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  • romuluss99 romuluss99 19 hours ago Flag

    OK,,,then using your logic,,,throw fundamentals out the window for the purpose of this discussion. Supposedly Isoray has an FDA approved, leading technology approved for one of the deadliest diseases known to mankind. Using your "popularity theory" Isoray should be trending at least upward,,,,,not downward.

    It's curious that a great deal of #$%$ on this board are "fine with any randoms day drop in price" over the last 6 months. Very curious. The "adding more" principle would be logical if it were only dropping a few points. NOT a drop from $3.77 to $2.13.

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    Short Shakedown

    by jjohn.1971 20 hours ago
    romuluss99 romuluss99 19 hours ago Flag

    Isoray has been presented as a significant solution to cancer and I do believe that it is available and it works well. But what I'm more concerned about is "if it's FDA approved and works well",,,,,,why is anyone shorting AT ALL.....Or more to the point: "WHO" is shorting? If a company is on the leading edge of ANYTHING it is perceived to have value. Why isn't Isoray following suit?

    Google "Maxim Group SEC" and see what you come up with.

  • romuluss99 romuluss99 19 hours ago Flag

    Market Cap is calculated using "Shares Outstanding"....Not "Float". But that's a minor point. What I'm beginning to be more interested in is Maxim's history relative to the placement, press & 6month history. Researching Maxim, I have come up with several interesting cases. You can come to your own conclusions Googling "Maxim Group SEC".

  • this is how the stock behaves?.........I couple weeks back I provided a list of companies whose revenues are less than $10 million and they are trading around $5.00+ (posted below). So some observations.....

    1) We now know that Isoray has $20 million in cash...About 50% of those companies listed below have less cash than Isoray.

    2) There is a clue (Maxim) that revenues will be up and we will find out either sometime next week or the following Monday....Obviously because they are legally obligated because there was virtually no reason to wait.

    3) There supposedly are some favorable "Lung Results" hovering around out there and evidently the CEO doesn't even know when they will be released. Not even an "approximation".

    So my question is: Does anyone except a few people on this board care anymore? What would be the attraction to any potential investor? If you can't use fundamentals as somewhat of a guide then you are LITERALLY better off going to Vegas and betting on Sports where at least you have some data available to you....Clearly this stock benefits shorts more than longs (judging by market activity after April 2014),,,so why would anyone want to be involved with it....This is manipulation to the "N'th" degree and I will stop just a little shy of saying it's for the benefit of shorting activity.

    Lifeloc Technologies, Inc. (LCTC) - $ cap = $12.72M
    Lombard Medical, Inc. (EVAR) - $ cap = $115.72M
    Semler Scientific Inc (SMLR) - $ cap = $15.91M
    Sunshine Heart Inc. (SSH) - $ cap = $95.64M
    VirtualScopics Inc. (VSCP) - $ cap = $15.27M
    STENTYS Soci (STNT.PA) - $ cap = $75.81M
    MedTech Soci (ROSA.PA) - $ cap = $66.39M
    Implanet S.A. (IMPL.PA) - $ cap = $37.20M

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    End of Summer....Sept 22

    by romuluss99 Sep 17, 2014 5:57 PM
    romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 18, 2014 12:00 AM Flag

    News, a proxy battle or the legal route.

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    End of Summer....Sept 22

    by romuluss99 Sep 17, 2014 5:57 PM
    romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 17, 2014 8:37 PM Flag

    On a 1 to 10 scale,,,,,,1 being the least upbeat and 10 being the most upbeat,,,,I'm about a 6 at this point. I've been involved with these types of stocks trading sideways for long periods of time. I don't like it because theoretically if selling is less than buying then you should see a slow and steady appreciation. The reverse should hold true too. In the case of Isoray, I SERIOUSLY doubt selling EQUALS buying and that's based on 'short analytics', what longs are likely selling vs. buys on level II.

    So from my perspective it's purposely being held around this level otherwise it would trade up and down at least within .50 cents to a dollar of what seems to be resistance. But it's not. In fact, it's flat. Is there any reason that is to be interpreted as a good sign of a healthy trading stock? To me it's a sign that price control is in the hands of the market makers and not the market.

    So with the day to day price in the hands of the market makers that means the only thing that can influence any significant price move is information from the company. There is further evidence of this by simply examining the events of last March/April which went basically: a) a need for capital b) a investor found/private placement signed c) ironic good news very soon after with rapid price appreciation. Furthermore we are not privy to the terms of that investment (other than a vague PR) so we don't know exactly how the investors could be made whole. It may or may not be relative to the price of the stock.

    So am I 'upbeat' over this? Well, I can say I believe the technology saves lives and that is a good thing. In fact, that fact holds substantial worth. But just like everyone else,,,,I'm not here to make a donation. I'm an investor. And right now it's unclear whether this will be an ROI or a loss. We will see how this plays out by the end of the month.

  • romuluss99 by romuluss99 Sep 17, 2014 5:57 PM Flag

    There were many predictions relative to the "End of Summer" and Isoray and/or the stock.....Well we are here (End of Summer = Sept 22)....Just wanted to point that out.

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    Stock market is where

    by americandad71 Sep 17, 2014 1:52 PM
    romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 17, 2014 2:03 PM Flag

    But it's also where 'patient people' can be left holding the bag. Just wanted to keep it fair. Warren Buffet can use that logic because he's got the resources to absorb large losses. Small retail investors do not. Also, the stock market is much different in 2014 than it was in 1960, 70 & 80. Basic principals have given way to hype and corruption.........Case in point,,,,,PBYI whose current intrinsic value is currently "0". Yet it trades at $250/share.....I would love to hear Warren Buffet explain that one without using the words "potential" & "could".

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    Lung Question

    by amacall Sep 15, 2014 4:51 PM
    romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 15, 2014 7:06 PM Flag

    Part of my skepticism has to do with the limited information that is available. From their earnings history I noted that they quit doing "Earnings Conference Calls" years ago. To me, for a CEO that's kind of like burying your head in the sand. He does respond to some investors emails but with limited information.

    Also, I would like to think controlling any press would be for purposes of the most bang for the buck but "WHAT IF",,,,he is consummating a deal,,,,but it's at $2.30/share? We have no idea what he might make a deal at for the 'common'. He's not limited to compensating himself relative to the price of the stock. The common are the last in line to be compensated. Likewise, we do not have the contract that the private placement investors signed so we don't know how they could potentially be made whole regardless of how the common shareholder fairs. It may or may not be with proceeds from stock. Or maybe they won't be made whole depending on how any buyout deal might be structured. Was it in their contract that they would be made whole? We don't know because we don't have the contract.

    Babcock seems very conservative and while any CEO needs to watch what they say and when they say it, I have been involved in the stock of companies where shareholders are left saying "what in the world just happened". The lack of guidance and the "one trick pony" product line without any hint of diversification does cause me to raise one eyebrow. But that's not to say he couldn't pull a rabbit out of his hat at any moment. I'm waiting but my foot is starting to tap the floor.

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    Lung Question

    by amacall Sep 15, 2014 4:51 PM
    romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 15, 2014 5:51 PM Flag

    I seem to recall someone saying one of the employees (or maybe Babcock himself?) responded to a lung results question with "When they become available".......Based on the lung discussion at ASTRO it would appear as though they are available so from my perspective he's holding out for some sort of "timing of the release".

    The CEO is responsible for informing shareholders of events that could financially impact the business. It's part of their "fiduciary" duty. To do that, pertinent information must be made available in a timely fashion to allow investors to make a decision. Otherwise he can be held accountable for any impact it may have as the result of any delay or neglect in informing shareholders (that obviously goes for 'good' or 'bad' news). But lung data is key.

    So from my perspective the shareholders within the last 6 months just granted him access to $14 million in cash. It may have been through a private placement but nonetheless, "WE" (shareholders) are the ultimate money supply. The entity that fronted him the money has to be pulling their hair out because there is no way they have recouped their investment yet at sub $3.00 levels.....With respect to that and in my opinion, THEY HAVE TO KNOW SOMETHING (or at least be under the impression) something worthwhile might happen in order for them to be confident enough that they would get any significant ROI....Otherwise they wouldn't have laid $14 million on the line!!

    Something tells me that one of two things are going on:
    A) Either there will be a buyout or partnership.
    B) The financing deal in March was structured in such a way that the investors fronting $14 million have a different way of cashing in for a return on their investment that we: 1) haven't been told about (we have limited info on the deal & don't even know who the investors are - which could be a breach of fiduciary duty depending on the judge),,,and 2) don't know might cause the stock to trade sideways for an unknown period of time)

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    Facebook post

    by alexchicago77 Sep 15, 2014 1:03 PM
    romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 15, 2014 1:22 PM Flag

    That's just the mad scientist....If you see Babcock with a frown or tears then we are in trouble.

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    Very low volume pull back....

    by michele.rieder Sep 15, 2014 12:31 PM
    romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 15, 2014 12:39 PM Flag

    Happy endings are more frequent among those maintaining a "tight grip" on their shares!!! Hang in there,,,it will rise!!!

  • romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 14, 2014 7:13 PM Flag

    I'm afraid he's right about the Saturday start date....Or at least as listed on the website...It did start with the eContouring lab.

  • romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 13, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    Well played millman. Thank you!!

  • romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 13, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    Thank you Nuts. Restoring my faith in man kind.

  • romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 13, 2014 3:02 PM Flag

    Very well done laurence. I think that's about all anyone can do when it's not a relative.

  • This morning there was a story on the front page of Yahoo entitled, "Dave Benton, WCIA TV anchorman, says he has months to live".....Obviously you can see he is a News Anchor...I do not know this person and the only thing we share in common is that we both live in Illinois. If you Google his name you will bring up the most recent article on him and if you read it you will see that he has "brain cancer" and that "doctors recently told him that his brain tumor is too large for surgery or radiation".

    I am no position to question their diagnosis or even know if it is something that Cesium 131 could address. But knowing what I know after I invested in this stock,,,,,if it were "ME",,,,,I would be searching out a doctor that is willing to use Cesium 131 with Gliasite. In fact, if any doctor were to tell me "no" I would simply jump from Dr. to Dr. until I found one that WOULD use it.

    So my appeal to anyone with articulate and diplomatic communication skills is this: I do NOT have Facebook. I had it but got rid of it for personal reasons and do not want to sign up again.....The only way I have found to contact this guy is through Facebook and if you read the article you will see his picture then you could search for him on FB......So,,,if there is any volunteer out there willing to take a few moments to make a post informing him of Isoray and Cesium 131 on his Facebook page you might possibly save a life.

    There are a couple on this ISR thread with decent writing and diplomatic skills. I would appeal to them to take a few minutes if anyone of them could spare it.

    Thank you for your time.

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    MUSINGS on the next 2 WEEKS thru 9/30...

    by nutstoobolts Sep 12, 2014 8:41 PM
    romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 12, 2014 10:11 PM Flag

    VERY good points!!!......Nothin' but blue skies,,from now on!!!

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    Volume Nearly Breaks 1,000,000 With A 5.63% Gain

    by jjohn.1971 Sep 12, 2014 4:05 PM
    romuluss99 romuluss99 Sep 12, 2014 4:11 PM Flag

    I've got a good feeling about this!!! It may or may not be 'next week' but I would guess somewhere before or a little after earnings we may hear some good news. Only speculation though.

  • This is a FANTASTIC sign (volume - price).....I think people are beginning to realize ISR hold a significant solution to cancer. I'm feeling REALLY good about ISR.

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