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    Why KRAMMER Is So Dangerous

    by attymdmnola Apr 11, 2014 9:10 AM
    rwcva rwcva Apr 11, 2014 9:28 AM Flag

    What episode of "Seinfeld " are you referring to? Perhaps you are the one is in error with spelling of the name of the person you reference?

  • The bids have been coming in, as rumors of visits by the interests of Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Fresh Market have been circulating in the northern Virginia area. While DC has some Safeway units, they are too small or to close where other retailers have repurposed properties. Teams of suit types with clicking IPhones are not in there shopping for groceries.

  • this board, while making far more vocal thoughts on the political winds of our nation has not overlooked the trends and forces that have seen the demise of ANF over the last 10 plus years. Many of us posters have seen family members entire college and quickly drop drop large logo apparel. A number of the regulars have noted the very strong homoerotic merchandising strategy. ( due to fact that most Americans have been clueless as to the vey high percentage of gay young men there are in the marketplace and of how many male executives in retailing are gay themselves. What created such sales growth for ANF was the explosive growth of youth spending, largely supported by moms and dads credit card. A vey strong brand identification with youth. This heritage of youth merchandising will be the now downfall of it's 2 core nameplates. Hollister seeks to rebrand and remerchandise the product offering. Yet, when customers walk the corridors of malls the Hollister name will continue to resonate a youth surfer image. To capture the new younger market which must include young working professionals IMHO requires a new name on the facade and interior decor. Without that change, Hollister will remain HOLLISTER for a long time, perhaps too long?

  • Yes, you can if you are a day trader, taking advantage of the daily fluctuations of the highs and lows and willing to take the gains of 3 to 5 percent. Or to buy calls and puts in well thought out buying strategy. Otherwise to do a classic buy and hold is a far more likely to be a LONG and agonizing watch of missed opportunities of buying and selling opportunities. Your call, there are far more opportunities in the long term choice opportunities. But, far fewer in the day trader or options trader realm. Note the postings on here. Very few are making long term gains without day trading or options trading.

  • Just continue to BUY soda, no matter the price, because soda is "perceived " to be a buy. The qualifier ? the date of May 9th. until then, no remarks are meaningful.

  • The term goes back over many decades. look it up on google

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    Putin is kicking Obama's behind

    by barcodelllllllllllllllllll Mar 27, 2014 1:29 PM
    rwcva rwcva Mar 27, 2014 4:49 PM Flag

    Give the specific points of international trade, fianance, and diplomacy where ahead of President Obama.

  • As some posters have noted, retailers are now restocking soda stream kits after weeks of outage at top retailers. A WMT location was referenced as getting in 4. The typical turn for a retailer is 6 weeks, so WMT's inventory control managers expect to sell 4 units over the next 4 to 6 weeks. I have checked Costco locations and have seen the soda kits back on the shelves ( at an apparent price cut offered by soda to Costco to a retail of 79.99. The stock level was 12 kits. Costco restocks every 2 weeks with a turn of approx weeks. So that would bring expectations of approx 12 over 4 weeks. A check of the stocking level of Keurig k cup machines also at a price cut shows the pallet display of 30 machines with approx 30 more in the bins overhead. Two different items but big box stores stock for a 4 week turn. What one sees is a good indication what that retailer expects to turn for that specific location.

  • We have periodic natural disasters accross country that affect a small portion of the population while the rest of nation views with only part of the story. The disaster this week is the huge mudslide in northwest Washington state. The facts will show that this very mountain has been the site of six fatal mud slides since 1961. There are locations in this nation that are very dangerous to live, and yet when disaster strikes the media reports as if this "tragedy" ( and it is ) had not happened before. The list would include the flooding of Fargo ND, the hurricane prone low coastal inhabitation of Louisianna, Alabama, the area around Wilmington NC, the coastal town of Chatham Mass. Flooding with heavy damage occurs on the riverbanks of the Missaissippi in Illimois , Iowa, and Mo. In the town of Yardley Pa. In the towns surrounding Harrisburg Pa. In the towns along the Pasaic Rivler and of the Raritan River in NJ. THE COUNTY governments Are responsible by not mandating that claims for damage cannot be made for state or government assistance noting knowledge that particular towns have a frequent occurrence of natural disaster. The same is true for numerous housing locations fire prone / mud slide prone in California. Am I the only one who see how these locations show very frequently without anyone asking WHY do you insist on living there? Why do states allow public schools to be built in Ok and KS without storm cellars?

  • By my posts and others about very poorly stocked units, under staffed with only 1 checkout open, and with departments such as the bakery with Extremely low product offerings even on a Saturday during peak hours. This condition has been going on for over a decade. In some of the most affluent counties of the markets swy serves , strong competition from Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Wegman's, and Harris Teeter has taken a huge decline in market share. So much so that industry observers see that an infusion of cash will not be enough for swy to regain customers. So the new owners will CLOSE the worse performing units to stop the drain on profits. Those readers on here who work for swy, know this to be true. Yet by the very economic state of the nation, they cannot find another job in the sector. This is understandably is a very sad situation for them. To sum this up..These are THE REASON why swy shares are trading at the price that they are. So to some posters who are about to give my post a thumbs down, the street has already hit your holdings with a thumbs down. It is the reality of the situation

  • There has been plenty of opportunity recently to make gains approaching 10 percent by buying daily lows and selling into trading highs a few days later. Much has been posted here as to what holders see as the. long term potential for price gain. IMHO the big story is how many traders see the daily swings as an excellent situation for making weekly profits. There would seem to be little real interest in the soda product itself, just the charts that show attractive entry and exit points. The trading volume tallied up daily is not exceptional, but the opportunity to make profit is (exceptional) ,

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    How many pounds.....

    by tejdem1 Mar 24, 2014 3:54 PM
    rwcva rwcva Mar 25, 2014 11:21 AM Flag

    Sunny D in lunchrooms. Rapidly declining as many school districts have put restrictions on beverages with a high amount of sugar. Of course this not restrict students from bringing in SunnyD in small serving bootlegs bought in multiple packs sold as larger grocery retailers. So, the question remains: is SunnyD making the right marketing moves to increase sales? IMHO the answer is Y E S

  • While investors have their own opinions of a product and any health implications, separating one individual view expands opportunities. Knowing what segment of the marketplace the stock puts it's focus on, how llarge that market and how that market has responded by buying the product is the key. Enter also into the consideration just what products overlap with similar offerings or alternatives. Beverage companies have everything to GAIN by teaming with soda. The quarterly reports will show how much soda has gained in sales volume and in additional profits. IMHO here we have not fully discussed is whether the growth is in the beverages themselves or in the expansion of just one form of serving ie: carbonation. IMHO a portfolio should have multiple components of the beverage industry. And as investment consultants would advise to have diversity in total, such as pharmaceuticals , military suppliers, high tech, and transports.

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    How many pounds.....

    by tejdem1 Mar 24, 2014 3:54 PM
    rwcva rwcva Mar 25, 2014 10:47 AM Flag

    Sunny D is watered down orange juice bolstered by corn fructose syrup and food coloring. A substantial portion of buyers see this as a cheaper alternative to orange juice with no thought of the health value of the product. Kids love the taste, and drink Sunny D readily, so parent's buy it. From a marketing point of view, a brilliant product offering.

  • rwcva rwcva Mar 19, 2014 5:22 PM Flag

    perhaps you meant to say that few people shop in the first quarter. There are needs by many for fill in of basic needs, such as business shirts, underwear, shoes, athletic wear, and additions to needs of outerwear and resort wear. To also note that there are consumers such as myself that love when LL Bean, Lands End and Nordstrom take their 3rd markdowns and I fill in items such as chinos for $11. and items for the home such as clearance high end sheets and towels. Surely retailers make no margin on these, but clearances open space for incoming Spring merchandise.

  • just where soda fits in the BEVERAGE SNACK can choose to invest very narrowly in the carbonated segment...others see the overall growth in the beverage industry. And worse still, you refuse to see independent measures of such by looking at stock charts of the companies In those I have referenced. Also do a story lookup on the sites of the Wall Street Journal, Investors Businesss Daily, or the Financial Times ( of London)

  • type in the words ...BEVERAGE COMPANIES report CARBONATED SALES

  • because the annual corporate stock reports of the major beverage companies state that in their annual and quarterly reports. I have also discussed this with retail management of some major retailers such as Wegman's, Giant Food (Ahold), Target, and HarrisbTeeter (Kroger )

  • but many investors are making far more than you are by being in beverages and snacks where the growth is. Walk down the aisles of a major grocery retailer. The shelf space continues to grow in waters, "flat waters"' and snacks branded by KO, PEP, GMCR and others. The shelf assignment to carbonated is shrinking.

  • of KO, PEP, GMCR, and SODA. These are important segments of the beverage industry

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