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ryugo82 11 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 2, 2015 2:55 PM Member since: Jul 9, 2009
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    by dustyy2u Jun 2, 2015 10:45 AM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Jun 2, 2015 2:55 PM Flag

    anyway gg back to doing more important things than humoring people that have nothing better to do.

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    by dustyy2u Jun 2, 2015 10:45 AM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Jun 2, 2015 2:55 PM Flag

    well then oopsie when will the first silver bankruptcy happen?
    We know 90% of the other silver miners are dead or losing money after all.

    when they start not producing we can make more accurate predictions.
    otherwise conditions are not yet ready for the silver industry.

    ps the accusations of fraud and such by you and asianvest are mostly debunked anyway as you all/both grasp at straws and only targeting this no matter what rather than the whole industry.

    my beef with you guys are that you are all only targeting and not the others because it's just easier rather than actually being truthful.

    if you were more objective then you could actually be taken seriously but that would actually take effort which 90% of you would not put in or your bosses will not let you.


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    by uniquetake4 May 29, 2015 1:19 PM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 May 30, 2015 11:25 AM Flag

    PS I gave you a thumbs up

    most of the thumbs down may be from the shorts that constantly post here.
    you post is actually directed at both shorts and longs that post nothing but #$%$ anyway.

    but because currently there are more shorts than longs posting they see it as a threat. lol.
    while I don't post too much right now except something like this.

    food prices still isn't going down while oil is down
    quite the BS that wall street made about oil determining price of food.

    anyway gl I'm going to do other things now.

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    by uniquetake4 May 29, 2015 1:19 PM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 May 30, 2015 11:22 AM Flag

    there are more of course china bashers though have severely diminished with Carnes being in trouble but I know they are hidden in the shadows waiting to gloat.

    while doing things behind the scenes.
    as well as silver bashers as well.

    I wonder well why don't they bash industrial metals as well?

    as if they knew anything about mining that is where the silver eq lays.

    zinc/lead is now about 1 dollar

    or up about 15-20% since last year.
    while silver is splutter splatter
    but we know why.

    eventually I'm waiting for some silver miners to close doors first though.
    namely the money losing ones.

    svm is in fact making money because I did the calculations myself.
    many times over many years ago and at this price we know they are still making money.

    they would have to tank both industrial and silver at the same time
    which means TRUE depression in the stock market which we know

    they will not let happen... and you already know who they are.
    But in general I should stop my rant about fakes/thieves/frauds.

    too many of them on the message boards.
    eg why investment forums suck.

    those that post everyday and only one side are especially suspect of being hired.
    truly easy to tell anyway.

    good luck to you.

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    by uniquetake4 May 29, 2015 1:19 PM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 May 30, 2015 11:16 AM Flag

    that is correct.

    me = person that posted against alfred little and helped prove that he was a fraud from 2011 in his seeking alpha posts.
    but then again he kinda hates me now because he was proven a fraud.
    and so his buddies in his industry is helping him now so to speak as he sends shills in.

    asianvest is a chinese that hates himself so he is likely hired to do what he does.
    especially when he sees an easy target he just cant let it go.
    So he also uses mr carnes when he can where he can if it is convienent rather than admitting he is a fraud first
    we/I know he wants to use china bashing to discourage svm investment in general.
    while saying that is not the case when it is the opposite faking stupid basically.

    fasbyao- probably spelled it wrong.
    invested in ag after I was warning ag is more pure silver so it may have complications if silver drops too too low.
    so we were doing the numbers on svm and we came to conclusion that svm was more of a 50 50 industrial and silver play than silver play.
    hence why the frustration now and him gloating that svm is down while making money while ag is down while losing money but still higher than svm.

    then there is another spammer and such.

    I actually dont post too much now since Carnes as Expected
    let go by faking ignorance again.
    playing dumb basically rather than owning up to his mistakes.
    that coward that ran away from his USA citizenship even

    too many of wall street bozos are cowards eg my axe to grind are against cowards and thieves.
    that run away when they are exposed.

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    Hope Is Not a Strategy

    by seasonedspecc May 28, 2015 11:10 AM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 May 28, 2015 8:03 PM Flag

    also isn't hl ore grade decently low anyway as ore grade declines so does silver content but other parts of ore is needed to make up for it.

    so what minerals are contained and extracted instead.

    but actual production
    and prices of all minerals not just silver.
    of the business is more important.
    a good business is diversified after all so some market maker cannot control you completely.
    as now they are.

    if you produce one product only someone can come in and destroy you and you have no means of counter attacking as the silver miners have fared.

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    Hope Is Not a Strategy

    by seasonedspecc May 28, 2015 11:10 AM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 May 28, 2015 8:01 PM Flag

    well actually silver is still down
    but zinc/lead and other metals are actually up.

    if some of these miners were actually base metal miners then they would still make some money.
    except silver.

    They could hold onto it and mine the #$%$ ore first.

    but they want impressive numbers and to advertise as silver miner so of course there will be problems.

  • ryugo82 ryugo82 May 28, 2015 3:20 PM Flag

    sorry not 50% but 15% I dont feel like typing everything again

    and do some shopping people
    but you probably are lazy and have your maid do it for you.

    while knowing nothing of the real market

  • ryugo82 ryugo82 May 28, 2015 3:18 PM Flag

    also I should mention food prices have spiked another 50%

    trader joes
    OJ itself has increased by 10-15%
    2 dollars to now 2.25-2.3
    the generic from concentrate kind

    better bread has recently increased as well for some bread
    somehow they put it on sale for 3.5-4 dollars
    from on sale of 2.5

    cheap bread as well

    potato chips not so much.
    since they increased from 99 to 2 dollars in 2008 and to now.
    then again I no longer buy chips too much
    use potatoes myself and cook.

    I doubt many can cook here though so it's a moot point.

    it seems 10% inflation of food per year is about right

    also PS.

    zinc is about 1 dollar
    lead is about 90 cents

    meaning those products have increased in price while
    silver is still below 17
    gold is still below 1200

    amazingly enough.
    I still say to use the silver yourself instead of selling them.
    learn to make stuff on your own is the best investment you can make.

    cuts the profit margins of everyone especially those that do nothing.
    most people buy things because you need something after all if you dont need anything from the market then
    it's all but useless.

    resource producers are probably the most valuable industry for humans
    in itself.

    by order

    for humans to exist

    for industry
    raw materials

    Without these things mankind cannot live technologically
    technology after all still needs raw materials.

    eg why everything in my portfolio does well except the mining sector
    since it seems it has earned the ire of the wall street bozos.

    oh well. They still wont/refuse to lower food prices as they constantly increase prices as they know we need to buy it as I know as well.

    energy? well now did energy prices/oil lowering really lower food prices?
    NO it didn't I see no difference at all.
    and it has been 1/2 a year or more now.

    all just a market ploy anyway as expected.
    many suspect to hurt Russia and such
    Anyway matters not.

    numbers are still in my favor in time, but can't do anything about perception.

  • ryugo82 ryugo82 May 28, 2015 3:07 PM Flag

    wow seriously fasebyao.
    knock it off.

    I already said that I have stuck it out because I know for a fact that the money managers were playing this stock not because it was at fault in the accusations but because I know they were intentionally corrupting the market.
    So it was merely out of principle that I am still here.

    Yes as you have heard morals in markets can lose you big money. But I my morals wont let things go.
    simple as that.

    Did I invest sure all of my money probably not.

    AG as well went down a whole lot from before.
    Silver went down as such.

    As I said already SVM is still profitable because I already did the numbers and they will be among that survive if the market chooses to stagnant silver for an excessive amount of time.

    Other miners I am not too sure.
    This is because silver equivalent products copper/zinc/nickel etc

    svm is about 40% base mining after all.
    Silver purity isn't that important in the grand scheme of things.

    asianvest can spam all he wants and others as well.
    I already said that the buyback can all be used as a threat, just in case.
    this goes for all the miners they didn't do squat with it.
    So I do wish they all did something like maybe 1% of their profits to do buybacks at least just to say oh I can.

    but they know their situation silver industry is controlled by the governments
    so they can't really sell for much profit.

    They may want to diversify and mine the ore that contains less silver for now and try to make profit that way.
    Silver is not cost effective to mine itself right now.

    Just mine other things that have higher profit margins perhaps zinc/nickel copper
    just like the old days.

    Silver they can accumulate on the side and not sell.
    Told them to give silver coins as dividends already to deny the market the silver but I think regulations forbid giving owners their own property and require them to sell to the market. unfortunately.

    lets see what happens I am still waiting for a silver miner to declare bank to see

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    lawsuit update

    by alicesmoney Apr 16, 2015 6:04 PM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 May 21, 2015 4:03 PM Flag

    sorry for being late actually Mr Carnes own geologist told him that his own reports are wrong and he is misinterpreting it but seems he had to change geologists until he found someone whom agreed with him.

    that was just how the miners operated.

    they needed to do silver equivalents and such otherwise silver would be too expensive to mine on it's own.

    basically like what farmers do on the side.
    if you are in the business of selling chickens you sell their feathers on the side.

    Seems he got confused with all the mining jargon he didn't do any research in
    especially when he intentionally ingored the 5 measurements and tried to skew it in his favor when he thought people were too stupid to tell the difference.

    Unfortunately too many are.
    It is unfortunate he didn't go to jail for being a fraud.himself.
    he must have paid lots of bribes + hired expensive lawyers to get out.

    Hopefully he spent most of his winnings and learned to be more truthful next time.
    instead of relying on bribery to bail him out.

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