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robbsbeach 611 posts  |  Last Activity: 41 minutes ago Member since: May 22, 2008
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  • It is a fact once information is posted online it will there forever, so Walgreens need not pursue having this suit sealed from public view.. and thank the WSJ for a ray of Sunshine for the main street investors..
    All I can say it is shocking to read this filing... charges with written documents & communication supporting the charges..
    Don't count on the long term plans that Walgreens has presented to the investing public, this litigation is a game changer that possibly will effect the pricing of Wag shares and Corp. governance going forward..

    All questions asked why Volume of shares traded the last few day's fell off can be answered upon reading this lawsuit..


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  • Buy the time Walgreens meets its 1 Billion announced operational spending cuts, a few Walgreens executives have been showing forward planning to pad their departure with a cushioned landing including cash in hand from stock option sales.
    Well informed Speculation is that the Alliance Boots BOD and the Walgreens BOD have some issues, this possibly is in future spending, Debt, leverage and how to grow net revenue income for this company.
    One thing is for certain the single largest stockholder is not about to allow any BOD's to get in his way
    in growth planning.

    In the Ex CFO's lawsuit Miquelon v Walgreens Co. there is a accusation that he was receiving pressure "to goose the Numbers/Book, on revenue guidance to Walgreens Investors.
    and that weeks prior to his unexpected departure he was praise by Walgreens CEO with BOD members guidance.
    As Walgreens restated Earning projection showed a 1.1 billion income downward revision going into 2016, the ex CFO defense is these revised numbers announced, was his teams work based on decreasing revenue from Walgreens Core business.
    Walgreens CEO has not commented on this court document and is seeking thru lawyers to have the Lawsuit Filing Sealed from public inspection.
    With one Walgreens Board member recently released from his CEO job, and 2 other board members under pressured from their Investors, it appears Walgreens may have cash settlement cost issues and a Board of Director unfocused going forward.

    GLTAL Short/Long traders..

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  • lol...
    What a bunch of losers running this company, I'm only in for the skim.

  • Well the Mad Money host likes to promote/pump certain stocks and then avoid the metrics they present.
    In the Rx stand alone retail Drug Space, one Company stands out with this P/E guidance as Healthcare spend reduction is happing globally.
    So to the Jim Cramer's in media publications I ask please explain your insight in Valuation on Walgreens as assets have be sold off to meet increasing dividends..

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  • Market puppeteer's think they control the market, so should Citi. group Invert to China would they be a huge buy??
    Of course they would say its a buy.... as the Market makers clutter the news channel with doom and gloom to skim off dollars from investors they know the US banking system is what makes their Money have value..

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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 29, 2014 1:48 PM Flag

    I like the way you folks think.. so I put in another buy at 20.00 and will sell on the uptick because the NYSE and SEC does not look after the retail investor..

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    Walgreens Venture fund Vice President resigns

    by robbsbeach Oct 25, 2014 12:23 PM
    robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 29, 2014 1:45 PM Flag

    I see you have a understanding in this Sector of Rx Retail, however where Walgreens needed to step out of the distribution chain, involves API of the Drug.
    Much like Alliance Boots has done on its limited scale.
    Generic drugs are cheaper, in fact some are sold for less than a penny a pill yet they are all held by the API restrictive constants of the API formula and FDA controls for quality manufacturing inspections..
    Walgreens did not need to purchase Alliance Boots for this positioning yet they did at a above market premium which shows how limited they are in their innovation developmental idea's and quality controls, Wag.v DEA
    Generic manufacturing will seek out the lowest cost labor model while meeting FDA guidelines, yet the API is the core in Manufacturing a medicine.
    Control the API and you control the price, as has been stated in this sectors conference calls. see Standard oil v US Gov't.
    As Walgreens has saddled its-self with the Alliance Boots Debt, expansion opportunities will be limited and pricing pressure will continue as Walmart, Target Retail clubs and Food stores are not dependent on Rx sales, Walgreens pressure on price competition will come from these retail operators. .ref. customer visits decline.
    So Walgreens has lost control of cost innovations and quantities of Scale discounts and must turn to Kiosk dispenser's which will eliminate any key factors on Differentiation ( see Venture VP resign's Kiosk investments.
    Leaving Retail beauty vs Upscale purchasing and services with high price margins in market location with income demographics ..

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    Walgreens Venture fund Vice President resigns

    by robbsbeach Oct 25, 2014 12:23 PM
    robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 29, 2014 11:18 AM Flag

    Lets put the Walgreens operations in order.
    1) Hired a new CFO...Wade Miquelon
    2) Expand beyond organic growth to Large Acquisitions
    3) Set up Venture capital fund.
    4) Stop the Revenue loss from Esrx contract refusal
    and sell corporations assets
    5) Expand operations revenue outside of the US. with Alliance Boots merger
    with possible EBITDA lower tax country.
    6) Crash and burn on the Inversion plan and adjust for lower Rx payments
    7) Restate earnings outlook from original Alliance Boots synergy projection
    8) Fire CFO/ force resignation and blame projections on his group.
    9) Realign venture spending back into revenue
    10) Spend billions in full merger with Alliance boots and consolidate their debt.

    At the end of the day Walgreens has not increased operational income as fast as debt has increased from roll ups in Merger and Acquisition and soon to be debt consolidation

    CEO Announces 1 billion dollars in spending cuts to offset merger growth synergy projection..
    and Reorganize 110 yr. old Company to a holding Company keeping Director and his executives in place.

    So is there net margin growth of Inventory Sales, NO ..
    Just a Sleight of hand in accounting.. Inversion anyone..HA

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    Mark P Frissora: Madoff's saving a bed for you

    by robbsbeach Oct 25, 2014 3:45 PM
    robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 25, 2014 6:03 PM Flag

    the gayparade2013 is waiting for you

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  • Why has the SEC not called this former CEO in for Questioning?
    Restated earning means someone cooked the Books just like Bernie Madoff... and Frissora was in charge of Hertz audit committee.
    What is the SEC waiting for: a signed confession by Fissora... The SEC did not catch Enron, it took the market Investors who called in their debt..
    Who the hell at the SEC is impeding a investigation???

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  • With over 150 million in Venture investments, Bill Wafford resigned last week.
    Wafford originally joined Walgreens in 2009 as a VP of the company’s Daily Living division, before becoming the London-based VP of international finance, his responsibilities included oversight for partnership activities between Walgreens and Alliance Boots.
    Walgreens stockholders have called for a independent audit review/Investigation of the alliance boots purchase price, also they question the appointment of 1 additional Board member who can control additional board member appointments without stockholders approval.
    This came after the Ex CFO filed a lawsuit against Walgreens.

    Walgreens has been rolling up smaller corporations into the revenue statements over the last 5 years, about the same time they established the Venture capital fund, 1996 was about the time Walgreens appointed a new CFO who is now suing..
    This is very strange!!!

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  • Watch out... Market Makers are setting up for a downturn, trade volume is not there to handle redemptions.
    Expect a sell-off after hours..

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  • More lawsuit's to come... Perhaps
    Should Walgreens gain new customers as fast as its executives resign with lawsuit pending, this would still not be long term buy.
    Walgreens is a long/short investment that has engaged in company rollups over the last 4 years, as this was identified by the hedge funds that Wag Co, had met in Paris and encouraged to do a tax inversion.
    With inversion off the agenda... A activist investor wants the Alliance Boots merger to be put on hold until a outside Investment firm can review AB value.
    Walgreens board responded through its Investor relations dept. and said they are going ahead with this merger by input from the Chairman of its Audit Committee..
    This chairman is the same individual Carl Icahn just force out of his role as a CEO and the SEC with stockholders are waiting for 3 years of downside restated financial earnings..
    This company, Hertz also just stopped all employee pension payments and Walgreens Board has not reviewed his performance..


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  • Sold my 500 shares , waiting for another drop and will buy again

    Thank you Big Papa Icahn..

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    Something is about to come out

    by bond1960 Oct 21, 2014 7:37 AM
    robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 23, 2014 12:58 AM Flag

    Carl would Fire the CFO and definitely give the Boot to 1 or more Board members.
    Can you guess who that would be?

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  • Shareholder rights?? You have none!!
    This is from Walgreens annual report.. SEC 10-K filing

    Walgreen Co. does not expect to hold an annual meeting of shareholders while the second step of the Alliance Boots transaction and reorganization of Walgreens into a new holding company structure (the "Reorganization") are pending and will hold an annual meeting during its fiscal year ending August 31, 2015 " only if" the Reorganization has not been completed. If the Reorganization is completed, it is currently intended for Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. to hold its initial annual meeting of stockholders during its fiscal year ended August 31, 2015 as promptly as practicable following the completion of the Reorganization. If the Reorganization is completed by the first quarter of calendar 2015 as currently expected, Walgreens Boots Alliance plans to hold its initial annual meeting of stockholders ("WBA Annual Meeting") on May 20, 2015 at a time and place to be specified in its proxy statement relating to that meeting. The WBA Annual Meeting will be held only if the Reorganization is completed

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  • robbsbeach by robbsbeach Oct 22, 2014 2:26 PM Flag

    Screw You.. Merger is on!!!


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  • Screw you... Merger is on!!!


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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 21, 2014 8:35 PM Flag

    I have not seen the financials either.
    Look, Cramer is a known pumper so buy and sell.... someday we may see hertz financials
    until then make some cash..

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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 21, 2014 8:24 PM Flag

    Tuesdays motion to suppress memo's, Email and internal communications delayed until November 6th, the Judge needed more time to review the filing and check his Investment Portfolio, just joking about the portfolio.

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