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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 19 hours ago Flag

    suggp and the GOP and many Demo's support and push this suicide attempt by the US to support those making money off this global policies regardless of what it does to the US. Our eco is not declining and our market share and eco system is still #1 in the world but the GOP and the Demo parties are pushing as hard and fast as they dare to bring this country down. It is not taxes, nor debt that is what is going to kill the US but the greed of Globalist to make the last dollar out of slave trade before the US slides into that decline and soon failure as leader in the world. No foreign Nation could do that we simply did it to ourselves for the sake of Capitalism over Nationals and the rich over the slaves of the poor that are forced to serve Globalist. That is America's greatest sin. The same sin as Saddam and Gomorrah had and the end will our destruction. Not by fire but by the same greed of serving manna that will reduce the US to land of failure thanks to our political parties and the idiots that vote for them.

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    Some truth about $15 min wqge

    by vpsqdrn Apr 25, 2016 4:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 19 hours ago Flag

    dakine here is the site I used.

    The rates vary by zip code or really city. I do not know if Pear area cost more than across the island at the Marine base maybe that is why the difference Where my daughter is at now pays her over 1300 bucks a month if she was in the DFW area she would get over 2,000 bucks so it depends on your location.

    The Fed Gov pays a different salary for higher cost area. I worked under the Houston area but lived 90 miles away in another town. The guys in Houston made over 3,000 for the same grade that I was. I was glad not to be in Houston to get it and declined every offer to move back.

    If you think that paying an E 3 a living wage is what is breaking America then you are foolish indeed.

    The boat is owned by the pilots union and they hired the boat captain and a pilot was always on board on the trip out and some times on the trip in as well. So spare me the poor pilot defense. Nice try trying to blame the coast guard for what the pilot owned and responsible boat did. The State Game wardens and the Coast guard both spent a lot of time around the jetties and the State's game boat was a victim of the pilot as well. NO one who used the Sabine Neches Ship Channel had anything good to say about the way the pilots behaved The ships did over half of their discharges from ships off shore by the Big Oil refineries so if the Senior Chief got on their case too hare the oil companies would call the Galveston Captain office who had overall command of the SAR station in Sabine Pass. I never said that boat owners and users acted wisely and they do mix booze at times with boating and fishing but that does not change the fact that it was the ILLEGAL WAKE that was the Subject. Tankers empty were also a problem being of course with a pilot on board safety on water has must start with those who should know the rules of the road if they do not then disaster awaits for all.

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    OT how ironic

    by scs_dan Apr 21, 2016 9:59 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 20 hours ago Flag

    dakine Sandy Koufax could of demanded his pay and pitched only once a week and the Dodgers would of paid him. The Dodgers are foolish enough to realize they are in the business of baseball not religion nor law breaking. It is not against the law to allow an employee to practice their religion if they wish to allow it. Any Big business understands this and so do the courts. You may not see discrimination in what you believe but rest assured the courts do and I do as well.

    The sign We reserve the Right is worthless as the paper it is written one if it can be proven that what they really mean is NO MUSLIN's or No Blacks or No #$%$'s served or tended too.
    The whole civil rights movement was about lunch counters which were last time I checked was a private business as were many bus companies back in the day. Your fighting a battle lost in the 60's on 60's thinking.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 20 hours ago Flag

    Mr BS & Dakine to say that folks go underground to get or keep Gov benefits is yet another attack on the Poor and without any truth at all.

    Tell me how many POOR are named in the release of names of those who went underground with bank accounts in foreign banks?? Hummmmm.

    The reason MOST people go underground is the same reason the Rich use off shore accounts and dummy Corp's and schemes to get the money there and back again without paying a cent in taxes. That is right it is not to get food stamps but to CHEAT billions in taxes.

    I have no problem at all with a National Sales Tax as long as you find a way to refund it to the poor. Yea I know I am a foolish "Liberal" who cares about the poor as I realize how much I am blessed and thankful I do not have to depend on the Gov for food stamps to feed myself.

    I have seen thousands of names of people with off shore accounts I doubt any of them were getting food stamps. The rich as the word of God says are the crookest people they are because they love money more than they love their neighbor. They will do anything to get more at whatever cost it is to the life or well being of others. Those are the folks I dislike just as it seems many on this mb dislike the poor. Again the word of God tells you it is not the poor that abuse you and take advantage of you but the rich. I believe God on that shame so many Christian think him wrong on that.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 23 hours ago Flag

    Paul Ryan is offering nothing but a cost shifting from Federal to State and to allow individuals to not pay as much if they have good health and those that have bad health pay more by going with the state.

    I have state Pool Wind damage on a home I own. It cost twice as much money as insurance did when I could get it. The State has not paid out a claim along the cost in years and the rates remain the same. Nice to hear that Mr. Ryan has been forced to even think about those with preexisting condition because he and his fellow GOP brothers in Congress and while president have done NOTHING for such people and now he wants to get ride of them again. Typical GOP.
    So Mr. Ryan what do you say to the states who do not want to help non rich people who can not afford such insurance? Eat the cost? Let them Die? That is the real choice and that is what Obama Care deals with in all its faults.
    I hear all kinds of alligator tears from those on this board about how "MY INSURANCE" has went up. Yet to hear from a poor person on this board about how they now have insurance and might live to be 40 now.
    Spoiled middle class and above MB writers on a stock message board most in the top 10% of income for the whole country and all I hear is tear and cries of wow about THEM. Sick of it. The whole conversation is not about life while half of them is all about LIFE when in the womb but not when it is a poor out of the womb person.
    Health care cost is about the cost of health care to human beings. You either find a way to give it to those who can not pay the cost or stop saying you care about human life. It cost more booohooo, It is not my responsibility to take care of THEM boohooo. Anybody but ME should pay for it. boohoo.
    At least MAN up and admit your a person (those who are crying) that does care money about your own money than helping save a life. They do not want to go to NHC in fear that THEY might get less from it.
    Nothing but Selfishness even if it cost a life.

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    Some truth about $15 min wqge

    by vpsqdrn Apr 25, 2016 4:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 28, 2016 5:33 PM Flag

    dakine a E 3 in the armed forces some of them could you some things about your computer. Some could teach you how to shoot, others could keep you alive if you got hurt, some could do you books for you and others other skills I hired a Cost Guard Bosom mate not sure what pay grade he was but he hired on with us as a GS 9 and got a raise. Last I heard he was supervising a Home Land security Office as a GS 14 and the reason I hired him was not only could he drive a boat but had walk around snap and was a good guy with great work ethics. I had a college educated guy who finally we shipped off to teach firearm training as that was about the limit of his abilities so education does not always mean performance. He surely knew how to safely operate a 41 foot coast guard ship better than the pilots did their pilot boat which I on two occasions threaten them with arrest if they did not slow down and watch their wake while they ran out of the jetty to get to their boat off shore throwing a 5 foot wave while families in small fishing boats fished the jetties. The coast guard was always getting complaints of those guys as they thought since they were pilots they could disregard the rules of the waterways and do as they pleased. I was waiting for the time when I would have to testify in civil court about their lack of safety record when they sank a small boat with their wake which thankfully they never did that I learned of but it was not because of their careless operations of a boat under their command.

    You may be surprised to learn that we have more "hired guns" working in the middle east than we do military and many of them or special forces guys who got out of those high paying you jobs your crying about to work for private security firms and if you think they are making less you got another thought coming. Who do you think pays for the the armies of our so called allies in the Middle East? Trust them with your life would you?

    My chart was 2016 as well for hono.

  • The money they waste on paying a small dividend is silly. No body will buy or hold this stock for a dividend of a penny canadian. Just cut it and give the CEO a raise like American Corp do.

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    Some truth about $15 min wqge

    by vpsqdrn Apr 25, 2016 4:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 28, 2016 3:26 PM Flag

    dakine well look at the plus side the E-3 can go fight some war to keep you fat and happy on the big Island and get thier head blown off and cut those cost down a lot. Maybe you wanna go fight ? Remember it was not the E-3 or even a General that started any of the wars in which they fight and die.

    I think paying a ship captain what you made and your benefits was way above what it should of been but if you want oil and Stuff to get here from overseas somebody has to bring it. Foreign Capts who manage to make the trip on half the cost as you made is one reason why our dear old save at buck at all cost Gov gave away our flagged fleet for all the foreign ones Oh yea and those pilots who make over 250,000 a year and take zero heat if something goes wrong and never get shot I could cry about them as you do an E-3 guy.
    Over 50,000 of them today without arms and legs or both and some worse than that others mentally damaged for the rest of their lives some of them right now at Oahu hospital and others walking around trying to act normal and "fit in".
    E-3 E03 $2,082 $1,563 dependents and non
    Pay E--3 $1,847.10 $1,963.20 $2,082.00 $2,082.00 $2,082.00 $2,082.00 starting at under two years to 8 years service

    add the allowance and pay say 4100.00. When you sea captains union threatened to strike did you count retirement in yearly salary? I do not know anyone who does. They do get free health care for family I will give you another 1,000 a month for that brings them up to 5100 or 61,000 a year a little far from your 100,000 dollars.
    Now as I said an E-7 E-7 $3,795.60 $4,004.70 $4,178.70 $4,297.50 $4,423.80 $4,472.70 Pay
    housing 07 $3,036 $2,274 add a grand 8400 a month right at 100,000 bucks.

    Overpaid? I guess if stateside safe and at home with family you can make that argument. But driving down a road or on patrol in Afghan land or stuck on a forward fire base I doubt too many would trade jobs with them.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 28, 2016 2:45 PM Flag

    rjp up to it again are you lol. Lets see stock market UP big time and this is a stock board so all on it must be in the market so take a look at what you were worth in stocks in Jan of 2008 and look now. If money does not convince you that your better off now I do not what will. If you sale and take Cap gains that has not chaged and again your making money not lossing it as was the case in the 2008 Crash.

    Now if you guys on the right do not want to blame the crash of GW or the GOP I get that it just hurts too much to admit the truth so lets pretend it was all Barney Franks fault. Well along comes Pres Obama and makes it all better for your brokers accounts and makes you a boat load of money but wait. Not Obama did that it was the GOP that did it is your only way of making it seem real. All the improved unemployment numbers also all of sudden are wrong and cooked regardless of the fact the method has not changed in years just how you want to admit to them being there. They are always right when it shows the GOP in power and the numbers good and always wrong when it applies to Obama I get that again the truth just hurts too much to admit.

    Well if you get Cruz in office you can kiss all that good by as he will deliver the cliff that Obama and the Fed saved us all from so take heart if he does you can blame it on again on Obama. The man has given you new hope to blame all ills in the world on him for at least another 20 years or who knows if HC wins you can hate her and raise her up as WORSE than Obama or just say they both the devil a pair of anit christ to blame all things bad on. All while your net worth goes up.

    Amazing how stupid some people can be.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Apr 28, 2016 2:02 PM Flag

    Nat is up but FRO follows the rates. Down to just above 30,000 for Vlcc others doing better but down. Will not effect this quarter that much but will the next unless they rise again.

    Positive releases about FRO being undervalued did little to hlep the stock move above 9 bucks as many were expecting to happen. It will take higher rates and a dividend of .35 again or higher to .40 to see 9 is what I am seeing. Hope I am wrong but the yo yo continues but the extreme shorting seems to be not driving the stock a as it did before at least for a while. SFL up also and SDLP up too and paying 20% dividend so FRO is dragging down the Mr. F Empire today.

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    Dennis Hastert....15 months in jail

    by keembodakine Apr 27, 2016 6:06 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 28, 2016 1:57 PM Flag

    VPS If you how you could check and see that vpsqdrm has been posting on other boards since Feb of this year. I do not know who he may be and I do not know why they would pick a board name so close to yours
    You, him and Lake are all alike but in different ways. AGain you say this ends the dialogue which means that you must of lied or distort the first time you said it lol.

    dakine knows I was responding to your post with what I sent to him and that was my goal in the post not to listen to you start up all your self righteous ego driven delusional drivel. vpsqdrn not vpsqdrm had posted to him since you can't even figure that out. Now run along you bore me.

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    Some truth about $15 min wqge

    by vpsqdrn Apr 25, 2016 4:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 28, 2016 1:41 PM Flag

    dakine the amount of money that a solder gets is determined by several factors. Married or not would be one and rank another. The US has decided right or wrong to do away with the draft and go to a all volunteer service. The pay has gone up as well as other benefits in order to keep talented men and women who in a lot of cases can make a lot more money in the private sector than staying in the military. This is true especially in the lower ranks E-6 is now the gimme grade of enlisted where it used to be E-4. I interviewed a E-5 black man who was the Regimental IT guy. He had been assigned to the LT Col of the Reg for over 6 years at 3 different duty stations. A E-8 had it in for the guy and held him back in rank but he was clearly a guy that the officers of the Regiment saw as essential to keeping all the IT things working and teaching others.
    I asked him WHY he stayed in the Army (twice sent to Middle East) when he could go to work in Silicone Valley and make Big Bucks. His wife wife was military and strange as it sounds he was loyal to his country and the men of his Regiment (Second ACR now mergered with 10th Mountain Division both top units)

    You bring up correct issues most of which the person in service has little control over as they are mostly sent.
    The problem is would you have the services make the men and women pay for their own cars to be shipped?
    If you want them to live on post they would have to build new housing. I doubt a E-3 cost a 100,000 bucks that would be an E-7 and higher. The military spends as little as it can on its people as it can and cuts them first it is the weapons programs that sucks up all the money to the defense industry Capitalist corrupt system is where billions go and produce as much waste as results. Boots on the ground get the job done at far less a cost. In 1969 I went to Oahu on R&R and visted with a Marine friend of mine & wife. They had lived in a tent for 3 months. Things have changed yes. For the better.

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    Dennis Hastert....15 months in jail

    by keembodakine Apr 27, 2016 6:06 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 28, 2016 1:19 PM Flag

    Vpsqdrn thought you had me on ignore but since you don't I again have to correct your wrong headedness.
    I replied to your post to dakine Your style of name calling and Superior attitude directed at him in that post is clearly You . So I have no idea why anyone would want to appear to be you but rest assured I can spot a post of yours from a mile away.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 28, 2016 10:43 AM Flag

    Mr. BS this may startle you but I support such a move as Kansas governor has done and others. However Kansas problem is NOt UNEMPLOYMENT as the state unemployment rate (I know most on the right refuse to accept unemployment rates but this one is in a GOP state so maybe they will) is and has been below the national average at 3.9% with just under 60,000 unemployed. Let us be generous to Gov. Brownback who I believe is an honest man who actually believed all his conservative tax cuts would help out the state has reduced the food stamp benefit program by 4 million bucks a month for able bodied non family adults.

    That group of people is in Kansas or any other state the highest % of people on food stamps. In fact single adults are in the minority period when it comes to getting food stamps. In Kansas as well. The few success stories that this article shows are hand picked as the law requires only 20 hrs of work to still get food stamps.
    that in a state that for over a year has had an unemployment rate of around 4%.

    I would ask the question IF this program is so effective as it seems to be how much of that 4 million a month was added to job training program? If as the article suggust requiring work and training makes a more employable person (as it should I would think) then why not spend more money on such training or day care centers to help able bodied adults with children to find work? Jobs would be hard to find in Kansas given the current 3.9% unemployment rate with only 59,000 unemployeed so maybe Kansas has got about as much as they can out of such efforts but since higher paying jobs were mentioned and not just burger flipping min wage jobs which most got why not train Kansas into the best trained state to find well trained employable people?

    Now if Gov. Brownback could just figure out a way to keep Kansas from going broke from giving away all the tax dollars to business interest he might really turn Kansas around.

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    Dennis Hastert....15 months in jail

    by keembodakine Apr 27, 2016 6:06 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 28, 2016 10:19 AM Flag

    dakine oh poor you VPS has now called you one who mixes ideology and morality and then for pointing a conviction by the law of the land of a former Speaker of the House VPS judges you unworthy of a profession of Christianity by you since you are such a liberal.
    Next he will put you ignore. The man who says you can not legislate morals when it comes to guns while pushing for laws to outlaw homosexual marriage. He sees no failure of logic in that because only his morals and ideas are correct and should be law and forced down the throat of others. It seems Paul address the failure of even God's Law in Romans and Christ died to save us from the Law which convicted us of sin.

    Wear any scathing you get from VPS as a badge of honor as he sadly is doomed to play the role of the pharisee grand master on this board.

    It is sad when you think about how the GOP party is the Party of God to see how many of them fall into sexual sin. In a mere body count of convicted or admitted sexual sinners they would hands down over the Liberals Demo. Three GOP speakers of the house forced out office two by sexual sins. RR & both Bushes had cabinet members of staff sent to prison.
    None for Carter or Clinton or Obama as I remember but if my memory fails I am sure the good folks of the GOP on this board will be fast to point it out.

    They are fast to accuse as VPS does in every post about Ms. Clinton. Accuse an uncharged person as if guilty of a crime showing a total disregard for our legal system of innocent until proven guilty and the NT commands about not speaking ill of person and always think the best of them.

    Just another crack in the GOP mirror of sainthood.

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    Some truth about $15 min wqge

    by vpsqdrn Apr 25, 2016 4:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 27, 2016 4:37 PM Flag

    Nikk Kansas always was a risk to tornado's they just never thought the Cat 6 would be the GOP party lol.

    Let them suffer enough and maybe stupid will be cured. Maybe

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    FRO nice pop

    by wfohooba64 Apr 27, 2016 11:16 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 27, 2016 4:34 PM Flag

    VLCC 34,000 Afram 29,000 Suez 29,000 they still all making money. but not as much as it needs be to support the big jump today lol. NAT went up more cents today than did FRO and SUEZ has been down all quarter from last. Go figure. FRO .35 dividend is safe and NAT already said .43

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 27, 2016 4:32 PM Flag

    Mr. BS let me take a wild guess as to why a multi billionaire like Mr. Gates would rather invest in Nuke than solar and Wind. UHMMMMMM,, well just a wild guess here but MONEY. The sun is free as is the wind so IF a major break is made in battery storage or transmission loss then money would be made in solar and wind sure but REAL money would be made in that NEW Form of NUKE that Mr. GATES is investing in. The GOV those folks you hate and distrust so much and who give out those hated entitlements have pretty much bent over backward to the Nuke boys when it comes to entitlements. Tax Credits, and liabiblity insurance all on the Gov. Mr. Gates is no fool and he knows his return of investment potential is much greater in Nuke than solar or wind.

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    Some truth about $15 min wqge

    by vpsqdrn Apr 25, 2016 4:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 27, 2016 1:24 PM Flag

    Mr. BS you are a declared Ron Paul guy or Bircher that I get. However your idea that the Fed Gov has no business in setting a MW is not what the courts of our land has said which you know but try to avoid by saying a new court could do this or that.

    The truth is if the FED GOV said STATES we will leave the dollar amount you decide on up to you but whatever that amount comes out to be IT MUST BE AT LEAST equal to the poverty level in your state.
    You are free to go above but not below. That you also would not agree with even if the State had the right to set the amount from exactly the poverty rate to a buck over it. You are really against the idea of any Gov being able to set a min wage I know that so be honest in why you are against the min wage or do I do you wrong and you do some sort of State agreed to min wage?

    Why not knock it down to the cities? or Counties? The big cities even in an area like yours cost more than living out in boonies. In Texas rural areas cost less to live in than our big cities so while a min wage of 10 bucks might be closer to poverty level of DFW it may be above the cost of living in a West Texas town or Pan Handle or East Tex Again one size may not fit all but some form of Gov would have to act only if the Fed Gov required to them other wise they could refuse to get involved in setting a wage. I think under the equal protection clause the Fed Gov does indeed have a right to Force the States to act if the Fed choose not to be the Gov that set the rate but left it to the states or cities or counties however but some form of Gov MUST ACT.

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    Some truth about $15 min wqge

    by vpsqdrn Apr 25, 2016 4:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 27, 2016 1:11 PM Flag

    scs first of all you need to look at the overall report and come out with a complete look at each of the states.

    Your example of Alaska for example being number #1 is correct if you look only at only the ones that show them as #1. They are however several other examples on the same page that shows Alaska as dead last.

    The truth is this page reflects the financial health of the states based on several factors but the main thing is what a State furnishes for the taxes it collects is what they are looking at . The less services furnished the less the cost to the state of course. Alaska is not a very populated state so to compare the budget needs of Alaska to New York or Cal is a joke. Alaska is also setting on oil and takes in more money from oil than they pay out to its citizens. Looking at Texas shows a much better comparison than your Alaska and trying to give Palin credit for the oil money and lack of people in the state.

    Yes you are correct Blue state do take care of their citizens better than do the red ones. But you don't like that or care about how people live or die except in the womb and ease your lack of compassion by saying individuals not the Gov should take care of people.

    I suppose you would rather live in the modern and advance state of Miss or Ala than in a blue state since you most likely home school your kids and can afford health care and do not need any Gov help. But sad the majority of American's are not living as you or I live.

    The blue states are more populous than are the Red ones and yes they do help out people where the red states helps out business and keeps taxes low as they can to help the folks like you with money.

    If you look at states who will have problems if they have to pay out more to their citizen's then there you will find Alaska dead last.

    I guess it all boils down to what you expect from Gov. Ask Flint that.

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