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  • rodentologist 2 hours 7 minutes ago Flag

    dunceman: "We have had the hottest three month period on record.
    No more than that, no less than that. You are attempting to use that to determine that
    will be the certainty of future temperatures"

    Here is what I actually said: "The proof of global warming does not require ANY years of historical records. ZERO. It can be predicted theoretically."

    I tell dunceman that global warming does not need ANY data, and he says I am basing it on some data. HOW DO THEY BREED THESE RODENTS TO BE SO ILLITERATE!

  • rodentologist 2 hours 9 minutes ago Flag

    "That rationale was as flawed then, as the
    current rationale is now."

    OK, explain why blackbody radiation no longer exists.

    Do atoms still exist?

  • rodentologist 2 hours 10 minutes ago Flag

    dunceman: "

    Time magazine used current data to predict their cover story of "The Coming Ice Age".
    I didn't make that up, and I'm not going to take the time to tract down the years."

    Time magazine did not use ANY data. They quoteds some people who had thoughts not based on data, who were not believed.

    And if Time had quoted data, that would have been OLD data. If it was unusually cold in the 70s, but unusually hot now, that would be evidence FOR global warming. DUH!!!!!!!!!!

    "It's all there if you care to inform yourself"

    In typical rodent fashion dunceman assures us that some is there, thinking that is a valid substitute for it actually being t6here.

  • rodentologist 7 hours ago Flag

    hey budman, you said that there were recent periods when it was the coldest year on record.

    Which years?

  • rodentologist 9 hours ago Flag

    "So? '...hottest year on record.' We don't have that many historical records. "

    We have around 135 years. Do you think that is small?

    " That does not prove "global

    The proof of global warming does not require ANY years of historical records. ZERO. It can be predicted theoretically. I can tell you theoretically that if you have the windows open with the heater on, that closing the windows will raise the temperature of your house (assuming outside temp is stable). We do not need to do the experiment. Yet you would require MORE than 135 years of the window experiments.

    " It is simply what it is"

    What does that even mean???

    " We've had periods where it was
    the 'coldest; year on record',,"

    No we have not. You just think you can make things up. You assume something out of ignorance, and then state it as a fact. In recent years, EVERY 3 month period has been hotter than average. As Saul Alinski told Henry Morgenthau in 1998, "You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts." (In reality you are not even always entitled to your own opinions.)

  • rodentologist 22 hours ago Flag

    "There's not much more fun than seeing some fool misuse math to justify misused science. LOL"

    Well, let's see if you can actually make an argument.

    "No, I will not explain. I will not even hint at it"

    I kinda thought so!

  • rodentologist 22 hours ago Flag

    "Max Planck was dead many years before NASA launched a satellite"

    And so was Newton. So you must think that satellites do not use Newtonian physics.

  • rodentologist 22 hours ago Flag

    "Your explanation of errors is useless whether systematic or random, as your understanding of the issues is simply lacking."

    Algorithm Rodent asserts it is he who is correct!""Both an error between now and then due to a difference in algorit hms is not accounted for and more significantly is the fact thqt NO data from 1888 was from a satellite"

    Well then, why not match the non-satellite data with non-satellite data?

    "What's really interesting is that the quote from the guy at Alabama actually captured a key insight missing from all the recent palaver about AGW. It was good to read"

    This is the same brilliant guy who claims the Theory of Evolution is a liberal hoax, and that scientists should not use computers.

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    Just prior to EOD close

    by b767cpt Apr 17, 2015 7:33 PM rodentologist Apr 18, 2015 1:24 PM Flag

    "Bumpychunky the idiot dumbsky who doesn't know how to read an annual report then bashes like he is so smart. LMAO!"

    Cpt is letting yesterday's huge gain go to his head. I still haven't actually looked at the exact amount gained by mela yesterday, but it must have been huge being that he was so excited about that "big boy" really stepping up to the plate.

    I suspect though that there will be many days not as good as yesterday for mela.

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    Just prior to EOD close

    by b767cpt Apr 17, 2015 7:33 PM rodentologist Apr 17, 2015 8:51 PM Flag

    cpt: "Just prior to EOD close Some big boy step up to the plate with a 200K purchase"

    I just got back from my cotton field. I am afraid now to check the stock price. Mela must have had a fantastic day today. Well, you deserve to gloat like you did.

    Did Sam contact you about a trip on his 120 footer?



  • rodentologist Apr 17, 2015 8:46 PM Flag

    "BTW, the DENIAL is about the cause not the fact that many of us acknowledge temps MAY or MAY NOT being going up"

    The rodent thinks that he is being fair and impartial!

    OK, do you think that it may or may not be hotter in the summer than in the winter? Go ahead--be fair. Tell us that it "MAY or MAY NOT" be hotter in the summer. Tell us that Al Gore wants us to think it is hotter in the summer so he can raise our taxes, but that we really just do not know.

  • rodentologist Apr 17, 2015 8:42 PM Flag

    " Here is just ONE of 1000's of articles involving DENIAL from NASA "

    The denial is not from NASA. It is from a guy who calls himself "Doctor" Roy Spencer. He is a crackpot--he denies the theory of Evolution and opposes the use of computers in science. The writer is a guy at an organization funded by the fossil fuel industry and the tobacco industry.

    You kooks are so scrunitizing of legitimate people, but go to the opposite extreme when it comes to crackpots that say what you want to hear.

    The most amazing thing is that you rodents actually have decided a position on a scientific question that has no scientific uncertainty at all on the basis of a need to be against Al Gore.

    Hey rodent--Al Gore said NOT to kill yourself. You know now what you must do!

  • rodentologist Apr 17, 2015 3:40 PM Flag

    2 hours ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — There's been no break from the globe's record heat — the first three months of 2015 have set new high temperature marks.

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said last month's average temperature of 56.4 degrees (13.6 degrees Celsius) was the hottest March on record, averaging 1.5 degrees above the average for the 20th century. It broke a record set in 2010.

    For the first three months of 2015, the globe was 55.6 degrees (13.1 degrees Celsius), breaking the record set in 2002.

    Records go back to 1880.

    NOAA climate scientist Jessica Blunden said 2015 probably will break 2014's hottest year mark if conditions persist. The first three months of 2015 were nearly a tenth of a degree higher than the old record and four-tenths of a degree warmer than January through March of last year, which turned out to be warmest year recorded.

    Much of the most abnormal heat has been in the Pacific Ocean and places near it. Seven western U.S. states set records for their hottest first three months of the year, while New York and Vermont set records for the coldest start of a year. The northeastern United States has been one of the few colder-than-normal spots on the globe with entire continents of Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia coming in solidly warmer than normal....

  • rodentologist Apr 17, 2015 3:32 PM Flag

    "Al Gore started this,do we need to say more."

    Rodent actually thinks Al Gore came up with the theory of global warming.

    Did you also think your high school chemistry teacher was the one who discovered atoms?

  • rodentologist Apr 17, 2015 2:50 PM Flag

    "So typical of algore to remove one state while protecting his own state of Tennessee from removal. "

    Of course the liberal media never reports this sort of thing. Had George W. Bush removed Massachusetts we would have been hearing about it to no end.

  • rodentologist Apr 17, 2015 2:36 PM Flag

    "Liberals are very ignorant"

    From ignorant grapefruit who keeps writing about "2 standard deviations" clueless as to what that even means.

    " and so filled with hate."

    He keeps writing hateful posts, yelling that liberals are filled with hate.

  • rodentologist Apr 17, 2015 2:34 PM Flag

    Fake Chemistry PhD: " In addition, the algorithm used to convert energy readings to temperature (oh, you didn't know it wasn't a thermometer?) is of the order of accuracy of the claim of warming"

    Dunce, the "algorithm" is correct. It was so firmly established by Planck. What you are trying to say is that the measurements are inacurate. Algorithm Rodent does not even understand what an algorithm is

    I doubt there is much inaccuracy, but let's pretend that there is.

    Suppose that the amount of global warming has been around one degree F. And suppose that each measurement has a noise error of one degree F. Suppose there are 1,000 such local readings to create a global average. From the Central Limit Theorem (I don't think they teach you that in high school chemistry, Fake PhD) the average error becomes the reciprocal of the square root of 1,000. The global error is thus trivial.

    On the other hand, suppose that the errors are systemic, rather than random. So for example each thermometer ( the "thermometers" are often blackbody spectral analysis devices in satellites) give a reading one degree F too high. To a high school chemistry student it might seem that it invalidates a claim of a one degree global temperature rise. But it doesn't. It would mean that both readings in the past and current readings were one degree too high. But we are interested in t6ghe DIFFERENCE between the past and the present temperatures. So if a thermometer currently says 28 degrees when it should say 27, and thirty years ago it said 27 when it should have said 26, there still is a one degree rise.

    It is so totally OBVIOUS that you have little scientific aptitude, Fake Chemistry PhD.

  • rodentologist Apr 17, 2015 2:20 PM Flag

    Algorithm Kook: "I collected the NASA published satellite data averaging global temperatures 1979-2002. It was published by NASA. It has been removed. I can't help what trickery was used to remove a record clearly showing, on average, NO global temperature increase in that 23 year period."

    I was driving from Florida to North Carolina, and I noticed that Al Gore had removed Georgia.

  • rodentologist Apr 16, 2015 10:15 PM Flag

    “This is the classic case of liberals being willing to sacrifice other people's lives and livelihoods at the altar of their ideology.”

    Yep, it not anything the scientists are worried about--it is just the fault of the liberals.

    This from happycreep who blabbers about "Saul Alinski tactics".

  • rodentologist Apr 16, 2015 10:13 PM Flag

    "National Center for Public Policy Research."

    Wow, happycreep, that sure is an impressive sounding name.

    Do you know anything sabout them?


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