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ryugo82 108 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 19, 2014 11:49 AM Member since: Jul 9, 2009
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  • now if you will admit you are wrong and actually say the truth that you are working for the silver shorters and call it a day.

    we can make this quick.
    do humanity a favor
    go back to your boss and suicide him and yourself with
    ebola then burn the place down so no one else catches it.

    well eventually your kind will suicide each other when your use is over.

  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Nov 18, 2014 7:46 AM Flag

    he's probably asking his boss what to do

  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Oct 24, 2014 7:57 PM Flag

    anyway that was quick seems you asked yahoo to delete my post.

    but anyway it also seems you are getting nervous.
    as your court date is coming up.
    you shall be judged.

    I hope you get ebola and die really you are a #$%$ bag of the highest order.

    spamming 1/2 truths and not the whole story in wikipedia and others and then forcibly asking others to spam and spam away shows your desperation and paying them off.

    sorry you are DEFINITELY GUILTY if anyone has any common sense.
    but unfortunately everyone has none these days which is why we even have ebola in the states you people make me sick really.

    please catch ebola and die already worthless dirtbag worm.

  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Oct 24, 2014 7:58 PM Flag

    sorry but even if you do that,

    I already have your data recorded and proof of your fraud.
    so don't gloat so much.

    unfortunately you think you can always pay off the powers to let you go but that won't happen all the time.
    eventually you will be judged one way or another.

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    What Good Fortune!!! (And Great Timing!)

    by asianvest Sep 27, 2014 10:54 PM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Sep 28, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    so basically what you are saying is
    you are now nervous and are spamming 1 year old random data
    gotcha find something to do thanks

    based on your hour of posting.

    it would be 11 hours back from here
    which means you are around the other side of the world if you are posting during your work hours/when sun is up.

    Meaning you are in china aren't you?

    OH no wonder you ain't even a USA citizen/Canadian citizen
    more likely you are a china worker that got hired for this BS.

    looking at other data I can read you easily thank
    to you being too desperate.
    girls don't like desperate men like you btw.


  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Oct 24, 2014 8:02 PM Flag

    well I guess no one reads the article.
    too bad...

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    tried to buy silver today but PREMIUMS WENT UP.

    by ryugo82 Nov 5, 2014 10:48 PM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Nov 5, 2014 10:50 PM Flag

    it seems silver prices going down will only decrease prices of real silver by 25% instead of 100% or even 75%
    sad but true.

    *shakes head*
    at this rate I will need to wait for 12 dollar silver paper price for real
    15 dollar silver.

    or basically a 3 dollar markup or 25% markup... quite sad.
    well we know where this is going premiums just shot through the roof.

    and silver eagles just sold out.

    I think the short sellers are digging themselves a grave right now.

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    Anyone a member of suit?

    by carciegranstaff Dec 3, 2014 9:36 AM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Dec 3, 2014 1:19 PM Flag

    you will likely get 1 dollar for every 1000 dollars lost.

    no point in filling those forms out.

    tell the lawyers to buzz off.

    until they win the case and get the cash if they do then take them for everything as it doesn't come from the company anymore.

    the only reason you would bother with it would be other corrupt people from wall street bribing you to.
    for certain gains otherwise these cases are worthless.

    everyone and their grandma the fraud was in fact Jon Carnes.
    not SVM in the 2011 case.

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    time to prepare to buy physical

    by ryugo82 Sep 22, 2014 10:37 AM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Sep 22, 2014 6:01 PM Flag

    except we found a wiki with missing information now didn't we?

    and then we also found the usual suspects spamming away again and again using fraud allegations without any justification.

    now I will say it again you asian and all those bozos that accused the company of fraud need to bow down and apologize first for forgiveness before anyone will take you seriously.

    until then you are always going to be the enemies of the longs of this stock.
    sorry that is just the way karma works.

    You did someone harm and especially on false pretenses thus need to pay it back.
    as Obama says reparations right?
    Do it then why don't you.

    we verified that Jon Carnes and co are traitors to our constitution now too as he revoked his citizenship.

    are you going to revoke your citizenship Oppsie too now?
    or are you benefiting too much of the welfare to throw it away?

    sorry until I see some honesty by you bozos here meaning 5-10% interest rates I do not want to here any of the #$%$ from bankster supporters.

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    Could someone catch me up to speed on SVM?

    by eurekame2000 Sep 22, 2014 7:13 PM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Sep 23, 2014 12:00 PM Flag

    and why do you think ag exk hl and all miners took huge losses.

    especially CDE a usa based company -6 dollars
    ABX - how much? basically then all miners should be ashamed.
    eurekame you don't need to troll.

    insult everyone at once or insult no one.
    as if you do just one then you are bias isn't it?
    oh say it isn't so I may as well use the race card then...
    You guys are just a bunch of racists.

    oh well. I guess I should throw the libertarian ideology of treating everyone fairly as an Individual until proven otherwise out the window.
    I should ask what party are you? do you support the donkey side or the elephant side?

    I have said it multiple times compare it with the industry first before talking else you can shut your mouths.

    I already read your mind and what you wanted to say but was waiting for you to become obvious about it there you have it boys another alternate account by the same clowns spamming away.

    even though they have been proven wrong morally time and time again.
    only thing is they have connections with the spawn of the devil. oh well.

    anyway I am starting to look up some since selections to buy just in case,waiting if they do give me.

    I'll set my alerts up in case they smack it down low and then wake me up in the middle of the night to make my purchase.

    have things set aside to a certain extent already.
    sorry for drooling...

  • For those that actually know whats going on.
    that's why the elites may be fearful

    PS time is running out for you shorts.
    you better pray the Swiss people are dumb

    as for the slv scam?
    everyone knows it is worthless.

  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Oct 23, 2014 6:03 PM Flag

    um first of all asian you have been spamming Jon Carnes for taunting purposes for the last 2 years so you really have no right to complain when others point that out.


    also I should ask what dialect you speak tyvm.

  • anyone with suggestions on which coins to buy?

    too much silver maples + eagles already.
    looking for some low premium...

    high reputable site with low premium
    I only bought a few yesterday but need to prepare now :)

    everyone and their grandma sees the fake market in paper silver but never the less.
    will move forward.

    I'm going to try to melt some of them and make silverware.
    99.9 silver silverware set with a 3d printer may be in order.

    as you may all know they dont make cheap silverware anymore they all cost 100s-1k dollars for a full set.
    I can likely print my own.

    look up this topic on 3d printers
    "Wally of Clay, Rotating Nozzle Extruder"

    I'm going to use part of my silver stash to make some stuff- that would cost me 10-20x more on the market.

    smelt some of them into useful items.
    as expected the rep rap 3d printers are the future of making items.
    and resources themselves will be needed.

    I always wanted my own silverware set but their premium always
    cost way more than the cost of silver.

    also just need some land and that 5k house printer china made.
    they also used the rep rap system the hackers devised.

    everyone seems to be copying us hacker types.
    while not giving any credit

    Well too bad
    our types are moving forward faster than most of the industry.

    for those of you into that sort of thing
    may be wise to learn to build your own rep rap machine
    it is honestly not that hard many tutorials. but don't bother with cheap plastic items as they are cheap plastic.

    try to make the ones that can make metal objects.
    (I have been waiting for the metal making 3d printers)
    so I can use silver + gold for items -

    consume thy silver-

    back to silver:
    things may still go badly until Nov 30 I honestly
    believe they will hit the silver markets continuously until it gets fairly close.

    as you can see the frenzy and panic selling was not by regular people.
    they the banksters needed to make a statement as if they act as if QE really ended when everyone knows they

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    SVM beats estimates!!!

    by amsterdammx Nov 13, 2014 6:34 PM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Nov 13, 2014 7:17 PM Flag

    very good results actually finally
    compared to the over all market.

    FYI if you have been paying attention china currently pays a premium to have silver delivered to them.
    namely because their exchanges that deal in real physical is running out while COMEX our exchanges are high on the hog because no one takes delivery here.

    as a result premiums miners get in china is higher than USA currently.
    seemingly since SVM is their largest silver producer of course this would help svm beat other miners over all.

    I already said 3-4 years ago svm will be one of the LAST ones to go down if the silver market is destroyed by the powers that be.

    we already proved it true.
    but we just timed it wrong.

    and unfortunately just being right would not make you rich.
    many of the rich today get there by either connections or by their crookedness.
    sad to say hard work doesn't pay off right now thanks to those leading us.

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    SVM beats estimates!!!

    by amsterdammx Nov 13, 2014 6:34 PM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Nov 13, 2014 7:24 PM Flag

    I was expecting them to break even actually.

    that would have already surpassed my expectations.
    but seems they did extremely well this time.

    especially since their base metals helped out.
    this is because base metals make up 50% of their overall mining and since base metals never fell more than silver

    silver itself is manipulated heavily
    because the USA COMEX has no silver so they are panicking.

    as a result it became so obvious to anyone with brains to what is going on.
    stack some more silver boys :)

    NOV 30 is coming.
    perhaps it will shine some light on the fraud they have been committing.

    Libor level scandal?

    unfortunately they never went below 15 dollars.
    I was only able to pick up a few 100 oz of silver this go around.

    was going to max out my CC too but wanted to wait for under 15...

    I'll settle for 100 s oz for now.

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    by wwsportsplayer Dec 19, 2014 10:26 AM
    ryugo82 ryugo82 Dec 19, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    guess they followed part of my advice then.

    a few years back i told them to hold back on the repurchases as i suspected that the banksters would crash the silver market and buy it slowly instead of quickly

    so here we are...
    but silver never broke my target of 15 dollars.

    how unfortunate as I wanted to buy much more at that price.
    and instead premiums increased to extraordinary levels

  • you can google this:

    our FDA is preventing others from even trying to use colloidal silver


    "On Thursday this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Ebola victims in Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos will receive Nano Silver in an attempt to treat the infection. The news comes hot on the heels of the World Health Organization’s decision to sanction the use of unlicensed Ebola drugs in West Africa on ethical grounds. It also coincides with a US Food and Drug Administration statement released yesterday warning against fraudulent Ebola treatment products."

    "Despite this, Dr. Laibow writes on the Natural Solutions Marketplace website:

    That is why we can say with confidence that Dr. Rima Recommends™ The Silver Solution (Nano Silver 10 PPM) has been shown to deal effectively with the Ebola virus.

    In fact, every disease causing organism against which it has been tested, all around the world has been killed (bacteria, parasites) or inactivated (viruses) by this amazing solution.

    How much do you need for yourself and your loved ones? Enter your email information and I will send you my Professional Protocol as my gift to you."

  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Oct 8, 2014 10:56 PM Flag

    also since asianvest is Chinese.

    which side is he siding with in the HK protest?
    what is his opinion or does he have one.

    does he even care?
    probably not because he just wants the money.

    I don't even see him talking about that big event there.
    poops on you.

  • For those that actually know whats going on.
    that's why the elites may be fearful

    PS time is running out for you shorts.
    you better pray the Swiss people are dumb

  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Oct 8, 2014 10:54 PM Flag

    talk to us when you thugs actually deliver the gold/silver to the owners thanks

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