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    FOX lies about Solar

    by lakeed98 12 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 3 hours ago Flag

    scs you see as rare as it may happen you and I do agree on some things. FRO has topped 3 bucks and seeing O'Reilly as a female would be a horror show anywhere it happened. Jenner at least was a "pretty boy" when young and clearly living with all those K women drove him to if you can't beat them join them.

    Yahoo had a window about the new female types on TV and of the stations in the USA Fox News and the Fox stations had about half of the women featured if not more. It was clear that the "Fox effect" put the pressure on the other stations to start to hire a "Fox girl" type for news and weather. Hey sex sells and All of TV land is in the selling business. Fox just kicked down a barrier and others followed.
    Mr Rupert being from the European market in entertainment knew how affective sex sells there and merely figured American males would enjoy an upgrade in what they watched doing the news. It not like they make up the news and only called on to read what the producer has prepared from them. A smile a flash of leg a cleavage showing top and you got the not going to the frig for beer as often.
    Men are used to women lying to them so it felt normal.

    Mr. Rupert knows how to make money and is doing that while pushing an agenda.

    He has his cake and eats all he wants. A he has given the American Male an upgrade on their eye candy. Smart guy.

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    Iranian Tankers...

    by ttullio3 Jul 23, 2015 1:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 8 hours ago Flag

    Grump since we rarely agree let me start off with what I agree with on your post. I agree that history does show that winning a war and taking over or trying too has been a failure more than a success. I would say that looking at Viet Nam updates your examples but clearly we do not lean as we followed the French to defeat there with the same failed logic.

    However I do not see afghanistan as you do. I do think that the tally ban boys and al K were both spanked in Afghan land but due to GW going into Iraq which I DO blame for the rise of ISIS In fact for the most part I think ISIS was born and staffed by the elite units of Saddam old guard which we never found to fight. IRIS is clearly well led and disciplined and functions as an experienced military unit. That aside I do not see ISIS as a "threat"to the US nor even Al K. I see them as at worst a insect that buzzes and bites and is hard to swat and kill. The loss of 3,000 lives and two large buildings is tragic of course but not threatening. It is only threatening when we react to it as a threat of greater importance. GW either used Al K as one of many excuses to invade Iraq and go down a path of ignorance which Obama has not let go of and the GOP wants even more ignorance on our foreign policy of hostility and activity in the Middle East.

    Putting politics aside is always hard but on our policies on terrorism and the middle east politics rules over reason. A quick strike hard and directed at overthrowing the tallyban rule in Afghan land did work to over throw but NO Gov. has been built to support an anti tally ban rule so while militery action was needed and worked and I am not against such a quick and repeated strikes the idea of winning the hearts and minds of people is a joke. Beat the #$%$ out them then get out and come back and beat them again and any time they rise up to a point that such action is needed but you will never control those nations. Never.

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    U.S. oil imports rise, WTI contango deepens

    by nikkorott Jul 26, 2015 7:41 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 8 hours ago Flag

    The US market is different from the middle east or Russia and some other countries as well. The US still uses the most oil and the supply of US produced oil in both the US and Canada will go down the longer oil stays low in price. The reason is simple COST. The cost to drill wells in the US are higher than in other countries and the production from well usually less. Just as the deep offshore wells cost a lot of money to drill they produce a lot more oil per well. Production per well will be the key to ALL oil production as long as prices stay low. SA has so many wells already drilled that they can by turning a lever let more or less oil come out of many of their wells that they have on less than full production. How much have you heard lately about SA running out of oil? Iran is much the same boat but their fields are not as advanced as SA since they unlike SA has been a nation of disfavor of the USA and the USA big oil companies which partnered with SA.

    Fracking was used in the USA to get as much as they could out of the wells they were drilling and again at today's price fracking adds too much cost to production in most fields in the US. Some wells in Bakkens may be profitable to drill and frack but most are not. The older more shallow fields with less production but a lot less cost will be the wells that are drilled as at these prices "exploratory"
    wells are a thing of the past when drilling budgets have been cut over 50% by most small E&P and more by many. The US E&P sector was driven by production covering the high cost per wells but those days ended when oil went below 80 bucks. I do not think it will take 2 years before a balance in supply and demand is meet as All Big oil companies have cut back on production expense not just in the US either and of course the small E&P have went even further now trying to last out the low oil cost. Once 40 dollar oil was money making those days are over.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 9 hours ago Flag

    I hope they have the same quiet week for the next 52 of them at 70,000 bucks there is a ton of money to be made by the sector including FRO.

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    FOX lies about Solar

    by lakeed98 12 hours ago
    rogere1946 rogere1946 9 hours ago Flag

    nikk if intertainment is looking a sexy women showing legs and cleavage then Fox knows how to hire them. Come on guys give Fox credit for bringing sexy women to the news scene. Now do you expect those gals to know everything like OReilly does? Of course not they can however read what is prepared for them (most of the time). My question to Lake is why is watching Fox when the guys are on????? I mean that is like touring a candy factory when it closed down. Who cares what the guys say about anything I am more interested in how high the hem line will rise up or well she bend over again. You guys really pay attention to what is said on that channel lol.

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    by nikkorott Jul 21, 2015 4:15 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 24, 2015 3:34 PM Flag

    Well scs seeing how you right wingers are alway crying and accusing Obama of doing this or that how can you do that and say it is not change? As for as hope is concerned the stock market is up from GW Bush days, unemployment lower than GW and we have less boots on the ground in GW Bush wars.

    So I would say that Obama gave us change for sure you just didn't like the change is your problem and you voted against it but LOST. TWICE. Hope is the by word of all politicians of left, right and the middle as none will run saying we are without hope.

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    by nikkorott Jul 24, 2015 1:59 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 24, 2015 3:27 PM Flag

    NAT already increased their dividend from .38 to .40 cents which is not much but the jump up to .38 was I thought a little strong so maybe they are doing some adjusting this quarter? But the news will be good not bad just a matter or how good.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 24, 2015 3:24 PM Flag

    Hey rami how much money did you make off the run up?? Lol check it out Rami boy FRO is above 3 bucks even down off the highs that is 3 big ones. Now go and trash it some more as long as you do I am sure it is a good stock. You have been 100% wrong on this stock so whats new.

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    Iranian Tankers...

    by ttullio3 Jul 23, 2015 1:10 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 24, 2015 3:23 PM Flag

    dakine If Iranian ships have not been moving Iranian oil because of sanctions then the only real question is how much oil will Iran be shipping by tankers. Will the increase out pace thier tanker fleet? If it does that will reduce not increase the glut. I don't have a clue how much oil or how many tankers will be ready to take to the high seas but as you know a lot of those tankers have set unuesed for a while and may require a lot of work before being about to sail.

    Not sure how it will all play out but the oil that has been getting out has been not by tanker and I do not know how much more demand will be on the pipelines or the tankers time will tell I guess.

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    by nikkorott Jul 21, 2015 4:15 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 23, 2015 6:02 PM Flag

    suggp I see you have not read what I have posted on the foreign labor market have you? The solution is simple Any country that signs on to a trade treaty that agress to impose standards of living and wages to workers in ALL countries of the world would be able to trade freely. Those that do not would be treated like we did Iran. That means that the REAL wealth of the world would BE SHARED with the labor force not by those who today take advantage of slave labor and child labor. A living wage would have to be paid by ANYONE who hired labors and open to inspection by UN human rights oversight. Yea I know those hated Gov regs that has given to the US workers protection that 3rd world countries do not get.

    If I have to pay a few more cents for a product made by labors who were paid a fair wage (not by US standards either) then so be it. NO child labor would be allowed but their parents or kin folks could work and make money enough to take care of kids so they would no longer need to work. I am all for helping those nations work force but not Fat Cat global Corp's. that exploit labor.

    Some like think it can not be done. That is just a cop out to say I don't care about what happens. He is so concerned with solar engery and the threat of global warming that may indeed happen some time in the future he and others do not care about what is happening right NOW with kids and other labors being abused so we fat cats in our Western World can live in comfort on the abuse of those in the 3rd world.

    If you think working a kid for almost nothing by a Global corp that is making billions off the kids is progress then we can simply disagree and you can vote with those that think as you do. I prefer not to do that.

    If all I cared about was American Jobs (which I do care about) then the way to do that is supporting by buying American made goods. Some things at present are very hard to get made in America or can not be got but it could happen with leadership

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    by nikkorott Jul 21, 2015 4:15 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 23, 2015 3:35 PM Flag

    dakine you confuse investing in FRO with child abuse. I do not invest in companies that are involved in slave labor or child abuse. I have already admitted that I buy products that are made overseas but in most cases that is because that is the only place they are made now days. Reality of investing is one thing while it can involve owning companies that are FRO doing some form of globalization it was not my investment in FRO that caused this to happen. I voted for in most cases candidates that would of not allowed the destruction of our merchant marine as I consider that an area of national defense more than mere commerce.

    I have been on board many a foreign flag vessel and see the difference between living quarters in them than on an American Flag ship. Last time I was on a ship I saw no child labor nor slave labor it could exist but I doubt on FRO ships as big tankers are too valuable to crewed by a crew that is not qualified. The EXXON Val D. was an American Crewed and American Officers so being an American sea man does not give you superiority only better pay and living conditions.

    I am for and vote for when I can those that are tarriffs and quotas as the USA was funded by these means until the civil war when income tax was used. I have seen US steel companies buy into Japanese steel companies and use japanese steel as a reason for closing down US union steet companies US Steel for one but all the big US steel companies did this. Then the J. companies used draw backs and false entries to destroy what was left of the US steel companies. They also mislabeled entries and had false grades of steel used in Nuke plants and military items and was finally caught at it and made to pay huge fines but no one went to jail and the companies were allowed to continue to do business in the US and the ownership of US Steel companies came out during the investigations.

    Globalism can be inhuman toward children and others but also dangerous.

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    by nikkorott Jul 21, 2015 4:15 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 23, 2015 3:21 PM Flag

    oropan If my choice is one globalist verses another I will vote for the one who will do what I think is the least damage in other areas and how strong a globalist they will be.

    some on here vote one issues such as gun control, sexual preference,abortion, racism, and some vote for what is best for them. While I am passionate about some of those issues I do not think it wise to vote on one issue or even several if they are "minor issues".

    You and I see the world through different eyes and that is the way the world works. Hillary would not be my first choice but she does have a very good chance of winning. I do not delude myself as to whom has a chance of winning and yes I have been wrong before but extremes positions right or wrong do not win in US presidental election at least in modern times. Goldwater and McGovern proved that. Trump is a God sent to the Demo and a true nightmare for the GOP selection process. He may indeed make the debates more interesting or amusing but anyone who would vote for him has already made up their minds and so have those that would vote against him. If by some miracle he ended up the GOP choice I think he would get less than 40% of the popular vote and only win Southern states and western ones where GOP voters would vote for a yellow dog before a demo but many would stay at home and what you call Rhino may even vote Demo and Indie's would vote Demo.

    I didn't vote for Obama against McCain but did against Romney so I do consider not voting a "right" as well.

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    by nikkorott Jul 21, 2015 4:15 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 23, 2015 10:39 AM Flag

    rails thanks for you post. I do believe if we can be civil to each other we all would find more in common than we think and you and I are a prime example. I totally agree with you that 200 years from now (if we have that long) America will more like Mexico than the USA of today and Globalism will drive us there. It is worse than even the Political parties or the left or right or social issues or rights issues that divide us. It will kill all we love about this country and make it a country of the few for the few. The Supreme Court legalized buying our elections and division over issues that are side issues take the average American eye off the ball of their life and the life of their kids and grand kids and sadly some work hard to make sure that the elite rule and others they care not anything about at all.

    The only people on the political front I see that are anti globalist is Sanders and Warren please show me a GOP that is so minded? I would love to see one. I agree that what you call Rhino GOP are all Globalist but sadly so are the Cruz, Trump,Perry,Walker, etc.
    Of the 16 now running which is anti globalist? Where will they get their money?
    God bad or ugly union money is about the only place you can go to get anti globalist support and union elected Demo's are the only ones against it for the most part.

    Donald Trump hardly represents my views. He is a egoist, ill tempered, spoiled child.
    To be firm is one thing but to throw a fit is another. Trump would be like you or me or Lake as president and how bad would either of us be in the office lol. Forget our policies our behavior alone would disgrace this nation and its people.
    Remember rails illegals in the USA spend money, pay taxes and a lot pay into SS which they will never get back. I stood in a Walmart line behind two illegals who were buying work clothes and paid with big bill cash and waited on by a black girl paid low wages ALL were working in the USA. Aboard labor brings us 0

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    Why the Major Sell Off

    by danielchristmaslee Jul 23, 2015 10:03 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 23, 2015 10:26 AM Flag

    daniel I bought back in as I expected the profit taking to happen. The MM boys ran it up higher than it should of went to make a few million. It is what they do.

    Two months from now FRO will be higher than now not to worry.

    What this has shown is that the MM boys still know FRO is around with a lot more stock to play with and they will play again with news good or bad. It should be good as the next quarter should be good and no more mergers and then the real price will come out or they will run it up again. Remember that it hit almost 2.20 price after the merger news and a good quarter report way too low for the news that was the drive it down part of the play and the last week has been lets make a buck play. More to come don't worry.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 22, 2015 8:09 PM Flag

    Nikk IF Iran oil hits the market there is no doubt that the effect on the price of oil will be down not up. Who is the big loser if that happens? Russia

    Putin idea of militery spending and a new USSR empire has been hurt by SA keeping the price of oil low and now Iran piles on. China has to love it as they need oil. The USA Gov. could care less as oil is not in our budget but cheap oil will hurt the USA oil industry and tax revenue. For tanker owners good news for E&P owners (of which I am one lol) OUCH!. But I think anything that hits Russia at this time has got to be good. The EU will be better off as oil cost will go down across the board in their eco and they do not have as much in the oil industry as say UK or USA.

    For 85% of all American's cheaper oil and a weaker Russia is good news not they will figure that out about Russia but when they fill up at the pump under 3 bucks and trucks run cheaper thus goods could be cheaper or profits will be higher one or the other the eco will benefit from while hurting from losing the oil related jobs and over all ??? effect.

    The Muslim haters do not even know enough about Islam to know that Iran type Muslim's are hated by ISIS and thus not an ally. To those like Jaybull All Muslim's are alike and they all are blood thirsty killers and Fox and talk hate radio has told them that. The truth is Islam is not one faith or sect but many and each reads and understands the Koran differently. They are more non radicals than radicals by a HUGE % but still Jay bills of this world see them as evil murders just waiting to destroy all including themselves if they use a Nuke bomb.

    I do not like the deal since I think we (not just the US but all others) held some good trump cards but Iran had suffered the eco bullet longer than any Western Nation would of I will give them that. But between this deal and war I will take the deal. The GOP I think for 2016 reason will vote No solid. Some Demo too.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 22, 2015 3:48 PM Flag

    Nikk once again you raise a good point. I suppose the rest of the world thinks any deal that "may" stop the threat of Iran getting a nuke is worth the risk. The only other option would be war but one option might still be available to the US and that would most likely start a war and that is shipping blockade that of course would not stop pipelines but a air strike would do that. The rest of the world would scream and holler but do nothing. Which is what is done about anything these days.

    I am not for such drastic action but if the GOP really thinks they have options other than war or a deal then let them express it. If the GOP thinks the US should "go it alone" against Iran then acts of war would be the only option as you pointed out since others would trade with Iran.

    The GOP loves to holler and make political points appealing to those American's who fear the unknown. Obama and his boys were guilty of "making a deal at all cost" once again because of politics and the fear of a war. Politics are driving the horse not reality.

    I wonder if the US did back out or refuse to honor the "deal" if NATO would back them?

    It looks to me like a bad deal but with no good options other than war. We would of been better off I think of not signing this deal and try a total shut down of exports from Iran but I am sure that Russia or China would of opposed that. Life is fun when you grow up isn't it.

  • The Iran deal has driven down the price of oil and at the same time tanker stock has went up.

    I am not sure the deal will pass congress and to be honest I doubt I would vote for it if I had a vote.

    The GOP is worthless with any positive ideas on what to do about Iran except WAR which is even worse than the deal. The problem is comming up with a plan that is supported by allies that really puts the hurt on Iran in a financial way. I am not a citizen of Israel and frankly if they want war with Iran let the go get them some.
    If they start such a war they better be big enough to finish it without US help.

    The politics of Iran is one thing and the GOP for the most part is more interested in the 2016 election than any real problem solving in Iran as they see this as their old Fear and security issue. But the majority of Amerians right or wrong will not support anyone for President who advocates a war with Iran. One thing that beat McCain was his hawkish ways in the middle east. Had he taken a more reasonable approach instead of "as long as it takes" and he had someone other than Palin as #2 I would of voted for him instead of Obama.

    For those that think we can go to war with Iran and come out with a win are frankly NUTS. We didn't WIN in Iraq and out of that came ISIS and more terrorism than before we went into Iraq and the same would happen in Iran. The only question to ask is rather or not you believe that Iran would use Nukes if they had them?
    So far only the USA has had Nukes and used them. The USSR did not, China did not, North Korea has not, #$%$ land has not, India has not and none of the Nato nations have nor has Israel. So that means to see Iran as a use them at all cost nation is to see Iran as more rouge than N. Korea or #$%$ land which I do not believe them to be. If they used them it would be a local attack only as they have NO delivery abilities and the results would destroy all that is Iran only fools would use them given that.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Jul 22, 2015 11:50 AM Flag

    Nice move up today so I decided I would take some profit to offset some loss but I already have a buy in to replace what I sold. So yes I sold some today but will replace them I hope at or near the price I sold at.

    I have believed and posted this was a SURE 3 buck stock and many didn't agree well I was wrong as to how fast it got there and they wrong on it getting there. Now looking ahead Rates are the key and yes I am buying in at these prices and so should you. IF rates stay high and the Company does not kill the run with yet another deal (to much even a good one can be too much of a good thing) this stock will see 4 bucks before end of year. I hope I am wrong again and it happens before or better yet passes 4 behind as it has 3 bucks. But I will take 4 and be happy and a .10 cent a quarter dividend would just be gravy.

    Rates Rates Rates drive this stock the price of the stock lags the rates or has been but if the rates go down the stock will follow the rates down a lot faster than they have the rates up IMHO. Good luck to all who hung in there and to Rami sorry buddy.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 22, 2015 10:50 AM Flag

    Daniel IF RATES stay high (I know I sound like a broke record) then 10 bucks is not that far to go but I think you are talking about a 2 or more year period from now. But your also talking a triple from where you are now so that of course would be worth a wait.

    All things are possible that has been mentioned from a RS (I doubt) to buying back stock to nice dividends.

    Until we see some financial papers of the combined companies (FRO202most of all) it is hard to know what you have. Clearly you have a NEW company that is making money with these rates. You have a lot of debt which is being covered well at these rates and you have assets which. Once we see the numbers we can then discuss our OPINIONS on the dividend they start to pay or not. Big dividend means faster rise in the stock price. 5 months from now or at year end we will have a of answers. The market seems to believe that the future looks better than the price today reveals. We will see.

    Rates that is the bottom line the stay high FRO does good simple as that. Watch the rates but how lol.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 21, 2015 4:53 PM Flag

    rails I see you dodged your entitlement attitude. Nothing more sad than a rich cry baby and nobody cries louder than the rich when threatened with taxes. Yes rails I enjoy my cap gains entitlement just like you do but I admit it is not fair. It makes no sense at all for a person who works for a living to pay 28% on their income while I pay 15% on something that I didn't even break a sweat to make. So you are crying for someone to be elected who will continue to give you your rich man welfare from the Gov.

    Now for you delusion about the eco. Oil and Gas had ZERO to do with Obama but did have a lot to do with supply and demand. Just as a glut in tankers had ZERO to do with Obama but supply and demand.
    For you to suggust otherwise says your either blind with political hate or nuts.

    As to the FED actions. The FED has done as much or more to save the US eco than Obama did as the GOP could not stop the FED from pouring cheap or almost free money into the eco. Yes if they raise the rates too early it will slow down the eco and that too will not be OBAMA fault. The FED does what the FED does. You are against Obama way of stemming the eco but want the FED to continue its policy which is no more than a pure Stemming policy. Is it the policy you oppose or the party that did it?

    Again rails you have a real hard time understanding that most of what you dislike in your political ideas have made you a lot of money in the last 6 years. You boys call me Liberal and I am on certain issue but I am also a guy who enjoys making money off the stock I buy and sell and had Obama and the FED not done what they did the last 6 years would of been terrible.

    Lastly rails if you want to see a 1,000 pt drop in the market or more in the next 6 months just what happens when the GOP once again threatens to shut the Gov down and cut spending to the poor. Not defense but only to the poor and OSHA, EPA and even VETS. Market History is clear.

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