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rocket_stocks_2000 25 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 18, 2014 7:01 PM Member since: Nov 3, 1999
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  • rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Sep 18, 2014 7:01 PM Flag


    Are you invested in PXLW or not? Your answers are always ambiguous. You tell us that you bought PXLW and then give all negative reasons why one should not own PXLW then when PXLW runs up, you tell us how smart you are to invest at the low.

    Now, replace PXLW with GLUU and your story is exactly the same.

    If you want to help fellow investors, do it honestly. There is no need to play games.

    Have a good day!

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  • GLUU is moving in a 3 steps forward and 1 step backward (pullback) pattern. It did not go down to 200 day simple moving average ($4.54 as of today) as many shorts predicted. Instead, it is taking 20 day simple moving average ($5.15 as of today) as the support line and as these averages go up many shorts ($29 million shares) will rush to cover. So, if you believe in the company and have money to add more shares, add on pullbacks. I am still looking for a double ($10.50) in 6 months. GLUU is just beginning to ascend in terms of monetization and many games in the pipeline will not only increase the revenues but will attract many buyers. If you want to see how short squeeze works, go back and look at the ascent from $3.75 to $7.50 in a matter of 5 weeks.

    As always, broader market always controls the how fast a stock can move. Times like today when broader market is weak, I like my money in GLUU than other high fliers. For example, I sold GPRO this morning to add more GLUU. I think we will see an end of day run up in GLUU stock price to test $5.50 again.

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  • rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Sep 5, 2014 6:44 PM Flag

    oilman95762 = Master of Sarcasm!

    It is hard to tell oilman is long or sold all shares or short. He has his agenda and he executes his plan while he plays with innocent longs on this board. He always makes a winning trade and he never loses a trade because he is a Master trader of GLUU, PXLW, and HIMX.

    O' mighty oilman95762.....what is your next move?

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  • rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Sep 5, 2014 6:38 PM Flag

    Go ahead and short and then make my day, week, and month!

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  • rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Sep 5, 2014 6:37 PM Flag

    KKH went from $147,000 to $211,000 to $317,000/day in just a couple of days on iOS. It is back at the 4th rank and it is showing that it can stay up there for a while. Shorts have nothing to look forward to while longs will have great 6 months for a double. We have more work to do next few weeks to kill shorts and create a short squeeze explosion. 29,000,000 shares short and they barely started covering. At the current volume, they will need solid 2 weeks to cover because longs will buy more shares. Enjoy your weekend longs!

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  • rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Sep 5, 2014 10:07 AM Flag

    With 29.5 million shares short and the selling volume slowing down, shorts will need more than 10 days to cover because when they start covering, longs will add more at that time to fuel the fire and there will not be enough shares available for shorts to buy quickly.

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  • rocket_stocks_2000 by rocket_stocks_2000 Sep 5, 2014 9:48 AM Flag

    If you are a long, don't listen to the noise and just look at the charts. This one does not want to go down to 200 day moving average around $4.53 and shorts were not able to take it down there. With KKH and RR moving up in charts and new games on the horizon, GLUU's earnings run will begin in couple of weeks. As I speak, the big 250,000 share ask at $5.15 is being melted away. Have a great day longs!

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  • KKH went up from $147,000 to $211,000/day and Racing Rivals went up from $51,000 to $64,000/day. So, if you have guts, short away. These buys around $5 smells like an organised short covering or a pre-buyout activity. These relentless shorts couldn't even take it down to then 200-day moving average of $4.39. Now, 200-day moving average is at $4.53 and moving up every day. Based on this coiled spring pushed down action, I would definitely go long here. I can wait as a long but shorts can not wait because the earnings date is approaching fast. Enjoy!

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    TOLD YOU guys to buy GLUU in NOVEMBER

    by anhtexas291 Sep 3, 2014 8:55 AM
    rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Sep 3, 2014 2:52 PM Flag


    Do you even know when GLUU reports next earnings? Hint: around October 28, 2014
    You said to buy GLUU in November: That means you will be buying after the earnings.
    You said not to buy GLUU after the earnings: You are contradicting your statement because you will be buying after the earnings.
    You said buy a month before earnings: That means you should buy before September 28, 2014.
    You said it will go up: This is the only thing you are correct about.

    Go ahead and trade other stocks until September 28, 2014 and then buy GLUU at that time. I have no problem holding my core GLUU shares for the long term. I do trade small amount of GLUU shares to capitalize on GLUU's movements and increase the return but the core shares are bought with long term appreciation in mind.

    Enjoy your day!

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  • rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Aug 26, 2014 8:14 PM Flag

    With more than 28% float short, this time it can double from $5.00 to $10.00 just like it did from $3.75 to $7.50. Those shares are still not added to the float yet. Smart shorts always beat up stocks after dilution or after acquisition but they do not overstay their welcome. Now is the time for them to cover because GLUU's prospects are better than and shorts could not even take it down to 200 MA. 2 months after release KKH is still doing well and there are so many games in the pipeline. GLUU is only beginning to monetize all their fronts. I agree with you that we will see new high this year but I disagree that shorts are not rushing to cover. They will cover fast and we have witnessed that when GLUU went from $3.75 to $7.50 in one short month. That move was not only because of longs, but a combination of longs and a lot of short covering. Last time it bottomed around $3,75 and this time it bottomed around $4.75. Now, it is time for longs to stay put and punish the shorts. Since you are a long, I am sure that you will support and enjoy the upward move. No one is saying that it will move up quickly but based on the better fundamentals than last time, it has a better chance of reaching new highs.

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  • rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Aug 26, 2014 5:22 PM Flag


    Excellent post!

    It is so obvious that short(s) have been pushing this down on every pop. They could not do it today because they realized that it is time to cover and either go long or go find a new stock to beat it up. Either way, GLUU has shown support at this level and within three to four weeks we will see big up moves because of the fundamentals and of course the momentum traders will be back and push it up. We just need to stay here or slowly move up to keep the pressure on shorts. Once again, you have done a good analysis of what's been happening with GLUU.

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  • rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Aug 22, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    You must be kidding. DGLY was flashing on CNBC screen all week long and you claim that you gave us heads up this morning. Anyone who has done little bit of DD on DGLY would know that it is a pump and dump. With low float, it can move both ways fast so if you have money to burn, go ahead and put your money in DGLY but don't stay in there too long because it will retreat and retreat fast. Don't give us the long term prospects of DGLY because we know what pump and dumps are.

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    by gam_65 Aug 17, 2014 1:39 AM
    rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Aug 21, 2014 12:34 AM Flag

    Hey gam_65,

    Looks like you are short this stock. GLUU is not one game wonder. They are creating new games faster than the games that start fading. They are growing leaps and bounds in terms of organic growth and through acquisitions. GLUU is going to be the 800 pound gorilla sooner than you think. Please stay short and help us when we reach double digits. Have a good night!

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  • There are lot of nervous longs here so the move up will be slower that last time as these nervous traders sell on any weakness. This stock is worth $10+ right now based on comparable valuations and if you consider the growth projections, it is worth higher than $14 but market always presents you these rare opportunities to capitalize. Stay strong through the ups and downs in the short run but I will be back when it reaches double digits. Until then.....Go GLUU!

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  • Definition of 'EDGX'

    A high-volume trading platform owned by Direct Edge ECN LLC, the third largest market center worldwide. EDGX is a type of electronic communication network (ECN) that allows traders to trade with one another directly on an exchange instead of having to go through a middleman. NYSE Arca, Nasdaq, and BATS are examples of other high-volume ECNs. In 2009, EDGX traded more than 2 billion shares of U.S. cash equity per day.

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  • Like they say, try to to add when fear is in the streets. When the company's revenues are going to double and when they acquire a company to increase revenues and earnings and when the NASDAQ MMs are shorting the heck out of GLUU, that is when you want to add more GLUU.

    This could easily go back up to $7.50 range in few weeks.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Additional 10 million shares available in the future caused shorts to jump at the opportunity to bring GLUU's price down. I bought shares between $5.05 and $5.10 based on this theory and technical calculations but this slide below that level indicates that shorts are over doing this trade.

    GLUU is a coiled spring now. If I were a short, I will take profits now and play the long trade. GLUU's low market cap, high growth potential, and increase in hits will only move this up by next earnings date. Shorts may push it down another 10 cents but longs can see a double by year's end IMHO.

    Based on my assumptions, I want to put my money where my mouth is and added quite a bit more this morning at $4.85. I don't intend to add more below this price. Have a good day!

    We all are affected by emotions and irrational bashing or pumping may affect our trading. Always do your DD and don't be fooled by shorts bashing or longs pumping.

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    by gam_65 Aug 17, 2014 1:39 AM
    rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Aug 17, 2014 11:11 AM Flag

    It's been in the $300k+ for a while now. This is not news. I am actually impressed that it is still at that level. No need to panic because next earnings projections are based on $250k/day so anything over that estimate is a bonus. KKH went from $900k/day to $700k and stabilized in the $300k/day. CEO, Niccolo DeMasi mentioned several times that they have plans to modify/upgrade this game so the game will have at least 2 year life. More importantly, they have figured out a new genre of games to monetize with very minimal development work. They are going to have many games involving celebrities from TV, Movies, Sports.....and of course James Bond. Then they have Tap Sports franchise to spread it's wings. Read analysis from many analysts explaining why GLUU deserves $8 to $10 valuation today. This company has relatively low float and one big short seller can affect the price but remember how this stock moved up so easily prior to recent earnings from $3.75 to $7.50.

    So, this company is not a one game wonder as some short sellers are indicating. This company is gaining market share, picking up incredible media attention, and even competitors are acknowledging GLUU's success. CEO knows the life of the games they are developing and they ar on pace in veloping newer games and entering new segments of the gaming market. They are growing on their own but they are growing also through acquisitions.

    Even without having games in Top 10, GLUU stayed in the $4s and with KKH, Tap Sports and many games in the pipe line, doubling of revenues and stealing market share from competitors, GLUU commands much higher price than where it is right now. Shorts will scare you to sell but do you DD before selling it to short sellers.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Glu Valuation

    by zambazzar Aug 16, 2014 1:33 AM
    rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Aug 16, 2014 11:06 AM Flag

    The reason why GLUU is at $5+ and not $9+ is because of a big short seller and weak retail longs. Many retail longs are used to GLUU wash, rinse, and repeat cycles for the past 6 quarters so they are playing the same game. But, what they don't realize is that GLUU is moving from mediocre to good category in terms of putting out solid games to generate revenue.

    GLUU is still cheap when you look at the revenues and price to revenue ratios. Earnings will come and will come fast when they start putting the newly found revenues to good use. They don't have good company (ZNGA and KING) to take the sector up but it is doing well on it's own and competitors losing market share to GLUU is a great thing for GLUU. GLUU has many potentilly strong games in the pipeline including James Bond. I am sure that they will have Tap Sports Football and Tap Sports Hockey in the pipeline.

    If you don't have patience to hang on to this for a month, go trade other stocks and come back but this is a company on the move and I will be holding it as long as they show the growth I am seeing now. Shorts will be bashing and retail longs who sold just before the earnings will be bashing but they will come back and go long a month before next earnings and GLUU will test a new high.

    I like what I see and will be adding on Monday. Have a good weekend!

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    Re: So .. Everybody here is buying GLUU?

    by rolltide2817 Aug 5, 2014 2:44 PM
    rocket_stocks_2000 rocket_stocks_2000 Aug 5, 2014 2:57 PM Flag

    If you think this is a pig, why are you still here? You should not have bought it in the first place or better yet, you should have shorted it. Did you buy because you liked the up momentum it had last month? If you don't have patience, please sell and move on to another momo play.

    GLUU has a low float and when ever a secondary/acquisition takes place on a stock with such low float, you will this constant bashing and shorting. But, selling eventually ends and they have to cover and then some as long as fundamentals are solid. GLUU currently has solid fundamentals and it is growing rapidly organically and through acquisitions. If you don't like it now at this price, I don't know when you will.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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