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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 2 hours 43 minutes ago Flag

    scs please save me your BS. You claim all you post is about "Truth and Transparency" from our president then you say YOUR A LIBERAL if you bring up the FACT that GW Bush was guilty of lack of Truth and Transparency as well. Sorry scs I will not play by your rules and your game only. If it is fair to say not a full year into ACA that Obama was wrong or would you prefer untruthful about his claims then it is just as fair to say after 8 years or more no WMD has been discovered and over 5,000 Americans died because of that untruth. So OK I am a Liberal to bring that but you sir are a tea party, conservative right winger for demanding that I play by your rules in a discussion.

    You can only use your family as your example and from that you conclude not a year into ACA that Obama is wrong and you because of your family figures is wrong. By my experience my health insurance went down not up this year and I am not the average American by a long shot.

    The average American family makes less than 65,000 a year and both work. Is that YOU scs??

    I do not know what the figures will show for a family of four making 65,000 and under but that is over 75% of all Americans. You live in a sheltered world with a false idea of what average is in America. I know that for a fact health care cost have been going before GW Bush and before Obama took office. I know that if nothing was done your and mine health insurance would of gone up since it had for every year for years.
    I nor you know what the final end results will be but one thing for sure had we went to a single payer which your right wing buddies and you I bet was against the cost to 75% of Americans would of been less and all you have to do is look at Europe or Canada to see that fact.

    Save your truth and transparency line for a sucker who will believe it. That is not why you have been against ACA from the start or any plan other than milk them dry as usual. How about a little truth from you?

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    Starting to accelerate down

    by marklibera 8 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 3 hours ago Flag

    darv you can go back to the quarter reports to see how the distributions were paid out. If you are thinking about buying into this trust I would take a look at the last 3 or 4 quarters to get a good picture. I am not sure how they end up with the number they do but I think the whole amount of profit is paid out each quarter for unit holders. This trust is not meeting the projected numbers to allow the sub units to take any money in distributions and that will the case for the next 8 or so quarters. Once all the wells have been drilled then the sub units will also be counted in heads to be counted for a share of the pie.

    This trust has Failed badly at what they promoted would be the outcome and continues to under preform. If you want to buy in be aware that while you may not lose any money on the purchase your % of return even at 10 bucks a unit will not be that good is what most expect anyways. Lots of unknowns ahead for the trust like price of oil and ng, how bad production numbers will decrease thus revenues and once the sub units start taking a cut you can expect the distribution to go down a lot.

    Run the numbers at a figure you feel like buying at and see if you like the return. I think they are lots of safer investments out there and ones with better returns than chkr. I didn't think that when I bought into it sadly but I was wrong.

    Good luck to you.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 5 hours ago Flag

    scs I have said all along that some would pay more and others less and that is true today. The poor and lower wage earners will get insurance and gov help with that insurance. The fact that ACA may cost you and me more is not to me the mark of rather it is good or bad. Sorta of selfish is it not to judge on your pocket book alone over what is good for the majority?

    Also again it is too early to tell what the actual savings or cost will be. ACA remains merely a political debate and nothing more until we are down the road a few years.

    That said the fact that million now have insurance that did not is a positive thing with me maybe not you but with me it is. That what me you a conservative and me a liberal I suppose. I refuse to judge everything by my bank account or what is good for me or my class. My class and I suspect yours as well is in the minority.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 6 hours ago Flag

    scs the port of Houston and Beaumont/Port Arthur use lighter ships to off load but I doubt New Orleans does given the pipeline. Lighter ships would not be easy to find as most are under contract or belong to refinery already.

    I do not see this as much a disruption as you say but not because of lighter ships to ease the pain nor do I see this as a reason for rates to go up or stay up.
    Middle east doing that all on its own and good old Putin has helped as well.

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    Starting to accelerate down

    by marklibera 8 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 8 hours ago Flag

    Mark I think LNG is going to bring both strength and balance to NG prices but not for at least 3 years down the road. I think that 5 bucks would be cheap for NG by 2018 and all that without weather or increase demand which I also believe demand could go up as well. Last years high winter prices are moving toward balance as the storage numbers continue to correct towards the 5 year average.

    I do not see even 6 buck NG price helping CHKR that much however as it is more oil driven than NG but once the horrid hedges are off then you "could see" a nice up tick in revenue from the price of oil as they are hedged over 10 under the open market price of oil. Both higher oil (even90 would be higher for chkr) and higher ng prices will not make up for lower production figures but might help to make the Return on Investment better.

    The results this quarter are what I expected last quarter to be honest. I don't know at what price I may double down on this stock but I do think it will see at least 10.50 again.

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    OT BS the latest on bad screenings

    by barbershores 22 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 9 hours ago Flag

    Mr BS

    From you posted article "In other words, a high percentage of people who were very sick still got a cancer screening test that offered them virtually zero benefit, because detecting early signs of cancer isn’t beneficial for those who are going to die of something else in the next several years, whether it be old age or another illness"

    Did you notice the term "people who were very sick" That is not your average 65yo person Mr. BS.
    This whole article is not about the AVERAGE 65 year old. Yet you pat yourself on the back and say I told you so. Insurance co. tables will show you the life span of the average person who is 65 years old Mr. BS and you might be surprised to learn that a person that is 1 year old has a lower life span than does someone who has reached 65. Insurance co. do indeed figure in accidental death, and other forms of death than sickness.

    You are 65 do you feel sick and dying or rather healthy? At some age the need for a colon cancer test would be foolish due to life span or the fact that you have a bad heart or a form of cancer your fighting.
    Same would go for even PSA test or a breast screening for women. Each person and family history is different Mr. BS and their is a HUGE difference between a Sick 65 yo person and one who is healthy.

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    OT BS Streamers

    by barbershores Aug 18, 2014 2:11 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 9 hours ago Flag

    Mr. BS you post and carry on about birds and even come up a number of trillions then you hide behind you ending statement. Why do you think that a solution will bring yet another problem? The glass is always half empty with you right wingers.

    You unlike some of your right wing brothers do clearly see global warming. Your response however has been in your post not to even try to reduce what "may" be causing it but to insist that Nothing can be done.
    Again the same half empty glass. For someone who believes in Free enterprise and Capitalism and having thousands of examples of both finding something new and problem solving on global warming you merely throw up your hands and claim defeat.

    Funny that a "Liberal" like me has more faith in our system of new and better ideas to solve problems by having the opportunity to find a new industry or product to make a profit while solving problems and you point fingers and howl at a gov that invest in the nations well being and future with capitalist to find such solutions.
    Failures and death and billions of dollars went into space program and still does in the hopes of a better and more informed future as well as new and exciting weapons of war so the idea of coming up with a new energy source than oil with the same Gov private sector approach for some reason is anti capitalist to you?

    Al Gore is at best a poster boy for the idea of global warming and behind him stands thousands of REAL scientist who really discovered and continue to work on facts and projections and all of which is rejected because of Gore is the "leftist" who pushed it. Had a Bush embraced it that would of changed everything and Lake would be against it for that reason alone.

    The cost will always be higher while in the development stages of any new industry. The auto cost anyone in the horse related business a loss of job and lively hood. But they continued to be developed and now they add to yet another problem lol.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 10 hours ago Flag

    Mr. BS one report does not a fact make. The real truth is it is too early to tell how much ACA will effect the cost of insurance for companies and their employees. Under the old system when health insurance cost went up to a company (they did every year) the company would either shop for a new plan or plans or raise the cost to employees to off set at least some of the cost.

    I have a "company" insurance and it went down not up in 2014. The old policy I had did go up about 4%.
    I doubt either one was due to ACA as the truth is the cost to insurance companies and the increase in insurance business by them has not had time to form any sort of pattern.

    How anyone the NY Fed included could come up with a dollar amount is nothing more than guess work.
    One reason is your own state. Each State in our "NO SINGLE PAYER" system has its own set of rules and its own group of insurance companies to draw from. N.H. is a great example of a state that would of been served by what you opposed a Single payer system. All insurance companies are not created equal nor is all states age make up or availability of health care providers. To use any number as "the number" is a sad joke and shows just how bad the NY FED is at understanding the insurance business.

    If the min wage was raised to 10 bucks an hour tomorrow the cost to companies would not be the same as across the nation the wages vary from state to state. The same goes for health insurance. Time will tell.

    When I had my injury and have seen bills come it has not been the insurance companies or Medicare that I am amazed at. It is the size of the bills that these companies charge and then settle for. Whatever the cost allowed by Medicare may be their should be a LAW that puts a cap at 15% above that price period.
    A hospital charges 3,000 for a room takes 800 from Medicare should not be allow to sue you or me for the 3,000. To charge 375% more to individuals than insurance co. or medicare is a crime.

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    fro's new addition

    by option_flyer 19 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 10 hours ago Flag

    LNG is the one type of ship that Mr. F seems to have no interest in at all. FRO ships can not be used for such a purpose as a tanker is not a LNG carrier.

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    BS EIA is pushing to export crude

    by barbershores Aug 19, 2014 11:00 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 19, 2014 4:33 PM Flag

    scs you are correct that FTZ indeed do let the buyer of crude and the seller both escape a tax bill for importing the stuff into the US and exporting it. Boy I hope they are not on food stamps too.
    Darn Gov give away programs oh wait that is too big business so that is ok.

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    OT BS Streamers

    by barbershores Aug 18, 2014 2:11 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 19, 2014 4:30 PM Flag

    Mr. Shores we started out putting Nuke waste in old oil barrels and dropping them into the ocean. We now bury them deep in the earth entombed by thick concrete. So let us hope that mankind in his wisdom can figure out that if such a solar power plant has potential to be "commercial" as all things to be worth value.
    The cost added to build a Big Bird Cage around such a plant could be figured out by ever so smart human race. Using netting such as used around golf courses to keep golf balls from escaping the course it would seem as possible.

    In other words Mr. BS to look at a problem such as the one with bird kills and assume it must go on without any solution is not forward thinking but defeatist thinking. If we can come up with a way to produce solar power hopefully it can include netting that would also prevent bird kills if we care about birds.

    As for humans and nuke waste it seems we do not apply the same logic to that issue as we have not nor do we try to solve the waste problem in over 60 years we merely bury it deeper and pass on the ill effects to one day long in the future if man is still alive.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 19, 2014 4:21 PM Flag

    Mr. Shores I used to think your idea of 5,000 point dow was your biggest mistake but after reading this post I realize you do not have a clue on the cost of hospital care and other type of care that goes with it.

    If you have no insurance (even a 20,000 out of pocket limit) then you pay for it all or lose your credit or get sued. If you get yourself checked into a hospital through an ER you can kiss 10-20 grand goodbye for day one and figure about 7-10 on following days depending on what is wrong with you. Any special services such as heart attack care triple that.

    A ride in the ambulance will cost you over a grand one way.

    You now are covered not by ACA but you are on another left wing Gov. give away Medicare. Which covers 100% of hospitals for nothing a year (needs to be changed by indexing cost) and then 80% of part B. if you have medicare most insurance companies have lots cheaper rates since Medicare will be primary on cost to you.

    The young as you call them are not the only ones that are now covered by ACA as anyone who before could not afford insurance or get insurance and is low earner can with left wing Gov help get help on paying for insurance.
    American being stupid do not realize or think about medical cost until they have such cost then they are shocked.

    A 93,000 for 13 days in hospital to ME and individual is paid in full by Medicare and my insurance for 13,000 bucks. You or an individual would have to pay what you could get them to agree too or get sued. A 5hr stay in ER was 23,000 bucks and so far have not got a copy of the bill only a statement saying I owe that much.

    A 5 minute ride in ambulance 1800 bucks and a hour ride 2900 bucks.

    You really better stay healthy since you are totally clueless on medical cost which you defend for the sake of profit and capitalism. You are correct that the poor got a great deal and God Bless them they needed it given our pay or die attitude in American Medical so called profession.

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    wells remaining to be drilled

    by dga749 Aug 8, 2014 2:03 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 19, 2014 11:35 AM Flag

    mark I have been looking at LINE and LNCO and they are almost the same in cost and dividend and LINE created LNCO is my understanding. Do they own different leases or all in same area. You point about a 1099 verses a K-1 is true for ease of taxes but I already have 4 other K-1 so another does not matter and the immediate tax on distribuation is a little less with a LMP than a reg corp.

    Looks like either LINE and LNCO both win or both lose as seem to be tied at hip to me. LNCO does not I guess have the debt from the LINE deal but both buying PXD property so maybe LNCO had a hand in LINE latest purchase that got them into so much trouble.

    An aside I owned MESA LMP back in the 80's watched it die and then rebirth into PXD. Have to admit I made some nice bucks when PXD got their act together but when the house pulled the big debt ceiling BS and stocks crashed I sold PXD at around 98 and today it is over 200 lol. One reason why dislike the right wing nut jobs in the house they cost me a lot of money lol. Sometimes there is no better way to keep score.

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    OT BS Streamers

    by barbershores Aug 18, 2014 2:11 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 19, 2014 10:34 AM Flag

    lake the point of Mr. BS post was not him in support of birds but merely to show that those who support solar or wind find themselves at odds to those who get their feathers all ruffed up at loss of bird life. The right rarely cares about any life except their own of course. The post was merely a "Straw Man" to show that one so called left wing project (how capitalist solar power is leftist is only possible in the minds of a right winger and the same about wind as well you would think the right owns all the oil and nukes in the world lol) Birds are the concern of the left wing boys and girls that see the loss of birds as some sort of terrible event. While it is clear cut example of mankind effecting nature as to bird killing and the right will point this out the possibility of mankind being a part of Global Warming is flatly denied.

    I have been a member of the Sierra Club but dropped out because while I share a lot of concerns they have I still put human life above wildlife and the money they want to spend on animals can be better spent on hungry and sick children.

    For Capitalist many of them right wingers to oppose and make light of solar and wind and other new sources of energy for the only reason that somehow it is seen as a left or Demo agenda is more political brain dead instead of Capitalist. The future will show a need for new sources of power as oil and ng will run out and Nuke will always be a dirty and very dangerous source so good capitalist development of new sources present hope, and opportunity for profit. T. Boone Pickens is no left winger and he went after wind big time.

    Mostly the right too often is against something for no other reason that the left is for it and the same holds true for the left. Personal greed or the fear of higher oil and ng prices over rules the idea of new profit opportunity in new energy sources. Birds will not stop solar but better batteries would help a lot and better transmission for wind.

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    wells remaining to be drilled

    by dga749 Aug 8, 2014 2:03 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 18, 2014 5:13 PM Flag

    mark how I understand the trust is that chk is the trustee and at the end of the trust period the trustee (chk) will buy back units of trust at whatever value they consider meets the terms of the trust. So if chk owned these units already they would not have to buy them at end of trust.

    That said I agree with you that all things equal chk would take the cash and sell the units they would however still be the trustee of the trust. Much like Houghton ( I believe) had XTO as trustee and ended up in court against them and won and thus the trust holders got a lot of added value for their shares.

    CHK or any trustee is not above "pushing the line" when it comes to how they read the trust. At the end of the day you either take what they do or sue them.

    I am heavy in oil and gas for income now but LINE paying that over 9% does look tempting.

    Thanks for insight.

  • You have no insurance. you get into an accident and blow out your knee. If your lucky you get surgery to "fix" the knee (maybe not since it is not life threatening so to go from ER to Hospital for treatment with no insurance and no medicare is not required but under ACA all could get surgery.

    OK lets say you get the surgery somehow without insurance and not on medicade nore midecare and no insurance. You get NO physical therapy to get you back to your job or life. ACA being insurance will pay for this and get you well again. The working folks who do not want to pay for ACA I nsurance (the youngsters)
    are the ones who would gain most from this. Young and working to get ahead too cheap or stupid to buy insurance or even have a pre existing condition that would not allow any coverage. They injure themselves with a situation that will keep them out of the work force. Some will lose their jobs, some will go untreated beyond the ER. PT helps them heal and get back to work faster. thus ACA will be a blessing to those who find themselves in that situation. How many? One is enough if it you, your son or daughter since the cost to "fix" the problem will be a family affair.

    One of my older PT guys a right wing GOP guy (very nice guy and yes we get alone good) was saying that with ACA more might be able to get PT thus job security for him. Was he for it? Of course not lol.

    Yes the insurance that is selected would determind if any treatment would be available but if one was smart they could get insurance that would protect their faster recovery from an injury. All job related injuries get PT treatment and medicare pays a flat 1900.00 bucks for treatment with an addition 1800.00 if a need or condition is bad enough to warrant such treatment.

    Another example of things you do not think about unless you be walking in those shoes or trying to start walking again with help from PT.

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    OT BS Medicaid scams

    by barbershores Aug 18, 2014 12:08 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 18, 2014 3:36 PM Flag

    Mr. BS when a company (for profit) advertise on TV that they "will handle" all dealings with Medicare to get you your scooter no doctor need be involved you got ask yourself how can this be? While my guess would be that over 85% of the chairs go to folks who need them clearly the whole system is broken.

    Lets look at what happens. The scooter is ordered not because the person can not walk or even use a wheel chair now but to "extend" the abilities to do things that weakness of limbs would not allow. In other words stop walking and start riding. How does that do for your ability to improve your walking or lose more of what you already have. But that is not what is broke. IF the Gov is going to pay for the wheel chairs (which they do) then the Gov should link Medicare, SS payments and chairs or any other per person health devise to the person getting them. Once the person dies the Medicare stops for that person as does SS and guess what the chair should go back to the Gov. or its private for profit contractor to rework the chair for use of another. The cost of chairs would go down a lot as not as many new chairs would have to be built.

    Here is one that defies logic. The VA will buy a wheel chair van for a person who is TERMINAL. The Vans cost well over 150,000 apiece and go to someone who the VA knows will dies. The van belongs to the person and once they die their "estate" gets the van and can sell it. I had a uncle by marriage (worth over 5 or 6 million) who hated the Gov and was against all forms of Gov give aways until he got his van.
    The guy could afford to buy his own for one thing and like all things Gov. is not indexed. He died and his wife my niece sold it for over a 100,000. Again stupid way to run a program. The VA should at least get the van back.

    These are not fraud and totally legal. The chairs and vans are needed to have a "normal life" but clearly the program is set up wrong totally wrong. Index and return.

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    wells remaining to be drilled

    by dga749 Aug 8, 2014 2:03 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 18, 2014 11:09 AM Flag

    mark I understand that chk may get rid of the units they have since they are not in the business of royalities trust and selling the units would give them cash right then to invest in other areas and they would still "own" the wells when the trust runs its course. Given our 4 buck return while the subs are OUT that would work down to about 7 which is where CHK is pricing them now. It would from a corp stand point depend on cash flow need as to rather to sell or not. They have ALL the inside information in those wells and the field they set on and in fact do "own" them. So if they sale them for 7 bucks down the road about 12 years or so they would then have to buy back the units they sold come final settlement. Depends on what CHK sees that number being as to rather it would be worth getting the 7 bucks then having to "give back" an amount on what they sold. Thus they would not get 7 but 7 less the buyout price. Not very good businesss unless you are cash poor and need the cash bad.

    Long road to look down even the next 2 years as we see oil retreating down below 100 bucks so the next payout will not reflect that price as much as the one following if oil stays low. I have a limited amount of shares for now and can afford to set on them and get back 4 more bucks and shoot the dice or if the game changes can always sell before a payout. This quarter seems to been a good one to sell before and buy back in as the price dropped more than the pay out was and is dropping again today. Who knows bottom line but the trust no doubt was a very bad investment if you bought in at the start. Best to you in the next one. Do you have an opinion on LINE?

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Aug 18, 2014 10:14 AM Flag

    38.000 VLCCF
    17,000 suez

    About break even on suez and lots of profit for VLCCF

    While not the rates of the good old days at 38,000 FRO can pay its bills and work on its balance sheet.

    If you bought in at the low 2.20 mark congrats on your gamble you have now made over 20% on your investment not bad for a couple of weeks or less. (smirk on face)

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    Al Sharpton goes to Missouri

    by lakeed98 Aug 15, 2014 7:38 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Aug 15, 2014 11:28 AM Flag

    scs would you say that Sean Hannity was acting in civil way when he did what he did to pour gasoline on an already lit fire?

    Lake's point was in how the two TV left and right talking heads acted and you choose to address a situation which by "Your" evaluation was close. Ok and Mi are historically not the same when it come to race issues as OK was a Jim Crowe State. Duncan ok is a small rural town with no large city like St. Louis near it. This is not the first time that police use of deadly force has been questioned in the St. Louis area.

    I am not saying that the police were right or wrong but that your comparison is far from being a comparison. The right to peaceful protest to look into not only this matter but the general claim that police are "aggressive" in how they do their job in black community is fine but violence and law breaking is wrong both in Missouri and Nev. Sharpton did right and he does have influence and I hope his and others voices of reason is heard. Hannity is a money grabbing wind bag who statement should of been considered the same as Fire in a theater.

    There is little doubt that the black community has lots of hot heads, gang members and others looking for an excuse to get violent and loot and also little doubt that the right wing anti Gov. crowd is always looking for an excuse to use their guns and Sharpton and Hannity both know this and to act or speak to encourage violence is dead wrong.

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