the US either. Russia's entire economy depends on oil and NG. Also there are only a few OPEC members that can hold out long term with sub $50 oil. No one is drilling new wells and everyone is cutting back which eventually will tip the scales the other way. The EIA report last month said oil consumption is increasing and inventories should start shrinking because of cut backs here. The next EIA report comes out August 11th and could provide a catalyst to push price of oil back up.

  • rjmcbear rjmcbear 11 hours ago Flag

    It is all about the debt but it's also about the price of oil. $70 oil by next year along with the recent 50% cut in expenses would look pretty good on the bottom line. Now if they can come up with some good acquisitions through their partnerships they can also continue the debt reduction and further improve the balance sheet. The big bet here is the price of oil and how long OPEC can keep the price this low. OPEC said recently that demand is picking up but they will not cut, in the mean time they are burning through cash at record pace. I guess the other question is how much longer the less prepared US MLP's and drillers can hang in there. If we are talking about $40 oil next this time year it's Katy bar the door. I believe it's way too early to talk about Linn's demise and I still believe oil will recover sooner than most and that's where I'm placing my bet. At these prices the market is telling us this is a 50/50 proposition, we shall see.

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    A bit of an over reaction

    by giustino23 Jul 30, 2015 1:22 PM
    rjmcbear rjmcbear Jul 30, 2015 4:49 PM Flag

    How is the money not for Linn's benefit. It's there to fund acquisitions and drilling projects. Obviously it's not free but without it Linn would be stuck in mud because of their debt. These deals allow them to take advantage of depressed prices and eventually increase cash flow without adding to their debt. If price of oil rises as expected and the new acquisitions increase production to go along with debt reduction, how will that not help top and bottom line. I know there are a number of if's in Line's future but at least they still have a future.

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    LINE is all done as an MLP

    by bjfcpainc Jul 30, 2015 4:13 PM
    rjmcbear rjmcbear Jul 30, 2015 4:21 PM Flag

    You are sooo out of touch it is funny!

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    Rick Perry: Let us take our guns to the movies!

    by rjmcbear Jul 26, 2015 10:59 AM
    rjmcbear rjmcbear Jul 30, 2015 11:32 AM Flag

    "Fact: Deaths and injuries from mass public shootings fall dramatically after right-to-carry concealed handgun laws are enacted. Between 1977 and 1995, 8 the average death rate from mass shootings plummeted by up to 91% after such laws went into effect, and injuries dropped by over 80%"

    WRONG WRONG WRONG as usual.
    November 17, 2014
    Stanford law Professor John J. Donohue III and his colleagues have shown from a recent study, the most convincing evidence to date that right-to-carry laws are associated with an increase in violent crime.The data was collected through years (1999-2010).
    "The totality of the evidence based on educated judgments about the best statistical models suggests that right-to-carry laws are associated with substantially higher rates" of aggravated assault, rape, robbery and murder, said Donohue.
    The strongest evidence was for aggravated assault, with data suggesting that right-to-carry (RTC) laws increase this crime by an estimated 8 percent – and this may actually be understated, according to the researchers.
    "Our analysis of the year-by-year impact of RTC laws also suggests that RTC laws increase aggravated assaults," they wrote.
    The evidence is less strong on rape and robbery, Donohue noted. The data from 1979 to 2010 provide evidence that the laws are associated with an increase in rape and robbery.
    The murder rate increased in the states with existing right-to-carry laws for the period 1999-2010 when the "confounding influence" of the crack cocaine epidemic is controlled for. The study found that homicides increased in eight states that adopted right-to-carry laws during 1999-2010.

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    Rick Perry: Let us take our guns to the movies!

    by rjmcbear Jul 26, 2015 10:59 AM
    rjmcbear rjmcbear Jul 30, 2015 11:01 AM Flag

    Why do you always try to change the discussion? Rick Perry was talking about safety in movie theaters. Just curious, if everyone walking the streets is armed to the hilt how can you tell the good guys from the bad guys when the shooting starts. Should all the good guys start wearing the same colored baseball cap? How many mom's are going to take their kids to see a movie knowing that every other person in the theater could possibly be packing? What does protecting citizens in public places have to do with Mexico and "America's Banger death totals for last week."

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    Rick Perry: Let us take our guns to the movies!

    by rjmcbear Jul 26, 2015 10:59 AM
    rjmcbear rjmcbear Jul 30, 2015 9:17 AM Flag

    As usual extreme ideas from the extremists and your assumptions are ridiculous. First you don't know the gunmen will kill themselves, second it's a dark room and unless your "armed citizens" have night vision capability their accuracy can not be guaranteed. What happens if several "armed citizens" get involved in the shootout? Chaos is what happens, tragedy follows and it's impossible to quantify how many more would be killed in the wild west shootout. I went to an NFL football game last year and EVERYONE who entered was scanned as are those who enter a courthouse and many other State and Government buildings. Maybe in house, properly trained and armed security is the answer or a combination of security and scanning. There are other safer ways to prepare for this unlikely event than arming EVERYONE!