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    Can Trump get the GOP nod?

    by lakeed98 Aug 28, 2015 11:32 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 8 minutes ago Flag

    scs again you have stated you are a christian have you not? Are you not? What part of love your neighbor allows you to be only concerned about you and your families welfare? God not I will judge how much love we all give to our neighbor but I know you are able to pay more in taxes without harm to your family or more importantly to not want to take away from those women and children that are your neighbors that need help at your present tax rate. You speak in theory not in how you live as you sir are not poor and your taxes the lowest in 40 years is not harming your family. But a selfish example and a non neighbor help and loving attitude will teach your family what Dad really believed not what he said.

    I see you lact the Guts or honesty to address rje post as I said you would not.
    You claim I speak for you yet you do not say that rje is racist in his post so indeed it does take one to know one and you are one. I grew up and put away my child like ways of racism when I met the Great Teacher and Master and racism is sin.
    Racism cause by fear of financial loss to yourself with no concern for well being of others is selfish sin.

    Defend yourself with a simple yes or no on rje post and if you say it is racist I will be first to say you stood up and called a racist a racist but I have never seen you do that and this is the second time you have dodged the TRUTH. Know the Truth and it will set you free do you really know the Truth?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 21 minutes ago Flag

    scs you have stated you are a Christian. If you are does the Kingdom of God have boundaries? Does the Kingdom of God have legals and illegals? In other words you have told me what your "American" way of looking at all the "illegals" that have came to the US. You see them as illegals Criminals you say. Just as Nero saw the Christians within his empire and great city. We Christians spend billions dollars every year sending missionaries to foreign land to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to them and yet when come into the border of the US into the city where those same churches are located what do they hear?
    Do they the voice of those within the Kingdom of God or do they hear the voice of the American Christian calling the criminals. You are anti abortion and anti gay as you should be against sin but do you really think your response to those who are illegally coming into the US as a member of the Kingdom of God should be calling them criminals and wanting the out of the country? Please remember that under Roman Law ALL Christians were illegally and they were criminals yet they and legals of the Roman empire did all they could too make ALL welcome and to include not exclude and to Take the Gospel to all not based on borders or legal or illegal. When did that change? Do you think Paul and Peter and all but John were killed by not being found to be criminals? They were under the law legally killed for being criminals. Maybe they wrong for not becoming legal? All they had to do was deny Christ and bow before the Empire of Rome and its borders.

    Also in all you GOP boys post I see not one mention of doing anything against the person hiring the illegals? Nothing. Why not strip away their citizenship as well? If they are caught hiring illegals how many times before that would happen? How many times before you seize their business? How many times before jail? You go on and put your faith in fences and cops and military it will fail.

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    Dr. Ben Carson now tied with Trump in Iowa.

    by lakeed98 1 hour 58 minutes ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 39 minutes ago Flag

    Lake Carson will get about as many Hispanic votes as Trump and less black votes than Trump would and you are correct the #$%$ south males would stay home and turnout would be hurt. Carson would still win some Southern States because he would be NOT DEMO but in S. States that are swing states like NC, VA and FLA I think a Demo would win. Texas would go for a dead GOP as would La, Miss, Alb, Geo,SC,OK, Tenn
    W. VA and Ark would be interesting. Trump would be a stronger runner in ALL these states and only Fla, VA and NC would be a race. IMHO Same for a lot of Western States as well with NM and Col going Demo with Hispanic vote the rest GOP. Nev ? The popular vote would be about like the 2008 vote if either ran and not as good as McCain did. That is my wild guess.

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    Contango and NAT

    by nolaloha Aug 26, 2015 8:51 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 49 minutes ago Flag

    They made .21 cents in profit above dividend for quarter given that they raised the dividend to .40 before profit would produce that it may stay at .40 cents for another quarter but if NAT continues to make .60 or better I think we will see at least a .45 divided maybe .50 but .40 is safe.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 30, 2015 2:59 PM Flag

    rails I disagree with every point you make. Lets say that rates do stay at 27,000 and 28,000 FRO will still make money. The current price is based on the old FRO I think the chance that the share price will drop depends more on the balance sheet of FRO2012 than the rates.

    SA has the largest standing army in the Middle East even larger than Israel. Just how does China and Russia get troops or other support to Yemen? Through the US and NATO allies Fleet? Air lifts over who's air space? Just why do you think that Russia or China either one is ready to risk all out War in the Middle East over Yemen? China has its own problems right now as does Russia a war would not help those problems it zero sense to do what you suggest. You are correct that if things heat up the VLCCF price could spike so even your war idea is pro price of FRO. I think Mr. F is a longer thinker than you when it comes to running a tanker business as well as his others business and while I would love to see faster results I have not lost one bit of faith in Mr. F abilities. To buy FRO is to buy Mr. F just as those who buy into Buffets holdings are not buying a company but a trust in Buffet.

    It is about the rates and given the present oil situation and world in crisis I think FRO is positioned for upward movement not downward. But you wait on that 1.80 or 1.20 price if you wish but if the 1.20 comes I do not think I would be buying FRO as the whole sector would be in the ditch.

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    Can Trump get the GOP nod?

    by lakeed98 Aug 28, 2015 11:32 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 30, 2015 2:48 PM Flag

    Once again rje shows what a racist he is and get the approval from two others that do not have the balls he has to show themselves. The rest of the right wingers GOP voters will not call rje a racist for this post or say there is no truth in what he post. Is this country divided? Yes but not only by race or eco divided but by something much more fatal the lack of humanity by those who think and vote like rje. SCS says that nothing in this post is racist as he has before even with the Ghetto masters wording that only a fool could not see racism in that statement. The poor white folks who are more in number than those of color in the ghetto's are found to be racist in large numbers because they want to have someone who they can look down on while they enjoy the same Gov helps as non whites do. rje seems to alway not include his White brothers in his rants and raves against poor even though they cost more tax dollars than do All the colors put together.

    Can Trump win the GOP indeed he can as those who think like rje will flock to vote Trump who so far has dug himself in as the greater hater of the field. And not ONE GOP voter will fail to vote for Trump if he gets the nod for the run. Loyal dogs of the pack or perhaps just more hate for the other pack but the same results either way. Sanders the leftist and Socialist has never proposed hate as a tool. To tax one more is one thing but to deny food and clothes to children and parents is a much greater attack on humanity. Some I guess think more of their tax dollars than they do food to child and that is the great divide one that will destroy this country.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 28, 2015 4:16 PM Flag

    rails you must be doing your yoga standing on your head looking at the price change upside down buddy it is all up today. You don't have to worry about hurting your trigger finger at $1.80 a share since you are not going to see that price. UP UP and away. Hey you think rami got on board? lol

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    Danske Markets upgrading to Buy

    by anotherboxofcrayons Aug 27, 2015 2:31 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 28, 2015 4:10 PM Flag

    you have to love a "BUY" when it comes after the low. Anyone who had cash and half a brain should of bought this stock when it got down below 2.25 with or without the "BUY" from some clowns who usually have a dog in the fight. Many of the banks that went down or would have except for UNCLE SAM had Buys on them. Buffet said it best. Know the business you are going to buy into and the business of that business.
    If Buffet can on average make money doing that and lots of it and I doubt he looks to see if the stock has a buy or not he does his homework before he buys. If he likes a sector then he looks for the co's within that sector that appeal to him the most. Time and again Buffet looks to management of the company and FRO management is MR. F. While I do not always agree with his decisions I do think he knows more about the shipping business than me and is out to make his money from his decisions. Conditions of the market can move hard against or for the sector and not much he or anyone can do to stop the effect of a down market.
    Yes overbuying of ships was his mistake as well as others just as drilling for oil without considering the supply and demand but one person no matter how good or bad can not make the sector stop doing stupid things.
    I do hope Mr. F has leanered his lesson that bigger is not always needed to be better and let the other companies chase after all those new builds while he remains conservative on how he spends his money.
    My guess is the Bank sees a much improved sector and a much much stronger FRO than was present a year ago. If you wait for "buy" or upgrades you most of the times have missed the lows.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 28, 2015 1:54 PM Flag

    Mr. BS you keep on relying on BIG BUSINESS to keep your little cabins by the lake tempting to renters lol.

    As posters have pointed EPA and clean air and water acts is the only reason you have a lovely place in which to rent your cabins but you ago and attack the Goose that has laid your golden egg for you.

    You want us to believe that Big Business cares a hoot in hell about anything but the bottom line? yes they may be some few who do the right thing just as EPA makes mistakes from time to time we all can not be perfect like you Mr. BS but if you enjoy your business as a vacation renter and would like to see that continue you better realize that environment concerns are real and in your case make or break the appeal to folks to come and visit your area.

    That is not to mention the bad old Gov. that regulates and make safe the airways to move tourist around by air and the mean old Gov and taxes that built roads to get them too you. You my friend do not realize how much the Gov you hate so much as "infringing" on your rights also provides you with the means by which your cabins are successful. Huey P. Long was the most Big Gov. Governor Ever as in the Depression over 10% of all public construction was done in Louisiana which were mostly bridges and roads. Mr. Tax and Spend Long took La. out of the stone ages and made it a state that business could prosper and Mr. Long once being a traveling salesman understood that a function of Gov was to tax and spend today to build for tomorrow. Before Long Baton Rouge and New Orleans controlled all of La spending and power but after the Kingfish La was more than two towns and oil only business. Ike gave us the interstate roads and thank God for him for that but it cost money and the taking of land from private citizens to do it. With all things there is a price to pay but if the project is a good one like the changes the EPA has made to air and water it is well worth it and makes you money.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Aug 28, 2015 1:43 PM Flag

    Rami did you join me in taking advantage of the last price dip and recovery? Still a non believer are you?

    Lets see 2.22 and now 2.65 that is almost 20% profit in a week not bad eh Rami. Poor Rails was waiting on 1.80 I guess what was your low number? In and out and money in the bank that is what FRO has been for those that invested at the lows and took profit. But you just keep on trashing it. UP 20% with not a great profit surprise and no divided until after the merger? Wow you have to wonder what will happen to the price once the merger goes into effect and a dividend hits the price. I have to think that many will look in two quarters from now and wish they had got in today as 4 bucks or higher in 7 months seems very possible.
    But hey rates could stay low and hurt the profit who knows.

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    Can Trump get the GOP nod?

    by lakeed98 Aug 28, 2015 11:32 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 28, 2015 1:38 PM Flag

    Lake Trump is playing the boys on the right like a pro. He appeals to their hate, fear and racism and now has added guns to his appeal. He comes out and blames the family of the guy who shot the two news people for not reporting the guy as a nut job. Then he blames the people who got shot for not having guns to defend themselves and of course makes sure to add that the gun is not at fault and is in fact the only way to protect yourself. That got him in with NRA types. Just look at how stupid the statement is on its face only an idiot could actually think that Trump is serious but 30% of the GOP are idiots I guess. We all are assumed to know the mental condition of all our kin folks at all and of course we are to walk around packing a gun "in case" a crazy attacks us. That is Trump logic. No I doubt he is that stupid but he knows the die hard gun nuts out there including some Demos and INDY want to hear that kind of talk. I have to wonder if Trump issues guns to his employees or allows them to pack while working or requires they pack? After all if he believes those folks should of been armed surely a good smart employer like Trump would make packing a job requirement?

    Trump proposes Protectionism with tariff's on "MEXICO" to pay for his fence and deporting the illegals. If a Demo had proposed that he would be labeled a TAX and SPEND commie. But Trump hides the TAX in a hate purpose and all the Globalist embrace it. He knows he will NEVER do such a thing but again 30% or more of the GOP voters believe him and hate illegals enough to like the idea and believe he will try to pass it.

    IF big business thought Trump was serious the Big money would go to Hillary as she is a true Globalist and would never impose a Tariff which would not be on MEXICO but on American Business and raise the price of Tariffed products. Bubby GOP 30% thinks the Mexican Gov. will pay a Tariff I guess which of course is not true at all. Trump knows his people.

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    Looking at this as possible investment.

    by jrfillion Aug 14, 2015 3:56 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 26, 2015 7:32 PM Flag

    just look at the numbers on the distributions to get an idea of what to expect.

    The biggest number to jump out to me is that they are big in NG and giving it away for 1.05 this last quarter. Criminal is the only word that I can think of. Ignorance or criminal.
    PER another trust much like CHKR sold their NG the last two quarters for 2.52 compared to 1.83 for CHKR and then 1.76 to 1.05. A lot of excuses are given by the board and when the Trust is "forced to answer the question" but the truth is with NG selling for more than twice the amount CHKR is getting they are either totally stupid or someone is getting something in their back pocket. Given the history of CHK which is the Trustee you make up your own mind on which it may be.

    Beyound that the hedges which changed little between the two quarters will I think end of this year be gone or maybe sooner but the info can be found on the web site if you dig for it.
    The total number of units will also be in play in the 2nd quarter of 2016. Both those means that the pay out of .38 cents this quarter will be this time next year around .16 cents or maybe less even. Who knows with these guys they may start paying the NG buyers to take the NG from them. I would sure like to know who is buying their NG at 1.05 or better yet I wish I was. The price of oil tracks within reason but NG has always been "suspect".
    Just so happens that CHK is a NG company and may be the ultimate buyer of such cheap NG eh? But without a Class action investigation I doubt anyone will ever know. That is the reason I got out of CHKR alone with I saw the end comming but to me How could I stay in a company that somehow manage to under preform all others Trust in price of NG?

    Now lets Say that in the next 3 quarters you get back a total of .75 cents of what you buy in for. Then get an average of .50 cents for the next 4 quarters. .44 for the next year .40 for the next .36 next. Lowering cost to 2.45 from 4.90. ? Good?

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    The Obama Economic Miracle

    by railsnstocks Aug 21, 2015 2:50 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 21, 2015 4:15 PM Flag

    rails since you blame Obama for the decline in the market down to 16,000 I guess you give him credit for the huge rise in it? If not you are not consistence are you? I think most folks understand that China is the reason not Obama. But for you somehow you never want to miss a chance to Not be a gentleman and you attack our President even when clearly he is not at fault as you claim. You make yourself look silly when you do such things and how do you think anyone can take you as a person of intelligence and truth when you post such stuff? You can do better but you alone can choose to do so.

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    Trump Appeal

    by rogere1946 Aug 17, 2015 12:27 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 21, 2015 4:09 PM Flag

    Lake you have proved my point. I your want to insult and fight me you say that grump "spanked me" with his facts and my lack of them. My facts are what yours are on illegals. We agree on how we can not get rid of them as Trump says. Grump has said all sorts of "his facts" which you embraced how I am wrong and he is right that the US can get rid of illegals and suffer nothing. If you do not believe that and disagree with grump then how do you think you can say he can win against me and not win against at the same time?

    Like it or not (and I do not) on this one you and I are on the same boat. You so thick headed and hateful you do not even realize that I guess. Either Grump is right and you and I wrong or we are right and he is wrong.
    Unlike you I find his claims to be nothing but lies and what he believes and not facts at all. We have millions of skilled illegals in this country and we do not have millions unemployed or working at lower wages who have the same skills. We have millions of illegals who do just maid or yard work or other labor of low skills but some are hard labor. Again we do not have millions of unemployed who could fill the gap. A yard man makes a very good wage for 8 months of the year down here in Texas. twice what the min wage even if you average that out for the year. I have had some American owned companies offer me a service but never did a "Legal" knock on my door and seek yard work. I am sure they are some that do but the vast majority are who are illegals. They charge the same price or all or pretty close so it becomes a quality more than price decision. If so many Americans are looking for work why do not none come to my home for yard work or to do maid work? Do they not even have the skill to market themselves? They are millions of "Legals" who can do construction either a grump thinks. They may indeed be some who could find work but not millions as grump claims. So who do you agree with Lake?

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    by dennisrfm Aug 6, 2015 11:44 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 21, 2015 3:54 PM Flag

    I used to own both chkr and PER and lost money on both. Look at the distribution info on both and learn from it. The HUGE difference in the price chkr got for NG from PER. Who sells NG for a 1.02 only CHKR.
    They have always got a lower price than NG but this one is a joke.

    Now look at the amount of money for distribution to units of both. Notice the difference between what each made off of sale of production and what the each made off of hedging. As bad as CHKR did and it was bad.
    Almost half of that income came from hedging activity not from sale of production. That is beyound scary since soon the hedges will come off and without the hedges and with the total units getting a cut the payout would be about 1/3 of what it was. Yes oil could go up but when? Yes production WILL GO DOWN and YES how can they continue to get such a low price for NG?

    If your looking for income out of chkr you better think of worse case when you buy a distribution of nine cents without hedges and with all units. That does not include loss of production.

    So when you think about buying chkr I would advise you to think of yearly distribution of 36 cents a year.
    So anything you pay for the stock above 3.60 will give you less than a 10% income. Do not be deceived by the 28% as posted that will last for maybe one or two more quarters then what? I used to know when the sub units come off but I think it will about 4 more quarters then its over. Again not sure when the hedges come off but that too will be soon. Get the real facts and frankly any Trust that can get only 1.06 for NG do you really want to own them? Something is wrong there very wrong.

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    Trump Appeal

    by rogere1946 Aug 17, 2015 12:27 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 21, 2015 1:00 PM Flag

    lake you and grump live in your own world of lies. I shall not bother anymore to visit you there if you want to act like an adult and debate with truth and honor instead of lies and putting words in people mouth you may be worth my time but I doubt it. You are so stupid that you somehow say that grump so called facts that "spank" me does not spank you as well as we both share the same ideas on illegals but again your dislike of me forces to take allies of those of whom you disagree with. Grump will pleased that he made a beliver of you that illegals are not needed in the US and when all or gone no effect will be felt by the US labor force or eco. You can now join him and vote for Trump as that is what his plan seems to be. Congrats to Grump for forcing Lake to be see himself spanked but for me I feel no hand on my behind from Grump as bad as he may be I never figured him for one who would be touchy feelie with another male.

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    Trump Appeal

    by rogere1946 Aug 17, 2015 12:27 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 20, 2015 6:06 PM Flag

    Grump you are total waste of time as usual. Just how many illegals do you run into in Walmart or any retail store? You clearly have zero or very little experience with illegal aliens. Here is a fact for you to think about.
    The great majority of them DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. Now even Walmart would have problem with help that could not communicate with customers or management. As for as how you suggest that illegals are TRAINED you again are just LYING as usual. An American business who owns a roofing company is not going to hire a crew and train them you again do not know the nature of roofing do you. Basically they are two types of roofing jobs. One workers for home builders the larger builders have their own crews and smaller builders contract the work out then they are the roofers who respond to natural disasters such as hail damage.
    Storms and hurricanes. These jobs require a "fast ramp up of skillled labor" as they do not maintain 6 crews when no damage area is being serviced and when time come the wages go up and crews are sometimes called into the country by kind folks or they leave other non skilled jobs such as yard work or day work areas to join a roofing crew. Your a desk jockey Grump a big important business type of Corp American as you have bragged about before you are clueless on how things work with folks who work and sweat for a living.
    The public schools to meet the demands of all you conservative types to cut cost have done away with most of the skill labor training and thus the for pay skill schools have been formed established but to get into most of them at least those that are paid for by contractors you have to pass a drug test. Public school requires no drug test YET. That I am sure will be the next big Conservative idea.

    I am surprised that you have friends and that they are the low skilled class of poeple no not surprised at all since I do not believe you for a second just another of your lies.

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    Trump Appeal

    by rogere1946 Aug 17, 2015 12:27 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 20, 2015 5:54 PM Flag

    rails I see you are off your meds again by the string of post full of hate and false infor.

    Do the math rails 95million out of work in a country of what 350million??? 60% of those are kids or old farts so that leaves 140 million and of that you say 95 million are not working??? Come rails stop making a total idiot of yourself. But rails were did you get your figures? Please furnish me with a site of whoever is nuts enough to come out with the 95 million figure and claim that would be 48% unemployment? It would be more like 70% which even to you should seem high. You keep on saying that 95 million number so tell me where you get that from I would like to know how they arrive at such a number.

    As for as the rest of the stuff you spew out in your post you and Lake both go the same school of name calling and making up facts that suit you. This country is toast if folks like you and Lake are what the future holds.

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    Trump Appeal

    by rogere1946 Aug 17, 2015 12:27 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 20, 2015 12:36 PM Flag

    grump I understand why you lie and hide from the light of the truth but you can not evade the truth or change it no matter how much you try. What you express is ONLY your opinion and nothing more. You say that America can do without the millions of workers without any problem and I say they can not. Neither of by saying what we believe can "prove" what we say. I unlike you understand that but I unlike do have the facts on my side. No one in their right mind or with any care of the truth could see any loss of millions of workers as a non event. You are totally silly to think they could. The idea that they are on the unemployed roles enough males and females to replace the millions of illegals who work in this country is totally nuts.

    You are funny indeed. You who suggest that unskilled should earn less but you say that labor cost would go up if illegals left. In other words you are saying that we get ride of skilled labor and pay unskilled, untaught labor that you see taking their place at a higher wage??? You get ride of a hundred thousand roofers who know how to roof a house in a day and hire men who have never roofed in their lives to do the job and pay them more and take three times as long and do poorer work and America would not be effected? Same with painters, sheet rockers, concrete workers, wielders, electricians and no effect you say? Maids and yard men maybe replaced with not too much effect but the majority of illegals are not yard men or maids. Do you think those who are in ranches and farms are not skilled? Lets see you on a ranch or farm.

    You have been too long out of the real world is your problem. The world has changed and not just by having cell phones or smart TVs. The training up of skilled workers has all but stopped in our public schools and without the trade unions and while we allowed alcoholics to fill the ranks of skilled workers we today exclude those who do drugs right or wrong. Facts Grump and you lack them

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    Trump Appeal

    by rogere1946 Aug 17, 2015 12:27 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 20, 2015 12:22 PM Flag

    Mr. BS thank you for you apology and it is of course accepted. I do agree that the US has in the last 100 or years become more socialist. I suppose we differ only in rather this is a good thing or bad. SS and healthcare are examples of socialism's. I do not however see such things as workers safety or protection of our air and water as socialism but merely a Gov. doing for its "for the people" what the const. says. Why should a Gov of any kind stand by and allow the abuse of the well being of its subjects? The whole idea of fighting a war is to protect the well being of the citizens of the nations from the harm another nation would do. This may or may not be true but that is what is sold as the reason for war or even more "noble" purposes like Viet Nam and Iraq was not for the benefit of the US but for the benefit of the people of Viet Nam and Iraq again that was what we were told. So for a Gov to use law instead of military to protect its people is not socialism but in fact the Gov doing what it is suppose to do. Slavery for instance was deemed to be an affront to the people not only in slavery but to the nation itself. That was not socialism. Nor was women winning the right to vote. Do not all American's have a right to drink clean water and not just the rich who can buy clean water?
    That is not an attack on the rich or their buying of water as they may still do that but it is a Law that protects
    ALL equally. Min Wage is indeed a socialist idea that is enforced by law. The idea that drives it is like child labor laws that American's do have a right to be assured a certain wage or protected from forced at a young age. The line between socialism and mere acts of Law I admit are at times hard to tell apart but the reason behind both I sumit is the same. "For the people" Had it read "for the accumulation of wealth" then the Gov would have no mandate to act when the people suffered abuse of any kind. Just what I see.

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