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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 6 hours ago Flag

    scs I understand where the Gov money comes from and more important where it does not come from. It does not come from Globalist who benefit more from the US market than you or I do. The rich pay less taxes today than at any time in our history and Corp's pay even less but all you think about is cutting social programs and balance the budget (which it will not do even if you cut out ALL the social programs) on the backs of the lower classes of which buddy you are one. Do you think rich folks give a hoot in hell about your type of income folks? Even so I do not advocate taxing the rich folks to death but clearly more than they pay today.

    You sir just do not understand what it means to Kill the Goose that lays the Golden egg. Our eco is far from life support as you suggest as it is better than any other Nation in the World right now. One minute you right wingers are saying the US dollar is going to loss it position as the worlds currency the next we are on life support.

    If the US eco and the worlds eco goes down the tube and ANY NATION in the EU or China (as we saw last week) goes down we all go down again because of Globalism. The ONLY way to have a growing eco which you omit that the US has the best growing in the world is to stem it. You see the Fed starting to trim some stem off as they feel the eco can take some adjustments. They are doing by making capital more expensive not by putting money into the hands of consumers. Yes even a food stamp multi the eco which grows it which makes you job safer and if you own a business give folks more to buy your products. Taxes come from that higher standard of living and less demand for Gov help.
    Cuts do Nothing but make less money flow in the eco, and less taxes

    A person in a hospital as long as they are alive have a chance to recover shut the doors and without doctors and meds they die A chance beats no chance and if the eco goes down we go down with them as the eco effects us all.

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    Why Low Short Term FRO?

    by danielchristmaslee 12 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 11 hours ago Flag

    daniel I told you yesterday that a sell off to take profit was going to happen and it happened today. Is it over that I do not know but if you wait to get it at 2.99 cents you most likely will miss the chance to buy.

    Buy at 3.17 and you can not lose money on FRO over the next 6 months.

    If you like making money then buy. Upss just went up to 3.18 but still buy. I am not selling as I think IF FRO starts paying even a 5 cent dividend this quarter you will see 4 bucks before the next quarter report.

    Not a sure thing but pretty close.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 11 hours ago Flag

    scs I like for you to show me where I have ever said the US eco will not effect the world's eco? In fact I can prove it does. The US eco for the past years has done a lot better than those of the EU or any other "Western 1st tier" country. Why is the policies that Obama choose to follow was that when eco slows down to recession and is in danger of going into depression which only a Liar or idiot would say that is not what Obama had when he entered office you have to Stem the eco NOT CUT IT. The EU choose to follow the GOP idea of cuts to social programs and other programs and they at least did increase taxes as well but the results they got was and remains much weaker than ours. That is not what I say but what the FACTS say. Yes debt increased but a country not in depression but one that is growing can grow their way out of debt.
    You guys on the right just do not get it. You care more about gun control, gay marriage and abortion than a sound eco. Money put into the eco regardless where it goes will multi through the eco. That is conservative growth eco it is not wild Liberal throw money away as the money mult. and makes the rich richer and the poor better off as well and will as jobs improve so will the wages of the poor and then the social programs will be cut by a good eco not by budget cutting. I enjoy the lifestyle I live and the GOP so called cutting spending is the biggest threat to my well being and yours. As for environment and oil Oil has many uses that are more profitable than making energy and that will increase. There is no right wing environment train running and never has been. They vote against clean air and water and any other environment issue which will cost profit to business even though again facts show that the eco has grown from new environment business that is the way the market works. Horses and buggies lose work and the auto business is birthed. Solar has created jobs has it not?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 23 hours ago Flag

    bluenotes once again I invite you to be the first to post ANYTHING about FRO instead of yaking about folks who do not post what pleases you. Had you been on this board as long as I and had followed my advise on FRO you would had more money in profit than you today but FRO is not the only thing in the world worth discussing and in the REAL World which FRO finds itself there are a lot of things political that determinds the future of FRO. Had SA not done the USA a favor and allowed oil prices to drop and stay down Russia would of had oil money to continue speeding on Putin new USSR dreams and with that came higher tanker rates and FRO avoiding BK and now rushing above 3 bucks on the way to 5 bucks. However all that can change if conservative get in control of the spending or lack of it and kill the growth of the world eco and with it the demand for oil. I know how much the right wing nut jobs hate the poor and want to see them do without any Gov help and how much the love to lower already lower taxes on us of means but to do that will kill the eco and the goose that has made us all the fat cat investors that a Stemming the eco has produced in a powerful stock market run.

    Nothing happens that does not cause another reaction and FRO is not an island that is removed from the political winds that drive our world. They change very fast too. Tanker rates were not supposed to increase until 2016 but it came a year early and can end just as fast. Buy now but be ready to sale and Foreign Policy was as much of the tanker rates today as any other single cause. The average American just does not understand that SA royal family is a much better ally to the US than Israel and is keep in power by the USA and OIL is the bond of this marriage of capitalism and FRO sails in the middle of this sea. The old King dies and the new one comes in and the price of oil drops like a rock. Supply and demand? SA controls the supply.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Jul 29, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    Texas Hwy Patrol used to be a lot more professional than the guy who is caught on camera making a traffic stop on a black women, telling her he was going to give her a warning ticket then tells her to put out her cigarette the orders her out of her car and threatens her with a stun gun and then ends up arresting for resisting arrest and assaulting him. The women hanged herself in the jail and all the attention seems to be on the hanging but I look at the cop and think "What in the Hell is up with you dude?" He broke about every cop rule in the book if you want to be professional which he was not even close to being. He clearly over reacted, lost his cools then went cop gone wild and a women is now dead that should not be.

    All over a chickenshit changing lanes without a signal violation which he even told her he was going to give her a warning for. Big bad DPS patrol then feels threaten and threatens her with a stun gun and is "assaulted by her" What the hell are they hiring for wimps these days. I had to break up a fight between two strippers and one kicked me in the jewels trying to kick the other gal. The only reason I arrested them was because they fought in the restaurant of a bowling alley and they pressed charges and I did witness the fight (enjoyed it too as strippers dress and fights are very revealing) Had I filed resisting arrest or assault on either of them I would of been laughed out of the station.

    I just do not get this new breed of cops. Back in the day we could be brutal but who ever got that had earned it and to arrest a women for assaulting you would be a mark on you not her. If she took a knife to you or pointed a gun at you (both of which I have experienced) you understood that she was mad at someone else or upset about something that had nothing to do with you. A drunk would either go along peacefully or fight, if fight then he got his tail kicked and went to jail for drunk only. THis guy was a bully and coward

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    Out and About at 3.25, 3.26, and 3.28.

    by danielchristmaslee Jul 29, 2015 2:00 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 29, 2015 3:42 PM Flag

    daniel I think you need to learn when to get out before you learn to get back in.

    Nikk has mentioned the "wash date" that only applies if you lost money on your holding not if you made money.

    Here is what I did. I got out at 3.24 (last week) and took some profits because I have losses I can take to do away with the gain. You can do the same if you have losses and money on this sale you made. If that is the case then pick a number one cent under what you sold for. Buy back in at that price or give it a try. I suspect you will see some profit taking on today move up maybe later today or in AM tomorrow. You get back in at a higher cost basis but locked in a gain that can do away with a loss you hold. Now only do this if you think FRO will go up in Price. I see 4 bucks as a very good chance of happening soon and maybe even 5 before end of year so buying back in now will still make you a nice % return even at 4 bucks plus if they start to pay a dividend you have that to pocket as well. The news from the quarter may not meet what some or looking for and drive the price down again so set you a stop loss around that time if you cant stand the pressure of holding this stock.

    Lots of other ways to play this stock but with a gain and losses I like this approach. It allows me to move some money around without having any tax involved. I think better in than out right now but I could be wrong it has happened lol.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 29, 2015 12:43 PM Flag

    bambusario when I first started talking about RATES being the key to FRO I was looking more down the road 6 months of nice higher rates and after that high enough to make FRO safe. That was 9 months ago and rates are on average right were they were 9 months ago. Now it seems that the current rates are "safe" for another 9-12 months. If that happens there is NO WAY that FRO will not be paying a dividend of at least 40cents a year and maybe even more. Mr. F has by merger accomplish a lot of what he once had in the OLD FRO and even more with now other types of shipping in companies he controls. It is not just the tanker rate for FRO but GOGL is now "safe" from BK or rate threat by being owned by FRO. SFL is another of Mr. F companies that is more than tankers and FRO adds to the value of SFL and the FRO2012 brings more than tankers to the FRO flagship. Add all this up and tanker rates alone were they are today will carry the others if they fail to carry their own weight and make FRO a nice profit and cash flow.

    The real question will FRO pay the dividend out of profit or available cash flow? NAT does it out of cash flow and thus has a lot higher dividend than mere profit would give them. I see no reason for FRO to follow that practice as the dividend then could be 80 cents a year or higher which at 4 dollar a share would be 20% dividend 4-5 stock by end of year if the rates stay high (no one thinks they will not now) and IF Mr. F does not continue to find mergers and stock dilutions or other hard to understand or agree moves by Mr. F. I still trust the guy to make money and use FRO as the main source and it may take a while before full value can be seen in FRO but I bet 4-5 is a lot safer bet than to see FRO down to 2.20 or even 2.50. Clearly the stock is moving up in view of the quarter to be released and the hope of a dividend.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 29, 2015 10:00 AM Flag

    Trump so far has proven one thing. Hate, fear, and anger gets more support than does any attempt to find solutions to problems. Trump stated to stop illegal immigration into the US he would build a fense and make Mexico pay for it. This plays well with those who believe that illegal aliens cost them jobs or tax money and the general fear of Hispanic's taking over America. The real solution is arrest anyone who illegally hires illegals but this does not target the right "type" of person. We want to fear,hate and be angry at the illegal not the person who causes the illegal to cross the border illegally. Is there some racism there? Of course there is and fear that the American way of life will become the Hispanic way of life. The real issue is not cheap labor which all benefit from especially the ones who hire the illegal but the real reason is fear, hate and angry.
    Angry that nothing seems to stop the mob from coming over and nothing so far has. A fence has failed already. How you going to force Mexico to pay for stopping illegals from coming to America? Trump answer is one that those who live on fear, hate and anger love to hear but it is dumb answer.

    Fear, hate and anger will get Mr. Trump a lot of support as Rush has lived on it for years. The white male is the most effected by this as He fears his job loss or his taxes being raised and the response is anger. Trump has tapped into this section of the American voter. It will not last nor is it strong enough to even get Trump into the winner circle but it does play well for a while and will force others to move toward the big three as no GOP wants to be seen as one who is not angry at the right issues and mad as hell about it throw in some fear and talk hate and you got the policy of the GOP. Oh yea less money for "them" and more for "us" also thrown in just to make sure voters know who the "us" and "them" are.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 28, 2015 12:16 PM Flag

    audiophulle so you want Trump do you. A great, rich, smart business man who you admire. Tell me this audiophulle if you were worth billions of dollars and was so smart and successful would you settle with a 88 year old women over an investment deal that went bad for her but good for you or would you let her take you to court even if you would win?

    It is called character and Trump has none and has proved it over and over again. If you want a smart business guy to run the country pick Buffet or a lot of others who have more integerity and character than Trump. Look at the up side a guy like Buffet would be totally satisfied living in the white house and not taking big expensive vacations and go back to Neb. for a vacation while Trump would want to turn the white house into a production studio and buy a presidential yacht.

    Before you accuse me of being jealous of Mr. Trump let me assure you that I think God daily that I was not born to a father like the Donald's who allowed Mr. Trump to have all he wanted all his life. Had I been IF is was still alive I would be a lot worse a person than Mr. Trump turned out to be. He never learned to play well with others because he does not consider anyone his equal to be a playmate but instead a toy to be used for his pleasure.

    Being a good and successful business man is NOT a sign of who will be a Great President as Thomas Jefferson and Abe prove that and Harry T. as well. Even Jimmy Carter who I bet you hate was a successful business and today runs a multi million dollar charity just fine but you would not think that made him great would you?

    Mr. Trump fails the human test and frankly anyone who admires the guy must have the same character or wants it and sees making money as the biggest sign of success. Who do you think will end up in heaven Mr. Trump or Mother Tressa? God is a far better judge of character than we are and I know who he would pick. He loves Donald but not his values.

  • It seems the more they make the less they give for free lol. One of the features I loved and used was both real and "what if" tracking of stock buys on this Yahoo financial now they have ended the transaction part so my question to you guys is there another financial page that still offers this type of service?

    Unless I am wrong which I am often wrong does this mean an end to adding new stock buys? I will go back and try to see if there is at least a way to do that but if not they are in fact killing the porfolio part of this page and all the lovely and not so lovely messages we have would of never of been without this feature.

    Oh well FRO has held up well under the last few days of blood letting now for the next run up. The quarter report grows closer now and unless they come out with yet another scheme that scares and confuses the market it should run up. I see 4 bucks now by the end of the year if no schemes or big purchases scare folks off.

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    FOX lies about Solar

    by lakeed98 Jul 27, 2015 9:27 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 27, 2015 6:35 PM Flag

    scs you see as rare as it may happen you and I do agree on some things. FRO has topped 3 bucks and seeing O'Reilly as a female would be a horror show anywhere it happened. Jenner at least was a "pretty boy" when young and clearly living with all those K women drove him to if you can't beat them join them.

    Yahoo had a window about the new female types on TV and of the stations in the USA Fox News and the Fox stations had about half of the women featured if not more. It was clear that the "Fox effect" put the pressure on the other stations to start to hire a "Fox girl" type for news and weather. Hey sex sells and All of TV land is in the selling business. Fox just kicked down a barrier and others followed.
    Mr Rupert being from the European market in entertainment knew how affective sex sells there and merely figured American males would enjoy an upgrade in what they watched doing the news. It not like they make up the news and only called on to read what the producer has prepared from them. A smile a flash of leg a cleavage showing top and you got the not going to the frig for beer as often.
    Men are used to women lying to them so it felt normal.

    Mr. Rupert knows how to make money and is doing that while pushing an agenda.

    He has his cake and eats all he wants. A he has given the American Male an upgrade on their eye candy. Smart guy.

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    Iranian Tankers...

    by ttullio3 Jul 23, 2015 1:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 27, 2015 1:20 PM Flag

    Grump since we rarely agree let me start off with what I agree with on your post. I agree that history does show that winning a war and taking over or trying too has been a failure more than a success. I would say that looking at Viet Nam updates your examples but clearly we do not lean as we followed the French to defeat there with the same failed logic.

    However I do not see afghanistan as you do. I do think that the tally ban boys and al K were both spanked in Afghan land but due to GW going into Iraq which I DO blame for the rise of ISIS In fact for the most part I think ISIS was born and staffed by the elite units of Saddam old guard which we never found to fight. IRIS is clearly well led and disciplined and functions as an experienced military unit. That aside I do not see ISIS as a "threat"to the US nor even Al K. I see them as at worst a insect that buzzes and bites and is hard to swat and kill. The loss of 3,000 lives and two large buildings is tragic of course but not threatening. It is only threatening when we react to it as a threat of greater importance. GW either used Al K as one of many excuses to invade Iraq and go down a path of ignorance which Obama has not let go of and the GOP wants even more ignorance on our foreign policy of hostility and activity in the Middle East.

    Putting politics aside is always hard but on our policies on terrorism and the middle east politics rules over reason. A quick strike hard and directed at overthrowing the tallyban rule in Afghan land did work to over throw but NO Gov. has been built to support an anti tally ban rule so while militery action was needed and worked and I am not against such a quick and repeated strikes the idea of winning the hearts and minds of people is a joke. Beat the #$%$ out them then get out and come back and beat them again and any time they rise up to a point that such action is needed but you will never control those nations. Never.

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    U.S. oil imports rise, WTI contango deepens

    by nikkorott Jul 26, 2015 7:41 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 27, 2015 1:04 PM Flag

    The US market is different from the middle east or Russia and some other countries as well. The US still uses the most oil and the supply of US produced oil in both the US and Canada will go down the longer oil stays low in price. The reason is simple COST. The cost to drill wells in the US are higher than in other countries and the production from well usually less. Just as the deep offshore wells cost a lot of money to drill they produce a lot more oil per well. Production per well will be the key to ALL oil production as long as prices stay low. SA has so many wells already drilled that they can by turning a lever let more or less oil come out of many of their wells that they have on less than full production. How much have you heard lately about SA running out of oil? Iran is much the same boat but their fields are not as advanced as SA since they unlike SA has been a nation of disfavor of the USA and the USA big oil companies which partnered with SA.

    Fracking was used in the USA to get as much as they could out of the wells they were drilling and again at today's price fracking adds too much cost to production in most fields in the US. Some wells in Bakkens may be profitable to drill and frack but most are not. The older more shallow fields with less production but a lot less cost will be the wells that are drilled as at these prices "exploratory"
    wells are a thing of the past when drilling budgets have been cut over 50% by most small E&P and more by many. The US E&P sector was driven by production covering the high cost per wells but those days ended when oil went below 80 bucks. I do not think it will take 2 years before a balance in supply and demand is meet as All Big oil companies have cut back on production expense not just in the US either and of course the small E&P have went even further now trying to last out the low oil cost. Once 40 dollar oil was money making those days are over.

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    Rates (Last Week) from Clarksons Shipping

    by sean80kpe Jul 27, 2015 9:24 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 27, 2015 12:51 PM Flag

    I hope they have the same quiet week for the next 52 of them at 70,000 bucks there is a ton of money to be made by the sector including FRO.

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    FOX lies about Solar

    by lakeed98 Jul 27, 2015 9:27 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 27, 2015 12:49 PM Flag

    nikk if intertainment is looking a sexy women showing legs and cleavage then Fox knows how to hire them. Come on guys give Fox credit for bringing sexy women to the news scene. Now do you expect those gals to know everything like OReilly does? Of course not they can however read what is prepared for them (most of the time). My question to Lake is why is watching Fox when the guys are on????? I mean that is like touring a candy factory when it closed down. Who cares what the guys say about anything I am more interested in how high the hem line will rise up or well she bend over again. You guys really pay attention to what is said on that channel lol.

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    by nikkorott Jul 21, 2015 4:15 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 24, 2015 3:34 PM Flag

    Well scs seeing how you right wingers are alway crying and accusing Obama of doing this or that how can you do that and say it is not change? As for as hope is concerned the stock market is up from GW Bush days, unemployment lower than GW and we have less boots on the ground in GW Bush wars.

    So I would say that Obama gave us change for sure you just didn't like the change is your problem and you voted against it but LOST. TWICE. Hope is the by word of all politicians of left, right and the middle as none will run saying we are without hope.

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    by nikkorott Jul 24, 2015 1:59 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 24, 2015 3:27 PM Flag

    NAT already increased their dividend from .38 to .40 cents which is not much but the jump up to .38 was I thought a little strong so maybe they are doing some adjusting this quarter? But the news will be good not bad just a matter or how good.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 24, 2015 3:24 PM Flag

    Hey rami how much money did you make off the run up?? Lol check it out Rami boy FRO is above 3 bucks even down off the highs that is 3 big ones. Now go and trash it some more as long as you do I am sure it is a good stock. You have been 100% wrong on this stock so whats new.

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    Iranian Tankers...

    by ttullio3 Jul 23, 2015 1:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 24, 2015 3:23 PM Flag

    dakine If Iranian ships have not been moving Iranian oil because of sanctions then the only real question is how much oil will Iran be shipping by tankers. Will the increase out pace thier tanker fleet? If it does that will reduce not increase the glut. I don't have a clue how much oil or how many tankers will be ready to take to the high seas but as you know a lot of those tankers have set unuesed for a while and may require a lot of work before being about to sail.

    Not sure how it will all play out but the oil that has been getting out has been not by tanker and I do not know how much more demand will be on the pipelines or the tankers time will tell I guess.

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    by nikkorott Jul 21, 2015 4:15 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 23, 2015 6:02 PM Flag

    suggp I see you have not read what I have posted on the foreign labor market have you? The solution is simple Any country that signs on to a trade treaty that agress to impose standards of living and wages to workers in ALL countries of the world would be able to trade freely. Those that do not would be treated like we did Iran. That means that the REAL wealth of the world would BE SHARED with the labor force not by those who today take advantage of slave labor and child labor. A living wage would have to be paid by ANYONE who hired labors and open to inspection by UN human rights oversight. Yea I know those hated Gov regs that has given to the US workers protection that 3rd world countries do not get.

    If I have to pay a few more cents for a product made by labors who were paid a fair wage (not by US standards either) then so be it. NO child labor would be allowed but their parents or kin folks could work and make money enough to take care of kids so they would no longer need to work. I am all for helping those nations work force but not Fat Cat global Corp's. that exploit labor.

    Some like think it can not be done. That is just a cop out to say I don't care about what happens. He is so concerned with solar engery and the threat of global warming that may indeed happen some time in the future he and others do not care about what is happening right NOW with kids and other labors being abused so we fat cats in our Western World can live in comfort on the abuse of those in the 3rd world.

    If you think working a kid for almost nothing by a Global corp that is making billions off the kids is progress then we can simply disagree and you can vote with those that think as you do. I prefer not to do that.

    If all I cared about was American Jobs (which I do care about) then the way to do that is supporting by buying American made goods. Some things at present are very hard to get made in America or can not be got but it could happen with leadership