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    Global Cooling Update for November 17, 2015

    by railsnstocks Nov 17, 2015 6:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 4 hours ago Flag

    Mr. BS you are correct the use of the word admit was a poor choice. You and I have always agreed to global warming being real. It clearly is taking its time which is good before it becomes a problem that MUST be admitted by those that doubt and those that object to applying any cost to us all to try to lessen, slow or maybe even stop the problem. We are at least 150 or more years into "modern recorded" history as to temperature and water levels and glaciers and I guess a ho hum about the cause and effects of all that could be and is indeed the response by many. However if it is real which we both believe then do we as members of the present day human race have an responsibility to act? It could take another 150 or longer before it really starts to effect us so when and how much cost do we put into our responsibility? That at least should be the debate instead of "its not real". The rabbit did not win the race but the slow and steady turtle and I am afraid global warming is the same kind of opponent that the rabbit face and one day the finish line will be crossed if no action is taken by our what is in it for me TODAY thinking.

  • big jump in rates today for VLCC a drop in Suez Nat up and Fro down go figure.
    But this looks good down the road.
    "For vessels operating in the spot market, Frontline has already contracted 80% of the VLCC operating days at the TCE rate of ~$68,500, which is 50% higher than TCE earned in the third quarter.
    For Suezmax tankers, Frontline has already contracted 88% of the days at $42,500, which is 51% higher.

    Higher tanker rates will positively impact Frontline’s revenue. The company has also strategically positioned its vessels ahead of the fourth quarter to take advantage of seasonally higher rates.

    Frontline calculates its cash break-even costs by including bareboat hire and installment charges, interest on loans, operating expenses, and administrative expenses.
    The company estimates the cash break-even costs for VLCCs (very large crude carriers) for the remainder of the year to be $27,000. It expects the cash break-even costs for Suezmax vessels to be $22,100.
    As we’ve seen in the previous article, current tanker rates are far above these cash break-even costs, which will increase the company’s profit margins."

    Whatever the per share earnings work out to be this quarter it likes they will be up in the next quarter if rates stay higher which is expected. A dividend of 9-11 cents a quarter "should" put upward pressure on the share price but time will tell. Lots of things can happen to cause a change in the tanker sector but clearly FRO is a stronger company today than it was a year or so ago when it hit at 5 bucks.

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    by lakeed98 Nov 28, 2015 10:31 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 7 hours ago Flag

    dakine Exodus 21:22-23 When men strive together,and hurt a woman with child so that there is a miscarriage,and yet no harm follows, the one who hurt her shall be fined, according as she woman's husband shall lay upon him: and he say pay as the judges determine. If any harm follows, then you shall give life for life. Clearly the punishment is based solely on the life of the women. A husband is honored with the right to set the value of his wife and the judges to decide if just or not. The wife nor the unborn is even mentioned in the fine part of the law.
    If the wife dies then eye for eye is the law. If unborn dies but wife lives a fine only.

    I have to admit that I have not done a detailed study on the "breath" concept but my brother has and he who was once what could be called a "legalist" is now of the opinion that "breath" indeed is when human life occurs. Notice I say it is his opinion. While I am one to believe that when the OT law was fulfilled,completed and replaced by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit to mankind I see no law against abortion in the OT nor against plural wives,slaves
    If Thou shalt not kill is the new law of the NT as clearly the OT law allowed and demanded eye for eye then one who is against abortion on those grounds I do not understand how they could be for capital punishment since both are the taking of life.

    Breath and Speaking are both used by God for life in both OT and NT. Some in clearly a Spiritual sense while others could be both Spiritual as well as physical. I am sure it would be an interesting study. Thanks for your interesting post.

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    by lakeed98 Nov 28, 2015 10:31 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 8 hours ago Flag

    vpsqdrn Your post is amazing indeed. You refuse to discuss scripture to rebuke me instead you continue on your own private judgement agenda. If I am correct about Lake as you say the when is Truth wrong? I agree that you and a few other Christians do not agree with me at all times and that non Christians on this board certainly do not both of which is expected as told in the scriptures. You say I delight in the error of shame which I said Lake had (I doubt he does but should) I accept that rebuke as fair. That was wrong. But sadly you continue on and say " I am ashamed you actually say this stuff you wrote about the Word and called it Nunsense" I leave you to yourself since you refuse to share your "wisdom" from the word by showing verses to back up your judgements. You still do not reveal what scripture you have to call abortion a sin. I at least admit I have found NONE in the NT that has a direct baring on abortion and they are in fact some in the OT that clearly gives a difference between the punishment of death or injury to a women by a man both with and without child and both with "only" injury to the women and loss of the unborn. Notice the term unborn.
    If you are not aware of those scriptures in your great knowledge of the OT testiment as you have so modestly told us about I would be to furnish you with book,chapter and verse if you can not find them. Without such scripture to back up your understanding your "wisdom" is merely the opinion of a man and nothing more. You can always put me on ignore and save yourself more "Shame".

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 20 hours ago Flag

    danny if that release proves true then the dividend will be .11 a quarter or 10% return at 4.40 a share.
    I can not see the stock running to at least 3.50 if that happens.

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    by lakeed98 Nov 28, 2015 10:31 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 30, 2015 7:59 PM Flag

    Lake I must admit I am enjoying your SHAME. Oh did you ever get caught off base and tagged. Maybe your buddy grump will rush to defend you? I mean you suck up to him so much surely he will repay the effort?
    How Shaming it must be for the board to know that you get your trusted news from Fox news which you attack at least twice a week. But hey Lake thanks for the good old fashion belly laugh I have enjoyed at watching you twist and squirm in the wind of being totally wrong on a post. Oh not the first time for sure but no way to make this go away is there Lake? Attack me all you want but it was YOU that screwed up.
    You wouldn't know a "rational discussion" if it hit you between the eyes. And I of course have lost my mind and a nut because I pointed that you were DEAD WRONG. Pride is a hard pill to swallow isn't it Lake.

    You actually are silly enough to think by posting as you have you will change anyone's mind on this board about anything? Communication is a skill. Insulting, lying and ranting and raving is not communication.
    The fact is Lake when you post the vast majority of folks on this board react 180 degrees from what you posted and say is truth or fact. You alone has destroyed any creditability that you may of hoped to have.
    Don't feel to bad Lake I doubt anyone on this board is going to change how they believe about the best we can do is agree that rani is almost always wrong or maybe always.

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    by lakeed98 Nov 28, 2015 10:31 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 30, 2015 7:49 PM Flag

    buster a gun toting people killing lib freak is he? You enjoy spreading gossip do you? You do know that speaking about someone and spreading gossip is right up there with being a #$%$ in God eyes do you not buster? While they may of been in the past (the 60's) liberals who used violence (mostly bombs on buildings with no one in them) it is the FREAK Right that has killed a hundred for every one the Lib Freaks has killed.
    It is the Right and FREAK right that are gun barrels suckers and seem to judge their manhood by the number of rounds in their mag or the cal. of their guns and just uncontrolled burst of fire maybe a clue to their sexual failures but I will let Freud boys address their twisted passion for guns. It seems that you and Lake have a lot in common both post what you want to believe without any proof and neither willing to admit error. Lake I understand as he counts monkeys as his role model but what would move you to accuse Liberals even freak liberals of being violent. Do you have any examples in the last 40 years?

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    by lakeed98 Nov 28, 2015 10:31 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 30, 2015 1:04 PM Flag

    lake "I didn't make a mistake"? Really You made nothing but a mistake. You say you listen to Fox news (why I do not know) and heard them say the shooter was a pastor and then you go into your across the board rant and rave against all Christians as you try to do on any occasion. Yes Lake you made a huge mistake and only you seems to be unable to see it. If I were grump that would be cause alone to refuse to buy you that beer since two can deny the truth as well as one. You are the Fonze you can't say you were wrong can you and even when you do and blame it on Fox news as the fault then you retract your error.

    You also seem to want to deny that abortion is shameful which it certainly is. It is shameful for many reason however and not just the act of abortion. A world that has always been unfair to women remains just that even in America. A women with a child is under burden that the "father" is not required to suffer the responsibility of parenthood as the women is. It is a shame how much more the women must suffer than the male. She must bare the "shame" of carrying the child to term. While less today than it the past that shame by those who claim to be "moral" and Christ loving is evil and a burden on the women that should not be there and thus puts more pressure on the women to abort. Her ability to continue at work and school is damaged by carrying the child and that is shameful as well and again leads many to abort. The unfairness in pay and jobs is shameful and again leads to abort. No Lake abortion is full of Shame on many counts. Shame on us for not doing more to remove as many of these unfair situations as we can and thus reduce abortions. Yes some women will be totally selfish just are many of the "fathers" and regardless choose to abort and that is a Shame as well. The only one with no SHAME is the unborn child who is the victim of all this SHAME.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 30, 2015 12:47 PM Flag

    vpsqdrn I am sad you choose to judge instead of engage. You claim you can give verses yet you do not.
    You say I said there is no sin associated with abortion which I have never said and in fact said my belief was that it was sin. I do not know why you choose the path you do to give false testimony against me and refuse to show me verses you rely on for your understanding of the sin of abortion. My desire was in fact real to see what you believe in and was open to evidence to support such a belief but none comes from you. All I see is pride and judgment from you but I will honor your request to end our conversation as it seems a waste of time given the lack of willingness to engage in a what is a disputable difference. May God indeed give you wisdom and knowledge in these matters as I am sure you consider He has and I also trust in the word for guidance. The peace of God go with you

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    by lakeed98 Nov 28, 2015 10:31 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 29, 2015 3:17 PM Flag

    Lake I see you have discovered your mistake. I was guilty of taking you on your word and did not even look up to verify if your facts about the man was correct or wrong. I also saw the first release of "facts" on this showing 3 police officers being shot. Later reports have not even mentioned this and clearly the man was not a pastor and who knows what if anything he believed.

    You assumed that any attack on Planned Parenthood would be done by a "Christian" and when as you claim Fox spoke into what you already wanted to believe you did not double check their facts just I did not check out yours. You may owe "Christians" an apology for this post as this guy appears at least now to be a nut job more than anything else. Still deadly, still another use of guns by a nut job to kill people regardless of the reason. How did this nut job get those guns is yet to be determined but once again the gun community will harp that the gun did not do it while totally ignoring that yet another nut job had a gun or guns and killed. No movement to even attempt to engage any debate on how by changing the law to make it harder to stop nuts from getting guns. Any Nutter can walk into a gun show and leave with as many guns as they want. The same person could not buy a gun from a licensed dealer but from a gun show or you or me they could. Maybe a law suit against any city that allows such shows might help? Or sue the people that put on the shows. The same if I sell a gun to someone then uses it to kill. Would such laws mean no more nutters killing? I doubt it very much but just as we have speed limits to at least cut down of traffic deaths. Laws can help and you can still have a car and drive it within the law as you enjoy it and the same would hold for a gun. I do not want a nutter or a criminal having ANY RIGHT AT ALL TO HAVE A GUN. Who does? I am surprised that you TRUSTED FOX for you fact base now knowing they are the source of your facts I will check you out more.

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    by lakeed98 Nov 28, 2015 10:31 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 28, 2015 12:15 PM Flag

    Lake a person can say or believe what they want too but that does not make it Gods work or will. He is a terrorist as you said but much worse than that. He makes folks like you feel good about what you want to believe. For every one of him there is millions that do not do or believe as he does.

    You do not judge all muslim's by their terrorist do you? Do you think it is mainline Muslin's doctrine to do as ISIS and other terrorist do? Then why is it that you want to make this ONE man the guy you want to use to frame your idea of God? If you can accept that the huge majority of Muslim's are not terrorist and believe different than those that are surely you can see that this guy is not doing God's work or God's will as believed by millions of Christians. Or are you like right wingers and see all muslin's as the same and all Christians like this nut job?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 27, 2015 11:22 PM Flag

    vpsqdrn I have no secular view that is not drawn from my understanding of the word. Paul had a Holy Spirit view on slave and masters that was Not the secular view of his day. So his only spoken word was to the Christian community about how they should live. My post said that 30 GOP Gov who claimed to be Christians and got Christian Support did not have a Christian view on helping the refugees by allowing them into the US but had a secular view that was different from the "word view" So for you being a Christian you can only have ONE POINT of View it will be Christian even in matters of the secular world or it should be.
    I have read the OT passages on abortion so please put the one verse you think means it is a sin for a women to have one. Spare me the general ones concerning killing as we both know that dog will not hunt. Explain how the law treats the penalty for hurting or killing a women with child one way if she dies and another if only the child dies. I have studied the subject for over 40 years now so I would love to see what verses your opinion is based on. Have you read Paul in 1 Tim concerning a Christian slave serving a Christian Master?
    Please show me the verse that says slavery is a sin. Paul sent a slave back to his owner and asked him to count any debt to him (Paul) but did not demand the slave be freed. Do you think Paul would send back a slave who was a brother if owning a slave was a sin? Please show me the verse were wealth redistribution by a Gov is against God will? Clearly Christians are told to willingly give their wealth (redistribution) to the poor. The Christian Community of the first century was a lot more like what we call socialism today than Capitalism. Yes they were told to work but to work so they could give help to others. That is redistribution by believers do you think that Christian Community would practice this and God not want a Gov to do the same thing for its subjects? Love your neighbor is bad for Gov? Truth is for all.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 27, 2015 11:11 AM Flag

    vpsqdrn First I do not care what the "polls" show AMerican's want or do not want. The ways of God are not the ways of this world. Do you embrace the "polls" when they show support for abortion? As for borders Power and might determine them and they change or remain as long as power, might and allies or enies determind. God gave "instructions" for the Arc and the promise land beyond that God did not deal in nations and their borders in the OT and the NT God's Kingdom was the World no borders in it and His people were all to be same. No different because of sex, race or Nationalities nor slave or free.
    You don't like it that I address the refugee problem from a NT point of view and claim I mix politics and faith. While you look at the issue by "polls", and you assume that all will be a burden on this country even without know who will come and how many. That is pure Nationalism and that is "politics" I listed pros and cons to the issue early in this post and two of the three were negative so from a "political & American" only point of view it may be a bad decision but from a Kingdom of God point of view to turn away folks who need help fearing the worse from them and how much it will may cost you is hardly the NT way of looking at who my neighbor is and how to help them. No letting them into the US is not the only way to do the Christian help but it will cost money to help. The Christian way is to "daily pick up your cross" their is always a cost. But their is always a far greater reward as well. You quote the const. and tie it to God way. They were slaves, women were not equal
    and land owners and those of wealth were favored by law.
    Compare this with."Neither Jew or Gentile, Male or female, slave or free, rich or poor all equal in Christ Jesus. Now that vpsqdrn is the only const. that counts. America then and now is far from the Kingdom of God and it is a nation of this world and very political. As are 30 GOP Gov. who are in this showing it clearly.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 26, 2015 5:16 PM Flag

    dailybread I think both are a sin. I am sure about homosexual marriage or lifestyle being a sin just as a man lusting in his heart after a women he may see much less committing adultery or intercourse outside of marriage. While I think abortion is wrong and sin I can not point to verses in the NT that supports that belief and I can find a verse or two in the OT that seems to say a life in the womb is not the same as the life of the mother. My reason for "thinking" abortion wrong is based on life being the question. Clearly life is found in the womb and if it is allowed to go to term then it will be human life that is born. Thus I believe that the catholic church has it correct (for once) in that all life is not to be killed. I view the act of abortion the same as I view capital punishment or taking the life of a old person would be. I understand that there is a difference of opinion on capital punishment so I extend grace to those who believe it is not a sin to be involved in the taking of a life as a judge or jury. I could not do either nor would I support abortion. Helping a person to die painlessly and thus perhaps hurry their death is another "personal" opinion issue among Christians.I would not do that to bring about a faster death but using the same drug to ease pain I do not have a problem with that. It is the reason for the drug to be given not the use of the drug. Sorry for the long answer but I wanted to be as clear as I can to answer your question.
    While I believe it is sin to be a homosexual and to marry I do not see that sin as any different than the sin of love of money, greed, selfishness or others. The county clerk would be like a Christian working in a food store who would refuse to sell food to overweight folks because it is a sin. If she feels she has to not be a part of that sin she should quite her job. I would NEVER sell beer, whine or booze no matter how much money it would bring me. But I know it is legal and others are OK doing it

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 26, 2015 1:17 PM Flag

    vpsqdrn I hope you find this day of Thanksgiving one that find much to Thank God for in your life, your families life and friends. I have read all your responses to my post. Thank you for responding. I find that we disagree on a lot of things and I am sure we agree on a lot as well but on your statement that mixing politics and "ideologue" I must point out you did exactly that in your response to Lake on slavery. I find nothing in the NT that forbids slavery but it is clearly a political issue which you infer a "ideologue" based on not politics but your faith. My faith and understanding of the NT drives everything in my life including where I stand on political issues. I know of no other way to do this and frankly can not see how you can have a "Christian" life apart from your "political life". I am sure you want a political answer different from the one we have now on abortion do you not? How about homosexual life style? So I extend it to Capital Punishment and taking in refugees who need help. If I vote for someone who stands against what I believe is the principles of my Christian faith it would only be because the other person is a worse offender.I agree with you on our history of accepting Muslims and others into our country. My point was that 30 Governors all GOP came out against the Syrian refugees for political reason and in so doing failed to show their Christian teaching. Their outright and whole rejection of the very idea shows it is political. Someone who runs as a "Christian" should indeed bring that faith into his political decision or he or she is hypocrite. The Kingdom of God of which you and I are part of does not have borders or Nationalities of this world that interferes with keeping God's commands. The word does indeed teach to help those who need help. Politics says we have laws and borders and Nationalities that are more important than helping others. You can not have one way for politics and one for God. Lake can not us. Love unites.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2015 5:43 PM Flag

    grump I must admit I was surprised at your post to Lake when you admitted that you do not see Jesus as a Good Guy God. Given who you worship the rest of your post one scripture is just as wrong as who you see Jesus as being. He truly is not your Lord and that is sad. But as long as you have breath you have a chance to repent and accept salvation from a very Good Guy God. He died for you who have you died for?

    As to your opinion of what I should do with my money it is just that your opinion and last time I checked you are not God. My topic which again you never addressed is not about giving money but about how 30 GOP governers seem to think alike on the Syrian question and how in so doing go against the teachings of Jesus and yet continue to get the support of Christian voters in their state. That once again grump is the topic.
    The same topic you have not EVER address. Unless you do do not expect any further reply for me on this topic.

  • Ship raised their dividend a mere one cent but given the full release of their quarter report it seems to say that Ship is a solid 10% dividend payer and that the deal with FRO/FRO2012 was a plus to them. They are showing very positive results from the proceeds they are getting from FRO this quarter. They are paying out in dividends pretty close to their full profit for the quarter of .49 Their available cash flow is way above that amount and checking their LT charters and amount owed on them they are looking fairly safe in that area as well. Clearly Mr. F has built an impressive empire and seems to move in a way that if he misses in one area he covers it in another. Sea Drill is his and they have LT charters through Ship out some 5 years of steady income. For safer income Ship may be the better place to go than FRO as it will be less up and down in share price and nice 10% dividend as well. The quarter release look pretty good for the LT to me anyone see things differently?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2015 3:38 PM Flag

    scs I am curios do you agree with Lake that all well with our current immigration policy? If not what do you want to see the NEW immigration policy look like?

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2015 2:51 PM Flag

    grump your record is stuck are you so mentally challenged that you do not realize this? I can only suppose that you do not realize that the State Dept has not allowed anyone you included to take in Syrian refuges although I have pointed this out to you 3 times. Just how dumb are you?

    Have you gave money to any charity to help them? I have but since you posted all the money you made off your fast turn around in FRO you surely could afford to give some of that to help others so pony up.

    Unless you pick the needle up off your record your going to wear a hole in it btw. So wake up I have address three times your Yaa Yaa Bllaa Blaa so once again your a total waste of time. I am sure you buddy Lake is impressed with your repeating the same dumb thing over and over again but I doubt the rest of the board is so stupid as not to understand that State Dept and Homeland security will determined the policy when ever it happens. Those 30 Governors were merely being good GOP lap dogs to the party and seeking the scared and hate vote that is found in the GOP voters. They can talk all they want but if the US Gov. decides to send refuges to Texas or any GOP state I can promise you they will come into that state. Even our bending over backward to the extreme right understands who is in charge of the refugee question and it is not a Governor.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Nov 25, 2015 1:16 PM Flag

    vpsqdrn saw this post after I replied to the first so I will reply to this as well. You say God "expects" I say God commands and we either obey or disobey out of fee will. We do not have the choice to choose not to follow what He expects of us and not be in sin. Do you agree or disagree with that. PLease show me where you think wealth re distribution is not condoned by God? Widows are to taken care of Read 1 Tim 5: 3-16
    Read 1 Tim 6: 17-19 and James 1: 9-10, James 5:1-6 These verses are concerning the rich.

    I agree with you that our giving should be in love not just to obey the Law of Christ. The rich man realized to late that his life had been of selfishness and total neglect of others well being and was asking only for a warning to be sent to his family to avoid his fate. Jesus spent his entire teaching life pointing out the difference between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the world.
    They have always been and always will be in conflict until Jesus comes again. You seem to think that Christian should not be taught how to live and conduct themselves in a secular world. We are to be the light upon the hill into that world and that light should shine Jesus teaching into that world. You are no doubt against Homosexual marriage and abortion are you not? Is that not how you want and demand that a secular world respond to the teachings of the NT? You want to force the world to accept your Kingdom of God views.
    What I pointed out was what Christians should do to follow Jesus. I do not expect those of the world to see Syrian or Muslim's as loved by God and to be treated as neighbors. You want to pass a law to force the world to not practice Homosexual marriage do you not? To love your enemies does indeed put Christian behavior into a secular world. Go INTO ALL THE WORLD is a command to bring the Gospel and its teaching into the Secular world and their issues. Do you think your neighbor is only Christians? Are you to love only Christians?

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