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  • Well well the States right party the hate the Fed Gov. party of the GOP in Texas now control totally both the house, senate and Governor seat in Texas as they have for over 20 years or so.

    They hate the federal Gov telling Texas what to do. So what do they do? The house passed and the Senate will approve and the Governor will sign a bill that prohibits cities and counties in Texas from making it illegal to Frack oil and gas wells which some Texas cities have done. All those GOP boys who claim to hate a big heavy handed Gov are on their knees giving pleasure to the Oil and Gas industry to keep the Rebel cities in line for the big oil interest in the state. What is under the land belongs to the State they say?
    Really then why is royalty interest payed to the land owner and not the state?

    Here is the really funny thing about our beloved GOP state leaders. The house passed and the Senate will approve and what the Gov. will do is unknown a state law that prohibits Texting while driving in Texas. Perry vetoed the bill last time it was passed. Why would anyone be against that? Well so says the Gop boys who are against it. Too much over reach by the Gov. (them in control of the state gov.) and we do not need it BECAUSE the Cities and Counties can pass such a law if they want it and 41 Texas have done just that as the GOP seats on their hands waiting for the oil and gas industry to tell them what to do and the gun owners of course.

    The GOP never met a oil or gas interest that they wouldn't drop to their knees to worship. The cities of Texas no longer have the right to limit what oil and gas boys want to do in and around their city now that is Big State Gov over reach by the anti Gov GOP party. Gee you think rich oil men were paying for Perry and Cruz run for Pres. Talk about dry holes lol. Frack those clowns all you want you will not get a winner out of either one of them. A gun for all, text all you want and Frack you Says GOP.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 12 hours ago Flag

    Mr BS we both are entitled to our opinion on this matter but the facts can't be changed.

    1. You posted that wanted to control the asset investments of Ford. That is not factual the article was about the unions being against the money being spent abroad. Every plant built by Ford or GM workers will have the option to go union or not. State that are right to work like Texas a worker can not be forced to belong to a union and can vote against a union shop. The union did not give Ford a list of places they had to build the plant merely was against it going out of country. Beyond that is your bias not facts.
    2. What you again by your bias call "extortion" which is a crime is in FACT merely labor and management fighting to get the best deal for both sides. "Extortion" is where you fire someone who wants to join or form a union also against the law. Extortion is where you pay your workers in company strips and force them to buy from company store and live in company housing also against the law. All those done in the past by Companies to pick the bones of their employees as much as they could get away and thus gave the union movement birth to stop the abuse and also the Gov. stepped in to Stop "extortion" of the labor force by US Corps. Again historical facts I suppose you want to go back to the good old days?
    3. US companies have moved production to Mexico over 20 years ago and that has done nothing for Mexico standard of living only for bottom line profits of American Corp's. And of course all those US jobs now in Mexico.
    4. You say unions are corrupt today. As powerful as the large American Corp's are if they could prove that "unions" are corrupt as you claim they would do it. FACT is that some union officers are corrupt just as some high level US Corp officers have been proven to be corrupt. AGRO business is without a doubt the most fined and convicted businesses in the US with health care closing fast.
    5. More name calling BS lame

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 17 hours ago Flag

    rails what I find as weird as you being a man who distrust the Gov as much as you somehow see J Edgar as some sort of hero? He was not and by all the illegal activities he had the FBI doing to keep him in power he was in fact what you fear most about the Gov. He was untouchable until his death.

    I happened to be at a training school in DC about 2 weeks after his death. A FBI agent was teaching one of the classes and he was asked what he thought the FBI would be like without Hoover. He smiled and said "it has only been 2 weeks, Jesus did it and 3 days but we are talking about Mr. Hoover so lets not assume he will not return yet" While said in jest (I think) Hoover shadow and quirks hung over the FBI for a long time after his death and I mean decades not years. His policies made no other agency in Law Enforcement trust or want to work with them. They were in fact viewed as quick to take credit for others work as who caught their TOP 10 were rarely FBI but some local or state agency and the FBI was doing the press conferences. They wanted to see your files but would not or could not (by policy) show you their files. Even on task forces getting info out of them was like pulling teeth and took an Asst US Attorney to get it. There counter intelligence folks were very good and shared and played well with others but the regular FBI was sadly a joke. That was what Hoover did to them. He either cut deals with the mob or was actually stupid enough to believe there was no mob so you figure that one out.
    He saw commies everywhere or just used that as excuse to do all sorts of illegal activities like bugging ER and MLK.

    Only the CIA was worse than a Hoover ran law breaking FBI.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 17 hours ago Flag

    Mr BS the unions are not against Ford or GM either one investing their money they are against jobs in Mexico instead of USA. They are trying to protect American Jobs and add to the higher paid US workers who would then put money into the US eco thus giving more tax base plus a faster eco for the USA.

    All of which you as an American would be for but your not an American your a Capitalist and a Globalist and anti Gov. Then you get out your AMerican Flag lapel and wave your anti illegal workers banner while you would be all for the same Mexican worker spending his money in Mexico working for an American company without the EPA, OSHA and labor laws to protect the worker. That my friend is Capitalism.

    If the goal of Ford or GM is help out the poor Mexican workers and raise their standard of living let them pay union wages to Mexican workers lol Fat chance of that happening is there. So the real reason is cheap labor, not as many rules or regs to follow and the max profit they can make. But as long as so called AMerican's buy the globally made stuff (including UAW workers) then shame on them.

    If the Drug Lords wise up they will copy the mob in the USA and get into unions and then Ford and GM will have to deal with pure crooks, murders and folks as greedy as them to keep their workers and plants open.
    Frankly I hope that happens as the Mexican Gov. unlike the US Gov you dislike and distrust so much will not attempt to drive the Mexican Mob out of unionism as the US gov did. Mexico is a very unstable country compared to the US and that is one reason why labor is cheap and so many illegals leave the country of their birth. Just too dangerous to plan a future with. Lets see how the Big American Car companies like dealing with the Mexican Mob union bosses if the Mexican are smart that is. You have to buy someone off to do big business in Mexico and I guess Ford & GM think they can we will see.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 17, 2015 5:23 PM Flag

    scs while you may have a low opinion of ER role in history most see her clearly as the first first Lady to actually do anything. She actually did a lot as it was she who pushed hard for both women rights and to end integration in every program that came out of the new deal she was the voice in FDR ear about women and blacks share of the new deal.

    That said I think Hillary after her term and down the road a bit would be a candidate for the picture on the green stuff. I am not one to break with history on this and without doing my homework I think we should stay with Presidents on our green money and old Ben. We have lady Liberty on coins, Susan B Antony on dollar coins and of course an Indian and buffalo and other stuff so if ER is to put on money lets start on coins.

    The problem with a new mug on our bucks is who do we take off? Grant while a civil war hero was a bust as president as was a few of the others now pictured. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, seem safe but the rest including old Ben ( a guy that clearly wouldn't pass the keep in your pants test) who did play a big role in our country's history over in France. Oh well I doubt the push for a women on the green stuff will go far.
    How about Nancy Reagan she was a great president during RR last two years.

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    Crude Shipping Rates Strengthen Today----Intertanko

    by play_tow Apr 17, 2015 12:08 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 17, 2015 2:22 PM Flag

    rails did I hear the word stimulus out of your mouth? As a way to avoid recession even? Hummmm
    maybe someone stole your nick.

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    Why is oil going up? Easy to figure

    by rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 12:09 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 17, 2015 12:05 PM Flag

    lake ok you can insult we get that but can you discuss? You know what I believe at least in your own words but you avoid telling anyone what you believe. Evolution is a big subject with many rivers and streams of scientific theories supporting them and most unsure but none hold up simple Darwinism anymore as you seem to do. Science says that by genes and DNA (science) they are three types of man found so far by DNA/Gene examination of bones found. God never said that mutations did not occur in fact breeding between the Angels and women are recorded in the Bible. Giants are recorded while Adam was not a giant.
    God never said the amount time between what in the Bible is called the six days of creation and in fact the Bible also says that a day is like a thousand years to God meaning God is not limited to 24hr days or even 1,000 years days He is outside of time A being who can like Einstein said could look into space and see the back of his head that is God not limited by our understanding of Space and Time. (good song as well)

    Far out stuff? You bet. Do I understand the how and why of it? No and in fact told that I would not.
    We are again told in the Bible that we will not understand God since we are not God how can we.

    But Science must have an answer for all things and that is their problem. They must say or "theorize" one egg or many???? They must say how mankind found in 3 different areas of Earth (so far) was mated into being by a "common" rapist roaming around in all three areas and if they solve that one then they keep going on and one and always having to correct themselves when proven wrong as Science always has to do as it is wrong almost always. So yes Lake whatever you say will be wrong but the good news is you will not live long enough to have to admit. Darwin didn't the flat earth guy didn't, the Sun around the earth crowd didn't nor will you.
    But you just say I believe, I have faith, but I don't know in what??? or will say.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 17, 2015 11:39 AM Flag

    nikkorott & rails my congrats to both you guys for "Adult" post on this subject. It seems you both care about the problem and only Adults seeking a solution will have a hope of finding it. It seems that Agro bus is viewed as the first villain but surely the number of people and the demand for water to fill those pools and live the Cal life must also be a factor? We here in the DFW are under a continual water alert. Lawns are to be watered only twice a week but landscape and "make pretty" projects by business and cities go forward as usual. DFW buys some water from OK and is surrounded by numerous lakes all man made and all lower than expected. Clearly DFW is not an Agro business and the same applies to Houston, San Antonio and Austin all with water issues. It is the unspoken giant in the room. Water to drink cost more by bottled water than does gasoline and that is the cheap stuff. Why does the Open canal system have to continue when the right away for a big pipeline is clearly in place? A baby step true but it seems that given all the pipelines for oil and NG we rant and rave about it may be time to think of that as another step.

    Clearly man kind has caused the supply of water to be used up at a faster rate and Adult mankind needs to find a way to ease or solve the problem and perhaps a multi type approach would be a smart one for different areas depending on what possible solution is available in that area. Pipelines for those East of Rockies and desolation plants along the coasts and at some time looking at how mankind uses water for fun.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Apr 16, 2015 1:09 PM Flag

    RAtes remain good for FRO so what your seeing today is profit taking and MM boys at play. The real question will be how low they will take it or how high it may move up before the quarter is released and then all eyes will be on the quarter report itself.

    Fact If FRO sold for over 5 when rates were lower and debt was still owed clearly it was a mere run up by MM boys or someone or the stock is worth over 5 today. They were not expecting the rate increase of this size until 2016 so they got it early but will it last? Oil is creeping up and will hit 60 before it goes below 50 is my guess but regardless it will end the year higher than where it sits now. IF rates stay where they are now to the end of the year FRO will be paying a dividend and if not the stock will be about where it is today.

    Rates are the key. No way if VLCCF stays above 50 and suez above 30 that FRO will not clean up their balance sheet even more and move forward if the Rates fall back down then so will the stock of FRO.

    The next big thing expected is the quarter report which again may be less than some think. Nat clearly had a good quarter given the increase in dividend so you can expect FRO to do well also. Less than the rates would hint at but better than 4th Quarter of 14. Now what else is out there? Ask Mr. F because he is up to something just what is the question.

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    Why is oil going up? Easy to figure

    by rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 12:09 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 16, 2015 12:59 PM Flag

    scs Your words to me "Have some pride and self respect before you post" Now to you those words and the ones preceding them about how ignorant my post is in my opinion both insulting and name calling but if you feel that neither is such and it was not your intent to do so that is up to you. I accept your apology even if you believe you gave no offense. Last time I checked treating oil was not the work of rocket science and was not that hard to understand. My dad did talk to me about a lot of things. He was an excellent fisherman and tried in vain to pass that skill on to me. He also was an shoot at birds on the wing and I never learned that skill to his level either. He talked about how much the ref. process had changed over the years and how were 5 men were needed to "treat" oil, switch a tank, pig a line, blend both oil and gasoline for loading on ship or into a pipeline now it was all a one man job the #1 operator job. I could smell the acid order on his work clothes and wore his blue jean jacket full of acid holes from when the wind had shifted while "treating oil" and covered the men in an acid spray and it was a safety issue not a treating requirement that no one worked alone as acid could and did overcome them on occasion and only another man could pull the fallen man to safety after calling for more help. He did indeed talk a lot of blends (which you never mentioned and is a key part of oil and finished product both and yes does add both cost and profit to the finished product or value of the crude oil) and additives. He talked of how during strikes The Gulf and Texaco who contracts expired at different times would work together to help each other fill orders of the one on strike as the union was a bigger enemy to them than their corp. competitors and how Gulf oil and gas and even Gulf ships (back when they had them) would carry Texaco products and or the other way around.

    My first stock buy was Gulf before Chev bought them :)

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    Why is oil going up? Easy to figure

    by rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 12:09 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 16, 2015 1:35 AM Flag

    scs my aren't we lowering ourselves to name calling an insults. I was born and lived most of my life in the "GoldenTriangle" my dad made gasoline from oil at the Gulf ref. so spare me how little I know about gasoline, oil companies and taxes. A vertical ran oil company like ALL the majors make money at the well on oil then at their refineries and then at their service stations. Exxon may well use accounting tricks to not pay any or very little in Fed Corp taxes and they do make money off of chemicals as well as NG, oil and gasoline as well as diesel. Additives are a small drop in the bucket and even less than the tax Texas charges at the pump for gasoline State and Fed tax on gasoline in Texas is .38cents a gallon and in some states like NY and CAl it hits 69cents which clearly is state tax being added. I had Texas on my mind and its low tax rate when I said that taxes were less than profit on a gal. I still stand by that but in 15 states that tax at or above .50 cents tax and profit run close at hand. Diesel does tax higher in states and but it also comes off the refining process first and cost less to make and the difference between diesel and gasoline at the pump used to be in favor of diesel and that is one reason for the push to diesel cars (mileage used to be better on them as well but no longer) You just set and watch how much the price of gasoline will be driven up for the summer driving season or check the historical price of oil before and during the summer both will show clearly that the major cause of the run up is the knowledge that summer is when America drives and thus demand higher and the oil co. push the prices up. Your a capitalist why do you deny what history and charts show clearly is the case?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 4:38 PM Flag

    Mr. BS so you believe that folks will somehow try their best to find a way at whatever cost to get Gov. freebies. You seem to think a person should just lay down and die instead of eating or getting medical help.

    You are a pure nut job if you believe that. I can see you telling you wife and kids. "Now the last thing I want you to do is accept any charity from the Gov. I want you to die instead in of that. It is your fault alone that you find yourself in this situation or perhaps mine also but together we are going to do the right thing and just lay down and die instead of taking charity from the Gov."

    What a load of #$%$ you push on this board. You suck up every Gov giveaway you can get your hands in your cabin business then look down you high and mighty nose as some poor people who need some food or medical help. Only time when a man would let his kids or wife starve to death or die due to no money for health care is when he had no choice in the matter or he was not a man. Medicare has not been a blessing to the poor that long yet you carry on about "there was a time" Food for the poor is a new thing as well. So what did folks do? They hunted, grew crops (sharecroppers) begged and stole to feed their family.
    Doctors back in "the Day" would treat a sick person without being paid but now they let them die.

    If all Gov support to the poor and lower classes was ended tomorrow you would be a great fan of the Police since they would be who you would depend to maintain the rule of law to keep mobs from taking what they needed when their families were in danger of dying. No where in History has people just set down and waited to die when their was to get what they needed. Just what part of the French Revolution do you not get? Or why a Nation like Russia and China would both try Communism instead of the rich live high and all others should just die quietly?

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    Why is oil going up? Easy to figure

    by rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 12:09 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 3:14 PM Flag

    scs if you believe that taxes are more than profit on a gallon of gas there is no hope for you. The oil companies make it all the way up the vertical ownership and then give it to distributors who pay for the privilege of charging service stations who then jack it up so you can pay for the fun of driving.
    Given the price of gasoline today and what the American Public has been used to paying for it going up .50 cents for summer driving profit will not slow anyone down. In Texas Gasoline taxes pay for our roads and when was the last time that was increased? Our roads are being destroyed by #$%$ coming out of Mexico in Trucks that go to the other 48 states but does Texas raise the price of gas on even diesel to keep the roads in better condition? No way because nut jobs like you hear the word taxes and pee themselves. So keep on paying to repair roads for the other 48 states to benefit from. Suckers are born every day and Texas is full of suckers who let the other states benefit from our border (border security cost is also driven up by all the commerce as well) and our Oil and gas assests but of course for the average Texan like you to get any benefit from the oil and gass and truck traffic TAXES would have to be raised NOT on YOU but on oil companies and trucking companies. Now go change your pants since the word Taxes was used.

    Additives (butane being one) are such a small part of the cost of a gallon of gas that is only an excuse used to cover the fact that distributors deal with all kinds of brands of service stations from the same tank claiming they add additives to the gas to make the difference. Really and when do they do that? Not in the tank as the same truck goes to many different brands of stations so in the truck itself? Have you ever seen a truck filling up a tank at a gas station and add additives? Butane can be added at the tank farm true but other additives would not be or the same tanker would not go different stations.

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    Why is oil going up? Easy to figure

    by rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 12:09 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 2:34 PM Flag

    lake your wrong it is actually the single cell animal that crawled out of water or mixed with mud or just poofed itself into being (creation?) that over 14 billions year evolved into the 4 sister and OPEC. Now that is some evolution

    Wait did OPEC come from the same single cell as EXXON or the animals that now control them? How about it Lake too hard for you? Tell me this then as Science now says that both "modern man" and Neanderthal's both lived at the same time and "modern man" came from Africa (that must drive racist nuts) and mixed with Neanderthal man to form a new "man" who then went into Asia (Russia now) and found yet another kind of mankind and of course mixed and that mix then went on into the rest of Asia and Australia and other islands. The boats must of evolved as well to do all this travel. What they don't say is what common or uncommon ancestor the three different types of mankind had??

    I can't see some animal being desperate enough to breed with a man or women but I guess you can and frankly man being a Horney animal and sex obsessed as he may be I can not see a women shoving an ape down and raping it but again you can.

    So if women kind did not rape or breed with an animal you are left with the idea that one rape of woman kind which happened in three different location (Europe, Africa and Asia the home of the three different types of mankind) just who is the Horney animal that did all this raping? You see how much faith your fairly tell takes to believe it?

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    Why is oil going up? Easy to figure

    by rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 12:09 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 2:21 PM Flag

    scs well I am sure am glad that summer driving demand and greed has nothing to do with it.

    Are you really that dense?

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    Div for may

    by guthrieman Apr 4, 2015 5:07 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 2:19 PM Flag

    I think you are low. .60 will be my guess. The hedges ran out but I think they were good for all if not most of the quarter and what production fall well happen (and it will) will be taken by the subs in a loss of their share not the common. It could be close to last quarter .65 but .60 looks about right to me.

    CHKR which is worse shape IMHO (I got of it too early but out) has went up huge today it is my hope that PER has another .30 or more run up left in it but until the announcement of dividend is made and if not close to .60 I doubt it will go up much from where it is today. Oil going up foolishly effected both CHKR and PER and CHKR is hedge for the rest of the year at 88 and have subs till 2qt of 2016 so oil should not effect it at all since they are living on hedges now their dividend is usually 15 cents less than PER but the run up has been more. Go figure. .60 or better we get a little more run up if only .50 not so much.

  • Lets see why would oil be going up in price? hmmmmmmmm lets look at the cart on the price of gasoline and oil over oh the last 10 years that might reveal some historical facts. Looks to me like the summer driving season is upon us almost and all those big oil refineries are working double time to make gasoline from oil and what do they do with the price of gasoline during the summer? Oh the free market place where supply and demand change in a day or two when it comes to how big money wants to play it or in this case year after year we see the same game. Demand for oil will go up to produce gasoline and production will continue to go down over the next 3 months thus by end of May you will see much lower oil storage numbers and guess who knew this fact? Anyone who can read a 10year chart of gasoline and oil prices.
    Nothing new under the Oil companies sun just lower price to start from this year and it will not hit 4 bucks but will push over 3 in a lot of places and more in some.

    So far rates on tankers are not changed by all this so that means that FRO will be making enough cash flow over the next 3 months to produce lot of cash (they just paid off over 90 million from cash flow) So what will they do with all that money?

    Nat didn't get much of a bump out of the dividend increase because they were already "bumped up" So was FRO From 2.25 to 2.95 is about 30% run up. So what if it give back even half of it down to 15% if the rates stay high the next run up based on continued cash flow will be the real one to hold for and if they hint of dividend at end of Q2 as NAT had done then look at the rise in NAT and expect about the same for FRO.

    Q1 report will be a key to how far down FRO goes based on the bottom line. Everyone is expecting great news given the rates for the quarter and the price of the stock reflects that so the chance for disappoint is high but it is still all about rates and LT rates.

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    Guess not a big deal bond payment

    by rami36 Apr 15, 2015 10:32 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2015 11:56 AM Flag

    rami darn man you interrupted me counting the money I have made in just the last two days now I have to start all over again :) How about you rami you counting your profits you have made on FRO lol.

    Oh poor rami wouldn't listen to advice when told to load up at 2.25 so now all he can do is delight when profit takers are taking some profit. Always smart to take profit rami remember that if you ever make any that is.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 14, 2015 4:47 PM Flag

    rails once again to get to your 75% figure that you believe you are assuming that each warrant is for a different person. Let me walk you through what does happen. A ticket is given and after so many days a warrant is issued for the ticket not being paid. Another warrant is issued for the same person but not for the ticket but for "Failure to Appear". Depending on how they do their city court system they could be two traffic or four traffic tickets for the same stop and result in two or four failures to appear. In other words for each traffic ticket a separate failure to appear would also be entered so you could end up with one traffic stop resulting in 8 warrants on the same person. Why would they do that? Fine for each ticket and fine for each failure to appeal. The stupidly is that the judge will most likely when the person appears before him lump all the tickets and failures to appear into ONE sentence or fine or whatever. Ferguson I would imagine not want to pay for the time setting out in jail all 8 warrants as it cost a lot of money for each day served in jail.

    I visited in San Diego in the early 90's and was witness to a knifing of a homeless man by another homeless man. Both appeared to me to be mental cases. The majority of the homeless have some sort of mental disorder some caused by drug and alcohol abuse (think about Rand Paul idea to legalize all drugs) or just plan mental conditions. RR cut the federal budget on mental cases and the homeless population spiked up as they were thrown out of State funded facilities in Texas that the Fed Gov. helped with the cost.

    The homeless are more than a out of work problem and for some being in a facility would be a lot better place for them but our lack of humanity comes through loud and clear when it comes to these folks. Sadly many of them are Vets and many have medical issues in addition to mental and in some cases caused by the drug and alcohol problems. Throw away humans.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 14, 2015 12:24 PM Flag

    rails I am aware of the # and I also read that most are for traffic warrants. It seems that Ferguson is what I would call a heavy handed Police Presence. Not illegal or racist by itself but clearly they write lots of tickets. A ticket is not a criminal matter until it goes unpaid then it turns into a failure to appear warrant. Again you both assume that only black males are getting these warrants which give me a clue as how you both think. If you take any town you will discover that the great majority of all outstanding are indeed for traffic and they are almost 90% on the poor people who simply can not pay the fines. Now if they good people of Ferguson really wanted to put pressure on the town leaders and the police they would in mass surrender themselves for jail time on the warrants. If Furguson tried to turn that many over to the Sheriff's Dept I doubt they would take them or could but the COST to taxpayers for housing all those with traffic warrants would cause a real burden on the city and county and thus send a clear message to back off the tick writing or at least write only ONE ticket per offense which again the FACTS show that was usually not done by those with warrants on them as many warrants were for more than violation on same day.

    Take the guy that was killed. He could of been written up for several violations which If not paid would of cased multiply warrants for same stop. I have as many as 6 tickets written on a single stop. You can bet that the real cause was a smart mouth, bad attitude or some other reason. The shift I worked on the LT didn't want you working traffic and if you wrote tickets he would transfer you to days so you could write all you wanted. But if someone broke the law and mouthed off and started acting like a street lawyer they could find themselves with a handful of tickets. I bet you always say Sir and Thank you and be as nice as you can to the cop with a ticket book lol. Not all do.

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