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    Are we there yet?

    by keembodakine Apr 11, 2016 2:56 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 42 minutes ago Flag

    scs lol we are miles apart in our politics but here we are together in the same FRO life boat. Keep bailing on your end and I will do my end some day value has to come into the price of this stock! Surely???

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    OT Detroit teacher "sick out"

    by scs_dan May 3, 2016 7:51 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 43 minutes ago Flag

    scs I agree with a lot of what you said. When I went to public schools the teacher had control of their classes and used discipline including the paddle if you crossed the line. We had both good kids and bad ones. The really bad ones were kicked out of school period. No special campus or any other form of special attention.

    All Texas Schools as you know are Indep. School dist. The voters of that dist. elect a school board which runs the system and appoints a dist. director to do the hands on stuff. Parents used to allow the schools to do what was necessary to teach students and students who did not follow the rules were punished, expelled and finally kicked out for the year. What has happened is parents started to sue the school dist. The state gov non educators got involved because of the heavy state funding (in Tex and others I bet but do not know)
    Texas schools are now paid by "head" attending the dist. So if you kick a kid out you cut your money so that is why hundreds of kids are sent to "special campuses" for behavior issues and few schools if any paddle anymore. What keep me in line at school was not the paddle as I got many a lick in my day nor the fear of getting expelled but the fear of going home and having to tell my parents what had happened. That is no longer an issue Not just in inner city schools either A all white burg school dist got sued by parents of the cheerleaders when their little darlings were all kick out as cheerleaders and expelled for hazing new girls coming into the cheer squad.The hazing could of been prosecuted as sexual assault as it was worse than our minds could go and I am no prude. Parents not teachers (union or not) are the problem. Tx is so screwed up in how they pay for public education (they are still in court after over 15 yrs in attempts to find a method that the courts will accept) that dist don't know from year to year what to expect in money or how it will come. Thank your ex for me for teaching.

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    OT BS

    by barbershores May 3, 2016 10:48 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 59 minutes ago Flag

    Mr. BS would you like to see Colin Powell, Murkowski and friends and family of GW Bush for this "hackers" claim that he did all this? If someone hacks your account should you be prosecuted of course not. If HC account has been hacked their will be evidence of it that the NAS and FBI can and will find. If they find it has been HC will not be held in violation in a criminal manner. If she was sent the classified documents that were hacked (if it happened) No she has no liability for documents that she did not know were classified being in her email. If she did know they were classified and they got hacked it will be a violation of improper storage of classified documents not a willful release with intent and knowledge. One is a crime the other a violation of security regs and at most the lost of security clearance.

    You guys on the right want to make everything criminal when it comes to HC. The law does not apply by name but by statue and intent and knowledge are looked at not Who. Now you want to find some sort of criminal violation for a person who is hacked? How silly you have now gotten. For the same reason you do not understand the law on security regulations and the criminal laws on releasing documents that are classified and how their is a huge difference between the two. HC at most is guilty of violating improper storage of classified documents which is far from a criminal matter. When the FBI finds this to be the case you will claim they white washed the investigation because it was HC that did it. Clearly Gen Powell and Condi Rice an other Bush folks used the same private accounts are you going to scream to see them in jail?

    I had a TS clearance for over 23 years and was classified document security officer for 10 yrs. No intent or knowledge means no criminal violation. Improper storage is not a criminal offense unless those facts can be proven. Sorry bust your bubble.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 1 hour 22 minutes ago Flag

    scs why should the media focus on the opinion of one person and who put together the video very professionally done. If they would do that with HC you would have a fit. One person does not a news event make.

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    Trump for President

    by suggp 2 hours 8 minutes ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 1 hour 28 minutes ago Flag

    nikk I am not sure the beating Trump will take will be any worse than McCain or Rom took and it could be closer. I think 99% of GOP voters in 2012/2016 will vote for Trump. I have not seen one GOP voter on this list that has not said they would not vote for Trump as they are more anti Demo than pro GOP and Trump is the only choice they have. I also think Trump will "pick up" some #$%$ Demo votes who loves the idea of walls and hating people for their religion.

    I see Trump losing some Indi voters for the same reason #$%$s like him such as Walls and Foreign Policy. The real question is will HC or Bernie get the black turnout they need. I do not see either of them getting as many black votes as Obama did so that leaves Brown vote which to me is where the election lays. I see at least as many brown voters turning out to vote AGAINST Trump as did for Obama maybe more.

    The GOP in who they picked in Primaries hurt themselves and I see Trump as having a better chance at winning than Cruz would of had. At the end Mr. K would of been a better choice for GOP in general election that either Trump or Cruz. 51% to 49% would not surprise me in pop vote I do not see him losing like Goldwater did but it all depends on from now on how he speaks on issues and if he goes too liberal the religious GOP vote could leave him. I have seen a few of them on face book saying they would not vote for Trump. I think they will unless Trump comes out soft on #$%$ and abortion & bathrooms. Strange things to elect a president over but that is what moves the religious right just as gun moves the barrel suckers.

    I will admit that Money did not talk in the Primaries as Trump raised enough and all the money given to Bush and Rubio went down the tube. The big GOP donors never showed up for Trump but he didn't need them. I think it will be a fun election if nothing else.

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    OT Detroit teacher "sick out"

    by scs_dan May 3, 2016 7:51 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 21 hours ago Flag

    davis well I guess we know where you stand as well. The GOP panders to Gun nuts instead of unions and anti homosexual hate instead of min wage. That is the American system of politics. Money and pandering and both parties do it of course.

    You go on and think what you wish about media and schools nothing will change your mind as facts and right wing are mutually exclusive. For years Fox news has been the GOP channel and now I see all these upset Cruz fans or anyone but Trump fans thrashing Fox news for being in Trump pocket.

    Yea I know pointing out that Congress and white house all elected by voters who minds have been corrupted have managed to elect as many GOP guys and gals as Demo's but do not let facts interfere with your thinking that would be expecting too much from you.

    Politics is all about money and power and power is to get more money. Rich Demo's and poor Demo's and rich GOP and poor GOP all want the same thing. What THEY WANT. Not hard to figure out you just choose to see only the Demo side of that coin or believe that only YOUR SIDE the GOP is right in what they want and anyone who disagrees is wrong. I want child labor laws do you? I want labor laws that makes over time a must do you? I want clean air and water protection by law do you? I want safety at the work place laws do you? I want anti price fixing laws do you? What do you want?

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    testing my luck

    by cocofromafrica101 May 4, 2016 1:19 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 23 hours ago Flag

    coco ahhhh so sorry you missed the 7.40 low for today better luck next time.

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    OT Detroit teacher "sick out"

    by scs_dan May 3, 2016 7:51 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 23 hours ago Flag

    davis what do you have when you the rich who's money elects gov. officials getting tax breaks, less regulations exemptions from pollution laws and whatever else they want? Is this not corruption?

    Tell me just how the progressive (who are they anyway) control public education and the media. In the last 60 years back to 1965 we have Demo, GOP, Demo,GOP,GOP,Demo, GOP Demo four to four looks to me like Congress more Demo than GOP but maybe it was not the progressive idea that folks liked as much as the backward ideas that conservatives push? Against labor laws, against SS, against any attack on pollution, against any safety laws in the work force, against any raise in min wage, against the poor having access to health care. It is not that the public is For what is progress as much as they do believe in being against the things that the GOP always push. The young are not stupid and they can see what history teaches and if you are a working person why would you be stupid to want labor laws to protect you? If you are a human being why would you want to offered Flint type of water? Most people want to feel safe and secure and protected by their Gov. if that is progress then the GOP is regressive in all those ways.

  • Has FRO been lossing money all quarter? Are they not going to pay any dividend this quarter? The must given what is going on with the stock price. Right now 7.45 that is a return of 19% and still going lower.
    OK Rami time to post you must of made a ton of money off this bad boy shorting it by now.

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    If min wage scale is ok why not this?

    by rogere1946 May 2, 2016 1:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 4, 2016 11:30 AM Flag

    Mr. scs the min wage is the pay scale set in lower paying jobs. The owners of those type of business in more states, cities and hwy's pay the min wage than those forced by cost of living to pay more. So what has happened is that the min wage is the wage. That is one reason why it must be raised. A McD in rural Texas will pay 7.25 an hour period. In Houston area or DFW it is more in some places but even there some pay the min. It has become a tool of underpaying people. The guy who cuts my yard works 45 min for 25 bucks.
    He does what I can not any longer do. The maids that clean my home because my wife no longer can do that work work 1 hour if they are a crew of 4 and up to 2 1/2 hrs if only two for 75 bucks. The talent skills of the maids and the lawn man is no more than a person who flips burgers for 7.25 or greets at Walmart for less than 10 bucks. The real facts are scs is that we do not need any more 7.25 an hour jobs or any job that pays under a living wage what we need are the manufacturing jobs that have gone overseas to come back. Or be forced back but that will not happen will it? Both GOP and Demo bosses are sold out to Globalism.
    Mr BS is correct I want the Gov to force a new level of wages in America which will increase the market place business and speed up the eco. Many of the manufacturing jobs that left did not pay 15 bucks and I never said that should be the rate or certainly to jump right to it but there is no gain in bragging about increasing those lower paying jobs and bragging about the unemployment rate going down by new lower paying jobs that demand that the Gov continue to support low wages with handouts. I walk into Drug stores, food stores, fast food joints, retail stores and I see WE ARE HIRING. Yes a lot that are unemployed could get a job if they could pass the requirements which many can not due to drug testing or background checks but all those jobs are low paying jobs that do not support life.

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    OT Detroit teacher "sick out"

    by scs_dan May 3, 2016 7:51 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 4, 2016 11:12 AM Flag

    scs do you really think the problem with Detroit schools is the teachers? If so then you let the parents off the hook. If so you say that the eco of Detroit is not a factor. Drugs, peer pressure, gangs all have no effect at all. I know you home school your kids because of teachers?

    Leaving that as silly as it is let us look at the what if. What if we just walk away from public schools as it is after all a very costly tax matter for me I paid almost as much in school taxes as I did Federal Taxes. This year at age over 65 and never having used the public school system except when I went of course the cost was more than my health insurance. So if union teachers are the fault or maybe even non union teachers also then lets just do away with public schools. After all we both know that they are more poor folks using them than middle class and above that. So the biggest single tax saving I could have is to end public schools.

    I am sure we who pay these taxes would be a lot better off. So what happens to the US once the public schools are no more? Who cares I save a bundle. Wait what about all I have could I have gotten it if I had not went to Public Schools? Well I guess in my life so far I have paid well over 100,000 grand in school taxes so I guess I got a good deal.

    Oh well you go on and blame union teachers in Detroit for all the problems in public schools. It is easy to do and since you don't like unions or teachers or public schools works well you world view. But for a reality check what this country be like without them?

  • The GOP controlled Senate has refused to do its job on even giving a vote to a man. Is that what a republic is all about? Did the founders mean give a vote only if your party wants too? Oh well now that Trump is to be the winner and old Mitch can read the odds makers at Vegas as good as I can do you think that maybe Obama guy who is a moderate by Demo standards might now get what the Const says he should have?

    We send men and women 60,000 of them to die and be wounded to spread the American Way of life to the Middle East (Operation Iraqi Freedom remember???) and in our own country the GOP refused to abide by the Const in our Republic because they wanted the hope of winning and getting their guy.

    Ok Mr. Trump you the man. I admit I never in a 1.000 years believed a two bit ego manic TV bad hair guy could get the nod even from the GOP but he has. A fraud, expert at BK and slick real estate deals who was famous for saying the words that working men and women fear the most YOUR FIRED and now who knows he may win. A part of me almost wants him too. Almost.

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    Bernie beats Hillary by 6%

    by suggp May 3, 2016 9:59 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 4, 2016 10:37 AM Flag

    suggp you got your man Trump and oh how I wish that it would be between him and bernie as the great difference between the two ways of looking at our country would be clear enough for any who wanted to see it to view the grand canyon that now separates us. It would take a WWII type war to unite us now and that is not going to happen Thank God so we will continue in our divided ways until time and death decides who the winner will be and what the US will look like in 20 years.

    For those of us who watched the 60's go by you would of thought the country would of went more socialist with race issues going away but the era of peace and love gave way to drugs and greed and selfishness. Who would of thought right or wrong anything would of conquered over free love for all lol.

    So take heart suggp your side has the guns, religion and selfishness on its side and while logic and humanity opposes it selfishness has proven to be too powerful to overcome in the past. Robin Hood who once was a hero is not a bad man and Mother Theresa while loved and admired is not the role model you want to copy.

    Even if HC beats your boy Trump she will rule and reign a divided country for how many years she last with a GOP house and who knows Senate. The seeds of a SC could last longer than the Demo party is able to control. I guess in the big picture of life 200 years from now who won the election of 2016 will be a non issue as will who won the battle for America. I plan to watch with interest just how silly it gets it should be enjoyable waste of time.

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    If min wage scale is ok why not this?

    by rogere1946 May 2, 2016 1:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 3, 2016 4:31 PM Flag

    scamps what inflation? Obama has produced 7 years of no inflation problems at all or the Fed so what are you talking about? If you really do drive a truck all those hours and worship the Free Market system then little can be done for you. I suggust you continue to vote GOP who knows maybe they will one day end all the labor laws that protect you and do away with SS so that the trucking co. you slave for will take care of you in your old age and your wife if your married. You make good money for doing local truck delivery work are you union? Most local gas haulers make less than 14 bucks an hour in Texas maybe you live in high standard of living state to earn the 19 bucks you earn. And BTW overtime again suggest that you work for union job as again in Texas they make sure the local delivery guys don't make that kind of overtime but in Texas we don't run out of black drivers and brown ones. The over the road guys work long and illegal hours to make what your making and most do not make what you make. They are not union unless teamsters and better know how to make a log book work to get pass DOT checks.

    What flavor is that Feedom you talk about? How much of it have you enjoyed working all those long hours? You enjoyed that Freedom with your family? Freedom is good but overrated when compared to survival and don't tell me you are one of those give me freedom or give me death guys? Patrick Henry didn't say that when the redcoat army was around just a bunch of politicians like himself and all rich like him. Without Gov protection the Free Market will suck out all of your freedom that they can. Thank the Demo's for all that time and half you get they gave it to you. Ungratful folks really do amaze me. Now if you owned your own truck or owned the company then go GOP they would look out for you but you being a mere W-2 worker bee your just as good them as your needed and useful.

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    If min wage scale is ok why not this?

    by rogere1946 May 2, 2016 1:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 3, 2016 4:17 PM Flag

    scs I have said many times on this mb which you seem to not of read or forgot what I would do to protect American jobs from illegal workers. Fine those that hire them, if they repeat fine and put in jail. You must deal with the honey pot that draws the bees if you want to move or stop the bees from comming into your yard.

    Those Truck drivers would NOT OF BEEN ILLEGAL BTW as GW and the GOP were going to Bless them with work permits. The same work permits that the oil companies used in Port Arthur to import thousand of Philippine workers into the US and house them in a prison like camp while they worked on the two big refineries. That was during both Bush and Obama. I guess Obama forgot he hated big oil? Every year thousand of aliens are allowed to enter into the US on job permits by American Business all with the blessing of the State Dept.
    The claim is no American labor available with skills to do the job. Like Truck Drivers?? Like Union Wielders or pipe fitters? The real reason is cheap labor not lack of qualified Americans to do the job. If this shortage was real why was not job training required to be paid for by the users of these foreign labor to train Americans making the min wage to do this work so next time they would be skilled American Labor?
    You are either ignorant of this mass "legal alien" temp work force" that every year floods in and takes jobs from Americans or do not want to admit it happens and instead want to blame the mostly unskilled illegals that come in and do the jobs that most Americans will not do. Lawn work, nursing home work, hotels, restrurants, Construction work (that does have some skilled illegal aliens doing it just look at the road crews in Houston and WHO HIRES THEM? Home builders in Houston who hire illegals it is no secret they do. Meat packing and processing and other Agro work. All hired by Americans. Fine then Jail tdhem then it stops
    or slows down a lot. End the Temp legal workers as well.

  • It is hard to figure why this stock takes the beating that it has taken. I said they were finished playing it and I can only guess I was wrong as their is NO reason at all for the decline of this stock to these levels given the money it is making and it will pay out at least .35 dividend. Great buy today if you like 17% on your money.

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    If min wage scale is ok why not this?

    by rogere1946 May 2, 2016 1:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 3, 2016 3:58 PM Flag

    scs glad to see you have being paying attention to my using Henry Ford as an great example of how the min wage raise would help all and not just those on min wages. However Ford did not raise his salaries for their benefit but to create greater cash flow into the American Eco which he started by paying higher wages. Ford was correct and the whole pay scale rose and so did Ford's auto sales and the sales of other business as well. Ford understood that a temporary loss of profit by raising his employees wages would be more than made up to him by all the other business that came into being and the extra cash to spend that American workers had once Ford wage raises was passed through the whole eco.

    You dodged my question posting something in fact proves that raising the min wage will benefit the whole eco. Including your business as more money flows into the eco more job are created and more demand for oil comes about from all the new uses that a growing eco produces Not all jobs will have a direct and immediate effect by the raising of min wage but in time the whole eco will rise with wage increase.

    The idea that lower taxes will cause those who save on taxes to spend more and create jobs by spending and by opening or expanding on existing business is based on the same principle as a wage increase.The wage increase however is a direct increase in spending into the eco the local eco , state eco and national eco. A tax saving might go into an off shore bank or to buy a home in Europe or some other place with no direct effect on the local or state or fed eco at all. Of the two raising wages is by far the most effective to raise the speed of the eco and benefit the most people. The % of people getting the wage increase and spending it is much greater than the top 10% who may or may not spend what they save in taxes. You are for tax cuts as you think it will help you while you are against the min wage since you wrongly think it does not help you. It would.

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    If min wage scale is ok why not this?

    by rogere1946 May 2, 2016 1:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 May 3, 2016 2:44 PM Flag

    scs let me add to dakines post. The GOP is the lap dog of those corp. They always have been and continue to be just as you being a GOP supporter (that is how you vote) are pro capitalism over the workers of this country even though you are a mere salaried worker yourself. If your employeer could hire someone from Asia to do your job for a quarter of what they pay you they would. Your job can not be shipped over to Asia is the only reason they will not. The Demo party has always been the party of the working class. They gave Labor all the protection while the GOP feed by big business money fought it tooth and nail and continues to do so. The truth is the battle over min wage or being against it is not about anything other than CHEAP LABOR. The Cheaper the better. The GOP unlike some labor's on this message board understand the battle front is not just the min wage earner but the whole work force in America. ALL WAGES "might go up" is their big fear. You push up from the bottom and all must go up as has happened after raise in the min wage. The working class is too stupid to realize this and vote for the GOP who are owned by Business interest. Do you believe that the your boss wants to find ways to make more money to pay you more? Is that his goal in his business? If he must choose between giving himself 5,000 more dollars a year or give you half of it who do you think he will pick? A guy like Sanders is a real threat to business interest and if elected he most likely would end up like JFK if he proved effective at doing what he wanted to do. Clinton is for the most part a minor adjuster in the game which the big boys who are smart will allow to happen to protect the larger picture. Give Clinton a modest increase in miw wage and a new global trading for them.
    The big boys are trying to figure out if Cruz or Trump will play ball or be as crazy as they seem. Money has always talked and ordered and still does.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 May 3, 2016 2:33 PM Flag

    Mr. BS yes Fox news and the "liberal press" would not push this Arab against Arab fight or that the UAE and Saidi are fighting and killing Al Qaeda and ISIS daily. You can be assured that info to the USA both in the Middle East and here in the US is passed on to US intelligence by these same Muslim's who are indeed fighting and killing the terrorist radical Muslim group.

    To blame all Muslim's for terrorism is just wrong and in fact a huge majority are not into terrorism or taking over the US and obey our laws and live within their communities wanting only the same thing as most americans want for their families. Making All Muslim's to be boogie men as Mr. Trump has done is flat wrong and can you see a Trump term in office as being that will get the support that Mr. Obama has gotten from SA, Jordan,
    UAE, Yemen and #$%$ land? The Muslim people and thier Gov must be a part of any hope for peace in the ME and the biggest help American Intelligence agencies can get must also be from the Muslim population living in the US. They know their communities better than the local police or State or Feds do and only by fairness and friendship will get the help we need to protect ALL from terrorism.

    It is just common sense to be nice to those who help you need. Trump and other hot heads would paint a bullseye on all Muslim's who want to enter the US as well as those already here. Even while over 99.9% of them has engaged or supported any act of terrorism.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 May 3, 2016 2:21 PM Flag

    dakine there you go posting FACTS when these guys on the right believe only what they want to be true regardless of the facts.

    Having worked as a reviewer of security regulations I can say that to reach Criminal Status the violation would have to be with intent and knowledge for a purpose of disclosure which would be in itself a violation. In other words the fact that Powell, Rice and Clinton may of keep TS documents in an unapproved storage (email) and sent same knowing they were classified would not be in itself a criminal charge. It would be a breach of the regulation concerning the keeping and transmitting of classified documents and improper storage of them and could be an offense that "could cost" the person doing this a loss of security clearence. Powell, Rice and Clinton would of all received briefing on the storage and handling of such information but lets face it they all were sec. of Def and had access to almmost any level of Gov secrets within their department. No way they would be denied of the right to function in their job by some lower ranking classified document custodian.

    From my experience when dealing with a high level official in violation what was wrong was made right such as storage and the person again briefed in what the regulation were
    but the intent of a violation was not to harm the US or to sell secrets or release them to enemies of the US all of which would be another violation of US law as well as a classification violations. The truth is the "Big Wigs" are used to doing as they please and being obeyed by lessor officials under them not taking orders concerning classification regulations. No harm no foul rule is always applied. A lesser gov. employee might be disclipined for what Powell, Rice, and Clinton "may of done" but not prostituted criminally unless some harm had resulted and intent was proven.

    Just more Clinton haters hoping for a hail mary when there is none to be had.

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