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    GOP and racism

    by rogere1946 Apr 14, 2014 1:44 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 20 hours ago Flag

    scs I do not know if the "facts" I stated was were you grew up in or not. If so and you think you were above those facts then you were a law breaker and not a good Christian since one was the law the other the doctrine of the day.

    I freely admit that back in those days I was as much a racist as the great majority of those in Texas who were white. I also admit that I have had to overcome that terrible failed logic of the white race in the Southern states were Jim Crowe and the bible was used to inflect insult and injury upon a race of people whos "crime" was being non white.

    You are a desperate man to try to use the sad truth of American White History in the South as some sort of Democrat thing. No GOP in the South was against Jim Crow or stood up in church and said it was wrong.
    It was sadly a White Race thing. If you want to stand up and say that you were not a follower of that kind of thinking and law that's your right to do it. Racism in ones thinking has influence which must be fought fresh ever time confronted. As long as person does not Act on the racism and defeats they are not racist in action and like a member of AA is a non drinking alcoholic they admit and battle one day at a time to stay that way.

    You getting a silly as grumpy in your post I guess the right brain thinkers run out of everthing but being silly.
    It is indeed silly that of all the racist post that has been made on this board you have NEVER called those who made them RACIST if they agreed with you or voted right wing like you. That is truly sad.

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    Suez above 20 and VLCCF at 19000

    by rogere1946 Apr 15, 2014 3:23 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 20 hours ago Flag

    jersey I think we look at things through US eyes only but the truth is that before there was a USSR there was a part of the Ukraine that was mother Russia. Hitler took back areas of Germany that had been lost to her because of WWI and the world saber rattled but was in the end ok with that. The first step he took into non historic Germany was the beginning of WWII. I think Putin is no dummy. While he might like to "get" all of the Ukraine I believe he knows that the cost would be disastrous from an eco point of view for all of mother Russia. He got his black sea part and the part that was historically Russia and to be honest the majority people of that region wanted to be Russia again.

    FRO is indeed tied to the politics of the Ukraine but that alone is not the only reason to invest in FRO just a bonus. They are more players in this game than Putin as the Ukraine itself must come to the reality that it is better to lose some than lose it all. If Russia decides to "take" it all there is not much that EU or the US can do to stop as War is off the table. Calm heads are needed in the Ukraine to accept that fact and work within that reality. If they do then I think Putin will take his winnings and wait at the table for another "move".

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    No conservative here sports fans

    by rogere1946 Apr 12, 2014 1:44 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 20 hours ago Flag

    scs can't ever disagree with making some money on a trade. I just sorta made up my mind to see 4 bucks.

    I think the "deal" worked out between Russia and the EU over Ukraine has "eased" tension some and thus the need for tankers to move needed lost Russian oil is at present less on the radar. However like all "agreements" we will see if this one holds or not.

    Suez rates really dropped today and I think that is the "agreement" showing up. If you believe that the Ukraine situation is not settled and Russia will not behave themselves then I would buy on a drop as FRO will benefit from any heavy eco reactions against Russia. I do think the EU will bite the bullet and put the sanctions on Russia if they do not honor the agreement. Germany has changed its position on Russia and Merkel will pull the trigger if Putin does not do as promised. A women scorned is something that even Putin better realize is serious business.

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    John Bolten is a teabagger freak

    by lakeed98 Apr 15, 2014 9:25 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 20 hours ago Flag

    wow a racist answer from rje what a surprise. Again pure ignorance by the pure racist mind. Bad logic expands as it is processed and with rje the process has been going on most likely all his life.

    Crime rates don't matter he claims. Now that one is well thought out isn't it. Every city in the US and every state and the federal gov. ALL track crime rates but rje has declared they do not matter. All hail the mind of rje. The real facts are that what the brit police lack in fire power from GUNS they more than make up for when it comes to the laws of the land and the mind set of the English people. They are not as concerned about "privacy" and rights since they do not live in fear of their Gov like rje kind do.

    If you rje are really so dense that you believe that in Merry ole England there is not to be found areas like
    Detroit or backwoods America (I know you don't believe their is pockets of white criminal activities in America because you don't believe in crime stats) then you are wrong. The thing that the bad guys know in Brit that has been lost in America is that if the Brit police NEED to use Force yes even Armed response Force it will be
    effective and quick. Their legal system also need not bother with the same kinds of restrains that the USA legal system does. You withhold information from the Brit police or not cooperate then you will be taken down to the "Nick" for a visit and if all they can prove is you lied to them your visit will be longer and if you lied and concealed you may as well of done the crime yourself. The Brits have a lot more serious criminal justice system of which the police decides when it starts and to whom it starts for. You have an illegal gun or fail to alert the police of someone who has an illegal gun your looking as serious time.

    They are lots of violent criminals in England and they do indeed use guns. They simply are smart enough not to encite the police by using them against coppers.

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    Suez above 20 and VLCCF at 19000

    by rogere1946 Apr 15, 2014 3:23 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 16, 2014 5:28 PM Flag

    jersey good day for both SFL and FRO. The politics of what is going on in the Ukraine and the possibilities of a oil disruption from Russian oil fields. with the EU joining the US in a strong eco stance against Russia.

    Strong opinions on political issues do not always effect the stock market but understanding what a hard right controlled Congress would want to do with spending cuts is something that goes beyond politics and square into the effect such a backward policy would have on the US eco and thus the worlds eco. Folks should remember that in 2008 the US problems drug down the world eco.

    I am political but I also enjoy making money. I have made money when money is being spent and lost money when the cutters were either in charge or throwing their weight around. Its is really all about money. You either realize what makes the eco grow or you do not.

    Russia can not afford a eco war with the US and the EU. The Russian eco is not as strong nor will be able to last as long on credit as the USA and EU can both run if they have too. Unless Puken
    is a totally idiot he will remember what destroyed the USSR. It was foreign military might but
    a weak eco that could not support unlimited military spending and expansion.

    I see FRO as a short term play being helped now by what is going on between Russia and the US and I see SFY as a LT opportunity with a over 9% dividend while waiting for stock to rise up as well as perhaps dividend as well. FRO in 3 years will be a 10 buck or more stock but for now if it gets close to 5 I will take my money and run again as it will be played over and over again until the sector recovers. IMHO

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    John Bolten is a teabagger freak

    by lakeed98 Apr 15, 2014 9:25 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 16, 2014 4:57 PM Flag

    rje your ignorance is limitless. You start off by insulting the Brit police. Maybe you better check some FACTS. You know the things you right wing racist are ignorant of. The FACTS are that the unarmed cops of England produce a lower crime rate that the heavily armed US cops. Maybe a whistle and warning works better than you think but then again you don't think do you nit wit.

    The Brit crooks are also very much less armed than in the USA since in the England they don't have to run around sucking on gun barrels to prove what kind of men they are or be afraid that without guns their liberties will be lost. Maybe in England they understand that the vote not a gun assures freedom but again you don't have a brain to figure that one out do you.

    You insults to our twice elected president just again shows what a immature cry baby you losing right wingers are. The Facts are our military under Obama has killed more terrorist than did GW Bush under his Shock and Awe kill them all policies. Obama troops not only found OBL but killed him as well and did it within the borders of a foreign country that allowed Obama to send in US forces to get the terrorist. GW Bush could get anything out of #$%$ land and Obama gets the nod to fly 150 miles into their air space and attack a home inside the boundary of #$%$ land. Obama has finished up the GW Bush screw ups in Iraq and Afghan land by if nothing else getting out of a no win situation.

    The only child I see in your post is the spoiled cry baby who posted. Now run off to your #$%$ meeting then to your tea party meeting then go home and love it up with your guns.

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    From the prospectus

    by spook2b Apr 15, 2014 1:12 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 16, 2014 1:53 PM Flag

    Is the .375 per share Aussie money? If so what is exchange?

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    John Bolten is a teabagger freak

    by lakeed98 Apr 15, 2014 9:25 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 16, 2014 1:02 PM Flag

    nikky which one of those issue do you want the US to go to war over? I don't know why you added Libya to the list of failures since NATO won that one. You must consider the cost of lives at Benghazi as making the whole Libya deal a losing effort? If you do I guess you would love the body count coming from a move in the Caspain's against Russia itself? Or how many would die in Syria to overthrow a Gov. that is less Muslim than the ones around it in Iraq, Iran and SA? The real problem with Syria is that its dictator is like Saddam Hussin and is not religious leader but a pure despot. He unlike Saddam is Russia's boy instead of ours and like Saddam he does not take orders from anyone too well. The forces Against this man are worse than the man unless you are his enemy. Syria has done nothing against US interest or Israeli to the degree that Iran does almost daily.

    If you think any GOP elected president is going to war for a state in Northern Ukraine against Russia then you are an idiot. Even the Hawk McCain said military response is OUT OF THE QUESTION. I want a president in office who can live with an insult rather than have to go to war. GW Bush was a man that chose not to take the insult and went to war against Saddam but Saddam is not Russia. Just as China answers to eco reality so will Russia the use of bullets is not going to be the answer but instead a restrained response by our NATO allies on eco front will accomplish a better end game. Worse case situation is that Russia ends up with a "Part of what once was theirs back into mother Russia" The rest of the Ukraine remains free.
    That seems to be the will of the people who live in both areas. If Russia "invades" the Ukraine the we go to eco war against them on all fronts with our allies in NATO. War over the Ukraine is out of the question.

    Even as much as I was against the war in Iraq I never rejoiced as you do over the presidents pickle real or unreal.

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    Health care becoming unaffordable for most

    by goldyhawk Apr 15, 2014 10:57 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2014 7:20 PM Flag

    goldy health care has been unaffordable for the majority of American's for a long time. ACA has done not much to change that but it has shifted who gets it. Millions of Americans over 65 has depended on Medicare for their insurance for years. That remains the same but the wealther older Americans can afford suppliments and drug coverage which the poorest on medicare can not afford now or then.

    Millions of Americans were not allowed to have insurance before ACA because of preexisting conditions.
    This has changed. To some it may cost more but they can have it. To others the cost is lower.

    Millions of American between the ages of 18-26 get really cheap insurance by being covered on parents insurance. Again this helps the poor folks more than those with money but helps ALL.

    Anyone can now get some form of insurance and those that could afford it before can surely afford it now since the Gov. is giving support again to the lower income earners toward the cost of their insurance.

    The fact that maybe 20% of the better off American's may pay more does not change the FACTS that more are benefitting from ACA than are getting hurt. Even brainwashed American's are starting to figure that out.
    Those that are paying more and who can afford it (like you and me) are the ones that tend to cry baby about the cost. I am blessed not to have to worry about about a month bill for insurance.

    I choose to take Medicare part B for my wife and me for peace of mind which to me is worth a lot more than a mere 230 bucks a month. My insurance went down 80 bucks a month so overall I am only paying 150 bucks a month for total coverage. Peace of mind.

  • I think the stock will move up a little from here towards the disbursement news. If it comes in at .60 or higher the stock might hit 11 bucks before the xdate. I do not see it going much higher than that and if the pay out is below .60 then 10.75 might be the high point before x date.

  • Looks like Suez rates are up almost 100% from the lows and VLCCF are right over 19,000 which means FRO is making cash flow. If rates continue to go up that will be good for FRO. Suez are not as important to FRO as is VLCCF but they do effect overall cash flow.

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    No conservative here sports fans

    by rogere1946 Apr 12, 2014 1:44 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2014 3:20 PM Flag

    scs I guess we are both in the same boat with FRO your in a little better than me but we both will now wait for the MM boys to move FRO back up above 4 bucks which I think will happen. Lets hope we are both right since we are both in the same boat for a change lol.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2014 3:19 PM Flag

    kohpresent I think your being cute but if not then you go ahead and steal, rob, assult, murder and run from one sexual relationship to another committing adultery and fornication.

    Let me know how all that works out for you.

    Jesus didn't just die for us to go to heaven and forgive our sins. He also lived a life and taught how others can live a life of forgiveness, compassion, kindness, loving and long suffering and thus be a happier person.
    One who can't forgive will be a sad person. One with no compassion or kindness will be a lonely person and one not liked. One who only loves themselves will in their lives only have themselves. One who does not have the ability to Wait will a person control by anger and rage and quick and dangerous decision.

    Good luck in getting your monies worth if you think your life will be more valuable living as you please.

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    GOP and racism

    by rogere1946 Apr 14, 2014 1:44 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 15, 2014 3:14 PM Flag

    Grumpy you either are so blind you can't see or you can't bare to tell the truth. Not ONE GOP elected official is far putting CEO and small business owners in jail.
    If the law is so simple as you say then Bundy breaking Federal law by stealing grazing land from US taxpayers I am sure is #$%$ in your eyes too?

    The law is always looked at in a case by case basis when it comes to criminal law. A child who was "carried into the USA when he was a minor" is not looked at under Federal law the way a of age man or women is looked at. Why then should a person who came to the USA when he was 12 years old brought by his parents and has lived here for 25 years not have a way to be a citizen? Especially if he is a law abiding tax paying person? Why? Because he may vote Demo is the only real reason that sanity is not used.

    Lets deport a person (he broke the law) who has given more to this country than many who were born here and have not paid taxes and obeyed the law and worked hard to better themselves and they now have children who were born here. If you are so dense that you can't even admit that those types of folks are in a different situation than one who comes arrives in a boat from Asia at 30 with no children or wife with them.

    None are legal and all have perhaps broken the law (a minor child is not capable of making a decision to cross on his own) That is the issue. To look at who and why a person is "Illegally in the country" and then decide what is "Fair" to do with such a person.

    Maybe not living in a border state as I do you do not understand just how many "illegals" have lived in this country for years and married and have children. Are you for breaking up families? How can you be a Christian and support that sort of thing? Even Gov. Perry understood that many "illegals" in Texas were children when they came across and supports giving them an education as Texas residents at Tex. colleges.
    Just good business investment at least.

  • I was stuck in this stock for a few years so I tripled down at 1.78 and sold at 3.52 and got my money back and boy did I feel like a winner 20,000 turn around. having followed this stock for a long while I say we are once again getting in the BUY area.

    A test going on which has failed once if it succeeds this time could make this stock reach 4 bucks or higher given the hype. Merck has to have some hope if they are going to spend time and money on the test.

    If you buy now DO NOT EXPECT to hit the bottom and DO NOT EXPECT a Big fast turn around on your money. Look for a chance in the next 1 1/2 years to make a buck a share off of your stock. That would be a 39% on your money over a year and half. Not bad. You could make more but chances are you could always sale and not lose it all if the stock continues to not find a good drug.

    I think I will put in a buy order limit at my price and see what happens. I made enough off my last trades to suffer about .70 cent share loss this year which I do not see happening.

    This stock is a pure gamble and yes the MM boys do play it yearly. Besides the one test Phase III they have other stuff going on that could give the MM boys a chance to run it up again. Don't fight them make money with them. No guts no cash.

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    GOP and racism

    by rogere1946 Apr 14, 2014 1:44 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 14, 2014 5:08 PM Flag

    Grumpy you are a silly man once again. Have you heard one debate over how many LEGAL immegrants we will allow from other countries? Have you seen any GOP stand up and say lets stop ALL Legal immigration?

    No because that is not what this bill is about. It is about what do we do with the 10-15million illegal's we already have in the country. The GOP so far has been ANY bill that will lead to citizenship of ANY of those folks regardless of how old they were when they came into the US or how long they have lived here or if they have children or wives who are US citizens. They are against any citizenship because of the vote.

    Yes they throw in there Border security not aimed again at legals but illegals. Border security is not a concern for legals coming into the country.

    The planet I live on the debate is about what to do with ILLEGAL only. What planet do you live on?

    You are a silly man if you continue to try to say this is not about the vote that comes with citizenship.
    Back in Viet Nam days I saw a lot of Porta Rican men serve in the Army being granted citizenship for their service. Today the GOP is against doing that for ANY illegals now in the country.
    Politics is all about power and money and votes is all that count. If you are silly enough to believe that the border of the USA can ever be closed you are indeed even more silly than I figured you for.

    You want to stop illegals from coming into the USA in BIG numbers or send them home by their own shoe leather? Enforce the law against those hiring illegals. Start putting people in jail CEO's, small business owners who use big labor forces of illegals and Fine the #$%$ out of anyone (you and me included) who hire them. No jobs they would go back home. The 10-15 million number would drop to 5 million in a year if Americans were arrested and fined for hiring them. Seize a few businesses why does not the GOP talk this?
    They are against the workers not those that hire lol.

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    up it goes.....

    by blu10duck Apr 13, 2014 9:41 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 14, 2014 4:54 PM Flag

    Andy the two wells they sold were both producing according to SSN releasing enough oil to get 200,000 in 10 or maybe 12 days. The only reason to sell these wells was the company has to be in a very bad cash position. I am not sure what the drilling cost were on the well but of all the money that SSN has spent on drilling cost it seems strange to me that they would sell two of their better wells for such a CHEAP price.

    This is NOT good news giving away over 400 BOD for 200,000 bucks plus drilling cost says a lot about the cash burn, cash need and the fact that their line of credit was not willing or able to give them same amount of money as they got from selling the wells.

    Any well that gives you over 100 BOP a day is one you should keep not sell.

    I am surprised that the stock didn't go down more but I guess at the current levels the gamble is already in on SSN it will either go BK or have to cut back until something BIG changes. They really need to start selling drilling programs as ROYL has done.
    Royl has been cash poor for years and yet has a better stock record than SSN and they are still selling the dream.

    They can say all the #$%$ they want about why they sold those wells and it all may be true but the fact is they sold 2 wells that was producing 400 BOD and that was about the best they had. No way to make this good. At best they mismanaged their cash and spent too much too fast at worst .......

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    GOP and racism

    by rogere1946 Apr 14, 2014 1:44 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 14, 2014 3:50 PM Flag

    Again scs & grumpy can't even be honest in a discussion. The subject was an immigration bill not legal or illegal status. The reality (you guys I hope are capable of dealing with the reality of out present illegal immigration that being over 10 million illegally in country men women and children of all ages and all ages of entrance and living in the country???)

    The GOP fears that any bill that has the chance of a large number of these illegals getting citizenship and thus being able to vote and vote against the GOP is the real issue. No one is even talking about legal or illegal since legal is not up for debate except for what you two want to post and try to divert the real issue.

    The fact that Romney and the GOP got only 27% of the Hispanic vote is a FACT. A fact that the GOP fears seeing happening at a same or near rate by all Hispanic that acquire citizenship ie voting rights. The same reason the Demo are against the KOCH brothers being able to buy elections with their own money. If they were buying the votes for Demo's the party wouldn't mind that much at all.

    You guys can't even be honest on a simple issue like WHY illegal immigration is a big deal.
    If they could come and be worked for 5 bucks an hour with no kids, to send to school or no hope of ever voting and no medical benefits or SS or labor laws then the GOP would support such a cheap labor source since the do so in foreign countries. It is not the legal or illegal or the humanity or anything but votes and power. Save your breath trying to side track the issue like Fox news does to simple minded people. Power is the name of the game. The GOP rules or has ruled because of more money than the Demo's to elect folks and they are getting that support from the Supreme court but still the worry is that too many voters can't be bought or fooled for much longer and in national elections that has already happened. Being against equal pay for women is just another example.
    Votes v money

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    up it goes.....

    by blu10duck Apr 13, 2014 9:41 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 14, 2014 1:53 AM Flag

    duck raising some fast cash on the sale and making 200,000 grand plus recover drilling cost on the wells they sold. Then they do deal with 3 E&P on another area. They get 35% of the well for 25% of drilling cost.
    For a cash poor company not a bad deal.

    More LT stuff and nothing to move the stock up but picking up 200,000 clear and past expenses is not a bad way to pour some cash flow into the co. coffers.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Apr 14, 2014 1:44 AM Flag

    I do not think that the GOP/tea party is against immigration for racist reason. I think the party plays to some who are racist or angry and afraid white males but the real reason the party is against immigration is they realize that they will never win the Hispanic vote. I do not think the GOP/tea party is for cutting social programs such as food stamps for racial reason. However as the old Demo party appealed to the racist vote of the Southern Demo's as being the white person party and working man's party today's GOP/tea party appeals to the same type voters in the South. Racism is card that is played very well by both parties over the last 145 years and today's parties continue to play it to attract voters of color. That does not make the Demo party of the 50's a racist party although it had lots of racist in it. The same can be said for the GOP/tea party today. The party is not racist but has lots of racist within the party voters.

    Sadly the race, sex, religious, and eco cards will always be found in both parties. But I guess a party is not worth much if it does not represent what it "base" or "bases" want.

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