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  • Advantages :Monsanto makes money and politicians and judges on the take make money.
    Disadvantages:People are getting sick and dying and the environment is being destroyed.
    More Disadvantages:Just check your search engines or ask your neighbors!

  • May 24, 2014 ‘March Against Monsanto’ planned Worldwide.
    INTERNATIONAL (May 24, 2014) - On May 24, billions of activists from around the world will once again March Against Monsanto, calling for the permanent boycott of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other harmful agro-chemicals. Currently, marches will occur on six continents, in 52 countries,with events in over 4000 cities. In the US, solidarity marches are slated to occur in all states. A comprehensive list of marches can be accessed at any search engine.

    Tami Monroe Canal, founder of March Against Monsanto (MAM), was inspired to start the movement to protect her two daughters. “Monsanto’s predatory business and corporate agricultural practices threatens their generation’s health, fertility and longevity. MAM supports a sustainable food production system. We must act now to stop GMOs and harmful pesticides.”

    GMOs are not adequately monitored to ensure public safety. Long term, independent, peer reviewed studies were not conducted before GMOs were introduced for human or animal consumption. In the USA, the revolving door between Monsanto employees, government positions, and regulatory authorities has led to key Monsanto figures occupying positions of power at the FDA and EPA. Monsanto has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to obstruct all labeling attempts; they also suppress any research containing results not in their favor. The scientifically established health risks include, but are not limited to: organ damage, sterility, infant mortality, birth defects, auto-immune conditions, allergies and increased cancer risks. GMOs have been partially banned by Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, South America, Russia, France, Switzerland and Costa Rico, and are currently labelled in 62 countries. Despite this, factory farm animals throughout the world are still fed GMOs.
    - See more at:

  • April is national Autism Awareness Month and provides a special opportunity for individuals across our country to educate and raise awareness in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and local communities. There has been a dramatic worldwide increase in reported cases of autism over the past decade. The prevalence rates in the US have risen steadily, from one in 150, to one in 110, and then to one in every 88 children based on 2008 data. According to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 68 U.S. children (1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls) now has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a 30% increase from two years ago. -
    Genetically modified organisms are in many processed foods Americans eat. Independent scientists believe there is a GMO crops autism connection. Jeffrey M. Smith, Executive Director, Institute for Responsible Technology, and author of a free electronic autism booklet entitled, “Are Genetically Engineered Foods Promoting Autism?” says the answer is a resounding yes.

    Dr. Don Huber, PhD, professor emeritus from Purdue University, is at the front of the GMO crops autism connection. If he has a hunch GMO foods cause autism people need to listen to him; Huber has spent the past 50 years in plant science. He has studied the epidemiology and control of soil borne plant pathogens with an emphasis on microbial ecology, cultural and biological controls, and physiology of host parasite relationships.

    Dr. Huber was asked to give his position on whether or not GMO foods cause autism. Dr. Huber gave a talk in Germany in October 2011 where he discussed the physiological, neurological, and behavioral symptoms of pigs, cows, and rats fed genetically modified feed. Afterward, a doctor specializing in autism spectrum disorders approached him and said, “The symptoms you describe are exactly what we are finding in our autistic children.” - See more at:

  • sallykohles sallykohles Mar 13, 2014 12:35 AM Flag

    “People do have a right to know what it is that is in their food,” said Sen. Karen

    Montgomery is sponsoring a bill that requires products that contain GMOs to say so.

    “What is their problem? If they’re not ashamed or embarrassed by it, then they ought to be labeling them and not creating a fuss because they really are speaking against their own products,” Montgomery said.

  • Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed healthcare organization in the United States, has advised its members against GMOs in food.
    In its newsletter, Kaiser suggested membership limit exposure to genetically modified organisms.

    “GMOs have been added to our food supply since 1994, but most people don’t know it because the United States does not require labeling of GMOs,” according to the newsletter.

    Sounding like a radical organic health proponent, the huge corporate Kaiser continued, “Despite what the biotech industry might say, there is little research on the long-term effects of GMOs on human health.”

    Independent studies have shown GMOs to cause organ damage in rats and the inability to reproduce, the Kaiser article said. Kaiser gave tips on how its members can avoid GMOs, including buying organic, looking for the “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal and to download the “ShopNoGMO” app.

    Since corporations are required, by definition, to augment their bottom line, we think Kaiser’s efforts to encourage GMO avoidance for the members for whose health costs they must (sometimes!) pay – is telling.

  • March 11, 2014
    by Mike Adams,
    Rational thinking automatically leads to skepticism of GMO safety
    This sober, scientific conclusion is of course entirely rational and founded in clear thinking. Self-deluded GMO zealots and paid Monsanto trolls predictably try to gloss over these risks in their quest for profits and power, but that does not mean such risks do not exist.
    A loss of genetic diversity is a pathway to global disease and starvation
    Transgenic GMOs could cause catastrophic ecocide
    GMOs may unleash mass global crop failures followed by starvation and disease
    I warned about precisely this issue two years ago in my "Murdered by Science" series of articles which discussed how careless applications of science are putting the very existence of the human race at risk.

    Those articles, widely derided by prostitute scientists paid by corporations to troll the web and attack reason, are in fact even more urgent to read today, in 2014. In those articles, I pointed out that GMOs are in the most extreme class of pollutants because they are self-replicating. While chemical spills can eventually be cleaned up, and even heavy metals can be remediated over time, genetically engineered DNA that escapes into the wild can never be put back into a box.

  • sallykohles sallykohles Mar 5, 2014 12:36 PM Flag

    In 1934, Fortune Magazine Celebrated The Marriage Between Corporatism And Fascism.

    Many in the top 1% consider fascism a very attractive political system, especially because of its success in curbing the power of labour unions. Of course, in present days business tycoons and rich magnates cannot share (in public) their feelings of admiration toward fascist dictators anymore. In the past, however, they have been much less cautious about it.

    A very few of us are aware that, in July 1934, Fortune Magazine – a business magazine especially known for its annual features dedicated an entire issue to Mussolini’s “achievements” in crashing democracy and labor unions in Italy. Owned by Henry Luce (a Morgan partner, and other powerful and wealthy Americans) Fortune magazine widely praised fascism and highlighted the benefits great corporations had under the Mussolini regime.

    As Henry Luce wrote: “The good journalist must recognise in fascism certain ancient virtues of the race, whether or not they happen to be momentarily fashionable in his country: discipline, duty, courage, glory, sacrifice.” ”The significant facts to hang on to,” concluded Fortune, “are these: if you were an early Fascist, or contributed generously to the March on Rome, you are likely to enjoy the business benefits that accrue to a high position within the Fascist Party.”

    All in all, Mussolini never made secret his sympathy for the corporate sector. As he once observed, “fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

  • sallykohles sallykohles Mar 5, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    GMO's cause many many very serious health problems so in order to sell them they need to conceal them! Ever wonder why GMO's are so different they need a patent and yet also no different no label needed?

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