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rothco619 28 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 17, 2015 10:35 AM Member since: Aug 29, 2007
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    Oh great, I buy more shares,

    by fritzbalke22 Aug 14, 2015 5:53 PM
    rothco619 rothco619 Aug 17, 2015 10:35 AM Flag

    Do you know what happens when you try to catch a falling knife. Cytori is not going to run away from you and clearly is going nowhere fast. Your better off playing blackjack in Vegas at this point. Why not wait until they actually deliver on something before you continue to speculate. Clearly nobody is buying but scam funds like Sabby, and all they will do is screw us as they did before. This nighmare just keeps getting worse. I wrote to Tiago suggesting they update the FAQ's section on the website to be more current, no reply and still outdated. I mention this as an illustration of the bs we hear about the company wanting to be more shareholder friendly and communicative. Is there a simpler way to communicate then your webpage. I alsways say you never get a second chance to make a first impression so if this is the first impression a perspective investor gets of the company it serves as another example of incompetence and indifference to shareholders.

  • rothco619 rothco619 Aug 7, 2015 8:48 AM Flag

    Sorry Charlie but time for you to swallow that bitter pill called reality. Seems you are not concerned about delisting , dilution, lack of transparency, lowered price target by Maxim, Lorems failures or any other realities. You seem to be content with hearing nothing about Okyanos nor continued delays with Cellution 2. As the purpose of this board is to express opinions, how about you express some of your own on these subjects which concern me and others and explain why you are so content. Afterwards please put me on ignore and that will solve your problem with having to read my opinions.

  • rothco619 rothco619 Aug 6, 2015 7:30 PM Flag

    You newbies are funny. Wish you could actually believe what you hear. These calls are scripted and analysts lob soft balls. Don't you find it strange that Cytori can be delisted and not one question about the pps. Sorry that would have to be a question, but this is about pumping. Wish it wern't so but being long term holder been down this road too many times. All promise no delivery, notice the hedge on lorem

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    by dancewmelove Aug 4, 2015 11:16 AM
    rothco619 rothco619 Aug 4, 2015 11:43 AM Flag

    Stop blaming the market makers it's the management of the company and the inability to execute on any of there plans or deliver on a single promise. No revenues, no partnerships, no communication with shareholders ,no lorem, no revenue from Japan, China, Europe or the good ole USA. No next generation cellution machine ,just a lot of hot air. There is no question stem cells will be a part of the medical future,after 15+ years of futility it is difficult to believe that Cytori will be a part of it or that us long term stuckholders will ever recover our lost $s.
    Another BS session scheduled for Aug 6th so unless you look outside and see a pig fly by,don't expect much.
    Just disgusting.

  • rothco619 rothco619 Jul 28, 2015 11:53 AM Flag

    Ag , I type quickly and communicate often with the Chinese . You my friend should focus on content. I find that when dealing with those that are dumbfounded on a message board they will reply with messages the likes of yours. Guess you can't handle the truth, but we all know that from your posts. Stay focused on what really matters it will serve you well in life.

  • rothco619 rothco619 Jul 26, 2015 1:41 PM Flag

    no, in too deep the damage has been done. horrible investment and unfortunately I told others about this pos and they have lost as well. Just a horrible mistake from which I will not recover. Done with the carnival game wallstreet has become. Want to be sure others are not sucked in and will do my best to initiate class action so that these crooks are exposed for what they are.

  • rothco619 rothco619 Jul 24, 2015 4:46 PM Flag

    B this must be your first rodeo if you believe that analysts do not recommend stocks for there own gain. Roth and Maxim have been pushing CYTX and setting unrealistic yr end targets at the same time they are underwriting the secondaries. CYTX is DOA as are us foolish longs. Sorry but that's the truth ,and I hope you can handle it. It's been a most bitter pill for me to swallow and has been disruptive to many lives.

  • rothco619 rothco619 Jul 24, 2015 1:12 PM Flag

    DOV ,Wall Street,Hedge ,Fas, no nothing more about what is going to happen with Cytori then the man in the moon. Fas has knowledge of the tech. some are shorts in longs clothing, Dov was used as a pawn by Cytori management , and was fed BS that was passed along to the many investor's who counted on his credibility and have nothing to show for it but millions of dollars of losses. Again all of us who were duped into believing this company was real have nobody to blame but themselves for placing orders and buying shares. Unfortunately the information that was available was tainted and inaccurate. History has proven the management team to be incompetent and dishonest. Anyone doing DD now has absolutely no excuse for making a bad decision as the company has been exposed for the fraud that it is. Nothing but broken promises and complete disregard for it's shareholders, although mangement would like you to believe otherwise. Blaming big pharma for not wanting a disruptive technology to survive in the market is a common cry, but is BS. The technology has been approved all over the world and has generated zero in terms of revenues. Cytori management themselves have said that they did not even need the revenue from the US and that revenues from Europe and Japan alone could make them cash flow positive. More BS. Shorts are the only winners here. Investing in Cytroi is about as enjoyable experience as Chinese water torture.

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    Only idiots will be scared out!

    by helioshobra Jul 22, 2015 7:35 PM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jul 23, 2015 9:55 AM Flag

    Only idiots can be scared out as it is only us idiots that were foolish enough to buy in.

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    by rodney.strongg Jul 22, 2015 11:06 AM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jul 23, 2015 9:54 AM Flag

    Just .08 from record low. great job by the 3 musketeers Hedrick, Tiago,and Rickey. Definitely deserving of more free options, pay raises and bonuses. Priest on the way the goose is almost dead.

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    Round II

    by bear_vs_bull Jul 1, 2015 3:39 PM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jul 1, 2015 3:57 PM Flag

    hope and prayer is all you got. this company is doa

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    by dancewmelove Jun 22, 2015 12:58 PM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jun 24, 2015 10:20 AM Flag

    You are asking if a rumor on a message board created by a pumper has validity,that must be a rhetorical question. Cytori can't land a partnership,never could do to greed of the management team, your dreaming,they could purchase the stock for pennies on the open market.

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    Wake-up Hedrick

    by rodney.strongg Jun 19, 2015 10:23 AM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jun 19, 2015 10:50 AM Flag

    Why buy shares when you grant yourself options and get them for free. Stocks are all being held in off shore accounts, I am sure Cytori management is making out fine and will benefit weather it be above board or not. Company has zero credibility with the street or with it's shareholders and they do not care.
    The fired one inept CEO and followed him up with another. Same regime. Results have not changed no partnerships, pathetic pps, no revenue from Japan, China, Europe or any place else. For 15 years and 2 name changes Cytori has raped it's shareholders. Now we have a new CFO who has figured out how to be more creatively destructive then Mark Saad. Rodney ,the promise to Dov is just another broken promise, and you should be used to that. This has been the worse and most financially destructive investment I have ever made. I urge caution and I only wish there was a reason to average down further,but there has been no reason to buy a share for years. I say put up or shut up give us a reason to buy.

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    Completion of OA Enrollment is Great News

    by wall_street_titan Jun 16, 2015 8:55 AM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jun 16, 2015 5:53 PM Flag

    A BIG IF street. What other companies are doing or have done is no indication nor predictor of what Cytori will do. You have been around long enough to know that. I am all for positive news,it's great to see, but perspective must be maintained and many need to take off the rose colored glasses. Past actions are a very good indication of future behavior as has been proven time and time again. GLTA .

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    Completion of OA Enrollment is Great News

    by wall_street_titan Jun 16, 2015 8:55 AM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jun 16, 2015 5:48 PM Flag

    Wadd you are a complete idiot. You know absolutely nothimg about Cytori it's history or it's management. You are a newbie who believes that your pumping on a daily basis is going to move the stock. I tell people the truth,so when the company does do something credible and I give them due credit it is meaningful. Clearly you have spent way to much time on your analysts couch as you try to psycho analyze me. Stop worrying so much about me and take care of your menntal health. My track record when it comes to predicting what Cytori will do has unfortunately been balls on accurate. I have you on ignore but signed on without signing in so unfortunately I was able to see the dreck you post. Wake up. and grow up. GLTA your as bad as Robeshom with his sell sell dribble.

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    Completion of OA Enrollment is Great News

    by wall_street_titan Jun 16, 2015 8:55 AM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jun 16, 2015 10:20 AM Flag

    There is nothing that is relatively easy when it comes to getting partnerships with Cytori. Surely this news is a positive but the current team in place has yet to demonstrate any ability what so ever to enhance shareholder value, or securing meaningful partnerships. Any relief is a long long way off as is cellution 2 which will be necessary to make any of this happen in a meaningful non research kind of way.

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    Message from Dov

    by rothco619 Jun 15, 2015 9:47 AM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jun 15, 2015 12:46 PM Flag

    Skeptable I post the truth always have always will. If you check my posts on the business model etc you will find that I do say the same as Dov as we all communicate and are well aware of what is presented in Conference calls etc. I have been 100% right on Cytori and Dov much to my own disappointment and financial loss 100% wrong. Not interesting in pumping nor reading pumps from the uninformed on this board or those that think there euphoria will help the pps. The only thing to help the pps is execution. We are a long way from the highs of 5 years ago, a long way from sales of Cellution 2 and a long way from generating any meaningful revenue. Cytx remains an extremely risky and speculative investment and chances of loosing all your money just as the majority of Dovs investment group has remains very high. I have only not lost everything because I did not hold warrants or buy options, those that did have lost everything. Getting in now is a lot different then being a long time holder and our experience has been a bad one. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I remain a long stockholder hoping for a miriacle. GLTA

  • rothco619 rothco619 Jun 15, 2015 11:16 AM Flag

    They need more then just financing. The tech is fantastic but current management is an extension of old management. They are not shareholder friendly and are not the right team to monetize this technology. Hendrick is a Dr. Not a businessman capable of dealing with wall street , implementing a business plan or securing Meaningful partnerships. The next cost cutting should be to oust our CEO and move on . He has had ample time to succeed and shareholders have suffered long enough.

  • rothco619 by rothco619 Jun 15, 2015 9:47 AM Flag

    Below is message from Dov. It was posted on Fas board. Dov is knowledgeable and responsible directly or indirectly for many long term investors buying into Cytori. He has been wrong and everyone has lost millions. This is not his responsibility but those that invested. This is his take and gives a great recap of the company past and present. Take it for what it is worth.
    In the week-end I received the below write up from DOV in my mailbox, which he distributed to his investment friends. Since posting the word document here has some technical issues, he asked me to post it here for him. If you want to save the doc to your records you can download the pdf attached. It has the same content.

    Cytori Therapeutics:
    A Pharmaceutical or a Medical Device Company?

    The management team at Cytori Therapeutics is doing everything possible to be viewed as a pharmaceutical company and not a medical device company. After quite a number of years marching along with two left feet, Cytori has embarked on a new strategy to bring Adipose Derived Stem and Regenerative Cell (ADRCs) therapies to market. This time, I think they are getting it right!

    About ten years ago, Cytori developed a medical device (Celution 800) that could isolate clinical grade stem and regenerative cells from a small amount of fat tissue obtained by a simple liposuction procedure. Competing methods used force to separate the cells from the fat while Cytori’s highly patented process used an enzyme called Celase GMP. The device produced such a high quality cell product that the FDA refused to grant the device a 510K fearing doctors would be free to use this potent dose of cells in any application without first going through clinical trials similar to the approval process for drugs. Many countries around the world have approved the device and it is being used to provide the cells in more than 50 independent investigator lead studies. In short, the company had a great medical device, but no approved and reimbursed applications for the cell product.

    Until the summer of 2014, Cytori portrayed themselves as a medical device company that produced ADRCs to treat various diseases just as pharmaceuticals would do. In other words, Cytori Therapeutics was both a medical device company and a pharmaceutical company. Licensed Financial Analysts as well as hobbyists like myself, tried to calculate the number of razors and razor blades sold in the most recent quarter and what growth might look like in the future. The company led us in this direction by outlining their strategy to capture the breast reconstruction market in the EU as well as applications in the wound healing markets. These commercial sales efforts helped label Cytori as a medical device company and not a very good one at that. On the pharmaceutical side, the company was leveraging the very strong results of their APOLLO and PRECISE trials to go after the huge cardiac ischemia market. This was, and really continues to be, a very promising application for the ADRCs produced by the Celution 800 System. Because of the very strong Phase I data from these trials, management embarked on this very expensive cardiac pathway expecting to attract a large partner to validate the stem cell science and to fund the ATHENA trials through the FDA to approval. This partner never materialized and the balance sheet could not support continuing the pursuit of the expensive cardiac market.

    The new strategy began with a headcount reduction to control the cash burn rate, which included most sales and marketing personnel. Cytori continues to fill orders from a few commercial customers around the world and they support independent investigator studies. They have chosen new and more specialized applications to move through the FDA approval process. These are low cost trials (fewer patients with a low cost per patient) and a much faster time to market than the cardiac trials.

    Cytori has cleaned up the balance sheet somewhat by addressing the Olympus liability and paying down the Oxford loan balance and renegotiating the terms. They are not happy about the dilution that occurred but they had no choice. The current cash balance is focused on conducting their US based trials. For the stockholder dilution to stop, the company must be successful with their trials and attract a partner willing to purchase a licensing agreement that does not include purchasing newly issued stock.
    The BARDA contract includes money to redesign the Celution 800 System. The new model (CTX2) will cost only about $15,000 and be the size of a desktop copier. It is said to be faster, more efficient, and more versatile. It will have Internet connectivity capability, which could be a valuable feature to control use and pricing. The company is close to having working prototypes and the development of the CTX2 should be completed long before any FDA approvals.

    The most visible change in the company’s strategy is found in their slide presentations. No longer is there any reference to the razor and razor blade business model. The entire presentation is devoted to their FDA approved clinical trials that are either underway or about to start enrollment. In addition, they sight trials that are underway in the EU and Japan that should result in government approvals and reimbursement in those countries.

    The FDA is likely to crack down on many of the stem cell therapy clinics operating in the U.S. today. In the fall of 2014, the FDA issued guidelines clarifying regulatory issues pertaining to adipose tissue, the manipulation of cells and tissues, and exemptions regarding the use of cell and tissue products in the same surgical procedure. The FDA has ruled that the cell output from the Celution System is a biologic and therefore, clinical trials must be conducted to gain approval for each application. Cytori is doing just that. As Cytori moves through the trial timelines and the FDA actually does crack down on these clinics, it should help Cytori capture the market, as they should have a sizable first to market advantage.

    The company believes Wall Street will increasingly view Cytori as a pharmaceutical company with drugs in various stages of FDA approved clinical trials. The stock price and market cap strongly suggests this is not the case today. Data from well-designed clinical trials showing strong efficacy from the cell output is needed. The fact remains that stem cell therapy is a new medical field and has not been embraced by the institutional investment community as being "the next big thing." That does not mean stem cells do not work. It means there is a big difference between the promising results of preclinical studies and full-blown clinical trials. Cytori has a substantial lead over other stem cell companies regarding the number of FDA approved trials underway.

    Here is a list of Cytori's drug pipeline:

    ECCO-50 - This drug is being tested in a 90 patient Phase IIA/B FDA approved randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial (ACT-OA for knee osteoarthritis). There is a low dose, a high dose and a placebo dose randomized 1:1:1. The primary end point will be pain while walking at 12 weeks. They will also log before and after MRIs looking for cartilage repair among other things. As of May 15th, enrollment reached the halfway point of 45 patients. Data is expected in 2016. Based on the results of this trial, the company will seek a partner to fund a Phase III pivotal trial.

    ECCS-50 - This drug is being tested in an 80 patient pivotal Phase III FDA approved randomized and placebo controlled trial for the treatment of Scleroderma in the hands (STAR Trial). Enrollment is anticipated to begin in 2015 and include 20 centers throughout the United States. The primary endpoint will be hand function at six months. The trial is expected to take a full year with data in late 2016.

    A similar 40 patient Phase III trial for Scleroderma called SCLERADEC-II should begin enrolling in France this summer with data expected in 2016. Orphan drug designation has been approved in the EU, which will provide Cytori a 10-year exclusive once the drug is approved.

    ECCM-50 - Enrollment has begun (Feb 10, 2015) in a single arm, open label investigator initiated trial in patients undergoing surgery for traumatic meniscal injuries in the knee. This is a two center Phase I study in up to 60 patients conducted by Dr Ramon Cugat in Barcelona. The primary endpoints will be pain, function and activity. MRIs will be performed before and at 90, 180 and 365 days after surgery.

    ECCI-50 - This drug is being tested in a Japanese Government sponsored Phase II/III trial to correct urinary incontinence in males. Apparently this trial has begun enrollment, but Cytori has not issued a confirming press release.

    OICH-D3 - This drug was used in the now completed Phase IIA (ATHENA) trial for Chronic Heart Failure. Results from this shortened trial (31 patients) will be released in November or thereabouts.

    DCCT-10 - This drug is in the preclinical stage for treatment of Cutaneous Thermal Injury. A Phase II/pilot trial is in the planning stage and will be funded by the BARDA contract.

    In summary, Cytori's drug pipeline consists of two Phase III trials to treat Scleroderma, one in the USA and one in the EU. Once these trials demonstrate strong efficacy of the ADRCs, the next step is the FDA approval process followed by reimbursement codes. It is difficult to predict how long these processes may take to complete. Scleroderma is a billion dollar market worldwide and has already been granted Orphan drug status in the EU. Cytori’s Celution System is being used in another Phase III trial underway in Japan to treat male stress urinary incontinence. The new regenerative medicine laws in Japan should help Cytori gain reimbursement if the trial is fully successful. This is also a very large market. In addition to these Phase III trials, Cytori has two Phase II clinical trials; one to treat Knee Osteoarthritis and the other to treat Chronic Heart Failure. Each of these therapies address multi-billion dollar markets. However, neither of these applications will proceed past the Phase II trial level without a partner. Finally, there is the BARDA funded Cutaneous Thermal Burn Injury application, which is still in the pre-clinical stage.

    It is well known that biotechnology companies are valued by Wall Street based on their drug development pipeline and the potential size of the markets that these drugs will serve. On the other hand, medical device companies are valued based on their unit sales growth and earnings potential. Cytori is mostly valued on the latter. If this were to change to a biotech valuation, what would that look like? I went to the stock screener at Charles Schwab and found the biotechnology portfolio for the ALPS Medical Breakthrough Fund. Then I selected companies that are in the developmental stage with Phase I, II, and III trials underway for indications similar to the strengths of ADRCs (anti-inflammatory, renal failure, auto-immune, MS, Crohn's, neurological disorders, diabetes, liver, etc.) Most companies selected have little to no revenue and are losing a lot of money to R&D. It is reasonable to assume the potential available markets for all of these company's drugs are in the billions. There are not a lot of differences between Cytori and this list of biotechnology companies.

    The FDA is adamant that ADRCs are biologics and like it or not, they rule the day. The key is to get Wall Street to agree with the FDA and value Cytori the same way they value this list of companies. Strong data or significant validating partnerships are the only things that will cause this to happen and even then it will not happen overnight.

    Looking at the targeted applications, it appears that Cytori is closest to Receptos, Inc. They have a market cap of $5.14 billion with sales of $4.55 million. A similar valuation would put Cytori at $25 per share. I seriously doubt Cytori will be able to change the perception regarding their industry category and become known as a biotech company without first publishing strong trial results. I also doubt the Athena trial will be considered large enough to be conclusive. Therefore, the first opportunity will be the 12-week results from the ACT-OA trial. The earliest possible timetable for these results would be the spring of 2016. The next possible data release would be from the two trials on Scleroderma expected at the end of 2016.

    Until then, all the company can do is to downplay the sales numbers that are associated with medical device companies and promote themselves as a pharmaceutical company in public and private meetings with money managers. There are too many factors that will determine when these drugs will be approved for marketing and additionally for reimbursement. Every country seems to have its own rules and timetables. But there is no reason to think that Cytori’s timetables are any different than those of any pharmaceutical companies on this list.

    Once approved, Cytori’s business model will be substantially similar to any competing pharmaceutical company. The primary differences will be: how and where the drug is manufactured (factory or bedside), how well the drug works compared to the competition, the cost, and the risk of side effects. This is when “regenerative medicine” will win the respect it deserves. I have never waivered from my belief that this science is “the next big thing in medicine.”

    Best Regards,

    Doctor of Value

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    lorem vascular

    by waddlingwillbologni Jun 11, 2015 10:30 AM
    rothco619 rothco619 Jun 11, 2015 12:13 PM Flag

    That is no different then the message that has been up there since they day Cytori signed agreement. You have idiots posting BS on the site. They can't handle the truth nor do they want to hear it. We have made mistakes investing here. The facts don't lie Waldi does. Do your own DD., not the pumpers on this board that want nothing but your money .

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