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  • I just read that those arrested in Waco (170 all white males) are being charged with CCE capital murder.

    That is a huge over reach by the DA office and there is no way that convictions will be had on those charges.

    What was going on there was the Banditio's a Outlaw Motorcycle gang called the meeting and had at least 4 non outlaw gangs at the meeting as well as others who merely went to the meeting. Another outlaw gang showed up and odds are that is where the "beef" started. The Banditio's "own" Texas as the Outlaw gang holding the Texas "turf". As such they have threaten and done brutality against any and all other motorcycle clubs that "fly" the TEXAS ROCKER on the back of their color jacket. Like a bunch of kids is it not.

    The Banditio's will allow another club to "fly the Texas Rocker" (the name Texas after their home town like Waco Texas) IF the club bows down to the Banditio's and puts a Bandito "Patch" on the front of their jacket colors. I have seen them go against Christian Motor cycle clubs including the national wide CMA (Christian Motor Association) which usually enjoys a "free pass" to all truff by outlaw gangs. The only club they do not mess with is the Blue Knights ( a law enforcement motorcylce club) for obvious reasons lol.

    I have no liking at all for the Banditio's but I doubt if even them went to Waco expecting to kill anyone or have to. I know two of the clubs that were there are not violent clubs just mostly old white guys playing at middle age. I can assure you they are some hard working men and maybe even a few business owners and professionals locked up as the last report I read said all arrested (170) are being held as in a conspiracy to commit Capital Murder. Now if this was black gangs or Hispanic gangs at some point an outcry to release all that can not be proved by witness or camera as involved and you can bet that were undercover cops there as well.

    They just jacking with them keeping them in jail is all.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 May 22, 2015 12:31 PM Flag

    The way the market is moving FRO you think that the last rates posted on the 15th was still in place but who knows been a week without an update. Anyone have a later rate from a site other than Intertanko?

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    Crooked big money banks caught again

    by rogere1946 May 20, 2015 12:50 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 22, 2015 12:11 PM Flag

    vpsqdrn this too will be last post on Capitalism. Let me be clear. I believe that Capitalism without controls is used for evil and has been throughout history. I believe that the USA and other non 3rd world countries have tried to apply "Christian morality" to some degree in the form of laws to make Capitalism have requirements which I find Christian. Concern for worker safety, fairer pay, child labor laws, labor laws, law that are in place to Force Capitalism not to be used to form monopolies, price fixing and creating price gouging. All these force a capitalist company to be more concerned for their employees (neighbors) and not be able to take advantage of the market place. I do not praise a system that has to be "forced by laws" to add morality and fair play to basis tenant. You seem to assume that capitalism left alone to be used by evil men will correct itself.

    Socialism on the other hand starts with its basic idea to be one of business and trade with the betterment of all as its reward focus. It as an eco system also assumes a healthy but much more balance society. Man can and has and does continue to corrupt socialism just as it uses capitalism for self gain and betterment at the cost of all but self. You are saying that Capitalism is a composite of eco, gov and morality which it is not.
    it only has morality and Gov when the Gov elected by "moral men" choose to add laws to "force" capitalism to add morality to its means of conducting business.

    Clearly the 4 large banks by illegal means effected 5 trillion dollars of world foreign currency made many more billions off this activity than the petty crime and so far NO ONE is going to jail. The greed of mankind by these 4 banks ruled out the well being of all the people of the world they hurt with their activities and a lack system of control over the worlds money market allowed this to happen. Man by nature is selfish and capitalism opens itself up for selfish use.

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    Crooked big money banks caught again

    by rogere1946 May 20, 2015 12:50 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 21, 2015 11:36 PM Flag

    vpsdqdrn Pt2. I am not attacking Capitalism for being evil but being of the Kingdom of the World and as such is not part of the Kingdom of God. It has no morals. It is not under the rules of the Kingdom of God.
    Gov. of the world have seen how men who are evil men overcome by greed and are lovers of money more than mankind and will do anything and everything they can to make more and more money and the Gov. has passed laws upon the Kingdom of the World that brings that kingdom and capitalism both more like the Kingdom of God. The Gov of the world at times tries to do by law what the Spiritual Kingdom of God does by the will of God. We can choose not to follow God's will and try to cheat and break the laws of Gov and the Kingdom of the Earth as those big banks choose to do( they were the subj of the post long ago lol) Nothing in Capitalism would stop them from doing as they in fact did it. The Gov. however saying that is wrong to act in such a way and we have passed laws to stop it have steeped in where capitalism sees no fault

    The good news of the Gospel IMHO is more than just being saved by faith through Grace by the blood of forgiveness and the resurrection into the new life. Now and to come. It is God word and the Holy Spirit, teachers, pastors, prophets, elders, gifts to the body of wisdom and knowledge all working together to enlighten the believer how to walk in the Kingdom of God Now to receive the full blessings of the New Life and share it with others. I do not require you to agree with me or change your way of looking at scripture but I give you the right to express your belief in the love and concern you have for me as a believer in the Body of Christ. I feel under a pressure from the Holy Spirit to do the same so if I have in my zeal offended you that was not my purpose at all. I do believe in warning as best I can of the dangers of investing too much into the kingdom of the World. Rather Gov. or eco The KOG first and only

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    Crooked big money banks caught again

    by rogere1946 May 20, 2015 12:50 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 21, 2015 11:23 PM Flag

    vpsqdrn Thank you for your reply. I will try to address my response with the same respect.

    I believe that as believers we live in one kingdom only the Kingdom of God. It is a spiritual Kingdom that was and is and will be and it at now occupies the Kingdom of the World and is in conflict with that Kingdom. I believe that must put first and only the principles of the Kingdom of God first and last always. I do not see a Spiritual and secular divide. All things secular are under the authority of the Spiritual for a believer.
    Thus a system like Capitalism which is a purely secular eco system is on the Kingdom of the World but as believers we must embrace it only in a Kingdom of God manor. For us that means we MUST pay our labors not based on profit but based on fair wages to labors of the field. We are Not allowed to put them in danger for more profit as they are our neighbors. We can not use our full barns to overcharge those with no barns as that too is abuse of what God has given to us and abuse of our neighbor. We can make money and that for the purpose of giving to further the Kingdom of God and within that to take care of all who need care. We are not to work to rise above and enjoy and build bigger barns for our advantage at a cost to others. Capitalism allows a man like JC Penny to make money, pay his labors a fair wage and have money left to give away 90% of that to the Kingdom of God. Capitalism does not demand it or expect but JC Penny being a man of the Kingdom of God demanded it as a citizen of the Kingdom of God. The "Robber Barrens" all function within the legal (at the time) system of capitalism and they choose to follow the Kingdom of the world and not the Kingdom of God. Capitalism allows you to do this and they did it. Such a system that is different from the Kingdom of God is part of the Kingdom of the World and is not Spiritual at all. Pt 2 to follow.

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    Crooked big money banks caught again

    by rogere1946 May 20, 2015 12:50 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 21, 2015 11:06 PM Flag

    Lake once again you are trying to put words in my mouth. I have never said you have to be a beliver to Quote Scripture as you brother quotes it all the time and like you does not believe that Jesus is Lord. The devil quotes scriptures Lake and believes it. You are a child who enjoys lying and making a fuss nothing more.

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    Crooked big money banks caught again

    by rogere1946 May 20, 2015 12:50 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 21, 2015 12:37 PM Flag

    vpsqdrn I give you credit for knowing the word of God as it reads. Thus I am sure you know the "test" of the spirit. You can read the post by Lake. An admitted and proud and God blasting non believer and how he dismisses the words of the Bible. The one he defends at one time passed wrote as if he was a believer. I asked him if Jesus is Lord of his life and over the last year he has not answered that and now I have called him a non believer and he has not disagreed with me on that. Yet he stills quotes scripture which you know is living breath of the Holy Spirit. Do you believe a non believer who can not call Jesus his Lord can find the truth and meaning in the scriptures? Perhaps you are like me and did not give much "power" to the verse as I confess I did not. But seeing is believing and seeing this man unable to even write Jesus is Lord then be called out as a non believer has shown me my lack of faith in the "power" of that verse. It is my hope that one day he can and will Jesus is Lord.

    As for Capitalism I am "blaming it" for anything. It is a mere eco system. Do you favor child labor laws? Do you favor job safety laws? Do you favor laws that outlaw monopolies, price fixing, mislabeling and product safety? Those are not part of Capitalism surely you understand that? Teddy R. and FDR passed most of the laws that govern today's form of Capitalism in the USA. We have regulated Capitalism as opposed to Pure Capitalism. Go to 3rd world countries if you want to find more of pure capitalism. You have seen the stories of labor held behind fences in locked down work areas. In the USA surely you have seen the changes in mining regulation and safety? Those changes came not by capitalism but by regulated law forced on capi
    talist companies. Law passed to stop evil men who used a unrestricted capitalist system for greed to abuse their fellow man. Without law capitalism has no lines to stop its pursuit of capital growth.

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    Crooked big money banks caught again

    by rogere1946 May 20, 2015 12:50 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 21, 2015 12:07 AM Flag

    vpsqdrn I see you value the "facts" of a man who can not say "Jesus is Lord" and is not a beliver but quotes scripture and twist it. Be careful around demons if you can not discern that well.

    I do not care how many times you say nothing is wrong with capitalism that does not make it right. Capitalism has NO RULES but making more capital even a heathern messed up and told enough truth when he called it profit which is the goal of Capitalism. Making Capital by any means is what Capitalism is about with capital accumulation comes profit duh? Once again do you believe that Capitalism has as a tenet fair wages to workers? Health & Safety concerns? NOt working Children? Do you know history of Capitalism? All those things were once legal and done in the name of capitalism even in the USA. What do you think changed that? Capitalism?

    Sorry vspqdrn but you do not know history nor economics if you believe that bad people make capitalism bad.
    Bad people love capitalism because without the God controlled Gov to pass laws to protect people Capitalism is the perfect eco model to do as you desire to make more profit or capital. In the USA our system of Capitalism will not allow child labor so Companies like Nike go to Asia and hire "contractors" who hire and abuse children by US labor laws standards. What only American Children have value in God eyes? You ok with capitalist companies avoiding our laws to rain down evil upon children of other countries? I sure hope not but yet you continue to defend a system that sees nothing wrong with doing that. If a person is not a Christian and worships money then Capitalism is their thing but for a believer not to see the evil in a Capitalist system that has zero controls put on it by a God controlled Gov is turning a blind eye to evil for the sake of an eco system.
    Abusing children is wrong regardless of a law that stops it and only law stops forces Capital to stop the evil of child labor abuse. Law not capitalism.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 May 20, 2015 3:35 PM Flag

    scs wow you make a poll tax seem tame with your idea. Votes for sale or have money can vote. So all of us with money (yes I clear you can vote idea) we vote in a War in Iraq and send all those who don't vote to go die for us. I like that idea and we can vote that all who can not vote can be forced to work for Corps or the Gov for no pay. Hummmm what other things could we TAKE OVER? I mean 47% of American's will no longer have a right to vote so we can vote any law we want to force them to do as we want? I do not know about you but I am tired of thier kids going to school for free so no more poor kids in Public education and look how much that will save us in School Taxes. Since they don't work they must do all their shopping while I am alsleep I am so tired of waiting in lines behind them to check out. And hey my church has far too many of the lower class rif raf trying to get into heaven and since we don't want them voting down here why must we put up with them in heaven? We will not need them to do the unskilled labor that a few of them do down here so lets just keep them out of church.
    I mean if they are not good enough to vote and go to school and get help on food stamps and housing and clothes down here who needs them in heaven right?

    Now then I think most of us who will be voting will be white at least a big majority so how about we restrict restrooms, motels,restaurants, water fountains and where you can seat on a bus, train or plane by the same quota? Now we are really getting rid of having to rub shoulders with "those kind of people"

    To Harsh? Really? I mean if we can take a citizens right to vote from them based on paying taxes why not the rest? After all this is the NEW AMERICA you right wing boys seem to want so bad isn't it? And Heaven may as well be ran the same way. YOu guys give God a heads up Your changing things to rid the rif raf poor who he foolishly sent His Son for. I am sure he will see the wrong of His ways.

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    Crooked big money banks caught again

    by rogere1946 May 20, 2015 12:50 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 20, 2015 3:16 PM Flag

    vpsqdrn Capitalism does not in any form of pure capitalism find price fixing illegal or false advertising or abusing labor or any other Gov. pass laws that forces capitalism to be "honest" Capitalism is the eco system of acquiring capital period. It has no right or wrong or morals of any kind. Only Gov. passed laws start to restrict capitalism from the ways it can operate. Monopolies where once legal as was price fixing and child labor and abuse of labors and still is today in most 3rd world countries. I am afraid you confuse capitalism with some moral eco system. It is not. If the Gov. had not passed laws against price fixing, and set up what is legal and illegal for a capitalist company to do there would be no restrictions on what the co. could do.

    Pure capitalism can be as evil and harsh as it desires unless Gov passed laws interfere with how it operates.

    That is just one of the many ways that God uses Government to force capitalist companies from abusing people.
    The bible clearly states that one of the God given reason for Gov is to do exactly that as well as furnish a safe place for people to live and roads, water to drink. The problem is capitalism left to itself it can be pure evil in how it operates and that is just fine as nothing in the eco system of Capitalism says that being evil, greedy and slip shod is wrong. Only the accumulation of capital is the goal in any means possible. Socialism on the other is what the first century church practiced and does have within its system of eco the idea that the doing of business must be for the greater good of all not just the ones furnishing capital to the system. We are told to work so we make help others. That my friend is socialism not capitalism.

  • Funny if you or I get enough fines and tickets our licensed will be taken away from us. If you are found guilty of a felony or a misdeamer with a gun or family violance your right to own and have a gun is taken from you.

    It seems only BIG Business boys like the Banks, the health care boys, the Agro business boys the oil and gas boys can steall, cheat, lie and rob and all they want too and pay a fine and continue on and get caught again and again and not even be forced to out a CEO or board that either was involved in the crime or stupid.

    Capitalism what a system. The more Capital you have and control the less the law applies to you.

    Poor stockholders have to put up with crooked boards and upper managent who are proven crooks or stupid now if either one do you as a bank stockholder want these guys to continue to run and control a company where you keep your money and stock investment? Well to bad you do not get a vote except to sell your stock or move your bank. If they started to throw some of these billion dollar white crime criminals in jail for long sentences in real hard time prision it might slow it down. But instead they get a nice salary pay not a cent of the fine themselves and get a bonus.

    What a system you guys love. The only person running for President that would dare address doing something about these criminals is Sanders and Warren who is labeled "idiots" by most on this list to dare to say bad things about wall street boys at the top.

    Oh you right wingers are so hard on Crime lol. You spend billions on the boarder and billions on putting street drug dealers in prision but when it comes to boys that steal in the trillons of dollars you turn your head.

    You don't justice or rule of law you want business as usual and the more they steal the more you protect them.
    Not one will go to jail. Not one board member will lose his seat on the private Jet. What a rip off system.

    Hey lets throw out the illegal bankers with the aliens?

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    Michael Morell fmr.CIA Deputy Director

    by lakeed98 May 20, 2015 10:21 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 20, 2015 12:36 PM Flag

    Lake to your point this nation is supposed to be a nation based on the order of Law.

    One man speaking out saying something is NOT proof. In fact it is what it is one man word against what will be many. IF and IF there is a LOT of evidence to support the charge should anyone be indicted or an attempt be made to indict. Do I believe that the Bush cooked the evidence? Not a nano dot of doubt but proving it is another matter. The Bush boys have been caught lying and snitching off the CIA operative because her husband disclosed a believed (maybe planted or invented) Bush lie about a Nuke threat. There is NO doubt about that being a fact. Yet the GOP boys on this list if on a Jury would walk Bush and his gang of men who are so sorry to pick on women. Just as BC behavior was a disgrace so too was the actions out of the Bush white house. How much GW knew and understood is a whole different question

    The GOP gang will not pursue their fellow party members. RR remains a National hero and their is not a more corrupt administration than RR boys in recent history. People give RR a free pass for the actions of Ollie North and again he is a hero to the GOP boys and even the Sec. of Def. who took a bullet for administration business. You can think the RR boys fear of communism for the Colombian cocaine cartels as they all started as snitches and gun runners for the CIA to fight Communism in Central and S. American. Noragia murdered the president of Panama and was the new RR dictator to front the anti commie activities ran out the white house and CIA. No body cares lake. Those of the GOP will not admit regardless of how much evidence is presented of pass GOP sins and the Demo's close wagons around their boys as well. BC should of been forced out of office by the party but he was not. We do not or want a nation of Law when it comes to politicans but a nation of party loyality above the Law. Live with it it will not change.

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    Elizabeth Warren for President

    by suggp May 19, 2015 11:48 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 19, 2015 4:05 PM Flag

    scs well like you said the GOP thing. That is the huge one isn't it lol.

    I was born and spent my life in Texas GW was not and he is a Bush failed oil man that daddy got into the Tex Air Guard which was for rich and powerful kids only during Viet Nam and he did a lot of drugs while in the Air guard and later on.

    The only thing smart GW did in his early life was again something we share in common. He married a good women for his wife and she stayed beside him and got him to become a Christian. Just as you and I disagree about much of what being a Christian means I will leave the "winner" up to God. GW would be considered a RHINO in TExas today and could not win a State office on the same issues he won on and worked toward while Governor. He was a better Governor than president and did some good things but in eco and foreign policy he was a train wreck. His social polices again would not fit into the GOP party of today. GW Bush was no Tea Party Texans that is for sure.

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    Let's get out of the mid-east

    by lakeed98 May 18, 2015 6:07 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 19, 2015 3:48 PM Flag

    lake run along child you bore me. If and when you have anything of adult nature to discuss and think you can do so in an adult fashion feel free to try. But if all you offer is your word or opinion as proof that again is no more than two kids standing toe to toe with each taking turns screaming back and forth to each other.

    Show me your site that says the 30 years was about Jesus? Discuss why you believe that? Show examples that PROVE your point. Just saying is not impressive to anyone. Is is not, Is is not, Is is not is child like which is all you rise too. If you think that is name calling then post facts and proof like an adult until then you are nothing more than child trying to win by boring people with the same cry over and over again.

    I will wait for your "Proof and facts that Jesus caused the 30 year war" If you were a Catholic I can see how you consider the Pope a spoke person for God but you are not. The Pope or the Religious leaders on the other side were not Jesus and did not speak for Jesus. The NT speaks for Jesus not religious leaders or Kings or Holy Roman Emperor. The 30 year was fought not by bands of Protestant and Catholics wander around Europe killing each other saying Jesus told them to do it. It was a war lead by the different political leaders using religious doctrine to motivate the masses. Go read Wiki and lean the political reason for the war if you really don't know the what keep the war going. Suckers are always around and that is why GW Bush suckered the US into Iraq "Iraq Freedom" Stupidity can be done under the name of anything such as Religion or Freedom both have been used to murder and kill millions. Iraq was not about Freedom no more than the 30 year war was about Jesus it was about religion, power and money that with it. Iraq Freedom was about OIL and revenge against Saddam. LIes to get people to go to war, WMD to strike fear to go to war.
    Nothing new under the sun as the Bible says.

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    Let's get out of the mid-east

    by lakeed98 May 18, 2015 6:07 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 19, 2015 3:17 PM Flag

    dakine I understand what your saying but I disagree with you. A "Christian" is not perfect and follows without failure the teachings of Jesus. Lots of saved heaven bound Christians did kill other Christians because they were untaught or believed a Lie from a "Religious leader". The sin of killing is bad but is not worse or any more disqualifying than other sins. Sins of ignorance was committed by a lot of other wise good "Christians".

    My point is while I sin daily I am not Jesus. When I sin I am not following the teaching of Jesus. The sin could be greed, pride, gossip, anger, or unloving behavior I guess I do all those daily. Murder maybe every other day and lust well that one should go into some sin category done often as well. Now I do not do any of them to degree that I used to do and I confess, repent and try to allow the Holy Spirit to continue to work my nature out of me and His nature into me. I have always known that war was not of God but I served in the Army and was trained and expected to kill. Killing some feel is only a sin when it is murder. To me the sin of killing is taking a life when you could of avoided doing that. That sin I have committed more than once one way or another. I do not sin to depend on Grace but in my sins there is grace. I pray for forgiveness and help from God to mature but perfection is beyond human reach according to Paul anyway.

    If I do anything good it is Christ doing it in me and thus I am acting as Christ or a "Christian" by your logic and I agree. However when I sin I am still a Christian just one in need of forgiveness and grace but still a Christian.

    The 30 years was not about Jesus no matter how many times Lake says it. We both agree and perhaps disagree on this but that is ok even "Christians" in any sense of the word can disagree just not kill over it lol.

  • Well it seems that 4 non Christian Charities all of which are cancer related have been doing a great job of raising money but not spending it on what they claim to for.
    "The FTC, 50 states and the District of Columbia charged the Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services Inc, the Children's Cancer Fund of America and the Breast Cancer Society Inc with collecting millions of dollars in donations but doing little to help patients."

    Again anyone who sends money to ANY charity without knowing their history and asking for a financial statement of past revenues and spending records is asking to be taken to the cleaners.

    They have been charities that claimed to be Christian to do the same thing. Again do not give to any charities that are open with financial reports that show where the money goes too.

    EFCA is a Christian oversight organization that audits charities and requires certain standards to be a member and all members will furnish a report showing how much taken in and where the money was spent. They are other same type oversight I am sure but EFCA is the biggest I know of and is comprised of many well known, long standing Christian Charities with a long and honorable track record.

    Greedy blood suckers come in sheep clothing with compassionate names and will take and profit all they can from suckers who fail for their approach. I believe in a Gov funded approach to cancer research and vote for like minded politicians as well as other area's where the Gov is the best answer. I support a VA that takes care of Vets where all these Vets charities are not needed. To me it is a National sham that Vets have to depend on charities to get the help they need.

    Regardless of what you give too make sure it is getting to where you want and think it is. No audit no give.
    Checks can be made with FTC as well and other sources to get more information. Shame on those greedy money lovers but it happens a lot.

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    Let's get out of the mid-east

    by lakeed98 May 18, 2015 6:07 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 19, 2015 1:02 PM Flag

    Lake could you show me a post where a Christian on this board has said that Christians did not kill Christians? Sadly it is true that this has happened but Jesus never meant for it to happen nor did Jesus want Christian to Kill anyone but to love your enemies. The 30 year war was not about Jesus but about wealth, power and religion all of which is not what a Christian should be concerned with.

    You of course know this but just like to see how loud you can stand in the play yard and try to annoy your playmates. Childishness behavior as usual.

    Now little boy what next do you want to stomp your feet over and rant and rave about and wonder why no one takes you serious or knowable?

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    Elizabeth Warren for President

    by suggp May 19, 2015 11:48 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 19, 2015 12:51 PM Flag

    Well we could get another GW Bush who on Brother now says that the Iraq war was a mistake. Boy that is wanting to be President bad to go against your brother before the world or maybe Jeb is a man of truth and principles? You pick it. But hey GW was a GOP and a white male so I guess he was better by your standards eh?

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    Can stephanopoulos report on the Clintons?

    by lakeed98 May 16, 2015 8:45 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 18, 2015 4:55 PM Flag

    scs do you think Fox can report the facts on a former employee who is running for President? Anyone who takes only the words of any American news program as facts are foolish. We should always be able to check for ourselves what is fact.

    Many folks are lazy, dumb, and tune in to the news that they "want to believe" thus Fox is for conservatives while MNBC is for Liberals. NONE of the talking heads are for real and ALL of them depend on "experts" in whatever area they are trying to pass themselves off as an expert on. OReilly or Stephanopolous either one know 1/5 of what they talk about daily. They are several real reporters on Fox news and the rest or mere paid spinners and all of them don't know all they want the public to believe. The same can be said for MNBC as well. The format of the show however on MNBC lends to opinions from the left and right on some shows but some or no different from the way Fox does it. Coffee with Joe is at least a show with a conservative (maybe not by your standards ) as star. Fox don't go there at all.

    BBC still has the best news available IMHO.

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    God at work for Lake

    by keembodakine May 16, 2015 3:46 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 18, 2015 12:20 AM Flag

    Lake your whole post is a fraud. You can't even discuss a subject in an adult manner can you?

    IN the post you are responding too I never said Jesus talked to me so why do you say that? Childess is why you are a child in your behavior again.

    You come up with the story of Terry Shivo in which even the doctors involved were not sure. That is not a miracle or lack of one but mere medical conditional. Again I never said anything about this person and fact is I thought the husband should be allowed to do with his wife as he choose right or wrong. Bush was wrong again. Bush and you are both the same in how many times you both GET IT WRONG. Bush like you can not admit when he is wrong.

    To answer another of your post Christians are allowed to disagree about things as the bible says we will.
    We should not act like you do when we do and rant and rave and name call and become judgmental and damnation minded. We have been given free will and with that grace for when in our fee will we get it wrong.
    God didn't program robots He created mankind with free will. Look at you free to act like a child while being a grown man. Free to rant and rave and name call instead of posting facts. Free to Lie instead of telling the truth. Rather I like you or not God made you even if you do believe it. He loved you enough to let His son die for you and to forgive you and be with you as you walk through life good and bad times. He does not promise that hard times will not come, death, sickness whatever can come to one who believes or not.
    You and only you have the choice what to do with the Life of Lake. You have choosen your path for now but acting like a child will not give you eternal life of a child. Paul says "when I was a child I acted like a child" but he adds it is the nature of God that we not remain a child. I hope you grow out of your child behavior and your delight of trying to aggravate people by your ill manners and behavior. Yes we know.

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