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  • Everyone VP level and above stands to make a million or more based on the severance package guaranteed by the poison pill plan.

    AMD's stock has sunk to historic lows, leaving tons of room for equity appreciation IF the turn-around is real. Managers in the inner circle of C-level staff (CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO, etc.) more than anyone else at a company are privy to the best information regarding a company's future prospects, whether that means turn-around or buyout.

    When you see a C-leveler from this best-informed group of executives in the company make a purely lateral move to another company, that speaks volumes. Specifically is signals that he or she has ZERO CONFIDENCE based on the best available non-public information that you and I do not have access to, that the company's condition will improve.

    The CMO just left AMD to become CMO at another small, struggling company, Read it an weep, pumptards. Bad news coming for AMD fans.

  • ruckpralhumpschickens by ruckpralhumpschickens Aug 6, 2015 4:52 PM Flag

    Check it out. Great quarter and strong forward guidance.

    CEO says massive GPU gains against nVidia despite Fury launch. Reckons AMD now under 12% GPU market share, down from 20% just last quarter.

    NVDA made huge amounts of one-time gains shorting AMD in the quarter. Suggests other competitor can better capitalize on their defeating AMD in the market place by also shorting its stock using the company's investment branch.

    By the time VR hits mainstream, nVidia will have a GPU monopoly.

  • ruckpralhumpschickens ruckpralhumpschickens Aug 4, 2015 8:40 PM Flag

    Burned the fanboy! Sizzzzzzlllllllle!

    So Papermaster says Zen will match Haswell. Haswell is already two generations old. By the time Zen ships in Volume, Intel will be shipping Kaby Lake in volume, making Haswell four generations old. So AMD spend the last of its remaining R&D money targeting an EOL Intel architecture in performance?

    That is pathetic.

    I agree with your assessment that AMD will go belly up in the first half of next year. They have nothing with which to gain back lost business in either CPUs or GPUs. Their very best efforts have fallen well short of the competition in both arenas.

  • ruckpralhumpschickens ruckpralhumpschickens Aug 4, 2015 8:03 PM Flag

    Zen benchmarks have leaked. It's not pretty either. An 8 core Zen will be just 25% faster than a 4-core Kaveri (oddly it wasn't compared to Carrizo, go figure). That places a 16-core Zen well behind a 4-core Haswell, much less a Broadwell or Sky Lake in performance. And on the efficiency scale, forget about it. Zen will be a watt sucking pees of sheet, worse even than the Bulldozer derived garbage AMD has been failing to sell for the last 5 years.

    Most telling was weak single threaded performance. AMD lacks budget to differentiate chips. Zen is a Hail Mary aimed at the server chip market where multithreaded performance matters. For other uses, like gaming, its single threaded performance all the way.

    So basically after having spent a half decade walking down the consumer APU path, and abandoning servers, without admitting that it had abandoned servers, AMD is pulling a 180 and is trying to make a server chip, while abandoning consumer work loads, without admitting it is bailing on consumers.

    It's pitiful really. It chased consumer - and got crushed. It's now running back to server'll get crushed again. Zen will be a watt sucker that will triple or quadruple data center heat and power consumption at a given level of performance compared to Intel.

    AMD is like the base runner who should have held up on third but stepped off the bag. Now it's playing pickle running back and forth in the direction of consumer then server alternately. It's running out of track. It's going to get picked off.

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    This is AMD.... Thank you Lisa Su!!!!!

    by usforced Aug 4, 2015 9:19 AM
    ruckpralhumpschickens ruckpralhumpschickens Aug 4, 2015 10:30 AM Flag

    Um. since when is $700 million, slated to fall another $123 million this quarter, "~$1 billion"?

  • ruckpralhumpschickens by ruckpralhumpschickens Jun 26, 2015 10:47 AM Flag

    Fanboys frown.

    AMD down, down, down.

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    AMD admits that Carrizo is garbage.

    by lisasued Jun 2, 2015 6:51 PM
    ruckpralhumpschickens ruckpralhumpschickens Jun 5, 2015 6:57 PM Flag

    The only way a system with an AMD chip will ever see 9.5 hours of battery life is if it includes a car-sized battery. AMD's lowest power chips at best get 4-5 hours of battery life. None of its mid range or faster chips get more than about 3 hours. AMD is using marketing nonsense to buy time. If its Carrizo strategy was valid, they wouldn't be ending Bulldozer with the Excavator core. There are no genuine efficiencies possible with broken Bulldozer unless AMD can get off of last-decade 28nm node process.

    AMD will miss this quarter. AMD will lower guidance for Q3, AMD will get hit with some more shareholder securities fraud suits, and then AMD will quietly exit existence and the pieces will be bought by various companies long after the shareholders have been wiped out and the employees sacked.

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