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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 19, 2015 7:44 PM Flag

    scs AGAIN you make assumptions that you at this time have no way of knowing. You say that "UNINVITED MOB" descended on a private pool party and jumped the fense. That is according to ONE WOMEN who is lawyering up. Did you not read those post that ID the pool as community pool? Did you stop reading or choose to only read about the pool? The fact is that a white 14yr old had invited black friends to her pool party or at least that is what she said. Another white male said that blacks were invited and a black (dare we believe him?) who took the video said he was there with a guest pass. So why do you ASSUME that ALL were uninvited mob? Because they were black at a VERY UP SCALE COMMUNITY POOL? It is not a mixed area if you consider 90% white mixed it may be so one white women at the pool is alleged (notice I use the word alleged since I do not know the facts as of yet while you take for sure the word of ONE WHITE WOMEN) to have been upset that blacks were at the pool party and got into a name calling with the black youth. I doubt they will be security camera's at a pool but who knows. The police I am sure got a call to a disturbance at the pool and arrived and saw blacks there which is not the usual majority or even minority and ASSUMED they were the ones causing the trouble. The white women may of even called the cops and said they were blacks causing the problem again who knows.

    I suppose it is asking to much of you to admit that you are doing a lot of Assuming and taking the side of only one person instead of doing the same research you did on what kind of pool it was? I read at least 3 different (media accounts by the way) that all said it was a community pool but all also said that by way of interview a much different story than did the one women you are taking at her word. I said I was wrong after you furnished the info on how you found the pool you do your research on the same event and see how they are more than one story

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 19, 2015 2:45 PM Flag

    scs I have looked it up and you are correct as far as I can see it is a community pool of the home owners of Craig ranch. I also saw on same reports that said it was a community pool that it appears that the white women who now is in Cal. and hired a lawyer may of been involved in a name calling incident that started the whole disturbance. The girl in video may or may not of been in the pool area legally as the article claims that a guest pass was given to many at the pool and other articles say that the pool which does have rules was apparently open for an end of school event in which kids were having a party. Clearly the fact that no one was charged with treaspassing shows that Craig ranch does not want to press the issue.

    The cops when they showed up according to the articles which I read regarding the Pool and certainly the one in the video targeted minority students including the girl in the bikini who clearly was dressed for a pool invited or not. One 14 yr old white girl was handcuffed not arrested and the rest that were handcuffed were minorities. It seems that the cops assumed that all blacks there were there not by a guess pass judging by the way they started targeting minorities. It is a high class sub division where mostly whites live but that does not mean that no blacks or browns can live there nor that non were invited. Except for the one cop who went nuts the actions of the other cops could be ok to "detain" folks until the facts could be determined.

    The women in Cal who hired the lawyer may of been correct in statement about the pool being a community pool may end up having good reason to hire a lawyer or she may be just wanting to sue the community assoc. that runs the pool. Time will tell.

    You were right as far as i can tell about who owns the pool as I said I enjoy the truth regardless of how I may prefer it to be.

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    1.2 millioon premature deaths

    by lakeed98 Jun 16, 2015 12:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 19, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    scs once again you show your ignorance of how the law works. Funny I thought you had something to do with shipping? Do you not understand all the Law that goes into shipping? SS and food stamp offices work under the LAW and make their decision on WHO gets it by law not by color of skin or looks or bust size or any other thing LAW. A gun store has laws that should obey (they often do not) as to who they can sell to anyone buying or trying to buy a gun legal or illegal has to go by or get around those LAWS.

    Maybe your right wing brain has first to get around what you want to think is right is your problem. YOU said that illegals get Gov. Benefits and then when pointed out by the article YOU posted it was illegal for them to do so you then fall back into your right wing brains desire to make all who are illegals alliens willing to break the law somehow and get benefits. My point which you ignore totally is that Law serves to prohibit that.

    I am the one quoting Law since when is LAW liberal? You on the other hand are showing your prejudice opinion that because a person is illegally in the country that predisposes them to be a total LAW breaker.
    What a dead brain jury member you would make. Lets see he is charged with stealing and he is an illegal alien and a law breaker so I will find him guilty of stealing or robbery or being whatever is the charge because he is an illegal. That is not only right wing thinking that is insane thinking and you are right that the LAW of the US does not work that way. You have to be guilty of what you are charged with not with anything else.

    Then in your twisted broken right wing brain you come up with the idea that something is legal does not make it right ??? So only a liberal would respect the Law? Right and Law may not always go hand an hand as right can be merely one man's opinion where as the Law is what governs all men. Your brain is broken go get it fixed if you can.

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    FRO longs

    by wfohooba64 Jun 17, 2015 8:21 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 19, 2015 12:07 PM Flag

    I have no disagreement with your thinking and in fact is close to mine on FRO. The longer the rates remain high the stronger the move up will be and yes if the ATM is not stopped it will stunt if not hurt the growth of the stock price.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 19, 2015 12:06 PM Flag

    scs you are funny on your other post to me you show me a report that someone wrote and you accept that but on this post you say you do not trust the Dallas daily news or the local news station but do take a women's word who has hired the Liberal Lawyer Gloria Alred to sue in her behalf lol. You will believe what you want to believe that is fine with me but why hire a lawyer? Do you think that Gloria works for free? But you go and believe her and not two or more Capitalist business who lively hood depends on being seen by most at least as trueful as they can be.

    Why don't you do a search on the city of McKinney and see what they have to say about the incident and location and type of pool. If I have believed a lie or misstatement (new word for Lie) from the Dallas News or local media or they all were told wrong or whatever I will be glad to learn the truth.

    I am not offended and you have the right to not believe me as I clearly have not believed you in the past it is the nature of this form of exchange. Being honest about how we feel toward each other is the least we can do and disagreeing with someone's "facts" is part of the process. Seek the Truth if you dare should be the goal of us all but sadly it rarely is favored over what I want to believe.

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    1.2 millioon premature deaths

    by lakeed98 Jun 16, 2015 12:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 19, 2015 11:58 AM Flag

    scs once again you major in the extreme minors as your belief system. The LAW is NO ILLEGALS get benefits that you seem to think they rush to get. Even your article makes it clear that those illegals who get benefits would have to do so illegally. I have lived in Tex all my life and I have arrested illegal aliens and approached illegals for information. The majority of them do not speak English and do rush to learn it. The great majority of them live in "communities" of other illegals or same speaking people and do not mix well with others just as the Irish and Italians and other from Europe did and continue to do. They do want to be known by officials of the US and do not enjoy going around any type of gov. building or employee since they ILLEGAL. Of course some of the do get benefits illegally as do American Citizens. In fact it is much easier for American's to get them than illegals. Have you ever accompanied someone to seek SSI? IF not find someone and take them and live and learn. They have to present a lot of not only ID but personal information to PROVE they have no income that would take away from the SSI payment. Only Charities can furnish money that does not count against SSI payments. A friend counts against it. Any work counts against (reduces the amount by amount earned) They have to prove they are disabled temperately by medical proof. They have to show rent payments and statements from landlord on amount of rent paid or if own their home tax records to show it is paid for. Try doing that being an illegal who does not speak English and who can find a friend willing to go into SS office which is where you MUST GO.

    Applying for food stamps can vary to be honest as city runs that for the state in Texas at least. But it is not just go and get your stamps. Again if you have not taken someone down to the food stamp office get with your church and do so. Learn for yourself first hand if you dare.

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    FRO longs

    by wfohooba64 Jun 17, 2015 8:21 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 18, 2015 6:16 PM Flag

    rothschild while I agree with you about the next quarter report being a nice chance to move up I see a slow steady rise from where we are to at least 3 bucks before the quarter report IF the rates stay above 60,000 and 30,000. If they stay were they now are I think 3 bucks would be low and then a move to 3.50 on the quarter report IF they start a dividend. Those number may be low as well as rates could go up more if Iran starts to ship oil. ST things look good for a nice move up and a small bump up and I hope a 10% or more dividend return.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 18, 2015 6:12 PM Flag

    Rails you going short now so you trying to poison the water to drive the price down? Give up on rami have you lol. FRO owns over 7% of FRO 2012 and FRO does as a business model do not own ship but leases them SFL as I figured you knew.

    If the rates stay up for a while the stock will rise so if your still looking for 1.30 good luck on that you even will have trouble at 2.30 is my guess. FRO was up a bigger % today than NAT and SFL both and at 1.8% a day that would be an increase of 9% a week. I will take that any day so what do you want? 50 cents a day lol. FRO will see 3 bucks before 2.30 is my bet and 5 before 1.30. Yes I am betting on rates on those prices and I think rates will hold on average above 50,000 for the rest of the year and 30,000 and FRO will be awash in cash and they will either give back in a dividend or change their business model and start buying ships.

    Double down and roll the dice is what I have done and if it gets down to 1.30 I will sell and break even lol

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    Thank you Mr. Trump

    by lakeed98 Jun 17, 2015 12:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 18, 2015 5:50 PM Flag

    rje you and Trump deserve each other that is for sure. You seem to think that Trump pays millions to taxes which means he must be making a lot of millions? Then why would a man so wealthy let himself and his name be taken to court by an 87 year old women who bought one of his condo's and didn't read the fine print very well? I guess you and Trump think more about 4 or 5 hundred of thousands of dollars than you do the name given to you by your father. Money is your God so get on your knees and worship it as does Trump when he is not looking at himself in the mirror. Clearly your racist post shows you either do not care about your family name or your father was exactly like you and taught you the way you are? Trumps dad I guess as he too was a guy that went BK and stuck others with bills and would rather be sued to save money than to avoid a law suit and keep his name above reproach.

    A name is not something that depends on money, education or employment but by character and integerity and to sell those traits for money shows how little you care about anything but money. Your name is the treasure you left by your family how you act and conduct yourself will either keep it in good stead or drag it down in disgrace. Trump has show over and over again that he cares more about himself and money than and value of character or integrity and like I said should be your president. In fact for the 25% of American's who claim they favor Trump for office maybe they need such a person to be their president to awaken them or maybe they are beyond shame as you clearly are.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 18, 2015 5:40 PM Flag

    scs I live in the DFW area you do not and DALLAS Newspaper and the local TV stations all have said it was a public pool maybe they are all wrong and this women is right? That is what you believe so you do some more research on this and see what you find. Ask yourself a simple question. If the pool was private property then ALL those kids could be and should of been arrested for trespassing. When was the last time you saw a Public Pool or any Swimming Pool for that without a fence around it? Liability laws against any who may drown in an unfenced pool cause the fences even when I was growing up our city pool had a fence around it as did those in other cities so a fence does not mean private at all.

    You again accept the word of this one women as to the fact that a "civil disturbance" was occurring not the blacks kids but this white women. Not the fact that no arrest was made of ANY of the kids. No charges were filed against anyone.

    Once again you see things as you want to see them. I guess you think the white boy who murdered 9 blacks in SC was egged on by the loud worship music and the "funny way blacks worship God".
    Finally this women "statement" was not new and that is proved by the fact that she said what she did and then fled to Cal. when the public outcry against the cop turned against her position.

    Was she telling the truth about the "attack" on her family? I do not know I was not there but she has hired a lawyer and will sue the city if public pool or private homeowners if private so she has a cash motive for telling her story does she not? Time will tell but you have already made up your mind on what happened there since to you those black kids just do not fit in an upscale pool area do they? They had to cause the trouble not whites. You are not waiting for anymore facts but have made up your mind. But still you are not a racist are you?

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    1.2 millioon premature deaths

    by lakeed98 Jun 16, 2015 12:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 18, 2015 5:26 PM Flag

    scs once again you prove yourself either a Liar or decieved which is it? Illegals get zero Gov benfits. No SS or medicare unless they have been "earning ss and medicare for the required quarters. No food stamps or housing. The kids do get to go to public school which is more state and local funds than Federal as you well know in Texas and other states. They do get the same treatment at an ER as does legal citizens who have no money or insurance.

    My question to you as a man who claims to follow Jesus Christ do you support ER care to keep them alive so folks like you who go to Church and say you are Christians can share the Good News of salvation to them that is if they are keep alive or do you love your tax dollars more than the value of their souls? Does Jesus love illegals? Does he mean you are to "Love them" Does he mean that you are to care for them in their needs as your neighbors or does your neighbors apply only to legals?

    Just what "GOSPEL" of Jesus do you read? Where do you have the RIGHT to think of yourself more in favor for the love of God than an illegal? Oh do you think being illegal is the unpardonable sin? Do you think being illegal means God does not love you or forgive you and care about your salvation.

    I know you are a right wing American and belong to the Kingdom of America while saying Jesus is your Lord but explain to Jesus your feeling of superiority over an illegal in His Kingdom which HAS NO BORDERS.
    Which Kingdom do you really belong to 1st? Oh wait I bet you are all for stopping even legals from having abortions and that makes you a great Christian regardless of your hardness of heart toward them in ever other way? They are among the "Least of them" that our Lord talks about and how you treat them may well be how Jesus treats you when he returns. Is your beloved tax dollars really more worth than food in an illegal child mouth? or even and education? I guess it is to you. You write like it is.

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    1.2 millioon premature deaths

    by lakeed98 Jun 16, 2015 12:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 17, 2015 4:43 PM Flag

    SCS if you really believe what you posted you are really living in a dream world. I guess you feel the same way about SS and medicare and medicade? The Gov. shouldn't do this but individuals themselves or the community or church or charities should do it. Really you really believe that Lie? Why do you not look into History before SS and medicare and find out how many folks died of hungry in the USA who were old.

    Herbert Hoover said the Red Cross could handle these problems and church and communities sounds like what you said does it not? Look at how bad they all failed.

    A gov. to tell women to have a baby and then a gov. forbidden to help out the women or baby they just forced on each other?
    That is your logic? You think all the white folks around Houston will flock to feed black kids do you? You better ask your buddy rje how much he is willing to give to feed black babies or brown ones. You can't be as dumb as you claim in thinking that a child with a bad heart in Children's hospital in Houston costing over a million dollars for 3 months in post natal care and heart operations can and get a million bucks and do you know how many of those kids are in Children's in just Houston?
    Why don't you find out.

    Sorry SCS I do not trust you, BS, Grump and surely rje each of you a representatives of the white male community to be willing to fork over money to take care of minority children. You all would want to judge each one by their parents before giving a dime and if their parents were drug addicts or convicted felons you would give how much to the child?

    Sorry SCS that dog of yours will not hunt.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 17, 2015 4:32 PM Flag

    scs what was done before the cops arrived has zero to do with how the ONE COP acted. What part of that is too hard for you to understand? A 15 yr old girl with not much on to hid a weapon or the two boys who ran up to where the cop was playing bounce the girl head on the ground also were not armed.

    What you and others seem not to get is that ALL COPS are governed by Law as far as what they can do and not do. The Cop himself said he was wrong. The chief said he was wrong. If you have eyes you should see he was wrong. If it had been your 15yr old daughter being treated that way you would be crying a different tune. The girl was guilty of what? fighting at worse. Fighting the cop? I watched the video and he was wrong as he has admitted and as the Chief of Police and the mayor of the town all have said. Yet you for reason that who knows why continue to try to defend wrong police behavior.

    You do however take not what your eyes saw but the word of a "women" who was there and gave her version.
    Clearly she like a lot of others could be a racist and her remarks are based on racism not facts but you do not consider that do you? She is not a cop nor familiar with the laws that govern lawful Police response but you try to justify wrong behavior by a " mom at the pool party opinion"

    Unless guns were involved or knives why would a cop pull a gun on those two boys? He had 9 other cops with him. Is he really that much a coward or weak? I think not I think he just reacted wrong and thus must suffer for his mistakes. NO charges were filed by the police on anyone at what you call "party crashers".
    It was a city owned swimming pool not a private gated community pool as some has said. Those kids had a right to be at the pool and thus anywhere on the Pool's property. The "mom" may of felt She had a right not to allow "black kids" at their party
    I am not saying the cop was a racist I am saying what he said He Was Wrong period.

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    1.2 millioon premature deaths

    by lakeed98 Jun 16, 2015 12:58 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 17, 2015 10:49 AM Flag

    scs how wonderful your care and concern for unborn babies. However you seem to not care enough to want to support them with your tax dollars to make sure they and their mothers get proper medical treatment

    Nor do you favor any Gov help to them for food clothes and housing but intead believe that those things should be "UP to the Individual and churches and charities and not the Gov". The women are suppose to make the decision on what to do about a child even if they were raped and no man is there to help or no Gov if you get your way but that same women can not make her decision to abort the unwanted baby. Make no mistake scs the baby is unwanted by those who get an abortion or they feel helpless to care for a growing child as folks like you want to cut off what help there now is for such a child and throw them instead to churches and families assuming they belong to family that cares or a church that can support which most poor churches can not.

    You tears for the fetus I commend however you care less attitude for mother and child outside the womb I find totally unchristian and something that Jesus would not command to be done.

    Do I think abortion is killing a child? Yes I do and always have. Do I think that starving a new born or child that can not take care of itself is killing? Yes I do. Do I think letting the child mother die of hungry or lack of medical care is killing the women? Yes I do. Do I think Jesus would approve and what us to do any of the above? NO Do I think if this was "A CHRISTIAN NATION" as so many right wing Christians want to say is that nation suppose to act against the will and commands of Jesus and want a gov that lets folks be killed especially to save the richest in that nation tax money? No

    Killing is killing in the womb or starving them to death or allowing them to die for lack of medical care or shelter and clothes. The womb death is by far the least painful of those options.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 17, 2015 10:37 AM Flag

    Grump poor boy you can't help yourself it is your nature. I know that and that is why I now pray for you that you will be delivered from that which controls you. I see you NOW say that the 1.30 price will NOT happen this year or you do not expect it to happen at least you now put forth that FACT.

    I never mention your name in my post but you seem to think you fit in what I said and now try to defend yourself and the others non of whom but you have said a word. My post was in reference to Rails post who does not deny his political feelings and in fact is at least honest about his behavior and opinions. His and others on the right gloom and doom which has in fact spilled over on FRO
    was within his understanding of the railroad stock he follows and blamed Obama policies for the current situation and seeing a coming recession as a result of Obama policies. My comment was that Rails and other right winger were based more on politics than eco of today.

    That is what got your undies all twisted around where your testicles should be and made you respond not in a Factual defense of the recession idea but to call me a drunk lol. Very intelligence from a man so proud of himself but I saw through you long ago and you have been the source of admissions on my part of lack of faith in accepting the power and truth of the Word of God as you could not Lie (although you do about everything else with ease) about calling Jesus your Lord. You in fact even admitted that you are not a believer at all even though you quote scripture and have a little knowledge of the word which of course the word says the devil does as well so no big deal there is there Grump?

    Now you add dementia to drunkness as proof of just how smart you in my medical condition given you do not even know me except that He that is within is me is far stronger than that which is in you. But I will pray for your freedom.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 16, 2015 6:08 PM Flag

    grump I see you are your usual nasty self and joining you fellow racist rje in having me having a bottle problem. I guess your argument is so lame that you are really digressing in how you post these days. I will not waste my time on your kind except to say we will see if 1.30 is reached before I cash out with my profit. You have a real nice day if that is possible for you and those who have to be around you if any are.

  • You guys seem to have one thing in common. Your all right wing guys who are hoping and praying that the US eco led by those hated Demo's Obama guy goes down the toilet. Once again your politics are effecting your stock picking.

    The only way the Fed will raise rates is IF THE ECO improves not goes down the toilet Dah. If the ECO starts to slow the Fed will hold the rates as they have indicated.

    So what will cause us to go into a recession? That one is easy GOP eco policies that they are able to force down Obama throat and they will once again shut down the Gov to win as they care more about winning against Obama than they do in 2016. If they shut down the Gov. it will kill them in the 2016 races as it has done EVERYTHING they played that card. Can they really be that stupid? OH YEA they can will look at Cruz and his fellow nut jobs. Will they be any GOP nut job NOT RUNNING for president is the only question.

    Now for the real world. While the GOP will do all they can to in danger what has been a wonderful eco recovery for the next 6 months that will not be the big card to watch for FRO share price. It is all about the rates. You 1.30 guys actually think that FRO will drop to 1.30 cents while the rates are at the high money making cash producing area they are in? Really? Now if rates start to drop below 25,000 and 20,000 I will join you in seeing FRO go down in price but as long as they stay North of 45,000 and 30,000 the stock is in NO danger of seeing 1.30 a share.

    For you doomday types Yes if we go into a recession or worse FRO alone with a lot of other stocks will suffer as demand for oil will drop off with a world wild recession. So you guys are not knocking FRO as much as you fearful of a ECO recession. Well just keep on putting in the cut and cut crowd and you will get your recession or worse. Mean while it seems FRO is off its daily lows and now is trading above 2.75 a long way from 1.30.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Jun 16, 2015 11:47 AM Flag

    Keep your eye on the rates to see where FRO is going. NAT is still moving up while the suez rates are down some so why worry about FRO? They will make more profit in this quarter than the last is my guess the per share may be less since they deluted with shares to SFL but if rates stay above 50,000 and 30,000 they will next quarter offer some kind of dividend is my guess and yes it is a guess but as long as the cash flow is there as it was last quarter how can they not?

    If they do not then clearly Mr. F has changed his business model which in the past has been to reward shareholders with a nice divided which SFL still does. Even a .10 cents a share dividend would on a 3 dollar stock would be over 13% return and that seems not to much out of reach if rates remain high. If they shoot up with more oil coming out of the middle east look for a quick jump in price of FRO shares for you ST guys that might be a good time to take profit. Two ST profit points as I see it. Dividend and more oil out of the middle east both of which is very likely in the near future.

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    OT BS Racism makes no sense

    by barbershores Jun 13, 2015 9:59 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 16, 2015 11:40 AM Flag

    Lake I will not follow you in your name calling as you seem the need to do that to others to somehow rise your own self esteem. The facts are on the Smithsonian site that science is clearly wrong more than right. They have to be by the way since they always are pushing more than one theory and then something comes up new that ruins ALL their theories and they have to start up with multi theories all over again. Somehow you don't call them idiots although they clearly prove themselves wrong over and over again. In fact even now as their articles show they are in disagreement about many of the so called "facts" about mankind.

    How do you not read and understand these papers can only be that it is you and not I that will not seek the truth but hang on to old proven wrong ideas by your own evolutionist. I have also told you that I do not have to try to explain who, how and when anything about God. I am not ashamed to say to you that I believe by faith not fact. There is simply no way if you accept the belief in God that you a mere man can ever began to understand any of those questions. You being an unbeliever do not understand this as you can not. You however should at least try to understand evolution as it is today believed or maybe you are right in not keeping up as if history repeat itself it will change again soon and prove all thoughts wrong once again.

    You admit you do not have a clue how water and mud mixed to form a single cell animal so why should I not admit that I can not explain to you the wonders of a creator God of the water and mud as well as the animal or however God choose to do all that. Like you I am indeed clueless.

    You so called "unknown authors" are all experts in the field of human evolutionist unlike you. You do think entirely to much of yourself if you put yourself above these guys. Look it up and at least update yourself on your belief it is embarrassing to see you so far behind the evolutionist theories today.

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    OT BS Racism makes no sense

    by barbershores Jun 13, 2015 9:59 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 15, 2015 8:14 PM Flag

    lake you are really disappointing in your reading abilities as well as your old fashion idea of evolution.

    I never said I believed what I posted I said that your boys in evolution science believed it. You post some outdated Smithsonian chart which is clearly wrong by DNA and gene development. If you would of looked up in Smithsonian own webb site you would of learned something about the 3 types of "man" that evolutionist now must admit too. Not one which evolved but 3 which occupied earth at the same time with NO common "father". You better catch up on what you think you believe since clearly you think Neanderthal man is the common link. He is not and in fact did not evolve at all but went extent.

    Do I believe in mankind changing with time? Yes I do. Do I believe in mutation which can lead to a new type of life form? Yes I do. Neither by the way means there is no God. One thing is clear if you read the latest stuff that your evolutionist believe is that they had it wrong. ALL WRONG and by 1980 and DNA testing they had to admit it. Science is an evolution process not stuck in mud like you seem to be. A real scientist does not hold on to the past but instead takes the new facts shown by DNA and Genes and tries to learn more about what they had wrong. Even the idea that man in the USA came from a land bridge from Asia is now being hotly disbelieved due to new bones discoveries that predate the so called land bridge idea.

    You can bring yourself to admit the bad theories, flaws and total error that evolutionist have had to deal with, admit and seek new answers to hold their theories together as the old ones failed.

    You next will try to pass off the little horse to a big horse as proof which again any real evolutionist now admits is not that at all as we were all shown in our text books. Even the mighty Smithsonian with their so called man evolving upward picture graph is a joke as DNA has proven. Get with the times Lake.

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