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  • Many posters on became involved because they have seen / operated/ opened a soda machine and liked it. I understand that. However the success of soda in the US market depends on many factors. Then influence of eating healthier is in the daily media, discussed by parents groups, medical doctors, school,systems and in corporate offices of food-beverage manufacturers and retailers. Just why so many posters ( not all) fail to grasp that this is the main reason soda shares have dropped and have failed to make a rise to their hopes and expectations. I certainly understand what many of you holders of soda are trying to a achieve. My points are to give you the opposite view that Sodas growth is very questionable, if not limited.

  • Most every business wants to sell something. Here soda marketing a home carbonation machine. My regular posts are that from my perspective , Soda has not been achieving its goals in the USA. The previous seasons marketing at discounts of the product line on cable and at big box stores shows the product has not been giving retailers a high volume of $ per sq fit of shelf space. And that soda is not in appliance business as it is (IMHO) in the beverage business in the " carbonated segment" ...which is in DECLINE. Evident by the diversion of product line up by KO and PEP. Also by the VERY frequent news stories and articles of diet/high sugar consumption in the media. Today's consumer is VERY aware of avoiding sugars, fats,and sodium.

  • rwcva rwcva Mar 12, 2014 9:53 AM Flag

    my point was: we have NOT seen the " total " destruction of our coal industry. Coal consumption was not part of the discussion . To say " total" is akin to a poster who says NO ONE is shopping at ANF, rather than to,say "fewer " shoppers. We live in the era of instant fact checking on google and rolling the video tape to show where not just "errors" have been made, but downright miss truths which the dumbing down of America sees fewer citizens challenging statements than myself would like to see.

  • another weak day for soda holders. Yet, we all know that some poster will write that a Pepsi buyout is coming ( close or happening ) The realistic comment is to insert the word "not". It will be a MEH day, week and ....month for soda for a LONG time. Brings a topic of discussion for " soda longs" Ok folks, hit my post with a thumbs down...the market will hit share shares with a red arrow today in just a few minutes.

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    My spouse works at SWY's headquarters

    by jkraid Mar 7, 2014 8:55 AM
    rwcva rwcva Mar 12, 2014 9:13 AM Flag

    A Safeway may be within 2 miles of many consumers homes, but they will drive by and on 15 miles to shop at a Whole Foods or in the mid Atlantic area to a Wegman's. In upscale zip codes the trip will pass Safeway to drive 5 miles to a Trader Joe's. Accross the nation there are a vey high percentage who line close to a Safeway, Albertson's , or WalMart but haven't been in them for years. The larger family with a high income does a high portion of shopping at Costco combined with a Harris Teeter, Kroger, and the fore mentioned Wegman's and Trader Joes. The management of Ceberious knows this very well. The upper levels of every food retailer and food supplier KNOWS this. In their own individual ways Costco, Wegman's, Whole Foods and Trader Joes ARE the force of focus in food retailing

  • To cross reference those comments and the loss of 250, 000 jobs , reference by typing into google 1) Leading USA ports coal exports 2) Wyoming coal production 3) BNSF coal shipments. 4) Norfolk coal shipments. There will be plenty of time to reference this today with. major winter storm affecting the region of this boards prominent posters.

  • that a large amount of SWY holders want out. For a good portion who bought in a few months ago, this is an excellent opportunity to take one's gains and move on. Safeway has far too much to repair at this time for he share price to rise given the buyout story so far.

  • for every buyer there is a seller who wants "less". In an high demand market the share price tends to increase and therefore with weak demand the share price depends to go lower. And the view is highly influenced by the potential buyers and the current sellers. Today's range really IMHO would not indicate one direction over another.

  • As some posters have pointed up, and the Bloomberg current news story highlights : Safeway's business has deteriorated to such a degree of having lost market share from it's competitors that the share value is below what was initially offered. For those of you who made visits to see in person what a Safeway unit is compared to a Whole Foods, a Wegman's, or a Kroger/Harris-Teeter you understand. There is media speculation that Safeway will try to take the good reputation of the Safeway Select house brands to model a smaller footage store in the concept of Trader Joe's. Time will tell, but Trader Joe's has a least a decade of headway and now has a wide and loyal customer base in key regional locations.

  • is the days movement of the Bid and Ask and thus the days results of highs and lows. Mutual funds and institutional holders are generally in for the long term. But as you know the fund managers do some "window dressing " just before quarterly reports so as not to ailianate fund holders with holdings that have held the fund down. Just what the next quarterly report will have on sodas is what speculation is made of. From my perspective as being a follower of the beverage industry is that Pepsi and KO have been seeking to offset serious declines in the carbonated soda segment by expanding waters and snack foods. Soda IMO is only in the declining portion of that overall beverage picture. And so most of you posters so not agree with me. Such makes markets. My posts seek to give points of information to validate my opinion. I have yet to see posts here referencing specific retail locations and the product placement observations of soda products. GL on your view.

  • Put up your money and place your bets. I would concede this: If one holds soda for the long term ...3 to 7 years, there may be an excellent payoff for soda holders. But, a serious look at the beverage industry would not indicate that for potential investors outside this blog...on the street, is not in the FY 2014

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    The tip of the iceberg

    by rwcva Mar 11, 2014 6:28 AM
    rwcva rwcva Mar 11, 2014 8:04 AM Flag

    ok, corrected. HSN and QVC are all the same to me. Just channels I surf thru, but understand that they each are substantial influence/force in product distribution. thanks for the correction

  • please explains the relevance vis a vis the web comments of Motley Fool and Wells Fargo

  • IMHO from observing Safeway stores in the mid Atlantic for over 15 years is that they have declined from being in the top 3 food retailers in any specific market. This can be seen by market sales volume surveys and from a series of in person visits to multiple store locations within a marketing area to see first hand the lack of traffic on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon prime hour shopping hour then go down the road and see what the traffic is like at the top 3 retail competitors. To you posters who disagree with me, fine...but get your bottom on the road to SEE a Safeway in person. IF YOU DON'T see you won't see.

  • The current news headline at this yahoo page for Soda listed as Mötley Fool's : Soda Streams margin woes. This board is filled with cheerleaders for Soda. Yet over the last month the street has failed to see what the the web optimism has been about. Perhaps they can read into the news observations of the 4th quarter just why soda appeared on QVC and has been spotted at mass retailers at discounted prices. I have posted numerous times from my insiders view of the beverage industry that SODA will *not* end a winner in that segment. A buyout from Pepsi will not occur. Thus day after day, and week after week posters on here will taute how a buyout is just hours or days away, and at the end of the trading week...nothing wil happen . ie: check back over comments made here during the last month. The tip (truth) of sodas future will emerge over the next weeks thru the next quarterly report.

  • For a number of years now, I slowly examine the aisles of J Crew, Nordstrom and the web sites of LEDBURY shirt makers-Richmond Va, Brooks Brothers, and Filson. Keeping a sharp eye on the Izod and Stafford presentations I have snapped up very closely reproduced knockoffs on the racks of JC Penney. LEDBURY in particular has an incredible good looking selection of business casual shirts which have become a staple in professional wardrobes. But as I said, snapping up a shirt that looks so similar to a $159 Ledbury shirt for $24 ( and often less with a newspaper coupon ) is a fun game that I have played for years. Also do not overlook hitting the tables of a Nordstrom Rack for TailorBird shirts and for the often surprise offerings at Costco particularly the ones close to the high income zip codes of the US. Good luck

  • as some retail sectors will show a drop in profit margins over the end of the winter quarter. This will be a view into just what names are the Best of Breed, and thus who to put investment dollars with. The time frame of mid March to Mid May have usually seen close examination of holdings in consumer equities and the weeks ahead will be no different.

  • a good opportunity to buy more M stock. M is one retailer that has an excellent ear to the tastes of it's customers. However, no matter how sophisticated the computer analysis is, it is just about impossible to measure the mood of the public at a specific point in time. IMHO when the warmth of Spring hits the northeast in 4 weeks and the Midwest later, the desire for some new Spring threads will beacon shoppers back into the aisles. Meanwhile the ice lingers on the streets and on the wallets.

  • and looking at the outlook for the growth of Soda Stream. How many low income households will buy and then regularly use and buy refill flavorings & CO2 cartridges? How many high income / highly educated households will WANT to buy the machine and regularly use the flavorings and cartridges. Given the awareness toward healthy, low calorie, low sugar just what effect does that have on the appeal of soda stream compared to "flat water". In. both bottles and in packaged mixes, flavorings and brewing cups?

  • ...between the Rich and the poor. I see it as a divide between the educated and the uneducated. The educated make far higher incomes and have regular and high levels of exposure to media from I phones, cel phones, note pads, and regular reading of media sites at their workplace. Low income workers do not use their electronic devices for information . They can't afford and do not have low interest in gathering knowledge. Work situations of most low income workers does not offer them Internet viewing or time. Surely those who occupy seats at coffee shops on their I phones accross the USA are not occupied by low income consumers. Beverages I their hands are not the cheapest on menu board. The beverage offerings at a Starbucks or a Pannera Bread are far different then a 7-11 or a Sheetz. But, again, there is the question, Just where will the growth in the beverage sector be..with lower educated or higher educated consumer?

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