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  • Think I saw a nearly 10,000 share bid at $4.80 a moment ago. What's up? Earnings this Thursday won't look good. And why buy in the $4.80's when you could have bought all you wanted below $4.20 a week ago? I don't get it.

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    shorting size around 4.5

    by anabolic44444 Jan 22, 2015 5:44 PM

    Up to $4.80 today. How's that short position? Will you cover at $5 or wait for $6?

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    FWIW a few articles in WSJ

    by gemini_dealer Jan 15, 2015 10:39 AM
    salhem1 salhem1 Jan 16, 2015 12:15 AM Flag

    Down 80% a year? Not quite that bad. Unless PRCP traded over $50 and I didn't notice.

  • salhem1 salhem1 Jan 8, 2015 6:58 PM Flag

    An insider sold 8,000 shares at $5.15 last September. Another insider sold 7,900 shares last April at $6.30. Those are the only insider sales in the past 11 months. That is the fact.

    Yes dividend is currently higher than earnings. But they have plenty of cash. And are obviously expecting a rebound in earnings.

    Business falling apart? Look at the last 3 quarters. Revenues and earnings have stabilized. Maybe you're looking at the year-over-year comps, which have been ugly. They have one last poor Q4 comp this month, that's your only hope for a quick dip lower imo.

    Business isn't great, but that's why the stock is at $4 and not at $14 like last year. They have a strong balance sheet and pay out a juicy dividend. There has been a positive tone to the last couple of conference calls. We'll see how the Q4 call goes. I think there might be an excellent buying opportunity after the Q4 report.

    RFIL earnings can improve dramatically when business conditions improve (and they will at some point). I'd sure rather be long than short at these low prices. We'll see the stock back at $5-$6 later this year, and you collect a big dividend while you wait.

  • salhem1 salhem1 Jan 5, 2015 2:24 AM Flag

    LOL are you serious with this stuff? First of all, insiders are not selling like crazy at this price...so let's stop with the lies. An insider exercised some options and sold shares in September. Before that, looks like an insider sold some shares in April. Hardly selling like crazy!

    And $2? You must be joking. Sales have stabilized in the $5-$6M range per quarter with earnings around .05/share per quarter. Yes that makes the business worth about $2. But then you have to factor in the balance sheet. Company sitting on $1.63/share in CASH. And don't forget about the huge dividend. Stock won't fall much further with the current 6.9% dividend yield. At $2, RFIL would be yielding 14%! haha

    You may get lucky and see a brief dip when they report a Q4 comp this month. But I'd cover quickly. Because after that, numbers should start a gradual improvement in 2015. If they close that acquisition, numbers could see a big improvement. I wouldn't be surprised if RFIL doubles from here by yearend.

  • salhem1 salhem1 Dec 28, 2014 11:04 PM Flag

    Time to short was $10+, not now! They've got a strong balance sheet and pay out a huge dividend. Business has stabilized and might even improve from here. Plus there's an acquisition that should be finalized soon. There should be a few more days of tax selling, but after that I'd rather be long than short at these prices.

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    Quarterly Report

    by bluhorseshu76 Dec 23, 2014 9:53 AM
    salhem1 salhem1 Dec 23, 2014 1:28 PM Flag

    Wish you guys luck, but that was one ugly report. Probably why no press release with the quarterly numbers. They're too embarrassed. ABHI looks like a classic overpromise/underdeliver penny stock. Back in May, CEO was talking about $5-$10M in revenues. Well they just reported their second quarter after the acquisition...and revenues for the entire quarter were $102,755. Ouch. Down 87% from last year. Small profit last year now a big loss. What was the point of the acquisition?? Share count has jumped and looks like the company is printing shares to keep the lights on. Anyone catch this?

    As of December 22, 2014, the Registrant had 48,505,617 shares of common stock, par value $0.008 per share, issued and outstanding.

    Major dilution as share count was only 18M last year. Unfortunately, I think this dog is headed below .10.

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    well, that was nice!!

    by hopeful200 Dec 18, 2014 4:01 PM
    salhem1 salhem1 Dec 19, 2014 3:30 PM Flag

    Company made a NT10Q filing on 12/15. So actual 10Q should be out this Monday. I didn't think expectations would be higher either. But when I saw stock almost double from .11 to .21 yesterday, thought someone was expecting good news.

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    well, that was nice!!

    by hopeful200 Dec 18, 2014 4:01 PM
    salhem1 salhem1 Dec 19, 2014 12:12 PM Flag

    Just seems like they always promise revenues that never show up. This statement was made by the ceo in MAY when they closed the Veloxum acquisition. Where's the $5-$10M in revenue growth? And that was conservative? We'll see how #'s look on Monday.

    "Revenue growth for the next 12 months conservatively estimated to be between $5 million to $10 million with this new product potential and client list," stated AmbiCom Chairman and CEO, John Hwang.

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    well, that was nice!!

    by hopeful200 Dec 18, 2014 4:01 PM
    salhem1 salhem1 Dec 19, 2014 9:41 AM Flag

    Congrats on the gain. Think I'd take the money & run. Earnings are delayed & due Monday. Maybe they'll finally show the large revenue increases they've been promising. But if they don't (more likely scenario imo), stock will drop back below .15 very quickly.

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    Suitor for MPO

    by ratchetnrg Dec 10, 2014 9:02 PM
    salhem1 salhem1 Dec 11, 2014 12:44 AM Flag

    Absolutely! If they were smart, the big boys would start using their vast cash hordes to take advantage of the blood in the streets and start snapping up juicy assets at firesale prices.

  • salhem1 salhem1 Dec 8, 2014 3:19 PM Flag

    FONR was in the $20's earlier this year. So a good candidate for tax loss selling this month. If that's the case, I think the stock rebounds to $12-$14 in January.

  • salhem1 salhem1 Dec 8, 2014 1:19 PM Flag

    Go back and read the earnings report last month. It was very good. Company earned .38/share in the quarter. Stock jumped to the $13's. There's no reason for this drop to the $10's. Maybe tax loss selling accounting for part of it. I'd expect a strong bounce at some point. Terrific time to buy imho.

  • salhem1 salhem1 Dec 8, 2014 12:44 PM Flag

    Most investors are idiots unfortunately. They're selling on the cheap at $11 now. In a few months, they'll be chasing it at $20.

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    Be careful guys!

    by salhem1 Dec 4, 2014 8:53 AM
    salhem1 salhem1 Dec 4, 2014 9:24 AM Flag

    Wouldn't short a low float stock. But my guess is it gaps up, then finishes down on the day. The company is junk. I will likely regret not shorting in the $6's. If there's even shares available to short.

  • Have followed this stock for years. Yes the contract this week was good news. But don't get carried away. Go back and read the last earnings report and you'll sober up real quick. They had revenues of $778,000 and a loss of ($983,000). Not easy to have a loss bigger than your revenues! Backlog was only $821K, down from $2,285,000 the prior year.

    The $3.3M contract over 3 quarters won't even get them back to profitability. Just smaller losses. Speaking of losses, they'll post another ugly one this month when they report fiscal Q4 results. Watch the stock take a hit on that news. Smart money is selling on this huge pop to the $6's. They know TCCO will be back in the $4's soon.

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    WOW .....9 Cents!!!

    by chessman954 Nov 14, 2014 8:10 AM
    salhem1 salhem1 Nov 14, 2014 10:50 AM Flag

    Huge quarter! Their second in a row! How is this stock not in the $3-$5 range? It should be!

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    Do I see some green?

    by gjcarlson Nov 12, 2014 12:24 PM
    salhem1 salhem1 Nov 12, 2014 2:25 PM Flag

    Are you concerned by backlog numbers? I agree Q3 was good, but what about going forward? Backlog dropped sequentially from $87.4M down to $79.4M. This is down from $98.5M at the start of the year. And this was before oil prices collapsed in October...so I think backlog could see an even greater decline in Q4.

  • salhem1 salhem1 Nov 4, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    Great numbers but backlog took a hit sequentially. So not sure if sustainable?

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