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    The GOP

    by lakeed98 18 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 15 hours ago Flag

    scs yea McCarthy screwed up and told the truth. What kind of speaker would that make? Oh what you want us to believe that the whole Benghazi thing is not about getting Mrs. Clinton? The indies are not so stupid as to fall for that and the GOP always overreach and end up making the American people lose confidence in them. The millions spent on "White Water" being the best proof. While this sort of things works well with GOP voters like you (who do not even follow current events that effect you) it scares the indies away from letting this group have control. GOP overreach in shutting down the Gov cost them the house during the Clinton years and the endless special committees and failed special prospector only turned people off.

    Benghazi is just another political move as the foolish McCarthy screwed up and admitted. It has served to get folks like you who do not follow events and listen to the power of repeated propaganda to tell them what to believe. EVERY investigative body that has looked into what happened in Benghazi has found nothing wrong with Ms Clinton actions and the sad fact is that the Ambassador went against good advise and went to an area that was dangerous and not protected very well and paid the price of being wrong with his life.
    The political spin from Demo's and GOP can not change that fact. He was warned and failed to take the warning much like GW did about the attack by air on America. When you do something after being warned or do nothing and then bad things the FACTS are that YOU not others are responsible. A guy who cries all the time about taking individual responsibility should practice what you preach.

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    The GOP

    by lakeed98 18 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 17 hours ago Flag

    scs are you claiming that you run your family in such a manner as you want to see a Gov. ran? If you do then you are either delusional or have some really big surprises in store for you down the road. The check and balances that your beloved "founders" put into our Gov shows they understand that "MAINTENANCE" is expected and in fact a good thing. Do you still wish for slavery to legal? Women without the Vote? No labor laws so that even American Children can be abused? No air and water or any other kind of laws that protect your family?

    Nothing will run forever and without maintenance its end will surely come. I do not know who you copied what you posted from but they are an idiot without any understanding of History. Everything needs attention and maintenance in life and you get what you pay for. You do change the oil in your car do you not? Do you put in bulk oil are high quality oil? What a truly foolish post. Is there no end your foolishness? No wonder you do not follow what the state gov has done and know what the people you voted for are really doing that would call for you to pay attention and apply maintenance something you do not think should be done.

    Truly a revealing post on your part.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 18 hours ago Flag

    nikk perhaps Russia has been taught a lesson by SA? Outside of OPEC they have been helpless to change the price of oil when SA dropped it like a rock. Now they are perhaps thinking working from within we can overcome SA? SA can control the price of oil and does not GS. If oil goes lower it is because SA wants it lower. Drilling is the key. As long as countries like the US who are capitalist in oil production drops down in number and production slows down or goes down even then the STATE controlled oil nations will have the battle between themselves at how much to produce and sale at what price.
    SA, Iraq, Iran, Ven, Libya, and to a large degree Russia are the nations that do not "ask" or "depend" on XOM to drill. They decide and XOM and others do as told if the money is it. SA merely now needs to close or open values to determine how much oil hits the market. US production as well as Canada has changed the growth curve and will very soon hit the decline curve if not there already. ALL Big Oil companies have "slowed down" While SA has keep the value open. SA has more control today and tomorrow than all the big oil capitalist do on the price of oil. Big oil gave too much control over to SA thinking they never would get out of the sheepfold but oh how they did. Russia by doing what they are doing in Syria today I think has given SA even more reason to keep their foot on the throat of Russia and keep oil down in price. How low will it be from where it is now or how much above depends on SA more than other country in the world. Russia knows this and Putin seems to love to take chances and has been wrong more than right lately. Let Russia hurt themselves in several ways in Syria what is bad for them is good for the USA and our really best ally SA will help us hold the foot on Russia oil throat.

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    The GOP

    by lakeed98 18 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 18 hours ago Flag

    lake if the teaparty/extreme right wing take the leadership they will hand the President off ice to whoever the Demo run. The indies will see what a right wing country would look like and run from it. The Senate will go Demo regardless and many house seats will be lost all IF the right wins the speaker's office. Win Win for the Demo's.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 18 hours ago Flag

    audio missed the whole point of the post or tried to "spin it" My point was that the GOP the big cut tax boys to get folks like audio to vote for them did not cut taxes like they claimed. The sales tax cut would of cut taxes to all not just the home owners but instead of doing that they played for fools the audio's of the voters thinking they got a tax break and not getting it. derrick admitted that he gets a special Gov tax break for "ag" land.
    He could may also be getting a lot of bennies from the Fed for "Farm and Ranch" land and give away monies for not planting anything. I promise you that drrickman would not sell his land for what it is costing him in tax value. scs when faced with a FACTUAL GOP Failure has no understanding of the whole plan. The single most debated item of the last GOP controlled legislature and scs had no knowledge of what happened. A very informed voter indeed. Let me be clear. I am really glad that my home is now valued at where it is which is less than I paid for it in 2008 and a fair value especially given my homestead discount as well as over 65 discount. I have never owned a home that was overvalued by the tax board. My post was not about taxes but about Liars. Those that make a fool out of the voters. Those that depend on some voters not even following what they do. They say one thing and do not do what they claim. Suckers vote for them.

    A hundred bucks is no big deal for me that too was not the point. audio and scs proved my point. They hold on to what is false and believe it is real. A state ran by ONE party as Texas has always been then that party is responsible for all that is good or bad in what passes for law. And folks who vote on party name line or do not pay attention to issues to vote against or for their rep's. Or worse than all we vote for what we think is best for us regardless at what it does to others.

  • The GOP promised home owners a tax break. They made a huge deal out of how they were going to save taxpayers money. Well I got my TAX STATEMENT from the School dist and guess what. They had a lot of stuff on there about how much money I have been saved by the tax break then bill me over a 100 bucks a year MORE in taxes. Anyone with 1% of their brain working should of seen this one coming as Texas School Dist are INDEPENDENT of State control. Oh they get state money but they can set their own tax rate and value YOUR home as they choose. The school district raised the taxable value of my home by 9.5% then they upped the tax rate by .10% thus even with the Promised Tax break I get a Tax hike. Oh I know I am a liberal so who cares but 80% of the folks in my State Senate seat and State house seat dist. are GOP and voted for these Liars. Oh they knew as the GOP had two tax cuts proposed. One this save home owners money with Tax cuts which clearly never happened and the other was a straight cut in sales tax. That one failed as everyone in Texas would of gotten that break and it would of been a real tax cut. Instead they try to come up with some BS to appeal to all those GOP voters who live in big nice expensive homes and tell them "We are going to save you money". Tell me scs did your Houston school taxes go down or whatever dist your in? Just what part of that great tax cut for homeowners protected the home owners from higher home values and raising the tax rate? Just what did the state do that was suppose to save us home owners all that money they Lied about errr I mean promised. The sales tax cut would of been a real savings for all but too many lower classes would of got that I guess.

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    Rates today

    by islandboy1946 Oct 6, 2015 7:53 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 7, 2015 5:08 PM Flag

    VLCCF down a little but suez up more so net win. Some profit taking but lets be honest here. From these high rates for VLCCF the odds are they will go down some not up. Some may sale if the rates fall but the bottom line is anything above 70,000 will do better for FRO than any quarter has yet. The big difference between VLCCF and Suez is a wide enough gap to temp a buyer of oil to charter two suez instead of one VLCCF and still save money on the trip. Remember FRO locked in a ship at rates of 45,000 so they make money at that rate and we are a long way from that. I like to see them do more lock in rates but above 45,000 lol. Today fall back no big deal should be expected after a fast run up as even some on this board has sold off some holdings to take profit. My upper number to sale has not been meet yet and I do not have a bottom number at this time. Everything is strong right now for FRO but the unknown effects of the merger is still unknown and it could be be better than some think or it could be worse than expected. I think it will be positve and add to the ability of the new FRO to pay a nice dividend. .40 cents a year would be 10% at 4 bucks a share. Both those seem very possible to me but the quarter will tell us more.

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    Fight Child abuse with a email

    by rogere1946 Oct 6, 2015 12:41 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 6, 2015 6:07 PM Flag

    scs I went to the ILAB webb site and I encourage you to visit it yourself and find out all the good work they do against the child labor situation. I can only hope and believe you see this as a problem that needs some kind of action if you do this agency is the "POINT" dog for the Fed Gov in that area. If you go to the webb site you will see that they give grants to different charities of all religions to work to "help" the kids. I do not know how much their budget now is but clearly the GOP wants to end it or cut it. If they succeed in doing this what is the answer for child labor abuse? To cut is easy but when this is cut no one in Gov will have a budget to the kids or to work with foreign Gov to police child labor sites or do anything. Do you really think this is a "smart answer" to the child labor abuse problem?

    If you do then I am sure your congress man alone with both your senators will be glad you support their action to cut this agency while they all preach family values and deep concern for children which they do not give a hoot in hell about outside of the US were it might cost them votes if their buddies were caught abusing children in this country.

    Go to the webb site and see what will stop if the budget stops and ask yourself 1. do I care
    If you do then 2. What can I do or what is the plan the GOP has for protection of these kids? I am all for protecting kids in the womb just as I am the 85 million out of the womb and at the mercy of greedy abusers of children.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 6, 2015 5:38 PM Flag

    scs first of all your are not an indy not even close to an indy nor am I. There is NO Demo you would vote for for President that has a chance to run if any at all. I feel the same way about the GOP so save the indy claim we don't make that group.

    Obama did want to go at Syria as you said and the GOP being the GOP blocked him for no other reason that obama wanted it so they were against it. No indy's there either. Would things of been better if Obama had went in? Risky at best since IT IS THE MIDDLE EAST. But unlike now Russia was not involved to the degree they are now. ISIS was not involved either at least to be seen. But Syria is a total mess. Al Quada is there is believe it or not more our friend than we view Isis as is Assad now more friend than foe (snap shot time frame) Assad has not went after ISIS and they are not going after him either at least as much as both are going after other rebels. Russia has always been Assad protector and supplier of arms as such their bombing targets are not the same as the "West" was and remains.

    Syria being a total mess and full of terrorist and rebels and all the major powers and Assad is a powder keg of a mess that any mistake by a major player could really get scary fast.
    At this time Syria and all its messes is of no threat to oil or Israel in any real way so why should the US care? 2013 might of been a good time but the "win" would of been fast or cheap in lives and money and Obama might be glad the GOP stopped him. Now the GOP has a real Syria problem having stopped Obama they must now appear to know what to do which they do not. (who does?) Safe way is to do what we are doing target what you want avoid a bigger conflict with Russia or Assad as they do the same and pick the targets. Not much to be gained in that but safe. We could get out but that would be too smart for either party to do. We could go in blast everything to ashes and rule with iron fist. Good luck with that.

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    Sold some FRO today

    by scs_dan Oct 6, 2015 1:49 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 6, 2015 5:22 PM Flag

    Congrats on your sale. I think the trend for next 3 months is UP from here. I do not trust myself right now to do some timing unless we get a huge jump one day then I might sale 25% of my position but be ready to buy back in. I am using FRO as a " tool" to get ride of losses on other stock so I take my profit and buy back in which gives me gains to write off losses and still keeps me in what I think is an upward market with a higher cost value. This has worked for me so far on FRO and with that in mind I have a $ amount that I will unload some shares to take a profit but also buy back in shortly after to not miss what I think the trend to be.

    If these rates stay up where they are now I think 5 bucks is really possible. Once some of the unknowns are known and they are better than some are expecting and with a dividend this stock should finally see above 5 again. Nothing wrong with buying and selling alone the way as I admit I have done but right now I like the next year in FRO. Some correction can be expected but I do not see it going down below 2.75 IF the rates remain above 75,000 for VLCCF and if they stay above 100,000 the stock at some point is going to move up a lot. IMHO

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 6, 2015 5:10 PM Flag

    rick I am not sure what stocks your looking at as all my tanker stock is up but NAT. Strange because Suez is now pushing 40,000 again I can not find any reason why NAT should be going against the tanker market today as ALL ships were up today.

  • Over the past 20 years, the Department of Labor's International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB) has helped withdraw 1.7 million children from hazardous and forced labor, including sexual exploitation. Now, the entire funding for these programs is in serious jeopardy.

    As of this fall, Congress plans to cut 100% of ILAB's funding for programs that fight child labor — programs that are hard at work to help the 85 million children worldwide who are trapped in dangerous, unhealthy, and degrading jobs.

    There's still time for you to help change this before the federal budget is finalized. It takes less than a minute: use our easy form to ask your members of Congress to restore this essential funding and take a stand for happy, healthy children. Afterward, you will have the option to speak out on other things, including the Syria refugee crisis and maternal and child health.

    For 20 years GOP and Demo's have funded this program but now This Congress wants to end it. If you are against Child abuse then let your congressman know. If we have to have a leaner budget off the backs of children then what kind of nation do you think we are? What kind of people have we become? Surely this is not a right or left thing a Demo or GOP thing? Have Children become merely pawns to be thrown away in our political games and self greed? Wake up before we end up even doing worse things.

    For those who are concerned about the life of the "family" do you think this concern is not shared by the families of these children who are at risk to being nothing more than cheap labor? Would we allow this type of treatment to American Children? I suppose we would given how many want to take food stamps way from American Children but for those that still value the concept of protection of the young if not now and if not us then Who and when?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 6, 2015 12:05 PM Flag

    Mr BS you sure put a lot of stock in ONE MAN article. Demo's are not that much different than GOP Mr. BS just how could one man word move you to vote Demo or not vote GOP? Your ideas are hopes not facts.

    Demo's are like GOP's as any Demo is better than any GOP that is what our great divided has gotten us.
    I pity the poor Indy voter who has to look forward to having zero impact on who they must choose from and then holding their nose and voting for the one less likely to harm them or do the least harm.

    How one guy "claims" that Mrs Clinton is liked by SS agents is not high up on their radar is my thinking but clearly is on yours. Your a mere mud raker in your soul and grasp at anything bad about those you dislike.
    There seems to be enough coming from the mouths of those running which is factual as "They" said it and that is worth debate. As the middle east heats up you boys on the right will beat the war drums louder and louder but most of the country is SICK of middle east wars. So beat away. Let us go to war with Russia over a nation like Syria that is so fractured in political parties that we find ourselves trying to figure out which terrorist group to back or fight. Russia like the dictator which we once hated but even now find a better choice than ISIS and at least one other faction. Syria is a country eating itself up with Russia and the world powers trying to find the biggest piece to save for themselves but who that might be is easier for Russia than the US but who cares? Give Russia Syria and let them once again bog down in the middle east that is what killed the USSR after all. It will kill the US if we continue to try to figure out which nut job to back. SA, Jordan and Israel belongs to our side as does Egypt still the rest are all in play. To let Russia have Syria to play with and spend money on should keep Putin busy for a while. I think those issues plus the eco may be a little more important than one man's yak yak.

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    5 year projected dividend....

    by bluhorseshuluvsnfi Oct 5, 2015 8:22 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 6, 2015 11:51 AM Flag

    nikk I admit I have not thought about or done any math on the 5yr out dividend return but in the shorter term the first dividend paid will be interesting. It will show not only available cash flow, profit but a lot of unknowns at this time from FRO2012 merger. I have been wanting to see at least a .10 quarter dividend. The average rates of the quarter will be a factor of course and to me the one that I most follow. The rates for this quarter has been fairly good and overall should not be a lot different than the last quarter give or take a little.
    I see those rates as the "bench mark" of FRO dividends down the road. What they will be and how long will they last. Going 5 years into the future is beyond me at this time as for as investing in FRO for that type of consideration. How FRO decides to "spend its profits is the real question. How much for new ships? Will there always be a "hunger" for more ships that bring in more revenue true but more debt as well making the play "risk factor" go up. We have FRO in the past follow that model. Big dividends big debt and crashing rates. NAT followed a more conservative approach and had you invested in FRO and NAT 5 years ago I am sure NAT would of proved the better investment over that time period. Oil seems to be on the rise again and it seems that SA is for higher prices and depending on the "speed" of the increases and how steady the increase line proves to be that will effect the storage of oil as well. Iran, Syria, Russia, ISIS, Iraq all big questions moving forward. 2016 elections could indeed change the hand on the trigger reaction from a avoid if possible to a fast pull and be dam with outcome. The world my be gone in 5 years and I certainly so I will look 3 months or so at a time for now. I hope for .10 a quarter next and will take more lol if less then I will be disappointed.

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    OT BS Feeling a little paranoid lately

    by barbershores Oct 2, 2015 6:59 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 5, 2015 4:37 PM Flag

    dakine just put Mr. done as one who wants the US free market, capitalist system to be free of Gov rules and regs and laws so they can abuse children like Asia does, Abuse women and be as racist as they want.
    All available in 3rd world buy your favorite Gov treatment program. Forget clean air and water he doesn't care about that as much as he hates the Gov. He doesn't believe a little child abuse is a big thing. He sees nothing wrong in paying women and blacks less than white men. Many Asia countries today will be glad to take all the Mr. BS of the world and let them abuse kids, women and whatever race the ruling powers are not as long as they are paid well to look the other way and pay even better and they will send an army with you to make sure all do as desired or be killed. Nothing should interfer with the making of capital and the only good Gov to Mr. BS and his kind is the kind you can buy or own. I just wish they would all move to asia lol.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 5, 2015 2:59 PM Flag

    scs I quote published facts and not some ravings of a left winger or right winger. I encourage others to look up facts and do their own searches so not take my word for anything as I did on the gun crime rates comparing Canada to the USA. Any fool can put anything they want out as "truth" and any other fool can quote them and try to use two fools to prove something. I again repeat my question that I asked any of you right wingers to answer. Show me a site that shows any nation with strict gun laws that does not have far less gun crimes than the USA. Since the USA is not a 3rd world country yet apples to apples was my only qualifier.

    I offer you your chance to site FACTS to prove me wrong as I have looked up the states but choose not to do your work for you or try to be accused of "hand picking" the states I show. I could just find some left wing nut job to "quote" like mr BS loves to do but instead I offer you the chance to PROVE your point with FACTS.

    You up to the challenge or choose instead to run and hide which is what you usually do when you fail to have any facts like your charities can do it all line of crap. Show me some sites that back up your claims with numbers not just your opinion or some other right wingers opinion. You will not because you can not.

    Worse details to be on? Depends on what you call worse. Lady Bird spent over 300 days a year out of the US at all 5A resorts and hotels. The single SS agents loved the detailed married guys hated it. RR had a "retreat white house" at Palisades Cal. and any SS agent (GS-12) that had to transfer to expensive living in CAL hated the detail as it cost them more money and no raise. Marget Trueman stayed in her home and agents that covered her went to college off shift to get degrees and she was a kind old lady that rarely went anywhere and had no state visitors and no one was out to harm her. How do I know? Unlike you or BS I knew, worked with and talked to many SS agents.

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    OT BS Feeling a little paranoid lately

    by barbershores Oct 2, 2015 6:59 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 5, 2015 1:06 PM Flag

    buster exactly when did the SC make Christianity illegal? Lying is a sin buster even if you direct the lie toward what you think is evil. "Christians" like you shame the cross with such statements. No one is being forced to "give up" Christianity for it being illegal. No one is being forced to marry someone of same sex.
    No one is being forced to preform a marriage between someone of the same sex. In the keeping of individual freedom and freedom from religion some people have been given the right to get married by the SC.
    That is not the same as making Christianity illegal as you Lie. Yes Lie. Repent of that Lie I suggest

    Rome did have Christianity as an illegal religion and yet Paul and Peter both of whom were killed for being an illegal Christian follower said "honor, respect and obey" the Emperor (who killed them btw) so who cares what the Gov chooses to do. Christianity grew faster and spread wider when it was illegal than when it became legal. It had more power when it was illegal than when it has chosen to lay down with Capitalism and share the thrown with Capitalist. China made Christianity illegal during the Mao years and after and the Christian Church in China today is larger than when the Commies took over and made it illegal.

    Perfect love cast out fear I suggest you look toward Love instead of being fearful of legal or illegal for no faith based on it being legal is much of a faith is it? A faith based on the "Two Commandments of Love" is far more powerful than anything good or bad that comes out of the SC. You really do need to calm down and think about what you say and the power words have and make sure your words are truthful and line up with scripture. Jesus is still Lord and the Family of God is still intact regardless what any law may say. You may have to die for your faith as did Paul and Peter but that is what you were called to do so why the concern?

    Jesus power does not come a SC that agrees with him does it?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 5, 2015 12:53 PM Flag

    Mr. BS you actually think Mrs Clinton has to respond to every right wing nut job that post something bad about her? You I see assume that the "worst agents are assigned to the Clinton detail". Again based on what do you make such an assumption? Unlike you I have worked SS details and in fact transfered to another Agency to "avoid" the risk of being put on Lady Bird Detail. You have not a clue how the SS works much less how "details are made up but you mouth off as if you did.

    Let me give you a few facts since you clearly have none. Mrs Clinton has had a Detail now since BC left office as do all Former Presidents and their wives. She could of request no detail but I do not know nor do you if she did or did not. She would of had State Department details for security if she did not have SS detail.
    Given the head of SS knows that President Obama is a Demo as well as President do you really think he would assign the worst agents to Mrs Clinton detail? Do you think President Obama and Mrs Clinton both Demo's want any flack between them going into the 2016 elections?

    One guy who clearly is a GOP guy post "his" statements and you take them for the truth and use them to form yet another crazy idea you enjoy that SS sends all its "bad" agents to Mrs Clinton. There also is not one bit of truth in your statement that these "bad agents" would be drunk or on drugs while on duty. The ones that got into trouble were guilty of drinking and being with whores which should make the prime candidates for GOP Senate seats. You are indeed a silly man who spreads unproven stories and then adds your own insults them and when caught you try to pass it off as humor or "just posting what others said". Not even the guts to stand on your own two feet. Show me any proof of these "bad agents" being on Mrs. Clinton's detail.
    Or that any SS agent was on duty drunk or guilty of taking illegal drugs as you say? Slander is all I see from you.

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    OT BS Feeling a little paranoid lately

    by barbershores Oct 2, 2015 6:59 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 4, 2015 10:05 PM Flag

    Mr. BS you are indeed either a very paranoid or someone who has something to hide or maybe both? Or more likely you have an inflated self ego that makes you think that any Gov (other than maybe your local Gov.) even cares a hoot in heck about you and what you think are assets worth seizing. Surely a man like you would know how to keep a low profile? I mean I have read all you bleeding heart post were some poor person managed to target themselves to the scary mean evil Gov by doing something that looked suspicious.
    Surely a man as smart as you know how to avoid putting a target on yourself with the Gov?

    I mean surely you are not stupid enough to say anything on a cell phone that might "sound" wrong to anyone listening in? Surely you would not be foolish on how you manage your cash money? I know you to be too smart to live way above what you claim is your income.
    I could go on and on but I am sure you have a copy of "An idiots guide how to avoid Gov. attention to yourself" By the way NEVER and I mean NEVER put anything into the trash shredded or not. Always burn it the scatter not bury the ashes and since you live by water throw them into the water. Now you do have a danger if as it seems you live by a wooded area. Be very careful of what you say outdoors as every word you say may be the attention of a high tech listening device that can indeed pick up talk inside your home. So again always talk with a radio or TV on and be careful of lip readers hiding in the woods.

    Forget the black helicopters as they are old techno. Think Self Drones. Oh yes if Hillary wins since you have been foolish enough to post on this message board (surely not facebook???) your feelings about her just assume that she has assigned at least a dozen Gov agents to know everything you say and do. Remember was it 43 that died around BC? Who knows it may of been more that even. Or was it Hillary they knew?

    What a silly man you are. Sick? of course.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 4, 2015 9:44 PM Flag

    Mr. BS I see you are quoting someone again. Do you believe this person? I am sure you want too given how you feel about Hillary. Just because you read and want to believe and of course post this man opinion does not make it true. You can believe it if you want but one man's opinion does not make it factual.

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