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  • After a major war, the republicans still called it wasteful spending to pay for 4-year college degrees. Even if that college was Harvard. The great hope was education would improve the minds of America and make the country greater than it was.

  • for some strange reason in neighborhoods with lots of children. Perhaps the lessons of last years war in Gaza has shown that if children are targeted, the adults become more agreeable. // America's #1 export. Made in the USA.

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    Saturday Nite Math Question

    by hahahacreek 21 hours ago

    Her mass would be the same on jupiter as on earth. Using the same weiths on jupiter as on earth, she would weigh the same.

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    Sowdi's in final push to end democracy

    by rz400 Aug 28, 2015 6:34 PM
    rz400 rz400 Aug 29, 2015 12:11 AM Flag

    The Houthi's were started as a non-partisan, non-political, non-tribal, non-sect group of people who wanted to assure good governance after the civil war. They have already forced out long time Shia president from office for allowing the US to bomb Sunni parts of the country. They said saleh was corrupt. taking money from USA to allow bombing of AlQueda. But in reality bombing the Sunni rebels. So the Houthis kicked him out and forced him to flee to the USA. (supposedly for some kind of treatment).

    The vice-president, Hadi, a Sunni, was no better. He used his position as president to bomb Shia. He is corrupt and on the Saudi payroll. Hence the Houthi's kicked him out. The Huthis are pro-demoicracy. Pro-clean-government. They kicked out the first president (Shia) for being corrupt. Then they kicked out the 2nd president (Sunni) for being just as corrupt. But basically they kicked both out because they took money from foreign powers to bomb their own people.

    For some strange reason we (USA) got involved because we wanted to attack A.Q. down south in the Aden area. But at the time the civil war was still in flux. We knew that the Sunni's down south kept check. the only reason they were allowed to stay was if they did not cause any trouble. There were only about 100 AQ down there at the time. And they had to mind their P's & Q's if they didn't want to be slaughtered by their fellow sunnis. But as our bombing down there kept hitting innocent people, the 100 grew to 10,000. And this is where the Huthi's were effective in quieting things down by kicking US out.

    What happens next.? If the Saudi's force their man to rule Yemen all the tribes willl rebel. No matter the sect., Tribe, etc. Then the Saudi's only choice will be to kill all Yemeni's regardless of tribe, or religion. The lesson will not be lost on 90% of the population living in the region. The name USA will be considered daesh & unwelcome for generations.

  • I don't think so. It is illegal in china to ship jobs overseas. It can be done if the hefty tax can be paid to do so. Then you cannot re-import that product back into the country.

    The Chinese Premier asked Bush what is his greatest worry. Bush answered, terrorism.

    Then Bush asked the Premier what is his greatest worry. The Premier answered. Creating 25, 000, 000 jobs a year.

  • rz400 rz400 Aug 28, 2015 6:59 PM Flag

    the fastest growing belief in the 21st century is no belief. Atheism. People being forced into hate positions because their god told them so is kind of sick. the Sowdi's executed several women this year for being witchs. Good people long ago recognized why religion should not be institutionalized in government. And yet we (the US) support such things. because people in government who should know better, depend on such people putting them in power. And the only thing they have to give back is crazy talk and rhetoric. while their real supporters get billions in tax-breaks. while they laugh at the pinheads voting in their candidate because he promised to hunt down witchs.

    so whenever one sees a pathetic congressman in office, there is only one thing certain. The voters are more pathetic. A.L.E.C. has made sure there is only one possible candidate to elect. The witch hunter who promises them jobs, while secretly making the deal that will send their jobs overseas.

  • The KSA is in its final putsch to end democracy in Yemen. Hundreds of tanks from the south will head north to sanaa while hired mercenaries will close the trap.

    ending democracy movements using USA weapons will not be lost on 99% of the people in the region who aspire for freedom & justice. To them, we represent the despots who view democracy as a threat to their rule.

    Rule #1 for US in the region is. ................................ Get out now and get out fast.

    The rebellion in the M.E. is just past the toddler stage. And the only thing they have learned from US so far is, ....., We will not support any sane movement. Only the insane are allowed to take what they can. And the people now believe their only choice is to let the crazies take over. as it is the only way to break free. Then, Later, Deal with the crazies. Who by then will be in control of all our crazy weapons we have populated the area with. Insane adults raising insane children. Better be outta their in 10-years before the teen years or we will toast like the rest of the region.

  • rz400 rz400 Aug 20, 2015 12:35 AM Flag

    The supreme court has already settled that question long ago. The intent of the amendment was clear in meaning then, as it is today..

  • rz400 rz400 Aug 20, 2015 12:33 AM Flag

    the meaning of ..... The 14th amendment. ..... will not include persons born here who are automatically foreign. Such as those born to foreign ambassadors, etc.

    The way they spoke their thoughts back then are nat the same today. Today we would not preface it that way. we would just say. ............ Everyone born here is a citizen. Unless their parents are here on official business representing another country.

  • rz400 rz400 Aug 20, 2015 12:18 AM Flag

    What a senator says about the bill 2-years before it passed congress is not the same as what is in the bill that was passed by 2/3 of the states years later.

    Someone is giving you misleading info just to yank your chain. And it seems you fell for it without wiki-ing the history of the 14th amendment.

    If I were you, I'd quit listening to people who take you as a sucker to spread disinformation.

  • There are so many things that needs to be discussed. One of the main issues is money. Who is giving it to whom. Of importance is where this money is coming from.

    To keep away from the subject, all we get is e-mails. What happens if the democrats start focusing on GOP e-mails.

    I know this whole e-mail thing will turn out to be like the IRS or Benghazi. A stupid excercise by stupid people trying to avoid the real issues. This is why Trump is so far ahead in the republican pre-primaries. Even GOP voters know when the wool is being pulled over their eyes by the party and those toeing the party lie. I mean party line.

    And Hillary has her own problems of avoiding certain things. B.Sanders is not afraid to start talking about subjects she wishes to avoid. She knows that in time she will be exonerated in the e-mail matter. I think she'd rather be preoccupied in the press with e-mails than face the real issues to come.

    At this time, the only real "presidential" candidate is Sanders. And Trump is a real possibility on the republican side. He makes all the others look like panicked newbies on "What's My Line".

  • rz400 rz400 Aug 19, 2015 11:03 PM Flag

    96% of nations representing 99.7% of the people on earth are for the deal. Including Israeli intelligence.

  • rz400 rz400 Aug 19, 2015 2:15 PM Flag

    There is a big difference in sympathies back then. Back then, investors could write off their loses and still eat caviar every morning. Workers couldn't write off their jobs and eat anything.

    Today it is different. The brainwashing over the past generation has been to pity the investor who is unable to maximize his profits at the expense of workers. // And to chastise workers as too lazy to find another job.

    It is all in the perception. He who has the most money can hire the best M-Ad men to make the public think starving to death is good. And it is a terrible thing when their benefators are restricted to only 2-cans of caviar a day. ///// But a lot depends on how soft in the head the public has to be first. softening takes years. But once taught,,, how, not-to-think, the rest is easy. Just program thoughts for the soft-in-head to think about. It is called,,,,,, preoccupied with nothingness. Better known as air-headedness. ///// It has been a decade. And that lady is still calling into her idiot talkshow radio host complaining about how Obama should be impeached because he is a foreigner. ///////// Now I know why zombie movies are so popular.

    The best zombie movie was in black & white long ago. The witch-doctor would poison the mind and let his zombie sleep until he needed something bad done. Don't know why all the republican candidates entered my thought just now.

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    The story of coal.

    by ndfirstsection Aug 19, 2015 9:48 AM
    rz400 rz400 Aug 19, 2015 1:42 PM Flag

    as Ricol & Scam already pointed out, W.Viginia coal can't compete with Wyoming coal. Wyoming coal besides being easy to pull out (cheaper), is cleaner and easy to ship around the country.

    China's peak production of #1 coal will peak in 2018. It will have to rely on #2 which has 1/2 energy and 4X pollution. It probably won't use much of #2. Coal imports from around the world are needed. That was W.Virginia's great hope. They had already fired most of its miners long ago. Choosing to just shave off mountain tops. (cheaper). The problem is getting bulk coal to the coast and onto new Chinese bulk carriers (cheaper). Don't know if there are ports deep enough to handle carriers. Also eastern coal companies will probably push for China to build the new Nicaraguan open ocean canal. Without that, there is no way China will buy eastern coal.

    Soros' knows the stocks are cheap since China economy slowed down and the price plummeted. But he also knows everthing is cyclic. Buy low. sell high. How do you think he got rich.?

    Now the big deal will be between republican factions invested in Panama Canal & those wanting a new canal that can handle their coal. // Why do I get a feeling you will accuse the democrats of supporting China in order to sell W.Virginia coal.???

    China will run out of #2 coal around 2040. and will start using #3 coal. 1/5 the energy and 10X the pollution of #1. Maybe not. Renewables anyone.?

  • in Jerusalem speech complained about "Soviet Union" giving Iran defensive anti-aircraft missles.

    Tells crowd Irsael has a right to take land because its neighbor to the west wants to destroy Irsael. Neighbor is Jordan that signed peace treaty with Irsael decades ago.

    Then travels to settlement in Occupied Palestinian territory. Tells wealthy dual-citizen Americans they have a right to steal land because god told him they could steal. Walks away with large donation.

    Reitierates that 10-year old girl raped by step-father in Peru had to give birth. Because he believes every childs life is important.

  • rz400 rz400 Aug 18, 2015 5:39 PM Flag

    Iran's Vice-President spoke eloquently on this subject a couple days ago. At the end of her speech, she wholeheartedly supported the deal as beneficial to all countries. She reiterated that there is no reason the US, Iran, and the rest of the world cannot find common ground for peace. I guess the president didn't want to comment on the peace deal with US, so he sent her out to comment on Iran's kinder side. ///// Maybe some day we will have a female vicepresident too. to reflect America's kinder side.

  • rz400 rz400 Aug 18, 2015 5:32 PM Flag

    I am going to tell you exactly how this will end if there is no deal.

    First. Iran wants the deal because it lacks the wherewithal to bring peace to its borders with a $5-B annual defense-budget. Quatars budget is $50-B. KSA is $150-B. ///// Iran cannot give any material aid to anyone. But it can give advice & knowhow. ISIS, etal is sponsored by the GCC, Israel & Egypt. Many factions using the same brand name. But like the Bolsheviks, etc, they will all kill off each other for power. That's when all the masks come off and Batman starts slicing Robin. And Iron-Man starts blasting Capt.America. Etc. etc.

    Why Schumer & Menendez feel they should force Iran into the arms of Russia/China makes no sense.

    Iran knows it can get nukes tomorrow if it falls into their hands. And with the new BRIC currency coming, it can make money hand over fist and tell US to shove the billions whee the sun don't shine.

    The Republican-Guards in Tehran are probably being paid off bigtime to scuttle the deal. The spiritual leaders probably know that. So even though they are pushing for the deal, they have to show it is through their well thought out wisdom that they will accept it.

    China has built a super-hiway to the west. But it stops at the shore of Afghanistan. Going through Iran would give land based access to europe & N.Africa. India forbade them to build a port, but they just completed a super-port on SriLanka. Which has the usual Chinese personel to protect it. Global prescence. Troops everywhere. Just like we do.

    I don't know the fascination with the west Iran has. They would do better in the new age currency & unfettered trade. Yet they want the freedom to deal & negotiate. Perhaps they don't want to be caught in the unrelenting iron-grip of,, " you do what is good for us". Perhaps independent thought will win out. So the big question is,,,,,, Who is forcing Schumer and company to force Iran into the hands of our adversaries.? And why.? & for what.?

  • It has rudimentary functions like the brain of a 5-week human fetus. The brain could be grown bigger if it had a heart.

    Dejavu. They've grown the ultimate republican. Small minded. Imature thought process. No hope of processing anything complicated.

    That explains the one-word slogans. Or the 4-5 word answer to a complicated problem.

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    Saudi oil strategy

    by blueflamedave Aug 17, 2015 5:33 AM
    rz400 rz400 Aug 17, 2015 8:44 PM Flag

    When it first started they said it wpould cost about $230-B a year in lost revenue. And they had a $750 slush fund to support their actions. so I'm guessing 3-years. // Russia and the new king had a talk about prices last week. World reccession could drop prices further. China is pushing its own brand of energy on poor countries. It doesn't want them to spend all their money on oil when the price zooms up. Emerging economies find Chinese electronics not useful when electric oil only operates 2-hours a day or not at all. Chinese windmill or solar, coupled with storage techniques mean 24-hour TV and cell tower usage.

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    FAUX News told the truth 7% of the time in 2012

    by rz400 Aug 17, 2015 5:14 PM
    rz400 rz400 Aug 17, 2015 5:44 PM Flag

    Is it stationary.? What's its orbit.? Is it one of the old satellites trapped in the dead zone where satellites go to die.? Oscillating between 75 & 105 over the equator. between India & Malaysia.

    How reliable were the readings in the past. When was it calibrated.? Is it possible to calibrate if it is a dead zone satellite.?

    Satellite data in space is nice. But nothing beats what is happening on the ground. Did you read the article.?

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