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    ZIOP must have components for CAR T companies

    by gbturner79 Apr 15, 2015 8:45 AM
    rob_cos rob_cos Apr 15, 2015 9:58 AM Flag

    $ZIOP $XON shorts have until Friday to cover. Option volume & 2 cancelled presentations means deal soon - probably monday morning announcement

  • Great close with stock/option volume pouring in...Shorts shorted hard mid day and lost...20 mill+ shorts are in some big trouble imo....they may only have until Friday to cover.....GREAT CLOSE

  • Deal coming imo - Confirmed (multiple parties for both) ZIOP not only cancelled the coming out party at Jefferies Immuno-Oncology Summit, - but also today's (Tues) Cancer Advance Boston appearance....

    Deal and all time highs coming IMO....ZIOP cancelled the presentation Weds at the important Jefferies Immuno-Oncology Summit, Boston 4/15 & confirmed with 3 people the presentation at Cancer Advance Boston (see bottom of post for details) ZIOP appearance also cancelled

    Deal coming imo in the next few weeks....late stage heavy negotiations IMO caused this cancellation of the deal sends us to ALL TIME HIGHS and there is a possibility those deal discussions have turned into takeover discussions......its CRAZY this stock is still $10 after the NCI deal with Steven Rosenberg the Godfather of CAR T. Round out you positions...Shorts one warning and I am serious...cover now.

    Cancer Advance Boston will hopefully kick off the information season in biotech.
    Cancer Advance Boston - April 13, 2015

    1:50-2:30 pm Paradigm Shift: T Cell Therapies
    Arie Belldegrun, Kite Pharma;
    André CHOULIKA, Cellectis;
    Tom Farrell, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals;
    Jonathan Lewis, Ziopharm Oncology (CANCELLED)

    Moderator: Biren Amin, Jefferies

    Sponsored by:
    Pfizer, H3biomedecine
    Clarion Healthcare LLC, Foundation Medecine, EMD seron
    Cancer Advance Boston Brings Together Leading Oncology Experts on April 13th and 14th

    Prominent academics, leaders of the biopharmaceutical industry and key investors will gather on April 13th and 14th for Cancer Advance Boston, a networking conference of the Boston Biotech Conference series. Cancer Advance Boston will take place at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School and will focus on the latest developments in oncology R&D.

    Panels will discuss compassionate use, immunotherapy (including T cell therapy), combination therapy, building successful partnerships, biomarkers and more. Panelists include Rafael Amado (Adaptim

  • rob_cos rob_cos Apr 5, 2015 7:53 PM Flag

    "Superstar" in CAR T Rosenberg choose ZIOP and XON. So did MD Anderson the largest cancer clinic in the world. And Merck S....who has Ph 1 and Ph3 IL-12 trials...its all fitting together like a puzzle

  • Med Tech Stock Letter...ZIOP-ZIOP/XON Form Significant Partnerships With Merck KgaA & NCI CAR-T Superstar Rosenberg for SolidTumors-holy grail of gene therapy for solid tumors is a potential game changer for ZIOP and their shareholders...

    ZIOP-ZIOP/XON Form Significant Partnerships With Merck KgaA & NCI CAR-T Superstar Rosenberg for SolidTumors–ZIOP’s partner Intrexon(XON) has delivered two more exciting collaborations that ZIOP receives 50% of all assets and economics. The fact that the deals were both primarily announced by XON(and not ZIOP)has caused a bit of confusion. For example, the NCI press release is technically only able to list one company. Both of these deals validate and add value to ZIOP. While the deal with MerckKgaA would appear to be more valuable, the goal of the NCI partnership to target solid tumors has the potential to be a gamechanger.
    The Corporate Deal–Merck- Serono, MerckKgaA's R&D arm, will pay Intrexonan up front payment of $115million. For the first two drug candidates selected, Intrexon will receiver search funding and is eligible to receive up to $826 million in development, regulatory and commercial milestones, as well as tiered royalties. Inaddition, Intrexon is also eligible to receive further payments upon achievement of certain technology development milestones. The targets for the two new drug candidates have not been disclosed.

    The NCI Partnership Intrexon has signed a Cooperative Researchand Development Agreement(CRADA) with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health, for the development of adoptiveTcell therapies utilizing the RheoSwitch(RTS) platform for the treatment of solid tumors.The principal goal of the CRADA is to develop and evaluate improved adoptive cell transfer-based immunotherapies (ACT) using NCI proprietary methods for the identification of autologous peripheral bloodl ymphocytes(PBL) possessing naturally occurring anti-tumor activity combined with Intrexon's RTS gene switch for introducing spatially and temporally controlled interleukin-12(IL-12) expression.

    The CRADA will be run by a CAR-superstar, the NCI’s Steven A. Rosenberg, who will be the Principal Investigator for the study. Gregory Frost, Senior Vice President and Head of Intrexon's Health Sector, will serve as co-investigator. Rosenberg is a true leader in this revolutionary field and has delivered favorable data using IL-12 to treat melanoma with a v very impressive 63% response rate, but had to stop because of excessive toxicity. Rosenberg and the NCI clearly need RTS and its ability to control the dose or turn off gene expression to safely mange the inherent toxicities than come hand in hand with the therapy’s amazing effectiveness.

    ZIOP and their partner, Intrexon have now signed three significant partnerships in just three months–M.D.Anderson, Merck-Serono, and the NCI–since XON’s Chairman, R.J.Kirk, publically said the companies would deliver multiple deals last December. The confusion of ZIOP’s name not being on the press releases may have contributed to the stock’s recent weakness, along with group pulling back. These partnerships are both important for ZIOP and have added value that,in our view, is not being fully reflected in the stock’s price. The fact that the NCI chose ZIOP/XON and RTS to tackle the holy grail of gene therapy for solid tumors is a potential game changer for ZIOP and their shareholders .ZIOP is a BUY under 9 with a TARGET PRICE of 14.

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