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    CHINA is now a net OIL exporter.

    by lakeed98 11 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 7 hours ago Flag

    rails perhaps Obama simply does not care about the color of the skin of those who may now have work visa's if they meet the requirements? So tell me rails I suppose you are for leaving 5 million illegals being illegal and some how get ride of them? Do tell me how? The real issue is not how many are in the country now but how do you stop the flow. We in fact DO NEED what is now an illegal work force to do the jobs they are doing. They are not 5 million Americans qualified to replace that work for if by some magic you could get rid of the them. American would then have to export the jobs (most of which can not be exported) or hire legal work force at added cost and labor laws, Osha and EPA laws being enforced as well as the hush eco becomes more in the open.

    Unlike you I would rather have a Chinese or Hispanic Working in the USA and entering into our eco and tax base even when illegal than see the jobs sent to China or Some Hispanic country. The loss of 5 million buyers taken out of the USA eco would not go unnoticed and the loss of close to 10 million illegals taken from the eco would stop growth and cut tax revenue.

    Most of the old line GOP who own or invest in Business understands the value of cheap labor regardless of illegal or legal and RR and GH BUSH added "Legals" from illegals to meet this demand. GW Bush tried and failed to do it as well. This is not a Demo issue only if you could divorce yourself from your hatred of the Demo when they do it and realize that GOP presidents have done it or tried to do it as much. GW Bush plan would of done more than what Obama has just done.

    I would rather have them legal in the work force and force American businesses to "PLAY FAIR, HONEST and by all the rules" instead of having a hidden and abused work force. I think you main concern is white power down the road and not labor or legal or illegal. Your afraid that one day they may vote.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 7 hours ago Flag

    nikky I see that you have no faith in Jesus which pretty much shows up in your world view. That aside or maybe because of it you also seem to show racism as you refer to the "hood" for where ALL the bums live that you do not want to support.

    In the good old USA more white folks take Gov. handouts than black folks and while they don't live in the "hood" they do live in the mountains and vallys and small towns of the South and in the "hood" or other poor parts of big cities.

    Do you even realize that? Or do you prefer to think that only blacks get help when they do not deserve it?

    Thanks for being honest you have at least been that and given you have no faith in Jesus and at least post in a racist fashion that pretty well sizes up where your judgment on thing come from. I hope your parents didn't teach you a lack of faith in Jesus or you idea of the "hood" being where all things lazy and bad live.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 26, 2014 2:37 PM Flag

    dakine If the min wage was raised to 15 bucks that would mean right at 30,000 a year which is above what some school teachers make now. Single folks would live good on that depending on where they lived and how smart or foolish they were in how they spent their money. The savings to the Gov. and SS would be huge and thus reduce spending but such spending is less than 3% of the current spending so the saving would in the big picture be about 1-2.5% of current Gov. spending on social programs. While it may be nice to raise the min wage to 15 bucks and If it was raised to that then the whole wage structure of the country would change. I believe that is the real reason that the GOP fights so hard against min wage increases.
    We know that wages move from bottom up not from top down. A CEO gets a raise the workers do not.
    If the workers get a raise then so too do supervisors and their supervisors as the whole system of wages is pushed up. The overall effect on the country with such a raise would be really felt in many ways. A teacher while working only 9 months a year could be making just about the same as a M Dee worker thus the local taxes would have to go up if sales taxes did not increase enough to cover what would have to be a 5 grand or more raise.

    The min wage needs to be raised but not so much as Mr. Lake suggest. I do see "adjustment" issues across the whole labor force and that I believe is what bothers the GOP as business would lose more than labor, taxpayers might have to pay more as cost of Gov would go up and only the Fed gov. would see sure benefits. I think the increase speed of the eco would make up business losses as new business ways would work around the higher labor cost and a better eco would mean more sales tax which could lower the cost of Gov. by the tax payers. Winners low end unskilled labor force & a better and faster growing eco & less Fed Gov. cost & SS funds. Losers? taxpayers & shoppers maybe & business.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 26, 2014 2:19 PM Flag

    Mr. Grump so you read an article in your local paper and think it is the truth? I doubt you do that but it does make you able to post what you want to post rather the paper said that or not by saying they did it goes alone with your position. You again put words in folks mouth which they never said. NO ONE has said or will say that there is no downside to an arbitrary min wage and I know no one but you silly enough to suggest that but YOU DO. You are correct that the min wage was raised to say 10 bucks or even 12.50 the cash flow among those that have to spend it would increase more than any tax break could provide. The results would be two fold. The eco would have money in it and would grow faster. Some would pay more in taxes (not that many to be fair) some would see a reduction in Gov assistance (again not all but it would lower the Gov. cost of doing business) IF business had to raise prices to cover the higher labor cost (some would some would not) then the Market would determined if customers wanted to buy at higher cost or take their business elsewhere.

    I see at a 10.00 or 12.50 min wage a lot of up side to the eco as the SPEED of the eco would increase and grow and grow faster which is huge for all of us. Reduced Gov spending and more tax revenue. So I do not see a downside. Will private business end as a result of a rise in min wage? Most who work for min wage do so in Corp's not mom and pop as mom and pop usually pay above the current min wage at 12.50 mom and pop may have to raise prices or do more work themselves but again some would not be hurt at all nor would fast food joints. Day care would go up some maybe nursing homes? It would not effect the illegal work force that much and it is large. The fact is that min wage is not as big a part of the workforce as the GOP screams it is and would "change" America if it was raised.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 26, 2014 2:05 PM Flag

    Mr. BS my quote marks are MINE to show your opinion as you have stated over and over again. Your whole premise has been and you posted over and over using figures that you got from Al Gore sources (Gore did not originate them) and then you would post what effect one change or another would have on omissions and then claimed NOTHING could reverse or stop Global warming using the figures you used obtained from Global warming experts. I have posted several times that you had a total defeatist way of looking at things and my way was to do what you could and hope for Tech No to find better ways "IF your position was correct" To do nothing was and remains stupid. We Have tried for over 75 years to find a cure for cancer or other illness as well to give up has Never been an option. The same holds true with global warming if it is caused by man or increased by man's activities which we both have stated we believe to be true then to try to reduce the effect and play for time and better tech no inventions is our only hope. You have stated over and over again how this will not work. Now you are saying "DID NOT".

    I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving as well and those that know me know what kind of man I am. Neither you or I know what kind of person the other really is since we have known each other and only do battle on this board as neighbors we could get along in disagreement but quite well.

    If you think I have misrepresented what you have said please feel free to post what you do think on Global warming.

    Either you do or do not think man can slow it down or end it by reducing as much harmful omissions as possible? Do you favor or disapprove of such efforts? Do you think that for sake of politics the whole global warming question has been "misstated or misled people?" Do you think that over 95% of the global warming or climate scientist are wrong or changing their minds about the question?

    Clear answers will "clear up" your side.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2014 7:32 PM Flag

    lake does this mean I am not on ignore anymore lol. Unlike you I have the highest respect for "your" people.
    What they wrote inspired by the Holy Spirit was accurate, wise, beautiful and insightful. You are the one who says they are deluded and liars and try to pass fiction off as fact. The old testament is a tribute to "your people" history both good and bad and has been proven to historically very accurate. It is a wise book to follow as the book "None of these diseases" shows how to avoid the pitfalls of many problems by simply following the dietary laws of the OT. The legal code of the US finds its very roots in the OT and for the most part works fairly well today for us. Mark Twain never said he was more than a fiction writer where "your people" have learned word for word the first 5 books of the OT by memory for thousands of years and believe it to be fact not fiction.

    Today more of "your people" disbelieve the writings of their ancestors than believe it. So you are in the majority of "your people" today as how they view the OT. But to over 90% of non Jewish Christians it is still a book to be believed and learned from and respected. I have never said the Jewish folks were writing Santa Claus and Easter Bunny fiction that would be how you view their efforts. Sad I guess that the beliefs and writing of "your" ancestors have been rejected by their off springs. But Jesus said it would happen when the people would reject the corner stone and in fact they have and also the whole house it seems.

    I never said your ancestors were idiots and Liars that is what you make them out to be not me. I believe them and rejoice in their faith and the history and lessons of obedience they left for us today. Perhaps you should look into a mirror and see what you have said about them since it is you who does not believe and tries to discredit everything they lived for.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2014 3:31 PM Flag

    scs so you assume that the 47% by law are not required to pay federal income taxes should pay? Well since the GOP runs things in both houses why don't you write to your majority GOP texas house and Senate members and ask them to target the 47% for new taxes as you feel they are under taxed and be sure also to express how you are against the current min wage and do not want to see it raised and also that you want to see the social programs directed toward most of that 47% cut or done away with.

    Maybe some GOP members will try that and I am sure they will on min wage and social helps but don't hold your breath on raises taxes on the poor they may be afraid that the poor might vote more in a higher % if they did or independents would see them as heartless and swing to Demo. But you write the letters and let your desire of your heart be known. Or have I misjudged what you are for and against if so correct me.

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    OT BS why-do-democrats-look-down-on-voters?

    by barbershores Nov 23, 2014 7:04 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2014 3:25 PM Flag

    scs "global warming" what is the discussion there between Demo and GOP??? Mr BS says no gov would dare suggest a cure for global warming so how can that be a Demo or GOP debate point? Silly you you seem to think that the Demo suggest that changes in how we use energy or get it will make a difference while the GOP would be against that? Not sure what ISIL is but if ISIS do you believe there is a difference between how the Demo and GOP see this treat? If so how? Min wage I agree is indeed a difference in the two parties and over 55% of American's want to see a higher min wage so which party might be stupid to not support what the majority of American's want? National Debt. Again both parties want to address it just a difference in how to do that. The Demo want to stem the eco and grow the eco out of debt while the GOP wants to cut its way out. See how those cuts have worked for EU folks? Racism is a fact that both parties do not want to get labeled of being guilty of. Health Care the Demo's want to bring the USA like all the rest of the world while the GOP wants to continue to allow Capitalism determined our health care. (so paying more for drugs like you do is smart?) abortion? Save them in the womb but do not feed them once they are out since they might be undeserving or offer a child health care or its mother or father? So this makes the GOP think they are Jesus like do they? eco see nat debt, pollution so me a pollution law passed by the GOP?

    No name calling only 35% of voters voted and on that we all should look down on the ones that did not vote.
    Of those that did the above issues would of been a reason to vote so again the ones that did not vote are indeed to be looked down on as not caring enough about your listed issues to even vote. That is sad regardless of Demo or GOP or left or right. Just sad. I voted as did most on this list so at least right or wrong we cared enough to vote good for that.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    Mr BS since you say we have misquoted you or misrepresented you and YOU have researched all your post and now are patting yourself on the back for being "in the clear" why don't you show us the date and post that you claim finds you faultless in your opinion about how mankind can not do anything to stop global warming. If that is your opinion and you have indeed posted that on many occasion it would follow that if mankind actions can not effect or change global warming it can not be stopped by mankind. Now you claim what you have been saying is that NO Gov. will come up with a plan to end or fight global warming which is again a joke since all your harping against any such action working is based on what you call the Al Gore extreme efforts to cause the Gov to do just that. The accords that many Gov. have signed say your statement is flat wrong. Gov. even China admit their is a problem and they are taking steps (baby perhaps in case of CHina and even the US). The GOP has fought the Demo tooth and nail over the idea that something can be done to stop or slow down global warming.

    Now you say that no Gov is going to suggest it? Are you for real? When did NH legalize pot?

    I suggest you throw the shovel out of the hole you are digging for yourself and stop digging your only going deeper.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2014 3:00 PM Flag

    nikky since you have said your a chtholic then I suggest you go talk to your priest about the NT teaching by Jesus on helping others. I think you will find that you are not to set yourself up as the judge as to rather or not they meet your guidelines of being "deserving". In the teaching about the Good Samaritan Jesus never once address if the man deserved help or what type of person he was and in fact the "religious" types found reasons that made it clear the man was NOT Deserving of their time and effort much less expense and they left him to die. Have you ever considered Jesus words about helping the least of them? Could it be that Jesus is not so much concerned about rather the least of these is deserving or not but rather you would obey him and HELP them? Again you can dismiss me as you do as a bleeding heart liberal Demo and not DESERVING of your consideration so I again say if you have a priest who you consider worthy of a deserving opinion that you will at least consider go talk to him.

    The solid South was and remains racist what else is to be remembered. Proof you want they once were Demo's until the Demo's passed the civil rights bill and now they are GOP. Not all GOP whites are racist as the GOP was alive just not well in the Solid South and never won an election until racism turned the average white from the Demo to the GOP.

    I am glad you give to good causes however you seem to believe that the number of those that do not Deserve help is vast and thus justify your desire to see the Fed. programs for the poor ended? Is that correct? If not what do you propose to do with the program. How do you get help to kids if their parents are indeed "undeserving"? Do you punish the child for the sins of the father or mother?

    If you are a good catholic then perhaps you could read some of the things written by Pope Francis about the poor. Surely he is trustworthy?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2014 2:44 PM Flag

    Poor Lake he thinks his kinfolks were all bunch of idiots and liars.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2014 2:43 PM Flag

    Mr. BS when XOM stops spending 20 billion on renewable energy that would impress me but since I own XOM I can only hope they know what they are doing and Buffet thinks they do so I guess I will go with Buffet instead of google. Stop investing in auto development and keep building buggies for horses was a bad business plan even when they were not many roads and lots of small auto companies and different types of cars including electric and steam. They were lots of lossers as most of the Companies went bust but those who remained in buggies lost it all. Lesson to be learned sometimes being conservative is not a smart move.

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    by nikkorott Nov 21, 2014 7:36 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 24, 2014 2:54 PM Flag

    rott Issa would say Lie or truth as long as it suited his purpose. He is a man of no character or integrity and has shown as much each time he ends up in charge of a committee as he has always took a witch hunt and has of yet to find a witch but goes on Fox news and any other station that will have his lying mouth and says whatever he wants to be the truth instead of what is the truth. He can not be so stupid as many times as his so called findings all proven false has revealed him to be. In the end he is reelected by others with no integrity or character but the same agenda and thus goes America. A land were winning or hurting the enemy is more important than truth, integrity and character.

    Want more proof? A bill to make bribery legal for US corps in foreign lands. Bow to the God almighty dollar and sell yourself to the highest bidder and hire better women to please them or young boys or cash whatever as long as capitalism is given for the bribe. That is the Christian Nation that the right wing Christian want? It must be since most of who they have elected wanted such a bill and now that the GOP controls both houses of Gov maybe they can get it passed.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 24, 2014 2:45 PM Flag

    scs as has been pointed out to you ALL incuding the 47% pay taxes to both city, state and Federal. Just we do in addition to our income tax. The fact that 47% of Americans you claim that do not pay income taxes ( I assume that is what you meant) shows just how many Americans live in poverty and do not make even enough to pay income taxes. Some because of deductions some because of lack of good job or no job.

    Jesus didn't tell you to point a finger to those who are the least of them now did HE? In fact He said when He comes again in HIS KINGDOM the ones that did or did not do for the LEAST of THEM would enter His Kingdom or be rejected. You do realize that Jesus Expected the widow, children and poor to be taken care of don't you? Not just the ones you go to church with either. Better look at Who is your neighbor if you think that. You pay your taxes but seem jealous or resentful of those who live in that 47% and at the least over 23% of those are children and another 5% or so are elderly. So do you expect that 28% to pay taxes?
    How much such a widow with no means but SS to live have to pay in your world? How much should a child of 14 have to pay? How about the sick and crippled how much for them to make you happy? They are all in that 47% that you and Romney want to either ignore or tax. No new taxes on the top 1% but tax a child?

    I do not think you cruel but I do think you speak without thinking and throw out that 47% as if it correct when in fact it like so many numbers are only numbers not people nor faces or families. It is easy to strike out at nameless numbers. Jesus put a face on the coin. A face that was hated by those he was being questioned by. Render unto Caesar what is his and to God what is His. Tell me scs how much of Caesar money does not belong to God? When you render to Caesar you ARE rendering unto God. Just as you MUST love your neighbor to LOVE GOD. You cant Love God unless you agape you neighbor.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 24, 2014 2:31 PM Flag

    Mr. BS I am sorry that you such a huge memory loss I hope you will now that you have medicare go seek medical help for your memory loss. No sense trying to debate that has a selected memory for what ever reason. You really should think before you post something that proves you own logic to be wrong then be left with only "I don't remember defense".

    Frankly Mr. BS as I have said to you before you could be right that in the end nothing could change the weather patterns and this article would prove us both right and wrong. However my point back to you has always been and will continue to be "We must try and hope for some new improvement down the road"

    A better way for you to defend your position would of to admit what you have said that mankind can't do anything to stop the global warming but it seems nature itself has done what mankind would not be able to do.
    I do not often debate your position for you when you fail to come to bar to do it yourself but in this case since you have this memory loss I will present your case for you.

    I of course think the whole article is a sloppy piece of work with no science behind it at all and proves ZERO.
    It is flawed to the core and without merit and pure BS and nothing more.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 24, 2014 2:15 PM Flag

    scs I find your answers with the exception of A. to be much in line with what Obama has been trying to do and not what the extreme tea party types suggest. However make no mistake if your plan for A.B.C. are to be enacted it would cost billions of dollars on top on our current debt. Not only that but as the illegal are keep out of the country and those caught would be deported the job market would have a HUGE hole in it of lower paid, hard labor jobs which American's would then have to fill and their simply is not enough of American's to fill those jobs especially at low wages such as min. wage. (if you think that min wage jobs are not held by illegals I suggest you look around at fast food places)

    On A. I can assure you even if you will not believe me that no amount of effort to close the border will work unless the job market is taken away by hard action against those that hire illegals. Having worked for over 15 years on "border" security against drugs never once were we ever effective in "stopping" the trade and we did work with city, county, state and even military with our efforts. The navy, air force and army were also "assisting" in our efforts. Most of the cocaine that came into and still comes into the US is brought in through the commercial entry ports. An nothing was allowed to "slow down commerce at those points. Less than 2% of ALL commercial shipments coming into the USA are "inspected or looked at" the rest enter only checked by computer profile.
    It would take thousands more hands, eyes and brains to even try too look at those entry and the delay on commerce would not be permitted by GOP or DEMO. Fences have failed, High tech has failed, man power has failed. You think the states, or cities and counties will turn the tide?? Really? 10,000 men would be lost on our borders with no results at all. Turn the country into an armed camp with 250,000 military stationed at borders? that would fail. You just have no idea do you?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 24, 2014 2:01 PM Flag

    nikky when you said that treatment in VA is long that was based on not your own experience but on what has been in the news which focused on certain areas were the wait was long in other areas the wait was not an issue that is why I said you set yourself up as an expert.

    You also assume my statements about my nephew in law was based on his being a right winger which was not the case at all by him being a right winger and against "entitlements" while he stuffed his pocket with them merely makes him a hypocrite not a cheat. Anyone who can get VA while being rich is a matter of conscious. I have chosen not use VA but use my medicare which I paid in toward and my private insurance.

    The point is that right wingers always are against gov. then if they take it that is what makes them greedy above principles or so called principles. I doubt my niece being worth well over 5 million would of been hurt by forking out the 200,000 the VA gave to her husband do you? My dad refused to "hide" his mothers estate as other relatives wanted to do and "put" her away at Gov. cost in a old folks home. It did cost him money but his integrity and character was always worth more than money to him. I guess I had parents that taught me to help those that needed help, do not take from others what you can do for yourself and always give the glory for everything in all situations. In the end it not the bank account that goes with you after life end but the heart (spirit) that has the only value that transcends death. If you do not believe in a heaven with such judgment then eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 22, 2014 2:26 PM Flag

    scs can I ask you a serious question? If the GOP was in complete control of the Gov. and could do whatever they wanted to do on immigration just what do you think they would do and at what cost and at how much success?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 22, 2014 1:42 PM Flag

    nikky I never doubted where you stand just that your standing in a pile of you know what.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 22, 2014 1:40 PM Flag

    nikky once again you set yourself up as an expert in VA medical treatment and yet you admit that you do not use it. I too do not use it and I could of done so but I can afford to pay my own way due to having insurance and now medicare but I felt that money I did not take from VA would be there for others who did need it.

    I watched my nephew by marriage (who was older than I) a WWII merchant marine get VA Benefits when he was declared terminal and watched him get a Van with left (150 grand) a lift for his home, and other items.
    He was a multi millionaire right wing GOP type that stuck his nose as far as he could in the VA money.

    When he died all that STUFF that was given him could be sold by his wife and she sold it and keep the money her too a right wing GOP type (my niece).

    It cost him nothing nor would the treatment cost you and as for it being slower it depends on where you live if that is true or not. I have friends who use VA and the ones that live in DFW area get good care and get it when they need it. One that lives in rural OK has to schedule his visits to clinics or travel to DFW area which is closet for him. He would of been dead if not for VA since he has an illness that requires treatment or death and could not get insurance once he lost his job and was then pre existing condition and too young for medicare. Yea he too is a right wing GOP voter. The DEMO's have taken care of a lot your type and get not even a thanks for it. He has a MA degree in engineering so he was no bum just a sick guy who lost his insurance and without VA would of died. surprisingly as critical of the Gov as he is he rates his VA experience overall as positive and he does know without them he would be a dead ex marine.

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