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  • Today has been a better day for me and for rates of VLCCF as well as Suez. Soon the market boys will see yet another chance to run up FRO as their quarter based on these higher rates will as good as the last.

    Of course some may believe that Peace will break out in middle east or that rates do not reflect the condition of the middle east. Both of course is dead wrong.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 9 hours ago Flag

    scs glad you realize that they are indeed starving and abused children in the US some do not. I thank God that we have at least until your kind stop it a Gov. that does do a lot to protect and feed children. Yes they are mistakes and failures but trying beats just being against something as you are.

    The % of chidren suffering in the USA is a lot less than in any of the countries that these kids come from and you well know that. Strange how guys like you turn some dumb when you want to bring up a false point.
    Even the % of their families that are poor and starving is higher than those in the USA simply because OUR GOV does indeed feed and care for not only children but their parents which NONE of the countries of Central America do as again you are well aware of. You do yourself a disservice by showing yourself to be ignorant instead of offering any real points to support your position.

    I would support Sen Coburn idea of finding foster homes for these underage children to stay in while it is decided what to do with them. The present conditions for the housing of illegals to be deported or waiting for hearings are overcrowded and unsafe for the young so action of some kind to protect them is needed.
    Obama is acting too slow on this as the whole process is bogged down in laws and red tape and the President along can by Exec Order move on it and he should. Congress is willing to fight to hell freezes along party lines while the kids suffer. Disgrace.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 9 hours ago Flag

    Lake you and I can disagree on the idea that it is human nature to help others as clearly in America we have went in a short 75 years from a country that would help others to a self centered whats in it for me crowd.
    SS would never pass today and even when it did the GOP was strong against it. I also do not agree nor can you point to any Atheists organization that does what hundreds of Christian charities do. Show me one atheist group that stands for children being helped like World Vision or Compassion international does.

    I do not doubt that you give money to some charities would you share a few of them with me?

    Do not keep using Religion as the same word as Jesus. It is totally different. Jesus NEVER taught racism while Christian Religion did. Christian religion is not one bit better than Islam religion and has killed as many as Islam but just as Jesus does not influence Islam Jesus also does not influence many Christian religion either. Some worship Capitalism or Americanism more than Jesus.

    You didn't know me when I did not follow Jesus nor would you of wanted too. So your idea that believing in Jesus and his teachings even if not true in your mind can't change someone is sure not right in case. I knew and still a lot of folks like I was and non of them know Jesus.

    My old "Golden Rule" was to hell with getting even stay ahead. Lake not sure how old you are but if you live another 25 years you will an America that is clearly divided and hateful towards each other just as this list currently reflects. Racism will increase, fear and hate and pride and of course selfishness will be the characters that will drive the majority. Today in the White race in the USA it already does. That will go stronger not weaker. The minorities will start to rise up to engage that and will become no different.

    We without Jesus will NEVER Just all get alone. Few really want too and prefer their own kind or be left alone.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 12 hours ago Flag

    Lake first you are right God did take care of me in my accident. Had I died God would still of taken care of me. My faith does not come from what God does for me. You believe that you have no control over the evolution process rather you like it or not or want it or not. You unlike me can not TRUST evolution to always do the best thing for mankind as ALL things are equal in evolution.

    Paul says to live is Christ to Die is gain. OK I admit I am not there yet but I believe and understand what he meant. God remains God and I trust my outcome to be for the good of the Kingdom of God and as a subject of that kingdom I accept the rule of my King. American's showed long ago and continue to show they do not like having a King. So too do many Christians and they want the King to be their King and expect Him to do what they want done mostly for them.

    The children you refer too violate the laws of the US which many US Christians seem to put (when they like it) above the law of God) God says love your neighbor as yourself and woe to those that abuse a child. Those who want their own personal King to do their will say their neighbor is only who they like and agree with and that children who are illegally in the USA are not under God's meaning. They want to send them back to a much harsher life. The Christian's who are against abortion want to change the USA law to agree with them but they support the US law that would send a child back to a dangerous situation. They want Jesus to dance for them not bow before Him in obedience.

    Do not confuse what Jesus said to do with what those who claim to be His followers do. All His followers sin and fail to obey. A child is special to God just as are widow's and the poor to abuse or turn your back on them is doing that Jesus and that is what HE said. Those who claim Jesus as their Lord had better be careful how they treat Jesus with these kids.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Jul 5, 2014 11:50 AM Flag

    VLCCF over 30,000 Suze over 27,000 and this has been since Iraq begain to fall to pieces and turn the whole middle east into yet a new tender box of Muslim's killing each other over doctrine from a book that does not teach such acts. Just as Christian's killed Christians as late as the 1990's again we see doctrine having great effect on the world we live in.

    Rates have settled down some as the world adjust and gets used to yet another blood bath in the middle east but since the area is full of OIL fields we see the price of oil and shipping such oil driven up. Peace is out of the question as there is no Saddam to hold back the Iraq nut jobs and the fire has now spread to Syria and even Iran has to be nice to US for a season. When GW Bush advisors convinced him to stomp on the soft cow paddies of Iraq and destroy the firm hand that controlled we are now seeing the effect of where those stomped on paddies are landing.

    How long will it all last and how long will it hold up the price of oil? The price of shipment of oil? Long enough for a good quarter for those in oil and shipping is my bet and thus my bet on FRO and NAT.
    The MM boys may be through playing FRO until the next headline from the middle east or the quarter report come out but it seems they have found a toy they enjoy to play with.

    Good luck to all players

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    FRO & More -2

    by rogere1946 Jul 2, 2014 7:25 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 5, 2014 11:38 AM Flag

    Bob thanks for your kind words well at least half of them :) Careful how you state things on this list as even someone like yourself will get attacked as being a Liberal.

    Laying on my back almost all the time and reading instead of watching TV or looking at internet has been refreshing. Read some OT law books and boy are blessed to be out of that stuff. You are correct however that even the law was easier to keep than the demand of Jesus that we should Love or Neighbor as we do ourselves. Clearly as this list shows we have all kinds of neighbor's out there. Worse yet the internet and message boards have widen our neighbor pool has it not? This country is deeply divided on many issues but all "turn" on selfishness. What is best for me. The American culture of independence and rights and self
    achievement become a pathway for looking at our own interest ahead of our neighbors. To justify this self centered life we find "something wrong" with those that do not meet up to our standards and we also look down on those who achieve above us thus leaving "us" alone where we stand. Our form of class system is rooted using capitalism or achievement as the measure of a person worth.

    I fear nothing is further from the Kingdom of God than this way of living. The word says so over and over again as those who Love this world and the things of it can not enter the Kingdom of God. Loving our neighbor as hard as it may be is the ONLY pathway to the Kingdom of God. God's grace and mercy may cover some or all of our failure to achieve this but clearly the command is correct and it is we who fail who are wrong.

    The religious right is against abortion as am I. Where is their voice concerning the children who come into this country alone? If God has sent these kids to the US or allows them to come are they not surely our new neighbors? Funny I looked but could not find legal or illegal neighbor in the word only neighbor.

    Stay healthy Bob

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    FRO & More -2

    by rogere1946 Jul 2, 2014 7:25 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 4, 2014 12:28 PM Flag

    scs Me feel guilty? Not at all. Unlike you I vote for folks who are for National Health Care single payer plan, unlike you I do not cry and whine about paying taxes to feed, cloth and house children and poor, unlike you
    I admit that I am totally PRO LIFE while you seem only to care about life in the womb.

    I do and will continue to support any SS and Medicare that provides for the poorest of USA folks. Yes even if (and it will) cost me more money. I value life over money and that is nothing to feel guilty about. You however post after post show that life to you not as important as assigning a value to life based on net worth.

    To hide your lack of concern for the poor you try to point a finger at me. Don't you have the guts to stand up for what you believe? Either you are a man of principles right or wrong or you are merely selfish hiding behind some Lie to avoid your guilt.

    SS as I said was for food, cloths and shelter and Medicare for health care and I support both and so did the great majority of Americans when the Demo party got them passed as the GOP worked against them as they still do. Americans used to have compassion. That seems to be changings as we can expect in the end of times. Doctors used to work on credit or take anything in trade and most hospitals were Christian ran charity and profit with none turned away. Capitalism saw the wasted money in health care and doctors and hospitals became great capitalist and less healers.

    Goldy ask what happened before SS. Folks died even in a country that was 50% rural and even when families took care of their own more still too many old died of hunger. Averages are fine but they are based on the fact that some did live over 65 and receive SS and that is who it was directed toward. The most needed and oldest amoung us. To try to use averages to distort the truth as Grump tried is to deny that lots of old folks over 65 died before SS.

    Love your neighbor as yourself.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Jul 2, 2014 7:25 PM Flag

    SCS you need to realize that in the real world a accident like I had without treatment will end a workers life.
    Your idea of all this private money flowing in is hard for me to believe you actually believe in what you say.
    SS was created to furnish money for food and housing, clothes and fuel for the old as RED CROSS and other private charities had FAILED. Medical cost are more on seniors than mere living cost. My injury cost will cost more than 7 years of SS retirement payments will be and that does not consider other medical cost I will have as I grow older. Living is the real problem SCS. Had I died my insurance co. would of liked that.
    The hospital and Docs not so much SS would of saved a lot. However my life even if untreated was not in danger. But with a lot of people who have no insurance or Medicare lives are in danger.

    SCS what you actually need to realize is your suggesting that those with no insurance or Gov help should be left to die. Oh you say charities or church and are not honest in admitting that one illness or accident can cost 100,000 easy. So again the real issue is not health care cost or insurance or Gov. but what value you put on the life of a human being. Or as in my injury the life quality of a human being as many illness or injuries if left untreated will end productive life of ones who have no insurance or Gov.

    I do not value a life on how much it cost me in tax dollars to keep someone alive or working and have a life.
    I know that this list alone says very clearly that the majority on here do not consider themselves to be their neighbor keeper. The cost in humanity if we had no SS or Medicare or Gov help would be staggering and 3rd world inhuman. If that is the best the USA can do and its people want to do then that is the way the country will go. But a part of human nature which I think more valuable than money will go with it.

    Will not be posting too much most has been said and disagreed on anyway.

  • rogere1946 by rogere1946 Jul 2, 2014 7:08 PM Flag

    FRO stuff first. Yes I still hold my position in FRO and will continue to as long as Middle East is a mess.
    I hope folks have noticed the day rates for VLCCF's & Suezmax? Some on this list seem to think middle east has little to do with rates but anyone who can read the rates history will see that rates went up when Middle East started its current FUN FOR ALL. Yes MM boys played the share price up a lot but the middle east is holding it up. I also bought some NAT as well.

    I see some post about health care with SCS coming out being a libertarian and against all Gov help. He seems to think that private charity and other sources can afford what is driving the Gov broke. Here is what is wrong with SCS thinking or at least some of what is wrong. 5 seconds is all it took for me to incur what will be a min of $100,000 dollars in medical cost. I have insurance and medicare. My insurance has a 5,000 out of pocket limit for me so I will spend over 5,000 grand but less than 10,000 on my accident injuries. SCS wants to end Medicare so all who are old and have no insurance are depending on the goodness of others to pay for their healing. Sorry but I have not seen a lot of goodness on this list.

    Laying on the road with my leg at the knee at an odd angle and not being able to get up started why I have been away from this board. I have two operations so far stayed in hospital for 2 weeks and can not put any weight or use my left leg for at least another 4 weeks. If I worked I would be out for at least 6 months.
    EMS came and took me to a hospital not knowing if I had money or insurance or medicare. The hospital a rural one took Xrays and arranged for a transfer to Dallas Hospital where my knee could be treated. By then they knew I had insurance no part B medicare. The rest of Hospital stay and two surgeries were on me and my insurance & Medicare part A. Without insurance or medicare no surgery and a cripple with a ruined knee Cont

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    by rogere1946 Jun 4, 2014 5:08 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 7, 2014 10:58 AM Flag

    scs you are correct that a fleet of ships under American Flag is indeed a security issue. WWII was won because of the merchant marine of the USA. The building of liberity ships and the movement of goods from the US to England and Russia keep them both from falling to Germany.

    All you have to do is look at how long it took GH &GW Bush to "GET READY" for war and how long they talk it takes to "remove troops" from the middle east and you can see how not having a fleet has changed things.

    How many US Corp's own and operate ships that bring goods to the US and send them out of the US and fly foreign flags for the purpose of cutting down on labor cost and other US requirements of US flagged vessels all of which MUST PASS a US Coast Guard inspection as YOU should know being a former US Coast Guard.

    I do indeed favor returning to US FLAG vessels for American owned corp's. Some nations sole purpose appears to be to FLAG ships and has more ships than registered in that Nation than private planes.

    You have been on board ships and maybe even tankers or freighters. I have been on all types of ships and you can tell the difference between a US flagged ship and a foreign one (except some EU ships) in a heart beat. Most pets in America live in better conditions than crews on many foreign flagged ships.

    I am not saying there should be a standard all should have to follow I am saying that the standard that a US ship has to meet is one reason that so many are foreign flagged. Save me the safety is the same on them all since being CG you know better than that. Cheap labor in shipping is as much the goal of why foreign vessels are used but now with better ships and less labor being required it is a nice tax dodge as well and of course safety issues.

    The eco recession of 07-08 and the slow recovery caused the start of the decline in rates and greed to build more to make more which still lives has hurt as well. They act like selfish children.

  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 6, 2014 7:49 PM Flag

    Lake I guess if Bergdahl went on mental disability then you would hate him?

    Obama BLEW it with this exchange on the surface. There could be more reason for what was done but on the surface to deal with terrorist and deal 5-1 is NOT a good deal.

    We do of course "deal" with terroriist all the time it just does not ever come to lite. It is not the dealing that bothers me but who was dealt and how many. Bush got us in the situation with detaining "terrorist" in Cuba. Now many of them have been there for years and it has HARDENED their hatred of the USA not soften it at all. Obama could of let these five go as soon as he came to office if he views them not dangerous along with many others. Obama inherited a mess and did nothing to change it and if the GOP wins in 2016 thier guy will inherit the same mess. There is no good way to deal with the "terrorist" who have been held without any type of trial for in some cases over 8 years. As a nation I do not know how under our laws we can do this and I am sure that is one reason these terrorist are kept out of the country. I doubt the Supreme court would touch any case on them with a 10 foot pole.

    The whole situation goes under the title of STUFF HAPPENS and sometime the STUFF is not p pretty.

    If Bergdahl is a CIA plant or other type spy the trade may of been necessary but baring that it was a bad trade.

    I am not like the right wing or the left when it comes to screw ups. Both parties and ALL presidents make them. The truth serves best as painful as it may be.

    Obama made a decision on this so it is HE that fades the heat of it being right or wrong.

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    USA heading toward feudalism?

    by rogere1946 May 22, 2014 4:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 6, 2014 7:38 PM Flag

    Bob I can honestly say i have never had such a friend nor have I been one. I never "lend or give" money to anyone who if it is not paid back will no longer be my friend.

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    VLCCF & FRO 2012

    by rogere1946 Apr 28, 2014 1:05 AM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 6, 2014 1:43 PM Flag

    mvandelden from what I understand VLCCF will be totally under the control of FRO2012 or Mr. F to be better on the point. VLCCF Fleet will be more than 70% larger due to this change in ownership.

    I sold out and missed the top that it sails at today discounting the Mr. F effect. I usually believe in Mr. F decisions and actions and his keenness and is why I gamble on FRO. With VLCCF I had went from down 20,000 to making money and I had achieved my goal of my double down to get my money back so I bailed.

    Hindsight being always a winner I should of stayed lol. But glad Mr. F touched VLCCF as his touch turned my losses into winnings. Now if only FRO could do that lol. I guess since FRO owns about 7% of FRO2012 that means I still have a small stake in VLCCF. 7% of 70% is what 5%? Hummmmm VLCCF is up over 5 bucks from where Mr. F bought in so maybe FRO has made .25 off that deal lol.

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    USA heading toward feudalism?

    by rogere1946 May 22, 2014 4:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 6, 2014 1:37 PM Flag

    Bob I do appreciate your honest post and I can Amen it as it does seem harder to love someone the more you find out about them. Jesus was able to love not only his enemies but also his best friends like Peter who let him down on several occasions and I can only imagine how He felt to sit down to have the Last Supper with his closet disciples and find them in petty disagreement about which of them were the greater.

    He rose above the hurt and disappoint of friends who let you down and loved the world even as He hung dying on the Cross only forgiveness was on His mind for His enemies. How far I fell to achieve that level of love but I do accept that we would better off in all ways the closer we get to that feeling.

    Jesus forgave and loved those who hung him up and I struggle to love or even like.

    Nice to have dreams and visions is it not even when they hurt or maybe especially when they hurt.

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    USA heading toward feudalism?

    by rogere1946 May 22, 2014 4:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 5, 2014 5:03 PM Flag

    scs wow I am amazied that you didn't know the meaning of that word lol. I couldn't spell it that is for sure but I did know an insult when hurled at me. Tell me SCS since you are confessing lack of knowledge to a word do you also claim to be ignorant of child labor abuses and other human right abuses of laborers in 3rd world countries? I may not be a great speller but I at least know how bad things are in the 3rd world countries which US corp's go too too find "contractors" to do what they please. Then when things go terrible like happened to Disney they claim shock and ignorance.

    Tell me while your trying to figure out what aboration and militery means (you must really be slow lol) do you also live in a rose covered fish bowl where you refuse to see how the Labors of the field are abused by their masters who do not follow the teachings of Jesus.

    Is JESUS YOUR LORD? Are you allowed by HIM to abuse the workers for profit?
    Do you think because of Capitalism and globalism that Corp's are excused from the warnings of JESUS?

    Is it only the Gov who you oppose as being wrong when it does not follow the commands of Jesus? Do Corp's get a pass? Where is your outrage at the abuse of CHILDREN at least?

    You even if you did not know what inimical meant are not so silly or slow to not know CHILD LABOR abuse happens every day in our world and sadly US Corp's know it and use it.

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    USA heading toward feudalism?

    by rogere1946 May 22, 2014 4:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 5, 2014 4:51 PM Flag

    Grump silly man that you are. Your anti American post and pro globalism and capitalism show clearly to what your are loyal too. Corp's of America depend on American Blood to protect them and make for a world where eco system can exist. Then they turn around and leave the country for manufacturing yet stay for maketing and pofit then cry for more tax breaks.

    You actually think that there is NO Institutionalized CHILD LABOR or do you think those on this list are ignorant enough to believe your lies or stupidity which ever of the two it happens to be. CHILD LABOR is alive and well throughout EVERY ASIAN NATION of which US Corp's invest in manufacturing and most do not care who their "CONTRACTORS" hire or how little they pay them. They then can claim to be ignorant of any abuse as you now try to do. How foolish you are to try to get anyone on this list to believe you. Some will know better but they like do not care as they like you place globalism and capitalism above CHILD LABOR ABUSE and other forms of LABOR ABUSE. US Laws will not them get away with it in USA but they turn a blind eye if done in some 3rd world country.

    Grump you lecture on JESUS CHRIST the SAVIOR YOU WILL NOT CLAIM AS YOUR LORD is of no interest to me as clearly you do not claim Jesus as Your Lord. I am told to be concerned about you and to pry for you to come to your senses and yes to Love you. You are finally right that I do have other things to also work on as I do indeed have to depend on the BLOOD OF JESUS to save me from my sinful life.

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    USA heading toward feudalism?

    by rogere1946 May 22, 2014 4:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 5, 2014 12:16 PM Flag

    Grump I hope all your right wing buddies are reading your anti American Post. Maybe they agree with you or maybe Bubba wants to be loyal to the CSA or whatever state he lives in and only to America when a GOP right winger is in office?

    I am loyal to the people which is who a Gov. should be protecting. America is not GOP or DEMO or TEA Party it is the people. You never remember people do you. You only remember money.

    American people are my concern first. I also have no use for any Gov who abuses their people to make Corp's and themselves rich at the expense of their own people. It is wrong to use child labor ANYWHERE
    It is wrong for AMERICAN PEOPLE and GOV and Corp's to allow for slave labor and child labor and women labor and any labor abuse products to come into this country and be sold merely because it makes someone money and is CHEAP. It puts BLOOD on our hands. BLOOD that does not bother you at all.
    Not once have I seen you post that slave labor or child labor TODAY is wrong. Do you think such labor is right? Please spare me "they are better off and it will lift them up #$%$" You for or against slave and child labor to feed the USA demand for Corp gain?

    As you know unlike you JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD and when HE says GOD runs the Gov then yes I believe HIM. I do expect the Gov to do some things that seem to me to be UNGODLY as ROME was unGODLY but even in those action GOD is still in control. The more this country becomes a place of people like you who do not value human life the more I see why God would use Gov to punish such ideas. God demands that labors be treated fairly even treatment of slaves to be better than how we treat those on min wage today.
    The KINGDOM of GOD has no place for profit at the expense or abuse of workers. NONE.

    You can continue to run, Lie and distort that is who you are. What you can not do is claim JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD. I have to love you and pray for you that is my sin now.

  • Come on folks this stock was played like a cheap horn over the last 5 days. The BIG DROP then the BIG BOUNCE. The SEC of course will see nothing do nothing and know nothing.

    I am encourage that AXAS is now a big enough stock that the crooks of wall street are now playing her.
    We have seen the shorts do this before have we not? AXAS is not a virgin when it comes to be used hard by the boys but this time it was TOO MUCH, TOO FAST, and way to HARD. The big sale off from over 5 to the 4.60's on no news at all and nothing bad even hinted and in fact those at Corp KNEW that good news was coming. They have a RAT on board.

    No I didn't sale any shares since I knew that even with the over 10% sale off the company had not changed a bit from the 6 or more co. that I believed it to be. I was going to buy some today if the price stayed low so I did miss that one. But come on how bold can you MM boys be. I guess they know that the SEC boys remain asleep at the switch. Acting on info a week ahead of the pack the big play was made.

    No big deal right I mean some of you I think made some money off this up and down move but sadly the crooks made the big bucks. I am not pointing a finger at the very top but somewhere within the inner group the info was known and while the SEC may not do anything (will not ) AXAS might hink about doing some in house looking. Unless they enjoy their company being used like a cheap trick by the Gang of MM that has played her way to often. My bet is the CEO is pretty darn mad about this at least I hope he is.

    Meanwhile enjoy a great green day at the bank looks like we will close pretty much were we where before this all started and YES AXAS did get NOTICED a lot because of all this so LT I guess positive.

    Not since the days of Hoover not admitting that there was a MOB has anything been as useless and dumb as the SEC and as crooked as wall street.

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    USA heading toward feudalism?

    by rogere1946 May 22, 2014 4:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 5, 2014 12:02 AM Flag

    Bob why don't you look into any of the NT translations you choose and find where Paul and Peter both said honor, obey and respect Caesar who was Nero, the same Nero that killed them both. Do you actually think yourself more spiritual in lighten that both Peter and Paul? Do you believe that the Roman Gov under Caesar was less anti Christian that the USA? Jesus said you render unto Caesar what is his and that was Augustus Caesar who picture he was looking at. Jesus didn't qualify WHEN you pay your taxes or how Rome was to use them and when it would be OK to rebel against Rome. Nor did Paul or Peter when they wrote. Please tell me the book, chapter Verse that you think gives you the right to disobey and rebel against Gov simply because YOU think it unChristian? Rome was about as unChristian as you could get and yet no such command I can find so show me yours I would like to have a back door.

    Bob it does matter what I mean by respect it is what the NT teaches on respect to Gov as it is clearly taught by Jesus himself before pilot what it means. Jesus didn't throw a fit and shake his fist at pilot as unfit a judge as he may of been. He "respected" the authority that HIS FATHER had given to pilot to govern just as he did the chief priest authority. Pilot and the chief priest both were two bit politicans and totally self centered in how they dealt with Jesus but Jesus accepted their authority because it came from God.
    I do indeed believe that Jesus could of called 10 legions of Angel's to fight if he had a problem with either of them being "out of authority" He did not.

    I do not have a clue what your talking the "idea" you have of me. Maybe you care to explain some more.
    We have authority by the word of God to rebuke the devil in the Name of Jesus Christ and the power of Jesus Christ. The devil has already been judged and is merely awaiting his day of reckoning.

    I agree on our free will btw.

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    USA heading toward feudalism?

    by rogere1946 May 22, 2014 4:05 PM
    rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 4, 2014 11:46 PM Flag

    Grump if being American first is totalitarian in your mind then not much left to debate. Your loyality clearly lies not in your nation but to pure allegiance to the making of capital. Glad you are showing ALL your true colors.

    The fact is American IS #1 productivity and that applies to union and non union jobs. Once again you try to shift the debate once your position has been shown to be a falsehood.

    I never said unions were not without selfish interest or crooks for that matter I said that unless Capitalism had not abused the workers there would be no need of unions. Once again YOU PUT WORDS I never spoke as if I had. You so consistent in your weakness of ability to be truthful and deal with facts.

    You find no abuse in Capitalism which is based on selfish results regardless of the cost yet try to shift the debate to unions wrongs. Nice try and given no defense available to you I suppose your only weak option left to you.

    You bring up Detroit as if is the city to measure balance between the abuses of capitalism and socialism.
    What a pitiful example you choose to "prove your point". In fact Detroit unions had given in a lot of ground in trying to find a solution to Detroit's problems. Detroit is not AMerica or Europe which was what was stated as if your too stupid to not know that.

    What a deceiver and twister you are. Your father is very proud of you I am sure.

    BTW JESUS IS LORD regardless of how you try to avoid facing it.

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