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    solar panels only make

    by mikecline3 Sep 17, 2014 12:39 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 20, 2014 1:46 PM Flag

    bob actually the count is higher than 3. Two in Russia alone with loss of lots of life and still unsafe levels in area around the two plants. 3 in Japan again loss of life and unsafe area and unknown ocean cost and others. Several in US has been shut down before they went MIA and I do not know about other countries but Nukes are anything but a safe bet and as long as they are built and ran by a for profit company or as in Russia poor design and operation they will be more costly than value they bring to power supply.

    No telling how many deaths due to coal dust and burnt coal ash and it continues today.

    But hey you got to pay to play and we do love to play.

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    War Tax or War Bond?

    by scs_dan Sep 20, 2014 12:03 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 20, 2014 1:37 PM Flag

    scs I know you hate ISIS and want to see them destroyed but you seem to want for that to happen for free?

    So you think those that buy bonds should shoulder the cost of the war and those who do not pay nothing?
    Bad enough that some are going to die and be ruined for life to make your desire (and mine) to see ISIS taken apart but I unlike you as a proud vet and American are willing to pay a tax to see it done.

    You claim to be conservative but do not want to PAY for what is done? You would rather add debt instead of paying for a war? That is not conservative. Cheap yes, greedy Yes, self centered yes. But conservative not even close.

    The poor will pay in blood when the last time you given any blood? how about an arm or leg? The rich do not fight wars and making them pay for war and letting the poor fight and die seems fair to me and if not it is the poor not the rich with the beef.

    As usual your just self driven and call it conservative or Freedom of choice but in truth you know if a bond you would dodge the cost of the war and not have any blood at risk and wear your little flag and call yourself a real American. Maybe you are since a lot of folks will agree with you.

    Rangel in all his faults and he has them does have a silver star to show for his risk of blood and that when being a black and winning such a medal was not easy or maybe you feel that giving medals to blacks and browns and other minorities was on a fair and equal basis lol. It wasn't and most likely still is not as the military remains a good old boy white club for the most part with a few exception like C. Powell. few rise to the higher ranks.

    Kill ISIS yea but don't ask me to pay for it lol Typical right wing idea.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 18, 2014 1:05 PM Flag

    Lake you not me brought in Christianity into this discussion (as usual) but if you think mankind is full of good guys then you are deluded period. History (the bible included) shows over and over again what drives mankind and it is simply. Self centered interest pure and simple. The more powerful a person is (usually by riches but not only as religion does give power when misapplied or political power) the more the corruption effects mankind. If you really think China is concerned about going green then go hug a commie and become his buddy in the new green age you see concerned mankind entering.

    The sad truth is man has screwed over man as long as man has walked the earth and you can read about it for about the last 5,000 if you wish. Am I sinister? If looking at the history of mankind and seeing how greed, power and ego has created monster after monster at the expense of humanity and seeing it happen year after year then you may call me sinister if that will make you believe in mankind more.

    They are examples of good men and women who to their own suffering did serve others and try to improve humanity. I will make you mad by saying many of them driven by being like Jesus and others just doing what they were talented to do. They are in a minority.

    China, the USA and other countries will move toward survival over only when they are sure of the outcome being so bad as to effect the status quo of power and realize that to do nothing means drastic changes in the world they now know that will effect their eco and power and they must act. Those on this list who put money ahead of doing more now to act are no more than a reflection of the masters who pull the strings.
    Some know very well the danger of doing into the future the same as has been done but the personal cost to them is too great for them to push for the change. So they feed the lies that it is not real or we can't beat it anyway as a whole to maintain control as long as they can.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 17, 2014 6:33 PM Flag

    China needs power and fast. They will continue to need it for a long while as they are like the 1950's for the US and if the world eco remains good that will not change. Given the pro globalist thinking (or sold out) politics of both parties in the USA in 50 years the USA will behind China in eco power. Handed to them by traitorous US Globalist and their owned politician's and stupid people who will vote their second class world citizenship to China.

    You seem to think that money or a country cares about the life and well being of workers and you call yourself a liberal with that type of thinking? Coal has been a known killer for over 75 years and even before "global warming debate" Coal was I killer in the air of any major city in the North, to those who worked to produce it and to the streams and rivers that was used as dumb run off. Who cares as long as greed was feed and it continues today. It takes bigger money to push out old money and until solar and wind and whatever else may be found can buy the greedy politician's then no ones cares about how dirty or clean things are as they pay lip service only to the problem. China only cares about power they have too many people as it is so who cares if a lot die off? They do care about pollution around their major global cites of today and the future as they will lead the new world order not the US or Russia or EU. They will go to nukes regardless of how dangerous they may be and will hold on to coal until they oil or gas or solar or wind to replace it. How clean it may be is low on their list of things to think about today.

    Look at all the right wingers in the US who still deny global warming and man's role in it. Fox and bought politician's have made it a political issue instead of a science issue and the bubba's don't know or understand science maybe but they do understand that when Fox or the GOP speaks they salute regardless of the issue.

    Change will come when the money is right.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 17, 2014 2:36 PM Flag

    Semp there you again speaking as if you word Is correct and final. You are silly enough to claim that environmentalists are against dams because they produce power??? What a line of #$%$ that is. They may be against dam and thus against the power they produce but not because of the power. Since when do you speak for all environmentalist? Who died and left you as the voice of all knowing.

    Who cares what you think "big-hydro" is or is not renewable energy. I think most real environmentalist unlike you would agree that rather they like dams or not that hydro elect power is clean and renewable. They would have other concerns but unlike what you claim if those claims could be handled and the power produced they would be trilled.

    You just can not bring yourself to concede even a point can you. You will even climb up and claim to be all knowing about what "environmentalist" believe or not. Just like right wingers like you come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of beliefs within the right not even you can claim to speak for them all. Well you could as you have claimed to speak for almost anyone as putting words in folks mouths is your favorite thing to do.

    The reality of life is that no one knows what the makeup of China power will be in 16 years down the road.
    Their needs will increase IF the world's eco remains strong. Given the fact that nuke power also fits into a Nuke weapon program and they do not have to listen to environmentalist or anyone else for that matter I expect nukes to be part of that growth. Coal use will also fit but China will end up using whatever is cheaper and in 5 or 10 years than may well be solar or who knows what. More dams included as China like you has little use for environmentalist concerns and look for power. But you go ahead and tell us what is in the mind of the environmentalist community if that feeds that never full ego of yours.

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    Lindsey Graham

    by lakeed98 Sep 16, 2014 7:57 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 17, 2014 11:25 AM Flag

    gadboone waving the Stars and Bars and depending on guns held by private citizens to fight off the enemy once they are at your door step might be your idea of how to save the USA from foreign enemies but is certainly not mine. The right wing is more concerned and afraid of their own Gov. listening in on cell phones calls and reading emails and being able to buy all the guns they want than they are what ISIS or China or Russia does. Be assured gadboone that Russia or China will still listen to your calls and read your computer emails and continue to employee all the latest techno advantage they can get while you and your right wing nut jobs brag about how your "rights" are in danger from your own Gov.

    I doubt in fact you even want any US Gov to succeed that is not right wing. The old South and the current South is full of Governors who clearly believe more in states rights than a locality to the Federal Gov. Who knows maybe Putin will offer them a shot at joining a great white majority Russia and once again be proud of white power? Putin will even let you have your guns I am sure until that is he is ready for His troops to move in but relax your white he is white must be better than having a country with a non white running things right?

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    Lindsey Graham

    by lakeed98 Sep 16, 2014 7:57 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 16, 2014 11:41 PM Flag

    Lake I guess you are in the inter circle of ISIS? I mean you seem to know what they will do.

    Here are some facts. ISIS clearly hates the USA as they do anyone who will not do as they demand.
    ISIS does not mind killing like I do not mind breathing. Do you think ISIS would love to Kill American's in America? If not you are hopeless fool. So the only thing stopping them from doing so is not money since they have lots of that. With money comes lots of options to accomplish your goals which OBL proved.

    So you tell me Lake since you clearly know the thoughts and plans of ISIS why do they not want to come here and kill American's? If they do then what will stop them from trying to do that?

    If ISIS or any of the radical Islamic groups thought they could come here and kill Americans I do not think it foolish at all to assume they would. You can say they don't want too or can not all you want but I doubt anyone thinks they do not want to do exactly that.

    My point was that Graham (McCain as well) unlike the other right wingers supported the US Gov. using any means they could to gather intell to protect American from just such an attack. Lots of left wing Demos joined the right wing GOP types in crying about civil liberties and Big Brother over their cell phones being listened too or their computers watched.

    Gov. Perry idea of troops on the border will not stop ISIS and is a waste of time but intelligence gathering has keep AMerica safe from attack since 9-11 not that the terrorist would not love to attack us and kill us they sure would.

    You short and stupid post is just that.

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    OT BS We are pumping carbon into the atmosphere

    by barbershores Sep 10, 2014 10:27 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 16, 2014 11:28 PM Flag

    Mr. BS you sure want to sound and for us to believe you to be a very bright person when it comes to GWS but honestly a guy who says he believes in GW and even believes that mankind is at least adding to the problem then as a solution says we can do nothing and should not try to save the future by any today, Well that is one guy that to me is more stupid than smart. At least the average low mentality right winger who does not believe in GW can be given a pass for not seeing a need to act but you on the hand tries to pass off intelligence with doing nothing and just waiting for whatever happens. If that is smart then I guess I am as dumb as you think I am.

    BTW for others benefit AL Gore position on GWS is no different than yours that it is real and mankind is at least part the problem. He is also in agreement in that thinking with over 90% of the experts who are climate experts (as are you since you and Al agree) Where you break rank with Gore and the 90% of the experts is that you think nothing can be done to slow or reverse the situation. Sorry BS but I got to go with the real experts instead of a guy that advocates quitting and doing nothing as a smart move.

  • For the second time in a span of months AXAS has been played. For us who follow this stock we knew that nothing had changed in the basis of the stock yet it moved over 10% down and then up now twice. Ok the price of oil could account for some of that but I suggest that it merely provided a cover not a cause.

    Two things happened that moved AXAS up over 11% so far today. Oil futures went up and AXAS uped the production numbers to a small amount and you could count the well results over 1,000 bar. while good is no gusher.

    What I think really happened is crooked Wall Street decided to play lets makes some money on AXAS.
    Shove it down more than a good stock like AXAS should be pushed down then wait for news to push it up.
    We all knew a well report would be coming and seeing better numbers and raised production was predicted by a few on this board so give the Wall Street Sharks some credit for knowing at least as much as some on this board and having lots of money to play the stock.

    For us LT AXAS holders I hope you made some bucks with the sharks by adding when it was down and now enjoying the ride up which should see 7 bucks or higher in next years summer oil run up. If oil drops below 90 down to the low 80's then the price of the stock will go down because of that alone but the numbers will continue to grow on production and it is up to Bob to makes good decisions on future leases and development if AXAS is to make the move from small cap to a middle of the road independent player which I think he can do. But the sharks have found a nice cheap toy to use to make money so don't count them out and done yet.

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    Lindsey Graham

    by lakeed98 Sep 16, 2014 7:57 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 16, 2014 1:21 PM Flag

    Lake Graham is at least a retired military man who unlike most of his right wing buddies did stand up for the use of techno to intercept possible terrorist plans while the most of the right wanted their cell phones right wing supper market and gun range Bla Bla protected and cried of privacy and Const. rights. Now if ISIS does kill anyone here they will be first in line to blame Obama instead of themselves for weakening the intel community to protect this country. I posted long ago when the cell phone and privacy rights was a big deal how STUPID the right was. No one on this list has anything of value or interest to be pulled up from the billions of "hits" in the intercept bank to be looked at further other than to laugh at perhaps but yet they all were so concerned about their privacy being "invaded" as if any fool already knew that cell phones and computers were not "Safe" but they wanted only their Gov to stop using the intercept.

    Some right wingers are true nut jobs who are scared of everything that might or so they have told interlope into their lives. They are beyond hope. Others like most political GOP types are merely playing political games as the GOP has always played the "scare the American public" card and when no enemies are around to press the issue they too turn on their own Gov. Fear gets votes.

    ISIS is dangerous and they could launch a small attack in the US and keeping our Gov from being able to gather intelligence in anyway they can is one way to make such attacks succeed. Putting up a fense and deploying troops is not but intell gathering is always the better way. No army fights well without intell nor does any defense of nation go well without good and current intell about threats.

    The right nut jobs and their political cry babies and scared cats are the real danger to America as they do all they can to weaken our ability to defend ourselves. Obama and Dem's are idoits for not driving this point home now.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 16, 2014 1:10 PM Flag

    Mr BS this post by you shows exactly what you do. You have a position on a point of discussion or interest then you scour the internet to find anyone who agrees with you and then copy the link. When question about it you can claim you only posted a link as you did here. But in fact you offered a link from a man who you claim you never heard of or knew whom he was. So in other words you link anyone as a source to prove a point of yours even a source you do not know and one you do not check into to see who they are and who they are connected too. A right wing site or left wing site in your mind has as much credit as does the Wall street J. or Washing Post which while left and right also have a standard to impose unlike the links you put up which you yourself do not bother to even check out. Then you claim "I don't know them" as your defense.
    You just happened to come on Lake's post how lucky for you lol. You and him are exactly alike so be careful how you paint him to be. You both post anything from any source to prove a point. You both spend way to much time on line instead of having a real life. You are not as "up front" in your attacks of others as Lake is but somehow to me at least that only shows how sneaky you are.

    I have attacked Lake more than you as he or you are not on ignore for me as is no one but while on different sides of the left and right you both employ the same treatment of others in your own superior little closed minds of self-righteousness and all knowing attitude.

    That's my take anyway and your idea of the truth is what you agree with only.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Sep 15, 2014 5:56 PM Flag

    Rates are now below break even on both vlccf and Suez.

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    13 anneversity of 9/11

    by lakeed98 Sep 12, 2014 10:55 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 12, 2014 1:43 PM Flag

    scs nice try to blame Clinton for 9-11 but the facts do not back you up. Clinton believed Clarke and Did try to kill OBL. He failed but at least Clinton saw OBL as a threat. Clarke told Clinton Gore that OBL was a threat and Clarke thought the Olympics' in Ga was a possible target by commercial airlines and Clinton Gave Clarke a free hand to have the Air Force on patrol and alert during the games.

    Clarke went to the Ranch in Texas months before 9-11 and again tried to bring Bush and his "crew" up to speed on OBL but was rejected by Bush, Rice and the rest of the boys at the ranch. Clearly Clinton and thus Gore if he had won would of accepted Clarke fears different than Bush did. I do not know if Gore would of prevented 9-11 or not even with Clarke on full alert and with a free hand to run the terrorist desk as he had under Clinton but I know the odds would of been better.

    The worse mistake Bush made was Invading Iraq then the next was not paying attention to Clarke warning which named OBL who Bush had never even heard of unlike Gore.

    You can defend your GOP boy all you want but the facts are that the guy who was the most correct on OBL and the threat that he posed was Clarke who was totally ignored and dismissed by the Bush crew.
    The same crew that was so convinced of WMD and even an atomic threat but totally ignored a real threat.
    That is why GW Bush was by bad judgment alone the worse president we ever had. He was clearly not up to the job when it came to foreign policy and we know where his eco policies got us but still the name Bush is wanted for yet a third run at the office by the old boy GOP. Lets hope Jeb has got more sense than his brother.

    You are right Clinton had more tries at OBL and knew him as a dangerous man while Bush ate Bar Bee Q and didn't have a clue just like he set with school kids frozen for over a minute in pure shock when informed of 9-11. Loser all the way around.

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    OT BS We are pumping carbon into the atmosphere

    by barbershores Sep 10, 2014 10:27 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 11, 2014 12:02 PM Flag

    Mr. BS what amazes me about this post and others that you have made about Global warming is how much authority and absolute correctness you see in what you believe and what total disbelief you put on others point of view.

    You do see and believe in global warming and it seems you also believe that man is at least playing a part in the problem. Most right wingers on this board and within the GOP are not willing to give up that much ground to what they consider a "left or Liberal" position. Even you call "Liberal" anyone who advocates trying to do something to attempt to lessen the treat. You are not a scientist yet you act like you are the single and most accurate climate expert there is. Most on the right reject the vary numbers that you use to say shows it is impossible except for extreme methods to stop or change the effects of mankind on global warming. You do this not to agree with Global warming but to instead say "we are unable to do anything"

    In war (and global wamring is a form of war against the human race) if one side merely says who is me all is lost lets just not do anything and wait to be overrun then lose you will. Instead if the cause is worth it (is not the human life worth it?) battles are fought, some to win and others to defend and fall back to fight again.
    Nike has said correctly that what we did in the 70's had an effect that is now being overran in one area.
    Had nothing been done (your plan) how much worse and how much less time would we be faced with?

    Maybe today you are correct we can not with what we have and know WIN this war. But do we stall and defend and do what we can and hope that Science will come up with a better solution or do we merely lay down? To be a conservative there must be something left to conservative so a true conservative position would be that holds out the hope of a day when the system wins the war not give the field to the enemy.

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    Global warming trend

    by rogere1946 Sep 5, 2014 11:39 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 10, 2014 2:50 PM Flag

    scs once again do you feel the same "feeling" when a large corp does all it can to avoid paying US taxes when much of its market is located in the US? I have never said that I do not get mad at folks who take Gov money who either do not need it or could work. However I feel that the % who do that is not as high as big Corp who dodge paying US taxes while basking in the sweet money hole that is the US market. Just look at the foreign Drub Co. who charge US folks way more than they do anywhere else in the world. Where is your outrage at that? Why do you insist on paying more for drugs than any person in any other country in the world does? That my friend is stupid. Here I am a stupid American I insist that I pay more for my drugs than everyone else to prove how I worship at the alter of Capitalism.

    There is little we can do to get ride of those on Gov welfare that are cheats without hurting the ones who need it but we could sure do a lot to end the Big Corp tax evasion and in doing so would actually help Ma and Pa American's. Another sign of how stupid Americans can be. The GOP used to protect small business but have long since sold out to Big Corps Globalist. Ma and Pa business person mostly still votes GOP while they bleed to death slowly after being cut with a dull Globalist GOP knife. Stupid just plain stupid.

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    OT BS For some the "Unaffordable" Care Act

    by barbershores Sep 9, 2014 3:03 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 9, 2014 4:01 PM Flag

    MR BS again you do a lot of assuming. By older adults you mean those who are not yet 65 as you are now as is your wife. Basically ACA will now effect you very little if at all since another Gov program now takes care of you.

    It may indeed be true that some folks get screwed by ACA but to ignore the millions that got screwed before ACA is to try to stack the deck. Some win and some lose

    If a poor person with no insurance before due to not affording it used medicade instead then the total cost of their bills would be paid by the Gov. Now the same poor person can get insurance and the Gov will pay a large part of it. If that large part does not come out to be 100% then the Gov. ie tax payers are getting a good deal as is the person covered by insurance.

    The still for profit health care system we have shoved down our throats by GOP types and folks like you does by the very use of the words "for profit" make it more expense. There is no way you can have unlimited profit such as we give to drug companies and not admit we will pay more for the product.

    All other nations of the world use at least "for less profit" system and it is cheaper. You want to not get screwed? Stop demanding that you pay for "unlimited profit" in your health care.

    Not that hard every other nation in the world but the US has figured this out yet we still go around like we are so smart and they so dumb. Now save me the we have better than do as this to is false. As location and type of treatment determines which is better serving the public not profit. Why is there a lack of doctors in rural areas of the US? Not as much sheep to sheer as in the big cities. Its all about money to the system not service or even how good or fast that service comes as even you have posted all the things you see wrong with our procedures and test. If profit made that much different then our test would be faster and better which they are not.

  • Reply to


    by samsonforce5638 Aug 25, 2014 9:59 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 9, 2014 3:49 PM Flag

    grg the value of reserves is valued to go alone with the price of oil although that will be X by the proven reserves. One answer to your proff's question is how is the reserves in a field figured to begin with? If you have a large field and 10 wells with 240 more to be drilled at current levels of land per well the proven reserve would change with info from each new well.

    You do not start with a known number of oil in the ground you come to that number as wells start to produce and each at their own production rate. Over a large area some layers will produce better than other and some worse. All that info is put into the Proven reserves number as the life and production of each well is figured by actual numbers which can change of course such as being fracked. My understanding of this trust is no such improvement on the wells will be done. Unless of course chk does it after they take the field back lol.

    I also think that the better wells are drilled as soon as possible but lets hope I am wrong on that.

    Good news last quarter oil production went up not down if that holds for a few quarters it might get interesting again.

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    Global warming trend

    by rogere1946 Sep 5, 2014 11:39 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 9, 2014 2:52 PM Flag

    scs the fact that you are self employed helps some but does not protect you from being at the mercy of those who you depend on in your business. You do however by being the boss in Texas have the right to treat your employees like a dog if you so choose so maybe that is why you are for such GOP laws?

    Would you work children if you could? Would you pay women less for the same job if you could? Would you pay blacks or other minorities less if you could? All protected by labor laws and all on the books because maybe you would not but other employees not only would but did.

    The examples of those coal mine owners who have safety violation after violation then appear on the scene to seem concerned when a mine safety issues kills their employees. Just how many more unsafe practices would those type of men practice if not for OSHA and other Gov. safety rules and laws that protect workers from being at the total mercy of an employer?

    You are the one who jumped from Corp's who avoid taxes while taking Gov handouts to blame the poor for talking Gov. money. Many of those on Gov helps are there because some employer fired them and in Texas they can do that for any reason they want some legit others not so.

    I can tell by how much you post on this board you are not a labor under the watchful eye of an employer although we have had right wing type workers who did steal from the time their bosses paid for and they like you always pointed a finger at the poor on welfare as thieves. Lord Dragon never did realize or cared how much he posted on his employers time and insisted he was paid for down time that he used to post.

    How much down time do you give your employees lol. Clearly you give yourself some but that is the advantage of being the boss. Your time is yours.

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    Global warming trend

    by rogere1946 Sep 5, 2014 11:39 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 9, 2014 12:33 PM Flag

    scs is that the best defense you can offer for being on your knees before those that own you? The poor who you and Your Kind lump into one big worthless group since by your post clearly believe that all on the Gov. dole want to be on it which since the majority on the dole are children is a sick joke of how sick you view of the poor really has gotten. The Big Corps however are indeed on the Gov dole by choice in fact they spend billions on electing politicians who can give them billions of tax payer money. The poor at least have to vote for those take care of them and can offer no filthy lucre to buy favor. Of course children can not and depend on folks like me to take compassion on them which I do gladly. A nation that cares not for its children even poor ones is one that needs to fall.

    You have been on your knees so long before the God of money and power that you even assume that is the only position available to you. You clearly only are at a decision on who to bow before and which crowd to be with. There was a time in our history when working men and women understood that they alone cared about their well being and rose up to claim the gains they made when unions had power. That time will come again as more and more are forced on their knees from being at mercy of the Big Corp's to being fired and forced into those who need Gov help. Globalism is the tool that will in time make the working poor and working and not getting ahead so bad off that they will rise up against their globalist masters and all their money and reclaim "of the people, by the people and for the people" Maybe not really meant when written but is apart of our history and now protected by law for workers when they elect folks who have them in mind instead of Globalist Capitalist Masters. Serve them well and their new world order.

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    Global warming trend

    by rogere1946 Sep 5, 2014 11:39 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Sep 8, 2014 5:39 PM Flag

    scs most big US corps pay very little in Fed Taxes and some like oil and gas get a lot more from the Gov than they pay in in investment tax credits and other breaks. If the people of the US are stupid enough to elect GOP Big Corp protecting boys into power and allow Corps that leave to avoid taxes to do business as normal then I say they deserve what they get. Sucker born ever day and the GOP eats on them daily. Like in Texas where a worker can be fired for any reason including not shining the boss man shoes or other acts of #$%$ kissing that the employer demands.

    Elect some good old populates into office and see if Burger King would rather pay taxes for the US market or sell only in Canada. No taxes no share of the market simple as that. But you GOP boys bow and scrape at the feet of big business who can treat you worse than a field hand (in Texas) and you come up with a smile on your lips after giving service.

    Thanks for telling me about Burger King I will stop buying there not that I did but was thinking of enjoying the two for 5 bucks deal but guess I will go a local ma and pop instead.

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