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  • ... the detailed explanations, linking the metrics with the strategy, talking about milestones met and carson cost them $9.5m

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  • robhenderson222 by robhenderson222 Mar 18, 2015 5:48 PM Flag

    spin this how you like but anyone can see the shorts are now swimming against the tide...

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  • robhenderson222 robhenderson222 Mar 18, 2015 5:33 PM Flag

    Short and scared... join the long line to cover your short tomorrow

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  • visibility is your enemy and now we have that you are running against the tide, cover while you can...

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  • robhenderson222 by robhenderson222 Mar 15, 2015 8:52 PM Flag

    RUHLE: All right. We’ve covered Bollore. We’ve got to ask before you leave, NQ. Give us an update
    BLOCK: OK. Well that company –
    RUHLE: Hate them, still hate them, yes?
    BLOCK: — still exists anymore?
    SCHATZKER: It does still exist. It’s only down 85 per cent since you called it out.
    RUHLE: Only, only.
    BLOCK: OK. So let’s see. We’ve had PWC wouldn’t sign off on the account, so they replaced it with a boiler room auditor. Chairwoman of the audit committee resigned. Two other board members resigned. Yes, I mean just about everything that could go wrong — CFO resigned. (Inaudible) has.
    SCHATZKER: Here’s another question that you have to ask yourself. Why would anyone at this point be in NQ Mobile’s camp?
    BLOCK: I mean if you — pure speculation. I….
    SCHATZKER: But don’t you wonder, I mean if you truly believe that the stock is a zero and it’s still trading as if there is some economic value left, don’t you ask yourself that question?
    RUHLE: Yes. Doesn’t Bill Ackman ask himself the question? He’s laid out every single point of why it Herbalife should be worth zero and there are still guys in that trade.
    BLOCK: Yes, look, there will always be investors who want to believe the blue sky story. And if you believe the company’s numbers, NQ looks incredibly cheap, but look — it’s — you’ve got — there will always be people holding the bag. So those who are long in NQ right now, have been long, are holding a bag and the contents are not very desirable.
    RUHLE: You almost have a sinister smile on like, he’s like somebody is always holding the bag.
    BLOCK: No way.
    RUHLE: I’m glad it’s not me.
    SCHATZKER: Hang on. He went from I love everything to somebody is always holding the bag.
    RUHLE: Yes, maybe not.
    SCHATZKER: You know what? Before we leave let’s just have a look at the stock price, Bollore. It is the company that Carson Block for the first time, at least ever publicly, is going long on and an immediate market reaction, we are going to be following this

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    Short covering starts now...

    by robhenderson222 Mar 6, 2015 12:24 PM
    robhenderson222 robhenderson222 Mar 6, 2015 12:44 PM Flag

    Sunshine you were on ignore here about 2 years ago as you were for anyone with a brain, so why waste your time posting to people who cannot even see your latest brain explosion? It would be naive given Blocks other obvious #$%$ tactics to think that he wouldn't have people just like you working these message boards trying to scare people who haven't done their own DD. Yes indeed you are a joke... and no one is listening or if they have any smarts even reading your dribble

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  • robhenderson222 by robhenderson222 Mar 6, 2015 12:24 PM Flag

    March 18th we will get guidance and an update on the company and insiders buying... and as long as that guidance is sound and the insiders have been doing what they said they would it goes back to $10 quickly, could be near $6 on short covering before earnings, which will make traders an easy 50% from here

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  • the games are coming to an end and the attempts to bring this company down have failed

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