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  • rob_cos rob_cos Jun 30, 2015 6:14 PM Flag

    Not true - you made this up - even added the time stamp - good for you.

    Don't see it - BS. Or a red herring and really European company...Something big is coming but I am not buying that its XON taking ZIOP over.

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    Countering the lies & distortion in the SA article

    by rob_cos Jun 30, 2015 10:03 AM
    rob_cos rob_cos Jun 30, 2015 10:03 AM Flag

    7. As a private company Tauropharm has vast outlets, distributors and bank accounts in the Middle East, ex Bahrain, UAE etc as well as in Asia, Africa and South America and large amounts of revenue that dwarf the amount cited in this piece likely escape their GmbH filings in Germany and require careful investigation

    8. The outcome of both the patent and the unfair competition cases are far from a foregone conclusion but CorMedix believes we have evidence that clearly demonstrates that they misappropriated both critical and essential information and data from Biolink triggering German unfair competition laws as well as violate our parents which although they believe are obvious we firmly maintain are novel and believes we can make a very persuasive case they are.
    Let's allow the applicable courts to decide after hearing and reading all the evidence

    Hope these truth points are helpful to counteract the large volume of baseless untruths presented in this piece

  • Summary of counterpoints to the lies, misturths and exaggerated affiliations....

    I am not dodging questions I have better things to do with my time - the "research" in this article was fed to you - it is clear as you do not even have a true grasp of the bash pieces on CELG, Clinical Data, ACAD, AGIO and others after runs...there is enough info to make unsophisticated investors cower....but when you did in the distortion and lies and emphasis on things like LR make it clear....After a cursory review - so many of the points made were simply untrue and absurd, my counterpoints are:

    1. CorMedix has never filed for bankruptcy, there would be public filing and there isn't

    2. CorMedix was never a "shell company" controlled by Lindsay Rosenwald it was an IPO with a filed S1 on record with the SEC

    3. The company and its assets have had numerous documented offers when it was a private entity and its untrue that they haven't

    4. Heparin is the official comparator approved in the protocol by the FDA along with strict aseptic technique in both arms There are no antibiotic catheter lock solutions approved in the U.S. and Citrate locks are not approved in the U.S. these assertions continue to be baseless that there is some novel comparator available that CorMedix is not employing in the study

    5. Both gentamicin, tetracycline derivatives and other antibiotic catheter lock solutions just aren't approved nor are they recommended for use in the U.S. By any competent authority This is simply not true Some studies were done at places like Henry Ford hospital but neither FDA nor CDC has sanctioned the use of these antibiotic catheter locks Neutrolin is an anti microbial and not an antibiotic and the reason the FDA has granted Fast Track status and QIDP is for the precise reason that they want an anti microbial solution that hasn't shown any resistance in humans as gentamicin and tetracycline derivatives have Coating catheters with silver and other derivatives may help prevent catheter exit site infections but does not prevent CRBSIs or intraluminal catheter infections

    6. If you look at the company's CRMD's capitalization table Lindsay Rosenwald owns less than 2% of CRMD and John Carris owns 0% and simply was a broker participating in a very small financing a long time ago This is simply misinformation Neither Lindsay nor John Carris have any representation at all on the board or in management. The fact that so much of this article was about these guys shows you what this article is. Its purpose is to distort the truth, not discuss the positives of the company like QIDP and Fast Track and FDA approved protocol and focus investors on one guy who has no involvement with company except a small passive

  • Talked to some Wall St heavyweights...universally positive that the JUNO deal (&more than double current stock price paid by CELG for some shares) is good for space and ZIOP...I added a lot after hours....

    .... all agree this deal is great for the other gene therapy companies particularly KITE and ZIOP/XON (not so much BLUE as it appears CELG may have left BLUE behind to join JUNO).....everyone feels there at least 10 Big Pharma/Big Bios looking to get in space and very few left.

    “The price of real estate just went up”…..”Scarcity Value just increased”…”Big Pharma urgency just went up a notch”…..”any deals in negotiations just got more lucrative.” “Some are short both JUNO and ZIOP – risk managers may be tapping them on the shoulder”

    GREAT news for small caps imo.

  • Talked to former CEO Jonathan Lewis today - never heard him more bullish....he has to exercise his options within 90 days of when he left.....
    he filed a form 144 that shows registration of shares for sales but he specifically told me he has no intention of selling all his shares as he is as bullish as ever - not just in CAR T and TCR but even in IL-12 and brain cancer trial. He has gone on record with an analyst last week that he is bullish even on IL-12. He intends to exercise every option - in my opinion he will hold the majority of stock - perhaps selling enough to cover the exercise cost and maybe taxes. But given his level of excitement I do not see him selling at the current $11/$12 area. Don't expect it. The filing is to get ready for the exercise which he must complete in 90 days. Do not read into it that he is selling all these shares.

    I reminded him that ZIOP was my top pick in the $9 area in may and he thought that was wise and he told me he still thinks it should be my top pick here at $11 and $12. He is VERY bullish - what surprised me is how bullish he is even for IL-12.

  • Dr Cooper meeting with funds on a bus tour this week. I met him at JP Morgan mtg & he is brilliant...with this data and the deals.....
    ...I believe he will sway the long funds to get longer and the smarter short funds to cover and go long....expect run to continue not only because of technical setup which is great but because of Dr Cooper having a forum to explain why Seeping Beauty/XON/ZIOP will be the leader in the field.

  • See my post 20763 on ZIOP investorvillage board too big to post here....takes awhile to open as I pasted many articles. MUST READ

  • rob_cos rob_cos Jun 15, 2015 1:25 PM Flag

    50% of ALL patients in Complete remission with Sleeping Beauty even BEFORE Rheo Switch and other XON/ZIOP tech added.

  • rob_cos rob_cos Jun 15, 2015 1:25 PM Flag

    Huge news this weekend out of EHA

  • Med Tech Letter-ZIOP – Raising BUY LIMIT to 12 & TARGET to 18, “Spiddy Sense Tingling” - poised for a huge move based upon what might seem like random events that continue to dovetail seamlessly.

    ZIOP – Raising BUY LIMIT to 12 & TARGET to 18, “Spiddy Sense Tingling”
    In our view, ZIOP is poised for a huge move based upon what might seem like random events that continue to dovetail seamlessly. The recent distribution of ZIOP shares to Intrexon shareholders is yet another positive tealeaf. Intrexon’s Kirk, when asked why now, said “there are other parties for whom a Ziopharm acquisition might be very attractive in the future… our dividending these shares to our shareholders actually would simplify any such transaction.” Recently, two Intrexon executives exercised their options seven years early in order to be shareholders of date for the recent ZIOP distribution. Kirk and Intrexon are clearly signaling more good news for ZIOP. In addition, we note the major increase in short interest that has doubled since the start of the year to $300 million — about a quarter of ZIOP’s market value. In our view, a significant partnership would send the stock right though the previous high of $14 as the short squeeze would fuel the advance. It seems almost impossible that the short interest would be this large given the impressive academic and scientific validation that has been amassed since January by ZIOP.

    ZIOP has had a very productive year to date with the three deals (M.D. Anderson, Merck Serono, and the NCI) and the hiring one of the world’s leading immune oncologist, Dr. Cooper as CEO. In our view, we are witnessing stellar execution of a master plan to create the leading gene therapy cancer company as all the pieces are coming together.

    Dr. Cooper came from M.D. Anderson to ZIOP because he now has the potential to shepherd his cutting edge cancer treatments all the way to the market. Merck-Serono was already working with NCI on IL-12 cancer therapy and had run into toxicity problems before ZIOP

    came in and stitched the program back together. The key, or actually, two keys to why ZIOP is attracting such outstanding partnerships/talent are RheoSwitch and Sleeping Beauty. RheoSwitch provides the unique ability to both titrate dosing and be an excellent safety switch. Sleeping Beauty is a non-viral delivery system that will allow repeat dosing which cannot be done with viral vectors due to safety concerns. The bottom line is that ZIOP has the best toolbox for cancer gene therapy in the business and is poised to deliver multiple value creating deals for their shareholders. Intrexon’s Kirk is a known short slayer and is the master mind behind all

    the ZIOP moves. He has an excellent track record for not just slaying shorts, and most importantly creating huge value for his shareholders. As a reflection of our increased confidence in ZIOP’s cancer platform and overall execution, we are raising our BUY LIMIT and TARGET.

    ZIOP is now a BUY under 12 with a TARGET PRICE of 18.

  • rob_cos rob_cos Jun 13, 2015 2:21 PM Flag

    Good article - Barton was spot on with his tout of ZIOP partner XON near $18 in October and will be right again....see Investor Village ZIOP board for the Barton recommendation of XON article and this full article. Add ZIOP now.

  • Tremendous XON ZIOP dividend. Definitely part of a bigger deal....also now XON shorts have to deliver 1 shr of ziop for every 6 shrs XON they are short....why they short a brilliant billionaire is a head sctratcher there are so many other easier shorts

    My smartest Wall St friends already correctly stating this is ZIOP dividend is part of a bigger deal....maybe increase share float and get off XON books before a sale of ZIOP or a partnership with Roche, NVS, GSK or others and they take 20% of ZIOP......who knows options ares endless but as an ZIOP and XON shareholder I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dividend....anyone who thinks this is not part of something else down the road really should not be investing. Anyone worried about silly Aftre Hours action should buy mutual funds.

    RJKirk is brilliant -- remember when you are short a stock & a cash dividend is paid you must pay it - now XON shorts have to deliver a shr of ZIOP for every 6 shrs of XON they are short if they remain short....OUCH ....go ahead short Kirk - you will pay as you have in for ZIOP more news is clearly coming. Just be patient. Less

  • LOVE XON's ZIOP dividend. Obviously part of a bigger plan/deal....also now XON shorts must deliver 1 shr of ziop for every 6 shrs XON they are short....why they short a brilliant billionaire is beyond me....

    My smartest wall street friends already have contacted me stating this is ZIOP dividend is part of a bigger deal....maybe increase float and get off XON books before a sale of ZIOP or a partnership with Roche, NVS, GSK or others and they take 20% of ZIOP......who knows the possiblilities or endless but as an XON and ZIOP shareholder I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dividend....anyone who thinks this is not part of something else down the road really should not be investing. Anyone worried about silly AH action should buy mutual funds.

    Kirk is brilliant -- remember when you are short a stock and a cash dividend is paid you must pay it - now XON shorts have to deliver a share of ZIOP for each 6 shrs of XON they are short if they remain short.....go ahead short Kirk - you will pay as you have in the for ZIOP more is coming. Just be patient.

  • Some of my bullets from my ZIOP slides from Vegas top ideas presentation...#1 pick

    Told everyone to buy ZIOP Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday....8's and 9's . Sorry the formatting and bullets under bullets have not pasted properly - but I think the points are still worth posting

    Ziopharm Oncology (ZIOP)

    o Owns the rights to every human cancer drug Intrexon (XON) will ever make and 50% of the profits.

    o Has deals with:
    --MD Anderson – the largest cancer clinic in the world
    --Merck Serono – big pharma
    --NCI – most important government agency in cancer with Dr. Steven Rosenberg (godfather of CAR-T)

    o Two possible paths forward:
    • Series of deals by indication, more switch licensing
    • Couple of more deals than takeout by big pharma like NVS, Roche, BMY, Merck, AZN, GSK
    • Been in Europe many times past few months said publicly more international and large bio/pharma companies have show interest than ever before
    • Breast cancer trial just announced – targeted patient population
    • Glioblastoma – IL-12 works in brain/CNS. Reduces cancers ability to down regulate immune system by a factor of 20. R.J. Kirk is VERY excited. IL-12 ramps up production of dendritic cells.
    • Rheo-Switch/ZIOP approach – inert until turned on vs competitors always on (kill switch)
    • Everyone needs the Switch to boost expression of the target enzyme and to control off-target toxicity
    • NCI/FDA will be slow to approve “always on” gene therapy
    • TCR molecule found on surface of T-lymphocytes (T-cells). It is responsible for recognizing antigens that are bound to Major Histocompatability Complex (MHC).
    • Antigen expressed on cell. XON builds receptors on T-cell that will lock onto cancer antigen.
    • TCR – not as strong a bind – doesn’t last as long. 50% efficacy.
    • CAR-T difference – CAR receptor stronger bind, which is why they are powerful. Going after marker CD-19. 90% efficacy.
    • Big Pharma is not far ahead with TCR – little history
    • R.J. Kirk thinks they have unique TCR:
    • Multigenic attacks with a Rheo-Switch. They go after multiple receptors and boost expression/efficacy (Rheo-Switch)
    • Cost cheaper with Sleeping Beauty
    • Approach increase T-cell production/affinity/response (also IL-12)
    • Earlier projects - NK cells, CLMs, exosomes, artificial antigen receptors expressed on outside or inside on cancer tumor/cells itself. Still early but XON has expressed excitement.

  • rob_cos rob_cos Apr 17, 2015 1:38 PM Flag

    AACR this weekend - Kirk deal next week...last chance to buy ZIOP and XON down here. See investor village for great summary of what is coming on ZIOP board

  • Last chance for $ZIOP & $XON shorts to cover before AACR this weekend and RJ Kirk XON-ZIOP blockbuster deal next wk. Warned them at 2.50 to cover in October with Kirk saying there were significant transactions underway....Then MDA deal in Jan and boom over 10...Now we have MerckS and NCI - Dr Steven Rosenberg as well - with another deal next week if you listen to Kirk and the cancellations this week. LOAD ZIOP and XON into this AACR weekend and deal next week

  • Load $ZIOP $XON @MDAndersonNews big AACR this weekend. 2 cancelled conferences BIG deal coming SOON.. Kirk deal coming next week during AACR....just like JP Morgan. MD Anderson (largest cancer clinic in the world) - Merck S - NCI-Rosenberg (most important UG gov't cancer group with Dr Steven Rosenberg the Godfather of CAR T needing Rheo Swtich - so do KITE, JUNE, BLUE, BLCM - More deals coming as are all time highs for ZIOP this market and option expiration and biotech dip TODAY....Something could be annouced over the weekend.

  • Any short who pits his rank speculation against Kirk’s informed judgment will certainly deserve whatever result he obtains!

    Kirk has told all ZIOP investors everything they need to know...why shorts & some longs don't believe this man with his track record at Scios. New River, Clinical Data (and now with XON/ZIOP with the MD Anderson, Merck S and NCI/Rosenberg deals is the real head scratcher...
    Everything I posted about since oct is happening.Kirk told u they just passed ALL in CAR T and no one believes him just like they didn't when he said"significant transactions underway" in November (then delivered the blockbuster CAR T deal with the biggest cancer clinic in the world) and he has told us more announcements in "days weeks months" . I think within the next 2 weeks (most likely next week) there will be another big announcement given ZIOP CEO canceling the Harvard and Jeffries imunno-oncology presentations...they have to be in VERY late stage discussions imo

    the highest Love that the short interest is over 20 million of this tightly held company into Kirk's next announcement ....Anyone who thinks there is not more coming is just not following closely enough to what Kirk and Lewis have been saying.

    This (lack of any REAL due diligence and not believing the very accurate truth that Kirk tells everyone BEFORE the actual news comes) has actually been the demise yrs ago to people who shorted Kirk investments New River, Scios, Clinical Data and more recently ZIOP and leading lambs to the slaughter....this will end very badly for the lazy shorts who did not go to the breakout sessions at JPM or talk to Dr Cooper and understand how many Big Pharma's after 9 months due diligence wanted what MDA gave XON/ZIOP....."we chose Intrexon and ZIOP, there were many other interested companies"

    Yes - I love where the short interest is at a going into the next announcement....we have more than quadrupled since they didn't do the work, didn't listen to Kirk in No

  • rob_cos rob_cos Apr 16, 2015 10:51 PM Flag

    ZIOP owns the rights to every human cancer drug XON ever invents for infinity....Bill Miller says XON is the stock for the next decade...he's right....but ZIOP right now is so undervalued you have to own both...Next deal - which I think is coming in next 2 weeks given the cancellations....probably next week....will finally get ZIOP closer to the 20s

  • If you have in the money long calls expiring tomorrow & u have decided to exercise....EXERCISE DURING THE TRADING DAY TOMORROW.......I did today with 1000 calls & added 100,000 shrs at $1, $2 & $3....

    Had 250 April $1 calls bought when I was pounding the table in October when stock was $2.50.....In my IRA so now another 25,000 shares are non borrowable......Then I converted 450 April $2 and 300 April $3 calls into another 75,000 shares in my margin account...right after I did this is when ZIOP went over $12 today..... Stock was TAKEN midday from call writers....if they were NAKED call writers they immediately became short and some might have been forced to buy....I strongly believe we have news next week or the week after (favoring next week) given the dual cancellations of very important meetings last minute...

    IF you have decided to exercise you April in the money long calls - please call your broker by mid day and do it DURING THE TRADING SESSION.....When I did it my margin availability actually went up because I was paying $1, $2, $3 for the stock and even though it was using margin I was getting stock just under $12....lets put a little pressure on the shorts and naked call writers....exercise during the trading session tomorrow.....XON and ZIOP imo tomorrow last chance to smarten up and cover this ridiculous 20 million + short interest of this closely held stock....RJ Kirk is about to deliver the knockout punch to them....we should be up $4 or $5 on the Merck/NCI deals...shorts just have not done enough due diligence....the next deal we get a pop for the pending deal and some pent up upside from the NCI/Rosenberg deal in my opinion. All time highs coming....The Vegas Celebration might just include a bigger ZIOP celebration than originally anticipated for the 170 investors attending.

    XON also will be much higher by the summer and Bill Miller may be right - it could be the stock of the decade

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