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    OT November 8, 2016

    by scs_dan Nov 10, 2014 9:26 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 10, 2014 1:53 PM Flag

    scs your the GOP boy who do you see as having a chance of winning for the GOP? Who would you NOT vote for if they ran as GOP? No one is the answer but given that the primaries swing to the right which GOP person would be able to swing back toward the middle which is where they need to go to win?

    Your party so you tell me who do you see as the person of choice?

    Demo's have Hillary she all things equal is a sure thing but I do not think she will run in 2016 so who is left for the demo's? They really do have a problem past Hillary but given that Obama came out of no where to win twice you can not count them out. While you right wingers do not see any Demo as a centralist the fact is that BC and Obama both were centralist and while you guys on the right see Obama as being terrible and doing all sorts of damage to American I and most other centralist and liberals see him as pretty much a guy who did not much and played it safe. That is why he won in 2012 and of course GW Bush and Romney's religion and 47% comment didn't hurt.

    The real question is how bad will the right wing damage the GOP going into 2016. The GOP biggest enemy is not the Demo's as they are helpless but the GOP right wingers and tea party are the real danger to a GOP national run for president. 2016 will be a HUGE battle for control of the Supreme court and thus very important for national policies.

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    natural gas market predicts

    by winmore_98 Nov 6, 2014 8:20 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 10, 2014 1:44 PM Flag

    its all about the winter in NG storage and thus price. The storage is down right now but last year was a very very good winter for NG as the storage went below 1,000 units which I do not expect to see this year. To have two straight winters which draw down NG storage would be very unusual given the history of NG storage numbers.

    The reason NG looks good down the road is not storage numbers but LNG sells. By 2018 yea I know 3 years from now LNG sells should be enough to stabilize the NG market and let it trade from 5 bucks to 6 bucks which is a money maker. How this relates to LNCO I doubt not so much but higher prices in NG sure can't hurt and will keep oil safe from cheap NG prices.

    The winter of 2013-14 gave us a NG price average above 4 bucks we will be lucky to see that again this coming year. NG price should be almost at its low point and will trend up with winter demand unless of course we have not much of a winter. The 200 units your looking at in storage I think will be gone in as little #$%$ weeks. This cold front moving across the country might help that be longer especially if another follows it but look at the two closest years in storage numbers and they both had big draw downs over the next 5 weeks.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 9, 2014 4:02 PM Flag

    Mr. BS again you post what is a bias attack on the Gov. So you assume that the parents are telling the truth that they had no knowledge of the sons dealing activity. Yet you know NOTHING about the case at all and rely instead on your own self admitted fear and distrust of your own Gov. to ASSUME that the writer of this posting is using facts not bias attacks like you do when you post such stuff.

    Civil Forfeiture is not a criminal procedure and is used INSTEAD of pressing criminal forfeiture because the laws were passed to go after criminals who benefited from their criminal activities and who by putting them into jail would not take away from their family the benefits of crime. It is a tool to use against organized Crime, CCE (continuing criminal enterprise) money laundering of illegal profits, drug dealers large and small
    terrorist. Yet you would side with the criminal element instead of your Gov? You trust the Mob, the cartels the money launders, the drug dealers, the smugglers of human beings, the sex trade folks (huge money makers from Asia and E. Europe as well #$%$. America) child porn folks. These you trust and want too see all their stuff gotten by illegal activities to be kept by them even after convicted of crimes or left for their family often involved in the crime as well?

    You really do hate your own Gov a lot and are a really strange person. Even IF both the cases were true and say a hundred more a year was also abused by the law you would do away with it and allow the thousands who are guilty to get away with the illegal money they made? Most civil forfeitures are directed at members of organization or network and family members. A parent or brother can say they knew nothing but the facts shows that rarely is there any doubt at all about where the money came from and knowledge of that.

    A judge reviews evidence if the seizure is contested which by the way 90% of seizures are not contested at all.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 9, 2014 3:46 PM Flag

    scs the GOP will push more not less globalism which sends not just jobs but good paying jobs overseas and leaves us with min wage jobs and you would like to see no min wage how do you think that would help the eco for the poorest of the poor working to have less money to spend into the eco? You claim taxes takes money out of the eco but somehow do not see raising the min wage as a way to increase the cash flow into the eco. PURE Henry Ford idea of raising the bottom workers pay to create more jobs and spenders to buy more. The top 1% with tax rates low will be able to not spend money in US even can invest in more globalism or buy abroad both homes and goods for their "season" outside of US. Those making lower than 15 bucks have no season abroad nor overseas toy purchases it all goes into the US eco and thus the multiplier effect takes place just as Henry Ford proved years ago. Ford was a GOP guy and very conservative but he did like the idea of getting rich and richer and by growing the eco and his business interest. The way to get really rich is by growth not by making less and paying less taxes.

    Obama did walk into a eco disaster regardless who you want to blame for it. Unemployment was raising, banks about to fail, Wall street going under and the biggest producer of jobs ruined. In 6 short years we have a 17,000 plus dow, the standard of living up for the top 10% and more jobs for the lower classes as well and employment up not down. It would be better if the GOP had not said NO to more stem and to min wage increases. The difference between the GOP and the Demo will now go further than for or against Obama care and the death of 4 Americans now the GOP must stand up and reveal what they are for. If it appeals only to the rich and not to 47% of Americans and is anti Hispanic 2016 will be a piece of cake for the Demo's.

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    Rush There he goes again Must be on Oxy again

    by rogere1946 Oct 6, 2014 9:27 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 9, 2014 3:34 PM Flag

    Mr. BS the facts are that less than 40% of Americans voted on NOv. 4th and the total vote count of Demo and GOP I have not seen have you? Total vote count is what determines a Presidental election most of the time. You claim to be for a mere majority so you had to agree that Gore not Bush should of been president given your idea that majority should rule lol.

    Clearly you would not Gore to win so you can't even support your own idea of Democracy is a mere majority and best for America.

    Old Rush was not doing what you want to believe he was doing since again a majority of Americans were not even heard from nor does one sided wins in small states whip out larger popular vote wins in larger states. You have not done the popular vote breakdown no more than I nor did Rush.
    But since you like the results you also like the idea of majority wins that Rush was trying to sell.
    Two years ago Obama (not very popular then as well) defeated with ease the GOP flag barer
    again a huge % of AMerican's did not vote but not the 65% that did not show up Nov 4th.

    Demo's did not win in part because perhaps they like me have given up on American's voting in non presidential races and that American's are not the brightest cards in the deck. Obama record was not that bad yet instead of trying to get voters to see that and rally behind it they assumed that they could win by not looking like they agreed with the eco policies that have saved the country in the last 6 years. They also were afraid to hold up SS and higher taxes for the rich and push for min wage and immigration reform all of which is favored in poll after poll to be much closer to the Demo view than that of the GOP.

    IF the GOP got out the vote far better than the Demo which the results suggest what you may see is in fact deep trouble for the GOP come 2016 when more will vote. Whoever the Demo's run had better run on Demo values and realize those are the majority opinions of most American's.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 7, 2014 5:13 PM Flag

    Mr. BS your 1B I hate to break the news to you but your way of thinking is a long way from a majority.
    Thanks for being honest about how you do not trust your own Gov. You are clearly delusional in your idea of the USA being Communist and a trip to China might change your mind to a few facts. Your real problem is you do not like laws. Oh you like the ones that protect you but any that you feel "might" interfere with your activities causes you turn into an alarmist and fear overtaken nut job. While folks on this list may not like paying Federal taxes even you admit they are at a 60 year low and I have been audited by IRS more than you and reached a fair and fact based conclusion with them each time.

    I am sorry that you don't get it that in 2008 the US eco as well as that of the world was on the brink of disaster caused by GREED. Unrestricted capitalism from banks, brokers and all those that feed in that pig pen it was not caused by Gov except that the GOP ran Gov had did away with the laws that had keep it from happening for 50 years nor did the IRS have anything to do with. It was solely at the feet of the fat cats on Wall Street and they can go there again time they please as the GOP continues to protect them and enable them to fall into the pig sty of Greed again but why not taxpayers bailed them out and paid their bonuses so go for boys the idiots love being taken for a ride over and over again. To compare the GW BUSH years with the eco he got from BC would be a much better and factual comparison not with the GW BUSH ruined eco that Obama got to start with.

    As for Reid he did nothing new and the Speaker of the House would not allow Senate bills to be brought forward as has also been a practice.

    I do not know about you Mr. BS but today in 2014 I am a lot better off than I was in Jan. of 2008 if you shorted the market expecting to see your 5,000 dow I can see why you may not but most on this list are better off thanks Obama.

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    Distribution Announced

    by nortini Nov 6, 2014 10:33 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 7, 2014 4:57 PM Flag

    Wow they gave away their NG AGAIN almost a 70 cent change from one quarter to the next in price of NG.
    Not only that but the hedge loss was almost the same. They sold the oil for 97 both quarters so somehow they managed to not cut the hedge cost maybe the price of oil was not included in this quarter?

    All and all another bad quarter no make that a terrible quarter as they continue to give away NG.
    Wonder where I can go to buy NG from these clowns? PER is the better ran trust as they always pay out more even with all shares being paid and they get more for NG and less hedge loss. CHK is the worst ran bunch of yo yo's around or maybe they just deal with insiders?? Who is buying the NG and who got the oil hedges?

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    when will this go up??

    by rami36 Nov 6, 2014 10:52 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 7, 2014 3:38 PM Flag

    rami you never learn do you lol. Better buy this could be your last chance. Rates on VLCCF are over 50,000 a day and suez is over 38,000 that means cash flow and the quarter will end before the debt is due so good news before any bad and the bad is not going to be that bad and is already figured into the price of the stock today. 6 months from now you will be kicking yourself for missing the 1.39 price right now. Oh it could go lower so you may yet save a few pennies but it WILL GO HIGHER 20=25% higher in the next 6 months so get on board.

    I will miss your sky is falling post as you flip flop almost daily on your thinking on FRO. I added more so I will either do well or lose big but that is life no risk no profit.

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    Good to see all of NH is not high on drugs.

    by lakeed98 Nov 7, 2014 3:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 7, 2014 3:34 PM Flag

    You can bet that the guy you called one of the smartest guys on the board your former buddy Mr. BS voted for Brown as after all while not a true NH person he was a GOP and thus better than any Demo that could ever live. It was a close race so NH voters are just slightly smarter than most Americans were this election as some may of even considered the fact that Brown was not really one of them. But you can bet that over 45% of the voters didn't or would not care where the guy on the GOP ticket lived as long as he was GOP.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 7, 2014 3:31 PM Flag

    dakine your post proves my point the American voters are brain dead. In Texas 43% of Hispanics voted for the GOP for Gov. Even while he promised to add 500 state police to "enforce border laws" Never mind that is a federal law and not a state as the Federal courts have ruled but hey it sounds pro white and anti brown so that appeals to white males and females since over half of the women in Texas 51% voted for GOP as well and against a female. He is against min wage and against workers having the right to not be fired except for cause. Every worker rights law comes from the Demo side and was against what the GOP wanted. Now how many workers voted GOP in Texas? Over half I can tell you that. But in Texas it was a vote against Obama and against abortion as the Demo gal was pro abortion rights. She was also a moderate Demo and a favorite of Fort Worth business community.

    I have come to idea that American's have to face depression which the last GOP control brought before they will awake and then only the independents who consider their way of life ahead of waving gun around and
    being religious police to make laws to make people obey the bible. (what part of Jesus coming to end a legal system just like they don't get in itself show how across the board dumb they are.

    Well let them suffer and maybe they will awake but I wouldn't bet on it but having a white running as a Demo will help some and the voter turn out will be greater and the GOP will have to defend 20 seats in the Senate so let the GOP have fun for 2 years they bought it and folks like Rush and Fox convinced a lot of white folks how the GOP means white folks power. It really means Rich folks party but hey most of the rich folks are white so that counts.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 7, 2014 11:51 AM Flag

    Mr. BS

    To respond to your post.

    1. Reid has not been the best nor the worst and God only knows what Mitch who has made a personal fortune of over 40 million while in the Senate will be like so sorry I am not thrilled at the idea of Reid being out given what is "in". But we both being American's even if you are afraid and dislike your own American Gov.
    we both have a right to think what we want. For the 60% who did not vote again either lazy or stupid.
    Not sure America will be better off or worse if that 60% number goes down given the pool to choose from.
    2. Obama walked into office at a time of almost total eco collapse and in 6 years we now have lower unemployment, more income for the top 25% and a all time high market again for the top 25% to enjoy.
    Obama maybe should of been a GOP given how much he has helped the better off and you being better off call him a commie instead. You really did want that 5,000 dow didn't you. Do you think it would be better to have a 10 trillion debt and unemployment over 12% and a 5,000 dow? That was what you were expecting wasn't it? The only think Obama has really done is health care which is bed rocked in the insurance industry hardly the communist party that you claim. He follows the law that GW Bush got passed after 9-11 which did indeed take away a lot of rights but that was GW Bush law not Obama as you claim and more Demo's voted against than did GOP types.
    3.&4. Mr BS I am not a Demo just as you are not a GOP however when I vote I vote Demo so it is far to call me a Demo since I support them. I do not agree with all they do and more so what they do not do. You are a libertarian by action and thought while I am a populist both of us are in a very small minority yours is however growing. Unfortunely for us both the GOP packed and conservative leaning Supreme court decided that it is just fine for Money to count more than votes and at least money does show up every election while voters do not.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 6, 2014 12:40 PM Flag

    rails I see your all up in arms about Benghazi. Was you so upset at GW Bush over WMD that put us into a war for nothing? 4 died in Benghazi and over 6,000 dead from WMD war are you for real? What about all the Americans killed in the FOUR attacks on US embassies' when GW was in office. Did you demand an investigation?

    You actually think that Hillary or Obama was involved in the approval of the ambassador decision to go to Benghazi are you really that ignorant of how the State Dept is ran? As for your questions of the rescue since all were killed how do you or anyone know what a Seal was doing or not doing? You seem to think that any F 16 or any other kind of war plane is armed with weapons that can kill a mob and not hurt anyone around them. Again simply not true even smart bombs have collateral damage and to commit an airstrike into a situation would require intelligence of what was going on. Clearly the ambassador didn't view the situation correctly as he knew he was taking a risk but took it.

    If you actually think that Benghazi will somehow stop Hillary from winning you are simply wrong. You would NEVER vote for a Demo regardless what they did and my bet is that you have made lots of money in the OBama led all time stock market and even that does not make you happy. Your view is one you are entitled too but do not fool yourself in thinking that the majority of Americans agree with you. The left and right never understand that their views and way of looking at the world is always in a minority.

    2016 will turn on the eco, world events and who the parties run for office a lot more than what happened in Benghazi. Americans gave GW BUSH a pass for his war of errors and gave the control of two houses of Gov. to a party that supported GW BUSH failed and wrong foreign policy by over 98%. Americans votes by their bellies, their hatred and out of being brained washed and not facts. WMD or Benghazi which cost the most lives?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 6, 2014 12:25 PM Flag

    Mr. BS over 60% of Americans who could of voted did not vote. That is the "Important group" that says more than the 40% who voted. In 2016 elections that number will go down to about 48% as usually over half vote when a president is on the ballot. As long as the numbers stay that low their is not much to be said for the American people but they are stupid or content with the way things are or lazy. From the polls not too many are happy about the way things are so that leaves stupid and lazy which is America right now.

    Of the 40% that voted I do not know the final number of voters in every state and the % of which party got the pop vote. Many of the GOP victories came in states with low population but with bigger % than the states of larger pop who went Demo. So even if you look at only the 40% (really was below that number but being hopeful) the pop vote was not as big a victory for the GOP as the seats won.

    The question to ask that you hate to ask is the country better off today than when GW Bush and the GOP ran nation left office in 2008. That is an easy answer eco wise. It is an easy answer from the fight on terror wise and we are in a lot stronger position with NATO and other allies in the Geo Political affairs of today than when GW ran things with few friends.

    Enjoy your victory as much as you can but for you their is little joy you claim but your real disappointment has to be that your idea of a "people" ran state (sounds a little like socialism to me or commies) would have a real hard time getting even 50% to show up to vote. You support a party that wants money to buy votes and shape minds with unlimited lying ads with nothing but neg. attacks and no platform put forward.

    With two years left in office and loss of both houses of Congress now maybe Obama will learn how to fight.
    Now with two years left before the next vote the GOP will have to show they can say yes to something that the majority of Americans support.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 5, 2014 12:19 PM Flag

    Good day for GOP not so good for tea party and bad for Demo but nothing that was not expected.

    The GOP was able to run mostly non radical tea party for offices and they won. Except for deep red southern and western states the tea party radicals were not to be found this time around.

    The big question now is will the GOP act like the GOP or the tea party once in power of both houses.
    The only good news for Demo's is that 2016 is looking good for them in the race for the white house but with what I see as a white race revolt you could see a stronger than expected GOP showing for white house depending on who they run and how much the tea party hurts the party Nationally.

    One Gov shut down or one close call with debt default and the white house and Senate goes to Demo's in 2016 the GOP MUST behave itself and act like adults to win in 2016 and that may prove hard with the likes of Cruz running wild and mouthing off. Then of course the GOP primaries will be a circus that helps the Demo's.

    Right now rails the GOP biggest enemy is the GOP.

    On a bright side rates are at 50,000 and 38,000 which is making cash flow for FRO or at the least helping the outlook among banks.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 3, 2014 12:23 PM Flag

    Mr. BS again I ask you to merely look at the number even listed in the article you quoted.

    Over 6.2 million ex pats live and have no bank issues to "drive" them to give up US citizenship. While less than 3,000 will for what is really "assumed" to be all bank related. The numbers alone speak this to be a poorly written and bogus conclusion on behalf of person with an agenda. Anti Gov agenda.

    I have lots of bones to pick with the Gov just like you do. But unlike you I do not jump on flag waving anti Gov campaign that is posted as a fact. Less than .01 % of those abroad are having bank issues IF you accept this guys numbers and cause as a fact. Silly to assume that maybe just maybe their is more a reason of hiding money than bank rules. I would say that of over 6 millions American abroad that maybe just maybe .01% are crooks wish we had only .01% crooks in the US eh?

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    OT response to rogere's racist accusations

    by scs_dan Oct 29, 2014 2:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 3, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    Black Panthers come to mind but lets see your list scs and see who you consider racist on the left.

    Pure racist groups not groups with racist in them on the right would be #$%$, minute men, a number of militia groups with lots of different names, Neo #$%$ groups again with different names. Most all white some may have some Hispanic's in them but very few. All right wing. I would not call the tea party racist but does have many racist in it and does have some agenda that is clearly directed against Hispanic race and black race but also hurts many poor whites as well. SDS was not racist but was anti Gov and leftist. But they are gone and nothing today looks like they did and they were in fact a very small group.

    Left wingers tend to be more inclusive by design as the left agenda is indeed one of inclusion thus racism by any leftist org would be a hard sell to get members. Move on dot org. is not racist but leftist. Nothing in their agenda is racist while the same is not true for say even Fox news which does at times find itself in hot water with both sexist statements and racial statements. The right wants the status que which is slanted toward the white race and males thus the agenda itself puts the right at a disadvantage. The left can be pro poor and inclusive of ALL poor thus avoid the racist charges that the right is not so easy to dodge.

    Clearly immigration issues are pointed at a race of people. Is the issue "the law"? Is the issue the work needed? is the issue race? is the issue cost to tax payers? Even within the GOP the answer is not one to the question. I think if no cost to tax payers was being seen as down side not too many on the right would care if another race did the work and in fact the business side of the GOP wants to see the labor that this group has to offer. The law and the work need must be solved but to address that you have to get past the racist and tax fears. Not just left or right issue.

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    Listening to the call...

    by jtbc5000 Oct 31, 2014 11:12 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 3, 2014 11:34 AM Flag

    For those of us already "in" the dividend is the only thing we are getting out of our investment. If they lower or do away with the dividend no one would invest in this stock for a while given the balance sheet and price of oil.

    What the stock needs to prove is that even with the lower price of oil today they can still generate cash flow to not pay the bills of which the dividend MUST continue to be part of that payment. I am not saying that a cut in dividend is not allowable just not much of a cut.

    PGH is in the same boat with oil prices and they pay the same dividend.

    If this company can't make money at 80 buck oil they are a bad investment simple as that. I do not think oil will go much below 70 but only the strong will last if it does and will require good leadership which is another question from the CEO and board of this company. Are they willing to take cuts in benefits and pay or only investors? Can they prove their worth or merely take like nothing is wrong?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 1, 2014 1:17 PM Flag

    dakine ALL banks that are truly banks maintain records of All accounts for THIER Business purposes. If they are also YOUR records then you WILL get a record from the bank of any business you do with them.

    I get statements from my broker which gets them from foreign Corps and files with the IRS. If I lived in that country I would get the same info from my US broker. If I banked in a foreign Country I would get a statement which the IRS will accept.
    A paper trail is all the IRS requires from any REAL bank.
    Yes the IRS knows the difference between a REAL bank and bank owned and controlled by the holder of the money in that account. The US (IRS) never stopped the off shore banking industry although ever idiot knew that was used by tax evaders and still is. Only when drug war and now terror war did the IRS and Treasury Dept tighten not stop such banking.

    A list of approved banks for a country like the Caymen islands for example should be done by IRS and no other bank in the Caymens would be allowed that alone would lose the door on 90% of the drug money and tax evaders but even that is not done.

    Mr BS is full of BS as I posted to him. Over 6 millions American bank out of the US and he is all bent out of shape over 3,000 mostly crooks is my bet who gave up their citizenship which he and his article CLAIM of for banking reason. He hates the Gov. and will post any AntiGov. article he can find to support his hatred and fear.

    The IRS is not doing enough to crub foreign banking and should require only approved banks just as an insurance co. does with PPO doctors. Yes Mr BS and the anti Gov crowd would be up in arms but who cares. Honest men have nothing to fear from banking laws. Tax evaders do.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 1, 2014 1:07 PM Flag

    Mr. BS first dakine not made that statement and it is a valid statement.

    Have you read the numbers listed in "your post" The millions of Americans living abroad is over 6 million and less than 3,000 this year will renounce their citizenship and article "CLAIMS" that is because of bank laws???

    Here are a few fact which you seem to have wrong or ignore.
    First we are NOT the only country that has banking laws the UK for one has them as well as does the EU nations and all are to fight terrorism or drug trafficking and tax evasion.

    Yes they may be some in the US that are "harder" than other countries but not on over 6 million living abroad who bank with banks not found in a drop box. In the Caymans ANYONE can open up a "Bank" and other "Banking countries" have or had similar laws.

    I have been abroad as have you. While I would open up a foreign bank account one would not be needed at all to live in a Foreign country as any REAL bank in a foreign country will do business with US banks or banks from other countries as well.

    Any "National Bank" in any country and its branches will have US citizens as customers and the paper work is not that difficult for them. The article claims that Banks are refusing to do business with US Citizens? Really do you actually think they would not do business with rich Americans living overseas?

    This post by you once again is a typical anti Gov BS by Mr. BS and is totally without basic for honest Americans living abroad.
    All 6 million of them and not the 3.000 who don't want Uncle finding out about their amount and source of money.

    6 million to 3,000 who this artcle "CLAIMS" to have denounced because of banking laws of US. Hello Mr. BS even you can read those numbers.

    You use words like thuggery based on 3,000 against 6 millions you are truelly a silly man who hates his own Gov.

    I do indeed support such banking laws since they bring in more tax dollars to the US from those outside the country.

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    OT response to rogere's racist accusations

    by scs_dan Oct 29, 2014 2:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 1, 2014 12:49 PM Flag

    nikky the right to be a racist in how you talk and think is a protected right in the USA. The right to act as a racist is not in most cases and all that in the last 60 years.

    Racism does not go away in that short a time and the white male for the most part is afraid that minority races will "take" what they have and treat them like they treat minorities.

    Buy a saddle dude you are a racist at least in words and thinking. rje and lorddragon who at least did not post on the job and steal company time like he used to do is another racist.

    I am beginning to understand why white males love their guns so much since most of the right wing nut jobs on this list are cowards and I suppose having guns make them feel like they have a pair of balls.

    So far the results of Ebola virus in the US has been a lot about nothing. More have died of common colds turning into URI and pneumonia than Ebola. But all this talk of quarantine shows just how little folks listen to health professionals.

    Obama is not smart politician or he would be all over that idea especially at election time but he chooses instead to follow the advise of the CDC and the health experts instead of the knee jerk reactions for both lefties and righties who think it is time to circle the wagons.

    However the Globalist of the world WILL NOT ALLOW such a shut down of trade. Trade rules in all matters as it does in the war on drugs and even the war on terror. Nothing will stop Trade unless it really gets bad and Ebola is not in the Bad stage nor in the eyes of Globalist is Terrorism.

    What is a few thousand lives lost to terror when lined up against globalist profits? They sure a heck are not about to pull the plug on Africa for the current risk.

    You cowards seem to forget how long folks have being going back and forth to Africa and Ebola country for years and so far One death on US soil. One death and you all run and hide Wow what John Wayne's out there lol.

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