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    Luby's "Servers"

    by rkr391 Mar 30, 2016 11:26 AM
    rkr391 rkr391 Apr 8, 2016 7:08 PM Flag

    You have mixed "beans" and "bolts" here. Presentable when I'm at Home Depot buying "bolts" is a lot different than presentable when dealing with some ignorant slug while I'm eating my "beans" at Luby's. While I appreciate your comment I think you missed my point, I don't need these "servers" I can fetch my own condiments although most Luby's now hide the condiments and the butter is also usually placed out of sight but I can usually locate it. Before the Pappas brothers took over Luby's and instituted the "Server" format Luby's had ladies that pushed the Drink Cart around and refilled your tea, there were others that cleaned the tables and these people were paid the minimum wage. By classifying these people as "servers" the Pappas Brothers can pay these people $2.13 an hour as a "Tipped Employee" while the minimum wage is $7.25. So as you can see it was for the benefit of Luby's and the Pappas' brothers to call these employees "Servers" as lowered their payroll and shifted a portion of their pay to the tipping customers. As the owner of a small business I know how hard it is to find unskilled employees that are presentable and want to work that but calling the people at Luby's "severs" is nothing more than a payroll dodge by the Pappas brothers.

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    Luby's "Servers"

    by rkr391 Mar 30, 2016 11:26 AM
    rkr391 rkr391 Apr 4, 2016 3:19 PM Flag

    Giving a "thumbs up" without comment is offering agreement. However the one Fool that gave my post a "thumbs down" offered no comment, I was not seeking any comments but anyone with half a brain would have refrained. Check your head thumbs down and see if it rattles. It is obvious that Luby's is in decline for the very reasons I pointed out. If you can't see it you shouldn't be in the market.

  • Had lunch yesterday 3/29/16 at the Luby's location on Floyd Curl in San Antonio and the "servers" at this location were as annoying as they are at all of the other Luby's locations. Can't Luby's hire more presentable people or require their current employees to be more presentable? The Pappas' brothers created the "server"
    format to lower the wages of these employees by calling them "servers" when they serve nothing! The "servers" are paid less than minimum wage by virtue of being classified as "servers". By hiding the
    condiments thereby forcing customers to ask a "server" for them I suppose in the Pappas brothers mind and that of IRS the format qualifies these people as "servers" and thereby eligible to receive less than minimum wage. However, when I stand in line to get the food and carry it to my table I don't need a "server".

    I have been a Luby's customer since the '60s and have seen it decline since the Pappas brothers took control. The quality of the food at Luby's is still good, however, every other aspect of the Pappas brothers format changes have diminished Luby's. Having the salad selection at the start of the serving line holds up the line, waiting in the serving line to pay while your food gets cold when there are not adequate cashiers in addition to the annoying "server" format and real negatives for Luby's. When was the last time you saw anyone under the age of 35 or 40 in a Luby's? The Pappas brothers have taken a great institution and by virtue of their changes ruined it. I'm still convinced that the Papas brothers are in Luby's for the value of the real-estate which is
    valued at $5 to $7 per share . I'm not soliciting comments here but I'm sure some fool will feel compelled to respond and defend the indefensible actions of the Pappas brothers.

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